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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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also rescue operation underway involving a chartered flight, a team of specialists and a whole lot of those chihuahuas. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. well, good morning to you. welcome to tuesday. the very first day of march. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. well, do we need a scarf, hat, umbrella? what do we need today, steven? probably all the above in the next 24 hours. to start off this morning it's cold out there. a lot of 30s. it will be layers day. we'll have some sun for a while. then 50s and 60s on the high side. by tonight though a rather vigorous system will arrive for a round of wind and rain. more on that in five minutes. now an update on the traffic with my good friend sal. steve, right now northbound 280 traffic looked good getting up to highway 17. nice drive in the south bay for the most part. also this morning we're looking at the grade and that traffic looks good. now let's go back to the desk. all right.
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thank you, sal. at any moment now federal safety investigators will begin that three day hearing into the deadly pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno. this morning's hearing in washington d.c. could reveal critical new information about last september's disaster. this will be the first time that pg&e executives will testify under oath about the explosion and fire that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. we're going to have a live report from our washington d.c. bureau. more on the hearing in just about ten minutes. now meantime these hearings are taking place at the same time that many pipeline disaster victims are deciding whether or not to accept pg&e's buyout offer. the utility has offered to buy homes damaged or destroyed in the explosion and fire. so far only two families have agreed to take a buyout. 16 others are seriously considering that offer. now families who take the buyouts can still sue pg&e. but pg&e hires the appraisers
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who determine the value of the home. time now 6:02. a high-tech heist in fremont. police say a team of armed robbers targeted the corporation on warm springs boulevard. ktvu's kraig debro joining us live now. kraig, i think you've got a pretty good idea how those robbers may have gotten in there. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, dave. in fact i just confirmed it with police but i wanted to show you how we stumbled upon it i guess you could say. the company located in south fremont. if you're looking for the building there's no way you can tell how the robbers got in. we went to the back and saw the adjacent property and saw the yellow police tape. the back of the company is right here. so also a privacy hedge. we walked along the privacy hemming we saw there was a hole right here between the two properties. and when i got down here i noticed there was a hole in this fence here. and if you look very closely you can see there's some shiny metal sticking out from where the fence was cut here.
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in addition to that you can see some branches that were ripped off, not cut but ripped off. so just a few momentsing a police confirmed what we suspected. and that is the robbers got in to the property through this hole in the fence. this all happened on sunday morning. it took about 30 minutes to carry out. that according to police. it sounds like a scene out of a movie. police say 15 thieves armed with rifles and handguns wearing ski masks and matching black clothing tied up employees and stole a significant amount of computer components. while that was going on police say robbers forced the employees to hand over wallets, cell phones and lie down blindfolded and tied up and gagged. surveillance video shows the thieves loading up a truck and driving off. when i talked to police this morning they say they left through the front gate. police don't know exactly what was stolen. the company advertises itself as a maker of memory solutions. we just tried to talk to paul the ceo. went up to his house and could not get through. left a message hoping to talk
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to a police spokesperson to get more details and to the ceo about exactly what was stolen. live in fremont, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, kraig. four fifth grade students in vallejo got sick after they unknowingly shared a marijuana- laced cookie. now a school district spokesperson says that a student at grace patterson elementary school was given two individually packaged cookies by someone at a convenience store. students shared one of the cookies with three other students at lunch yesterday. in the afternoon all four students began feeling nauseous. a teacher read the print on the packaging on one of the cookies and found out about the marijuana in the cookie. we are learning more this morning about the state drug detective accused of drugs he seized from criminals. he's the former commander of the contra costa county anti- narcotics team. this morning the contra costa times reports that he and private detective christopher butler tried to find a buyer
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for two bricks of military grade explosives just days before they were arrested. he and butler are set to appear in court tomorrow for their arraignment. time now 6:05. this afternoon barry bonds heads back to federal court in san francisco. he's expected to re-enter his not guilty plea at this final hearing before the scheduled beginning of his perjury trial in just three weeks. barry bonds will share the spotlight with his former trainer, gregg anderson. he's also due in court today. anderson's expected to refuse to testify against barry bonds in the upcoming perjury trial. but he's already served jail time for refusing to testify earlier. a very unique rescue operation is underway here in the bay area this morning. chihuahuas are being sent cross country. ktvu's jade hernandez is live at san francisco international airport now with more on operation chihuahua. what's going on, jade? >> reporter: that's absolutely
