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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  February 18, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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it will be off and on showers. highs upper 40s very low 50s. >> steve right now traffic on highway 4 is moving along pretty well if you are driving across the willow pass grade. also this mornings commute on 880 north and southbound is okay. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. pg&e is hinting it may ask its customers to pick up part of the tab for the pipeline explosion. jade hernandez joins us from san bruno with that huge bill that is accumulating and what customers may be asked to pay for. >> reporter: we don't know how much pg&e would have customers pay out of pocket for their experiences. we do know pg&e is talking about customers helping to pick up the tab. pg&e is facing a whopping $363 million tab. wall street analysts heard pg&e would be covered by the
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companies insurance. they ask state regulators to pass along the san bruno related costs to customers. customers all over. funding is an issue. the type of the pipeline test andspections were different. and therefore might be more costly. pg&e says it wants to work with regulators on funding issues. the company expects to spend twice the amount on tests, record searches and other activities related to the san bruno blast. the cost expected this year alone between $200 and $300 million. regulators have ordered pg&e to conduct has sparks heated debate and that is not over. that's why we are here at the san bruno bart station. what do pg&e bart stations think about having to shoulder part? reporting live jade hernandez. president obama is waking
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up here in the bay area this morning. that is following his meeting with a small elite group official can business leaders. ktvu news got a look at the motorcade. the private 90 minute dinner was at the home of john door. >> i think it's always good for the president to go out into the nation rather than bring people into the white house. >> a small group of demonstrators were along the motorcade route. they were protesting against smart meters. those attending include apple steve jobs facebook mark zuckerberg and google executive. earlier several well known bay area politicians were there to greet president obama when air force one touched down at
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sfo. president will leave sfo at 8:45 this morning for hillsborough, oregon where he will tour the intel plant with the company ceo. this morning highway 29 remains closed because of snow. the chp decided to shut down the road following a large number of spinouts and crashes. heavy rain also caused problems in mill valley where the parking lot flooded. emergency pothole repairs will be made on southbound 101 near willford avenue. today is get away day for the president's day holiday weekend with all the snow sierra bound folks are in for a tough drive. chains or snow tires are required on both interstate 80 and 50. the same goes for highway 88. sections of highway 88 are
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closed because of avalanche control. that's the popular route to the kirkwood ski area. snow will continue off and on today a winter storm warning is in effect through tonight. crews are busy restoring electricity to a few 100 customers. they tell us 103 customers are without power in san francisco. about 70 are effected in the south bay, 50 in the north bay, the east bay and peninsula each have roughly 30 outages. the number of police officers patrolling san francisco streets will likely drop by next wear. budget problems has forced the consolation of police academy classes. officers planning to retire or resign in 2012 will not be
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replaced. arming police officers with tasers will be considered in san francisco next week. the department has been pushing for the devices since three recent officer involved shootings. the police commission is expected to vote next thursday whether to approve a study on the use of tasers. four have indicated they are open to a closely monitored pilot program. a sacramento man is dead after his boat capsized in bah day gay -- badaga bay. he was crab fishing when his boat lost power. they saw him waving a paddle in the air before the boat overturned. conditions were rough with boating with strong winds and waves as high as 15 feet.
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an antioch man is accused of beating his 20-month-old baby. the father punched the baby in the face to stop him from crying. he was declared brain dead. that baby has been taken off life support. his father is being held on $1 million bail. the homeless camp no concord will be cleared out by cal tran today. the group has been moving in a camp along highway 4. some packed up and moved out on their own. cal tran says the group is trespassing on state property but many say they have nowhere to go and shelters are not an option because their pets are not allowed. at 10:00 this morning bart will hold the grand opening ceremony at its newest station. it is taken four years and $106 million to build the west
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dublin pleasanton station. it's expected to serve 4300 riders a day during the week. today will be the ribbon cutting. the station will open to passengers tomorrow. a lot of people grateful for that. sal as we check in how is the rest of the commute going? >> happy friday to you. things are doing pretty well out there. we are doing nicely. much better than yesterday when it was raining at this time. so far so good on 80 westbound coming out to the mccarthur maze. lower deck of the bay bridge be careful there was someone seen walking along that span. it's illegal to walk along the bridge unless you have an emergency. so be careful wearing dark clothing a male subject. let's move along and take a look at 280 getting up to highway 17 that is moving along pretty well. there is a report of a rock on
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the road on highway 84 near niles boulevard. watch out for that. a large rock reported. 4:39 let's go to steve. i believe that, sal. >> you do? >> yes, i used to drive niles canyon. all right. what a week. what a week. we had two weeks of dry weather. almost. almost. sunny, warm. that changed this week. you can see where the line are clouds are coming in. they are taking a beeline right toward the sierra. the northbound there have been reports of dry air coming in and clear. temperatures there have plunged. yet you take it about i will say palo alto over toward livermore south. you have clouds and some rain. makes it very difficult. that is snow up at hamilton. there will be snow once we get all the clouds out of here i'm sure you will see snow in some of the higher elevations.
