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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 26, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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[ music ] complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. >> as many as 40 vehicles damaged by someone firing a bb gun. done it in wine country. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. it has happened now two nights in a row. someone in napa armed with a bb gun is firing at parked cars and doing a lot of damage. heather holmes is live in napa with our report. heather? >> reporter: well, ken, this 1971 volkswagen van is missing
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one key part tonight. a back window. come inside and take a look. you can actually still see the broken glass here. frustrating, bet. because this family not only had one vehicle hit but two. >> i awoke in the morning to my back window being shot out. >> reporter: the regs organization -- restoration was a christmas give for devon guy and now he is looking for a hard to find back window. >> i started the car and my friend got out and started wiping. once he started wiping i noticed it was a complete spider web. >> they found a pellet and turned it over to napa police who have been busy the last two days taking reports of this vandalism spree. >> it happened in north nap a practice, and east napa and south napa. >> the second round hit here. this whole section of glass was out and shattered. >> arthur was watching
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television last night when he heard the alarm on his truck. his driver's side window was busted. and there was a small paint chip and dent on his door. >> hooligans are like that wherever you live you run into them. >> i certainly can't afford $200. but what are you going to do? this one was completely shattered in the morning when we walked outside. >> back at this home on hamilton street their ford escape was also damaged. >> it kind of angers me that someone would actually go to the trouble of just shooting out windows for fun knowing that they don't have to pay for it. >> reporter: the family just today spending $175 repairing their ford. in fact, tonight they are looking at another $300 to $400 getting this back window on the volkswagen. prank, i don't think so. they are looking at possible felony vandalism charges. reporting here in napa this is heather holmes, chan chan.
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>> a report released just hours ago shows lukewarm support for jerry brown. 41% supporters approve of the job he is doing. while almost the same number say they don't know yet. 54% of likely voters favor his proposal for a special election to extend specific taxes. the governor says time is of the essence. >> i people confident that we're at the right place for this moment in time. but we don't have, you know, endless amounts of time. we have got to get this thing teed up. >> the governor says he would like the legislature to decide on the special election by the end of march. but so it can be put before voters. republicans in the state legislature oppose the plan. the governor says california will flounder if nothing is done to deal with the budget deficit estimated at $25 million. and you can learn more about the governor's budget proposal at left posted it on the politics tab. about 100 people staged a
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lively rally outside oakland this afternoon to their opposition for a proposed gang initiative. >> they need more money for social programs and not more injunctions. they have imposed an injunction targeting 40 suspected gang members in the fruitvale district prohibiting them from associating with one another or possessing guns. city leaders say injunctions such as the one currently in effect in north oakland helped control crime. a judge is expected to rule next month on the proposed fruitvale injunction. >> a police chase ended with a violent crash late this afternoon. officers opened fire killing one of two suspect. we saw emergency crews responding to the scene during our earlier newscast. ktvu's janna katsuyama is live now at 85 where the investigation wrapped up within the passed hour. >> reporter: that's right, julie. just about 45 minutes ago that
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they re-opened this intersection. you can see that the traffic is coming through right now. we just spoke to a woman who said that she is the mother of the victim, one of the suspects who was killed here. and investigators are at police headquarters right now trying to seniority it all out. where another suspect is now in custody. the wreckage stretched across the intersection of 85. the suspect's red car still smoking from the police chase. one suspect a man shot by the police was laying dead on the pavement. officers said the chase which head sites of 70 miles per hour at times ended at 4:20 this afternoon. the suspect's car crashed into an un involved man's sedan. that's when the suspect in the passenger seat got out. >> he was armed with two guns. the officer engaged the suspect. he did not follow the officer's commands. at which time the officers did fire and the suspect has died from his wounds. >> reporter: police say the other suspect the driver ran away but was later caught. >> the driver was arrested without incident. he did not have any firearms. opd did not use any levels of
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force to arrest him once he was captured. >> reporter: police say the entire chase lasted just ten minutes. it started with reports of gunfire on the 7600 block of lockwood where police tonight placed dozens of yellow markers and bullet casings were strewn across the street. several neighbors did not want their face on camera but agreed to talk with us. >> the gunfire bottom boom bottom boom, i don't know, maybe twelve. >> reporter: about twelve shots this man said he heard. another neighbor told us the shooters drove right by his grandchildren. >> they were shooting at the police coming up there. are. >> reporter: they could hear the shots? >> they were standing on the porch. they had just got home from school and going in the house. >> reporter: now back here at the scene, as i told you earlier, there was a woman who came up to us just in the past half hour and said her son martin flanal she believes was the victim. he got a call from the other suspect to his sibling saying he had died right here at 85th.
