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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  March 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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see some of the activity out there. the southern half of the area looks like heavier downpours closer to to morgan hill. you can still see a few scattered showers around the region. we still have activity to be talking to closer to bodega bay. that coinsides with a few storms. the bulk of the action as we do take a look, we actually captured a waterspout, looking out toward stinson beach. this produced very strong thunderstorms, multiple reports of waterspouts around the area. that tornado in the north bay. i'm going to focus on that tornado right now as you can see. this is the old radar. not a lot to show you in sonoma county. but look what happens, i'll put it into motion.
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at 9:15, those yellows and reds. those are tornado signals that happened. this happened to be an ef1. that means winds from 86 to 100 miles per hour. that happened this morning at 9:15 in santa rosa to the east of highway 101. as far as the rain showers, forecasted this weekend we have another one to talk about it. could be a strong one. i'll have more on that coming up in just a few minutes. from mark we go to eric rasmussen he's live where that tornado touched down. >> reporter: you see the damage around me, you can definitely believe a tornado touched down. it even snapped down pieces of wood and pulled cement pilings like this one right out of the ground. it could take days to clean up what an actual tornado did in just seconds. >> i saw the winds lift off the
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roof of that and flip it over on the street. >> reporter: owner sue minegro was in her office when the storm came through and rip thud a large shed next taor -- ripped through a large shed next door. the burst of wind that came through here was so strong. take a look at this. it took a mental fence blocking this driveway and actually bent it in half. damage like that helped the national weather service confirm that was an f1 tornado. >> i couldn't believe it. when you have things flying around like we're in kansas, we don't have those things happen around here. >> reporter: winds snapped a power pole in half. the power outage affected the marin county jail. we found these pigeons looking for cover too. in santa rosa they are just thankful no one was hurt. >> we've been here 33 years, this is the first time anything
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like this has ever happened. >> reporter: i've covered tornadoes in the midwest in the past, it certainly left one of those signature paths right through here. we're still assessing some of the damage from this neighborhood and we're putting that together for 6:00. eric rasmussen. >> we have developing news from the sierra where a massive accident has forced police to shut down i80. one person was killed and it could be several hours before 80 is reopened. officer tony prisco joins us on the phone. can you tell me what happened here? >> well, there's a lot to it and i'll try to give you the brief version. we had several big riggs that initially got involved in this accident and followed by about 30 plus cars. and obviously one fatality unfortunately. i do believe that it was a contribute -- i do believe
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weather was a contributing factor. we've had to close the eastbound lanes as well just to give the tow trucks and the emergency personnel to the accident. >> how long before everything gets cleaned up. i imagine it's going to take some time before 80 is reopened. >> it will take quite a while. i wish i could give you an accurate estimate right now and i can't do that. but i can tell you this. eastbound traffic it's got some severe delays as well. so anybody coming up here they might want to think about coming up tomorrow morning instead. i expect this to be cleaned up by tomorrow morning. but you know, it creates a problem. we get the accident, we have to not only ensure that everybody who is injured gets treated but we also have to clean up all the damaged cars and subsequently conduct our investigation. on top of that we have an awful lot of snowfall coming down and we can't open the road until the road is cleaned up as well. we can't plow the road until
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all the cars are off. >> the headline right now, i80 near yuba gap shut shutdown in both directions. it could be a while before it's opened up. and now we go to allie rasmus. >> reporter: a san francisco man was able to see and film a waterspout because it happened just at the coast here at ocean beach. the national weather service says it touched down about 200 feet from the coastline. gutierrez had his cell phone camera and pushed record. you can see cloud, later you
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can see the funnel coming down and touches the ocean. >> i was really worried that it was going to touch the homes. >> reporter: the waterspout disappeared back into the clouds. >> in a sense, it is a mini tornado in the ocean. those factors all in combination triggered noa to create an alert that there was a potential tornado. >> reporter: workers got notice of the tornado warning after 11:00. >> that is very unusual. the last time we got a tornado warning was in san francisco and that was about eight years ago. >> reporter: the weather service set up a tornado warning at 11:00 a.m. this morning and after a few minutes it was all over.
