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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 15, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and toyota. japanese citizens undergoing radiation check as workers are forced to abandon their efforts to try to cool nuclear reactors. >> ominous developments from japan tonight. within the past few hours, officials suspended efforts after a spike made it too dangerous for workers. they had to withdraw because of
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radiation. government officials say 70% of the fuel rods may have been damaged. they also said another fire broke out today at one of the reactors and radiation levels were high enough to cause severe radiation sickness. 3300 are confirmed dead. up to 450,000 are in temporary shelters. in the villages and towns where the tsunami hit, rescue workers are still looking for survivers. for miles and miles, there is debris and little is identifiable. fuel and water are in short supply. many are waiting in long lines to buy whatever they can. this line stretched for a half mile. it's the japanese way to remain
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calm, patient, and polite. >> jana is live in tokyo, and joins us via skype. what are you hearing in tokyo. >> reporter: it certainly is unsettling. in the past hour, it was 12:52. we had another aftershock. the hotel started swaying back and forth. i know understand, it was about a 6.0 quake. that's what the japanese television is reporting adjust off ciba, where is where nautinga airport is. it's already unstable, and aftershocks could make it even more so. obviously, that's a big concern with the radiation threat. >> thousands upon thousands have been evacuated or have lost their homes. food and water are in short supply and now we understand, the weather there has taken a
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turn for the worse? >> reporter: that's right, it keeps getting more and more difficult here. we understand there is a cold blast that is going to be hitting the country. it's going to drop the temperatures down. you can just imagine. there are at least 200,000 people or so who had to be evacuated from the danger zone around fukushima. that's on top of the people who have been evacuated because of the earthquake and tsunami. all of these people in shelters. a lot of them tone have heat, it's going to make it more serious up there in the sendai region. >> more and more people are trying to get out of tokyo. is that because of a concern of radiation? >> reporter: big concerns there, frank. just anecdotally i heard people who are leaving. i just spoke with an american pilot for san diego. he says his wife and children just left yesterday.
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they got out of the country, they're back in the united states. he has to stay, but a lot of people are very concerned, and they're leaving the city, if not the country. >> you can also find her blog, dispatches from japan on the front page of our website, the world health organization says an exposure depends on those factors. the amount of raid yition released, the wind directions an rain. the distance someone is from the plant and the amount of time someone spends in an irradiated area. many people along the west coast of the u.s. are starting to expression concerns about radiation crossing the pacific. it's unlikely any significant amount will reach the bay area. the simple reason is, there are a million cubic miles of atmosphere between here and japan.
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>> i think we can measure radiation, if it comes out, but we won't be able to measure health effects. we won't be able to see them. despite what the experts say, some people here in the bay area are still taking precautions. sal castaneda tells us about the iodine supplement they're buying, and how the prices have skyrocketed. >> reporter: as the news worsens about japan's damaged nuclear power plants, concern in the bay area has led people to buy up iodine supplements. the pills, also known as ki have been flying off the shelves. >> just to be on the safe side. because i only have half a thyroid anyway. i had half of my thyroid removed. if there is really some big kind of meltdown, i'm just worried that, you know, winds are blowing west, and it's a
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global problem. >> reporter: people living here in the u.s. don't need to worry about nuclear fallout, but she was careful not to dismiss people's concerns. >> i'm not sure there is a level of need right now. and certainly, the health officers are monitoring, we at cdc are monitoring. >> reporter: manufacturers of potassium iodine are struggling to meet demand. some people say, they're just not worried. >> i don't think people should panic about it. just be cautious, and listen around. get some good information. >> reporter: doctors warn that potassium iodine can have undesirable side-effects, and you should check with your doctor before using it. >> here is the latest on crisis
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in japan. the operations were suspended tonight. they plan to ask the u.s. for help, but didn't specify what kind of help. stay with ktvu channel 2 news for continuing coverage, with the latest from japan and the bay area. at 10:30 tonight, how the crisis already effecting the supply of products in the bay area. also, delivering supplies in japan, where they're needed most, while keeping service members safe. we talk with members stationed in the pacific. at 10:45, a bay area man with family in the danger zone. their decision to abandon land that's been in their family for 20 generations. we are back on storm watch tonight. another rainstorm is sweeping across the region, and in the north bay, there have been some problems.
