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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  March 19, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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ammonia. their concern was this 5,000- gallon tank localing ammonia. just before 11:00 this morning a water plant treatment worker walking by noticed the leak. >> we did find that there was roughly 250-gallon leak of ammonia that had leaked out much its tank and into its
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secondary containment area. >> reporter: firefighters were concerned it may get into the air. they pent door to door at neighborhood north to northwest of the plant. word spread fast among the neighbors. >> she just called me and said stay inside. don't let the dog out and turn your heater off. so i was kind of concerned. >> it can cause other types of medical problems such as spasms and things like that, having difficulty breathing. we have not received any 911 calls of any complaints of the smell. >> reporter: firefighters were also concerned about ammonia leaking into the water supply but that was ruled out quickly. >> we have been off line at this plant since early march. we have a construction project which you can see in the background where we've been doing a lot of work. none of the tanks have water in it. >> reporter: after two and a half hours firefighters determined the leak had been contained and they lifted the specialtyer in place. >> i think they should tell us,
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yeah. because if it had been a nice day we might have been all outside. >> reporter: the water district is still investigating the cause of the leak. we were told that the rain actually helped this situation by dill outing the ammonia. reporting live from san jose, janine, ktvu, channel 2 news. we are back on storm watch tonight. steady rain is making for a very wet saturday around much of the bay area. this was the scene mid-day. the residents there are keeping a close eye on the creek. live team coverage tonight beginning with our meteorologist mark tamayo tracking this latest powerful storm. >> heather light to moderate rainfall across the bay area. but the rainfall amounts will be picking up this evening. you can see the activity we are essentially covering here. the wind speeds with winds around 15-20 miles per hour so still a bit gusty so take a tour and show you up in the north bay we do have some activity to show you right around santa rose is a. the darker shades of rain do
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correspond with some more moderate rainfall down in the south bay area. some more action out towards the santa cruz mountain. they will be picking up significant rainfall late tonight and early tomorrow morning. looking to the south and west you can see the development of that storm storm is the key factor as we head into late and tomorrow morning with excessive rainfall rates. coming up the timing of the extreme downpours as how strong the winds will be into early sunday morning. >> the north bay has already pounded by this the latest storm. everything from rain to tornadoes hail has pounded the area. ktvu's deborah villalon is there where things are getting dark out there. >> ken, we have been getting drenched all day. along 101 we are watching cars plow through some pretty impressive puddles. driving and keeping dry is a challenge as our weather just doesn't let up. hail so heavy it is piled up
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like snow woke many people this morning in the north bay. there was a thick coating on cars and plants and patio furniture. surprising people say so late in the season. >> this is completely unusual for sonoma county and santa rosa for this time of year. a complete surprise. i know back east we are having terrible storms but not sonoma county. >> reporter: a landslide is causing problems blocking the westbound traffic for a time. as crews work to clear it, rocks and mud kept tumbling down, trees are uprooting and a pine 80 feet up the hall hangs precariously. nearby the russian river runs swollen and chocolate covered but at this point in no danger of flooding its banks. mostly the rain is creating squirrely driving conditions with drivers too fast, susceptible to losing control. that's why this man scooped up some hail for his baby son and
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retreated. >> cozy up and read some kids books and watch so the movies. definitely not going out on the road. definitely not out on the road. >> reporter: brad was nice into enough to send us the photos of the hail on his street. if you have got weather pictures please send them along to us at the calendar may say spring starts tomorrow but you sure can't tell it out here. reporting live deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. now so some developing news tonight outside outside of chicago severe turbulence has forced a u.s. airways flight from san francisco to philadelphia to make an un scheduled landing there. a chicago t.v. station says two people onboard flight 658 are being checked for head injuries after that plane encountered severe turbulence. we are working to get more details for you. we will bring you the very latest on this situation tonight on the 10:00 news. >> a soggy clean up is underway in santa ros after a small tornado destroyed a building at