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right. operation chihuahua. these dogs will be leaving on two separate flights. one at 7:00 and one at 9:25 this morning headed to new york city t. is a journey. this is a journey which has brought more than a dozen chihuahuas right here to san francisco international airport. it's a west coast-east coast exchange if you want to think about it like that. 14 chihuahua from the animal care and control building in san francisco have been chosen to make this trip across the country to the animal care and control in new york city. these dogs are flying virgin atlantic later this morning. we watched volunteers load the dogs up about 40 minutes ago and unload just a few minutes ago. virgin teamed with the shelter last year and again is picking up the tab for the trip this year. the reason for the swap the aspca in new york city has a need for chihuahuas and other small dogs. in northern california the opposite is true. oftentimes too many people adopt chihuahuas thinking they'll be perfect for small children because of their size or don't need exercise and then
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behavioral issues pop up. the director of the animal care thinks why they've had an overflow problem here in san francisco. >> they're really easy to breed. we live in small spaces and they don't take up a lot of space. they're still a lot of work. i think people find that out quickly and relinquish them to the shelters. >> reporter: but these 14 dogs that are headed to new york city will definitely get a home. last year when they did this the director told us that there was a line around the block in new york city waiting for these dogs to be adopted. now if you're thinking to yourself that you could give one of these dogs a good home but you think you're out of luck, you're not because there were so many at the san francisco shelter 20 had to be left behind. they're still adoptable and have to go down to the center in san francisco and adopt one. if you would like to follow these dogs on their journey as we are this morning you can log onto facebook and twitter. both will have messages and we'll be following these dog
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along to new york city. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:08. muni fighting back responding against some harsh criticism. a very aggressive defense against accusations it calls overblown and unfair. top executive from the state puc says the current condition of san francisco's transit system is the worst in california. the puc is investigating alleged violations that it says could threaten public safety. muni could be hit with some pretty big fines. a muni crash in san francisco back in the news this morning. the governing board will take up 12 claims today stemming from that july 2009 crash at the west portal station. an inbound l train slammed into a k train stopped at the boarding platform. dozens of people were hurt. muni's already paid out more than $550,000 to some of the injured. the payouts are coming out of
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the muni budget. the national transportation safety board is still investigating the cause of that crash. all right. 6:09 is the time. and sal is checking in on the san mateo bridge this morning. how's it look, sal? >> looks pretty good, pam and dave. good morning to you. right now traffic is actually good for the entire bay area for the most part. as we look at that san mateo bridge it's a nice drive heading over to highway 101 in case your trip includes the dumbarton bridge. we'll go ahead and tell you that traffic is moving well to the east palo alto area. as we look at the 880 oakland freeway hear traffic continues to look good. we haven't had too many crashes. we've had a couple minor things on the shoulder but nothing major as you drive around bay area freeways yet anyway. and this morning's commute at the toll plaza is getting a little bit busier. they switched the metering lights on about now maybe in about five minutes or so and you'll start seeing a bigger back up here. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. very good morning. cold out there. a lot of 30s under mostly clear
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skies. we are expecting rain to come in tonight. now today we'll have sunshine in the morning then slowly increasing clouds. a cloudy afternoon. then the breeze starts to pick up later on. very windy tonight. a strong little system. good news is it should fly through fast. but it will be rather intense here for a while tonight. not during the day. moderate to heavy rain is possible. then morning rain on wednesday. then cooler and breezy with more of a showery pattern as we get towards wednesday afternoon. not yet. has a ways to go. we'll have sunshine here for a while. morning hours look pretty good but not before we start off with another brisk one. sonoma at 32. gill roy and morgan hill at 33. clayton's 33. stanford's 34. dublin pleasantton 36. a lot of 30s around including concord at 36. that's at buchanan but not far away i've seen about three or four degrees cooler. santa rosa in the 30s. napa, fairfield, livermore, oakland airport, hayward, san jose at 38. speak of san jose start with 38
