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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 31, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and a possibility of more today. how long will this last? time now for the morning news. well, good morning to you. welcome to a brand new day. it is thursday march 31st. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. pretty warm night. >> yes, it is. >> sounds like a warm day. let's check in with steve paulson. >> thank you, pamela and dave. good morning everyone. skies are clear. mild upper 40s and low 50s. 60-degree reading right now in san francisco. any hint of a north-northeast wind it will be sunny. that won't be the problem. tonight worry about clouds and possibility of record highs today. especially as we go into the afternoon. the old records and forecasted highs all these on the panel will either set a record high or be very close. coast, bay and inland lots of 80s. here's sal. good morning. right now traffic on the bay bridge looks pretty good getting into san francisco. you can see traffic is moving well into the city. also this morning the traffic is going to be okay if you're
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driving on the san mateo bridge across the peninsula. it's 5:00. back to dave and pam. topping our news this morning, three families have been forced out of their homes after another local landslide. ktvu's kraig debro is in mountain view this morning where some mobile homes have now been red tagged. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, pam. i've tried to reach somebody here at the mobile home park. it's called sierra village mobile home park. so far i believe it's probably too early. the homes are in the back of the village very difficult to get to. the backyards are now gone and at least one neighbor thinks the homes are in danger too. >> around the precipice there sliding into the crick. >> reporter: stephen's creek is located directly behind the park. according to residents it rose 15 feet during the worst of the winter/spring storms we had last week on the cusp of the seasons where the creek receded and saturated the soil
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underneath three mobile homes. the soil came down with the creek. >> a little concern for our own safety, but like in calling the property management they didn't seem to think we were in immediate danger right now. >> reporter: we were unable to reach the managers of the mobile home park last night. ktvu did receive information from the santa clara valley water district indicating that seven years ago the park's management asked for help to prevent erosion behind these homes but the district says the creek is on private property. continue to try to reach residents and mobile park homeowner. live in mountain view, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. the city of san pablo will take another step towards declaring a local state of emergency there. this is in response to the recent landslides that have forced people out of their homes in that area. last week heavy rains soaked the hillside between wyman street and hill crest road. six homes have been effected. two are considered unsafe to
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live in. by declaring a state of emergency, the city will now have access to government funds and can start to rebuild. crews are working around the clock to repair a broken pipe. last week's storms caused the pipe in noble gulch creek to break flooding a nearby mobile home park and businesses. so far that damage is estimated at $10 million but that number is expected to be even higher. so far crews do not have a time line on the repair work, but people in the area are hoping that a new pipe will be in place before anymore rain hits. our time now 5:03. oakland police are busy investigating a fatal shooting and they're searching for the gunman. this happened about 5:40 yesterday evening at princeton and coal streets. the victim shot several times and rushed to a nearby hospital but later died. if you have any information, contact oakland police. well, one man was killed and another is in the hospital following an overnight shooting in contra costa county.
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now police were called to third and grove streets in north richmond about 9:30 last night. police say when they got there 21-year-old was dead and another man was suffering from gunshot wounds. he was taken to doctor's medical center in san pablo then air lifted to john mier hospital in walnut creek. they do expect him to survive. so far there's no information about a motive or a suspect. closing arguments will continue tomorrow in the rape case. this civil trial comes nearly four years after a 17-year-old girl accused a group of baseball players of gang raping her at a party at a home in san jose. prosecutors did not file criminal charges saying there was not enough evidence. the woman is suing some of the team members for $7.5 million. time now 5:04. the attention on berkeley high school is increasing after five guns were found on the campus already this year. new safety plans are being drawn up. since yesterday the school was
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locked down following another report of a student with a gun near the campus. and last night parents, students and city officials gathered to figure out a solution to the problem. >> we've looked at various protocols for improving some of the issues you are now dealing with. some are very simple. we actually require every single student to wear an id badge around their neck every time they're on campus. >> some of the students at that meeting said badges will not solve the problem. other ideas included tighter security screening like they do at airports. today the school board may tell us their security recommendations for berkeley high. california community colleges plan to cut enrollment and eliminate classes to deal with another cut in funding. the 112 campus community college system faces a 10% funding cut. that's $800 million less than was allocated for the current school year. college officials could be forced to cut enrollment by 400,000 students and drop thousands of classes around the
