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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 18, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. president's day came early for people in the bay area thursday and now friday. we're at north access road. i know you don't know where that is if you're heading south on 1010 you get off the first exit. that's where i'm standing. you can see the tail fin of air force one. president obama is going to be on that plane and departing for oregon this morning at 8:35 in the morning. at least that's what the itinerary says right now. last night the presidential motorcade brought him into the wealthy community of woodside last night. the president had a dinner of john door. but john door was the -- but john door wasn't the only one there. mark zuckerberg, larry ellison
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are among the invited guests. specifically it was discussing his proposal to investigate in research at development and expand companies to grow and hire. it's part of an on going campaign. he spoke to the chamber of commerce earlier this year about similar ideas about growing the economy about how businesses can spend more money. president is planning to leave the bay area this morning. he will go to hillsborough oregon. he will meet with intel ceo. he is scheduled to give him a tour of one of the most sophisticating chip manufacturing companies in the world. ment cooing up at 5:30 i will try to find out when the president will arrive and how. we understand he left here in marin-- marine one. we expect the same thing.
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this morning highway 29 from calistoga to lake county remains closed because of snow. the chp decided show shut down the road because of large spinouts and crashes. the chp tells us here emergency pothole repairs will be made on southbound 101 near santa rosa. that starts at 9:30 this morning. today is get away day for the president's day holiday weekend. and with all the snow sierra bound folks are in for a tough drive. we just checked with cal tran. chain or snow tires are required on both interstate 80 and 15. same goes for 88. sections of highway 88 are closed because of avalanche close. that is a popular route to the kirkwood ski area. snow will continue off and on today and a winter storm warning is in effect through
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tonight. crews are busy restoring electricity to a few hundred customers this morning. pg&e tells us 103 customers are without power in san francisco. about 70 are effected in the south bay. 50 in the north bay. the east bay and the peninsula each have roughly 30 outages but pg&e expects to restore power as early as 7:00 this morning. time right now 5:04. charges of felony child abuse are facing an antioch man. police say the 23-year-old man punched the baby in the face to stop him from crying. the child was declared brain dead after suffering internal injuries. wail has been set at more than $1 million for the babies father. a sacramento man has died after his boat capsized. manuel sivera was boating when
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his boat lost power. the coast guard says conditions were really rough for boating with 15-foot waves and very strong winds. uc berkeley police are investigating the possibility that a recent burglary may be linked to six others. now the latest happened early monday morning at university village in albany. uc berkeley police say a student and his wife left their sliding door unlocked and that's how the burglar got in. a laptop, two cameras, and other items were stolen while the couple was in the home. police are looking into the possibility this latest incident may be related to six similar burglars between september and december. the cost of the pipeline disaster is going up. and pg&e customers may have to pick up part of that tab. jade hernandez joins us from san bruno top explain why. jade. good morning.
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at this point we don't know how much they would have to pay for expenses. pg&e is facing a whopping $763 million tab after the san bruno blast september 9th. and funding is an issue. talk swirls around where that money will come from. pg&e says lawsuits will most likely be covered by the companies insurance. they will allow them to pass the cost allock to customers. if this work is direct result of negligence, shareholders not customers should bare some of the burden. part of the problem is the company expects to spend twice the amount on pipeline tasks, record searches, and other activities related to the san bruno blast. the cost expected between $200 and $300 million. regulators have ordered pg&e to conduct has sparked heated
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debate. that is not over. that's why we are here at the san bruno bart station this morning. how do they feel about shouldering part of this burden? we will talk to some of the bart passengers here this morning and folks here in san bruno. we will bring that to you in an hour. reporting live jade hernandez. time now 5:07. they are getting ready right now for today's ribbon cutting ceremony. it will include vip and the general public. this will be bart's 44th station. it has been in the works for four years now. more than 4,000 commuters are expected to use it each weekday. the passenger service starts tomorrow. time now is 5:07. i want to check in with sal to see how the commute is going. >> pam and dave, good morning to you. traffic is doing well aaround the bay area.