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they've had sights of funnel clouds or tornadoes over the water at half-moon bay. at this point they're trying to figure out if those touched over the ocean. allie rasmuss. the water created a narrow escape for a driver. he was driving around 12:30 when a massive tree limb fell on the top of his van. the driver was shaken but not hurt. pg & e hopes to have power back on within the hour for hundreds of customers in orinda after a car hit a tree last night and the tree came down on a power pole. that was on glorieta boulevard. crews have been working all day to replace the pole and rerun the power lines there. the pole knocked out powers power to hundreds of pg & e customers. in just if past 10 minutes pg & e gave us these new numbers. the biggest outage was in san francisco's park merced where
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1,500 homes lost power. but we know all power has been restored there. up in the north bay the power is back on in all but 20 homes. right now pg & e told us there is no outages reported in the peninsula or in the south bay. keep in mind we have continuing coverage tonight on this tomorrow and on our website. that's where you can see weather patterns where you live. the address is now to the crisis in japan. japanese engineers said today the only way to avert a radio active catastrophe might be to bury the reactor in sand and concrete. the suggestion came as the japanese government raised the crisis to a level five. that is equivalent to when the core partially melted down at 3- mile island in 1979. some see the idea of burying the reactor as a sign that peace meal steps such as dumping water on the plant are
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not working. this afternoon radiation from that crippled nuclear plant was detected thousands of miles away in sacramento. but the amount of radiation here is said to be so small it causes no health threat. ktvu's john fowler live where scientists are also trying to pick up signal. >> reporter: in the last hours, they've told me minute of the two isotopes have been found here in the bay area. now, they are at levels vastly lower than can be detected by ordinary detectors like this. this is registering normal background about 1.5. that's low actually normally. these new detections are at levels 100s of thousands of times too small to cause any measurable health effect. now there's more good news that today's rain experts say has further reduced the risk from
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the normally harmless background radiation. right now berkeley scientists are sampling about 6-gallons of the first rainwater. >> the first rain really brings down most of the radio active if this radio active brings it down, we can collect. >> reporter: rain makes the air even less radio active. scientists concentrated particles and put them in small disks. they looked for tell tail spikes on this monitor. you can see no tall spikes in the area. scientists expect only a few at atoms are making it to california. that's because this did not happen. this is scyolyde.
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scientists crumbled it up and set it on fire for us. >> we don't have the amount to send it miles and miles from it. >> no given the measurements and our expectations not to be worried about. >> reporter: looking at the background radiation here on the streets of berkeley to reiterate, minute amounts of trace background radiation, attributed to the japanese reactor have been found in the bay area. but health experts emphasize there is no health risk and no need to take any action. reporting live in berkeley, health and science editor john fowler, ktvu news. u.s. regular lay the tors today warned consumers watch out for an online scam -- regulators today warned
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consumers. watch out for an online scam. selling potassium iodine. they may not be the real thing. those pills are supposed to help organ damage. >> they're trying to convince you to buy something you are going to be convinced is the real drug. >> reporter: now there are a legitimate potassium iodine pills available online and at drugstores but health officials stress that they are not needed in the united states because no harmful levels of radiation from japan have been detected here. coming up at 5:30, hear from a tourist, and the precautions she brought with her to the united states. in japan it is ice cold. temperatures are well above freezing making recovery and survival even more difficult. dangerous work is under way across the country. searchers have to make sure they are not injured by falling
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debris. of the 20,000 people more more than 9,000 are missing and feared dead. >> i found a 9-year-old's body. i had to take her back to her family. >> reporter: search crews insist they're still in rescue mode. >> we're still trying to find victims. >> reporter: the moment the quake hit is marked by this stopped clock at a middle school in the fishing time of karakuwa. some of the smallest victims are able to set aside their troubles. japan's prime minister admits the government was overwhelmed by the quake and tsunami, slowing the response to the
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nuclear plant. >> this is the worse disaster japan has ever faced, we are now being tested. >> most officials expect the death toll from this disaster to top 10,000 lives. and keep in mind that we will continue our coverage in the crisis of japan on this newscast and on our website. you can always go to ktv for the latest on the crisis in japan. that includes our story and the very latest video. the search for tsunami wreckage continues here in san francisco. coming up we will show you some pictures of a boat that sanked to the bottom.
