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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  March 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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copy of this letter. >> class is back in session today, this after parents and students received a letter on friday, telling them a kindergarten student died from a flu-related illness early that morning. >> we've not been given any information whatsoever from the marin county department of health other than conduct a normal school. >> reporter: police say the boy last attended classes here on thursday. late irthat night, the parents notified the school that he was rushed to marin general with flu-like illnesses. >> the next morning he was pronounced dead. we know that the -- we know that the death was flu related, we don't know if the flu caused the death. it's for a person who is not considered high risk who is elderly or under the age of 2 to die from it. but if you have not received a
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flu vaccine, this woman says, it's not too late. >> if you have not vaccinated, go get a shot, despite the fact we're in march. it will provide some protection. a soldier in san jose has been killed in afghanistan. mark wells was killed saturday in an attack on his unit. the 41-year-old was killed by an employeesed -- improvised device. he's been in afghanistan since august. he leaves behind a pregnant wife and 2-year-old son. a coast guard officer is facing a court-martial. he was at the helm of the coast guard ship that crashed into a boat in san diego dilling the 8- year-old boy back in 2009. prosecutors say raw motion was driving the boat too fast
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during a christmas parade. prosecutors dropped the murder charge against a woman arrested in connection with the shooting death of a san francisco jewelry store own he. the woman was arrested last week after his body was found at his north bay business tuesday night. prosecutors are not saying why they dropped the charge -- dropped the charge but they say the case is still being investigated. the color of the jacket is now play -- is now playing a part of a corruption investigation into police officers. david stevenson has been on this story right from the beginning and has been there since this latest -- latest videotape was released. >> reporter: the man coordinating the legal department under investigation saying surveillance tapes don't
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tell the whole story. this as new surveillance tapes and new allegations surfaced today. december2nd surveillance video from san francisco's henry hotel show an unnamed african- american man wearing a black jacket entering the lobby and walking to an updarr, dash yip stairs room. within 30 minutes, a team of plainclothes officers arrested him. an attorney said those officers committed perjury by reporting that his client owned a white jacket that contained crack cocaine. >> the officers made a false accusation, he was in jail for three weeks until the charges were dismissed. >> we decided not to go forward with the case based on the potential disclosure of someone who has given us information. it didn't have to do with the video necessarily. >> reporter: the sfpd, the district attorney and the fbi launched investigations into six plainclothes officers --
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officers seen making drug busts on tapes. michael rains is coordinatingtowns for these officers. >> so the officer who puts his hand up to the camera is simply trying to get the person at the front desk not be able to see what room they are going to. they would rather not have that person tipping that person off to their pence. >> reporter: the officers in that assignment have been put on administrative assignments. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a man who was attacked at the redwood city caltrain station remains in critical condition tonight. but a caltrain spokesperson says the 47-year-old victim is slowing -- is showing slight inprompt -- slight improvement. police say he was attacked by a group of 15 men. some of those men may have left in a white comtact car. authorities are checking into whether the incident was caught
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on a nearby surveillance camera. after more than a -- after more than a year of boycotts and picketing, the san francisco workers and hotel have reached an agreement. >> two and a half years of labor peace, man! >> the contract calls for raises and continued contributions to healthcare and pension programs. during a news conference, the hotel's jebel manager wouldn't say what effect the boycott had on the bottom line. they are now turning their attention to settle contracts with starwood and hyatt hotels the crisis in libya is driving gas prices up and up. sanfrancisco has the highest gas prices in the country. aaa says the national average is $3.38 a gal be. that's up 19 cents from last request. doctor-- drivers in san francisco are paying an average of $3.85 a gallon. southwest airlines is the latest air carrier to increase