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a landscaping building yesterday. the tornado with winds as high as 110 miles per hour struck just before 9:15 yesterday morning. witnesses say the tornado dissipated quickly but not before sending debris over several blocks along pacific area and king street. meteorologists say california averages six tornadoes a year. chp has been very busy today with a number of weather related accidents, including an overturned car in santa clara. four members of a south bay family were on their way to the movie this is afternoon when the driver lost control on the 101 off-ramp to the great america parkway. no one was injured. but one of the passengers says this accident was absolutely terrifying. going on a ride and spinning really fast but you know you are safe. here once i started seeing the branches i was afraid that the branches go through the car, you know, somebody would end up really, really hurt. >> the chp is reminding drivers to slow down, increase your distance between other cars and avoid flooded areas on the roadway. at this hour, highway 84 is
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still shut down in san mateo county. the office of emergency services says fallen trees and downed power lines are blocking the roadway between skyline and portola road. the problems started at 6:00 in the morning. we are still waiting for word on when that road will re-open. our storm watch coverage continues online. has a slide show of the rain and the hail we showed you and live radar for the area where you live. just click on the storm watch tab. there are dramatic new developments in the crisis in libya tonight. late today, president obama authorized u.s. air strikes against the north african nation. american iron british forces aired more than 110 cruise missiles at coastal targets in libeling yeah. the goal is to take out anti- aircraft and enforce the no-fly zone just approved by united
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nations. the u.s. role will be limited but he says he is aware of the risks. >> i want the american people to know that the use of force is not our first choice. and it is not a choice that i make lightly. but we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people that there will be no mercy. unknown fighters brought down a war plane over the capitol of bengazi this morning. this is believed to be a libyan jet that went down. leader moammar gadhafi said that libya will defend itself from "crusadeer aggression." they welcomed the international support after what they considered to be a long wait. anti-war activists marked the 8th anniversary of the u.s.- led war in iraq by protesting. they are also critical of the u.s. military action in libya. >> reporter: heather, u.s. plaza is quiet today but today there were 1,000 protestors a
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large crowd considering the cold rain and wind. on the 8th anniversary of the american war in iraq the political protestors rallied at u.n.'s plaza. >> thank you for your solidarity of support with the people of iraq. >> reporter: they were demanding that troops be brought home from countries such as iraq and afghanistan. the group is called answer for act now to stop war and end racism. >> this does not begin outside of ourselves. passengers begins within our own hearts. >> like many in the crowds this teacher who brought some of her students to the rally says money should be diverted from war to schools. >> teachers are getting laid off, not having school supplies, more students in the classrooms. if we end the wars there will be more money for schools. >> if we keep giving money to the war the kids can't get a good education and have a good future. a spokesman said they also have grave doubts about u.n.
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actions today against libyan strong man moammar gadhafi, even though insurgents had asked for our support. >> it is our opinion that it cannot be a positive thing if we result in a lot of killing. and it will result in the loss of sovereignty of libya. >> reporter: the crowd also marched to union square and there were close to 800 people when they arrived outside the st. francis hotel. they briefly joined workers in negotiations with local hotels over union contracts. live in san francisco, jim vargas, ktvu, channel 2 news. former secretary of state warren christopher died last night in la of cancer. the 85-year-old christopher served as is being -- secretary of state in the clinton administration during which he negotiated the end to the war in bosnia. also brokered the release of 52 u.s. hostages held occurring -- during the revolution in 1981. the crisis in japan impacts that nation's food supply. the products that have now been contaminated with traces of
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radiation. things are cooling down at that crippled nuclear creek tore. what japanese crews have just been able to do to reduce the threat of a nuclear meltdown. >> we uncover a bay area breakthrough making vegetables you already ate more nutrition. >> what is the downside? >> there is none. >> i like it.