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we talked to her for quite a while. she was very emotional. here is what she had to say. >> this always seems to happen. you trap a person like animal in a cage. these kids live a dangerous life out here. >> reporter: now, the woman mist matthews says that her son had just gotten out of jail about four weeks ago. he has a 4-year-old son. she says that he was a good man. doesn't know if he had any guns on his person. she is heading down to oakland police headquarters right now to talk with the investigators. meanwhile, the police tell me that they had some radio troubles during all of this where the radio service was out for about 50% of this chase. so they are investigating that. and the police officers who were involved in this shooting have been placed on paid
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administrative leave. reporting live in oakland tonight janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. we now know the identity of the woman killed in arinda yesterday while fleeing from police in a stolen truck. the pick-up crashed killing ramos of hayward. the owner spotted it near the high school and notified police. when the truck hit the pole it knocked out power to almost 300 pg&e officers. >> the day-long effort trying to locate a marin county teacher came up empty. schmidt's husband reported her missing six days ago. ross police say the case did not immediately meet their criteria for search but new leads yesterday changed that decision. they wouldn't elaborate. search crews know nothing specific about where the 53- year-old schmidt right be. >> there is certainly nothing to indicate that she is up here
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as well. she could have easily gone many other places and gotten on a bus or something like that. so this is just a search just to clear the likely areas near her home. >> reporter: schmidt left a cryptic message on her school black board at the high school that said: "thank you everyone." police will decide tomorrow what their next move will be. congresswoman gabrielle giffords began intensive their another step in her recovery after being shot in the head. gab gabrielle giffords was taken to a rehab hospital in houston under heavy security. her progress is moving at lightning speed. they plan to insert a valve into her breathing tube to help her talk but not clear when she will be able to speak. the suspect in the shootings jared lee loughner researched lethal injection, solitary confinement and political assassinations in the days leading to the rampage. a review of his computer turned up internet searches of those
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topics. loughner has pleaded nothing to the initial charges. more charges are expected. it was popularized by the bush administration. a color coded warning system to describe the nation's terror threat. now the obama administration is scrapping it. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live at san jose airport where there is going to be some changes there. lloyd? >> reporter: ken, am i am at the front entrance of the san jose international airport where this sign gives the current airport threat level which since 9/11 also has a parking sign. but since 9/11 it has been mostly high, the color orange. >> there has been a sign as you enter. >> right. >> right. >> and i always notice that. >> reporter: tonight i walked around the airport terminal with a color coded terror alert sign. green means a low danger of attack. blue a general risk. yellow a significant risk. orange a high risk. and red a severe threat. >> what does that mean to you, if anything? >> not much. no it is just always orange it
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seems like. >> i don't think people notice it as much anymore. if it was red all the time it would affect people. but i don't think people understand the orange and the yellow and what all of that means. >> that type of sentiment is apparently prompting homeland security to drop the shades of color. an announcement is expected tomorrow. the color codes will fade away by the end of april. instead, there will be just two threat levels, elevated and imminent. and the warnings would go out through the news media or social media, facebook, twitter and others. >> having something efficiently at a high level, again it just kind of blends into the background. and over time you don't really give it much weight. but if you saw something on the news or got an update on your phone it would be a little more urgent and apparent. >> san jose never made announcements of threat levels. some airport do. but that, too, will end. >> you need to be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious whether it is level blue or level red. >> the new system will be
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called a national terrorism advisory system. it will notify specific audiences about specific threats. so this will fade away. live at san jose airport, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] >> the racists threats ainst one bay area lawmaker. find out who else receives similar types of threats and how often. >> many people affection ately call him the neighborhood dad. >> a mysterious death and few answers tonight. the friend and family's emotional plea for help. >> the national weather service has just updated the dense fog advisory and put parts delta in the fog. it will be there tomorrow morning. will it be dense and a problem in your neighborhood? i will let you know. >> your morning commute can easily go from smooth to chaotic. for commuter conditions that impact you count on live downtown traffic with sal.
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the key information you need. with updates all morning long. live drive time traffic with sal, weekdays starting at 4:30 on channel 2 p.m. morning news.