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state. the changes are due to the break down of state budget talks. san francisco's budget director says the city needs to prepare for more service cuts and layoffs in the face of an ongoing budget deficit. now the city's expected to see some increase in sales and property tax revenues, but not enough to offset a budget deficit previousliest mated at $384 million for the next fiscal year that begins july 1st. mayor lee has to submit a proposed city budget to the board of supervisors by june 1st. time now 5:06. here's good news. a south bay freeway connector is open again after closing overnight. cal trans crews worked on the connector road leading to southbound 101 from the junction of interstates 280 and 680. they closed the road about 11:00 last night, but the work wrapped up just in time for the beginning of the morning commute. speaking of the morning commute, let's go over to sal. how does it look, sal? looks pretty good, pam. right now traffic is doing
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pretty well around the bay area. let's go outside and take a look at 80 westbound. looks good getting out to the maze. no major problems heading to the bay bridge toll plaza which by the way is light so far. we still have some flashing lights on the side there, but they're taking care of a vehicle it's not really causing a big deal at all for morning traffic at this time. and if you're driving in the south bay northbound 280's off to a nice start. so is 101 and 85. so if you are trying to get on the road early this morning, right now is a good time to go. it's clear. 5:07. let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you very much. seriously yesterday the weather just freaked especially towards the north bay where temperatures soared. 20 almost above average. we start off very mild today. lots of 50s and even a 60 on the coast. a few upper 40s. sunny and warm with records possible. the wind isn't too bad at the surface, but it is in the higher elevations. i notice some of the observations around 1500 and 2,000 feet it can be up to about 30 miles an hour. but still it's out of the east-
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northeast. tomorrow sunshine but cooler. we'll get back into the 70s. and a system moves in on saturday for big drop in the temps it will be much cooler as we get into the 60s. they'll be some clouds, it will be breezy, i'll mention a possibility of some rain probably i don't think it will happen here, but it will be a big drop in temps. but not today. i mean it's -- high pressure's large and in charge and it is said i was away for a while but now i'm back. and i'm back in a big way. it's not going to park. it's transitory. it will start to break down. today the old records in the white and forecasted highs right there. so santa rosa if they do hit 84 that would be a record beating the old 83 set in 2000. napa was 86 yesterday. i did not go as high today. i went 83. san francisco 80. that would be close. the old record 82. oakland 82 would be a record. the old was 80 in 2000. most records are 2000 or 1966. and san jose 82 would be two shy of a record. northwest santa rosa at 5.
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fairfield at 7. after that it's calm. get up in higher elevations and winds picking up pretty good. upper 40s and low 50s, mid-50s to 60 in san francisco. 61 mountain view. 57 livermore. and 56 hayward. 55 redwood city. there's some mild conditions. i mean, really, for this time of year we went from one extreme to the other in about four days. and temperatures today they'll be moving out fast because there's that mild air mass over us and it won't take much to get going here. lots of sunshine and possibility of much warmer weather. that system moves in on saturday. we'll see temperatures drop. again, i wouldn't worry about rain, but i would plan for cooler temperatures, clouds and some breezy conditions. today though i mean short sleeve weather, enjoy it outside if you can because it will be sunny and warm. you know it can't last, but today it's here. 70s and low to mid-80s almost for everyone. mostly sunny on friday. back into the 70s. then we cool it down big time on saturday. sunday still looks okay. but in the 60s. and another warm up early next week. all right.
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we have a warning for you. if you have a package of frankly fresh seafood salad, you might want to check it. the company that makes the product has issued a voluntary recall because it could be contaminated with hysteria. the effected code dates are between march 19 and april 23rd of this year. frankly fresh says the possible contamination was discovered during a routine check by the fda. the product can be returned for a full refund. so far no illnesses have been reported. time now 5:10. emergency crews in san francisco and san mateo counties are working to improve their communication now. what emergency crews from san francisco responded to last september's san bruno explosion, their analog radios wouldn't connect them with the san mateo crews. so next month they're going to start testing digital radios between those two counties. upper bay area cities are concerned about the new technology. they say it has coverage gaps and will not work inside of
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buildings. well, the c.i.a. on the ground in libya. what they're doing there and what it could mean for u.s. involvement. also a look at pg&e's finances after a disasterrous year. good morning. 680 traffic looks good as you're driving to the south bay interstate 680 is wide open for you. we will have another look at the morning commute which is getting busier in some areas.