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. now for the latest from japan, japanese engineers appear to be gaining control at that nuclear power plant tonight. but there are indications that radiation has already entered the environment. low levels of radioactivity were detected today in japanese tap water with slightly greater amounts in milk and spinach from farms near the power plant. but the greatest danger is to the engineers at that plant, some of whom are exposed to the equivalent of ten chest x-rays every hour. those engineers are making progress. in just the last few hours, they have restored electrical
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power to two of the spent fuel cooling ponds, dropping the temperature in them by 10 degrees. they hope to do the same at the remaining four reactor buildings in the next 24 hours. meanwhile, crews have set up unmanned firehouses that are dowsing the other reactors with water. the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami continues to climb with more than 7600 people confirmed dead. almost 12,000 are still missing tonight. at least 11 of those are american citizens. 450,000 japanese are living in emergency shelters. early estimates are that it will cost at least $200 billion to rebuild. well, this evening the environmental protection agency is reiterating its message that so far only miniscule amounts of radiation have been detected here on the west coast. the epa is monitoring the situation and says it does not expect any public health risks here in california. and in addition, the nuclear engineering department at university of california berkeley set up its own independent monitoring on
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wednesday. so far, they have not reported any evidence of significant radiation either. well, governor jerry brown has declared tomorrow a day of remembrance for victims in japan. the governor's office released an official proclamation today acknowledging the special relationship between california and japan and the courage of the japanese people. he called for californians to keep the earthquake and tsunami victims in our prayers and thoughts. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a two alarm fire in berkeley's tillden park. the east bay regional parks officials tell us the fire started at 3:45 a.m. it destroyed a vehicle maintenance building a quarter mile inside the park. officials say last night's storm knocked out power to the building between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. but the crews had checked the building after power came back on and they say they found nothing unusual. activists gathered in oakland today to call for the legislature to deal with the foreclosure crisis in california. organizers say 700,000 california homes are in some
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stage of foreclosure with a third of all borrowers owing more money than their homes are worth. >> these are to hold the banks accountable and to make sure they own the notes of the homes they are foreclosing against. it will help people going through foreclosures and, you know, in the process of going through it. >> one bill would require the banks to consider loan modifications before proceeding to foreclosure. also provide specific reasons why they are denying any loan modification. and proof the bank actually owns the mortgage. well, we talked about it at the top of the newscast all of the rain we have been getting. get ready because more is on the way. let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo. >> we do have a powerful storm system racing toward the bay area coastline. the rainfall rates have been picking up a bit over the passed hour or two. as you can see on live stormtracker 2 basically covered with some action. show you in the south bay close to the santa cruz mountains already some enhancement here the southwesterly flow. as a result the santa cruz
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mountains will be picking up significant rainfall late tonight into early tomorrow morning. moving the maps up to the north right around the bay itself for san francisco, oakland, out toward the east bay for concord. also up towards the north bay for santa rosa, once again those darker shades of green the signature at least of some moderate rainfall moving into mill valley and also right around san raphael. this front is along the way. the heaviest rainfall from 8:00 tonight to 2:00 sunday morning. talking about the extreme rainfall rates. the forecast totals are around 1-3 inches picking up most of this early sunday morning. the hot spot, the target zone will be for the santa cruise mountains with excessive rainfall rates. winds also a component here. a wind advisory lasts until 8:00 sunday morning. gusts approaching 45 miles per hour. but the strongest winds targeting the santa cruz mountains. as a result we have this high wind warning that begins at
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9:00 tonight. gusts around 60 miles per hour. in addition to this a flash flood watch kicks in at 11:00 until sunday afternoon. we could have rainfall rates on the order of one inch an hour. but still the bay area wide. localized ponding and a fairly good bet of you are and and small stream flood advisors quicking in circumstance laying is developing to the south and west. step out of the way and see it is very impress self on the satellite the signature there. a fairly good bet of some thunderstorms i am bet -- imbedded as well. could have some more thunder late tonight into early sunday morning. the rainfall forecast models we do put it into motion at 9:00 this evening. some lighter colors here but some heavy rain downpours. early tomorrow morning at 2:00 you can see the passage of the system for sunday morning still some lingering rain showers. this forecast model scales back on the coverage and the probability by late tomorrow afternoon. that's all reflected in the forecast tomorrow at 7:00.
