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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 10, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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morning dawns in cairo with new uncertainty about egyptian's president as he defies protesters. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. egyptian's political chi crisis could be at a tipping point. protesters are angry, angrier than they have been. thousands of people responded
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by marching to the presidential pal lance and the headquarters of the state television. the military is also there with its tanks. early today the mood was one of celebration after announcement that protester demands would be met. but when mr. mubarak defied his speech, he was defiant. he mostly repeated previous reports that he would remain in the a september election. >> convinced, of the truthfulness of your intentions and your movement and your demands are just and legitimate demands. >> reporter: back at the square, the mood changed. people shouted, leave, leave. >> people are willing to die.
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willing to die for freedom. >> reporter: president mubarak did go on to say that he would give some of his powers to vice president. >> rita williams joined a man in san francisco as he watched president mubarak's speech unfold. >> reporter: he is here in his adopted land but his heart today is with his homeland. >> this is unbelievable. i never expect this. >> reporter: yuseff immigrated from egypt, the first week of the uprising, he was there protecting h his dream home.
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>> reporter: are worried about his house? >> yes. >> reporter: we met him at the airport the day he returned. >> we thought this was the day mubarak was going to step down. but he tricked all of us. >> reporter: and he watched what he had hoped would be the president saying goodbye. >> he cooked a lousy meal and he wants to feed it to the people and the people are not going to eat it. >> reporter: we also spoke by phone with one of yousef's nephew who is protecting today. his uncle will be here praying to that when he retires there it will be in a free and democratic egypt. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu news. a bay area professor with
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family in egypt had harsh roads for president mubarak. she called president mubarak a scam and a pathological liar. >> there's no reason we would think he's telling the truth. >> reporter: she teaches at san francisco state university. abraheem says she hopes to see egypt become a democracy by september. president obama also said in a statement he is inpatient. we are monitoring the developments on late night ac transit buses are getting a law enforcement escort in one part of north
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richmond tonight. that after a shooting about this time last night left a bus riddled with bullet holes. drivers were ready to boycott, debra. >> reporter: without protection they said they wouldn't drive tonight, so ac transit scrambles to tkpwáet get a sheriff deputy to tail them during the most dangerous spots. it's such a dangerous line, ac transit has thought about eliminating. >> people are being beat up. people are being robbed, people are being shot. >> reporter: bydown men who pretend they are riding but board just to prey on people. >> they get on the bus, they will lift their shift and show the operator that they have a gun. depending on what they wanted to do, they just have their way.
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>> reporter: just last night, a group targeted this bus, riddling it with bullets. it's the fifth violent incident this year after nine last year. tonight buses were equipped by working surveillance cameras. but a lot of times they are not. >> we don't have that kind of money to equip every bus with those cameras. >> reporter: the deputy could be dispatched to another call at any time and no escorts are planned for daytime runs. even though it was a sunny sunday afternoon that had a gun gun pointed to his head. >> all you see is a gun barrel. >> reporter: deputies riding shotgun is a temporary fix to a
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long term problem. one of these lines this 367 line might be abandoned. rita williams. police are searching for an man that was shot and killed. it happened around six 6:30 this evening. the suspect a black male, thin in he has late 20s and wearing a black hoodie. police. san francisco police arrested almost two dozen dell stray stores demonstrators late today. the rally began at 12:30 this evening. it lasted about an hour. police say they arrested 23
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protesters that were charged then released. >> we have contracts with three of the other four unions as many of the hotels downtown. >> the demonstration was part of a day of action against hyatt hotel. and today prosecutors revised enindictment. he is accused of lying understood oath for testifying that he never knowingly took steroids drugs. his trial is scheduled to
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begin march 3. investigators say mott strangled his girlfriend. the couple had a history of domestic violence. zumot faces 33 years to life. lunch face as maximum seasons of four years in prison if convicted. the trial is expected sometime this summer. new at 10:00, the first of three opportunities for the public to weigh in when san francisco hires a new police chief. ktvu was at that meeting today,
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most people seem to agree on one requirement. amber lee has the story. >> reporter: people joined to tell the city what quality they would like to see in the new police chief. the new police chief will lead a department of 1,800 officers. mayor ed lee will make the final decision. during the first of three special community leaders, sit leaders, citizen and the rank file. they agreed to hire an inside person. >> i don't want that in san francisco,. >> reporter: many citizens say
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they don't want an outsider who won't last long inside. several police officers described the lack of confusion. former chief gascon lasted only 18 months before being named san francisco district attorney. >> promoting from within inside the department would help moral because it gives us a sense that they've been what we've been through. >> reporter: a chief who knows their neighbors will also know what's best for them. >> odds are things would get resolved better. >> reporter: two other public meetings to get imput from the public before we take the decision from the mayor. it's going to be a cold one tonight. a warm one tomorrow then rain in the forecast, i'll have all the specifics, we'll see you
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back here in a few minutes. >> i hope that you guys have made the right decision. parents of a concord elementary school make an inpassioned plea tonight, don't close our school. all this smoke just overwhelmed me. he rushed into a burning building and helped two people escape. then the man got a bill for $2,000. that is until ktvu got involved. ask one drop of blood reveal your darkest medical secrets. ktvu channel 2 news puts a controversial test under the microscope. >> it just made sense to me on a bilogical level.
