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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 20, 2011 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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travel troubles tonight as weather strands passengers here in the bay area. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. that powerful storm that rolled through the bay area last night is now lashing southern california. even though it's hundreds of miles away it's still having an effect here in california. >> it's a lot more calm right now, and we just checked with southwest in the last half hour they say none of its scheduled
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flights. it was bob hope airport that seemed to get hit the hardest today. low visibility and high winds prompted the cancellation of at least five flights between the bay area. >> reporter: hail, yes. along with rain and rainbows this evening, but it was winter in burbank causing trouble here tonight. >> reporter: these burbank travelers were rushing through the airport trying to get their flight. >> we immediately came to the airport and tried to get into another flight. >> i got a call from my mother saying that due to winds there's water in the valley and the roads and everything and i laughed at her. oops. she was right. mom was right. >> that's not even a ticket for getting me on the plane yet. >> reporter: also without a seat hoped to fly into another airport. >> i'm trying to get to
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burbank, although my car is in -- >> stressful and very stressful. >> reporter: that's how this bride to be described a weekend of wedding planning then described her flight to l.a.x. was delayed for three hours. for many this monitor delivered the unwelcomed news. one minute after this,usc student got to the airport, he was calling his family to get a ride home. >> every one of them from 5:00 to 6:00 to 8:00 got pushed to 9:00. >> reporter: the latest numbers are that's been at least four flights cancelled all headed to or from burbank. most passengers have been able to be rerouted today or plan to fly out tomorrow. reporting live, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news.
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what a mess. winter's last lash was cold, bitter and nasty. we talked to people who spent the day cleaning up after last night's storm. >> we thought it was thundering. when i said we didn't see the lightning, how could it be. my daughter said, a tree landed on us. >> reporter: the tree sent the gas line into the air sending a cloud into the neighborhood. >> so police came to our door saying we have to evacuate. >> reporter: despite to minor damage to her home, she's all
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right. >> she's doing fine. she's staying in our home right now. >> just a little shook up. >> she's just shook up. >> my guess is what we did is, jackhammered this open and turned the valve off so that it cut off gas to that home. >> reporter: pg & e crews have had a busy day in oakland this tree came down at about midnight. it didn't pull down any power lines but it did leave this car tracked. >> this is a black eucalyptus. this pine tree is still blocking woodmont avenue. crews will return tomorrow, clean up like this continues throughout the bay area. christien kafton, ktvu news. the strong winds what a top headlines after last night's storm. gusty conditions, really start
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developing yesterday at about this time. these are the peak gusts. you can't see angel aoeu rapid right around 58-miles-an-hour. sfo at 53-miles-an-hour. winds of course have subsided but we still have the heavy rain, the significant rainfall down to our south. down toward southern california, here in the bay area, some lingering showers, even had a few isolated thunderstorms roll through the south bay add about 6:30 this eving. a lot of this from the middle of the bay not reaching the ground. here we have some showers around pescadero. coming up i'll highlight the shower chances for tomorrow. we also have more storms to talk about this week. i'll show you all the rain clouds in our five day forecast. fierce winds swept through san francisco last night leaving a trail of debris behind. the strong winds ripped this 25- foot metal sign completely off the top of the old virginia hotel building. it happened at around 10:30
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last night just a block away from busy union square. no one was hurt. some hotel signs to large tree branches, last night's storm caused a lot of damage throughout the city. >> you could hear the wind whistling. you could hear it from above. it sounded like it was blowing strong. >> lightning and thundering which was rare. we have people down south and they're used to it. but here they're not used to seeing it. >> reporter: the san francisco department of public works tells ktvu news it received 75 calls last night about damaged trees and branches. crews are busy today in the peninsula cleaning up after last night's storms. drivers had to take a detour this morning after rain and wind toppled a tree off wood side. just a few miles south, public works crews tackled a down
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tree. >> the power is fine, the telephone is fine. it's just we have to come out to break the wires out. >> reporter: rain slickened roads and freeways created poor driving conditions throughout the peninsula. there was at least a foot of water today on northbound highway 101 near the 280 split. the rain brought heavy snow to the sierra and interstate 80. chains are now required on interstate 80 from backseat baxter to the interchange. coming up at 10:30, we'll have a live report from the sierra as drivers try to make it home from the sierra. you can always find our weather tracker by going to our website and clicking on the weather tab. for weeks they spilled
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sewage into the bay. 2.9million-gallons of dirty water spilled. it alleges that the company damaged a 27-inch sewer main. g & e is yet to comment. the second problem area is 50 feet from that faulty sea well that ruptured on july 9th. both sections of the pipeline were excavated and sent to a federal lab in virginia for analysis says pg & e. the safety board is investigating. now to libya where for a
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second night in a row, the u.n. is bombarding the area. >> reporter: anti aircraft fire erupting repeatedly in the capital of tripoli suggests that jets are attacking the libyan forces. today gadhafi issues an audio message. >> we are preparing ourselves for a long war in a vast land that you cannot imagine. >> we now have the ability, capability to patrol the air space over libya. >> reporter: rebels welcomed the international actions against gadhafi forces. some of them dancing on destroyed tanks. >> we've seen the people of
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libya take a courageous stand against a regime. >> reporter: u.s. officials say there have been no reports of civilian casualties. but today, the head of the arab league criticized the international mission saying the strikes have gone beyond what the league support. >> what we want is the safety of civilians. civilians, not more deaths. meantime prices at the pump continue to climb as the tensions continue in the middle east and north africa. a survey released today says a gallon of gas jumped 4%. the average price of gas nationwide is $3.57. that's 76 higher than it was a year ago. san francisco once again has one of the highest prices in the nation at 4:02 a gallon.