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today there are new pictures of a boat and other wreckage found under the santa cruz harbor. the result of tsunami there one week ago. robert handa is live tonight and has some of that under
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underwater video to show us. >> reporter: in the water, search teams are also busy. right now we can show you what drivers showed us. wreckage video caused by the tsunami. this under water video shows the search for sunken boats and wreckage. 10 boats sank. eight boats have been pulled out. and today diver cove says he discovered one of the boats that had been missed missing. >> it was a sailboat. >> reporter: what condition did it look like to you. >> it's down there, it's not coming out without some help. we took a look to make sure there was no motor attached and
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did my best to look inside the boat to see if there's gasoline or fuel tank or something like that. >> reporter: a crew from the oceanic administration also showed us these picture. later fish and game divers went down to see it and shoot these pictures of it up close. >> the harbor is on only about 10 feet deep. it would be impedememt to boat traffic. >> reporter: live at santa cruz harbor, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. and we'll have more on the crisis in japan a bill later in this newscast. at 5:35, our consumer editor tom vacar looks at what people are doing to protect themselves just in case from any radiation that might make it to the west coast. and what you should know about those products. big sur will likely be
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closed for at least the next month. we first told you about this on wednesday night just a few hours after the initial mud slide. today's rain could cause more erosion there making a bad situation even worse. a team of experts today tried to figure out what caused a chunk of the highway to slip into the ocean. at this point it's a mystery since there's really been no heavy rain in the big sur area for the past week. what a day here as we go over to meteorologist mark tamayo. fair to say the worse is over. >> the worse is over but we still have activity to take a look at in form of hours. the the turbulent weather, the severe weather is moving to the south and the east. right now on maps, the bulk of the rainfall right now, we have some more development out in the north bay. but as far as the coverage right now is focused on the
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southern third of the reason. closer to santa cruz. heavier cells right around morgan hill and especially right around the gilroy area. the north bay here, you can still see these two cells, up in the marin county and up in the sanoma county. right around point rays looks like we have more enhancement in the areas up here. still reports of light and moderate rain right around santa rosa and sebasta pool. here is a look at the over all story. tomorrow showers and still a chance of scattered thunderstorms and then by sunday, another storm moves in, it's going to be another strong one. in fact, heavy rain and gusty wind. today you can see what moved through early this morning and then more development upstream in the pacific. this is essentially our sunday deal. we still have a winter storm warning in place until 5:00 saturday morning. additional snowfall, snow
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levels coming down to 3,000 feet. we're still going to have that unsettled flow. we have a possibility of a thunderstorms. this will be on the move for the second half of the week. we have to talk about the timing of heavy rain. we'll have that coming up in a little bit. mark, thank you. an unusually full moon will appear in the sky tomorrow night. it's been referring to as a super man. that's what scientists say it'll be the largest full moon in more than 20 years. last time the moon was so close to the earth was back in march of 1983. the best time to see will be during the early evening tomorrow. and nasa's spacecraft is in orbit after 6.5 years in space. the orbit had been going into a tighter and tighter orbit until it wrapped around mars in the
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morning. there's a dramatic turn in the uprising in libya. >> atrocities against his people. president obama draws the line when it comes to gadhafi. what he says will force him to send in u.s. troops? and detected radiation is coming in on suitcases, how much it is and what it means.
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>> our goal is focused, our cause is just. and our coalition is front. president obama today threw down the gauntlet before gadhafi saying america will not stand idly by and watch the brutal crack down on libyan rebels. the situation in libya is changing rapidly. president obama says he does not trust moammar gadhafi. >> he threatened and i quote, we will have no mercy and no pity. we have every reason to believe that gadhafi would commit atrocities against him people. >> reporter: saying the terms are -t not negotiable. president obama demanded that libya stop its troops. reestablish water and power and allow aid to reach his people. if not. the u.s. and allies are ready to use force.
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the president vowed america will not be fighting another ground war. >> the united states is not going to deploy ground troops into libya. and we are not going to use force to go beyond a well defined goal. specifically the protection of civilians in libya. >> great britain has begun deploying fighter jets to libya. tomorrow secretary of state hillary clinton will meet with u.s. allies in paris to discuss the next steps in this crisis. libyan military forces say they will release four new york times journalists who have been detained since tuesday. a relative of one of the journalists say the four planned to drive to the egyptian border and then fly home from there. the four were treated well and
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had plenty of food and water. -- has been living in south africa ever since. white house asked arasti to delay his return until after sunday's presidential election fearing he would disrupt the vote. he led a corrupt and violent government. we are live in the santa cruz mountains where it's been a day of rain. in the peninsula and south bay we'll show you this and other reasons why it's been a busy day for the chp. is enough radiation coming to japan to have meters and pills to protect yourself? i'm tom vacar, that story coming up on the news.
