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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 31, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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why some residents in mountain view might be happy that they bought mobile homes. plans for a major public transit overhaul in preparation for the america cup sailing race. and the freeway closure closed right now may effect your 280/680 commute to san jose. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for waking up with
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us. it's thursday march 31st. i'm pam cook. steve paulson's here with the forecast. steve, felt like a pretty warm night. >> it was, pam. if you were in san raphael or napa yesterday it was record setting. today might be just as warm across the board temperatures starting off in the 50s to near 60 degrees. looks like a lot of low 80s, upper 70s, mid-70s. enjoy it while you can because we will have a cool down headed into the weekend. here's sal. good morning. right now highway 4 traffic looks good getting up to the willow pass grade. no major problems heading to concord. also this morning we're looking at northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. san francisco looks pretty good. closure on 280 at 680 is a construction overnight closure. going to be closed for another half hour right now. so if you're in that area please be careful and watch for the cone zone. back to pam. thank you, sal. another landslide is forcing more local families from their homes. ktvu's kraig debro is in mountain view this morning
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where as much as 15 feet of land has already crumbled into a creek. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, pam. the homes we're talking about are located way in the back of the mobile home park. the backyards are gone and at least one neighbor thinks the homes are daer too. >> homes are on the precipice there sliding into the creek. >> reporter: the creek is located directly behind the mobile home park where three of the mobile homes are now in danger. according to residents the creek rose 15 feet during the worst of the winter/spring storms we had last week on thens of the seasons. it saturated the soil underneath the homes and the soil came down with the creek. >> little concerned for our own safety. but calling property management they didn't seem to think we were in immediate danger right now. >> reporter: ktvu received information from the santa
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clara valley water district saying seven years ago they asked for help to prevent erosion but the district refused because the creek is on private property. now at least one of the homes has a trailer attached to it. meaning it can pull out of the situation, but it's got to do that soon. we have to contact again the people who own this mobile home park this morning as well as homeowners find out what their plans are. live in mountain view, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. the city of san pablo is getting closer to declaring a local state of emergency. this is in response to the recent landslides there that have forced people out of their homes. last week heavy rains soaked the hillside and homes began sliding down that hill. by declaring a state of emergency, the city will have access to government funds and can start to rebuild. one man was killed, another is in the hospital following an overnight shooting in contra costa county. officers were called to third and grove streets in north
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richmond at about 9:30 last night. there they found the two men suffering from gunshot wounds. police tell us one victim was declared dead at the scene. we're told the other was conscious and air lifted to the hospital. no information though on any suspects. also this morning san francisco police chief will publicly respond to the latest case tied to a growing scandal. once again it involves videotape and the testimony of a san francisco police officer. yesterday a judge dismissed marijuana trafficking allegations against a drug suspect after finding a videotape. the judge says that tape contradicts the reports from the three officers who searched the suspect's richmond district apartment. >> even though these officers are caught red handed with the videotape that contradicts their testimony, they are not subject to any consequence.
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>> so far san francisco's police evidence scandal has led to the dismissal of 76 cases mostly involving drugs. now last night district attorney issued a statement saying that he took immediate action when the first allegations surfaced. but he says this latest case is different. he says "in this latest instance we disagree with the court's finding and have ordered the transcript to review our appellate options." to date we are expected to find out what is being recommended to keep guns out of berkeley high school. so far this year five guns have been found at berkeley high. yesterday reports of another gun on campus led to a lockdown. last night parents, students and city leaders all voiced their concerns at a school board meeting. >> my blood has been boiling the last week. i'm scared for my daughter. i'm scared for her friends. i'm scared for her teachers.
