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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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officials moved to fire that driver after seeing the video last night. >> what the video demonstrates is unprofessional behavior. >> reporter: the video clearly shows the driver lied when she told a supervisor she pulled the bus over to text due to a family emergency. she was initially suspended for three days. >> we took appropriate action based on the information that we had at the time. however this is new information. >> reporter: an internal investigation report didn't indicate the existence of video showing the bus in motion. the initial complaint filed by a passenger does. >> when i filed my report, i think it says multiple times that i had a video of it. >> reporter: the driver threatened to never let him drive again when he confronted her. >> it's unfortunate whenever somebody loses their job. but honestly she should have
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been fired immediately after i filed the report with numi. that driver is now suspended again with pay. just about a half hour ago i got a surprising and strong reaction from the union representing that bus driver. we'll have that statement. plus what we learned about that driver's background. david stevenson, ktvu. numi officials are investigating another incident that was also caught on camera last week. this video shows riders standing next to a wide open door. nummi says the train should have never used the station because the driver didn't use a special pin to secure that door shut. today officials say the investigation continues. and the driver remains on suspended duty. and severe weather popping up in the last couple of hours. right now we do have a severe
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thunderstorms warning out for solano county. specifically for southern solano county until 5:15. we will show you where this is at. closing in on fairfield, sasoon city and right around cordilia. and this storm capable of producing penny sized hail already reports of some hail accumulated on the roadways here and there is a slight chance of rotation within this. but this is a severe thunderstorms warning in place right now until 5:15. this is moving to the southeast right around 15 miles per hour. we'll continue to keep an eye on this system. let you know if the weather service changes the weather criteria. and when they might extends this into the evening hours. so we will continue to keep an eye. a severe warning posted for southern solano county until 5:15. >> you can track the weather in your neighborhood on our website at any time just log on
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to now to the barry bonds trial where attorneys from both sides presented their case. rita williams was at the courtroom. >> reporter: finally this case is in the hands of a jury. they'll have to decide whether barry bonds lied or told the truth about taking performance enhancing drugs when he first testified here in the balco case more than seven years ago. but before that happened, both sides had a final say. prosecutor ned jetro began by saying, all he had to do was tell the truth, he chose not to and that's why he's here. the prosecutor called bonds deceitful back then. despite being given immunity from prosecution if he would just tell the truth, quote. why he had a secret and it was a powerful secret. he was using antibollic steroids. he had concerns it would taint
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his establishments. then he went through the prosecutions evidence and 25 witnesses including a secretly recorded audio tape of greg anderson saying how he injected bonds. >> i don't know, i never did. >> reporter: defense attorney allen ruby began in his booming exwrestling announcer voice quote there has been a complete failure of proof by the government. tag teaming defense attorney chris argetta says the case is full of witnesses with conflicts of interest and self- seeking motives. former mistress and former employees. he says even the government is out to get bonds. saying quote "the evidence in
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this case is unworthy of belief." now closing arguments just ended here about an hour ago. the jury met for the first time and about all they decided was to come back here at 8:30 in the morning to begin deliberations. we'll be back here too. reporting live in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. in the past half hour, rita williams spoke to a legal analyst who has been following the bonds case very closely. he says he expects the most likely outcome will be a mixed verdict. >> i think a long shot would be all guilty, all not guilty across the board. i think there is so much evidence on both sides and so many points made on both sides. i think that would be the most surprising. >> reporter: king says he doesn't expect the jury to reach a verdict quickly. he says typically the jury that deals with such a high profile case tends to take its time in reaching a decision.