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good morning to you. welcome back. ten u.s. sailors recovering this morning after the engine of a fighter jet blew up and caught fire on an aircraft carrier off the southern california coast. four sailors rushed to the naval medical center. others were treated for burns. the pilot of the fighter was not hurt at all. we still don't know why the engine blew up. in about 45 minutes defense secretary robert gates will testify on capitol hill about the operation in libya. allison burns is live to tell us what c.i.a. agents are doing on the ground now and how they're making contact with the rebels. allison. >> reporter: dave, american spies are on the ground now in libya trying to learn more about the rebels fighting gadafi's forces. [ sounds of gunfire ] >> repter: this is video of one of the battles on the streets this week.
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the u.s. and other nato countries are using air strikes to try to help the rebels fighting gadafi's forces, but it's unclear how much progress they're making. the goal for this small groups of c.i.a. operatives will be to find out who the rebels are, who's leading them and how they're aligned with al qaeda as some reports suggest. meanwhile back in d.c. members of congress will grill top defense officials about the mission this morning. some are very angry about the administration's handling of it. >> they could have consulted with congress. they chose not to. i for one felt their attitude was a bit on the arrogant side and i certainly don't appreciate it. >> reporter: also very big questions about whether the u.s. will arm the rebels. we'll have the very latest on that. and the start of this hearing with secretary gates during my next update in about an hour. for now live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:15. a speech yesterday by the president of syria appeared to have angered rather than appease demonstrators that want
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reform. you're looking at video right here. this is a car carrying the president of syria right after his speech. look at those protesters surrounding the car trying to get to it while the president's security guards try to hold them back. during his speech, the president of syria blamed the anti-government demonstrations on a foreign conspiracy. pg&e's top executives saw their overall compensation drop last year. that's according to financial papers released by the utility yesterday. pg&e was dealing with the san bruno pipeline explosion and other disasterrous problems in 2010. overall net income fell 10%, but pg&e still took in $1.1 billion last year. time now 5:16. violence in north richmond where one man was killed and another was rushed to the hospital. ktvu's tara moriarty is live with more on where the sheriff's deputies are investigating this. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. about two minutes ago two
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sheriff's deputy patrol cars pulled out of here. they had to go to another assignment. they said they will be back after that and then they're going to rotate and have more cop cars come in around 7:00 this morning. now we are here just around the corner from where the shooting happened. and about half an hour ago crews finished cleaning up the crime scene and the last investigators took off. we're here off third and grove streets in an unincorporated area of north richmond t. is where shots rang out at 9:30 last night. we are told by an inside source that some sort of argument erupted and one man ran into the house where his mother lives. >> officers ran into the area trying to figure out where the shots were coming from. they responded here, found two subjects shot. one subject was deceased. >> reporter: the contra costa county sheriff's office is not releasing anymore information at this time. but we do want to mention that just last tuesday there was another shooting just a few blocks from here where one person died. now we don't know if these two
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incidents are connected in any way, but in speaking to deputies this morning they say there have been no shootings in this area since last may. we almost made it a year is what they told us. we're here live near richmond, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. 5:17 is the time right now. back over to sal to check in on traffic this morning. sal. all right. pam and dave, right now traffic is doing very well around the bay area. we're doing nicely on almost every freeway we've checked here and looking at 280 northbound getting up to highway 17 that's a very nice drive. and 280 northbound is going to be okay all the way up into the lost altos area. it's a good stretch of traffic there. traffic also looking pretty good if you are on the san mateo or on the dumbarton bridge. it's a nice drive across the peninsula and traffic is moving well on 101. 101 san raphael southbound 101 looks good heading down to 580 and ultimately to the golden gate bridge. at 5:18, let's go to steve. all right, sal, you need to