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one parent tonight said the idea makes him sick. he's talking about the surprise move by the mount diablo school board that could lead to westwood elementary school in concord being closed. lloyd lacuesta is live tonight in concord where a couple of school board members really got an ear full tonight, lloyd. >> reporter: students took their time tonight to make these signs to save their school. well also tonight parents took their frustrations out of the mount diablo district board president. >> you are you. >> reporter: it was school board president gary epelhart who on tuesday night proposed converting westwood school. their current westwood students would go to another school. students are upset.
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>> i'm a little bit afraid that we'll have to go to another school. >> we're a family. why separate us up if the idea is to keep schools together. it doesn't make sense. >> i hope you guys make the right decision and not take westwood away from us. >> most of it has to do with the teachers and staff. and to disrupt that, other money makes me sick. >> reporter: but the school board president says changes are necessaried because the money isn't there. the district needs to cut $11 million out of its budget. >> these last three years are worse than the cuts that we experienced in the great depression. westwood
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>> reporter: westwood elementary will go into another vote for 2010. the chancellor is decide s if the man's baseball team and four other program. >> maria: get a repeel. he was expected to announce the decision today winston cup didn't. the university now says it is contacting each donor to verify their pledge and confirm the money is really before making a final decision. and the pizza maker says the move will affect the pizza
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maker. there is word tonight both google and facebook have talked to twitter. the wall street journal is reporting, talks have tkpwoáepb gone any where. twitter has yet to show a profit. the dow snapped it's eight day winning streak today. a disappointing earnings report from cisco weighed down stocks early. a san carlos man who threw a fatal punch pled guilty the charges. prosecutors say buckley threw a single punch hitting a
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nthonygerardo. he ended up daying. shatara james and her sister leticia james left their children alone with a burning candle. leticia james gave birth to a baby while in custody. because shetara james will facing murder charges, he will ask for her bail to be raised. she ran into a burning san jose burn only on two, ktuv's rita williams with what that good samaritan did. >> reporter: this san jose father of two love hráeu children stopped to see how he could help. >> after i had kicked the door down. the oxygen hit it.
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all this smoke just overwhelmed me. >> two people were in the building. >> jeremy fisher had inhaled smoke and was taken to the hospital. >> he was risking his life to save someone else. >> reporter: so his wife was shocked when this bill got to his house. >> the bill says 1,847.23 just for the ambulance ride. and the guy said i done know don't know what you can really do. and he said, i guess that's what you get for trying to save somebody. >> we're in the process of trying to work with this family in order to eliminate this bill. >> reporter: today moments we
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arrived, they got this. >> we want to take care of that bill you received. >> maureen nee hrors in the entire roud for this year's tour of california bike race was announced today and it includes just one stop here in the pay area. stage four will begin in downtown livermore and finish on sierra road. sierra road has a climb making it the tour's first climbing finish. another beautiful day today, cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon. today got to 69 in santa rosa. tomorrow's highs just like those, we're going to see low 70s tomorrow as well. as we take a look at the forecast, it's another cold night. temperatures in the upper 20s in the cold spots. the weekend it's going to be a little cooler and we have rain
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we've been talking about the whole week. downright cold the winds have died down. frost in the knot bay. frost in the east bay valley. i think you will see fog in parts of -- frost, cool temperatures. how does that break out in the napa valley. means when you wake up tomorrow, 30 degrees. that's 28 degrees below freezing. when i come back we're going to have the forecast tracking the rain. we'll go through the weekend and look at your weekend. on time records for airlines and airports across the nation. 70% of flights were on time at san jose. oakland came in second. san francisco international placed third with 69.8% of on time rehearsals. sfo is expected to open up a new terminal in the building.
