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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  February 4, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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a fire in san jose not only displaces hundreds of people. we will tell you why they had to worry about their safety but the building they were living in as well. more protestors take to the street in egypt. as an important deadline comes today. a transit agency offers free rides to people in need. that's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news.
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good morning, thank you for joining us it's friday, february 4th. what is the weather like today? steve paulson knows. >> patchy fog on the coast. it will be sunny to mostly sunny. highs today upper 60s close to the coast. here is sal. steve, right now traffic is moving well on interstate 80 heading west. you can see it moving along nicely to the bay bridge teleplay. now let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. we have overnight news to get to right away. in san jose this morning a fire broke out at a homeless shelter. it happened just before 2:00 a.m. on little orchard drive. kraig debro is on the scene. >> reporter: good morning, pam. no one was hurt. the remanence of the fire can be seen on the back porch.
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the fire didn't do any damage to the outside of the building but the people living here had to wait outside for an hour. this was the scene an hour ago on little orchard. more than 200 homeless children men and women bundled up in the cold. we arrived as they were being lead back in. the people living here say they are grateful the fire didn't do more damage. >> very important. very important. to have a place to go to. >> reporter: what sit like to sleep outdoors on a night like this? >> terrible. real terrible. this is a place where we can all come to get a good night rest. >> we do have them inside the building right now out of the elements with facilities and power is back on. they have not been allowed back to the sleeping area yet. >> reporter: the fire department says the sprinkler system inside the building helped keep the fire down until
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crews arrived. evacwees are back inside but have not been able to go back to bed. this fire was under control in an hour and 15 minutes. right now i will check to see if those people have been allowed back in a room to sleep or ride it out until the morning when they will all have to leave. reporting live in san jose kraig debro. huge numbers of antigovernment protestors are gathering once again in cairo egypt for what they are calling the day of departure for hosni mubarak. people spilled once again into cairo's square after midday prayers. i want president mubarak to step down today. reportedly the obama administration is in talks with the immediate resignation of mubarak and the formation of an
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interim government. yesterday gangs of pro government launched attacks on foreign reporters. four washington post journalists were detained and many other reporters were chased and had their equipment stolen or smashed. in an interview on state tv egypt's vice president says he blames the international media for intensifying the use against the nation and sending in enemy spirit. we have a new update on the violence. students are camping out to put pressure on the american government to with hold any aid for president mubarak. we checked in with one of the protestors overnight. he said after midnight police told them to leave the camp site. but they do plan to return this morning. in fremont this morning
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students in mission san jose high school will hold a demonstration. from 7:00 to 7:30 this morning students will stand on mission boulevard encouraging people to honk for peace in egypt. officers from several east bay law enforcement -- a bar escalated. police saw that it was getting out of hand so they called for backup. officers detained at least two people. there is no word of any injuries. this morning the man hunt continues for a driver that left his passenger inside his burning car on an east bay freeway. that happened late last night near the willow avenue off ramp on i-80 in hercules. the driver crashed his car
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during a police chase. officers pulled that passenger out of the burning car and rushed him to the hospital. he was unconscious at the time. his current condition is not known. homeless people in santa clara county will soon be able to use public transportation for free. the valley transportation authority has approved a plan to give qualified homeless people free bus and light rail rides starting in april. participants will be required to be registered in a program that is helping them find permanent housing. more than 3,000 people a year are expected to take up that offer. filagree doe is mentally stable enough to stand trial. gore redo is accused of -- garrido is facing charges with
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friday -- with kidnapping. students will return to school for the first time today since their principal was shot and killed on campus. the suspect in the case 44-year- old john lubert confessed to shooting john. lubert told police he was fired from his janitor job. a search is under way for a bank robbery suspect that escape police despite a bank tracking device. these are images of him. take a look at the surveillance video. this is railroad avenue bank. in this picture he's pointing the gun at the teller. add one picture he's waiving the weapon around. a gps device was attached to the stolen cash.