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and mostly sunny. then mostly sunny partly cloudy by this afternoon and partly cloudy by this evening but not before a high of 60 today. getting near average. still slightly below. there's the system to the left of your screen. it's pulling a little north -- i'll get out of the . right there. it's intensifying. when you see a system develop like that that will pick up the wind later on tonight. very windy. as this moves through then the rain could be brief for moderate to heavy for a brief period of time. we have a ways to go before it arrives. most of the day looks good. a chilly start. 30s and 40s as you saw. sunshine and increasing clouds. highs near 60 degrees. and then tonight that system roars in here. so windy at times as the rain returns. and there could be two to three inches in some of the wetter locations like santa cruz mountains and also the russian river. chilly start, cold though for some. i know. 32 is cold, steve. yes, i know. mostly sunny in the morning and then by noon mix of sun and clouds. still all right. 48 to 56. and then by this evening 54 to 62. mostly cloudy and i think that
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wind will start to show itself by this evening. 50s and 60s but upper 50s or low 60s won't be too much of a spread. we are warming up a little each day. unfortunately that will end by tomorrow as we bring that system in. so tonight into tomorrow rain, wind, cooler thursday with showers. a break friday. saturday morning's all right. saturday night rain returns to the north bay. well, pg&e executives take the stand any moment now. the hearing in washington d.c. could reveal critical new information about last september's pipeline disaster in san bruno. plus major overnight developments in that growing crisis in libya. a violent show down could be coming. how the anti-government protesters feel about getting outside help. ñsxóxgñ
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good morning to you. welcome back. time now 6:15. in just the last 15 minutes federal safety investigators opened a very rare three day hearing investigating the san bruno pipeline explosion and fire. ktvu's allison burns is covering it all for us from our washington d.c. newsroom. she's here now for the latest. allison. >> reporter: dave, this morning's hearing could reveal critical new information about last september's disaster. let's get right to a look at the live web cast of the hearing. the ntsb chair is making her opening statement now. she says that the hearing cannot bring back a life, but the goal is to prevent another disaster. this is going to be the first
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time pg&e executives have testified under oath about the explosion and fire that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. ten top employees will face questions about why the pipeline failed and how the company maintained it. today the ntsb is releasing thousands of documents from its investigation. it's the first time the ntsb has held a pipeline hearing in more than ten years. and other recent pipeline disaster will also be a focus this morning. this is considered a fact finding hearing. we aren't going to get any results from the ntsb investigation until september. stay with us this morning. we'll have live continuing coverage here on the morning news. for now live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. in libya new word of overnight attacks by forces loyal to libya leader gadafi trying but failing to recapture cities that have been taken over by anti-government
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demonstrators. witnesses say the rebels pushed back the pro-gadafi forces. even though they are under attack many of the anti- government demonstrators say the conflict is a libya issue and reject outside help. >> we don't want any foreign forces to make any invasion. and all the libyas here are so happy. especially in the eastern region because we are -- finally we are free. finally we have our happiness. >> now the united nations is now sending in emergency aid to the thousands of refugees fleeing the violence in libya. the u.n. says 40,000 people have crossed the border from libya entetee these ya since mid-february. time now 6:17. on capitol hill today the house of representatives will consider a stopgap spending bill to keep the government from shutting down on friday.
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the republican sponsored bill would keep the government running for two more weeks to buy some time for the house, for the senate and the white house to work out long-term legislation. now republicans want to cut $60 billion from agency budgets over the coming months. but they're settling for $4 billion in easy cuts right now. back here at home more bay area school districts are getting ready for job cuts because of the state's budget uncertainty. last night the san raphael school board voted to issue layoff notices to as many as 40 teachers and counselors. tonight the novato school district will consider layoff notices for 25 teachers. ross valley schools could lose five positions. all three school districts say the layoff notices could be rescinded if voters approve a tax extension in june. in santa rosa city schools are seeing an increase in poverty levels among their students. the press democrat is reporting 70% of students throughout the
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district get some help paying for school lunches. that's up from 51% ten years ago. at four of the school districts' elementary schools 90% of the kids reportedly qualify for some help. wow. 6:19 is the time. back over to sal to check on the roads. so far pretty good commute, right, sal? it has been. we have some things going on now that have just cropped up. as a matter of fact we're going to look at highway 4. there's a stalled truck there on highway 4 just to the left. you can kind of tell something is blocking traffic. we found out it's a stalled truck in one of the second from the left hand lanes there. and the traffic is going to be backed up. in fact, if you look at the top of the screen you see the kind of steady stream of headlights kind of backing up. then right here just after that stall it lightens up. police are aware of it. and they are going to get out there. in fact the bart train is passing the stalled truck right now. go ahead idea take bart and avoid highway 4. go out and take a look at westbound 24.