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we had snow at skyline yesterday. look at the temperatures now due to a decrease in the clouds you get 30s verses mid 40s. santa rosa 35. mountain view and san jose 45 degrees. concord 39. i saw 38 at lafayette. a zig or a zag of about 40 miles in the atmosphere can mean some sun, no sun, rain or no rain. i will keep rain to the south. the next system dropping down right there i will not lie to you. one forecast model takes us right over us. the other two say no no. it's a brutal call. i'm leaning on it staying offshore. today some sun, showers, more likely rain farther south you go. it's one of those. if you're heading down 101 or five you will encounter rain. there is snow on the go up in the sierra. winter storm warnings tonight.
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50s or upper 40s. 48 to 52 should cover it. we will keep unsettled conditions in today. i'm wishing, pam, i'm wishing tomorrow is fine. sunday and monday look good. next system on tuesday. >> we are looking for saturday because of the chinese new years parade. bay bridge commuters should expect another round of detours on the bridge this may. they are to make way for construction of the new eastern span. cal tran says some temporary eastbound and westbound lanes will be built near the section where the bridge touches down in oakland. if all goes well the project could be finished four to six months ahead of schedule in 2013. sex in the park what one local city is doing to get people to get a room. is she or isn't she? what sarah palin says about running for the white house. and i can see san mateo from here. traffic is moving along pretty well. we'll be right back.
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good morning, there are breaks in the clouds and cold temperatures north bay. a lot of 30s. cloudy skies and rain. santa cruz mountains. parts of the east bay and extending out to the valley. cloudy rain to the north. partly cloudy with showers. in news of the world in egypt. thousands of people are holding
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a victory march through the square today. they are calling the event the friday of victory and continuation. it has been one week since hosni mubarak announced he was stepping down as president of egypt. the military has blocked the main road into the square. but so far the atmosphere is light and peaceful. thousands of mourners are calling for the downfall of marin ruling. it comes after an attack on proreform protestors that killed five people. leaders have banned public gatherings in an attempt to keep the public movement from reuniting. bahrain is a key u.s. ally and home to the navy's fifth fleet. american travelers are being urged to stay away from central mexico where a u.s.
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immigration militant was killed. another american officer was also shot but he survived. the shootings come in the growing violence between mexican drug car tells and security forces. former vice president candidate sarah palin says she has not made up her mind in a white house run in 2012. she spoke yesterday. the speech comes after a new poll shows more americans have a negative view of the former alaska governor. she credits the tucson massacre as the reason. >> it was taken right after the tucson tragedy and i don't think i have ever gone through more negative press than i did right after tucson. i'm not blaming that incident for my poor poll numbers. >> she has hired a political strategist if she does plan to make a white house run next
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year. jerry brown plans to donate the extra money leftover from his inaugural celebration. he received more than $400,000 for the party. once all the expenses are paid, whatever is left over will be donated to a nonprofit. in just about three hours at 8:00 san jose mayor chuck reid almost speak at the annual state of the valley conference. this mornings speech comes hours after reid delivered his state of the city address last night. san jose currently faces a projected $110 million deficit. now he's calling for significant concessions from city union to help avoid layoffs. >> our hopes and dreams our quality of life. the very reasons we choose to make san jose our own are at great risks. >> mayor reid is calling for an
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increase in the retirement raise of city workers. but he says he is open to alternatives. san jose's budget is due in june. petaluma police are increasing their crack down on sexual encounters in public parks. they are increasing patrols. investigators say the vast majority of these encounters include gay couples that meet during the day in secluded areas in the park and restrooms. felony charges could be filed against a police officer who was accused of having sex with a under age girl. the girl was a victim of sexual assault. he was arrested earlier with charges of unlawful sexual intercourse with the minor. wallace has resigned from his position after being questioned about his relationship with the girl. the city of oakland is in
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the middle of a unique program meant to curb violence on the street. that program is called operation cease fire. every few months young men on patrol or probation take part in a calling meeting. that's when police and others give the men some tough talk on what could happen if they continue a life of crime. the group is then offered help including jobs and child care. joshua phillips took part and now has a steady job. it was a very diverse crowd. it was pretty cool. different employers trying to take that risk that other employers weren't taking. >> about 60 people have taken part in the program. of that number only four have been rearrested and are now in prison. new local jobs this morning in just a few hours a very special recycling plant will
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open on mayor island. and facebook has stepped into the same sex marriage debate by offering something new.