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police searched the building but the suspect could not be found. cal train will hold four community meetings before deciding how to proceed with proposed cuts. they will hold a march 5 meeting. that would clear the way for drastic cuts. the proposals include cutting the number of weekday trains from 46 to 48. closing six stations to south of san jose station. anasazi pending service at stations -- and suspending services at san jose stations. it's 4:38. we want to check in with sal. good morning, sal. >> good morning, pam. traffic is doing very nicely around the bay area. looking at the east shore freeway and traffic looks good getting out to the mccarthur maze with no major issues. and here at the toll plaza it
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looks good. no big delays. 280 northbound that traffic is moving along nicely. here is steve. >> hold on there, sal. >> steve, it's friday. >> i can't find my clicker. >> here use my garage door opener. >> i can't find it. i have no idea where it is. >>what is that? >> little did people know you need a clicker to switch around your weather. >> we will be back. >> okay. but basically it's going to be a nice day? >> warm. upper 60s. >> okay sounds good. all right 32 -- people in texas and the gulf states are waking up to a mixture of snow and freezing rain once again in dallas up to six inches of snow is expected to fall. some people are stuck in their homes because iced over streets have gone unsalted.
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that's concerns because the super bowl is getting more attention. the city says it's running low on salt and giving priority to major roads. including those around arlington stadium. the snow and ice are creating a record number of roof collapses. take a look another that. the state is estimating 80 partial or total collapses in the past two days. that is up from two or three a season because of the weather. so far though nobody has been sourcely hurt. 32 years ago today three young people shot in the back of the head. what police tell us about brand new information about in the search for the killer. pizza wars first it was paint now graffiti effecting the new kid in town. good morning, westbound 24 traffic looking pretty good getting up to the tunnel. i'll tell you more straight ahead.
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welcome back to the morning news. we want to two back over to steve. are you ready? >> i'm more than ready. we have a few high clouds. patchy fog on the coast. it's kind of unusual. high pressure is not only large and in charge it's our warm fair weather friend. warming trend starts today. we had a little cooler air mass
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on wednesday and thursday but today and that should say friday, saturday temperatures should be in the low 70s. we are starting off at 30s again. 34 napa, 34 fairfield. 39 mountain view. 39 redwood city. it's chilly but everything takes aim at pacific northwest. there are signs that next week we could see rain getting in here. there are a few indications it could happen. around i would think the 14th and 15th there is a probability of getting rain in here. i don't think it will happen on the 12th or 13th. it certainly won't happen this weekend. sunny and mild. another cold morning. forecasted high 68 degrees. some of the highs san jose 68. but 59 pacifica. if you enjoy warm weather you almost like this pattern. cooler on tuesday and wednesday.
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>> thank you, steve. the crime rate in pittsburgh is dropping. reports of serious crime in the city are down from 2009. using fbi statistics dating back to 1960 the city says crime last year was at its lowest level in 50 years. reported homicides, robberies, vehicle thefts and arsons were all down slightly in 2010. but rapes and aggravated assault went up significantly. oakland is inspecting the cities police radio system after word of more problems this week. officers lost communication twice this week. once yesterday while responding to a robbery call and on wednesday night when dispatchers could not talk to officers out in the field for 20 minutes. we told you last week about a similar failure during a high- speed chase. the city said that was caused by a timing malfunction and the problem has been fixed.
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police in san mateo may have a new lead in a horrific murder. it was an execution style murder that happened 32 days today. a man walked into a payless shoe store and shot three young men in the back of the head. police still classify this as an active cold case. police say they have new information but they are not ready to release it yet. >> to chip our hands and show the evidence that may cause us problems later on. >> i wish somebody could be caught and prosecuted but it doesn't bring tracy or billy or michael back. >> 16-year-old tracy anderson, 17-year-old billy were all killed. former first lady laura bush is urging the nation to
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wear red today. although awareness has doubled in the past 12 years health officials say only 16% of women consider it a serious problem even though heart disease is the leading cause of death in women. a powerful new synthetic drug has lead to the hospitalization of seven people. they all overdosed by snorting bath salt drugs. that's what the drugs are labeled as. they are openingly marketed in spoke shop and head shops. it's similar to methamphetamine and heroin. >> they produce violent behavior. they seem to last for a long period of time.
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>> we have learned some committed suicide and hurt themselves. a san rafael pizza parlor is cleaning up thousands of dollars in damage. the suspects are linked to a rival business. the owners of pizza orgasmic called police someone spraying paint on the building. they saw tim tucker and sean getting rid of gloves and spray paint. tim tucker was the manager of -- >> he has never been late he has never been hung over. he's never shown any kind of devious behavior. >> nothing that is going to stop us from being successful. >> the second suspect used to work for extreme pizza. damage to pizza orgasmic is estimated at $7,000.