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you can stay on top of the developments in the barry bonds trial on our website a big surprise today in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case in placerville. that's where phillip and fancy garrido entered pleas. but in phillip garrido's case it was not what anybody expected. broussard was -- and broussard's case was put on hold. broussard says that yusuf bey iv ordered him to kill bailey. the deadline to come up with a spending plan is 9:00 our time tomorrow night. samantha hayes is live in the
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nation's capital now with late word on where things stand right now. good evening samantha. >> reporter: good evening frank, the latest word from the white house was that meeting was delayed until 8:00. as we speak, it should be under way. this is the second high stakes meeting at the white house with the president and congressional leaders today. >> top congressional leaders continued to pivot between optimism and doubt. as both parties struggled to avert a government shut down friday. >> we continue to have productive conversations. they are polite, they are to the point. but there is no agreement on a number, there's no agreement on the issue that pertains with this. >> we're hoping that we will have something done. if not we'll have to look forward to a bad day tomorrow. which is a government shut down. >> reporter: funding for planned parenthood which republicans want to cut
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entirely. conservatives also want to keep the epa from regulates greenhouse emissions. a gallop poll shows the majority of americans want government to compromise to avoid a shutdown. house republicans passed a measure thursday to temporarily fund the government for another week. a bill that includes 12 million worth of cuts. the white house says no deal. >> we have issued a veto threat on that measure. the president has signed several short term extensions to allow for time to continue negotiations. those negotiations have gone on for quite a while now. >> reporter: tonight's meeting the white house put the chances of a government shut down at 50- 50. i'm samantha hayes, frank back to you. with the shutdown looming, the first furlough notices went
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out to government employees. staff members who's jobs are considered nonessential would go on furlough in the event of a federal government shutdown. employees with positions considered to be essential would be expected to come to work. you might be wondering here what happens to congress if the government shuts down. at least one bay area lawmaker says he and his staff will stay on the job. >> we're all essential and i'm going to go back if i have to pay my own way. i don't, i mean they paid me a good salary all these years, we're going to see that they get the service they deserve. >> reporter: an east bay congresswoman, barbara lee is taking an unusual approach. she has joined a growing number of lawmakers in a protest to cut food stamps. and san francisco police are looking for two teens they say shot a man this morning in the city bay view district. officers say it happened as the
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two teenagers got off a nummi bus around 8:00 a.m. investigators say one of the teenagers shot an 18-year-old man on the street near by. it's not clear if the victim had also been riding on the bus. investigators describe the shooting of being between 14 and 15 years old. >> we pulled the video to see who was involved and turned that over to officials immediately. a massive aftershock to japan. and a new blanket of snow has fallen. what you need to know about the roads if you're headed that way.
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a strong aftershock rocked
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japan sending fear through the already devastated nation and briefly trigger a tsunami alert. this most recent quake came late at night in japan jolting a lot of people out of bed. in downtown tokyo, buildings shook for almost a full minute. the quake knocked out power to the northern part of the country and also prompted a tsunami warning, but no tsunami appeared and the alert was later lifted. this is the strongest aftershock since the march 11th earthquake. tokyo power officials said the quake caused no further damage to the crippled power plant but workers were forced to evacuate to a quake resistant shelter for a short time. right now crews at that nuclear plant are injecting nitrogent
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gas to offset a building of hydrogen and oxygen and hopefully avoid another disaster. crews and contamination crews combed through debris. more than 105,050 people are confirmed dead. 15,000 more are missing. oil prices jumped to 2.5 year highs. the price of oil spiked above $110 a barrel. at one point reaching $115. today's new quake raised fears about japan's nuclear power capability. and that it could --
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the dow jones fell 17 points to close at 12,409. the nasdaq also fell dropping more than three points closing at 2,096. there was another strong earthquake today, this one hit in a wide region of central and northern mexico. the magnitude 6.9 quake was centered southeast of the capital of mexico city. it swayed buildings and sent people running into the streets. if quake caused minor damages but there were no reports of injuries. and the weather system triggered spin outs and other traffic problems along interstate 80 as well as chain restrictions there. you can see through this caltrans traffic cameras the sierra roads are slick. but it looks like driver is okay. there are a few people pulled over to the side. the weather created quite a problem for many drivers. >> reporter: smashed, slammed, jackknifed. >> i pray to god i don't flip