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including minor flooding and a small landslide. bill martin is tracking the storm in the ktvu weather center. we begin can ken wayne. >> reporter: there's ban a steady rain here in petaluma. about a half hour ago it started to taper off. no major problems here, but in other parts of sonoma county there has been trouble. this was the scene late this afternoon just north of the russian river. a landslide dumps mud and debris and the roadway. it's the only access for mountain residents who need to get to burnville. west of petaluma, bodega avenue flooded. some motorists decided to take a chance. others thought better.
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it's still well below flood level. the roads are wet, but traffic has been moving. while the umbrellas are out tonight. few people are complaining. >> luckily, i live and work here, so the commute wasn't that bad. it was coming down, but yeah, no, i didn't have any problems with the weather. >> i'm actually a atmospheric scientist. so i study the weather in college. so it's kind of meteorologist thing, i guess. >> so you're kind of like a weather geek. >> yeah, exactly. >> bill martin will be happy to hear that. >> yeah, maybe. >> reporter: for some, it's the perfect night to go downtown, and enjoy rain next to a wind spattered window, without having to get wet. live in petaluma, where it looks like it's starting to rain again. ktvu channel 2 news. live stormtracker showing rain across the central bay area. there go the live radar sweep
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up in the north bay. they've had over an inch of rain. santa rosa, nearly an inch and a half. the rest of us, a half inch to a quarter inch. oakland, raining pretty hard. on the bay bridge, it's raining fairly significantly. the showers continue tonight, and here's the deal. we've got more weather systems lined out on in the pacific, as we move towards the end of the week. more rain in the forecast. i'll tell you when that will happen, back here with the latest computer model. a critical deadline tonight. >> pg and e, turned in most but not all of its gas pipeline records this evening. that begs the question. those without records, are they safe? san francisco is one step closer to a new police chief. find out who's been interviewed for the job. a major break in a 3-year- old rape case. the technique used to find a suspect that has only been used one time before.
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pg and e said it found most, but not all of the documents demanded. today's effort turned out to be somewhat anti-climatic. >> reporter: five minutes before the deadline, the utility company clicked a
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computer mouse, and sent 154 page summary of its words on gas transmission lines to the state public utilities commission. pg and e crews went through more than a million documents to try to find records that prove it set safe pressure levels on 1800 miles of its natural gas pipelines in densely populated areas. but pg and e's president today said the company could not find 8% of those records. >> we've made good progress. we know we need to do more. >> reporter: they were wrong about the gas line that exploded in san bruno in september, killing eight people. that's why the state ordered them to produce records to prove its pipelines are safe. pg and e's president said today, the utility will voluntarily field test all the lines without records, and replace 150 miles of pipes similar in age to the pipe that ruptured in san bruno.
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but the puc can order more, including cutting pressure in the pipelines by 20%. >> we have to leave the country after what happened in san bruno in the next generation of pipeline safety. >> reporter: tomorrow, the head of the state puc says he'll have more to say about pg and e's filing, as well as possible fines against the utility. ktvu channel 2 news. >> we posted pg and e's summary of the documents on our website, if you'd like to get a look at them yourself, just go to the san bruno tab on the home page. a child who was struck by a car he was 7 years old. heavy rain forced them to fly the boy to uc davis medical center for treatment. debating some $4 million in
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spending cuts. one proposal on the table is teacher furloughs. another involves cutting half a million dollars from the adult education program, and transferring money from the gifted and talented students program into the general fund. last week, they voted to send preliminary layoff notices to 180 employees. student teachers and other educators took to the streets in oakland today, to speak out against cuts in education. today marks the deadline for school districts to let employees know they could potentially lose their jobs. 16 of the 17 classroom teachers received notices. the school opened just four years ago. since then math scores have doubled, and language arts scores tripled. >> felt unseen and unappreciated. >> students have until mid-may to lay off.