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well they have been warned this could be their last night. >> next to a freeway across from an airport, this is where people are living for now. but first what may be at the center of a massive explosion. eerie similar to the one in san bruno last september.
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investigators in pennsylvania are focusing on an 83-year-old cast iron main that killed five people. it happened in allen town north of philadelphia. the neighborhood has an underground gas main that lacked shut off valves. a routine leak detention test came up clean. the blast leveled two homes, six others were damaged beyond
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repair. you can now find out if you live on an earthquake fault just by going online. for the first time, the california geological survey is posting a fault map online. before the maps were only available in paper or cd format. if you want to check out these new maps go to, scroll down the home page and then click on the section called web links. caltrans is about to e evict a group of homeless people from a tent city. john sasaki is live with their options. >> reporter: this is one of few options left for people who expect to be booting from their tent city sometime soon. adjacent to highway 4 is an unusual site.
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a small tent city in concord. >> it's too cold to be out there under the bush. >> reporter: a string of ball luck left her without nowhere to go. >> i had the quit my job because i was taking care of my mom, she was terminal. my mom died and my brother sold the house from under us. and, and i've been stuck ever since. i can't find work. >> reporter: caltrans left a number of brush here leaving the tents exposed. and they told ktvu they'll have to leave. >> there's a lot of trespass on it for the purpose of everybody's safety and everybody's health. >> i can't, i have a back problem and i can't walk too far. so i can't go into the deeper areas where everybody is going. so i'm kind of stuck. >> reporter: but going to the shelter just a mile away is not an easy option for her either because she has two dogs which is not allowed. >> where would you two?
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did they actually come in and evict everybody. move all your stuff out? >> i know my last stop was somebody locking my in my storage and getting me out in the morning. >> homeless officials say they've been trying to get the local animal shelter to allow the homeless to temporarily house their animals. they also gave me this hand out for information of those in need but admit their facility has a long waiting list. live in concord, john sasaki. a single question on employment applications like this one may be keeping thousands of californians out of work. find out what's being done to change that coming up. now you have a choice. why today's iphone debut on the verizon network was unlike any other iphone launch.
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new figures from the
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federal government show the number of people filing for first time unemployment benefits has fallen now to the lowest levels in three years. 383,000 americans filed for unemployment last week. that is 36,000 fewer than the week before. the number of people receiving ongoing benefits fell 47,000 nationwide. analysts say employment numbers can vary widely though during the winter because of weather but that the trend does seem to be promising. officials said today that the state paid out a record $56 million in unemployment benefits every single day last year. that works out to a total of $23 billion. california's most recent unemployment rate is 12.5%. finding a job is hard enough these days but for exfelons it can be near impossible. all because of a little box on a job application form.
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in tonight's special report, david stevenson explains why banning that box can help. >> reporter: stevenson says he's applied for eight jobs but can't get an interview any where. because of one question on the application form, have you ever been convicted of a felony, yes or no. >> i think that's the reason why i've been denied so many opportunities. he admits he made mistakes and says he's rehabilitated. >> reporter: but that disclosing his felony conviction gives potential employers a reason to not hire him. advocates for exfelons say the good news is that she's six states and 26 large cities and
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counties nationwide have recently banned the box. eliminating the felony question for public job applications. it's an issue that's gaining increasing important as california awaits a supreme court ruling on whether thousands of prisoners must be granted early release into their communities. >> if people who are coming out of prisons can't feed their families, cannot pay their rent, then some of them are going to go back to trying to make money in criminal activity. >> reporter: jerry elster served 27 years many san quentin prison for a gang related homicide. he's now doing volunteer work to help young parolee's find work. >> if you can't have employment you can't provide any of those. >> reporter: advocates for former prisoners says finding work for exfelons benefits everyone. >> in this economy we have many many job applicants, some of
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them have criminal histories, most of them do not. >> reporter: san francisco banned the box for city and state applicants. conviction history only comes up when the person is a candidate for the job. there's also an appeal's process for applicants who feel they've been discriminated against. >> we can also hope to be an example to other employers who may be resistant. >> in san francisco's upscale shopping district, shop owner told us there's more important hiring factors than an applicant's criminal past. >> i never checked, however i meet the people and based on their reference, i called them up and i checked each reference. >> reporter: enriquo perela
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said he would hire an exfelon without worrying about problems. >> i think if you give him a chance to work and some money, i think people tend to be good people i think. >> williams hopes more private employers will ban the box for those who want to work. >> i made a mistake but you know i'm here to try to improve myself and hopefully somebody will give me that opportunity. >> in oakland, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the state of arizona filed suit against the federal government today over immigration. arizona governor jan brewer claims the government has failed to protect the citizens of arizona from illegal immigration and its associated costs and crime. brewer says she had no other choice but file suit. after a two year battle,
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san francisco city attorney janice herrera has filed a lawsuit. the waiting is over, apple's popular iphone is now available on the verizon network. verizon started selling their version of the iphone four. but there were no long lines.