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certainly better than it was the last few days. this mornings commute looks good as the bay bridge toll plaza and the traffic is moving along realtively well get into the city. the morning commute is moving well although it looks like it has been raining in the last few minutes here. at 5:08 let's go to steve. it has been raining in the south bay. >> thank you. >> i will show it to you in a second. you can see where the line is. to the north we have breaks in the clouds. if i lean this way it's raining, if i lean this way it's not. it is snowing up in the sierra. now see this is kind of a deceptive. little low spinning there you get the cold air things calm down. once we start to warm up you will see the clouds bubble up. possible thundershowers in the north bay. a line of moisture is taking a an aim at the south bay. the rain is coming down out of the santa cruz mountains.
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i was just looking at the web camera at san jose state it shows foggy conditions and rain. some of the rain at lexington reservoir. orrin da had an inch and a half of rain. san jose and oakland picked up .87. look at the temps. 30s in the north. 40s in the south. there is a distinct dividing line and it makes it really tough. this will give us rain mainly to the south. snow up in the mountains. it will push south. the next system coming down right there it pumps it along. this is the one if it stays off the coast it will be fine. it's just too hard.
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you have to pick a model and go with it. low snow levels again. down around 2,000 feet. unbelievable reports coming out of lake county. sierra snow winter storm warning until 10:00 tonight. another one to two feet above lake level. about six inches to a foot at lake level. showers chilly and rain to the south. there will be sun for awhile. especially toward the north bay. upper 40s, low 50s for everybody today. it's just we're just too cold of an air mass in place. again i think saturday night will be all right. sunday and monday look good. >> all right steve. straight talk from san jose's mayor. >> let me emphasize there is no more money. the well is dry. >> and the choice he says san jose has to make in order to survive this financial crisis.
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a sensation that is not going so swimmingly. why some famous fish in china have some people calling foul. southbound traffic 101 looks good heading downtown.
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today tens of thousands of egyptians packed into cairo square for a celebration. take a look at the live
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pictures. once again lots of people there. they are calling the event the friday of victory and continuation. it has been one week since mubarak stepped down. one religious leader lead the crowd in prayers adding the resolution is not over until we have a new egypt. in bahrain thousands of mourners are calling for the -- killed five people and injured more than 230 others. leaders have banned public gathering in an attempt to keep the protest moving. soldiers are guarding potential gathering sites. bahrain is a key u.s. ally and home to the navies fifth fleet. talk of a possible government shutdown is intensifying in washington, d.c. as alison burns reports republicans vow they will not budge on big spending cuts.
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alison. >> reporter: david, it has been a vicious week of fighting in the house where republicans are trying to push through more than $60 billion in cuts to government programs this year. on the chopping block today federal funding for planned parenthood and sponsorship of nascar teams. they have okayed hundreds of cuts guiding government programs. even though the senate is threatening to reverse them john boehner says he's not budging. >> when we say we're going to cut spending read my lips we are going to cut spending. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner's comments have triggered more fierce of a government shutdown. he says he won't pass a temporary expansion of government funding without the big budget cuts. democrats and republicans have until march 4th to cut a deal. that is the day the government runs out of money if congress doesn't act. reporting live from washington,
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d.c. alison burns. time now 5:16. in just a couple hours san jose mayor chuck reid will speak at the state of the valley conference. that speech follows mayor reid's state of the city address last night. the mayor said san jose is facing $1 so million deficit. he deficit -- $110 million deficit. >> if we maintain our city budget at the current level, we'll have to reduce the budgets in every department by over 50%. that makes closing half of our libraries and community centers. >> now san jose's budget is due in june. new york is inviting stanford university to open a campus in the big apple. it would like stanford to create an engineering school combining the reputation with
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silicon valley status. new york does not have a top ranked research and graduate school. animal rights activists are outraged at this chinese magician. it's because this controversial trick where he gets them to swim in sink. magician says he will not reveal his secret but they are not harmed. the marine corp, navy, and air force have started classes to make sure the servicemen understand the new rules. president obama signed the rule repealing the openingly gay service members. 5:18 is the time right now. at least the roads are drier
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this morning. rain expected i think by the afternoon commute. could we see rain, sal, have you heard? >> i have a man who i know. >> you know real well. >> i know him pretty well. he's standing in the wings. good morning, everybody. i'm actually curious about that myself. i'm way curious about tomorrow for obvious reasons. this is a look at highway 24. one thing is for sure today's commute right now is much better than it was yesterday. it's not as windy or wet. there are spot where is it has just rained. this is a look at westbound bay bridge. 280 you can see it's a little wet on freeways here. it looks like a cell ha been moving through. steve. thank you.