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>> some of the ideas proposed include having the students wear id badges around their neck while on campus. and increased security screenings like you would find at an airport. the berkeley police department is also investigating ways to keep guns off campus. they are expected to finalize their ideas with the school board today. students in the mt. diablo school district may have to take some extra days off this year because of state budget cuts. the mt. diablo teacher's union voted yesterday to take three furlough days in may. the money saved is expected to go towards maintaining library, music and physical education programs. now the program is expected to -- the board that is is expected to vote on the agreement next month. this morning mayor ed lee will unveil the city's plan for getting yachting fans in and around san francisco during the america's cup. about 200,000 people a day are expected to watch the super bowl of yacht races when it comes to the city in 2013.
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and san francisco's massive transportation plan includes a new streetcar running the length of san francisco's embarcadero. street closures along the northern waterfront and all new muni routes to handle the big crowd. environmentalists are worried that the big yacht race could spell disaster for the san francisco bay. the concern there is about an invasive algae that could attack native seaweed. the fear is that algae can spread when ships are move and had that algae spores could be released as contradiction on the piers begin. environmentalists say they are considering using some sort of netting to protect the wildlife. all right. 4:37 is the time right now. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. how does it look so far, sal? >> looks pretty good. as a matter of fact we have a closure i'm going to tell you about in a moment. first of all go outside and take a look at interstate 80 heading to the macarthur maze traffic is doing very well although people are already on the road as you come up from
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pin ole, richmond and into berkeley. eventually a lot of people go to the bay bridge. westbound traffic looks good. looks like there's some sort of activity on the ramp there coming down from 880 see some flashing lights and we will -- it's not effecting traffic but looks like it is there. we'll let you know what that is. and the connector ramp is closed this morning. this would be a look at the map we have here southbound 280 connector ramp. right now in the south bay closed. cal trans crews working on the road leading from southbound 101 where 280 and 680 come together. the road was shut down at 11:00 last night. scheduled to reopen in the next half hour. detour signs are posted to help drivers get around the construction zone. remember watch for that cone zone. 4:38. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. yesterday at this time we had some fog on the coast. a lot of high clouds. then about noontime yesterday my old girlfriend came back in town, offshore flow.
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temperatures just went right through the roof. it freaked. i swear it freaked yesterday from about san francisco north. the north bay just went through the roof and record highs were set. north-northeast wind developed. it's calm right now. east-northeast though san jose 3. still a component there. sacramento north at 5. santa rosa northwest at 5. higher elevations get a little more wind. 60 in downtown san francisco. what? yes. mountain view says 61. they tend to run a little warmer. go on the other side of 101 towards downtown mountain view and it's probably about 56. san jose 57. oakland 56. 52 santa rosa and san raphael with upper 40s fairfield and napa airport. this is called a mountain of high pressure. and up it goes. by tomorrow will be the transition day and on saturday we'll see a big drop as much as 15 or 20 days today. today sunny side up.
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records possible. easterly breeze. 70 to 84. all these close. they'll be flirting with record highs. it's really hard to be this warm this early in the year without that north-northeast wind. if it turns westerly they'll cool down. but today, pam, sunny and warm. and i did it just for you. very nice. thank you, steven. right now a freeway connector in the south bay is closed. cal trans crews are working on the roads that lead to the southbound highway. and we'll have more on that in just a little bit. but today we celebrate what would have been the 92nd birthday of civil rights activist cesar chavez. the day is already celebrated here in california. that means most state offices such as the dmv are closed. in the bay area city offices in oakland and san jose are also taking the day off. well, radioactive particles in water and milk here in the
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bay area. what does it mean? and the reason scientists say we should not be concerned. whether you like dark, milk or white chocolate, it's going to cost you more green in the coming months. good morning. westbound 24 traffic looks pretty good getting up to oakland. another look at the morning commute and the bay weather straight ahead.