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in san jose it's three 3.98. a a portion of the south harbor was reopened today. the rough weather caused officials to close it later in the day. an update on the current situation in japan. including a new staggering death total. and team mobile will be bought out by at&t. the deal would reduce the amount of national carriers from four to three.
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the purchase would give at&t 129,000 subscribers. a new leader with a challenge. the state's republican party chooses a bay area man as its chair. the challenges the party faces. the state's budget crisis is having santa clara's effort to build a stadium for the 49ers. the move is city is expected to take tomorrow. plus, the hearing for the barry bonds trial is expected to start tomorrow. the challenges facing the jury. coming up next.
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trying to freshen the gop message. california republicans tonight have a fresh face leading their party. ktvu's john sasaki traveled to sacramento the to talk to the man trying to revive the party. >> reporter: california's grand old party has a brand new leader and he's from right here in the left leaning area. many republicans are still there tonight after the end of this weekend's state convention but mostly because bad weather cancelled their flights home to southern california. but that gave them extra time
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to spend with their new chairman. >> it gives us time to go out there and address the public and that's what we intend to do. >> reporter: the party is shrinking and just lost all statewide offices. he arguing the problem is connecting with the voters. >> they pass our initiatives time and again whether it's blocking new taxes or making it harder to raise taxes. >> reporter: democratic san francisco senator mark lenard told me by phone, their republicans have lost their way. they're out of step with california end quote. he says the party opposes a special election. >> california republican party remains adamantley opposing new
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taxes. >> reporter: i also spoke >> reporter: reporting live i'm john sasaki. a long time san jose republican activist died last night while attending the gop convention. 64-year-old mcnay suffered a heart attack at an evening party. in 2002 he ran against lofkrin. mcnay was also active in the sacramento convention. a legislators have cut $14 billion from the state budget. this week they'll take up a bill to eliminate state redevelopment agencies and redistribute those funds. however the biggest challenge for the governor will be getting a handful of republicans to put $11 billion of extensions before voters on
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the june ballot. no comment tonight from former governor arnold schwarzenegger after lawmakers denounced him for commuting the killer of nunez. thousands of californians are still waiting for driver's licenses delayed by high tech features. while the department of motor vehicles is reducing the backlog, earlier this month, some 850,000 drivers had not received their licenses. the sacramento bee reports today that internal e-mails between the dmv and a massachusetts contractor show
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that the contractor has had problems with printers, engravers, laminating machines and staff. san jose police have now followed through with a major budget cut and grounded their helicopter. the department says it's grounding the chopper for the next three months then will evaluate the impact on safety. the move is expected to save $100,000 on fuel. pilots will return to patrol work. the department also faces possible lay offs due to san jose's budget deficit. santa clara city leaders are considering giving $4,800 to the san francisco 49ers. the city council is expected to vote on the proposal on monday. the proposal comes as governor brown moves to eliminate redevelopment agency. san jose says giving the money will better protect the money from the state.