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in the south bay today, boy it was one accident after another because of all the wet weather. we continue now with our storm watch coverage. the rain has been coming down pretty much all day and that made for some very difficult driving conditions to say the least. we have team coverage tonight. our meteorologist mark tamayo shows us how much rain we're going to get. but first ken pritchett is live in the south bay. what are the conditions there right now? looks like the it's still raining. >> yeah, frank, we're at the summit of highway 17 here in the santa cruz mountains. we had a heavier rain today. this is a drizzle. traffic here over the summit on 17 is moving at a pretty good clip. when it comes to the southern part of the peninsula and the south bay today there was quite a bit of activity. i spoke to the chp they said they saw too many accidents to list in this one report.
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a truck smashed the highway sign and came to rest in the bushes. >> luckily there's nothing inside the vehicle. >> reporter: it was empty. the driver was okay. the chp says he lost control in wet conditions when a car in front of him breaked unexpectedly. >> today we've had a lot of overturned vehicles. we've had a lot of people spinning out on and off ramps. people need to be driving really slow tonight. >> reporter: another accident near sfo when a driver lost control and rolled off the highway into thick ivy. a disabled vehicle there in highway 80 and 202 resulted in a chp traffic break. further slowing the afternoon commute. driving was treacherous. and simply walking in the weather was an inconvenience in san mateo there was more than just rain. before noon there was hail and even a brief tornado warning. >> it's been pretty stormy, i heard about some tornado warnings. i have a sales partner who was out in the rain when i heard those warnings out in the radio and gave her a call and told
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her she better get back indoors because it's getting pretty nasty out there. >> the tornado warning in san mateo county lasted about half an hour and there's no reports of any sightings that tornadoes and funnel clouds in that particular area. in the santa cruz mountains, ken pritchett, ktvu news. from ken let's go straight to mark tamayo. >> the tornado warning, the severe weather was associated with the passage of a strong funnel system. right now we still have some lingering rain showers out there. in fact, the coverage has been increasing just a bit. ken was just in the santa cruz mountains. nothing too extreme. you can see the reasons he is reporting, some mist and drizzle. but still drizzly spots to report in the region. with the maps up to the north and we'll show you this up in the north half of the region. up toward marin county and santa rosa. especially if you go closer to santa rosa right around downtown closer to sebasta pool
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as well. we have more rain to talk about. we'll go ahead and back up the maps once again. still moisture moving into san p ablo bay right around vallejo as well. this will be the over all theme for this evening. clusters of showers. but another storm that will impact part of your weekend. we'll have more of that coming up. heavy rains this morning brought down a tree on a car in fremont this morning. it happened near american high school. there are no reports of anyone being hurt but crews had to cut up the tree in order to get to the car. and we have an update now on the power outages here in the bay area. we just got off the phone with pg & e. the power companies have made some progress in restoring electricity knocked down by this storm but there are hundreds of new outages to report now. in the south bay, 2,000 people are without power. in the east bay, 450 people still have no electricity. up in the north bay the power is back on in all but 20 homes.
