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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  February 10, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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dancing in the streets of egypt after reports of a government change that could come today, but is this premature? and what does president mubarak's stepping down mean for the egyptian people? we watch experts monitor developments. a sexual assault of a boy in a boys and girls club? why one staff member doesn't
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believe it. good afternoon. we begin with breaking news out of egypt where protesters are still waiting for an announcement from president hosni mubarak. there are conflicting reports now as to what he will say. in tahrir square where night has fallen, it is now 10:00 p.m. there. protesters have celebrating cautiously. they were encouraged by an earlier announcement from the egyptian military that we first told you about this morning, saying the military had had stepped in to secure the country and that all protester demands would be met today. high level egyptian officials have contradicted that report saying president mubarak would not resign or that no decision has been mediate. president obama commented about the situation a few hours ago. >> so going forward, we want those young people and we want
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all egyptians to know america will continue to do everything that we can to support an orderly and genuine transition to democracy in egypt. >> cia director said mr. mubarak appeared poised to hand over his powers to his vice president. the dramatic events taking place right now cap 17 days of massive and sometimes violent demonstrations to demand a transition to a true democracy. here in the bay area, people are closely watching developments. jade hernandez spoke to someone in tahrir square today. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're live here in kenzington. within the hour, we spoke to a middle east expert. before that, we gauged reaction right from cairo. a doctor who was in tahrir square this morning. >> this announcement is huge,
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but where it goes is a big deal. i mean, what we're hoping for is that the president steps down then all of what he ruled for is no longer valid. >> reporter: the opt moll gist we spoke to marched to tahrir square this morning. she said this is a young movement which encompasses citizens have all backgrounds. she says they can't stand for injustice anymore. the momentum surged even after the arrest of the google executive. >> he was gone for 12 days. when he came back, he was surprised all this happened.
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he had no clue what was going on. none of us expected this would happen in our country. imagine a country where for 30 years nothing happened. we were completely stagnant. we deemed this population as completely apathetic. in such a short period of time, people basically overthrew their government. >> i work for the best company in the world to work for. i have the best wife, and i love my kids, but i'm willing to lose all of that for my dream. no one is going to go against our desire. no one. >> reporter: but what does president hosni mubarak stepping down mean for the egyptian people? we watched an expert monitoring the the coverage today. >> you have to think from the beginning of the demonstrations, mubarak has put into place key military confidants at highest echelons of power. to think that those people will usher in a significant transition is far too optimistic. i'm very skeptical that this will lead to significant changes. >> reporter: we're staying in contact with several egyptians
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who have family members back in egypt. mike will have more during the 5:00 hour. >> all right. thank you, jade. we will continue to follow the quickly unfolding events in egypt both on the air and online. we have producers standing by in case any statement is made. we'll bring it to you live and throughout the day on our website which is back here in the bay area, san jose police are investigating the fatalling of a woman found inside a home in southeast san jose. police were responding to a 911 call before dawn when they found the woman inside a home in the 100 block of terralin avenue. you're liking at pictures from news chopper 2 which was on the the scene. the 27-year-old victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. there are reports from a neighbor that a married couple lived there with one of two
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adult daughters. the death is the 11th homicide for san jose this year. in oakland, we're learning suspects from a horrible sexual assault on a 7-year-old boy were not much older than the victim, and it happened in a place where children are supposed to be safe, at a boys and girls club. >> reporter: good afternoon. right now at oakland police headquarters, detectives are busy compiling physical evidence and eyewitness accounts of what allegedly happened. it's not just those who are directly involved in investigating this case who are following it. it's those who are horrified by the story and anyone who hears the allegation. >> i'm just mortified, really. our hearts certainly go out to the young person at the center of this. >> reporter: the report is hard to believe or comprehend. a 7-year-old boy is sexually assaulted in the bathroom at a boys and girls club on international and 86th avenue.
