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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 2, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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we can work it out! captioned by media access group at wgbh . complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. >> a string of gang shootings prompts an emergency meeting tonight in the mission district of san francisco. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a police sergeant working the streets tells ktvu news there is no doubt about it, gang tension is on the rise in san francisco's mission district. the latest in a string of shootings happened today at high noon at 24th and harrison. our ktvu newsroom found markers indicating multiple shots fired. then tonight, only on 2, an emergency meeting called by the interim police chief. ktvu's heather holmes talked with him and others at that
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meeting about effort to curb the violence. she has already learned what triggered today's shooting. heather? >> reporter: well, frank, the explosion of gang violence just continues here after someone messed with this memorial to saturday's victim who police say was a known gang member. today it was apparently payback. the gunman fired at least 15 rounds at a rival gang member standing on the sidewalk today in the mission. the latino male was hit once and a bullet pierced a nearby home. >> we have had several gang related shootings that deeply concern me. >> reporter: while his officers marked the spot where the shell casings landed on harrison and 24th streets the police chief called for an emergency meeting. the man injured but gang gunfire is the fourth injured in the mission since saturday. >> we are going to make a concerted effort to let them know that you are involved in gang activity or narcotic
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activity in the city and we are not going to tolerate it. >> reporter: the community leaders and the police chief met up to come up with a plan to calm the gang tensions. >> what we are looking at right now is actually the perfect storm. >> reporter: he has seen the signs of a brewing gang war, the results he says of reduced funding for gang intervention and several years of relative calm. >> unfortunately, when you do that, what you have is individuals that have been trying to maintain their emotions, that have been, you know, trying to be cool for so long that there are certain things that end up pushing them over the edge and that ends up blowing up. >> reporter: today's victim is expected to survive. and frank and julie, police are stepping up patrols here. they are saturating this area with gang suppression units. and a peace rally is also be planned. reporting live here in san francisco's mission district, i'm heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. two videotapes that surfaced today have led to calls for an independent
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investigation of san francisco police. coming up in about 11 minutes, the employs sieve allegation -- explosive allegations against six officers. now the parents of a mentally ill man killed by police filed a wrongful death suit against the police of chief. they killed daniel fan. they responded to the report of a shooting. officers say daniel fan had a knife and came towards them and that's when they opened fire. fan's family said the police had been to their home on previous occasions and should have known that their son was mentally ill. >> alameda officers are looking for a man who walked out of jail in dublin. they realized he was gone when they did a head count. he had been in court in fremont yesterday and returned to the jail at about 6:00 last night. they believe he escaped by walking through an area of the
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jail where inmates are released. he was in custody on stolen vehicle and pursuit charges. a two-hour lockdown of albany schools ended this afternoon at about 1 p.m. school officials were concerned about a runaway teenager who may be armed with a gun and might have been in the area. the lockdown was a precaution. albany police identified the teen as 16-year-old john scott. his father reported him missing early this morning and said a gun and ammunition were also missing from the house. police say the teen was upset about some recent problems. and about an hour ago, police told us they still haven't located him. >> the man convicted of assassinated robert kennedy was denied parole today after pleading to be set free. he is being held at the valley state prison. he says he has great remorse and deep regret. but he also says he still doesn't remember killing kennedy and wounding five others back in 1968 after kennedy had won the california presidential primary.
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the parole board said he still needs to come to terms with his crime. his next chance at parole is in five years. >> this was day two for the federallable looking into the deadly san finish federal government looking into the deadly sanbruno. and the sanbruno chief tells what he knew or did not know. >> we did not know that there was a transmission line through the city. >> reporter: he told the ntsb investigators that prior to last year's explosion they were not taught on how to deal with pga's gas pipelines. >> obviously the situation on september 9th wasn't something that we could ever imagine. but it does give us some opportunity to draw up scenarios, look at evacuation zones. >> reporter: but bottom line, he told investigators and us, even if he knew about the pipeline it would not have changed the emergency response.