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afternoon commute i don't think it will be as bad as yesterday unless you are going farther south. it's inching northward a little bit. i have to broad brush everybody. the north bay is in better shape to start off. but by this afternoon because you have breaks in the clouds you could have more in a variety of thundershower activity. anything goes today. there was a very strong cell coming out of the santa cruz mountains. it seems to be collapsing but not until adds rain. i'm trying to put rain totals together. 2.5 fell at ben low man. lexington reservoir two plus. san francisco almost an inch. san jose and oakland both almost about .90.
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the totals are half inch for everyone. 30s napa, fairfield, concord, san rafael, and santa rosa. mid 40s mountain view and san jose. there is a lot going. there are systems within the system. one rotating us now. the next one coming down. i mean if it zigs instead officings we get more sun. so showers in the north. more rain likely to the south. the sierra continues to get the snow. some incredible toe tools coming out of lake county. ily littletown -- i think littletown had two feet. also up at paradise there was heavy snow. this is still a go for areas down 2,000 feet. showers it's another chilly
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day. sun and clouds but more clouds than rain farther south you go. 50s and upper 40s. there will not be much of a difference on the temps today. today and tomorrow morning very unsettled. i'm hoping it stays offshore and goes into the central and southern california. sunday and monday looks good. this morning mr. are reports the u.s. justice department is taking a preliminary look at apples subscription policy. it would take 30% of all fees from subscription service. the preliminary investigation could result in a more formal policies. global stock markets effected a bit. more concerns about port gull
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reunit -- portugal reuniting there. small gains yesterday with the dow jones started today. keep an any on video stock. the company reported higher fourth quarter profits some paired to the year before. saying the company is increasing its competitive risk. if you use took this morning you have two new relationship options tooths from. they haves ated civil unions. the gay rights group are happy about that. it's a strong statement in support of same sex marriage. the two new options are only available in the united states, canada, united kingdom, france, and australia. san francisco is looking to spend millions of dollars on bleach. what it plans to do with it. and how tough talk is part of a new program.
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it's aimed at taking parolees back to prison. we'll tyloma more about the -- we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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good morning. still some rain about livermore, san jose, bolder creek south. that is snow in the foothills. you can see that is really the
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main line right there. that stretches all the way up to the sierra to the north. the people living near that crumbling cliff in pacifica finally got a break from mother nature. >> the sand bars are actually breaking the waves before they even get to the shore. >> protecting. >> protecting the cliffs. exactly. >> the cliff is now being protected by a natural barrier. sand bar created by shifting sand offshore. ironically sand is what caused the bluff failure in the first place. however, the troubles may be far from over. city engineer reminds us that the ocean is still eating away at the shore. san francisco plans to stock up on bleach. a board of supervisors committee approved a $14 million three-year contract to buy 27 million pounds of bleach. much will be poured into the
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city suer to prevent it from smelling in the summer. they are expected to vote on the agreement march 1st. people in antioch are concerned about environmentally friendly street lights. some people are not happy with the new lights installed last year because they are not as bright. some say the lights create dark spots between polls. it can't make any changes right now because of the tight city budget. also in antioch the city is seeing a boost in people volunteering their time to the police department. it's all for the volunteers and police services program which allows people to help out officers in nonviolent situations. antioch says the volunteers free up officers and other city workers to focus on other job duties. time now 5:27. the city of oakland is hoping tough talk can help curb violence on the streets. they are starting operation
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cease fire. young men on patrol take part in a call in meeting. that's when police and others give young men tough talk about what can happen to them if they continue. >> i kind of saw their side of the field. talking to the das and seeing zero tolerance no no no it makes you want to straighten up and fly right. >> besides the tough talk this group of young men offered help including jobs and child care. about 60 people have taken part in the program so far. of that number, four have been rearrested and are now back in prison. the president is waking up here in the bay area this morning. the reason angry protestors lined up along the motorcade route last night. it wasn't about the president. the san bruno blast cost
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pg&e. the company is talking about how customers shoulder that burden. also one big bay area city may soon have 100 fewer cops. good morning, right now traffic on highway 4 off to a nice start. there is already some slowing.