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police tell me five other boys, all around the age of 10, are suspects. one staff member doesn't believe the report. >> no, no, i don't. i'm pretty 100%. that don't happen here. >> reporter: police and the club say the victim did not report what happened to the staff, but instead told his mother at home. police received the report around 7:00 p.m. the victim and his mother then went to children's hospital oakland to be examined. kyle stanley, now as president, attended this same club starting in 1967. he says the crime that happens just outside this east oakland location has never before broken through into this normally safe environment. >> we, by design, are in neighborhoods that are difficult to serve as we historically have been. >> reporter: the club is promising a thorough investigation. the staff is wondering how such a horrible thing could happen inside a bathroomed a jay sent to a play room where dozens of kids could have or would have
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heard the commotion. >> everything was like clock work. >> reporter: staff members at club still don't know what time the assault might have taken place. an officer told me the victim can identify his assailants. >> all right. thank you, craig. in just the past few hours, a south bay man learned he will stand trial for beating a priest who he claims molested him. 44-year-old william lynch will be tried on one count of felony assault. the judge decided not lower the charge to a misdemeanor. if convicted, he could face up to four years in prison. he's accused of beating 65-year-
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old jerold lindner. the fate of some sports teams at uc berkeley is still hanging in the balance and may not be resolved today after all. the chancellor's office was expected to announce today whether the school's baseball team and four other sports will get a reprieve from the budget acts. a grass roots group called save cal sports had raised $15 million to try to save the team. this morning, a uc berkeley spokesman said the university is continuing a verification process. they're contacting each of the donors to verify their pledgeds. ahead, drinking and driving may be linked to a fatal accident in san francisco this morning. crowds rush into stores as the iphone arrived at verizon. plus, details on more nice weather, but there's something different on the horizon. golf, who's better? >> i'm black.
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he's brown. we're about the same. >> fun and games on the links of pebble beach.
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taking you back live to tahrir square in cairo where it is after 10:00 p.m. we are still waiting for an
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anticipated announcement from president mubarak. earlier, officials say all the protesters' demands would be met today. other officials said the president will not step down. we will keep monitoring the situation there and bring you any updates. an ac transit bus passenger in north richmond is recovering from injuries after a gunshot showered him with glass. the bus had stopped at 3rd street in grove avenue just before 10:00 last night. a transit official says a group of people approached the bus and one climbed on board, looked around, and got off. someone then shot at the bus. no one was hit by bullets, but a man suffered minor cuts from the shattered glass. county officials say no arrests have been made but that the suspect had had apparently targeted the injured man. san francisco police at this hour are questioning the surviving driver of a fatal early morning crash. it happened around 2:15 in the richmond district. witnesses say a black audi was
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speeding east on gary boulevard running red lights before it crashed into a mazda. the driver of the mazda died at the scene. the audi driver is expected to survive and has been detained by police. investigators are looking into whether drugs or alcohol were involved, but they say it appears speed played a big role. >> it was a right-angle intersection with a great deal of damage on both vehicles. life is precious, and people should slow down. you know, you never know. everything changes in a minute. >> the crash scene was cleared and the streets reopened late in the morning commute. san francisco police will hold a public meeting tonight to get input for the selection of the city's next chief. the examiner reports that 20-25 people have applied for the job. they include a mix of internal and external candidates. mayor ed lee is expected to appoint the new police chief by early to mid-march.
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want to's meeting begins at 6:00 at united irish culture center. santa rosa schools are about to make their first cuts for the school year. they will cut $1.4 million from the budget. that means class sizes will increase. and a group of parents from westwood elementary school will hold an emergency meeting tonight. they're angry after learning the school district is analyzing the possibility of closing either westwood or silverwood elementary school. earlier this week, the school board voted to close hole brooke school. a concord woman may fae criminal charges for allegedly hiding a teen runaway. authorities say the girl ran away in november. she contacted her family a couple weeks ago to say she's
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safe. investigators learned the teen was hiding at the home of 39- year-old eva nichols, the mother of the girl's boyfriend. >> stephanie was hideing in a crawl space. it turns out she faked a phone call to the police. she continuously gave us misinformation. >> police say they plan to seek criminal charges against nichols. investigators say they spent hours looking for the teen and diverted resources from other investigations. the day has finally arrived. the iphone is officially available through verizon nationwide. there were lines outside stores this morning, but they didn't last long. it appears more people are buying their phones online or at other outlets like wal-mart. there's no doubt the verizon iphone is in high demand. customers today seemed anxious