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over. >> reporter: a snow cell that hit so quick in the sierra this afternoon it turned driving downright dangerous. >> we were driving along, suddenly i had no visibility. >> reporter: just after the noon hour, snow hit the sierra causing severe conditions. that big rig spun out. at least five other cars spun out or got into an accident. for over an hour, traffic was stopped. the turn around and temperature in weather conditions of 60 and sunny to snow was described as. >> unbelievable. just a huge change. >> big, big change. >> however on the flip side the positive side, the ski resort says this new snow just validates and vindicates their decision to extend the ski
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season past easter. because they say with conditions like these, the skiing is just going to continue to be phenomenal. back to you. serious weather up in the sierra. also some serious weather here. we are tracking severe thunderstorms coming downright now over to our meteorologist mark tamayo. where are they hitting right now. >> the cells are concentrated in the north side near solano. still that thunderstorms is a factor. a couple of storms right now move into solano county. this one cell to the east of napa. as we come in tighter this first one to the east. you can see it shifting to the south and to the east. this is the thunderstorms that produced and still is producing at least penny sized hail. accumulating on the roadways, cloud to ground lightning strikes. if i were to take a look at the
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forecast track and take this to the south and east, this would be the eventually forecast. at least as you can see impacting some of these neighbors. the hour between 5:17 and 6:00. i will go ahead and clear that once again and widen out the perspective. we will come in tighter and show you some of the roadways that were impacted closer to rockville road and cordilia road. this activity is shifting to the south. up to the north and north and west. there's a next cell right around napa. no warnings associated with this just yet. we will have to keep an eye on this and let you know if the weather is changing. moving from napa county on track to reach solano county. here's a look at the over all story for tonight. we're going to have a chance of thunderstorms and also gusty winds. winds have been increasing right around 25 to 35 miles per hour. tomorrow a chilly morning, partly cloudy skies. there is still a chance of a shower for your friday.
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the main brunt of the system will be friday. overnight lows definitely chilly first thing tomorrow morning. coolest locations in the middle 30s for napa, santa rosa. san jose right around 30. livermore at 37 degrees. coming up we'll take a look at your forecast model which did a great job with our thunderstorms. we'll also let you know if any more warnings or watches develop across the region. downed power lines and ruptured gas meters made it tough for firefighters to put out a fire this morning. the fire broke out at about 3:00 a.m. in solano on dwight way. fire investigators think the fire started at the front part of the house. >> we worked very methodically from the exterior to the
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interior. then look at the patterns and take it from there. >> reporter: firefighters say they called pg & e but it took an hour and a half to get someone out there. power crews say they found a valve under the degree and ended upturning it off themselves. the blast shattered windows and launched debris on to a guest house. at first authorities worried this was a terrorist attack so they called in the a bomb squad and evacuate 150 neighbors. no one was hurt. two pay area companies are part of the homeland security's new plan to give you the latest information on terror alerts. also find out why it's the rebel forces who are outraged tonight in libya. it's one of the most personal questions a poacher could ask. and a poll shows just how difficult it is to get a straight answer.
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emotions ran high after a woman who accused college baseball players of rape lost her civil case against them. >> she brought this all on herself. >> why the legal battle between the two sides still may not be over. plus, a local police department's radio communication system failed again. and this time it affected the fire department too. we asked why this problem keeps happening. then, ktvu found out how a federal government shutdown could impact your social security benefits. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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libyan rebel forces are expressing outrage tonight saying their fighters were mistakingly hit again in a nato air raid. it would be the second accidental nato strike against rebel forces in a week. a doctor says at least two rebels were killed. more than a dozen others were hurt. nato says it will look into
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these latest claims. in recent day, commanders had compared that the strikes were not coming often enough and without precision. general carterham says gadhafi forces are making air strikes more difficult by staging military troops near civilian areas such as schools and mosques. the general also said that the operation is more likely to remain a stalemate now that the u.s. has transferred control to nato. two top san francisco city lead horse have clashed in the past call -- leaders who have clashed in the past came together to talk about a video scandal. gascon and adachi appeared together to talk about several cases. including the drug lab scandal. >> it's a parent no, are we
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going to have other problems? we will. >> they also discussed the da's plan for community courts putting nonviolent court cases before a panel of citizen forces. an expert from ucla has released a new count of the number of gay and lesbian people in the united states. it's larger than th estimates of larger studies. a popular catholic priest with a worldwide tv ministry has placed himself on leave after a romantic affair with his cousin became public.