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>> the first report came in as an airliner down. so that was our response. if it was a natural gas line break, it would have been the same exact response. >> reporter: since the disaster, pg&e said it shared information with the city and is planning a firefighter training program. but it is the company's failure to share information with the public that came under fire from the ntsb. the agency's head brought up a recent pg&e survey. 16,000 people were sent information about pipeline safety. only 20 responded. >> you've got serious problems of people being aware of what's going around them. >> it caused us to step back. and really ask the question, you know, what are we doing wrong? >> pg&e says it is revamping its notification process. it wants to go high-tech, using facebook and twitter to notify the public about where it's pipelines are. the ntsb hearing wraps up tomorrow after a discussion on pipeline technology. in washington, carol hahn, ktvu, channel 2 news. and you can watch tomorrow's hearings on
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we will be streaming them live beginning at 6 a.m. just look for the gas explosion tab for all of our coverage. federal prosecutors are keeping quiet tonight about twin pre-dawn raids at two bay area card clubs. the raids were carried out at artichoke joes in sanbruno and the oaks club in emeryville. the fbi is not revealing what prompted the aids but did they they are a multi-agency into organized crime. one man inside almost had a nervous breakdown when agents and officers stormed into the card club. >> i am playing 21 blackjack when several, several fbi agents come in with machine guns drawn on out. told us to put our hands on the table and whatnot. >> those at the club say they were questioned about whether they had seen any evidence of cheating, drug dealing or loan sharking. college students gathered on bay area campuses today for a day of action against budget cuts. >> we need our education.
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>> about 100 students and teachers marched at san francisco state university today. they are worried that the school will lose $32 million as part of the governor's plan to cut $1.4 from the cal state system and the university of california system. sf state hopes to save $1 million by consolidating eight of its colleges into six. there are people here who come in just to get their four year bachelors degree. and they spend six years because they cannot get into the classes they need because they are cut. our tuition is going up. we are getting desperate. >> there were similar day of action events at uc berkeley and sonoma state and in san jose where 30 people most of whom are students from san jose state turned out for a rally at st. james park. new at 10, two bay area families are struggling to get back on their feet after separate fires destroyed their homes. ktvu's ken wayne is live now at one of those burned homes. he tells us both families need
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help and are wondering what's next? >> julie, one of the families wanted us to show you the damage caused by the fire here last week. as we take a look inside, you will see there is a mess in here. items on the floor and other items knocked around. the family says a lot of this mess was not caused by the fire. the fire broke out in a back bedroom. but while the red cross put up the woman and her children at a nearby hotel, someone broke into her burned out home and ransacked it. >> it's sad. people are looting and taking things. and why would you want to take from us when we've already lost so much? >> reporter: tomorrow she will have to leave the motel. without renter's insurance to cover her losses and help her move on. she asked the county for help but was told there is no assistance for her situation. she wonders why there is not a better support system for families like hers. >> i lost a puppy in the fire. what if one of my children would have been lost in that fire? budget cuts would not have been
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a sufficient answer for me. everything and it is hard on me because i was calm with my kids before we moved into this home. we have to start all over again. >> monica pain's situation is even worse. her home was destroyed by fire monday night. she has six children staying at the same motel. today her kids returned to school. but one of them had to leave because she was emotionally overwhelmed. >> so today i guess it is really hitting everybody. you know, they went to school. after school they have no home to go to. >> the families say they wish they had renter's insurance, but they did not. so for now, they wish that there were more programs and services available to help families who just don't have the resources to recover from a disaster like this. live in vallejo, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. right now workers are in the process of installing another piece of the new bay bridge tower.