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>> the san francisco school district is sending out 473 notices. the california teachers association says across the state, more than 19,000 notices are going out. but it won't have a final number until this friday. new information tonight about the search for a police chief in san francisco. the police commission met its march 15 deadline, and gave the mayor a list of 3 to 5 candidates. amber lee is live at city hall, where the neighbors are being kept under wraps tonight. >> reporter: the san francisco police commission met here earlier this evening, and we have lived that the list of the police chief finalists is now in the hands of mayor ed lee. after a two and a half hour closed door meeting, the seven member police commission came up with a list of at least three finalists for the job of police chief. >> you can tell me if it's, what the break down is in terms of internal, external, male,
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female? >> no, we've chosen in our closed session not to disclose this. >> reporter: we've learned six internal candidates, along with outside finalists were interviewed for the job by the commission. those candidates were captain casiado, jeff godown, commander dan mahoney, and captain surp. we asked if the officers accused of illegal searches hurts the internal candidates? >> i don't think we should blow that one issue out of proportion. >> reporter: asked to take into consideration how each officer would deal with -- >> how would they train and retrain these officers. >> reporter: in the russian hill neighborhood, many people told us what they want is someone who knows the city. >> they've got to know how to
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deal with the citizens of san francisco. because our culture is very unique here. >> reporter: when we ask the mayor if the recent scandal makes him lead towards an outside candidate, he said he's leaning towards the best candidate fors job and that he plans to take his time, making his decision. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. life in san francisco's mission district may be on edge, after a shooting last night. it happened near 16th street and ron dell place. five people were shot, and one man remains in critical condition tonight. the other four suffered less serious wounds. police say in all, at least 59 shots were fired. the department's gang task force is currently leading the investigation. san francisco police tell ktvu news, no one has been cited under the fit lie
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ordinance. officers started enforcing the law last thursday. last week, we reported that four months after that law passed, police still hadn't started enforcing it. the law forbids sitting, or lying on sidewalks between 6:00 a.m. and 11 at night. a woman is in jail after sheriffs deputies said they found $430,000 worth of methamphetamine stashed in her car. police showed us the drugs hidden in various compartments. the woman was stop the last friday night in gilroy. detectives say she had driven the 39 pounds of meth up from mexico to sell in san jose. seven east bay sewage districts are up for much needed upgrades. a settlement within east bay mud. they were accused of violating the clean water act. sewage districts in oakland, berkely, and five other east bay communities will have to
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improve key facilities that have spewed millions of gallons of sewage into san francisco bay. rain out there right now. live stormtracker 2. concord, you're getting moderate rain. oakland, and pacific, moderate rain as well. rain coming down heavy at times, especially in these areas with the darker green. so as we go through the next couple of hours, we're going to see more scattered showers in the bay area. tomorrow's forecast, and we go past midnight, you get a little bit of clearing here. a little bit of wet on the ground. the morning commute? you've got scattered showers in the area. showers in the north bay. that's your 6:00 a.m. commute. so yeah, tomorrow morning's commute, a little water on the roads, but not a ton. but lunchtime, just a few scattered showers. your afternoon commute looks good. when i come back at 10:45, we take a look at the long range computer model. we've got more rain to talk
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about, and snow in the mountains. a student from danville won this year's intel science search. he's not holding his award, but rather, the scripps spelling award, he won that four years ago. he compared two ways to estimate the square root of an intiger. the economic aftershocks felt right here in the bay area. it's time to celebrate persian new year. why people are jumping the fire.
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state attorney general announced today a major break
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in a 3-year-old santa cruz rape case. and the tool may have helped solve many more cases. police arrested elvis garcia in santa cruz in week. prosecutors say in 2008, garcia raped a coffee shop worker, and locked her in a refrigerator. they were able to locate him after the dna from the crime scene was a familail match. saying his client intends to plead guilty. raymond clark is charged with strangling annie le in 2009. her body was found behind a wall on the yale campus on the same day that she was supposed to get married. clark is charged with murder, and felony murder. he is expected to return to court this thursday. we have an update on a story we've been following for
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some time about some disputed photographs. one man claimed they were by ansel adams, it turns out they were not. he bought some glass negatives, but as ktvu view learned, they were really the work of an oakland man named earl brooks. now he has reached an agreement with the ansel adams trust, to sell copies, but not use ansel adams's name. a winter rain didn't deter more than 4,000 people from celebrating the persian new year in berkely tonight. live in berkely, officials closed off durant avenue at shaddic to accommodate that party. >> reporter: just wrapping up that party here to celebrate new ruse. the persian new year. one of the traditions is to jump the fire. >> whoa. >> reporter: young and old,
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jumped the fire. it is part of a 13 day celebration, leading up to sunday, the first day of spring in new ruse. which means new day. >> there's a saying you're supposed to say when you jump over the fire, you want to transfer your sicknesses and will to the fire, and take its energy. >> one of the things we do in the beginning of the year is we have to forgive all the bad things happened that particular year. tonight we have to forgive all of those things. give forgiveness to everyone. >> reporter: mike grew up in iran, and remembers the traditions in the old country, and now here. >> i'm really proud of persian people, which they've been keeping that tradition, and teaching it to the young ones. >> reporter: another tradition is to set a table, beginning with seven items, beginning with the letter s, it represents good fortune for the coming year. it is a joyous time. like so many other cultures, a
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time to start anew. >> time for rejuvenation. for starting over. leaving everything in the past, and going onto a new year. >> how do you say happy new year? >> [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: i'm not going to attempt to say that. but it will all culminate in big picnics, and a big dinner on sunday. and i didn't get burned. i can say that also. ktvu channel 2 news. because he's so quick on his feet. what we're learning about potential shortages because of the crisis in japan, and who is already taking action. here in japan town, businesses are stepping out to help out businesses.