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welcome back to the morning news. virgin airlines is taking on new places. it will fly from sfo to los angeles to the chicago ohare airport. in just a few hours the first west coast ship recycling facility will officially open in vallejo. allied defense recycling is expected to bring more than 100 new jobs to the area. a ribbon cutting ceremony will
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be held at 10:00 this morning on mayor island. the new facility will be used to clean up and scrap ships from the moth ball fleet. crews in san francisco are busy putting the final touches on the floats to be featured in tomorrow's chinese new years parade. it is the year of the hare. rabbits are the main feature on many of the floats. new floats are built every year. they take countless hours of painting and building. >> this is the premier float. i call this everything chinese new years. >> that is beautiful. workers will test the electronics today. the floats will be moved to the parade starting line about noon tomorrow. if you can't get out there tomorrow to see it in person, you can watch tomorrow's parade live right here. our coverage begins at 6:00.
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sal, steve, and dave we'll all be there. so many people turn out. >> i already practiced my wave, pam. [ laughter ] >> smile and wave. >> it will be fun. we'll talk to steve in a moment. traffic looks good around the bay area. there are no majors at the bay bridge westbound come into the city. they have canceled the high wind advisory for the bay bridge. it could be windy it's just not rising to the level to be dangerous on the bridge. this is a look at northbound 101 approaching the 80 split in san francisco that traffic looks okay. in the southbound approaching the 880 interchange the traffic is smooth so far. here is steve. thank you. not as bad today. the farther south you go the better opportunity you have for rain and hail.
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very unstable air over us in the next 24-48 hours. this is a pretty good cell. watch how this puts into motion coming right there. coming out of the santa cruz mountains. heading toward campbell, san jose. you can see brief heavy rain right there. some of that is snow mix. you can get a wide variety just in one little cell there. look at the temperature to the north. 30s. mid 40s to the south. farther north there are breaks in the clouds. you can see the line making a beeline toward the sierra. winter storm warning is up there. you might start off with a nice day. things will bubble up here. that will give us a possibility of showers. it's a brutal call because you just pick a forecast model and hang your hat on it and hope for the best. with of them take the low -- two of them take the low and go right by us.
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the other one takes it and puts it in on the bay area. it happens. i'm leaning on the two that take it south. for us showers to the north,, rain to the south. winter storm warning in the sierra until 10:00 tonight. the national weather service says we may have extend that until saturday morning. showers chilly but more rain likely to the south. farther south you go more rain to the north. a few breaks in the clouds. upper 40s, low 50s everybody. the warmest will probably be pacifica and san francisco at 52. showers and sun clouds friday and saturday. sunday and monday look better. this morning facebook users have two new relationship statuses to choose from. the westbound has added civil
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unions and domestic partnerships to list. the move has been hailed by gay rights groups as a strong statement in support of the same sex marriage. the new options are available in the u.s., canada, united kingdom, france, and australia. a man is held in prison while his baby is taken off life support. president obama is waking up here in the bay area today. where he is headed and how it could impact your morning plan.
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the cost to pay for the san bruno pipeline explosion is mounting. why it's bound to be controversial. for some today it won't be too bad. for others this is what you'll have to deal with. heavy rain and possibility of more hail and snow. what the president did in the bay area last night and where he goes this morning to continue his mission with high- tech business. that story and more. the morning news starts now. good morning, thank you for joining us on this friday, february 18th i'm pam cook. >> friday. >> yes.
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>> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much. on this friday if you're up in the north bay you're saying it's cold and there are breaks in the cloud. cloudy to mostly cloudy and rain in fact coming right out of the santa cruz mountains. a pretty good cell. you can get rain. you can get snow around 2,000 feet. highs today upper 40s and low 50s. here is sal. >> steve, right now traffic on the san mateo bridge looks pretty good. last week the san mateo traffic driving along the span has been dicey. also right now westbound bay bridge traffic looking pretty good getting into san francisco. it's 5:00 let's go back to dave and pam. president obama is waking up in the bay area this morning. that's after a big dinner meeting with a small elite group of silicon valley business leaders. kraig debro is joining us live. he's at sfo where the president will depart in


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