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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  March 29, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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breaking news on the peninsula, where a mountain lion was cornered in a backyard and something just happened at the scene. a careful cleanup after a fire at an east bay oil plant. we'll be there live. a new mudslide is caught off the south bay. details ahead on the ktvu channel 2 news at noon. good afternoon. topping our news, right now, a neighborhood warned to stay indoors after a mountain lion
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was spotted this morning. police and animal control officers were able to trap the lion in a backyard. this is all happening near almeda des polizas and ripple avenue in redwood city. and we want to go right now to ktvu's may reason naylor who is live from the -- maureen naylor who is live at the scene. >> reporter: tori, we just got on -- we just got an update. the mountain lion has been shot and killed. the animal has been put in a blue tarp and in the back of a truck. it all started around 8:00 a.m. this morning in this very residential area of redwood city. the animal spotted by a small child. they went in and called police. a reverse 911 call went out to the residents in the area telling them to stay inside. in all, about ten residents were contacted and were either home or stayed in their home.
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and at 10:30, the mountain lion was contained. and they brought in several experts, including a wildlife biologist and a game warden but they say they wanted to tranquilize the animal but it was too difficult to get a shot. we're told the mountain lion was located behind a fence in the backyard and because they could not get a shot safe enough to tranquilize it, they were concerned if they missed that shot, the animal would be running off and be agitated and in a residence area. in the last hour, they fired two shots and killed the mountain lion. it's in the bag of the truck. it will be taken out of here. they will do a necropsy on it. there have been sitings farther out from here, and that this is unusual in this residential area. in the last hour, they've shot and killed this mountain lion in the backyard. everyone is safe.
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back out here live, there's some roads still closed in this area. residents were concerned. they were saddened to hear the animal was shot. but those most affected who have been holed up inside their homes for the last few hours, at this point, they can come out because the animal has been shot and killed. we're gathering more information and will have more coming up later. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. another four families are now worried about losing their homes to a landslider in hercules. the homes along the east side of the carson street were yellow tagged yesterday. four other homes in the neighborhood had been red tagged and evacuated. a yellow tag means the home may be unsafe and advises residents not to remain overnight. city officials say it appears the waterlogged hill is moving quite rapidly and the red tagged homes are very unstable. >> i went and looked at the
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worst home. it's moved about 6 inches. it's continuing to move. it will fall over on its own or we'll have to take the thing down. >> he said the little started moving back in two. one home was already demolished back then. today, the city plans to install concrete rails along the road to prevent mud from pouring into the home if the hillsides come down. and some people in san pablo are waiting to see if the state will declare an emergency for six homes hitting on a hillslide sliding away there. part of the home slid away on friday. three homes have been yellow tagged, indicating, they are not safe to occupy. three others are threatened. a state emergency declaration would speed up efforts to help the homeowners. a main okay' to -- access to morgan hill remains closed
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due to a mudslide. jade hernandez shows us how torrential rains have affected the area. >> reporter: just past these barricades, you can still see downed powerlines. at the end of the road is the county park. this man who lives nearby came to see shifts in the slide here. >> i wanted to see the progress here. there are people living here. they can get out. they have to have a good four- wheel drive to get out. it's possible that any sedan can do it. >> reporter: he's talking about the small swedish-american community. about 150 of those residents haven't had access to their homes, since trees blocked access, and a high deep wall of mud. >> the power went out and that was the first step, calling p g&e. once we washingtonned down here, it was pretty -- walked down here, it was pretty
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obviously. >> reporter: a sign already warns visitors of the potential dangers. >> they hoped to have a path for cars done yesterday. but then another slide happened. so they had more dirt to clear. and once they start cutting the trees -- i mean there's still hazards. >> reporter: jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. a highway on 101 in marin county should be opening after caltrans did some work. the southbound side was closed around 9:30 this morning. drivers are being asked to turn around and go north at the following exit to take the northbound marin city offramp of. caltrans said they decided to do the repairs as soon as possible because the potholes had gotten so bad. cleanup efforts are underway at the evergreen oil refinery in newark. there was a two-alarm fire there at the corner of smith and cherry street. allie rasmus has spoken to
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people inside the plant and joins us with the witness account. >> reporter: operators of this refinery have teams of investigators looking into what went wrong. there are investigators here from cal osha, alameda county fire and the operators of this refinery. this individual was one of 20 people inside the evergreen oil refinery this morning at 5:30 and she heard a loud boom. >> and the alarm went off. left my purse, jacket, keys. out of there! >> reporter: she saw the fire from her office. >> you could see the towers there, but you couldn't see them. they shot up in the air a good 300, 400 feet. >> reporter: from newschopper2, you could see heavy smoke billowing in the sky. the plant manager said -- manager said two people were working when flames engulfed. >> it was part of a normal operating routine to work on
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this equipment and why something normal and routine resulted in this situation is what we need to understand. >> we've been dealing with this for years. >> reporter: this woman lives across from the refinery. she and others complain to the city constantly about gas odors drifting downwind. >> about six hours after smelling this, i will get a headache. there's one time i did no the -- i did go to the emergency room. >> reporter: this is the second time this has happened here. >> we need to get to the cause of what caused the fire. once we foe know that, sit down with management and make sure this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: each fine costs the refinery $100 to $200. so the city manager estimates the total amount to be paid was about $4,000. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allie. >> this is not the first fire at the evergreen plant.