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that traffic is okay on the way up to the tunnel. this morning on the toll plaza the metering lights have gone on but traffic is not all that heavy just yet coming into san francisco. 6:20. let's go to steve. sal, mostly clear skies. we'll have sunshine here for the morning hours. then increasing clouds during the afternoon. we start off though with 30s. so it's cold one again. then rain moves in tonight. this looks like a rain and wind system as well. it still has a ways to go. lots of sunshine. but some low clouds, few high clouds will get closer here. for the morning hours you're all right 6789 then we start off as we said some 30s including 33 fairfield and also livermore and 38 oakland. redwood city 37. where's that system? right there. it's intensifying. so that's the one that roars in tonight. but we start off rather calm. morning sun. then increasing clouds in the afternoon. but, again, very windy and maybe some brief heavy rain by tonight overnight into early wednesday. highs though today getting closer to near average which would be low 60s. we'll have a few low 60s today
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and a lot of upper 50s. heavy rain possibly briefly overnight into wednesday showers thursday, break friday. saturday morning's all right and then rain late saturday night looks like for everybody on sunday. all right. thank you, steve. well, in less than an hour treasury secretary plans to tell members of congress that they need to make major changes to the two biggest u.s. mortgage holders. he is preparing to tell the house financial services committee that failing to overhaul fannie mae and freddie mac will create more uncertainty in the financial markets. but he says the changes need to be made during the next two years because acting too quickly could destabilize the still shaky mortgage market. federal government is fining american airlines $90,000 for a hidden fee to passengers. the airline is accused of charging passengers when they used vouchers they received when they were bumped from overbooked flights. american says it charges $30 fees for most bookings done by
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phone or at ticket counters. but federal officials say the vouchers could not be used in online booking. now american says it stopped the practice before the government contacted the airline. time now 6:22. google now using a tricycle to add to its street view service. google says this oversized tricycle can collect images of hiking trails, amusement parks and other places cars can't easily go to. google's already started posting photos of those places including open space near los altos and fremont open older space reserve in cooper tino. feels like we've had plenty of rain this winter. what's happening today to see where our water supply actually stands. also now that phillip and nancy garrido have confessed to kidnapping jaycee dugard, will that lead to lighter sentences? good morning. if you're driving to the south bay from pleasanton, so far looks good on the way through fremont. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. stalled truck on highway 4 in bay point and blocking a lane and traffic here in bay point is backing up because of this stall. we'll tell you more about that straight ahead.
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well, at 11:00 this morning state water crews will trudge into deep snow to measure the snow pack near echo summit. after a wet december but a pretty dry january, water experts want to know just how much water is in the sierra snow. electronic measurements indicate that water content is up from the december measurement. this will help figure out how much to emphasize water conservation in the next few months. time now 6:26. there are several critical legal questions tied to the very unexpected development in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. the suspects, nancy and phillip garrido, are now waiting trial. yesterday the lawyer for nancy garrido said the couple has confessed to kidnapping jaycee dugard when she was a child and holding her prisoner in their home for 18 years. legal experts say that admission could pave the way for a plea bargain. and there's no question nancy garrido's lawyer is looking for a lighter sentence. >> mr. and mrs. garrido have given full complete statements
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to the sheriff's department in the last month or so. honest with them frankly in the hope of mersion behalf of mr. garrido for mrs. garrido. >> the attorney says nancy garrido deserves a break because she acted as a mother figure to jaycee dugard and her two daughters. you can hear the entire interview with nancy garrido's attorney on our channel 2 website at just click on the tab that says dugard case. something happening today could help solve a bizarre mystery. it involves a body found buried beneath a backyard patio in novato. >> reporter: some elementary school students in vallejo got sick after eating cookieslationed with pot. we'll explain where the students say they got the cookies in the first place. the opening bell is about ready to ring on wall street. what happened overnight that could send stocks higher this morning.