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welcome back. good morning, to you. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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friday, february 18th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now is 5:30. not that we don't like our jobs or being here. it is nice to sleep in a bit though. >> at least until 4:00 in the morning. thank you dave and pam. we do have a little bit of a break for some. to the north bay there is clearing to the south bay. we are getting rain. you can see it right there. the snow up in mount hamilton coming into the santa cruz mountains. about to livermore and up toward the sierra. it looks like it's losing a little bit of humpth. there will be showers popping up later on. here is sal. right now the commute is okay in marin county it's dry as you head south down to 580 there. no major problems on the 580 bridge. this is a lock at the commute -- this is a look at the commute of northbound 101. president obama is waking
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up here in the bay area this morning. that's following the president's meeting with a small elite group of business leaders. they included apple steve jobs facebook mark zuckerberg and larry ellison. ktvu got a personal view of the motorcade. the private 90 minute dinner was at the home of john door. there were some protestors along the motorcade route as well angry about door's ties to pg&e smart meters. >> we hear president obama is going to be here he's at the house of john door who is a venture capitalist behind silver spring network who makes the smart meters. several well known politicians were there to greet the president. president will leaves is fo at 8:45 this morning for hillsborough oregon where he will tour an intel plant with
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the company ceo. kraig debro is live. our time now 5:34. pg&e is hitting it may ask customers to pay for parking lot of the tab. jade hernandez is joining us live from san bruno with a huge bill that is growing and what customers may be asked to pay for million good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning, we are live at the san bruno bart station. hoping to gauge reaction of pg&e customers having to pay for san bruno blast cost. pg&e is facing $763 million tab after the pipeline blast that turned homes into infernos. pg&e says lawsuits would most likely be covered by the companies insurance. they may ask state regulators to pass a long sum of the cost to customers. customers all over.
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the type of pipeline test and inspections regulators are demanding pg&e perform are more costly than first expected. the part of the problem is the company plans to spent twice the amount on tests and record searches related to the explosion. this year alone the costs are expected to be between $200 and $300 million. it sparked heated debate over who should pay for this. if the price is not bad enough pg&e has run into extra costs after installing new smart meters. the company has had to spend money on explaning how the money worked to the customers. and this morning we still don't know how much customers will have to pay out of pocket if they indeed do. pg&e will have to go to regulators to find out if they can pass along their cost to their own passengers. reporting live jade hernandez. time now 5:36.
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petaluma police cracking down on parks. investigators say the vast majority of the encounters involve gay couples that meet during the day in secluded areas of the parks and in the bathrooms. the number of police officers patrolling san francisco streets will probably go down by next year. budget problems have forced the cancellation of police academy classes. that means the 100 police officers expected to retire or resign in 2012 will not be replaced. that loss could come with station closures, realignment of district boundaries, and moving more administrative officers out into the field. arming police with tasers that will be considered in san francisco next week. the police department has been pushing for the tasers since three recent officer involved shootings. the police commission is expected to vote next wednesday on whether to use the tasers.