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45-50 degrees. showers likely. at 12:00 50-53 some scattered showers. temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s. here is a look ahead at the main event scheduled for late tonight between 2:00 and 10:00 tomorrow. we say hello to spring. showers likely into monday. tuesday there is the chance of a sprinkle. but that could be the best for outdoor activities because we could be talking about some more rain for wednesday and also thursday. but tonight a fairly big deal out there with the wind and the rain. >> yes. saturated ground, wind, trees will come down probably. >> that's a fairly god possibility -- good possibility. and with the power outage. >> stock up on batteries. and look out for the trees in your neighbor. >> yes. >> a super full moon will rise in about an hour and 15 minutes. the planetarium is open to help you watch the moon as it raises in less rainy parts of the world. the moon will appear 30% brighter than normal due to a
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quirk of celestial mowing motion. >> what's special about this one is we have a full moon when the moon is the closest to the earth. >> the last so-called super- moon that took place was in 1993. it won't happen again until november 14th of 2016. >> students lined up today in san francisco to protect themselves against whooping cough. a free vaccination clinic was held at roosevelt middle school. a new state law says every 7th through 12th grader must get a whooping cough shot beginning this fall. students without it or an exemption will not be allowed to be in school. >> it is good to protect from that because california is still in the middle of a whooping cough epidemic. there were 10 infant deaths last year. >> clinic organizers told ktvu this afternoon 200 students showed up for today's event. bay area police and firefighters today shaved their heads to raise money for children with cancer.
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the second annual event at the foundation took place at childrens' hospital oakland. officers got shaved as a sign of solidarity with kids currently undergoing chemotherapy. >> when you compare yourself for what the kids are going through it is-had honor, actually, to do something to help make the situation better for the kids. >> oakland police collected an estimated $7500. the funds all go to the hospital's oncology department. what a bump of good guys. >> creative accounting. why the city is considering handing over $35 million to the san francisco 49ers. [ music ]
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. >> santa clara city council may take an unusual on friday to protect funds slated for a new stadium. they give the money directly to the 49ers before the council votes to eliminate that as part of its budgets plan. the women finally getting underway in the ncaa tournament. >> it is a good thing we have the stanford women around. >> yes. >> the stanford women are the only bay area team to reach the ncaa tournament this year. guys, go ahead, jump on the band wagon. besides the cardinal may be
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around for a i will who. that's what former all american stanford's own figures anyway. stand ford the top seed. they hosted davis. cardinal led by just 12 points at half time. relax candace. and then she scores 22. stanford wins its 62nd straight home game. 86-a 9 is your final. stanford now hosts st. john's on sunday. extra drama in the men's ncaa tournament. west took san diego state to double overtime as they outscored the owls 10-3. billy white with the put-back. san diego has a super so for in leonard. he takes it wide as the aztecs win 67-64. san diego never won an ncc tournament ever until this week. now in the sweet 16. the only men's team still alive in the big tournament because
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florida beat ucla73-65 today. well, opening day for the giants is still 12 days away. but the ball club learned today that closer brian wilson strained his oblique and that he may not be ready for the march 31st season opener in la. wilson, of course, led the majors last year with 48 saves. but that bit of bad news didn't seem to carry over on to the field in scottsdale today. giants three solo homeruns to beat kansas city. rock starts it off in the second inning. his third homerun this season. then in the fourth buster takes the same pitcher bruce chin deep for his third homerun of the season for hem. aubrey huff adds another and giants win 3-1. barry deal is pitching very strong today. he allowed just one run on two hits and six innings. as win 8-3 over the white sox. cahill worked that and. that is sports as we see it.
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heather and ken i just learned that butler comes back to beat fourth seeded pittsburgh. butler you remember made the ncaa finals. they were the first seed. pittsburgh was the number one seed. the first number one seed to go down. >> all right. >> thank you, fred. >> and now tonight a big storm. >> big storm. >> the forecast models we look at we break down every three hours the rainfall rates. especially after 8:00 there will be a significant rise in the precipitation totals and also the wind speeds. so a big change happening basically over the next 3-5 hours. >> all right. >> keeping an eye on that. have that tonight on the 10:00 news on storm watch. all of the latest on what's going on around the bay area as this storm moves in. some watches are expected to be issued. we will show you which areas could get hit the hares. that is our report. i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm heather holmes. thank you so much for joining us. we hope to see you back here tonight at 10:00. >> live stormtracker 2, live radar images, keeping you ahead
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of the storm. live stormtracker 2, complete bay area weather coverage. [ music ]


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