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welcome back to the morning news. there's the opening bell live this morning as we look live at the nasdaq. they rang the opening bell. looks like a pretty good day. overnight the markets in asia surged. i'm looking at the european markets already open this morning. most of them, just about all of them, up as well. pretty good. so looks like we can see on the lower part of our screen the dow jones already heading higher. we'll get all the details in business news just ahead. we will. and we will smile and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news. a brand new week. it's tuesday march the 1st -- i meant month. >> wait is it monday? >> it's tuesday march 1st. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. in the news this morning lots to tell you about. fremont police are busy searching for a team of suspects involved in a high-
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tech heist. this all happened sunday morning on warm springs boulevard. just 30 minutes ago ktvu's kraig debro confirmed how the robbers got in. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, dave. in fact i just spoke to a computer consultant and he's telling me that there is reason for that theft to have happened. in other words they can get rid of the product. tell you about that in a second. we're at a building that's adjacent. look at what's here it's got privacy hedges. the thieves could have gone through this hole right here. but if you look through here if they'd gone through there they would have been seen by somebody in the back. so what they did is went further along this privacy hedge and went in this hole down here. and if you look through here you can see there's a hole cut in the fence. and it's behind that storage bin. they obviously would not have been seen getting into the property. dave, you're right. police confirmed for me that's how they got into the property. my computer consultant says there's a market for those stolen goods.
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now the company officials told police the robbery took place sunday morning between 8:40 and 9:10. it took just 31 minutes. scene out of a movie. 15 guys, rifles, handguns wearing masks dressed in all black, tied up the employees and stole a significant amount of computer components. while that was going on police say the robbers forced employees to hand over personal belongings as well, wallets, jewelry, whatever, they were tied up and gagged. surveillance video has these guys driving off in a truck. police don't know exactly if it was stolen. we talked to computer consultant and we're going to talk to him again. so for 7:00 he's going to tell us exactly based on what it was made here not that he knows what was stolen but based on what was made here he's going to tell us how the robbers could sell these items and how lucrative it is. live in fremont, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. well, a man believed to be schizophrenic was fatally shot in front of his home by san
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mateo police. it happened about 10:30 yesterday morning after san mateo police were called to a cvs store on reports of a man acting aggressively. officers soon tracked the man, 35-year-old robert karen, to a nearby home. that's when officers say he pointed a gun and shot at officers forcing them to open fire. >> he's schizophrenic. okay. everybody knows. the police know. for his medication they have to pay. pay what? i never pay. okay. he got very upset. came home and they send the police here and he's gone now. >> police say he had an extensive history of threats against officers. time now 6:33. four fifth grade students in vallejo became sick after they unknowingly shared a cookie laced with marijuana at lunchtime. ktvu's live in vallejo where how those kids ended up with the cookie in the first place. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, dave. the kids who reported feeling sick are all students here at grace patterson elementary school in vallejo. this apparently happened shortly after the lunch hour yesterday. that's when one of the students shared a couple packages of cookies with some classmates, three classmates. those students didn't realize the cookies were laced with pot. according to police the student says he or she got the cookies from someone at a local convenience store while the student was on the way to school. the cookies were individually packagedful according to police when the teacher here looked at the wrapper of one of those packages there was some writing on it that said it was a cannabis cookie. now the students reported feeling sick and nauseous. they went to the hospital in the afternoon and they were all released later on in the evening. and vallejo police is investigating this case and trying to find out who gave the student the cookies in the first place. back out here live you can see on the school grounds there is a drug free zone sign. it's apparent that this school cares a lot about drugs on campus. and it's an issue that they're going to be looking into.