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several have indicated they are opened to a closely monitored pilot program. the top narcotic agent is due in court to face felony drug charges. norman welch is accused of selling drugs that have been seized on street and stored in police lockers. they arrested him earlier this week. welch was the lead investigator in many high-profile drug cases. public defenders are taking a closer look at the drug cases. felony charges could be filed against a walnut creek detective accused of having sex with a teenage girl. shawn wallace seen here was the detective on the case where the girl was a victim of a sexual assault. he was arrested earlier this month with unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. >> the fact this woman who is now 18 years old is still
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staying with him is an indication there is no abuse of power. >> wallace has resigned from his position earlier this month after being questioned about his relationship with that girl. time now 5:38 it's sentencing day for a cub scout leader who is center of a child pornography case. he is facing up to ten year in prison. this is after he pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. oakland police closing their investigation into that school sex scandal the one we first told you about last month. no criminal charges have been filed even though police say they believe there was sexual conduct involving second graders at markham elementary
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school. bay bridge computers you should expect another round of detours of the bridge coming in may. they are going to make way for a new eastern span. some temporary eastbound and westbound lanes will be built right near the section where the bridge touches down in oakland. if all goes as planned the project could be finished four to six months ahead of schedule in 2013. the crews will unload critical parts of the new bridges tower. the sections arrived yesterday. they came in from china. high winds have kept the workers from removing them from the ship. the pieces will eventually be hoisted up to the towers recently built tiers. time now is 5:31. we want to go to sal. how does it look? >> it looks much better than it did yesterday. as a matter of fact, we are doing pretty well when it comes to the commute on northbound
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101 approaching the 80 split. it looks pretty nice. also this morning we are looking at the bay bridge traffic or the 880 traffic approaching the bay bridge that traffic looks goo. if you are driving to the hayward city it is a nice drive. let's go to steve. all right thank you before we get going here. our observer steve bridges is up in the keys. he's spot on with these reports. 14 inches of snow overnight. two feet in 24 hours. four feet since tuesday. that is at lake level. that is a lot of snow. even higher elevations but at lake level that sin credible. is incredible. so everything is in place
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for some but not for all. as you can see there are areas to the north that have partly cloudy skies. areas to the south have some rain. so this system right there is focusing most of its energy from about san jose livermore south. that is snow up in mount hamilton. it looks like it's thinning out a little bit. there was a pretty good cell that came out about 45 minutes ago. speaking of ben lomond 2.5 inches. redwood city almost an inch of rain. napa and concord both .86. that is good for everyone. look at the temperatures. mid 40s to the south. this is a little deceptive. there is drier air that is punched into the north bay. once we see the heating in the afternoon that will build up clouds and showers. rain line is moving south slowly. the next system right there if
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it stays offshore saturday will be fine. if it decides to come in we will get another round of what we just saw. there is no consensus on it. i hate it when that happens. showers to the north later on. rain to the south. still low snow levels. the series of the lows continue to move in. as you listen up in the sierra no problems. another one to two feet is possible. snow level around 2,000 to 3,000 feet. it's still chilly. upper 40s and very low temperatures. again they have to make up about 15-degrees to the north and only about five to the south. unsettled through saturday morning afternoon. and sunday and monday look okay. okay steve. time now 5:43.
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a kidney transplanted into the wrong person. what the hospital is doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. we will give you a sneak peek at the chinese new years parade. good morning, westbound highway 4 traffic looks okay heading up to concord. another update straight ahead.
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good morning, still some rain. south of about livermore and san jose. temperatures in the 30s. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top story yes, sir following -- some of the top
5:45 am
stories we following for you. thousands of people. you can see that huge flag banner there. thousands waving the flag. they are crowded in the square. this is a day of prayer and celebration in cairo. they are marking one week since the fall of hosni mubarak. this is a live picture. this is the hotel in mill brave that president obama is staying in right now. the president met with a small elite group of silicon valley leaders last night. mr. obama will be leaving the bay area this morning. this could impact traffic on the roads obviously because of the president's entourage. a man is held in jail after suspicion of beating his two- month-old baby. the university hospital in
5:46 am
southern california may resume transplants today. they shut down the program after giving the wrong kidney to the person. the hospital stopped transplants after the error was discovered. two kidneys from separate donors arrived at the transplant center around the same time and on the same day. they were labeled correctly and the misup was the result of human error. it has been ten years since heaven-time champion dale earnhardt was killed on the last lap of the biggest race. it happened on february 18th, 2001. there will be a special attribute this year. more than 150,000 fans will rise in a moment of silence. his son will be in the big race adding to the emotion. time now 5:48. a priceless egyptian statue stolen from an egyptian museum