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we want to update a story we first reported at 10:00 last night involving the suspicious death of an east bay labor leader. as mike mibach reports his family through a spokesman made- appeal for help today. >> reporter: his family is three children and ex-wife came together today to grieve in the oakland neighborhood where bingeham lived in the past six months. >> it's a great place to live. at the same token it has become a horrible place for this particular moment. and somebody knows something that has taken place. many people affection ately call him the neighborhood dad. and who would want to hurt the neighborhood dad? >> reporter: 64-year-old barry bingeham was a local director
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for local 2010. >> he was very likable. i have no idea who could do anything like that to barry. he was always a nice guy. he would give you the shirt off his back. >> reporter: his co-worker said he did not show up for work monday and tuesday. she and another co-worker went to his west oakland home to check in on him. >> and then we saw when the door was open that things were all ajar and thrown around. you know, it kind of looked like something was wrong. >> reporter: oakland police were called to the scene. when the officers arrived they found barry bingeham dead inside his house. his friends say he was a man of faith, an elder at this west oakland church and a communicate leader. tonight his family is asking for the public's help. >> you still need to do right and to come forward. if you know anything regarding this case, the family is asking you to contact the local authorities. >> reporter: tonight outside the home of barry bingeham his family said that they are starting to prepare for some vigils that will take place earlier this week.
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the coroner's office has been requested by detectives to not release any information about the cause of death. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. new information on the deadly shooting of an armed man of a san jose police officer we first reported yesterday. the crime scene was in the foothills above san jose. that's where police say a confrontation between officers and a man with two knives ended with an officer shooting the man. we have been told the officer is gino galard a 17-year-old veteran of the force. the name of the deceased will be will released in a day or two. emotions ran high tonight at an oakland school board meeting as demonstrators demanded answers in the fatal shooting of a 20-year-old man. school district police shot brown saturday night not far from a skyline high school event. police have defended the shooting saying brown was in a stolen car and tried to stab an officer with a screwdriver. some community members joined brown's mother tonight in demanding answers. >> we want an independent
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investigation. we want those cops fired from oakland schools. we want charges brought against them. and we want justice for brown. >> demonstrators also called on the board to dissarm the school district's police officers. the names of the officers involved in the shooting have not been released. the pentagon announced today it will reveal on friday its plan to allow gays to serve openly in the military. this was mandated when lawmakers passed a new law last month ending the don't ask, don't tell policy. the plan outlines a three-month training schedule. it will be fully implemented this summer. president obama addressed this issue in last night's state of the union speech. state senator lee is calling for an investigation into a racist and disturbing threat he says was faxed to his offices today. ktvu's amber lee is in the city and tells us that the threats may be linked to lee's criticism of rush limbaugh. >> the senator lee received the
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latest threat at his san francisco offices on the 14th floor inside the state building. we talked with him and other lawmakers about how common these threats are. >> reporter: he received a threatening fax this morning. just as he did on other occasions when he received other threats he spoke to the media about this fax that came from a fan of radio talk show host rush limbaugh. >> i am not going to sit idly by without letting the general public know that this is going on. >> lee asked him to apologize after he made fun of the chinese language. it is similar to the one he received last april after he raised a question for the fee sarah palin got forgiving a speech in stanislav. we asked him why he had gone to the media with each incident. >> i don't want to give anybody some indication that because of the threats that are being made that we are going to be
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silenced. >> i don't think this is uncommon for many public officials. >> david chu, president of san francisco's board of supervisors says he, too, has received threats. he has reported them to the police but has chosen not to speak about them publicly. >> if you publicize some of these things it actually helps to incite future acts because some of these individuals enjoy seeing publicity. >> i would have thought that we were passed this. >> reporter: we showed the fax to frank wu dean at uv hastings school of law and author of a book on racism titled "yellow." >> i commend senator lee and i thank him because he is exposing something we should all be concerned about. >> reporter: wu says it should be taken seriously and it doesn't matter if it comes from a group or an individual. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. sacramento police arrested a man today after he allegedly
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made a threatening remark to mayor kevin johnson. police said johnson was having breakfast when a man came out of the mayor and said he would be out of office within four hours. the mayor and his security detail considered that a threat. police arrested 43-year-old fred nelson for a probation violation. a day after his state of the union address president obama took his economic plan to wisconsin today. he toured three manufacturing plants in the small town. the president says the u.s. needs to step up innovation and buildup this country's infrastructure in order to create jobs and compete globally. >> when america is facing tougher competition from countries around the world than ever before, we've got to up our game. we're going to need to go all in. >> reporter: the president used the stop at orion energy systems to showcase his pitch for solar energy. china has invested in energy