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pg & e says there are no outages reported in san francisco. and i want to show you live p pictures now of maneta, san jose where there's delays in departure of only 15 minutes or less. at sfo the weather is causing delays of more than an hour for some arriving flights. for departing flights at sfo, airport officials are telling passengers make sure you call your specific airline to fine out what the situation is. we have continuing coverage tonight on this storm. both on this newscast and on our website where you can find live radar of weather patterns in the area where you live that's at the crisis in japan is causing a will the of fear here at home even though there's no reports of any radiation reaching the bay area, a lot of people are still taking action. tom vacar live now in marin
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county. >> whether it's those potassium iodine pills, the fact is the rush to repel radiation is on. today the internet is full of pills, motions, meters and merchandise for radiation. an anxiety fueled big money business. >> when people feel anxious they tend to be more irrational. >> reporter: panic and fear are powerful purchase motivators. >> fear buying really is people trying to have the sense that they can prevent bad things from happening. >> reporter: at the welsh county pharmacist iodine pills are available but sold with a warning sheet. >> so we will give them the appropriate websites and a contact number, until actually something gets published, do not take it because the risk don't outweigh the benefits. >> reporter: lauren hill vacationing here in pennsylvania says, after years of study she knows what she
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believes and believes what she knows. >> someone who really cares about their health and wants to live a long long time, healthy. >> reporter: so on this trip, mrs. hill brought her long time radiation detection card. >> and this is something that you can use to gauge whether or not you need to be concerned. >> reporter: along with that, she brought iodine tablets and two other radiation suppressing compounds. >> so, you bring what you need to supplement that to counter act those effects. >> reporter: just on the internet i found radiation detectors from 400 to $2,000. and potassium pills from pennys to $90 each. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu news. the low levels of radiation have been found at san francisco airport on items from
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japan. but again, they warn there's no reason to worry. in the past week, radiation was detected at sfo8 times on cargo, baggage and mail from japan. nationwide there were 43 cases. but all of the levels were safe with readings a thousand times less than an x-ray. >> no harmful levels, everything was mitigated very quickly. coordination with our scientists, and the cargo was released. last year there were more than a half a million low level radiation spikes at u.s. airports on everything from ceramic tile to kitty litter. and our coverage continues on this crisis in japan both in our newscast and on our website. you can always go to for updates on the crisis in japan. that includes the latest stories and the latest video. a big admission tonight by the san leandro police department about the death of a
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dog. what they say went wrong. who may be among the first to testify when barry bonds goes on trial next week? it's someone who is well known to bay area baseball fans. and do you know a man detected in the latest police photograph released today? why san jose police are looking for the man tonight.
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borders is closing 28 more bookstores across the country including three here in the bay area. borders says that its stores in milpeda and san rafael will be out of business bay may. today's closures are in addition to 200 stores already scheduled to shut down as borders trys to reorganize under bankruptcy laws. the trial of barry bonds is expected to start in san francisco on monday. among those scheduled to testify is giambi. he is expected to tell the court that he was given steroids by the same trainer as bond. the judge has said she will send his trainer back to jail if he refuses to testify. if convicted, bonds could receive a wide range of penalties any where from probation to 50 years in prison. san jose police are looking
5:42 pm
for the public's health to catch an armed robber. they say this man held up a 7/11 store on center road last september. he pointed a gun at the clerk, he got away with beer and some cash. but police won't say how much. the san leandro police department admitted today that the handler of one of its police dogs didn't follow proper procedure when the canine killed another dog last september. the incident happened on a trail where the dog lives with its handler. it was someone else and not the handler. san leandro police would not
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say what disciplinary -- the trainer would face. last september health officials in the u.s. restricted the use of avandia to patients with type two diabetes. about 3.2 million prescriptions of avandia are filled every year in the united states. a food and drug administration panel suggested that the organization should remove menthol flavored cigarettes from the market. the board says they are concerned that young people who experiment with menthol cigarettes will become long time smokers. a ban could take years to implement. what would happen to munni's tunnels during a big earthquake? no one knows and nummi is not looking to find out. and we have a system that could produce the strongest winds of the season. new at 6:00, traces of japan's radiation found right
5:44 pm
here in california. but the rain may delute your fears. the latest information you need to know. plus, why the adult entertainment industry doesn't want to be xed out. the decision made today that could reshape the way you and your children use the internet. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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in san francisco tonight, nummi officials say they are not sure how well two very old but very important tunnels could withstand a big earthquake. that's because they've never done seismic studies.and as tom vacar tell s us now, there's no plans to do those seismic testing. >> reporter: these are reports after six hours of visual inspection. we are across from a station.