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stretch a bit. >> go giants. i could stretch by saying that. >> starts tonight right? >> it starts tonight. giants going to be on national television against their long time rival, the dodgers. >> i think they've earned it. >> they have. >> thank you, sal. we have high pressure over us. see i'm busy as a bee over there trying to update graphics because there's so much going on. this has been a wild month. think about it. it came roaring in like a lion and it's going out like a record setting warm lamb. that's for sure. mild morning. sunny and warm. record highs possible today. jet stream is just way to the north. and i'll show you that in a second. some of the forecasted highs in the old records everyone here at least on this panel will be close. within a couple degrees either over or under it's going to be another day where, yep, possible record highs. north wind at fairfield at 7. everyone else rather calm on the wind. still a northerly breeze. sacramento northwest at 5. higher elevations up to about 25 or 30 though. it's all out of the east-
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northeast. until that collapses tomorrow we're in line for warm weather. 40s to 60s. it's still 60 in san francisco. 56 hayward mountain view 61. 57 livermore. 49 napa. santa rosa at 50. you can see that is a big time area of high pressure which is right over us today and probably about half of tomorrow. today though with that high in place and also still a component of an offshore wind we get sunny and warm weather. there will be a change. tomorrow will be the between day because by saturday a front comes in. it's been my experience usually after you get record setting like this it's hard to get much rain out of anything that comes in. system will be splitting. but there will be a definite increase in some clouds. cooler conditions will settle in and breezy. possibility of some showers. i'll mention that for now but we'll fine tune that tomorrow. today though it's lots of sunshine, warm weather will be out of the gate fast here and records are possible with that easterly breeze. and if you're in the higher elevations it is warm. 70s to low and mid-80s possible
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today. doesn't matter. north bay, east bay, south bay, even the coast temperatures nice. 70s. no fog. mid-80s towards morgan hill and gill roy. i think both were 77 morgan hill and gill roy. they did not get in on the offshore wind but still warm it up today. tomorrow looks pretty good. then we start to see increase in the clouds. cooler temperature saturday. sunday still nice but breezy. warmer weather returns early next week. the american economy is growing faster than other developed countries, but fewer jobs are being created when comparing. analysts say that's because americans have become so much more productive, it's harder for people without a job to get one. there is some optimism on the job front though as the private sectored ad more jobs than expected in march. and then tomorrow we get the very important monthly employment report. and analysts do expect some good news that more jobs were added. dow jones up, nasdaq and s&p 500 all up yesterday ahead of
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that news. and right now looks like a slightly higher opening. we'll get a better indication in the next hour as we get closer to that opening bell. the federal reserve bank of new york rejected a nearly $16 billion offer from insurance giant aig. the company wants to buy back some risky mortgage bonds the bank took off aig's hands as part of the bailout during the financial crisis. the economy and financial conditions have improved since then. and the government believes that it can do better by having companies competitively bid on the bonds. all right. time now 5:22. how travelers are dealing with the emotional fallout from the damaged nuclear reactors in japan. some companies are even changing how they do business. scientists here in the bay area are tracking radiation from japan. the levels they're finding in water and milk. good morning. highway 4 traffic looking pretty good getting up to the willow pass grade. we'll tell you more about the morning drive to work straight ahead.
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good morning. skies are clear. you don't have to worry about any fog or higher clouds. it will be sunny from the get go. and temperatures 7 0z, 80 possible record highs again today. all right. thank you. time now 5:25. increasing pressure on japan to expand the evacuation zone around that damaged nuclear power plant. the international atomic energy agency says japan should expand the zone beyond the current 12-
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mile radius after high levels of radiation were found 25 miles away. starting next week american airlines will cancel two daily flights from the u.s. to japan. american airlines says the number of people flying to japan is down sharply ever since that quake and tsunami earlier this month. and the continuing concerns about that damaged nuclear reactor. the effected flights are from new york city and dallas. american airlines says it could reinstate the flights next month if demand returns to normal levels. scientists at uc berkeley are conducting their own tests on the levels of radiation from japan on milk, water and grass. trace amounts can be detected in bay area reservoirs in the soil and in the grasses. since cows eat the grass, the radioactivity is also showing up in milk.