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efficient systems but the u.s. has not. >> on wall street investors embraced the state of the union speech. the dow gained 8 points today. the nasdaq was also up a jump of 20 points. netflix it reporting a fourth quarter profit. the movie rental service says it added three million subscribers during the quarter giving it a total of $20 million user. they earned $47 million in the fourth quarter. that's up 52% from a year ago. [ music ] there was a dense fog advisory this morning in the north bay. it went away around mid- morning. these are the highs from today. highs tomorrow will be similar. notice the cool air out forwards fairfield. these are the daytime highs. warm everywhere else. but near that valley fog it is very cool. a dense fog advisory is in effect now for the sacramento
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valley out towards davis and woodland. looking for fog to blow out towards napa as well. could see dense fog advisory there before the morning is out. hazy sunshine after that. some rain is coming your way. talk about that. but first the overnight lows and the fog. if you have an issue with travel to work in the morning because of the fog especially in the north bay and the far east bay it is the same deal tomorrow morning. back here with the five day forecast. redwood city announced today the resignation of its police chief. it takes effect on february 16th. he has been with the department for four years. the city manager said he has told them he is leaving for personal reasons and that it was his own decision to leave. >> we are following some developing news right now. late details from the scene of an accident where a child was hit by a car. two more cars pulled from a valley canal. where that leads investigators in the search for a missing 4-
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year-old boy. [ music ] . >>, complete bay area news coverage.
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[ music ] we have a tragic story developing at this hour in east oakland where an infant was struck and killed by a car. the incident happened shortly after 9:00 tonight in the 1100 block of 78th avenue. police told us a family member was moving a car. the child somehow got out of the house and was run over. this is not the correct video, i don't believe, of that accident. we want to go on to tell you that police described the child as an infant. a neighbor told ktvu news that the child was about 1-year-old. the body has been taken too highland hospital after the family gave permission for the organs to be donated. oakland detectives arrived on the scene a short time ago to conduct an investigation into what happened. >> for the first time in years many people in a financial pinch are getting a shot at some very popular subsidized
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housing in the bay area. it is a long shot. the waiting list seems endless. just one way to apply. and many are flocking to the library to do it. >> my name is loretta and this is my humble abode. >> reporter: she is paying $1300 for this apartment is a struggle. the bank that she works at she has health problems. >> it is really hard at work and i am trying to catch up. >> reporter: she is more than 100,000 bay area residents expected to apply this week to get on the waiting list for a section 8 voucher. the waiting list has 10,000 spots. >> it is not very encouraging. but you know what is it a few minutes to apply and see and maybe you will? you never know. >> reporter: since applications must be submitted online many of those applying have been pouring into computer rooms at the oakland public library. the staff says people using computers has doubled. when we were there all were in
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use. >> i need it because i am basically homeless right now. >> reporter: they need the vouchers which provide a federal rent of $1,000 a month on average. only 50 vouchers come available each month. >> although we have some recovery in our local economy we still have a lot of families that are being passed over. >> reporter: this is perhaps a snapshot of the economic crisis that 100,000 people need help. >> can you wait? >> i can afford to wait, i can. you don't have any choice. >> reporter: housing authority officials say it could take at least five years to go through the next waiting list. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. a sanbruno man who lost his home when the pipeline exploded says he is grateful for the community's donations that allowed him to get a $6400 check today. >> they are angels, always be in my heart. >> reporter: edward says he hasn't received any money from pg&e since the company handed
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him a $1,000 credit card in the days following the ms.. the money he -- blast. the money he received today came from a fund from community donations. families whose houses were destroyed are receiving about $6400. those are with moderate or minor property will get $4,000. he intends to use the money to celebrate a light christmas. >> a consumer advocacy group along with a san francisco city attorney has filed a legal petition with the california utilities commission hoping to force it to open a public investigation into the sanbruno explosion. up until now they have only had a private investigation. >> the information has been closed to the public. it is time for the public utilities commission to open up a public investigation because the public has a right to know. >> consumer advocates say without a formal investigation the public utilities commission
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can't order pg&e to take corrective action or fine the company if it fails to do so. the september blast and fire destroyed 38 homes and claimed eight lives. [ music ] >> and then the fire was coming out. >> a couple's excitement about the discovery of their stolen car has faded away. >> if you are a man do you cry? these men do. and say not only are they proud of it, they are healthier for it, too. . >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mancini's sleepworld best buys mattress world.