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vallejo unified school district spokeswoman says the principal here at the school is planning on talking to some of the students about what happened and educating them about being more aware of their surroundings and who gives them things on their way to school. reporting live in vallejo, ktvu channel 2 news. an autopsy is scheduled today for the body found buried beneath a backyard patio in novato. on friday search teams removed the human remains from behind the home on rebecca way. now the coroner has still not formally identified the body. but police suspect that it is 74-year-old dale smith, a long time resident of the home who has been missing for months. they are also investigating if his 55-year-old wife is tied to his disappearance. three residential fires within a 48 hour period in vallejo and benicia. and 16 people are now temporarily homeless. one man is in the hospital. the most recent fire was
6:36 am
reported just after 5:30 yesterday morning on porter street in vallejo. that left two adults and seven children homeless. another fire sunday night in vallejo left two adults and four children without a place to stay. and a man suffered from smoke inhalation in a fire saturday morning in benicia and had to be hospitalized. a new tax on san jose pot clubs takes effect today. monthly gross sales will be taxed at a rate of 7%. now the first payments are due april 30th, but some pot club owners say they fear paying the tax could be seen asin criminating by federal authorities who consider marijuana sales illegal. >> i would like to pay the tax. if san jose modifies the language of it so that it's legal for me to do so, i will pay the tax. >> san jose city leaders say they plan to clarify legal issues with guidance from the attorney general in june for the city's 100 cannabis clubs. but until then they say pot clubs will have to pay the tax
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if they want to stay open. time now 6:37. a death row inmate at san quentin has died. prison officials say richard ray parson died of natural causes at the age of 67. back in 1996 he was convicted of fatally beating a woman during a robbery at her home in sacramento. since 1978 when the death penalty was reinstated here in california, only 13 prisoners have been executed. 53 others on death row have died of disease, old age or of illness. 18 of them committed suicide. right now there are 713 inmates on california's death row. well, in other news the price of a new clipper card just went up. starting today the minimum payment to buy a clipper card goes up to $5. the clipper cards are used to pay for rides with several bay area transit agencies including bart, ac transit and the vta. the old minimum was only $2. but transit officials say that price allowed some people to
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abuse those cards. they were riding around without paying their full fares. 6:38 is the time. let's check back in with sal. how's traffic, sal? things are getting a bit busy. we did have a stalled vehicle on highway 4. that vehicle was pushed off to the side. it was a pickup truck there. the police ended up pushing it off to the side. traffic is recovering, but highway 4 is busy. you can see it's going to be pretty slow here on highway 4. although it's getting much better now that the stall has been removed. move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. not a big delay right now. it's backed up for primarily backed up in the middle lanes. maybe it's about a ten minute delay at the most. and the morning commute looks okay on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge as we see the road sensors showing a lot more slow traffic in the hayward area. nothing too bad on the actual freeway heading south to the south bay. northbound 280 a little bit slow near 101 and that's about all for now. 6:38. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. here we go. sunrise over the big city and few high clouds but overall a
6:39 am
mostly sunny morning. waiting for a system to come in it will be here tonight. far cry from the pattern we had when we were in in february when everything came out of the north. this one is come the right out of the west. we are seeing morning sun and a cloudy, partly cloudy afternoon. this system doesn't arrive until later tonight. then becoming very windy and some brief heavy rain is possible taking us into early wednesday morning. it will be cooler and breezy but at least today we get some sun here for a while. system has a ways to go. that's for sure. most of the day we'll be all right. but gradually increasing clouds. some rain already but it's way to the north and it's very, very light on live storm tracker 2 off eureka and crescent city. big news this morning really focus on the cold temperatures, again. 32 sonoma. clayton 33. stanford 34. dublin pleasanton 36. 33 at livermore and fairfield. so there's some cold readings out there. bookends 34 napa and santa rosa with 37 redwood city and oakland airport at 38.
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where is that system? right there to the left of your screen. where is it coming from? out of the southwest. that's a different pattern as we're now into march. this will sweep in tonight. the bulk will go to the north when you see those developing like that it cranks up the old wind machine. we get last dry day today because this system doesn't come in until late tonight. but then, well, tonight and tomorrow we'll have some rain in here. but sun here for a while. then slowly increasing clouds. but that system looks like it's packing a brief pretty good little punch here as it slides in late tonight into early tomorrow morning. but chilly start then mostly sunny. 30s and 40s to begin. and then we'll stay with a mix of sun and clouds. highs 48 to 56. temperatures i should say by noon. and upper 50s for most low 60s but it will start to turn mostly cloudy and a little breezy by this evening. 50s to low 60s. so temperatures continue to inch upwards. not a lot but slowly getting near normal on the temperatures. slightly below right now. morning sun, afternoon clouds and then tonight rain takes us into wednesday morning and then
