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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  March 15, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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fears of another disaster in japan as the struggle continues to control damaged nuclear power plants. authorities catch a suspect using a seldom-used kind of d ney comparison. we'll have details coming up. five people wound in an overnight incident in san francisco. why it could be gang-related. the noon news begins now.
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>> good afternoon. topping our news in japan, the threat of nuclear contamination from a damaged power plant is growing more critical and is causing complications for people struck in the aftermath of the massive earthquake and tsunami. david piper begins our coverage. >> reporter: survivors of the deadly earthquake and tsunami have something else to worry about, fears of failing nuclear reaction yarr for the in japan. men, women, and others around the area undergoing contamination checks. >> that's how it is, i think. if they test me, i will be relieved. >> reporter: officials ordered 140,000 people to seal themselves indoors because of soaring radiation levels after an explosion and fire at the fukushima plant on tuesday. the government said the fire was in a storage pond where nuclear fuel is kept cool. that radioactivity is being released directly into the
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atmosphere. officials also say radiation is spread along japan's northeast and coast. >> the radiation level is very high and there's chance of further leakage of radiation from now on. >> reporter: more than 20 people who lived near fukushima reyak for the were given deacon tammation -- decontamination treatment. the search for survivors and difficulty recovery effort from the quake and tsunami. officials said more than 10,000 are presumed dead. thousands more remain missing. mms are homeless and without food, water, and electricity. japan's stock market plunging nearly 11% today. david piper, fox news. >> as he mentioned, japan's stock market took a hit. looking at wall street, the dow
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dropped nearly 300 point in early trading. in last hour, the federal reserve mentioned i would keep its policy, gaining traction and hedging inflation risk from food. the dow is down 135 and s&p is down 13. concern over nuclear power plant in japan is prompting a run on potassium iodide in the united states. several store that sell the product have reportedly sold out in recent days. it's often use to protect the thyroid glands from radioactivity. people are overreacting, officials say, and there's no chance radiation from japan would hit the u.s. potassium iodine can be potentially harmful. the earthquake and tsunami is one of the most documented
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disasters in history. amateur video of the disastrous waves continue to appear online. [ sirens ] >> we found this new video on youtube. that siren you hear alerted people to the incoming tsunami. you can see the huge wave washing into streets, taking away everything in its path. this video was reportedly shot by an american man living in tokyo. here is more news video on youtube. this shows a port town of kamashi flooded by the tsunami. it devastated the town, despite its world record for the deepest break water. that's an underwater barrier stretching along its coastline, meant to decrease the size of a tsunami. the official death toll jumped again today. government officials now say 3300 are confirmed dead but
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said there's no doubt that many more people were killed and that would include at least 10,000 people still missing. maya by state alone. some global insurers are calculating the disaster to be around $35 billion. if true, it would be one of the most expensive disasters ever. there are stories of hope and survival. loved ones reunite in japan several days after the quake and tsunami hit. this morning, we received world of a 70-year-old woman found alive inside the rubble of her home and closer to home, a michigan couple finally reconnected with their son last night after days of worry about whether he survived the quake and tsunami. you can learn more about how to make donations to earthquake and sue thalny relief efforts on look under the japan quake tab. we have ktvu reporter in japan sending blog messages back to
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the ktuv website. damage at the santa cruz harbor has reportedly grown to $22 million. the harbor will be closed at least through sunday but 14 docks are now open, allowing some people who live on their boats to return. seven other docks on the southeast side have limited access between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. yesterday, crews lifted fifth destroyed boat from the water. ten boats are still missing. we're getting new image from the crescent city harbor in northern california. fish and game officials said 16 boats sank and almost 50 others were damaged by last week's surge. the harbor is virtually destroyed. that that has devastated the fishing industry. officials plan to send a team with stow for that equipment to help locate the sunken boats. and we have new video from hawaii showing damage left behind after the strong tsunami surge hit that state on friday. the surge destroyed several homes on the west coast of
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hawaii's big island. some homes were even taken off their foundations. the damage estimate in hawaii is now tens of millions of dollars. in san francisco, people are searching for those responsible for a frightening late-night shooting. five people were shot outside a bar at 16th and caledonia the in the mission district. it has seen a wave of violence. kraig debro has spoken to a number of people. >> reporter: more people are stunned about the violence in the mission. five people shot in one incident, one critically. now the gang unit is involve in the investigation. >> it hit that door. one of my workers was right there and the bullet just went straight. straight up through that counter. >> reporter: the violence is starting to affect more than the targets of the assay lents. the men shot into a bar last