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the perjury trial against former san francisco giants shrubber barry bonds enters a critical new phase today. as claudine wong tells us, prosecutors will try to select a jury to determine if bonds lied about taking steroids. >> reporter: almost eight years after the steroids scandal began. barry bonds is finally up to bat. as he faces off against federal prosecutors in his perjury trial. his trial is not about whether bonds took steroids. this is all about whether he lied about it to the grand jury. and legal experts say the challenge is convincing jurors, perjury matters. >> this is something that routinely prosecutors have to deal with in perjury trials is illustrating for the jury, that yes even though the subject of the lies may seem trivial to you. the lies in the justice system is anything but trivial and this is why. >> reporter: both sides are hoping to see the jury by tomorrow with opening statements by the afternoon. but when the defendant is a household name, finding jurors without strong opinions about
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him may not be easy. >> so people who love barry bonds and he can do no wrong. or people who think, he had all of the breaks he's done this terrible thing and he's you know terrible. anybody with any really strong feelings they're looking out for. >> reporter: legal experts say even though barry bonds doesn't testify jurors will be watching closely and what they think of him, will be key in the case. >> i think he should be respectful to the jurors, to the court. and if at any small amount in his ability, he should be humble. and the two charged with haley's murder is expected to
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go on trial. yusef dey iv is expected to go on trial for hiring a man to kill bailey. japanese police have a new estimate on the devastate as efforts to avoid a nuclear disaster intensifies. and still watching a few showers on live storm tracker 2 radar. i'm also watching some more development in the pacific. coming up, the next storm that will be moving into the bay area.
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japan now estimates the total deaths will reach 15,000. there's growing worry about
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radiation in food as japan bans shipments of spinach and milk produced near it's nuclear plant. >> all teams are still struggling to cool down those overheating reactors. about 150 miles northeast of here in the japanese capital. their main focus is to restore power and cooling systems there which were knocked out by the tsunami over a week ago. tokyo electric power says that power has been restored to two of the units now but still not clear if the cooling systems will work. fire trucks continue to pump water over their reactors which are still in danger of overheating. a japanese nuclear safety official has warned pressure already has been over heating. tokyo electric has also warned the spreading of water on that unit may not be cooling its reactor. the reactor of the plant has
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also backed away now over kárpbs it could pump more radiation. japan spokesman has now said the nuclear plants must eventually be scrapped. radiation has been detected in the food around the plant. food showed levels in excessive amounts. and rescue teams have just returned from the quake zone. they brought back these pictures from the devastation but they say pictures cannot do justice compared to what they saw. they also said it was more difficult than recovering victims from haiti or new zealand because the communication was so poor. taiwan is busy tonight
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checking food imported from japan for radiation. this is the first case of radiation being found in japanese exports since that nuclear crisis began last week. the plane that danville captain sullenberger piloted into the hudson is now be on display. the veteran pilot successfully landed the jet in the water after birds took out both of it engines. captain sullenburger is credited for saving the lives of everyone on board. wings will be moved to a north carolina aviation museum within a couple of weeks. brought down a power line. it happened on south boulevard between mission and utah. police tells ktvu that trucks snatched a power line causing that power pole to snap. no one was hurt.
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pg & e cut off electricity in the area while crews made repairs. electricity was restored by this week. police are looking for the hit and run driver that smashed seven vehicles last night. police sent us these pictures of damage. the driver kept up the demolition derby before crashing his own truck into a cargo van and taking off. fortunately no one was injured. we'll head up to the sierra next where snow is causing lots of headaches tonight for people on the roadways. a live report on the current conditions is next. and to save a life. hundreds turn out to help a bay area teenager. the rare disease he's battling and how you can help.
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its has been a very, very long day for people trying to make their way home from the sierra. amber lee talked to some of those frustrated drivers, she joins now from blue canyon, amber. >> reporter: this is some of the snow they just pushed off i80. what that transferred to is one big headache. while the snow has just temporarily stopped dropping, you can see cars still making their way slowly to blue canyon. that's because they haven't since the storm. >> i think we left at 12:30. so yeah, we probably have another 50 miles to go. >> reporter: in traffic. >> probably the last three hours in the car going very,
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very slow. >> reporter: chain controls -- >> frustrating. >> reporter: or freeway shut downs. >> i was getting tired, a bunch of my game systems were running out of battery. >> reporter: leading to what looked like a block party of trapped travelers. >> i was waiting for about five hours. >> reporter: just before 5:00 they were free at last. leading to this rat race. >> so exstatic, i just want to go home. >> reporter: only to be stopped again. >> i am hoping to get on i guess before they close it again. >> reporter: caltrans blames the freeway closures on poor visibility and snowfall. we did talk to someone who overseas the snow accumulation. she says that the snowfall seen in the sierra make it is roadways particularly vulnerable. >> thank you, danielle.