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a cooler breezy windy pattern of showery into thursday, a break friday, now most of saturday will be all right but saturday night rain returns to the north bay and looks like sunday for everybody. okay. thank you, steve. have you had your breakfast yet? i could see some more. up next we're going to fell you who is serving up pancakes for free this morning and how it could help a good cause. >> reporter: and it's a west coast-east coast exchange of sorts. find out how the animal care and control here in san francisco is attempting to save more than a dozen chihuahuas. good morning. right now northbound 101 traffic is moving along slowly here in san jose. we'll tell you more of what's going on here coming up.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 6:44. earlier this hour in fact a short whiling a federal safety investigators in washington opened a three day hearing into that deadly san bruno pipeline explosion and fire. this is the first time that pg&e executives have testifying under oath about last september's disaster. later this afternoon barry bonds heads back to federal court in san francisco for a hearing three weeks before the beginning of his perjury trial. barry bonds will share the spotlight with his former trainer, gregg anderson, he's also due in court today. and a state drug detective is accused of selling drugs now
6:45 am
accused of trying to sell military grade explosives. this morning the contra costa times reports he allegedly tried to find a buyer for two bricks of military grade explosives just days before he was arrested. a plane carrying several chihuahuas will take off from san francisco international airport this morning. ktvu's jade hernandez is there at the airport with operation chihuahua. i love the name. jade. >> reporter: it's the perfect name. these chihuahuas are soon to be new york city transplants. first they have a more than five hour flight ahead of them. the first flight is scheduled to take off in just about 15 minutes. this is really a west coast- east coast exchange of sorts. >> feels really good. it's awesome. going to be a fun flight on virgin america but having companion with these little guys it will be an awesome flight. >> it's wonderful. some of them have been at the shelter for a while so volunteers have gotten to know
6:46 am
them. we had some volunteers come in last night to visit and say good-bye and say good luck to everyone. >> reporter: fourteen in all from the san francisco animal care and control in san francisco have been chosen to make the trip to the an mail care and control in new york city. the dogs are flying virgin atlantic this morning. we watched volunteers unload the dogs about an hour ago. virgin teamed up with the shelter again this year and picking up the tab. the reason for the swap, the aspca in new york city has a need for chihuahuas and other small dogs and in northern california the opposite is true. oftentimes too many people adopt chihuahuas thinking they will be the perfect pet for small children because of their size or that they don't need exercise. and they find they just can't care for these small little dogs. chihuahuas are also overbred. here's where you can help this morning. if you've been looking for a chihuahua and thought you missed out because you saw these 14 headed to new york city, since there were so many chihuahuas in san francisco
6:47 am
this really is an issue here in northern california. 20 of the dogs were left behind and still at the shelter here in the city. and they're still looking for a good home. these 14 are headed to new york city for a good home there, there are still dogs waiting to be adopted herement live in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco hopes a new lawsuit will help clean up one part of the city. in just about four hours at 10:30 city officials plan on announcing the lawsuit against several businesses located in the bay view and hunters point neighborhood. that lawsuit accuses the businesses of illegal dumping. new legislation to stop illegal dumping is also expected to be announced today. our time now 6:47. wisconsin's governor is already the center of controversy. republican governor scott walker unveiled a budget plan that will repeal most union bargaining rights for public employees. today the governor reveals his complete plan for dealing with wisconsin's huge budget
6:48 am
deficit. that announcement could lead to more protests at the state capitol today. more than a dozen democrats have fled the state avoiding a vote on the budget. the governor says it's now time for them to come back. >> those state senators who left with the expressed intention of trying to draw more attention to this bill have more time to debate the bill and discuss the bill have succeeded. it's now time for them to come home. >> well, the governor's full budget plan could further enflame this controversy. it calls for major cuts to schools as well as cuts to health care for the poor. all right. 6:48 is the time right now. sal is looking at a number of things on the commute. how's it going, sal? things are going well. if you're taking transit you can always drop me a tweet let me know how it's going. right now traffic is moving along well on highway 24 if you are driving on westbound 24 it looks good all the way to oakland. it's a little lighter than it normally is. we won't say anything.