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i want to show you another look at that tower that will anchor the suspension plan. cal tran told us the third of those four pieces should be in place. the winds are making it more challenging so this phase of the project won't be done early. but it still should be completed by friday as scheduled. [ music ] three drug suspects are released. the public defender says the reason surveillance footage of narcotics office conducting searches. the supreme court says they had the right. but the mother of a soldier killed in iraq says that doesn't make it right. and steve jobs himself unveils the second generation ipad. as we look at the crowded field of tablets it now faces. [ music ]
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. >> an amtrak train struck and killed a person in oakland this evening. police were called to the scene near 105th and eades avenue just near 8:00 tonight. no word yet on whether the victim was a man or a woman. we spoke to amtrak just minutes ago and we are told the train and all 33 passengers onboard are still at the scene waiting for the coroner. oakland police are investigating the incident. we have new information tonight about alleged misconduct involving half a dozen san francisco police narcotics officers. it is a story we first brought you this morning on ktvu news at 5 and at 6. the city's public defender says officers
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conducted searches without a warrant and then falsified police reports and committed perjury on the witness stand. and he says he has the video to prove it. ktvu's amber lee is live now at the hall of justice where the da and the police chief told us they only saw this video for the first time this week. amber? >> julie, the public defender showed us these police reports. and surveillance footage he says proves that narcotics officers conducted illegal searches for drugs. and tonight the police chief and the da here at the hall of justice say they are investigating. the public defender says this surveillance video was taken at the henry hotel on 6th street in the tenderloin. four narcotics officers are seen in the hallway. one officer walks back and covers the video camera for a short while. the public defender says the video contradicts the police report which stated that the woman in yellow voluntarily opened the door to her home for the police to search. without knocking or announcing themselves, burst into the room, all four
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officers. and then later lied in a police report. >> reporter: the two cases captured on video have been dropped. the suspects released. public defender jeff adoche is calling for an outside investigation of police. >> clearly there is something wrong that goes to the very heart of the criminal justice system. >> reporter: this attorney said his office will investigate. >> are you considering maybe recuring yourself from these two cases because you were the police chief at the time, right? >> there is absolutely no reason why i should recuse myself. >> he works at the henry hotel. he applauds the public defender for revealing what he says is common police practice. >> it's an assumption that most people out here are drug addicts and drug dealers, which is not true. >> reporter: police chief jeff godown says the six narcotics officers will be taken off regular duty pending the outcome of the investigation. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu,
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channel 2 news. so where does the search for a permanent san francisco police chief stand? we will have the update on that process coming up at 10:30 tonight. we have new information on the killing of a jeweler in san francisco's north beach. it's a story we have been following here all day long. police have announced the arrest of 58-year-old tanya rant on suspicion of killing lynn nmagnuson the owner of the studio gallery. she found her body when she went to check on his well- being. president obama signed a budget extension this afternoon that will keep the federal government going for two weeks. the president urged lawmakers to develop a long-term plan because he said: "we cannot keep doing business this way." the spending bill includes $4 billion of the $61 billion in cuts the gop is seeking. the bill is designed to buy time for them to hammer out a
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measure for the six fiscal months of the year. >> jerry brown came out with a bill that calls for lawmakers to put tax extensions on the june ballot. it also announces his realignment plan which will shift responsibility to the cities and counties. he calls the bill the public safety and the public education act of 2011. opponents note it fails to mention tax extension. the u.s. supreme court upheld the right of a tiny anti- gay church to hold protests that many people find reprehensible. ktvu's rita williams with the group that holds military funerals. >> it gives me a place to come sit and think about the boys. >> reporter: the boys she think about is her son lieutenant ken ball lard 26 when killed in iraq almost seven years ago. >> ken was my onlied child. >> reporter: he is buried at
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arlington national cemetery. when she has visited she has encountered these anti-gay protestors from a kansas church. ♪ you are going straight to hell ♪ >> today the u.s. supreme court in an 8-1 ruling say they had the right to protest near military funerals spreading their belief that soldiers are dying because god is punishing the country for "the sin of homosexuality." the court said however the speech is protected by the first amendment. >> having your feelings hurt over words is not enough to shut up a speech. >> reporter: the father of schneider killed in iraq sued the church when it inning picketed his son's funeral. >> we found out today that we can no longer bury our dead in this country with dignity. >> reporter: they may have an official legal right to say it, but that doesn't mean you need to do it. >> reporter: the one good thing about today's ruling she says