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>> so no lines for customers who were looking to get the iphone. >> most customers bought their iphones online. the new verizon iphone is cheaper for apple are cheaper to make. their car was found hundreds of miles from home, up next, the search underway tonight along the san mateo coast. and it's a get away friday for many. what you can expect saturday and sunday, i'll see you back here. incredible understood water pictures, what divers found when they went to help a trapped hump back while. -- hump back whale.
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the san mateo county sheriff's department is asking for help tonight in a missing person's case. billy and coleen waterman were reported missing. police found their vehicle this afternoon parked off of devil slide. anyone with information about the couples where abouts is ask to authorities. preliminary autopsy results show a county inmate was found hanging in his jail. seshams had been arrested for
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dui, hit and run. police say the case is very sensitive and a high priority because of the age of the boy 7 years old and the five possible suspects are of whom are under the age of 12. police were at the club collecting evidence. the boys and girls club is also conducting it's own internal investigation. >> i'm just mortified really. you know our hearts certainly go out to the young person at the center of this. >> the assault reportedly took place in the men's room of the rec center. the boy went home and told his mother who then took him to children's hospital. we have new information tonight about a deadly crash that involved a speeding car, running red lights in san francisco. the clash happened at 2:15 this morning on gary boulevard in the city's richmond district. police say 31-year-old frank mabrey was driving an audi a4 when he ran a light and slammed
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into another car. mabri faces several charges. police say he was speeding and actually ran several lights before crashing into a mazda driven by 57-year-old lena spereo. in news of the world, in pakistan a teenage suicide bomber killed 21 soldiers today at an army training camp. another 32 people were injured. police and the army say the teenager was dressed in a school uniform and may have been as young as 14 years old. the pakistani taliban claimed responsibility. this was one of the worse attacks in months. 28somali pirates were captured today. they had taken over a fishing boat which they planned to use to attack. the indian coast guard said somali pirates had been
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operating a few miles from the coast. and in baja california, a whale was entangled. they say she was clearly in distress but appeared to be happy to be finally set free. it is more than a decade in the making. inside san francisco's new terminal two and what sets it apart. bill martin tracking a big change that's coming in our weather, the complete forecast momentarily.