5:47 pm
visual inspections of the two tunnels totaling a mile in length is as far as nummi think they need to go. they detected cracks which they say need to be fixed but they declared it safe. every couple years, they issue a report. >> this is not the report that has been in the calculations made, it's just a visual inspection. >> reporter: as a state university engineering official, ahani has been part of many inspections and says that a visual inspection is not enough. the professor says the tunnel does seem to be pretty well built and have withstood time. >> i would think the city would
5:48 pm
be a little bit more proactive and actually checking all of our tunnels. >> nowadays that's dangerous. especially with what happened over in japan. >> reporter: it's not clear how much seismic studies would cause an earthquake retrofit could run into hundreds of millions of the dollars. right now nummi is having a hard time finding the 6 million that the visual inspections found. what will the bay area look like in 25 years? the transportation commission and the association of bay area governments are developing a new plan, one that invisions the population rising by 2 million people. the commission also forecast about 900,000 new homes built near public transportation and walking a bike path. about 1/3 will be built in san francisco. the region will add 1.2 million jobs. some participants in san francisco waiting tonight to find out which school their children will go to in the fall and they may get an answer by
5:49 pm
this weekend. the san francisco unified school district planned to send placement letters. this comes after 15,000 parents submitted applications to the school district last month. parents have until april 15th to accept their placement officer. and an update on that massive pile up that shut down i80. and we go to julie haener for what else we're working on. at 6:00, what's in a name. the adult entertainment industry says a lot. the explicit label placed on online porn and why some are not happy about it. and the bay area agenda for the president's visit. a trail of damage left behind after stormy weather. the big trouble spots tonight at six clock. the bay area is still recovering from the volcano eruption.
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a group of california firefighters arrived in hawaii today to help battle this fire. the five person strike team is from the national recreation near redding up in northern california. on to the weather now. a lot to talk about. we had a little bit of everything over now to our meteorologist mark tamayo. what are we looking at now? >> we have some breaks in the action but still the break applies to more shower activity. we will have more clusters of showers pushing through the bay area. right now on the maps in fact, i can show you on live storm tracker 2. we have been watching the development up on sonoma county and napa county and right around parts of marin as well, closer to san rafael and right around nevado. we show you this around san francisco and oakland. a few spotty light showers, a few sprinkles and as we head to the south, still more coverage on the bulk of the rainfall from santa cruz to morgan hill. as far as rainfall totals over
5:51 pm
the past 24 hour, we picked up most of these amounts within probably about two to three hour period. as a result we have the intense downpours, san francisco nearly an inch of rain and san jose just over .3 but we're adding to the numbers right now. you can see the rain moving, especially between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. we had the severe weather associated with the frontal system. as a result we're going to hold off to some off and on showers, enough instability could trigger a few thunderstorms once again for your saturday. then we'll take this into sunday, our next storm arrives and this will be a strong storm. not only in terms of heavy rainfall but also strong gusty winds. typically the areas of low pressure are situated up in the pacific northwest. for us here in the bay area, this low is going to be parked offshore as a result winds will be on the increase. the high wind watch kicks into
5:52 pm
sunday for the coast, the bay and into the hills. the bay is going to be gusting at 15 miles per hour. here is the forecast models, increasing this evening at 10:00 and 11:00. on and off rain showers pushing through the region at 12 and also at 5:00. san jose, a forecasted high 58. and lingering rain showers for monday morning, then we could be looking at more rain chances for wednesday. get ready for the second part of the weekend, strong gusty winds gusting through the region. hundreds of troops are arriving in california, hear why they are leaving the mexican border and what it could mean for border security.
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more than 200 national guard members in california are among those who are expected to leave their postat the mexican border. there is now a brewing political fight over whether the guards should stay or go. >> it's clear from every statistical measure that the approach is working. >> homeland security secretary napolitano says the national guard has helped seize more
5:56 pm
than 14,000 pounds of drugs, and helped apprehend 7,000 illegal immigrants. >> the national guard is going to be pulling out of the border in june. so i asked the question yesterday, who's going to replace the guard and the answer is there is no plan. >> reporter: the recent killings of two federal agents has some lawmakers very concerned about what will happen when the national guard leaves the border in just three months. but in order for the national guard to remain in place beyond june, congress would have to approve additional money. right now both the republican and democratic budget proposals include cuts to border security. stay with us, there is much more news just ahead. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. i'm live in santa rosa where a tornado touched down. i'll tell you what the owners of a business are doing as they try to cheap clean up all of this and recover.
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particles of radiation from japan just now showing up in the bay area, we're with scientists tracking it all. the latest news they have tonight that should calm your fears this has take fears, f ears. and take a look at this. plus the other location where a tornado did touch down. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. toppled streets even a tornado. a fast moving system is moving out of the area tonight. eric rasmussen is joins us now. >> reporter: the owner landscaping has piled


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