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. recovery workers pulled two more vehicles from the canal today as a search for 4-year- old juliani and his alleged kidnapper entered a second week. in the near car found today was the toyota the searchers are
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looking for. the stanislav county said they would not consider the search of the canal tomorrow. >> the owner gave the police information about the tires purchased by the man suspected of kidnapping the boy. it bears the name of rodriguez. he is the ex-boyfriend of the boy's mother. a witness says he saw the suspect's car drive into the canal 45 minutes after the abduction leaving these tire tracks. with a new information including a picture of the 18- inch low profile tires a match analysis on the tracks may be possible. >> since a search of the canal began a dozen vehicles have been pulled from those canal waters. daniel lee talks to one couple who wishes their car had never been found. >> and then the car is coming out and we are like oh, my god. >> reporter: ester remembers a moment as they towed her car from the canal. >> always had that hope that we
10:33 pm
are going to get it back. >> reporter: the 1994 honda accord was stolen in november. since then she and her fiancee have been sharing one car. balancing work, school and a toddler. >> it is a struggle. >> reporter: a struggle that's getting worse. >> my car wasn't even worth that much when i had it. >> reporter: he owns the tow company that recovered the honda. asked not to show his face but explained to me why the fees were so high. >> that truck we were using is a half a million dollars tow truck. it takes a lot to do it right. just like everybody out here, they all work so they can make some money. >> reporter: since police don't know who stoled their car the law says they have to front the bill. >> i end up with nothing and losing more money. >> reporter: but so does virgis. >> 40 who do you think should have to pay for this recovery? >> i feel bad because i don't
10:34 pm
know who. >> stay with ktvu, channel 2 news for continuing coverage in the search for the by on you will find a slide show of all of the cars pulled from the canal since that search began. >> we now know the identity of a 54-year-old man found dead last week at a recycling facility in santa cruz. the coroner's office identified the man as stephen parish. officials say parish was a transient who lived in santa cruz. they say he died of asphyxiation. there was no sign of foul play. he was likely sleeping in a dumpster when the bin was picked up. preliminary figures from today's homeless count in contra costa county suggests that fewer people are living outside there than they were doing two years ago. as we told you earlier in the day advocates for the homeless spent the day conducting the homeless census. the director says it seems about 1500 people are currently living outdoors. that's down from about 1900 two years ago. the county has not yet tallied the numbers on how many are
10:35 pm
living in shelters. and the city of san francisco is planning to do its homeless count tomorrow night. the federal housing and urban development agency requires the count be done every two years as a condition of certain funding. for more than three decades san francisco's lion martin clinic has served women and the lesbian, gay, by sexual and transgender community. now the clinic says it might have to close its doors. the clinic director says they need $500,000 to remain open. she says increased demand along with a decrease in reimbursements and donations led to this current crisis. one client said that the clinic offers invaluable services to the transgender community. >> it is just this wealth of services that if it weren't there, frankly, it would be extremely difficult to find and replace this place. kind of like, i know it is corny but they are like family, so to speak. >> the clinic's medical director says since the facility announced it would close, it has received $9,000
10:36 pm
in donations in just the passed 24 hours. last year the clinic served 2500 clients, many free of charge. lesbian activists phyllis lion and the late del martin opened the clinic back in 1979. it is something many men just won't do. won't even talk about it. but as ktvu's rita williams reports there is one group of men that is talking saying it is time to overcome fears and cry. >> reporter: he almost did it again last night. >> tonight i want to begin by congratulating the men and women of the 112th congress, as well as your new speaker, john baenor. >> he seemed to slide back tears. his weeping has caused some to call him weeper of the house. >> well, i think everybody's tears are personal. and i think that why people cry really doesn't deserve any kind of judgment. >> reporter: psychologist peter van dike and folks in this room
10:37 pm
promote men crying, saying it is therapeutic, a way to release stress and reduce anger and violence. >> when most men seem to stop that at 8 or 10-year-old due to the mindset of society, that we start to develop an isolation chamber. >> reporter: so this group called men of tears teaches that stow simple. the therapists provide a safe place for men to get in touch with their feelings again so that they can cry. >> it just hurts when you have those losses. >> reporter: the tears came as david shared losses of a parent, property and job. the men say they hope this is the start of something big like alcoholics anonymous. in this case, men helping other men learn to cry. this is rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. we have posted more information about men of tears
10:38 pm
at just look for the web links section. she had to run for cover. coming up, a roof at a gas station comes crashing down. why pigeons may be to blame. >> and that dense fog advisory we have got fog right now in concord, napa and coming to many bay area neighborhoods. tell you which area could be the foggiest.