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is to remind americans that military men and women are still fighting and still dying. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. that church at the center of the supreme court's military funeral decision now has a bay area target. it is the gunderson high school production of the laramy project. the san jose's first performance was tonight. it is about the town's reaction to the brutal murder of gay student matthew shepherd in 1998. the church has the play on its website as a place where it plans to protest this friday. members of the gay, lesbian and transgender community say they are planning a counter-action. >> the protest is to get people to realize there is a lot more people out there that think that he is wrong than actually believe in him and believe in the message of hate. >> the actors were given the chance to opt out of the play because of the possible protest, but none did. [ music ]
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a very different story than last night. live stormtracker 2 is picking out the clouds over most of the bay area. it is mild. it is dry for the most part. 52 in santa rosa53 in san jose. overnight we could see a few sprinkles. maybe a little cold valley fog. mostly cloudy and partly cloudy in the morning and clearing throughout the day. long range forecast brings the rain back. but mild overnight lows, mid- 40s in santa rosa and up in napa 48. tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. maybe a sprinkle. but for the most part a dry commute compared to this morning. 12 p.m. we are going to have temperatures in the 50s. and then a little bit of sunshine towards late in the day. back at 10:45 with your complete forecast. we will look at that computer model that shows rain for your weekend. actress shasha gabor was rushed to the hospital when the
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blood stopped flowing to her legs. she sent her to the ucla medical center. the problem is in her right leg. most of her left leg was amputated in january because of gangrene. she has been hospitalized several times after she broke her hip. >> a big backlash after a video game promotion. why a balloon release in san francisco is prompting anger. [ music ] if you own one of these, you are no longer trendy. steve jobs himself introduces the new ipad 2.
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. even though he is on medical leave steve jobs himself unveiled apple's new ipad 2 today in san francisco. >> so we are incredibly happy with this. and when you get your hands on one, it feels totally different, black or white. >> jobs said the ipad 2 is much
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thinner and must faster. and has more apps than the first ipad which debuted last april. it costs the same as the first ipad from $499 to $829. when he introduced the ipad the apple ceo was noticeably thin but did not speak about the health problems that required his third medical leave. the appearance of steve jobs and the new apple ipad pushed the stock up nearly three percent. analysts said seeing jobs in person reassured investors. the ipad isn't the only tablet in town. this year apple faces competition in the growing field. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is in palo alto now where he has been doing some comparison window shopping tonight. lloyd? >> reporter: julie, just ten months ago i was the first on my block to get an apple ipad. tonight i and 15 million other ipad owners are out of date, old technology. >> every six months to a year you've got to keep up. somebody needs to come up with
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new technology where we need to recycle better. >> reporter: at the palo alto apple store they are getting ready to display the ipad 2. but not everyone is sold. >> i would go look at other ones. >> you would? >> yes. >> because? >> competition. i just want to know what other people have out there. >> this is the zoom. it's a nice product. >> reporter: industry analyst showed us two of the new tablets trying to take market share away from apple. motorola zoom and the dell streak. two other heralded tablets are still weeks away from market. the play book made by the manufacturers of blackberry phones and the hp touchpad. while the ipad 2 is ready for sale. >> by coming out with the ipad 2 ahead of the other products, apple establishes a pretty significant beachhead. >> reporter: in fact, right now apple owns 90% of the tablet market. >> in most cases it is cheaper than the competition. so you have a better product for less money. this is a real game change you
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are -- changer for apple and the rest of the industry has to take up and take notice. >> reporter: besides apple there were tablet displays for the samsunday tab and the motorola zoom. >> testing the water out there to see what's out there and what my options are. >> reporter: but you think you will buy soon? >> when the new ipad comes out, we will see, yeah. >> reporter: okay. as you can see, they are working on a new display here at this apple store. the new ipad 2 goes on sale friday of next week. and there is every expectation there will be long lines. live in palo alto, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. it is sometimes said there is no such thing as bad publicity. but some environmentalists are arguing that point tonight after a video game company dropped 10,000 ball ons over san francisco to get the word out about its latest game. when those balloons ended up in the bay, environmentalists took the social networks to denounce the advertising campaign.