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>> given the measurements we have done so far i think it's extremely small impact on the health if you would drink this milk. the level measure is extremely small. >> now the scientists say the testing is important to be able to track the pathways of the radioactivity in the environment. all right. time now 5:26. it is a huge event. they expect to attract 200,000 people a day. how the city of san francisco plans to handle the big crowds at america's cup. why some homeowners in mountain view may be glad they bought mobile homes. also the surprise in the barry bonds perjury trial. good morning. southbound 101, northbound 101 looking pretty good. and macarthur maze traffic also looks good. getting out to oakland. we'll have another look at traffic and weather straight ahead.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's already thursday march 31st. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now is 5:30. seems like a very nice thursday. let's check in with steve. it will be, pam and dave. clear skies, temperatures upper 40s to 60 in san francisco. all signs point towards sunshine today. i mean right from the start. so 70s and low to mid-80s, possibility of record highs
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again today. we had six on wednesday and maybe even more today. here's sal. steve, right now traffic is moving well on the san mateo bridge. looking good getting out to the high-rise as we continue to watch the traffic get busier. we still have a little bit of time before things get bad. go out and take a look at the richmond bridge. that traffic is also looking good in and out of marin county. it's 5:30. let's go back to the desk. all right, sal. in overnight news in union city police launched a ground and air search looking for a missing boy who may be at risk. we're talking about 14-year-old kenny stevenson. here's his picture. he has a form of autism. police say he was depressed after arguing with his mother. now when he disappeared he was wearing according to officials green gym shorts and white tennis shoes. he had no shirt or jacket. kenny was last seen in the rockland regents area of union city. he does not have a history of running away. now ktvu's tara moriarty will have much more on this in a
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live report coming from union city. that's in about half an hour from now. well, another landslide is forcing some local people out of their homes. ktvu's kraig debro is in mountain view to show us the damage that's already been done. kraig. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, pam. extensive damage. the homes we're talking about are located in the back of the sierra village mobile home park. now later this morning we'll be able to get back there and show you firsthand the problem without disturbing the neighbors this early. ktvu has learned however that the owners of the mobile home park foresaw a problem during winter storms seven years ago. last week some of their fears became reality when 15 feet of three backyards crumbled into the steven's creek. the result, the people in at least three mobile homes are evacuated. the county says the homes themselves are also unsafe. one resident says the whole thing happened very quickly. >> friday when i came home last week that's when we started seeing tags on houses and
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noticed something was going on. it actually started on a wednesday from what i hear. >> reporter: according to a published report the people who own the mobile home park also own the creek. so if residents want a wall along steven creek's banks to prevent further erosion, the money to do that would have to come from the homeowners themselves. it's not clear if they've talked about it. we're going to try to get hold of some of the residents as well as owners of the mobile home park. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. this morning san francisco police chief will publicly respond to the latest case tied to a growing scandal. once again it involves videotape and the testimony of a san francisco police officer. yesterday a judge dismissed marijuana trafficking allegations against a drug suspect after finding a videotape. now the judge says that tape contradicts the reports from the three officers who searched the suspect's richmond district apartment. >> even though these officers are caught red handed with the
5:34 am
videotape that contradicts their testimony, they are not subject to any consequence. >> so far san francisco's police evidence scandal has led to the dismissal of 76 cases. mostly involving drugs. last night district attorney issued a statement saying he took immediate action when the first allegations surfaced. but he says this latest case is different. he says "in this latest instance we disagree with the court's finding and have ordered the transcript to review our appellate options." our time now 5:34. the barry bonds perjury trial resumes in a san francisco courtroom at about 8:30 this morning. the prosecutors are moving the case a lot faster than anyone first expected. reportedly only three more prosecution witnesses remain. they are barry bonds' former orthopedic surgeon, his former personal shopper and a drug testing expert.
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yesterday former a's outfielder testified that barry bonds' former trainer gave him steroid injections during the 2002 baseball season. he was the fourth and last baseball player to testify for the prosecution. well, a man convicted of stabbing his former girlfriend to death right in front of her two children will get a new trial. ramirez is serving a 16 years to life prison sentence for murdering claire in 2000. now yesterday a state appeals court overturned his murder conviction. the court said that the trial judge misled jurors about the option of a manslaughter verdict. her family successfully sued the city accusing police of failing to protect her. the case changed how san francisco deals with domestic violence. a napa state hospital patient accused of sexually assaulting a nurse will not face jail time. the 30-year-old was found
5:36 am
mentally incompetent to stand trial. now police say he beat the nurse and tore off her clothing earlier this month. a judge ruled he should be sent back to a mental institution but a hearing on where he will be sent is scheduled for next month. this morning mayor ed lee will unveil the city's plan for getting yachting fans in and around san francisco during the america's cup. ktvu's claudine wong tells us what is in the city's transportation plan. boy, it's going to be huge, claudine. >> reporter: yes, it is, pam. you know we are expecting to get more details from this 25 page draft plan later this morning, but we do have a few of them for you now. think about this. 200,000 people are expected to come down here to the san francisco waterfront. and the mayor wants it to be the most bicycle, transit and pedestrian friendly major sporting event in history for residents and visitors alike. that means improving sidewalks, bus routes, doing things like
5:37 am
putting in a new streetcar line that would go all the way from fisherman's wharf all the way to the cal train station. this is no small undertaking. america's cup is expected to put $1.2 billion into the economy and create more than 8,000 jobs. but with about 2.6 million people expected to watch at least part of these races, the city obviously wants to put its best foot forward. we talked to a woman walking along the waterfront about what she would like to see. >> anything that needs repair it would be nice to have it all fixed. i suppose that will happen. other services like garbage, the homeless being brought in and taken care of. >> reporter: so what does this plan specifically call for? well, it does include some things we know about like a new viewing area by pier 27. according to the chronicle we're also learning more about a bike sharing program, a plan to use historic streetcars on high volume days.