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night. >> it's possibly gang-related. our gang task force is looking into it. >> reporter: the ta queria owner said neither he nor his customers are in gangs but anyone would have been a victim. >> could have shot the victims. >> reporter: one of the five victims' injuries are life- threatening. >> i don't have information that would say for sure if these incidents are connect but that's something we do look at. >> reporter: since the beginning of the year, the mission neighborhood has been plagued with a series of shootings. some gang-related. a 24-year-old victim of a shooting in late february prompted close friends to build a memorial at 17th and mission. a week later, police put more cops on the street to combat the violence. police blame it on the rivalry of two latino street gangs. for the owner, patrols need to happen at the right time of the day. >> should be more police
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walking the night, at least until 12:00 at night or 1:00 a.m. >> reporter: here at the hall of justice, at least one unit will be sent to the bar again this afternoon to see if they can make a connection between this shooting and all the others that have happen in the mission this year. reporting live in san francisco, kraig debro. >> thank you. san francisco can move one step closer to naming a new police chief. the police commission is expect to send the names of three finalists to mayor ed lee. the mayor could choose one of those three or reject all of them and start the process all over again. the commission has interviewed dozens of candidates from inside and outside the department. the police chief's job opened up in january when chief george gas cone was named san francisco's district attorney. just moments ago, the state attorney general and local police made an announcement about a sexual assault case that rocked santa cruz two
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years ago. here are details on how authorities caught up with the standpoint. good afternoon, christian. >> reporter: good afternoon. that news conference rap wrapped up around 15 minutes ago. this is a mug shot they released at that news conference. you can take a look against the wall. the suspect in this case, they say -- the suspect -- they say they compared dna the suspect left at the scene of the crime with thousands of people in the database and started looking for a close family match. that dna led investigators toll vis garcia earlier this year. to elvis garcia earlier this year. his dna match that of the rape suspect they have been looking for since 2008. a 23-year-old coffee shop owner was held up at gunpoint, raped, and lock in a bridge. she manage to get out and call 911. that was the start of a lengthy investigation and they have made a priority all these years. >> after a nearly three-year investigation, santa cruz
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resident elvis lorenzo garcia was arrested by detectives on the afternoon of friday, march 11, for this horrific crime. >> reporter: now, state attorney general caramela harris said they compared the dna. she said there's a significant backlog of similar cases and she is now vowing to clear those cases. we're live in santa cruz, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a progress report on the war of afghanistan and when troops could come home. why there was another long line this morning outside a popular electronics store in the bay area. and we're heading for a soggy afternoon. rosemarie russ core is updating the forecast models and will have details on how much rain to expect in your neighborhood. also -- >> it's very difficult to get a pink slip this year. a deadline today. thousands of teachers wish it wouldn't have come.
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the top u.s. command in afghanistan recommends a slow withdrawal begin this july. general petraeus testified before a senate committee and said a transition can begin in
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some parts of afghanistan where afghan government forces take more responsibility for fighting taliban. general petraeus also said the afghan army being trained by u.s. troops is coming along but said the recruits are improving in quality. in sacramento, the senate president announced late this morning that he'll call for a vote on governor jared brown's budget proposal in the next 24 hours. senate president pro-tem steinberg announced the plans before meeting with the governor and assembly speaker john perez. brown wants to close the state's $26.6 billion deficit by cutting $12.2 billion in spending. he also wants to extend temporary tax increases for another 5 years. no republicans have signed onto the plan and some are needed in order for this to pass. more details are expected out of the state capitol later today. today is the deadline for california school districts to
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send out teacher layoff notices and thousands are expected to be handed out. rallies and picketts are held by parents and educators to call attention to those layoffs and proposed education budget cuts. the numbers vary and the layoffs affect just about every school district. oakland is expected to send out 500 layoff notices while 180 could go to teachers in a cash- trapped mount diablo district in the east bay and as many as 60 teacher jobs could be on the line in union city. >> it's very difficult to get a pink slip this year because we are expecting our first baby and i'm face with added stress -- [ clears throat ] -- lose my job and worrying about not being able to provide for my baby. >> state law requires schools to give out notices by today, march 15. fremont police issued an alert for a missing girl.