10:27 pm
the company, thq released a statement saying the balloons are 100% biodegradable. >> what may be costing taxpayers millions. ktvu investigates were that is done by design. >> but up first the search for san francisco's next police chief. we have learned the key criteria in picking the finalist. [ music ] >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mancini's tax-free mattress sale. visit and start sleeping better tonight. the next, you start one feeling a bit the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again.
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oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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. the deadline is now three weeks away for san francisco to pick three candidates to become the next chief of police. they learned from the commission that the first round of secret interviews was held jed -- yesterday. and he rejected complaints that the process is political. >> we are not listening to any lobbyists or people that are telling us what they think we
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should do and who they think is a great candidate. like i said before this is not a popularity contest. >> ktvu has obtained a list of hiring criteria. it includes command experience of ten years or more. experience with homicide and as a beat officer. community policing. mutual respect with the rank and file. and an understanding of immigration issues. in tonight's special report, ktvu reveals what's behind hundreds of little known special districts in the bay area. at a time when cities, counties and the state are facing huge deficits, our investigation shows many of these special districts provide nearly identical services and are costing taxpayers millions of dollars. you may know the golden gate bridge highway and transit district that runs this iconic structure. but have you ever heard of this government agency just across the golden gate? the homestead valley sanitary district t covers less than a square mile. it serves about 1,000 people and cost taxpayers in its
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little marin county enclave almost $1 million a year. remarkably there are 29 other almost identical special sanitary districts in marin county alone. each with a budget, usually an executive director, his staff, offices, vehicles and a separate board of directors who often get paycheques and even benefits. california leads the nation in these special districts. with more than 3,500 of them up and down the state. in the nine county bay area alone, there are almost 400. >> there is a lot of overlap, a lot of complexity. it is time for some reform. >> reporter: governor jerry brown is on a tear across california re pricing his role as the first-term governor, slashing bulges. a missionary for austerity. >> if you are redundant and unnecessary expense you have to compromise and consolidate. i think we can consolidate a number of special districts.
10:32 pm
>> r -- marin county grand jury has called the situation many names including "strange" even "bizarre." getting the most attention has been the ross valley sanitation district with a $20 million annual budget for a 27 square mile jurisdiction. the grand jury along with several other auditors has sharply criticized the district during the last decade for "unusual high travel and conference expenses." along with big money for new offices and other financial dealings. >> people say that we are the worst of it. those people have an agenda. i don't know what their agenda is. this is our operations area. >> reporter: brett richards is the current head of the ross sanitation special district. we found him in our unannounced visit to the district's spacious new headquarters. >> i know that there is energy from some people in marin county to push, force, some people say force, or otherwise accomplish a consolidation or reorganization. i say to them that
10:33 pm
consolidation per se is not either right or wrong. >> with some hard to avoid irony, another obscured agency in marin is calling for getting rid of waste and petty politics in special districts. >> they are more than you need. and it is like driving a model t ford. it just hasn't kept up. >> reporter: peter banning is head of marin lasco which has the power to recommend consolidations but not the practice you are to make it happen. >> the sheer inefficiency of having so many local agencies in the same area doing the same thing, it's not a good way to make decisions. it's not a good way to govern a public activity. >> reporter: many say another consequence of the 30 separate sewage districts in marin is the country's abyss mall record of raw sewage spills into san francisco bay. another of the images that is
10:34 pm
ecologically expensive. they had a raw spillage two months ago. they blamed it on "sabotage." with so many centers of power fragmenting responsibility no one agency seems to have amassed the political will to fix the pipes that keep spewing sewage into the bay. >> and contra cost extra has the most special districts in the area. 71. santa clara has 39 and the list goes on and on. >> libya's colonel moamar ghadafi says it could turn them into sinking for the united states. he warned his own people there won't be any food or water if what he calls armed gangs don't put down their weapons. a libyan jet bombed anti-
10:35 pm
government forces almost 500 miles to the east of tripoli during a battle near a strategic oil facility. at least ten fighters. they used absentat this- aircraft guns and artillery. after several hours they managed to drive back the pro- ghadafi troops. that had an affect on oil prices. crude closed up two% to $102. today marks the highest closing price in two and a half years. investors are also keeping an eye on reports of political unrest in iran. that country is the fourth largest crude oil exporter in the world. on wall street, job news drove investors today. both the dow and the nasdaq edged higher on word the private sector added 217,000 jobs last month. the dow picked up almost nine points. the nasdaq gained more than 10. 5. a bay area man says the fbi trampled on his rights. what his mechanic found that led to a lawsuit.