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after dropping 19% in the past few days, stocks are now up in japan. the nikkei is up 4.2%. that comes after a 10% loss on tuesday. other asian markets also bounced back somewhat today.  on wall street, fears of the the escalating crisis weighed heavily. the dow industrials dropped almost 300 points at opening bell, but came back somewhat to drop only 137 points. the economic disaster seems to be spreading tonight. if production persists at key manufacturers, it could lead to higher prices and short annals. ktvu's heather holmes is live in san francisco to explain. >> reporter: from key
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components of the iphone and ipad to dvd recorders and automobiles. japan is a major supplier. the turmoil there could disrupt the flow of some of those products. apple stores packed with people wanting to get their hands on the ipad 2. demand was already exceeding supply before the devastating earthquake. now with some key suppliers out of action, analysts expect a longer wait. >> we're going to have shortages, probably going through the end of the year. >> reporter: japan provides 40% of the with world's flash memory chips used in the ipad and other products. many of the facttories are in the areas hardest hit. sonya and hitachi both have at least four plants closed down. auto parts as well.
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the general manager at albany subaru ford was told production of the subaru outback would be scaled back at the indiana plant because of inability to get parts from japan. >> we're running at less than a 30 day supply. so the shipments are pretty important to us. and the flow of the cars are pretty important. >> reporter: especially in a month to month business, when planning and forecasting can be difficult when you don't know how much product you have. >> if they have a particular want on color or equipment, they should probably look pretty hard right now. >> reporter: getter get it now while you can. subaru expects the disruptions to be minimal. reporting live tonight in san francisco, heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. the u.s. navy says it is constantly checking the wind direction to keep ships and other vessels away from the
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radiation plume. they've deployed more than 25 tons of supplies. palmer penkney said the navy is concentrating on search and rescue from the tsunami at sea. following that, the marines will be sent in. >> the uss essex, uss harper's ferry, and german town, which are amphibious units have the capability to put marines right onto the ground. >> u.s. forces and naval bases in japan are also packing up supplies. some nuclear experts are fearing the worst tonight amidst indications that japan will not be able to contain its growing nuclear crisis. jana joins us again. >> reporter: a lot of concern. many people who are actually leaving the country. we did get in touch with a bay
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area businessman who is here on a business trip during the earthquake. he is leaving today. we caught up with him before he left. wanted to share what he said to us about his experience, and also what we're seeing around the city. >> [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: at a tokyo motel, we met the president of a laboratory in san mateo. he came to japan with a stanford professor on a business trip, and felt the quake. >> we have to leave. >> reporter: his office is one of hundreds of bay area companies with district business and personal ties to japan. worried about the continuing nuclear crisis. >> it is pretty sad. and there's many persons that
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are dead. but the only thing we can do is [ inaudible ] >> reporter: in tokyo, many people are still out on the train subways and streets. but many foreigners and japanese are living the city. >> radiation is something dangerous that leads to health problems. >> reporter: power shortages have also caused rolling blackouts and conservation efforts. right here, it's usually lit up like las vegas. tonight, the jumbo screens, the neon lights, and many of the billboard lights are off. a country in crisis, trying to hold on. even just going out on the street, it's very quiet for tokyo, which is usually bustling. a lot of people focusing their attention on the two issues, what's going to happen with the fukushima nuclear plant and the survival of the people that
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have been evacuated from the danger zones. the governor of hawaii said damage to his state from the tsunami is going to cost 10s of billions of dollars. homes that once had fantastic views now look over debris. one home was swept into the sea. others were pushed off their foundations. residents say the waves kept coming over and over. one man said the water came at least 150 yards onshore. in santa cruz, the price tag on the damage from the harbor went up to more than $25 million. five inspectors from fema said damage to public infrastructure would qualify for federal funds. it has been more than a year since haiti suffered a devastating earthquake. but the need for help is still great. members of the center of hope
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community church in oakland packed up donations to be shipped to haiti tomorrow. they're calling it christmas in april for haiti. medical supplies for a hospital, and books and other items for churches. state lawmakers are set to vote on a controversial budget. plus, where voters stand on increasing taxes. we have an exclusive new poll. live stormtracker 2, showing rain throughout most of the bay area right now, we'll take another look at stormtracker 2, and the five- day forecast, more rain in that as well. a clear demonstration today of what the big one can look like. what firefighters want you to know.