5:38 am
and a little more about how the city plans to limit vehicle access during the 2013 cup. big question remains this morning how much would all of this cost? again there's a press conference later this morning scheduled by mayor ed lee. looking at folks already using the waterfront this morning. we're going to talk to people about this and what they would like to see. more details coming up on the morning news. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:37. vice president joe biden now says he's confident congress will avoid a government shut down next week. the vice president says it's been slow but steady progress in the talks between democrats and republicans on capitol hill. the negotiations are focusing on how to cut $33 billion by splitting the differences from current levels. now that a june special election to extend taxes won't happen, california schools could face tremendous cuts. public schools could loosen up the $1,000 per student 30 days of their school year or face
5:39 am
bankruptcy. governor brown is considering an initiative to put the taxes on the november ballot. but delaying the budget until then could damage the state's credit and create a statewide stoppage of public works project. students in the mt. diablo school district may have to take some extra days off this year because of the state budget cuts. the mt. diablo teachers union voted yesterday to take three furlough days in may. the money saved is expected to go towards maintaining library, music and physical education programs. the board is expected to vote on the agreement next month. our time is now 5:39. fines of up to $10 million could hilt one of the largest residential prosecute managers in san francisco under a new settlement. this is part of an ongoing battle between tenants and city apartments. san francisco sued the rental company in 2006 accusing it of unlawful business practicing and harassing tenants. a new rule in san francisco that allows new restaurants to
5:40 am
open up in the fill more district at the moment doesn't seem to be attracting new businesses. the wall street journal east reporting that few restaurants have opened since the restrictions were lifted. san francisco's board of supervisors recently voted to remove a long standing restriction on new restaurants opening in that neighborhood. all right. time now is 5:39. go back over to sal to check in on traffic. any big problems, sal? you know, not right now. so this is a good hour for you if you don't like being caught in traffic. and we have noticed changes in traffic patterns as people get on the road earlier to avoid the slow downs. right now it's a good time to do that in san francisco northbound 101 looks good coming into the city. if you're coming in from the east bay, there are no delays at the toll plaza. it is light. the metering lights are not on. they usually go on about 6:15 or so. so we have another 30 or 35 minutes before that happens unless there's a crash. and then they'll go on earlier. we're looking at the peninsula and traffic is moving well on
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280 and 101 leaving san francisco down the peninsula. as we move the map to the south bay you can see so far so good with the traffic being smooth on most of the major freeways. it's nice that we're off to a pretty good start. 5:40. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. best way to describe yesterday was about noon the north wind kicked in and especially north bay everything was really in line east bay, peninsula, south bay but from san francisco north temperatures rocketed up. we had some record highs yesterday. mountain view 79 was also a record. san francisco, napa and oakland and santa rosa all with records yesterday. and everybody could set some today. sunny and warm. records are possible. the wind is turning a little easterly. that's a sign just goes like a clock here. by tomorrow it will start turning more southeast or even maybe later today and will start a cooling trend by tomorrow. we'll still be in the 70s but not as warm. and saturday a system comes by it will probably split. i don't think we'll get any
5:42 am
rain out of it north and east maybe. get a lot of clouds and temperatures slide right back into the 60s. so we've gone way up good 15 to 20 degrees above average. nothing even close. higher clouds and fog yesterday. that's not the case today. there's a few high clouds but it's mainly clear. the forecasted highs in the yellow and old record santa rosa 84. that would be a record. napa 83. san francisco 80. that would be close. oakland's 82 would be a record. north at 7 fairfield, but calm almost everywhere else. north-northwest at 5. higher elevations i've seen 25 to 30. get up to about 1500 feet or 2,000 feet have a good wind. 49 napa to 60 in san francisco. mission is 62. financial district 62. yet you get towards outer sunset, ocean beach, it's 52. there's a ten degree spread in san francisco alone. but the official temperature 60 degrees. that's warm for this time of year. mountain view at 61.