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in may of last year, firefighters responded to the plant after a fire started in one of the refinery's heat stacks. the flames burned for about 90 minutes before firefighters got it under control. a sick trial has brought the trial of yusef bey iv on hold. the trial is on hold until monday to give the juror time to recover. he and antwan mackey are being tried for the murder of khan city bailey. the actual gunman in the murder, broussard, will continue his testimony in the oakland courtroom when the trial resumes next week. a big name in bay area baseball is slated to testify as early as this afternoon in barry bonds's perjury trial. our cameras caught bonds as he arrived at the courthouse. former as star, jason giambi, is expected to testify that he received steroids from bonds's
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personal trainer. this morning, stan conte was on the stand, following the system of bonds's mystery talking about behavioral changes prosecutors say were due to bonds's steroid use. in libbyia, rebel fighters turned and -- libya rebel fighters turned and fled in the town of benjawba, they were going to go to sirte, but were outgunned. sir tier is 0 -- sirte is considered a gateway to the libyan capital of tripoli. we're also hearing military frills -- officials saying they are delivering a message -- refuse to obey moammar
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gadhafi's orders, stop fighting and go home. ahead on the news at noon, one of the biggest class-action cases in history is arked before the u.s. supreme court. we'll tell you -- is argued before the u.s. supreme court. we will tell you the major store involved. and rosemary o roz zoe, our meteorologist, has our weather ahead. and many oakland police officers are frustrated and ready to leave.
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in oakland overnight, fire and sparks forced the highway patrol to shut down the 23rd offramp from 880 this morning. it happened around 1:30 a.m. oakland police officers responded and the ramp was soon back open. pg&e crews in san francisco pulled an all-nighter. workers are still repairing a faulty electrical cable that caused an explosion in the busy union square shopping center yesterday morning. a manhole cover was blown 15 feet into the air. but fortunately, no one was hurt. the state attorneys general's office says the $3 million fine given to pg&e, is
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not enough. 4 held a hearing yesterday to see if pg&e should be held in contempt for failing to provide all documentation. pg&e says they've collected thousands of documents describing the pipes and are looking for more. the supreme court is considering a case against walmart today that could become the nation's largest discrimination lawsuit in history. women's rights are rallying in washington, d.c. the case involves six women accusing walmart of discrimination and whether the days can be given class-action status. walmart employees is sa the individual -- say the -- employees say the individual cases are too different. >> this case offers walmart as well as our clients an economical, efficient way to challenge a common practice
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across all of the stores. >> some leap experts are saying -- legal experts say it appears the court's skeptical about a class action lawsuit. but a decision is not expected until june. oakland's polices union says morale is low. the union says the department is understaffed and the officers are overworked. >> i would not be surprised if we had 50 to 100 police officers thinking about leaving laterally, outside of their police agencies. >> the city and the police officers' union are currently in labor negotiations. we'll have reaction from chief anthony batts on the news today at 5:00. the first game of the preseason bay bridge series has gone to the san francisco
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giants. matt cane struck out six and walked on and pitched 5 1/3. and aubrey huff hit a home run. giants and stances say they are happy to baseball is back. they move to oakland tonight and it's back to at&t park for tomorrow afternoon for the third and final game. good afternoon to you. today's pleasant weather may have you itching 0 get outdoor. giving you a -- itching you to get outdoors. giving you a look at our temperatures, temperatures up from 24 hours ago, upper 50s in and around oakland as well as san francisco. 61degrees right now, san jose. and 61 in concord. if we shift north just a little bit, napa reporting 58. 63 as you head outside your door in santa rosa. a few clouds out there this afternoon. we'll continue to watch the clouds move through. i want to show you why.