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time is ticking for former
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governor jerry brown to convince republicans to break party lines. brown needs two republicans from each chamber to cross the aisle to reach the 2/3 needed to put the tax question on a special june ballot. so far tonight, no indication on how the votes will go. >> the question is, will the republicans vote to give the people the right to vote? or will they thumb their knows at the voters of california? >> governor brown's plan calls for closing the state's $26 billion deficit, with more than $12 billion in cuts. along with a five year extension of tax, and fee increases. an exclusive field poll shows a majority of voters in california supporting governor brown's plan, if it does get on the ballot. 58% of respondents said they'll vote for it. 39% said they would vote no.
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3% replied they have no opinion. officials say it is likely they'll learn soon if nathaniel ford will leave, the agency's board of directers is expected to conduct a nationwide search for his replace. after this latest gain, pro- gadhafi troops may hit the main opposition strong hold. ten days ago, the rebels seemed to be in an unstoppable march to end gadhafi's reign of power. during protests today, two demonstrators and a saudi soldier were killed. the saudis arrived yesterday to
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defend the sunni monarchy. in china, students at a beijing university began collecting money for japan today to help the survivers recover from the quake and tsunami. the chinese government said it would offer more aid. china and japan have had a long and bitter history involving several wars. the japanese earthquake is prompting apple to delay its launch of the ipad 2 in japan. apple was scheduled to launch that there next week. people lined up in san francisco this morning outside of one apple store, just to make reservations to buy the new ipad 2. since last friday's rollout, apple has reportedly sold three times as many new ipads, as compared to the initial launch last year. hoping to lure more sellers to its site. ebay announced it will allow sellers to list as many as 50
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items a month for free. sellers used to have to pay up to 20 cents a listing. the bay area opens its arms. how people are showing support for japan. we're tracking wet weather moving across the bay area right now. will it affect your morning commute? you'll find out in a couple of minutes.
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in the south bay, a man with remarkable ties to japan, spoke to a cousin two abandon a farm that has been in the family for decades. >> reporter: at his home in san jose, jonathan showed us home video of his family's dairy farm. his cousin, seen here, lives on
10:46 pm
the farm, which is within 20 miles of the threatened fukushima dai-ichi nuclear plant. they've been forced to abandon it, and the 30 dairy cows ease raised since their birth. >> he's looking at losing everything. it's really awful. he's looking at losing all of them. >> reporter: his daughter, seen here is now pregnant. and has gone north with her father away from the nuclear plant, and the land that has been in the family for 20 generations. >> it's going to be a lock road. >> our ties to japan and the japanese people are very long indeed. >> reporter: bay area support is pouring in. >> we will be open. >> reporter: the association plans to collect money at a
10:47 pm
vigil this thursday night for a buddhist temple feared destroyed. >> we don't know, because there's no communication. >> reporter: communication is limited. financial support is coming in to donation boxes. donors say it's a small way to help for such a big problem with an uncertain outcome. the japanese quake prompted one bay area fire department to pull out the big guns to remind people to prepare for a quake here. this is what can happen in a major earthquake. it's a demonstration put on by the hayward fire department. using its mobile simulator, which it calls the big shaker. at the very least, bay area residents should store three days worth of food, water, and emergency supplies at their home. it appears the economy is
10:48 pm
still weighing on californians thinking of buying a home. home sales were down 4% last month from a year ago. the median resale price also fell 2.8% to $271,000. foreclosures also fell last month down 17% across the state. and in the bay area, default notices were down as well. with san mateo, seeing a drop of 23%, and santa clara, seeing a drop of about 32%. default notices are the first step in the foreclosure process. wine industry consultants says the u.s. outweighs france as the largest wine drinking nation. since france has fewer people per capita, they outdrink americans. california accounts for 61% of
10:49 pm