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17-year-old safa cota left home around 7:00 last night to take a walk around her neighborhood. she fail to return. there is extra concern because the teen has a mental capacity of a 3-or-14-year-old. 5'2," 110 pounds, short, dark hair and gray hood zip up jacket and dark blue jeans. call fremont police if you have information. the neighbors of the juror in the barry bonds perjury case will be kept secret until after the trial is over. a federal judge made the decision yesterday saying it's needed to ensure a fair trial. baseball's all- time home run leader is accused of lying under oath when he testified he never know >> i took steroids. an exclusive secret society has been ordered to come up with alternatives to its controversial logging plan. a judge ruled state forestry
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officials violated the environmental quality act when it approved the club's plan in 2009. the club said it needs to clear- cut areas of its 2700-acre grove for fire safety but the sear ya club that filed lawsuit said the land's old growth redwoods needs to be protected. good morning. we have quite a bit of gray. you can see the gray skies. just a little bit of sunshine in some places. stormtracker showing us that the rain is back. we are looking at scattered showers, dealing with a few scattered showers this morning and then a bit of a lull but they're returning. meanwhile, we're sit in the low 60s at this hour. 68 in san jose, 60 san francisco. and 56-degree in areas right around santa rosa. if we get in closer around alameda, san lian doe,
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beginning to see a few light sprinkles this morning and as we move north, we're seeing more -- mira goo into areas along the east bay hill, a few sprinkles. the sandra fell and around sausalito, light rain at this time. as we head into santa rosa, catali, light rain and sonoma. looking way back here, most of the storm still to the north of us and we will continue to see the rain move through. by the second half of the day, we're looking at the best shot of getting some pretty steady rain. your satellite and radar view gives you the opportunity to see where the rain is. if i roll you through the next couple of hours, notice by 4:00 or 5:00 over the north bay. by 5:00 or 6:00, san francisco. concord into antioch and oakland, fremont, san mateo. then 7:00 or 8:00 until we begin to see it right around san jose. so we'll continue with this bit of rain through today. we can see anywhere from a quarter to half inch in areas
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around san francisco, oakland, up to an inch in areas along the north bay. widespread low, even mid-60s at this hour. we are little bit above average in some cases for this time of year. san jose right about 68 degrees. so for today, the rain, the clouds, temperatures not bad. notice as we get closer to the weekend our temperatures begin to fall. our next shot of rain comes on friday. scattered showers expected for the weekend and we're really just in a soggy pattern. afternoon highs friday, saturday, and sunday -- 54 degrees. so the last weekend of went already feel like it. >> okay, thank you. demand for the new ipad is still outstripping supply. this morning, people lined up outside a san francisco apple store with reservations to purchase ipads. that's after most stores sold out of ipads on sunday. online orders are also backlogged. there are reports that apple sold as many as 1 million ipads during the first weekend. that's three times the number
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of original ipads during the first launch last year. a century-old building next to u.c. berkeley has been bought by east coast investors. rsgf friend nada bought the building for $18.5 million. the building at the corner of telegraph avenue and bancroft is home to retail and restaurants like american appeal, chipotlejamba juice, yogurtland and 46 residential units. they want to make the complex more green. a group of 50 high school seniors including six in the bay area will meet with president obama at the white house. they were finalist in the intel science talent search competition. the winner will be announced tonight and will have # hundred thousand dollars reward. among bay area students is evan ordererty of danville who won the national spelling bee in 2007 and aced the national math competition last year. he is waiting college
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acceptance let and hopes to attend harvard. a man paid a $6,500 credit card bill using all pennies. terry tried to deliver a van load of pennies to several chase branches but each turned him away because space was limited. after several tries, he found a branch with room in its vault. he was upset with his bank over credit card thieves and because he was denied refinancing. just ahead, a tiny bit of good news about high gas prices. also with the japanese earthquake and tsunami on everyone's minds, a bay area fire department is using a dramatic way to remind people that we live in earthquake country.
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all right, here's a little good news for drivers today. aaa reported gas prices dropped slightly at service stations around the country. the decrease, the, was less than a penny but the first time gas prices have gone down in nearly three week. one reason -- oil prices falling to $97 a barrel investors are worried about diminished demand for oil and product in japan, which happens to be the world's third-largest oil importer. a caretaker at the san diego zoo was injured by a
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panda on sunday while the zoo was closed. officials said the caretaker was bitten while bringing the panda to her living quarters. the safety barrier between the keeper area and the habitat was not secured and the panda wondered out. we're learning more about how to better prepare for a big earthquake in the bay area and we're getting a close-up look at how much damage it could do. >> one of the world's biggest mobile earthquake simulators is in hayworth this afternoon. the big shaker can simulate up to a magnitude 8.0 quake. firefighters are using it to compare what happened in japan to what could happen here in the bay area. the san jose's soccer team hopes to score a big donation for quake and tsunami victim in japan at the season opener. the san jose earthquake will donate $1 to a japanese relief fund for every fan that shows up. the team promises to donate $50
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to the red cross disaster relief fund for every save made by the quakes goal tenders. coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, as we reported earlier, japanese officials are grappling with the radiation fall out from the damage at nuclear power plants. the reports have raised concerns here in the u.s. where stores have seen a run on potassium iodide. we'll have more.
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