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to make the change. >> it was an opportunity to switch over to verizon. i was on at&t before. >> you can talk and surf at the same time on at&t. you decent that on verizon. at&t is going to be faster because cdma technology on verizon has been shown to be slower. >> at&t is quick to point out the differences, but when it comes to dropped calls, early reviews show the verizon iphone is winning that race. of course, it's tough to know how the the next iphone will perform. that's expected out in just a few months. well, just another beautiful day across the entire bay area. looking outside from our oakland estuary camera. excellent visibility. if you look toward the west, you can probably see the islands with clear conditions. the sunshine will stick around for today and tomorrow. some changes as we head into next week. as far as the overall weather story for today. plenty of sunshine out there
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and temperatures are nice, mainly in the 60s. tonight, clear and cold. it was very chilly this morning. patchy frost could return overnight. next week, we reintroduce those rain clouds. right now, current numbers. santa rosa already up to 60. san francisco, 56. san jose in the upper 50s. here's the big view in the pacific. once again, all these significant cloud cover. that's way up to the north and west. a few high clouds will move into the region for tomorrow. i'll show you that in a second. for today, tomorrow, even into the weekend, a dry weather pattern with mostly sunny skies. probably into sunday as well. temperatures begin to cool off in the second half of the weekend. wince again, those cold numbers to start out the day. here's our next weather system. in fact, potentially a series of storms could be approaching the bay area. that will be for next week. we reintroduce the rain cloud monday. at least a chance of rain, but
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rain becoming likely into tuesday. here's our forecast for this afternoon. at 3:00, 63-68 degrees with plenty of sunshine out there. at 6:00, mostly clear skies, 53- 58. into the evening hours, temperatures really begin to cool off. by 9:00, we're talking about 40s out there. here's the forecast model i was talking about. you can see it just a few high clouds approaching the bay area. not for today, but we'll take this into friday at 3:00. for the most part, fair skies out there. just a few high clouds approaching. region. temperatures this afternoon mainly in the 60s. warmest locations approaching the upper 60s. san jose, 67. gilroy around 64. here's a look ahead at your five-day forecast. pretty much the same deal tomorrow. saturday looks just great. in fact, most of the weekend looking just fine as well with partly cloudy skies on sunday. the chance of a light shower favoring the north bay on
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monday, especially for the afternoon. beyond that point, for monday night and tuesday. >> all right. thank you, mark. it's the start of four days of world class golf as the at&t pebble beach national pro am gets underway. there are some well-known figures hitting the green. >> i'm feeling good. it's my first year here. i'm ready to leave my mark, good, bad, or indifferent. >> i tend to get out of focus signing autographs, taking pictures. >> doing interviews. >> doing interviews. the wife tells me, we came here so you can win. you came here so you could be focused. >> you're having too good of a time? >> i can do that. >> this is a blast. this event is a blast. think about it. we're in northern california, beautiful settle. you're playing on some of the best courses in the world.
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you just have a good time. >> what's it like sitting next to george lopez, john daley? >> that's the best part. i'm in his group. >> new faces here. >> we have anthony anderson. kangaroo jack. you can get that dvd at starbucks. they sell some of his best movies. barbershop quartet. >> i'm probably the least serious guy out here. i probably hit about eight buckets of balls before i came. >> oscar de la hoya, how's your back? >> that's nothing manny pacquiao couldn't fix. >> and you can see more of the fun at the at&t national pro am at pebble beach by logging on to
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we posted more celebrity interviews on our website. just ahead, we'll bring you another check on the situation in egypt. the new national jobless numbers came out today. some smiles came with them.
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we want to take you back live to tahrir square in cairo, which is still packed with
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protesters. earlier, there were chants of "down, down, hosni mubarak." it was expected he would step down since military officials said earlier today that all the protesters' demand would be met. their number one demand has been the resignation of mr. mubarak. other sources, though, deny that mr. mubarak will step down. again, it is almost 10:30 at night there. we're not sure if or when this announcement will come from the president. we are monitoring these developments and will bring you the latest on our website,, as well as our later newscast. this morning, the government released its weekly jobless report, and the numbers are the best in nearly three years. claims fell by 36,000 last week to their lowest since 2008. this could mean fewer layoffs and more hiring by companies. right now, unemployment is still at 9%, which is
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considered too high. fed chairman ben bernanke told congress it would take up to five years for the rate to return to normal. a republican congressman from new york abruptly resigned saying he made profound mistakes that hurt his family. that was after a website posted him in a photo shirtless. he said the photo was september -- sent to a woman he met on craigslist. he told the woman he is divorced, but he's not. he's married with a young son. people on both sides of a water safety debate are packing a meeting today in half-moon bay. they will argue the pros and cons of jet skis at mavericks where the big surfing event takes place every year. many surfers argue jet skis save lives and point to many jet ski rescues, including one at mavericks just last month.
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critics say the jet skis are noisy and scare off wildlife. coming up on ktvu channel news at 5:00, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is in the bay area today. her mission, shedding light on our twitter and other social media play a role in government. those stories and more coming up in our next newscast at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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