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rising jet fuel prices. this is the sixth time airlines have raised fares this year. delta american, jetblue, american and airtran, also virgin america have also increased their prices. the obama administration is considering tapping into the strategic oil reserve to deal with the soaring gas prices and to protect economic growth. president obama's chief of staff, william daley, said yesterday the option of utilizes the emergency stockpile is on the table. the reserve contains $737 million barrels of oil. on wall street, stocks closed lower this morning as the gas prices kept rising, amid fear the fuel prices will hurt the economy. the dow closed at 12,090. the nasdaq closed at 2,746. researchers today are hailing what may be breakthrough in alzheimer's disease. new at 6:00, john fouler tells
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us -- fowler tell us there's new hope for stopping that disease. >> reporter: self-killing plaque clogs the patients of -- the brains of patients, alzheimer's. >> i have to -- i still read books and sometimes it's gone. i read the paper, sometimes it's gone. >> reporter: we've learned what scientists have made what may be a breakthrough. researchers say this may lead to prevention of this memory- robbing disease. description institutes scientists -- scripps institutes say the material that causes flag are lessened by the particular -- cause the plaque are lessened by this --
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>> there's still many factors that we still don't understand. it's very complicating. >> reporter: and 5 million now, acumulative cost to lightning of $20 trillion -- cost to $20 trill up. if it works, it could stop or slow the progression of the alzheimer's disease. back to you. when it comes to how much it cost to go to the hospital, it turns out it's more expensive here in northern california compared to southern california. hospitals-- hots in the 6th largest northern california counties collect about $6800 per patient per day. according to an q l.a. times "analysis that compares to $3 -- to $3300. five republican senators
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who met with governor republican say they've reached an impasse on the state's 26 billion deficit. brown needs run support to ask voters to extend temporary sales, income and vehicle tax hikes for another five years. the people should weigh in on whether they would like to extend taxes that they are already paying or do they want to have an all-cuts budget. >> do you still think you can have a deal like this? >> the republican lawmakers who have met privately say they've submitted proposals but they've been rejected or watered down. a record-number the teachers may receive pink slips. many districts are planning for the worst-case scenario that could potentially mean 30,000
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playoffs across the state. state law mandates that lay-off notices must be sense out by march 15th, well before the june vote for tax extensions and increases. last year, most teachers on the chopping block had their jobs saved when more money came available. just ahead, people are getting passionate about a numbers game in the south bay. >> reporter: yeah. how attached to your phone number -- to your phone number are you?
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san francisco implemented a new licensing requirement which will them thousands in fees. normally the permit costs did the 9400, but starting today, the price has been cut to between 1500 and 2,000. in previous years it would cost a lot of money for us to have one truck in one location. the city has decide to open it up where you can have one permit and several locations -- in several location and it's much cheaper. >> a majority of the new vendors are expected to sit the -- hit the streets by the end of may or early june. a new area code is coming to the south bay starting as soon as next year. but how that new prefix will be assigned is up in the air and it's causing some tension. maureen naylor is live in campbell with more.
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>> reporter: right now the prefix is 408. it's been that way for four or five decades. that's why some are concerned about the new area code on the block, 669. >> for some the prefix is part of their identity. >> my home number that's 408 area code. that's me. >> for others, it's part of their business. posted on personalized note pads, mugs, even on the side of trucks, but with the city running out of prefixes, the california public utilities commission will decide whether to split the 408 area and assign a new area code 669 to one half. it means requiring 669 to only new phone numbers. >> do you want a 669 number? >> no. i'm a 408 person. >> reporter: the owner hopes he and his customers can keep their numbers. something the owner of this restaurant next door knows. he says his restaurant took a financial hit in 1998 when the area code changed from 408 to 831. >> i figured it cost -- prints costwise about 1,000 but easily about 10,000 or 12,000 in business losses because people couldn't get ahold of us. the cpuc will have public hearings in san jose next w -s k cifn lou hal 2 @owth ithinndarf3 hosting an open house about the proposal to reduce the size of off-leash dog sites inside the golden gate national recreational area. >> we have is% of the ggnra, less -- the ggnra has 9 the% of the -- 99% of the areas. it's been a 20-year fight for ferrets. ferret owners are pushing to legalize the pets. right now the animal is on the list of prohibited species. california is only one of two states where ferretts are still illegal to own. the ferret proponents hope this is the year to get the okay. more trees covered with ice were coming down. and in the south, they were dealing with tornadoes in this case, you can see what it's -@o sinking air could see temperatures in the 70s on wednesday. tomorrow transitions, a few clouds in the morning, maybe fog, maybe a sprinkle up near muir beach north to bodega bay. after that clearing, tomorrow will be nice -- will be a nice day. wednesday, we could easy see temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s. forecast high, this is fremont here. this is mission peak. 63degrees tomorrow in fremont for a daytime high. at lunch, about 58. maybe a sprinkle in the