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father michael manning came out with a release that of his relationship with nancy kotowski. these are new pictures of nancy and phillip garrido in court today. where phillip garrido raised eyebrows by what he said. why his own attorney is irritated. and what we learned today about the homeland security alert plan. and how when it'll be moving from this to this. severe thunderstorms warnings just expired in southern solano county. but we still have quite a bit of activity in the area. i'll show you the strongest storms in the area, at least in the short term for this evening.
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we are looking at some cell phone video just into our newsroom and these pictures tell the story about the severe weather warning we've been bringing you from the beginning of this newscast. it is developing news tonight. a severe thunderstorms warning just expired minutes ago. but ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is still tracking severe weather. what about those pictures that we just saw. >> we had confirmed reports of hail. at first we had reports of nickel sized hail. this has been in place since 4: 4:37. a big eruption with those storms. we'll come in a bit tighter.
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that warning was allowed to expire. this is to the south of fairfield. up in napa county i'm watching more activity and the napa airport as we come in tighter is maybe hard to see right now. the latest observation are the napa airport we actually had mostly sunny skies. gives you an idea of just how localized these storms are. some of the roadways impact you closer to valley road and old sonoma road. no storms or watching posted yet but that could be changing as this basically very afluid situation with the storm erupting late this afternoon as you would expect when you get the maximum heating. that's the fuel for the thunderstorms, that's what we have right now. very localized for parts of the bay area. we'll continue to keep an eye on these storms and have your forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, mark. as this weather changes minute by minute, you can track the weather in your own neighborhood by going to our website just go to
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a real surprise today as phillip and nancy garrido both entered pleas in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. but what phillip garrido case surprised everyone. ken pritchett has the story. >> reporter: phillip garrido did not enter the plea he was expected to. and that made a heated conflict between the attorney and her client. >> who does that? who says those kind of thins. >> reporter: phillip garrido's public defender took issue with nancy garrido's attorney who said a guilty plea would happen today. >> i should say, he should speak for his client. >> reporter: the garrido's are
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accused of the kidnapping of 11- year-old jaycee dugard allegedly kept captive in their backyard for 18 years. nancy was hoping a guilty plea might lead to a deal avoiding a trial. >> disappointing, yes it hasn't been resolved. he has to sit in jail for some time. yes he's disappointed in that. he does not want jaycee do go through all this stuff and has consistently said that. >> reporter: if the garrido's go to trial. jaycee dugard will have to testify. avoiding trial is up to the defendants. >> the best thing is the two of them take responsibility for their actions and move on. >> reporter: this morning a judge set an august 3rd trial date for the garrido's. that trial is expected to last
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three weeks. in placerville, ken pritchett, ktvu news. and in the de anza case, the judge found the suspects not guilty of rape. she was seeking $7.5 million in damages. the jury found no negligence on the part of the two defendants and said the men will not have to pay damages. we'll have more details and more reaction on today's developments coming up at 6:00. ktvu news learned today new details about the federal government's new security system. which as we first reported will include two area based social networking companies. maureen naylor is at san jose international airport and tells us why not everyone seems to like this idea, maureen. >> reporter: the airport is one of the prominent places you will see the new security program. and it will either show high or orange. and we're going to learn how
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it's going to be released to social media users. >> reporter: inside the orchard valley coffee shop and internet cafe. arnold prefers facebook or twitter. >> if they were to get some sort of alert i would hear about it through text message from them. >> reporter: just a few tables away. >> i think it's a bunch of crap. >> reporter: this woman hates the idea. >> it just makes people more afraid. and the more people are afraid about everything, the more they are controlled. >> reporter: the online alerts are all part of the department of homeland security's new plan to replace the current five level color coded alert system with two threat levels. elevated and imminent. ktvu has learned the government will use its facebook and twitter accounts where users can opt to receive the alerts. twitter says it has 175 million