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good morning. we had record highs yesterday. santa rosa, san raphael, napa. and today everyone will be close. a lot of low to mid-70s, upper 70s and low to mid-80s. all really close to record highs. a pleasanton family is mourning the death of a soldier who died while serving in afghanistan. army special killed on tuesday. her son was a medical technician and he was tending to wounded men when his unit came under fire. the 23-year-old was due to be discharged next year. he's the first native of pleasanton to die in combat. we're now learning that c.i.a. agents are on the ground in libya. now, according to government sources the c.i.a. sent operatives to libya earlier this month to make contact with rebel forces. c.i.a. officers also assisted in rescuing one of the two crew members of that fighter jet that crashed last week. and in a major blow to
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libyan leader gadafi, his foreign minister, has reportedly resigned and is now in london. according to british officials, he says he is no longer willing to represent gadafi's regime. there is increasing pressure on japan to expand the evacuation zone around the damaged nuclear power plant. the international atomic energy agency says japanese authorities should consider expanding the zone beyond the current 12-mile radius after high levels of radiation were detected at a village 25 miles from the plant. scientists at uc berkeley are connecting their own tests on the level of radiation from japan on bay area water, milk and grass. now the tests confirm that trace radioactive particles from japan can be detected in bay area reservoirs, in the soil and in the grasses. and since cows eat the grass, the radioactivity is also showing up in milk. >> we're trying to quantify
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path ways of how this material gets here, how it falls down to the ground, how that then transfers to our water supply. >> the scientists emphasize though that the amount of radioactivity they're finding is extremely small and does not pose any health risk. well, today is the last day shoppers can help with a fundraiser for victims of japan's earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. more than a dozen san anna row businesses and a real estate company will wrap up their campaign today. 10% of all sales at the store wills go to relief efforts. and federal realty is matching the amount raised. one business, the vintage wine bar, is donating 25% of its total sales. starting today, chocolate is going to cost more at least on the wholesale level. hershey is raising its prices nearly 10%. the candy maker says increasing costs for packaging, shipping
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and raw materials forced the increase. but the price change isn't expected to hurt easter candy sales since retailers will be able to buy products at the old prices for about two months. the barry bonds perjury trial resumes in san francisco court at 8:30 this morning. prosecutors are moving much quicker than anyone first expected. now they planned to call just three more witnesses. they are bonds' former orthopedic surgeon, his former personal shopper and a drug testing expert. >> this is a case in which the defense is fighting tooth and nail on every point so they put the government to its test and made them put on those witnesses which tend to be pretty dry. >> yesterday former a's outfielder testified that bonds' former trainer gave him steroid injections during the 2002 baseball season. he was the fourth and last baseball player to testify for the prosecution.
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a man convicted of stabbing his former girlfriend to death in front of her two children will get a new trial. ramirez is serving a 16 years to life prison sentence for murdering claire in 2000. yesterday a state appeals court overturned his murder conviction. now the court said the trial judge misled jurors about the option of a manslaughter verdict. the family successfully sued the city accusing police of failing to protect her. the case changed how san francisco deals with domestic violence. a napa state hospital patient accused of sexually assaulting a nurse will not face jail time. 30-year-old was found mentally incompetent to stand trial. now police say he beat the nurse and tore off her clothes earlier this month. a judge has ruled that he should be sent back to a mental institution. a hearing on where he'll be sent is scheduled for next
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month. well, even though arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is still in the hospital, supporters are talking about running for -- her running for the u.s. senate next year. those supporters know that giffords' future is still uncertain, but the effects of a possible campaign are already being felt in arizona politics. other perspective democratic candidates say they won't jump in unless she says she's not running. they fear that could give republican candidates a head start in organizing their campaigns. a giants player was in a car accident ahead of today's opening day. his condition just ahead. good news for skiers and snow boarders. how long the lifts will keep running at your favorite resort.