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a gorilla marketing campaign is getting unwanted attention from the cities top lawyer. a few days ago orange spray painted messages started appearing on neighborhood sidewalks directing people to dockers facebook page. but we are learning this morning the city attorney has september out a letter to -- sent out a letter to the marketing company demanding the ads be removed. >> it's against the law. thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars go into having to clean up what is done by gorilla marketers. >> dockers did not respond to our request for an interview. they did post this on facebook. our vendor was looking for surprising ways to share our new contest. designed to give men a chance to do what they love. we shouldn't have been using san francisco sidewalks to do so. a bay area company is taking a big gamble on the super bowl spending millions of dollars to each a national
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audience. which is based in san francisco isn't saying much about its super bowl commercial. but the marketing office did reveal the black eyed peas performer will be featured. he also let slip the ads will run just before and after halftime. >> advertising the super bowl is a huge investment. it's definitely not for the faint of heart. there is some risks associated with it. when you have an amazing product like we do, it's getting people to try that product. >> collins uses the super bowl ad from go as a company that has made it big. bud light is tying its campaign in with facebook while outy is linking it with twitter. of course you can watch the super bowl right here on
4:51 am at & t park is 9:00ed to be flooded with orange and black for the annual giants fan fest. it will have an autographed booth and play area for kids. kids will have a chance to take a picture with the world series trophy. doors open at 11:00. to accommodate the crowd golden gate fairy will be making an extra trip. the cars effected and what could happen if you're in an accident. plus the devils slide tunnel enters its final phase. we'll get a look at the progress inside.
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welcome back to the morning news. ford is recalling 1,000 of its f-150 trucks. ford says the trucks are from the 2009 and 2010 model years. a spring inside the door handle
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could break when the door is opened and closed normally. if that happens, the doors may not latch properly and could fall open during a side impact crash. construction work continues on the long awaited devil side. the project now enters its final phase. our ktvu cameras got to look inside the tunnels. each are 1400 feet long. cal tran says major work has already been completed. making sure the tunnels are safe from seepage, collapse, and trains. they are calling it a success so far because they have avoided millions of dollars in injury claims. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. how is it going? >> it's going pretty well. it's friday morning. we are hoping far lighter than usual commute at least in most areas. traffic is looking good as you drive out toward bay point if you are driving from antioch.
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it's a very nice drive. you can see right here the traffic is light coming up into this area with no major issues. this is interstate 880 and oakland. that traffic looks very nice coming across the coliseum area and heading up to downtown or the other way around. the bay bridge toll plaza is still light. now let's go to steve. >> thank you. a very happy friday. we do have patchy fog onth coast. and also a little bit in the north bay. sonoma county says some fog. we are still in the 30s so it's another cold morning. the weekend looks warmer. next week is dry but it will be windy and cooler especially on wednesday and maybe tuesday night and wednesdays system digs down toward the east of it. it's a dry pattern. until i think about the 15th there won't be any rain. i wouldn't bring any rain in
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here until about the 14th or 15th. both shows a pattern change. you can see some of the higher clouds coming down to the north. i mean if i start talking about high clouds you know i don't have much to talk about. 34 in fairfield. 37 in livermore. temperatures dropped off the table yesterday. it was still cold. not as cold. santa rosa our target forecast. we mentioned some of that fog. in that fog we will be cold. by noon we will be sunny. we'll go for a high of 68 today. plenty out there. the only end result for us is it spills over the top of the ridge. it's a very dry pattern. it's a very warm pattern. the warming trend will start today. we'll see mid to upper 60s. it's only on the weekend we'll get the low to mid 60s. patchy coastal fog and inland fog is there. a chilly cold morning. sunny and mild. temperatures warming up. 68 santa rosa.
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berkeley 64. san rafael at 65. a lot of 60s mid 60s to a few upper 60s. san jose at 68. cooler on the coast. some of that fog is hanging out. warmer on the weekend. patchy fog is it. it looks good until tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you, steve. chinese new year celebrations continue in the bay area today. senator lee land yee is hosting one. it's from noon until 1:30. the mistake a north bay gas station made last night that caused a huge traffic jam. people seeking shelter overnight found themselves out in the cold. we are live at the scene to tell you who is effected.
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good morning, right now in egypt protestors packed in cairos central square in huge numbers. they are undaunted and determined. are they close to forcing out


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