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users. facebook says they have 500 million users. some that log on daily. marieneti is not one of them. >> i think it's good to release it in more ways. >> reporter: so they can reach you. >> i don't know how they can reach me. i will give them my phone and they can text me or something. >> reporter: and today we were told this new system will start april 8th. two county sheriff's in arizona are making some surprising claims. they said the border patrol has been ordered to chase away instead of arrest illegal immigrants trying to cross into the u.s. from mexico. one of them testified to a senate hearing today. he claims there are rumors that agents are under orders to
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reduce the number of arrests at certain hours. >> contrary to what secretary napolitano says the border is not more secure than ever before. she's divorced from reality in thinking so. >> reporter: the u.s. border patrol chief called the allegations 100% false. southwest airlines plans to return five 737s to service after fixing cracks in its fuselage. southwest airlines inspected planes, five inspected planes had cracks. inspectors put new aluminum skins on their roofers. a reprieve for riders of caltrain today. the good news they are getting. and so we got this big event. a million people locking hands. why gavin newsom thinks this sign of unity will provoke change. way too much of a good thing could have dire health
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consequences. what the world health organization says about overuse of a certain type of medicine. ! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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facebook ceo says it wants to get more eyes on their stories. the american society of news editors said that facebook is helping boost the spread of
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online content. it is doing that by allowing facebook buttons on stories that let viewers recommend stories to their friends. you will find those facebook buttons on bottom of stories on so you can alert friends on stories. and m.c. hammer lent his star power to gavin newsom who is trying to ban cuts to education. lieutenant governor newsom urged californians to join the
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hands together for education. and caltrain board of director postponed service including declining service. sam train has added new electric signs. they are now operating in locations including melbrae. in an effort to save $70 million a year, the government hopes to stop mailing out social security statements by the end of this year. those are the multi page summeries that tell you how much you have paid in and how many you will be getting once you retire.
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the social security administration now wants to send people to its website to get that same information. however it says it must resolve security issues first. critics say some people don't have web access. international health officials are expressing concern about the continued misuse of antibiotics. such misuse is under mining the global fight against many infectious diseases. an estimated 440,000 new cases of thank you tb were resistant to some drugs. other age old diseases are on the rise with a possibility of no cure. they warned misuse of antibiotics could lead to a return to the days before the drugs were developed. and hello everyone. we are live here outside at&t ballpark where there's a lot of free party action going on. the equipment rental trucks are here. but it's inside the park that you have to see. we'll give you that sneak peek
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straight ahead. thunderstorms have been erupting across parts of the area over the past few hours. coming up we will show you the strongest storms, the forecasted in the short term and also the changes we're expecting for the weekend. new at 6:00, emotions ran high after a woman who accused college baseball players of rape lost her civil case against them. >> she brought this all on herself. >> reporter: why the legal battle between the two sides still may not be over. plus, a local police department's radio communication system failed again. and this time it affected the fire department too. we asked why this problem keeps happening. then, ktvu found out how a federal government shut down could impact your social security benefits. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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okay it's all about to happen at at&t park. the giant's home opener is tomorrow afternoon. we've learned that a local rock band, train is going to sing the national anthem. mark is out at the ballpark. sounds like things are pretty