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the 9/11 attacks delayed it. the recession almost killed it. but now a new terminal at sfo is nearing completion. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar went on a tour today and
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says terminal two now has some pretty impressive features. >> reporter: by using the original building's steel skeleton and because the recession concession companies really needed the work, the project ends up in the green. >> we saved about 12 to 18 months off a usual construction cycle. and the project is also being delivered under budget. >> reporter: virgin america invested heavily in the new structure throughout the recession. >> we're a long term business. when you buy an airplane you're buying it for 20 years. you need to make sure you have the right facility to put it in, and we're growing fast. >> reporter: the elegant hotel style restrooms are set up to use less expensive water. recharging ports are found everywhere, and jets will find ground power not their gulping
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systems. >> this is designed to be air travel for today. >> not only is it bringing our people and customers into a wonderful new clean facility and this one in particular is very exciting because it strays away from the typical model of what an airport is like. >> despite all the work yet to be done, they're expected to open up the terminal in less than two months. >> by the way, t2 is so green it'll be the first lead gold certified airport terminal any where in the country. mass transit clipper cards now work on sam tran buses. the san mateo transit district
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joins the golden ferry and nummi accepting if card. the california supreme court ruled today that retailer cannot longer ask a customer for their zip code when using a credit card. zip codes can be required for online transitions and customers may still have to enter their zip codes when buying cards with the credit card since that information goes directly to the bank so they can verify the card number. jerry brown and changes between jerry brown and his predecessor arnold schwarzenegger are becoming evident. jerry arrived alone and flew
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coach, sat next to a woman who he spoke with. where arnold schwarzenegger flew in a private jet. although arnold schwarzenegger is a movie star. the use of personal water craft is banned at maverick accept during the annual surf contest. there is no official surf patrol. more public hearings are planned. it's going to be another cold one in the north bay, east bay and south bay valleys tonight. let's go back to the maps, outside i have a wind speed in fair field of 0 miles per hour in fairfield. why do i look for the winds, because if you don't have a lot of winds blowing, temperatures
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are really going to drop. napa at 31-degree tonight. we'll easily get to 28-degree overnight. 28 is the forecast overnight low. at pacifica, 42, it's cold tomorrow morning. it just is. you will notice it, about 10:00 you will start to warm up. high pressure is where it should be. mostly sunny friday. saturday, sunday clouds move in. then it's all done. so enjoy this weather pattern while it lasts. a series of weather systems. hard to pinpoint which one will be the strongest, which one will be the weakest. the forecast models show clouds coming in, the models aren't showing rain yet into saturday but then you see some rain to the north then you see fog along the coast. that's the indication the
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computer model is picks up on this. that's how many hao how come the fog is showing up. we will see rain in this computer. this is as far out as this computer system goes. clear and cold for everybody. coldest in the bay valleys. temp which temperatures will be mostly in the upper 50s and low 60s. no valley fog to speak of. i think you will see plenty of frost tomorrow morning as you get ready to head off to school or work especially down toward gilroy as well. fremont fog as well. so enjoy, because it looks like it's done. the pattern shift will be a complete shift from easterly winds, northeasterly winds to westerly winds or southwesterly winds. and those winds are will change. they will bring the clouds, the shower, next week we're going to be doing a lot of stories
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about weather. >> sure sounds like it. >> we will. >> thanks, bill. tomorrow morning santa clara county vector control plans to do area spraying more mosquitoes. vector control is frying to reduce the number of winter salt marsh mosquitoes. they are known to bite during the day and fly over 20 miles. marine county's salmon population remains in danger despite a rainy december. biologists who have been watching the fish return would hope there would be a new way for the salmon to reach the area. in 2005, the species was relisted as endangered. he never got an nba title but he has had a longer run
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than anybody else. the coach calling it a career today.
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a potential invasion in space tourism went on display in washington, d.c. today.
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the dragon spacecraft finished a successful spacecraft. space age would like to use that plan to tourists. kind of seems like yesterday's game and today's game defied the warrior's season. yesterday they played great, tonight -- >> might be their worse outing of the year. no discounting the degree of difficult trying to win back to back nights on the road in the nba. the warriors arrived in phoenix. no presence, no energy and no problem for the suns to run them right out of the gym in a big hurry and that includes steve nash right in the middle of it. fueling phoenix, nice move and it'll be one jered dudley. yes, on a three. 18 points 11 assists, like said he was out of there in the
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fourth quarter. suns breathe the victory. no coach in any other professional coach had a longer run than jerry sudan. but he is out as of tonight. a personality flash with team star darren williams is said to be at least a large part of the reason for his abrupt departure. it is a player's league in the nba these days no doubt. collegiately speaking though, mary's and santa clara have had their moments on the court. but against each other, the gail's owned the evening. down at the bronco's home floor. the steal, mickey moconnel will go for the drive. second half it's pretty much st. mary's. and mcconnel lines up with 23 points. gails take it 65-69 and up on
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the hill in the city tonight. the doves have it going these days, moving and shaking and out on the break after the rebound. they move that ball. it'll be michael williams. paris blackwell will dunk it up top in a big hurry. blackwell dealing with a dozen. as a matter of fact they won six out of seven. other locomotion cal did not feel much like playing defense tonight. washington 109-77 over the bears. sanford however delivers a winner against wazoo. stanford goes triple digits and the bears give way to the huskies. fedex flies to golf too an executive bp for fedex shot of the day. nearly holds it, hits the cup.
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by the way it's steve marino and da points as your first round leaders. they are tied at 7-under. that's the sporting life for a thursday night. >> thank you. and thank you so much for joining us. good night. >> good night.
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