5:47 am
will be returned after it was found near a trash can. a 16-year-old protestor found the statue and took it home. the teenagers father recognized the sculpture and turned it into the authorities. the statue was stolen last month. it will be restored before it's placed back on dislay. the iraq capitol city wants the united states to pay up. they are demanding the united states pay $1 billion for damage caused to the city. city officials say blast walls installed by the u.s. mail tear have damaged suer and water systems a-- sewer and water systems along the city streets. the homes would be located across from the west gate subdivision in lucas valley. right now the project is in
5:48 am
planning stages. a formal review could be at least a year away. in 2008 hatfield caused controversy after he put up a fence blocking a popular trail in marin county. a san francisco tradition continues tomorrow with the chinese new years parade. crews are putting the final touches on the dozens of floats this morning. rabbits are a main feature of course since it's the year of the hare. workers have spent countless hours building and painting each float. >> what kind of reaction? >> i just want their jaws to drop. that's awl. >> workers will test the electronics today. the floats will be moved to the parade starting line around noon tomorrow. now if you can't get down there in person remember you can watch tomorrows parade right here on ktvu channel two. and as pam, and sal, and
5:49 am
steve get ready to wave to the parade crowd sal is watching your commute as we speak. >> that is right. this morning we've had ha touch on an improved commute. it looks pretty good. it's dry coming up to the willow pass grade and continuing over to concord. interstate 680 looks good heading down to the walnut creek area and beyond that. this is a lock at the bay bridge toll plaza. hopefully we will have a nice and light friday with no major problems get into the city. if you are driving in san jose you can still see remanence of the rain that moved through it. it's a little bit wet. of course use caution but right now the commute is not giving us too much to talk about when it comes to crashes or stalled vehicles. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. speaking of that rain. this line over the south bay parts of the peninsula will slide south and rotate out of the area as the next system
5:50 am
drops in. we should see a decrease. snow up at mount hamilton. and then over toward out toward the valley that is taking aim toward the sierra. over two inches of rain at lexington reservoir. santa rosa had an inch and a half of rain. our observer phil said it came down yesterday. it sure did. san francisco almost an inch of rain. san jose and oakland about .90. 30s to the north and mid 40s to the south. series of systems is low spinning around. one over us right now is moving out. here comes the next one. question is will this come along the coast or clip us? this far of a difference between mostly cloudy and rain. today mostly cloudy with off and on showers.
5:51 am
in the sierra the winter storm warning continues until 10:00 tonight. national weather service sacramento will update if they have to. rain to the south. upper 40s and 50s. clouds, sun, chilly maybe a few showers. saturday looks great. increasing clouds monday afternoon. next cold system tuesday. some college bay area highway that is too dangerous to drive on. where the numbers of deaths and injuries are mounting. and so are the calls to do something about it. plus big decisions last night on american idol. who made the final 50 and who was sent home?
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welcome back now. american idol chopping down the field of contestants after the night of four rooms and a little drama from ashley sullivan. ♪ you're the get away car oh my god i'm freaking out. sorry. i can't believe i'm freaking out. >> come on you can do it. >> ryan seacrest called this an emotional time bomb. she broke down in tears after
5:55 am
forgetting the lyrics twice. the judges saw something they liked. they sent her to the next round along with 49 others. >> there are two performances that just stand out. >> the night started with 100 contestants divided into four rooms. two sets of 25 were given the bad news. you can keep track of how they are doing right here on ktvu channel 2 wednesdays and thursdays at 8:00 p.m.. people want something done to make highway 4 safer. this is video of a deadly accident in october between loan lone tree way and sand creek road. some want to see passing lanes eliminated and a concrete
5:56 am
barrier installed. we hope everyone is safe on the roads right now. let's check with sal. >> all right right now traffic is moving along realtively well this morning if you are driving on the 280 interchange that traffic looks good getting up to the 880 commute. no major problems there. if you are getting to the south bay let's say you are come into pleasanton the traffic is looking pretty good if you drive 680 south. bay bridge teleplay right now westbound is move -- bay bridge toll plaza right now westbound is moving along pretty well. president obama is leaving the bay area this morning after his meeting last night. where does he go today and why? also who will help pg&e pay the cost of the san bruno pipeline explosion. why it may be you or someone you know. good morning, we are in mil
5:57 am
brain. the moon breaking through the clouds. outstanding on a friday. any rain? we'll talk about that in two minutes.
5:58 am
good morning, the price tag for the san bruno pipeline explosion is mounting and there
5:59 am
is new word on how pg&e may pay for it and why this is sure to be controversial. more rain continues to fall. there are breaks in the clouds. can we clear this rain out in time for the weekend? if you are heading up to tahoe this weekend get ready to chain up. we'll show you the road conditions and a live report when the g, tnk you for joining us on this friday morning february 18th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much, pam and dive. we still have snow in the mountains. some rain. about the peninsula actually mainly santa cruz mountain there is is still a line of rain. that should slide showers. showers and possible


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