5:43 am
livermore 57. fairfield 54. sunny and warm for santa rosa. it was really warm yesterday as you went up to 85 degrees. starting off at 50. we'll go 70 and then 84. it wouldn't take much. if you don't get any wind at all that 84 probably won't happen. high pressure alone should give us enough to get us into record setting territory. 70s and 80s. get out and enjoy it if you can. if you don't like it, hold on because by saturday temperatures will slide back fast. that system comes in i don't think there's much left to it but it will be partly cloudy and cooler and breezy as we go into the weekend. today though sunshine omenty. it will be warm. possible records easterly breeze instead of a northerly breeze. anywhere from 70 to about 84 degrees brentwood 84. santa rosa 84. san raphael 82. morgan hill and gill roy yesterday only 77. i'm out on a limb here with the 84. i'll stick with it.
5:44 am
santa cruz 82. it will be sunny and temperatures above average. mostly sunny and okay on friday. cooler into the weekend. another warm up early next week. >> all right. sounds good. thanks, steve. the american red cross is offering help to the eight families living near a landslide in hercules. the relief agency is offering shelter, supplies and health services. a huge wall of mud has forced four families out of their homes on carson street. four others have restricted access to their homes. on tuesday night the hercules city council declare add local state of emergency. all right. time now 5:44. what's the political future of congresswoman gabrielle giffords? what her supporters want her to do even though she's still in the hospital. plus a hazardous material that people are now being warned about even as they clean up after those recent flash floods. good morning. right now traffic in marin county looks pretty good. but we are getting some slow downs already in parts of the bay area. another complete update straight ahead.
5:45 am
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welcome back to the morning news. aids to arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords says her recovery remains their biggest concern but they're also looking ahead to her political future. giffords has expressed interest in running for the u.s. senate. but since she's still recuperating campaigning would be difficult. her staff is raising money and attending events in her name keeping other incomes who might want the job from even starting their campaign. welcome back. quick look at top stories we're following right now. deputies patrolling third and grove streets in north richmond. there was a deadly overnight shooting there. one other person was shot but is expected to survive. so far no word on a motive or who the suspect is.
5:48 am
investigators just left that scene about an hour ago. california's 112 community colleges are bracing for a 10% cut in funding because the state doesn't have a budget yet. may mean eliminating thousands of classes and cutting enrollment by 400,000 when the school begins this fall. and the united states now has c.i.a. agents on the ground in libya. those agents are determining exactly who the rebels are and finding out what their needs are. a pleasanton family is mourning the death of a soldier who died while serving in afghanistan. army specialist was killed on tuesday. his mother tells us that her son was a medical technician and he was tending to the wounded men when his unit came under fire. the 23-year-old was due to be discharged next year. he is the first native of pleasanton to die in combat. time now 5:48. the clean up crews working dealing in the flood areas are being warned take some extra
5:49 am
precaution around asbestos. air pollution officials say there are contractors working there that aren't certified to conduct asbestos related work. that could mean the proper testing is not being done now. they're saying residents should be very cautious about ripping up wet carpets and floors. wow. all right. 5:48 is the time. back over to sal to check in on the commute. sal. yeah. we've been doing pretty well this traditional first hour of the commute. and the traffic is looking good here on highway 4. but you are seeing some slowing already where else? highway 4 and antioch. that two lane section which will one day be wider but not today. and it's slow. also the morning commute's going to be okay here in oakland on interstate 880. oakland a's don't play today. they have their home opener tomorrow. see a lot more activity at the coliseum coming up in the next -- well, for the next few months. northbound 101 san jose sometimes your brain just turns
5:50 am
off in the middle of a report. that's rather unfortunate. traffic is moving well throughout the south bay. let's go to steve. what were you saying, sal? >> i said my brain switched off temporarily. >> i know that feeling. thank you, sal. sunny and warm weather today. what? yes. sunny and warm. we had warm weather yesterday. march here we had 21 days of rain in march. the first three weeks were just crazy with the rain. the last week here we have record highs. so i mean just an incredible march weather-wise. amazing. records possible today. tomorrow will start to be a bit cooler and weekend looks cooler as we get back into the 60s. front will come in and that will start to bring in and have more clouds and some fog. that's not the case today. there's fog off the coast but it has no chance today. by tomorrow it might. everything looks good for sunshine and warmer weather and more records today. old record in the white. napa's 83 would not, again, i