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it's the system to the north of us that may bring a little bit of rain to northern california but we're going to stay dry. we'll catch the tail end and that could bring a few clouds our way. here we are throughout the early-morning hours and you can see already pulling away. so far today, again we're looking at a very mild day, dry day and our temperatures are only going to get better. ridge of high pressure continuing to build in and by wednesday and thursday. upper 70s and 80s in the forecast, could even break a few records. it's going to feel pretty fabulous. don't take it for grant. we have changes in the seven- day forecast. we're looking at upper, lee to mid-60s along the coast. volcano of us leeching 70 -- some of us reaching 70. for this evening we'll be rolling back in the 50s, once again. take a look at the highs, 68 for santa rosa, 68 for napa and 68 expected this afternoon in concord. by the coast it will be cool.
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pacifica, right about 60 for the afternoon. our afternoon could be a little bit breezy. winds 10 to 15 miles an hour, close to 20 along the coast. 66 in mountain view for the afternoon. 68 los gatos. there we have it. 70degrees, morgan hill as well as gilroy. headed out to game two of the series for this evening? game time at 7:05. mostly clear skies. 56degrees. but again, it could be a little breezy so a jacket will do you some good. your extended forecast here, mild today, warm tomorrow, a 10- degree jump expected in many locations. thursday, gonna be the warmest day. we're expecting to see 80 in and around santa rosa, napa and into the weekend we begin to slide. friday looks good but by the weekend, take a look. we cloud up. we cool down. temperatures around 66 on sunday. >> wow. okay. we'll look forward to the warmup. >> absolutely. you are welcome. governor jerry brown is considered to lift california's drought emergency tomorrow. it was declared by former
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governor, apartment arnold schwarzenegger in 2009. it's not clear what effect if any it will have, but the reason is obvious, heavy rains, the schwarzenegger emergency order called for water conservation and provided assistance to those affected by the drought. san francisco police are trying to track down two burglars in an unusual jewelry heist. they say grenny sis jewelry in the mission district was broken into sometime friday evening or early saturday morning. police say the criminals got into the jewelry store by breaking into a farmers insurance next door, then kicking through a door that links the two businesses. police are examining the surveillance tape of the robbery. the stolen jewelry, worth about $250,000. after more than 20 years in prison for 43 yield maurice caldwell is now a free man.
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[ laughter ] >> yesterday at 5:00 p.m., caldwell was released from the san francisco county jail after a judge overturned his murder conviction. caldwell was convicted of second-degree murder for the shooting death of judy acosta in june of 1990. now, after two decades in jail, a nevada prison inmate has confessed to the crime and more witnesses have come forward. >> i feel bad, you know what i'm saying, for their loss? all of these years, they thought they had just is but it wasn't just -- they had justis but it wasn't -- justice but it wasn't. >> as for caldwell, he's anxious to finally move on with his life. and ait 0 police -- andty okay police believe an art teacher has fled to mexico to avoid arrest. officers were looking into allegations that 63-year-old charles redmond had inappropriately touched one of
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his students at park middle school. he was also accused of making lewd comments to the 8th grade boy. police say redmond vanished next week, shortly after officers interviewed him. later today, san francisco could become the first city in the country to take away the phone books people receive on their doorstep. the board of supervisors is scheduled to vote at 2:00 -- in the afternoon to distribute the books only to those who request one. supporters say the move will protect the environment. business leaders argue it will hurt companies who advertise in the books. just ahead -- more indications on how the u.s. economy is doing, including a major report on home bryces that just came out today. we'll tell you -- prices that just came out today. we'll tell you if it's encouraging or not.
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street, stocks advancing boosted by strength. but volume remains light as investors wait for the reports. investors are keeping a close eye on important economic data out today and that includes home prices which continue to fall in most major u.s. cities. the latest case schiller index show houses sold for 1% less in january than in december. it's the sixth consecutive month home values fell. the news is especially bad in
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atlanta, las vegas, detroit and cleveland, where homes are worth less than they were 11 years ago. california cities are faring better than most with price declines slowing. and we learn that consumer conference is down today, the index fell more than expected from 72 last month to 63.4. the decline reverses five straight months of improvement, a reading of 90 indicates a healthy economy. the consumer confidence index has not been near that point since the recession began in december of 2007. tonight, the san jose city council will consider toughening the city's leash laws. the new law would require dog on leashes no longer than 6 feet on city pactses and sidewalks. this is -- pacts and sidewalks. this 114 feet shorter than allowed. repeat offenders face fines of $200. the leash proposal came after an accident two years ago that left one woman dead. coming up on ktvu news at
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5:00, as we reported earlier, the heavy snow that's fallen in the sierra in the past few weeks, apparently has ended california's drought emergency. governor brown will be making that announcement tomorrow. today, we'll tell you up to the seer you for a look at the -- sierra for a look at the snow and what that could mean for california's -- california's water supply. those stories and more on the news at 5:00. thanks for watching and have a great day. [ this broadcast captioned by erin c. mc clure ]
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