10:36 pm
>> and i'll be back here in about ten minutes. the latest computer model. and this one does show rain for part of your bay area weekend. we will have all of that. >> and a student's phone call lands a teacher in hot water. is it a case of miss deed or miss perception? [ music ]
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. >> a santa clara man is going after the fbi, accusing the bureau of violating his constitutional rights. 20-year-old man is announced he is suing the fbi. last october a mechanic discovered a gps device had been placed on his car. that violated his fourth amendment right against unusual search and seizure. >> i have done nothing wrong to provoke anybody's interest. maybe i fit some type of profile due to my age and my ethnicity and my religion. he says he has never been told why he was targeted. in a statement the fbi said it believed it followed the policy procedures required to install the gps. a group known as care, the council on american islamic relations, is assisting him in his lawsuit. late today the army filed almost two dozen new charges against private first class bradley manning. the military intelligence
10:40 pm
analyst is suspected of turning over tens of thousands of dollars to wikileaks. those new charges include aiding the enemy, a capital offense. but prosecutors say they won't seek the death penalty. if convicted manning could be sentenced to life in prison. private manning has been held in a military jail since jewel. -- since july. in news of the world in germany a man killed two men at the frankfurt airport today. they were on a bus carrying u.s. air force troops. one has life threatening injuries. airport police captured the suspect. he is described as a 21-year- old devout muslim from could say joe. president code section joe. president obama was saddened and outraged by the attack. >> in pakistan militants killed the only christian member of the government today. he was gunned down outside his mother's home in islamabad. he had taped a message to be released if he was killed saying that he had received death threats from al qaeda and the taliban. he was an opponent of laws that
10:41 pm
imposed the death penalty for insulting islam. >> and at the vatican a new book by pope benedict addresses one of the most controversial issues. the pope writes there is no basis in scripture for the argument that the jewish people were responsible for the death of jesus christ. such claims have been used in the past to persecute jews. the pope's detailed study is the most sweeping to date exonerating jews. there is a ford recall to tell you about tonight. the automaker is recalling 35,000 vehicles because of possible fuel leaks and electrical problems. the recall includes 25,000, 2010 ranger pick-up trucks. it also includes the ford edge and lincoln mkx with more than 9,000 of those being recalled. the recall covers vehicles sold in the u.s. and canada. there have been no reports of any injuries. the city of oakland will take over the operation of the jack london aquatic center a month from now. the move comes after the non-
10:42 pm
profit group that runs the facility announced it would hand over management because of a lack of funding. it appears to be good news for rowing clubs that depend on the center's low fees to store their boats. the aquatic center was built in 2000. first trace elementary school in san jose suffered a fire. now police say two members of the parent/teacher organization embezzled more than $50,000. administrative clerk ann sundaygale was arrested at the school this morning. the former pto president vanessa ray is still at large. the two used the pto's credit cards and cash to buy gifts, vacations and personal items. in july of last year, a five alarm fire at the school caused an estimated $10 million in damages. two teens have been charged with arson. earlier today on ktvu news at 5:00, while reporting on that embezzlement we mistakenly showed the photo of a different woman who had nothing at all to do with the case. we apologize both to her and our viewers for that error.