6:49 am
we'll let it go that way. no major problems this morning at the toll plaza. that has filled in. it's backed up to about the 880 overcrossing once you make it on to the bridge it's moving well. we don't see any major distraction because of that new construction work on the tower. nothing major yet anyway. people seem to be driving by. this is a look at 880 north and southbound right here in front of the coliseum and traffic is still moving pretty well. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. beautiful sunrise for those of you getting ready multitasking. there you go. took me about an hour to paint that. but there you go. there's your day. most of the day. now by tonight we'll cloud it up. but we will have a mix of sun and clouds for the morning hours. kind of cold out there. temperatures in the 30s. i'll show you those in a second. chilly morning and partly sunny, mostly sunny turning mostly cloudy later on. tonight the wind shows up because of a rather strong system has been moving in. it will be a fast mover but the wind will pick up and rain possibly moderate to heavy for a brief period of time. take some rain into early wednesday morning and breezy
6:50 am
and cooler and showery into thursday and then get a break on friday. our system still has a ways to go. there are some areas of rain up along north coast, eureka, crescent city, hum bolt county. but for us a few high clouds start to inch their way in but not before we have some cold lows here. sonoma 32. 33 morgan hill. clayton 33. bunch of readings at 33 around walnut creek and also concord. stanford 34 degrees. same for men lo park. dublin 36. 33 livermore and fairfield. some cold numbers there. 34 santa rosa 38 san jose even hayward at 39. speaking of san jose starting off at 38 mostly sunny. there are some higher clouds there. 55 at noon. go 60 for a high today with increasing clouds throughout the day. but overall it will be dry until tonight. so sun and clouds. highs near 60 after a cold beginning with the 30s and 40s that you just saw. but the system's coming in and it's, again, rather strong system. but, again, it's a fast mover. the wind will really pick up
6:51 am
tonight. and as the rain returns. so 30s to 40s and we'll start off with mostly sunny. then we'll go mix of sun and clouds, partly sunny, partly cloudy by noon. then here come the clouds in advance of that system. 54 to 62. mostly cloudy. but, again, this system isn't arriving until tonight. so 50s and 60s for the highs. san raphael 68. 59 santa cruz. morgan hill to gill roy 61. tonight we bring in this system and give us a round of wind and rain. take that into early wednesday and then kind of a showery breezy cooler pattern into thursday. break friday. saturday morning will be all right. saturday night looks like the north bay gets some rain and that will spread south on sunday morning. in honor of national pancake day, i hop is giving away pancakes starting in just a few minutes. in return the restaurant chain hopes customers will make a donation to children's hospital in oakland which is part of the children's miracle network hospitals. i hop hopes to raise $2.3 million across the country
6:52 am
today in this pancake event. >> it's a great story about a great event for good cause. >> yeah. time now 6:52. pizza wars happening in pennsylvania. what one owner planted in a rival's bathroom. the police call it food terrorism. and why people in new zealand are saying they are particularly surprised about one building that collapsed during the big earthquake. good morning. southbound 101 traffic is moving along okay here in marin county. so far it's a nice commute. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and today's weather. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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welcome back to the morning news. right now taking a live look at the big board. the dow jones up about 16 points. hope this morning that ben bernanke's comments will mean an extension of the near zero interest rates to help the economy. all right. our time is now 6:55. a building that collapsed during new zealand's earthquake did not reportedly have any structural problems. that's according to the owners of the canter bury television building. police believe as many as 120 bodies, a lot of them foreign students, may be buried inside that building. the building's owner says a structural engineer's report that was commissioned after an earlier quake back in september found superficial damage to the building but raised no structural issues. at least 155 people have died
6:56 am
from the 6.3 quake in christ church just a week ago. police near philadelphia are calling it a case of food terrorism. they say a pizza owner planted a bag of mice at a competitor's restaurant. now police say the owner of nina's walked into rival verona pizza yesterday with a bag in his hand and asked to use the restroom. when he came out without the bag the owner got suspicious. two of the customers happened to be police officers. they went in and found a bag of mice hidden in the ceiling. >> reality is if these multiply in a store who knows what kind of damage they could do or certainly what type of health issue could arise. >> now the man told officers that he thought the other pizza place had conspired to ruin his business. police charged him with disorderly conduct, harassment and animal cruelty. all right. time now 6:56. let's get you to where you need to go this morning. sal, how does it along out there? we're looking at the south
6:57 am
bay briefly here to let you know things are getting busier here on 237. you can still get out the door without any major delays. coming up on mornings on 2 we have a complete traffic update including a problem for san francisco city streets. let's go back to the desk. all right. thank you, sal. coming up next here on mornings on 2, police in the east bay investigate a high-tech heist. we're going to fell you what they got away with. also this morning those rising soaring gasoline prices are having a devastating impact on the whole u.s. economy and the fed chairman is about to talk about it. stay right here with us.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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just an hour ago, the hearings began for pg&e. the top bay area narcotics officer accuse of selling drugs is reportedly facing disturbing new charges -- charges. good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> it's tuesday march 1st. i'm tori campbell. one hour ago, the ntsb began a three-day hearing in washington, d.c. the federal safety agency is looking into the deadly pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno. we've been monitoring closely the hearings for the past hour. they could reveal critical new information about last estimate's disaster. -- last september's disaster. this ll


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