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morning. most of the activity, the light sprinkle drizzle could be north of fremont but look at the computer model. here we are into tuesday morning. tomorrow morning you see what's happening to the showers north. not much here. but right around 11:00 a.m. you see a few sprinkles here. they are in the area. not gonna change. i wouldn't change my plans based on the slight chance for showers. as we roll into wednesday night, as we roll into thursday, we'll have to watch this one. this is the weather headline. this is not a major event. it does not appear to. but there's rain and it's through thursday morning. as we get into the afternoon, you can see showers moving through. it could be a story and we'll watch it on thursday. i think it will change over the next couple of days. all you need to know is tomorrow, pretty darned nice. wednesday, off the charts nice. wednesday will be one of those days i think where you -- i think where you notice
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allergies. wednesday is gonna pop right at the 70 degrees in a place like frommont. you will notice some of the tree pollens -- tree pollens. could be big, could be small. let's give it another day and see what we've got. the message about the dangers of texting and driving is apparently not getting through. a new study found two out of every three drivers under 30 add mitted to texting or using -- admitted to texting or using a cell phone while driving in the last 30 days. the department of transportation call distracted an epidemic killing -- killed in 2009. a big night for the sports fans. >> reporter: we're live at the westin where four more athletes go into the hall of fame. we're gonna talk to him when we
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come back.
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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marin catholic baseball player, gun irsandberg modeled
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-- gunner sandberg modeled the helmet. he was the player nearly killed last year when hit by a line drive. >> i was hit here. so the hard shell would have protected that. >> it's like a protective head band worn over a hat. the helmet needs more testing before it will be available in stores. mark's here with sports. pretty cool event going on in san francisco. >> big night for four new inductees into the bay area sports hall of fame. a couple of golf greats. joining the class. our own fred inglis is there with a full report on tonight antiinducteings. fred? >> reporter: hi, mark. steve young just walked by. they've been doing this since 1980, the idea of this awards dinner is to raise money for the bay area youth sports. of course, this is the group. the group of four new
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inductees, two football 49ers. julie ing strom is the first female golfer to enter. she's still on the tour at able 50. sandy that tum, a great golfer at stanford but he's more known to bring ethnic diversity to golf. dwight clark number 89. >> can you believe this? this is all so great. i guess what makes it really special is all of the guys that i got to play football with in the '80s there is a bunch of them in this hall of fame already. so it makes it pretty special. >> i think that most people understand it. you were more than a one-catch wonder, don't you think? >> i think the real 49er fans
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do. but i -- it doesn't bother me at all. i'm just happy to be remembered. if it's for one catch, then so be it. the 49er fans have been great to me. and they -- i think they know that it was more than -- more than a one-catch career -- one- catch career. a lot of greats here. channel 2 will have a very special presentation. it will be streamed life on and then saturday at 6:00 p.m., a special show on coug or else if you can't catch it then, sunday at 6:00, it's 6:30 on saturday. 6:00 on sunday and then kicu, 11:00 p.m. on sunday. mark, i think we'll have a chance to see this show afterall. >> i will look forward to that, too. four greats, could go on and on about them. dwight, he was a great football player. he was known for more than that
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one catch in dallas. that's amazing. you will see the store -- see the story about all of them. >> thank you, mark. want to let you know what's coming up on bay area news, find out how a new labor contract for the san francisco hilton hotel works could affect negotiations with other hotels in the city. the focus of the smash-and- grab attack. this little car stolen out of her owner's car. the possible motive behind the crime. that's coming up in 30 minutes on tv36. that's our report for now. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. that dog is so cute! we'll see you tonight at 10:00. >> good night. >> good night.
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