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welcome back to the morning news. former california governor
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arnold schwarzenegger is returning to the public eye as a cartoon super hero. he's going to become the govern nateer. the cartoon is being developed by spider-man co-creator stan lee. the defending champions of major league baseball begin a new season today. yesterday they wrapped up a preseason game with a win over the a's. san francisco will be in los angeles this evening to face their long time rivals the dodgers. you can watch the game at san francisco's at&t park if you're willing to pay $45. the a's begin their 2011 tomorrow night in oakland against the seattle mariners. giants pitcher barry zito out of the hospital this morning. that's after being involved in a car crash in los angeles. los angeles police say he was taken to the hospital but was released shortly after. a police report indicates that
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he was not at fault. he does own a home in the hollywood area. he's slated to pitch sunday's series finale against the dodgers. it could take two weeks to clear a stretch of highway 101 in hum bolt county. a massive mud slide is now blocking all four lanes of that road just north of garberville. it may be able to open one lane possibly some time late they are week. three nearby schools are now closed for the rest of the week because of concerns about transportation and food delivery. the slide is also affecting a nearby hospital forcing patients to be sent elsewhere. boy, landslides galore. let's check in with sal. hopefully none effecting our local roads here. >> you know, it really isn't for the main roads. driving in santa cruz mountains has been kind of an adventure. now it's dried off it's become better. northbound 280 in san jose traffic is moving along
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relatively well with no major problems here. by the way the ramp 101 to 680 is open again. 101 to 280 as well. they were doing overnight road work but that's now open. 880 in oakland looks good. up to the toll plaza right now westbound traffic coming into san francisco looks good. looks like there's a little bit -- there's a tow truck with flashing lights there. and they're taking care of something. but it's not causing a major problem at the toll plaza. 4:54 let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. the records for today right here 83 santa rosa 2000 nap pa 86. san francisco not that long ago 200. and san jose 84 in 1966. my eyes. i can see a hand walking across the street but you put something right there and i'm like what? these are the forecasted highs right there. santa rosa if they hit 84 that
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would be a record. napa would not. 83. san francisco would be close. not. oakland would be 82. and san jose also very close. suffice to say record highs for everyone. patchy fog yesterday was obliterated as the northerly wind kicked in. at the surface it's not that bad but in higher elevations i saw still gusts to 30 out of the northeast. everything in place for a start off of a mild morning. a 60 in san francisco. northwest 5 santa rosa. east-northeast san jose 49 to 60. you leave napa and go into san francisco and there's 11-degree difference there. that's a big spread. same for mountain view. 53 concord. starting off very mild. high pressure over us. tomorrow will be the transition day. today topping out as far as temperatures go these are a good 15 to 20 degrees above average. 70s and 80s later on.
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system will move in. and just kind of tease us with a lot of clouds. maybe some light rain. i say that but i wouldn't cancel any plans. cooler and breezy. and highs back into the 60s as we go into saturday. but today sunny side up and warm. records possible with that easterly breeze or northerly wind in some of the higher elevations. 70s to low and maybe a few mid- 80s. enjoy it while you can. we cool down friday and then really cool it down saturday and sunday but back to warmer on monday. okay. looks like you can hold onto your snow clothes longer this year. this year's near record snowfall of 61 feet means some sierra ski resorts are staying open longer. squaw valley is expanding its season through memorial day and mammoth plans to remain open through the 4th of july. most other resorts plan to be open at least through the easter weekend. tonight two finalists will be eliminated from america idol doll. and people who live in mountain house hope it is not one of
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their own. 16-year-old is the youngest contestant among the finalists. every wednesday night her hometown fans hold watch parties to cheer her on. >> we have someone to root for that we can bring back home. it's fun to vote for someone you know is here. >> mania can be found all over town. so far four billboards have been put up including one near interstate 205 and the town got together to make a youtube video expressing their support for the young singer. don't forget all the idol action kicks off tonight at 8:00 and you can watch it right here at ktvu channel 2. there's a food warning for the bay area. why one store is pulling its seafood salad off the shelves. plus more bad news for students. the latest cuts that may leave hundreds of thousands of college students with nowhere to go. that's up next.
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focus this morning on a home teetering on the edge in the bay area. we'll bring you the very latest on what's happening. and overnight shooting. we're there at the scene with the details. six record highs were set


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