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. the oakland school board discussed a two percent raise. they are not leaning one way or the other at this point. a decision on a raise would have to be negotiated with the union. oakland teachers rallied for several increases last year. they are some of the lowest paid in alameda county. >> san mateo police have arrested a man suspected of stealing wallets and purses. he was arrested yesterday morning. police say he stoled numerous wallets and purses in the passed few months. they say he charged more than $25,000 to credit cards he took. he faces a variety of charges,
10:42 pm
including identity theft. a san francisco man received probation today in the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars of art. dozens of pieces of art were recovered last june from the tenderloin apartment. earlier this month he agreed to plead guilty to two charges of burglary and receiving stolen property. his attorney has said he has mental health problems and a low iq. in news of the world tonight in egypt thousands of people defied a ban on public gatherings today in a second day of violent protests against mubarek. six people have been killed. they are threatening the most important american apply in the world. hillary clinton called for non- violent protests. >> methane blast killed eight people. one person refused to work there anymore saying it was a
10:43 pm
killer mine. the mine accidents are fairly common in columbia. hamid karzai reluctantly swore in the new parliament today. he had tried to delay it pointing to an ongoing fraud investigation in the november vote. the legitimacy of his own election has been questioned. mr. legislatures have threatened to open the government without him. it appears pigeon droppings are to blame for a roof collapse that nearly hit a woman at a vacaville gas station. the metal roof above the pumps collapsed monday at quick way gas on merchant street. the vacaville fire department says the section that gave way was brought down by the weight of bird droppings that checked over the years. chris 45 just filled up her gas tank and gotten back into her car. >> there was just this exploding gas and debris everywhere. first i thought do i stay in the car for shelter? while, i am in a gas station
10:44 pm
and there could be something else going so i just ran through the clearing. >> the gas station's owner said he was unaware pigeon droppings checked on the roof. he is keeping the station open while waiting for crews to make an inspection. >> it is a virtual ghost town right now as another went storm hits the northeast. how the snow even affected president obama's travel plans. >> and chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking a change in our weather when the sun might make way for rain.
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
. time square in new york city is usually busy any time of the day or night but not tonight. another storm is hitting the northeast. it was snowing from u.s. air force one it was snowing so president obama had to take a motorcade back instead of his helicopter.
10:47 pm
instead of a 20 minute ride it took an hour. the first steps to repair the damage caused by the heavy winter storms in california. president obama signed a disaster declaration for areas that sustained severe mudslides and flooding on january 24th. the money can be used by counties to repair the infrastructure. before leaving office the governor asked fema for more than $1.9 million in for storm damage. >> "american idol" looks for young singers. and intel looks for young sceneists. >> reporter: 600 students poured into the harper school gym this morning. do you know what you are coming here for? >> no idea. >> reporter: turns out the entire student body had a rally because of the 40 nationwide in intel's science talent search. two were in this crowd. [ applause ] >> all of my friends are going
10:48 pm
crazy. all of my friend's parents were and it was just amazing. haven't had an experience like this before. >> reporter: this 17-year-old finalist researched the productivity of solar cells. nicholas studied the structures of distant galaxies. >> we don't know much about them so my research was trying to characterize these galaxies and if they are similar or different than the ones we see right around us. >> reporter: the other finalists are. >> this is the first year that california has had more finalists in this competition than new york seven. they have got 11, we have got seven. >> american students lacked the science and technology skills needed to excel. parker, a private school, says it was one focus. >> i think the thing to remember is at this school we celebrate our academic achievements, the same way that we celebrate our athletic
10:49 pm
achievements. >> the finalists get a free trip to washington, d.c. in march to compete for a $100,000 prize. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] and we've got fog out there right now. lots of fog and low clouds in the inland bay area. the dense fog advisory has been extended. let's show you where that is. not in the nine bay area counties yet but coming close. right now we have got fog pushing up this way. the fog advisory heads out into the big valley. as we saw last night, that fog will fill in tonight in many bay area locations. here is how it breaks out. the overnight lows in the 40s. upper 30s and low 40s. and then we are looking for that fog to really mush into concord. this morning there was a dense fog advisory. parts of sonoma county as well. we could see that tomorrow morning as well. dew points are around around the temperatures of the overnight forecast. if you had an issue with it
10:50 pm
this morning. an issue again tomorrow morning. high pressure is there. the fog is there. and with high pressure weather systems have been heading north. running north now for, well, heck, about 25 days. haven't had a really good strong system here in a while. but this high breaks down on sunday. we are going to bring some showers in here. weak showers. no big deal. if it starts to change things up a little bit. it will certainly scour the fog out of the valley. but in the meantime as we roll into thursday, valley fog, fairfield vacaville, concord, napa, the spots we had it this morning and even a little bit more. visibility is less than a quarter of a mile in many locations. visibility in the central valley this morning down to 1/16th of a mile. difficult travelling to the central valley. 2 a.m. you see that big pool of fog in the central valley. you see it kind of pulling in here. 5 or 6 in the morning look at that. there is the footprint you can see it really lingering here. sacramento south of bakesers field all the way north into redding. as we get into the mid-morning hours it starts to burn back.