5:51 am
mean st. helena might be near 86. just depends on if we continue to get the north wind. if it turns southerly all bets are off. i don't think that will happen until tomorrow. the city 80 that would be close. 82 a record high. oakland 82. that would be in san jose would be within 2. 84 is the record. not much of a breeze at the surface. but still some of the higher elevations i saw right above the scald cot 20 miles above. there's still a component there. most locations say calm or northwest or north. so until that wind turns easterly or southeasterly we're in line for you know the direction for record highs this time of year. 60 in san francisco. i mean that's the official temperature. but i've seen 62, 63 for a few cooler as you head out towards the outer richmond sunset district. they're in the low 50s. there's a ten degree spread in san francisco alone. 60s for a few. one upper 40 and that's napa. won't take long to warm up. santa rosa starting off at 50. high of 84 today as long as the
5:52 am
north wind's in place it will be no problem. if it collapses then i'll be in trouble but we'll stay with it. this is textbook. that's a ridge of high pressure. everything is way to the north. sunny and warm. records are possible today. we get more of an easterly breeze instead of a northerly breeze. but northeast, east to southeast but by the time it turns south tomorrow that is a cooler direction for those in the north bay. today though we'll go lots of 70s and low to mid-80s. hayward 782. concord 82. livermore 83. san jose 82. half-moon bay 82. warm weather. and then tomorrow we start seeing a cooling trend. it will be nice but in the 70s. much cooler on saturday. breezy as well into sunday. but we turn it around early next week for warmerwet. just a few minutes ago the latest news on the job market fewer people filed for first time unemployment benefits last week down about 6,000 from the week before, but unfortunately it's still higher than economists forecast. google is settling federal charges by agreeing to an
5:53 am
independent privacy audit every two years after the federal trade commission accused google of using deceptive tactics when it launched its buzz social network last year. google also has to have consent from users to share their information with any third party. all right. time now 5:52. hayward police captured two suspects, but where's the third one? why a terrified woman barricaded herself in a home and what happened after police rushed to the scene? plus how the "american idol" contestants lit up the show last night including a young bay area singer.
5:54 am
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new v8 v-fusion + tea. one combined serving of vegetables and fruit with t g goodness of green tea and powerful antioxidants. refreshingly good. welcome back to the morning news. hayward police are searching for the third suspect in a home invasion robbery. a woman on darwin street called police yesterday when she heard noises inside her house. now the woman barricaded herself in a bedroom until officers arrived. suspects took off and a chase ensued which ended when the suspect's car crashed into a patrol car. the three men took off running. police went house to house eventually arresting two of the three men several hours later. time now 5:56. well, last night was elton john night on "american idol." ♪ [ music ]
5:57 am
>> oh, yes. and last night the final contestants performed elton john's hits. while most of the idols favored his softer songs, he set the stage on fire while he performed saturday night's all right for fighting. tonight two contestants will be voted off. you can watch with us. all the action right here on ktvu channel 2 beginning at 8:00 p.m. >> that was quite a performance. >> there you go. all right. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic now. i like pia's performance myself. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along well if you are on 280 northbound getting up to 880. that traffic looks good. there are no major problems. also this morning's commute is okay on 680 heading to the south bay. and if you are driving on westbound bay bridge approach it's still light. this is the time when the commute begins to change in about 15 minutes metering lights will go on and we will have a bigger crowd there. 5:57. back to the desk. all right.
5:58 am
thank you, sal. scrambling this morning to keep homes from toppling over into a mountain view creek where a landslide is now threatening more homes. can anything be done to help the family who is live there? we'll go live to the area. also the big change you're going to see at california community colleges this fall. good morning. skies are clear. and it's going to be warm today. how warm? we'll have the possible record setting forecasted highs in two minutes.
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