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and a sacramento family escaped unhurt from their burning home. high winds fanned the flames. no one was hurt in the fire. witnesses say a latino man in his 20s fired a handgun at the pair of people outside the el torro nightclub on san but bruno avenue right around 2:00 in the morning. the two were suffering from gun wounds when they were rushed to san francisco hospital. a man was killed and two other people were injured after their car overturned in antioch. with car with all five people inside flipped over. the 18-year-old male driver and two teenage girls are being treated for their injuries. one of those girls is in critical condition. an 18-year-old male passenger was treat there had at the
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scene. the cause of this crash is still under investigation. san francisco police tonight are looking for the driver in a deadly hit and run crash. a man was killed at eighth and market street when he was struck in his car just around 8:30 last night. the victim has not yet been identified and police say they don't have a description of the suspect or the vehicle. in news of the world tonight, in yemen the bodies of some of the almost 50 protesters killed with armed men on friday were carried back to the protest site today. thousands came out to take part in the funeral procession to protest and call for the president to step down. faced with pressure from inside his government, the president today fired his cabinet. in haiti, presidential elections are on the way. former haitian first lady and law professor manigat is in a run off against pop star miche
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martele. wyclef sean was shot in the hand last night while campaigning for martele. election results are expected in april. the president obama was visiting rio de janeiro. currently about 55 of rio's slums have the security program. it's estimated rio has about a thousand shami towns. as ktvu's jim vargas explains, strangers may be the boy's best allies. >> reporter: today at the family's place of worship in
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burlinggame, potential donors showed up. mother ali says the boy is doing okay right now but is being schooled at home because his immune system is very low. >> his white cells are really low. he has absolutely hardly any platelet count so his blood can't clot. >> reporter: everyone who gives a swab of saliva goes on the national bone marrow transplant registry and may be called to donate for anyone all over the country. >> reporter: one of brice's safing is, if not for me, for someone else. >> i have four children of my own. i know as a mom, i would desperately want someone to do the same for me. >> reporter: we're told that at any given time in the united states, there are 10,000 people on the bone marrow waiting
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list. if you would like to be a donor go to the ktvu website and look for the tab that says, be the match. rain or shine a popular san francisco event goes on. where the first sunday streets of the year was held and which neighborhood it will visit next. and rain remains in our forecast. meteorologist mark tamayo will tell us when the next big storm system will arrive here in the bay area.
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it has been a very busy three day period. so the active weather pattern
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it will stick around. first a bunch of green over the bay, most of this not reaching the ground. we could have some drizzle or a few sprinkles. for the most part just some clouds here. we'll come in a bit tighter and we do have some more showers on the increase closer to pescadero. looks like closing in on the san mateo coastline. also moving the the maps to the east. right now nothing on other than something closer to rio vista. tomorrow clouds and sun. and we could be talking about the return of gusty winds. overnight low scattered showers. coolest locations the upper 30s in santa rosa and napa. this is not a wash out but still a deal where we could have some clouds. you will see at least a projection coming up with our
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forecast model. here's the over all look of the weather pattern today. we do keep things unsettled. we do see more development and that will be our key factor. for tomorrow, scattered showers out there. we have sunshine, clouds and a few showers. that's what we're going to have for your monday. just off and on. then we put this into motion. we put this into tuesday. our next system developing offshore. as a result we gradually thicken up the clouds. wind speeds they do pick up around 20 to 25 miles per hour. the best chance of those are shoáus which will be developing tuesday afternoon -- showers which will be developing tuesday. this could be happening any where. by 1:00 pop up showers out there. not a lot to show you there by late tomorrow afternoon.
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here's the plan for tomorrow for your bay area forecast at 7:00, scattered showers out there. a chance at 12:00. 50 to 53 degrees. still slight chance of a shower, temperatures the cool weather pattern remains in place. san jose forecast high of 58. morgan hill 59. quite a bit of rain chances. rainfall likely into wednesday. the biggest deal moves in wednesday night into thursday morning. then you can't see the weekend. looks like a slight chance of saturday then maybe some more shower chances about a week from now. heather and ken welcome to spring. >> yeah. >> how about that. >> way to go. waiting for it to get here. >> we'll have to keep an eye on that weak season. that on again off again rain kept some people off of san francisco's first spring
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day event. the road closures are popular with families or those eager to take a stroll or bike ride down the street. from 68 we are now down to the sweet 16 tonight. >> we'll show you some of the amazing finishes from the third round in the men's ncaa tournament.
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good evening everyone and thanks for joining us on this sunday night edition of sports wrap. how are your brackets holding up?


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