10:43 pm
we are following some developing news right now connected to today's day of action. late word of some students refusing to leave a building at cal. also our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking more wet weather. when the rain will return and how it is going to affect your weekend. [ music ] i was depressed. i was shocked. sometimes cancer makes you feel very lonely. the doctors can do their best to cure the cancer, but it takes all of the other stuff to make you a whole person again. i've been given a second chance. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit
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. we have developing news now from the campus of uc berkeley where students have occupied wheeler hall and are refusing to leave. the occupation caps the so- called day of action which saw college students all around the state protesting cuts to higher education. we do have a crew on the way because arrests may be imminent. a twitter feed from the daily cal newspaper says about two dozen police officers are heading in with riot helmets in hand. more details later in this newscast or first thing tomorrow on the ktvu morning news beginning at 4:30.
10:46 pm
the death of a snowboarder from san francisco is putting a spotlight on an increasing number of deadly accidents on the slopes. and not just this year. ktvu's ken pritchadrd tells us there is a common factor in many of the deaths. >> reporter: this 30-year-old died sunday while snowboarding through trees at north star. he was found at the base of a tree with injuries to his head, no helmet. the area was not on a ski run. the very kind of place that attracts snowboarders. >> absolutely, yeah, that's where all of the fresh powder is. snowboarders don't really care for the groomed runs. unless we are going in the park. we like the powder. >> reporter: the california ski industry association says there have been an unusual number of accidents related to areas off trail or out of bounds this year. >> we neil need -- we really need to get the message out that there are safe ways to enjoy the out of bounds and there are some dangerous
10:47 pm
dimensions to it. >> reporter: one of those are tree wells depressions of snow at the base of trees that can trap a skier or snowboarder upside down. suffocation can result. he was found in a tree well. as was a 25-year-old snowboarder who died after leaving the boundaries of alpine meadows ski resort in december. both were snowboarding alone. you have to be skiing with someone else. have a buddy system so that you are taking care and watching out for each other. that's the key that we really want to put out there. >> reporter: this year there have been more than 15 fatal accidents at ski resorts in the western united states. the national average is about 40 fatal every year. and given the millions of visitors to ski resorts each year, that is statistically quite low. in placer county, this is ktvu, channel 2 news. an update now on a story we first brought you earlier tonight. police say it now appears that the bicycleist injured in collision with a san francisco muni bus ran into the back of the bus while the bus was stopped. the accident happened around 5:00 this evening at 8th avenue
10:48 pm
and judas street. the bus was waiting to go through an intersection when the bicycleist hit it. muni says the bicycleist was taken to the hospital with serious but not life threatening injuries. and take a look at this license plate number. san francisco police say a vehicle with this license plate struck a woman on the corner of market and o' farel last friday afternoon. the vehicle then took off. it is described as a silver in order explorer with a partial california license plate. right now the woman is still hospitalized with life threatening injuries. an 8th grade teacher is on paid leave tonight after one of his students called 911 during a math class. >> i am calling because my teacher, mr. hains, he is doing things and also at the table and grinning at us like he is going crazy. >> the female student at shelby
10:49 pm
lane school was apparently frightened when her teacher john hain rattled a table to get the attention of students. when officers arrived at the school they found hain calmly teaching his class. >> when you have a situation where a student makes an allegation that they feel threatened, then we feel a strong obligation to investigate what are the actual facts of that case. >> investigators said none of the students or the other students appeared to be bothered by the teacher's actions. the redwood city school district said hain was placed on paid leave while it investigates the incident. [ music ] and live stormtracker 2 picking out light showers around the area. really light for the most part. some activity up in the mountains. activity south down towards the santa cruz mountain and just east of livermore. but this is really light shower activity. widely scattered and just news an showers at best. these are the highs today. look how much it warmed up. this is kind of a mild weather
10:50 pm