10:51 pm
fog is the story for thursday. friday is transition day with a few more clouds. and then by saturday looking at increasing clouds. and by sunday some sprinkles. again not a big deal. but enough to mix-up the atmosphere and sort of change the stagnant weather pattern which has been giving us this very dense fog. these above average temperatures. san jose set a record at 70 for day-time high for this time of year. tomorrow 71. 70 in fremont. the five day forecast you will see it right here. a little bit of rain on sunday. that will be go ahead. saturday is your best day on the weekend. fog will be a player the next couple of mornings. tomorrow morning should be the worst of it. >> thank you, bill. >> a window into the past. some san francisco students open a 100-year-old time capsule. what they found once the contents of that box were revealed. [ music ]
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
. >> some san francisco school children got a glimpse at the past after opening a 100-year- old time capsule. the capsule's contents included a book titled "school law of california 1909" and old class picture. some students today knew what they would put in their own time capsule. >> i would put a $100 check.
10:55 pm
so, like, maybe if they need it they could cash it. >> at this rate they might need it. the capsule also included a letter explaining at the time the city just recovered from the 1906 earthquake. no one knew the time capsule even existed until a school volunteer found a refers to it in a newspaper story from 1910. >> that's a surprise in itself that that little boy wanted to give $100. mark joins us now and not good news. double dose of disappointing news tonight. >> you could call it that but bring it a lot stronger against a team like new orleans if you are going to win on your home court. having played the 7 of the last eight games. it was the game of basketball they didn't seem overly familiar with. basketball tonight the hornets hit their first seven shots no trouble eluding david lee there in the paint. so it goes the usual story
10:56 pm
ellice leads the warriors with 26 points. does his business on the baseline and draws a foul as well. never a doubt, though. chris paul what a night 18 points. more impressively 17 assists to get it to cover. make it ten straight wins for new orleans. the warriors have lost three in a row. while the warriors never looked for a moment like they were going to win tonight the sharks until the final moments very much had the look of a winner. not the way you want to go into the all star break in the nfl. a momentum buster. scoreless first 1-0 la kings. in the second ryan the first of two unassisted goals right there with the blast to make it 1-1. just 37 seconds later devon doing all of the work by the net he comes to put them up 2-1. the kings score a goal to make it 2-2. after overtime shoot-out. jared staal with the goal
10:57 pm
massed niemi. the sharks have a few days off the to reminisce about that one. maybe if he goes another couple of years golfing like he did this passed year people won't be glued to whatever tiger woods is doing or saying. but until further notice, when he speaks people are still tuned in. down at tory pines today the scene of his last major conquest at the u.s. open. remember the winner in 2008? woods,up for his first event of this season. starting tomorrow he claims he is still out the same thirst for victory but with a little twist. >> well, the determination hasn't changed. it's just that you need to be focused and put into a proper perspective. i went down a path i should never have gone. and now the determination is keeping my life in balance. and how importantly, i think what is most important to me is my kids. i need to be in even balance for them. >> all right. get a dose of what he has got going to start this year
10:58 pm
tomorrow with round one. that's the sporting life for this evening. >> mark, thank you. be sure to join the ktvu morning news beginning early at 4:30 every weekday morning now. have a great night. good night.
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