the total american wine market. almost 200 million cases. live stormtracker 2 picking up pretty strong rain cells up in the north bay up towards point raise here. out towards santa rosa as well. it's been raining steady most of the date. almost an inch and a half of rain in parts of the north bay. that's quite a bit. most of us, a quarter inch to a half inch. it's been real light in san jose. most of the activity from redwood city north, where the rain continues to come down. looks like we'll get a bit of a break from the morning commute, and more rain in the forecast. overnight lows in the 40s and 50s. showers continue. when you wake up first thing in the morning, the wipers might be going a little bit as you head into work. as the kids head off to school, you head off to work. it might be just a little bit of a slow go. shouldn't be a major deal. so as you're traveling around, be prepared for that. here's how it looks in the
10:50 pm
pacific. this is a very active pattern for this time of year. a lot of moisture coming in. a couple of systems teed up off of shore. tonight, showers continue. scattered showers wednesday morning. when that's done, this system exits. the next system, we've got rain on friday. it's a nice looking weather system, maybe another inch of rain. lower snow levels as well. on top of that, we stay unsettled into the bay area weekend. everybody is ready for spring, but it's just not going to happen right now. at least not this week. tomorrow morning, widely scattered showers mainly north of here. then we get into tomorrow afternoon's commute. should be dry. tonight's commute was a mess. tomorrow afternoon's commute not like that a bit. then we'll get into thursday morning. and you can see that it's clear. thursday afternoon, some clouds show up, but still an okay commute. wednesday from about noon all the way through thursday looks relatively dry. with a lot of clouds. then we get into it, here as we get into friday morning.
10:51 pm
friday's commute, both commutes get hit, and that system rolls through. your forecast highs tomorrow with clearing conditions. mostly partly cloudy, but the rain will begin to die down. temperatures will be in the low 60s. a mild weather pattern. your five-day forecast, kind of wet, moist, and continuing. it's been a heck of a rain and snow year. we're continuing to get well above average rainfall and snowfall accumulations. >> i guess we could always use it. those who live in san francisco's lower pacific heights neighborhood, may soon have new restaurants to choose from. today, the san francisco board of supervisors approved lifting a ban on new restaurants in the fillmore street corridor. the ban was enacted 25 years and was originally designed to prevent against attracting to much traffic and preventing
10:52 pm
other businesses. the olympics hits a snag. completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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from london, the home of big ben, that world famous clock comes news of troubled times. the olympic clock there has
10:55 pm
stopped. yesterday, dignitaries unveiled this clock. today something went wrong, so swiss technicians are now working to try to figure out the problem. oops. >> ticking off a lot of people there. sorry, just had to say it. couldn't help it. one and done for st. mary's. that is sad. >> very disappointing, on their home floor, no less. but went from the feel good story around here to good grief. you can say winning replaced by whining, by not getting into the tournament, and they haven't looked worthy of late. tonight, the season ends in stunned silence. they had 21. the gales were up by as many as 13 in this game. but here. mike of the visiting kent state squad. gales trail. they get a good shot at it.
10:56 pm
mcconnell, the drive, and miss. a shot he could make in his sleep. didn't go that time. heartbreaking, season ending, one point defeat. plenty of bay area fans kind of wanted to see st. mary's eventually collide with cal. forget about that. tomorrow night, they open the nit against ole miss in berkely. while many scoff at the turnment, it's a tournament that does feature 14 conference champs. not one of those taking this tournament lightly at all. >> the notion that a game in the nit is going to be easier than a game in the ncaa is not accurate. you're playing winning teams, with winning records. you've got your hands full, almost regardless of who you play. there's good basketball teams. far from boring. every night, kind of like a carnival on ice for the sharks. for their sake, probably
10:57 pm
wishing the playoffs would get here real quick. after 2 with dallas, joe to ryan, 3-2 san jose. a little less than 2 minutes later, again, watch him get it quickly to tori mitchell. 1:15 left. leading just 4-3. the stars on the power play. watch joe thornton. the empty netter. his second of the game. 6-3 final. in their last 14, the sharks are 10-2-2. did you hear it? kind of a collective sigh of relief from the a's organization today. their ace out of the pen appears to be all right. you may have seen bailey yesterday clutching his elbow in pain yesterday. a major arm injury feared. tests revealing today, only a
10:58 pm
forearm strain. no real timetable set to his return, that's pretty good news. a bummer about st. maries. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> good night.
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