system. certainly compared to the last one. that was an arctic system that rolled through here. daytime highs after that one in the 40s. daytime highs overnight and into the low 60s, upper 50s. so here is how we go. tomorrow will be a pretty nice day. there is still some moisture so i have to put a slight chance of a sprinkle in there. for the most part call it partly cloudy to variable clouds. some sun. temperatures mild. friday further clearing. high pressure builds in. really nice day for your friday. that's your get away. saturday looks good. saturday night it goes bad. this is what happens. not bad it just gets wet as we head into sunday. here is the system. it is a wet one. it could produce up to a half an inch. two inches in the heaviest locations in the hills. there will be some wind. there is an overnight saturday into sunday mid-morning. so very similar actually to what we saw last night. except it should have a little more precipitation. last night we didn't deliver much rain. up to an inch and a half in the
10:51 pm
north bay. south bay almost got nothing out of last night's. we spread a half inch over the entire bay area. again saturday night into sunday. sunday the second half of the day probably get out and do something. sunday for the most part kind of an unsettled day. tonight or tomorrow morning at 4 a.m. you see scattered showers. some snow flurries in the mountains. scattered showers for the morning commute. not enough to slow you down. i think the roads will be dry. there may be a little drizzle out there. but a much different commute tomorrow morning. this morning's commute was a mess. tomorrow morning shouldn't be anything like that. there you go. get into thursday afternoon, clearing. now, with a much this. go through friday it looks good. now we will take you into that saturday event. saturday looks good. saturday clear clear clear. and you see a building up north. and then here it comes saturday at 2:00. here it is saturday night, this system starts to roll in. it does look productive. forecast highs tomorrow 50s. low 60s. not such a big deal with the showers. they just have to be put in
10:52 pm
because of the moisture out there. maybe some patchy valley fog tonight. right now the next big rain event looks as though it will be on saturday night into sunday. overnight sunday into sunday mid-morning. >> maybe up to two inches there. >> most of us will get a half an inch. >> thank you, bill. >> sports is next. more on the situation with giants pitcher barry zito when we come back.
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10:55 pm
. mark is off tonight. joe fonzi is filling in. spring training and things are getting a little interesting with the giants. >> got to have something to talk about, i guess. until today things had been largely serene in the spring camp of the world champions san francisco giants. he cited a source within the giant organization saying the team is running out of patients with pitcher barry zito and is considering buying out his contract at a price tag of some $64 million. in response to that story barry zito met with manager bruce boche who said he knew nothing of the sentiment expressed in the article. he was most upset about a portion of the report that contended his worth ethic and physical readiness had flipped. he says he plans to be part of the giants starting rotation and doesn't want to be traded or cut loose. >> he put a split squad group of dbacks.
10:56 pm
sanchez threw three solid innings. fred sanchez picked up his first homeruns. the as 4-2 winners this afternoon over cleveland. mark ellice had a homerun. >> it took the second end of a back-to-back for the warriors to pick up the last half of their second. warriors up three in the final seconds of the first half. went to the locker-room with nine. steph cure re led the warriors with 29. helps get it started in the third quarter. the wizards josh howard loses the ball. currie gives it up to ellice. gives it back. the warriors led by 20 at one point. close down the stretch. they needed this shot by ellice to raise their lead to 7. with less than two minutes left golden state hangs on 106-102 ending a losing streak at 4 in boston friday night. st. mary's college finds themselves in a familiar place this weekend.
10:57 pm
the gales are once again a bubble team. practicing yesterday with wcc player of the year mickey. the champion of gonzaga both teams get a buy in the tournament which means they won't play until sunday. >> i think since i've been here we have kind of been on the bubble. i think in our situation, you are always on the cusp of getting in and not getting in. last year we kind of took care of all of the doubt and won it. we have to do that again this year. >> i know this year we won two in vegas. you win one before you can win two. >> i think we are playing decent. but we need to be playing better than decent this weekend. and the 49ers have tendered one year contracts to restricted free agents. that enables them to match any offer by any other team. >> joe, thanks very much. >> be sure to join the ktvu
10:58 pm
morning news beginning at 4:30. the latest on that student occupation at wheeler hall at cal. all about this day of action. the latest tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> good night. >> good night.
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