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busy out there. >> this place has been busy all day long. trucks have been stopping at the front of the ballpark dropping off furniture. they're going to have drinks and cocktails for those vip folks. fans are ready for a new season and a new party. washing windows, power washing patios. stenciling the field, the home opener for the giants is just a day away. >> it's going to be happening. >> reporter: it's game time. >> that is right. >> reporter: game time with a different flavor, the title of world champs. >> it's beautiful, but i'm still having a hard time
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getting my mind around it. it's still hard to believe that we just won the world series. >> reporter: pete osbourne runs momo's. business he said was up 50% compared to the previous season. osbourn also said the offseason was also busy. and he hopes it will continue. >> some of our neighbors closed to remodel. we've done a lot of tailoring of not only here but pedro's cantina also. >> reporter: the seats will soon be filled and the world championship giants baseball season about to get under way here at home. >> we're actually going to come home real early to enjoy the festivities and everything like that. it should be a good time. >> reporter: and right now the flags are up and flapping in the outfield. minus one and that's the one
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that says world champions. that will be unveiled tomorrow as for who is throwing out the first pitch. that will be a surprise for those 42,000 plus in attendance. reporting live here in china basin, mike mibach. the giant fan that was injured will be honored at that season opener. if you were in the right place at the right time, you could have received a free b.a.r.t. ticket from one of the golden state warriors. rookie udoh is one of the players who went to the station this afternoon handing out b.a.r.t. tickets worth any where from 10 to $50. >> you have to give back. you have to build awareness for what the earth needs.
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taking care of the environment. >> if the warrior players look particularly happy today it's because they beat the lakers last night at oracle arena. the change you can expect from this year's allergy season. also at 6:00. for two hours police and fire communication were crippled by aging business. what we found autoabout that much talked about new radio system. a government shutdown is looming tonight. the residents who won't be left empty-handed if the government shuts down. back to our weather. we've had some severe thunderstorms in parts of the bay area. over to our meteorologist mark tamayo. what's the situation now. >> no more warnings in place. but we still have impressive thunderstorms showing up. you can see the coverage right now. not a lot to show you in the south bay. not a lot to show you in the peninsula. the main action happening up in the north bay extending out toward solano county in parts of the east bay.
5:50 pm
it's a string of showers and thunderstorms in a fairly long distance. around 27 to 28 miles. the severe thunderstorms warning expired at 5:15. now it's up for souther solano county. we do have yellows and reds to the north and west of pittsburgh and right around antioch. we will have an increase in the shower activity with this system. looks like it has been weakening. we have also been watching more activity out in the napa county. you can't see. and some of the roads impacted in old sonoma road. and they're issuing a special advisory for drivers on highway 29 if you're traveling from napa. no more severe thunderstorms warnings in place. there is the bigger perspective. of course the thunderstorms will be a factor at least in the short term over the next one to two hours.
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here we go with the overnight weather. this system dropped in from the north: you noticed a big drop off in temperatures. those readings this afternoon only in the mid- to upper 50s. we will take this into your friday and a chilly morning. the cold air remains in place. that means 30s and 40s expected tomorrow morning. just with the proximity of this low, is going to keep a chance for showers. here we go for this evening, the rain showers on the decrease between 8:00 and 9:00. we'll take this into tomorrow morning. just a few clouds out there with scattered clouds. most of the activity remains to the east of the region but we'll keep an eye on the chance for showers. mid-30s to the mid-40s by 12:00. sun cloud mix. by 3:00 partly cloudy skies. giants as you can see the forecast. partly cloudy skies, those temperatures mainly in the 50s, right around 56 degrees.
5:52 pm
still in the cool side for tomorrow afternoon. and here is a look ahead. it will be dry this weekend. a little bit warmer, just a few clouds and maybe a few sprinkles for monday morning. >> thank you, mark. >> sure. prince william and princess kate aren't quite married yet but they already have a personalized wedding song. these children are from the buckelberry church of enlands school. the town where kate middleton grew up. the children wrote the wedding song. >> it's about what i think the day is going to be and hopes that they get along well.
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some members of congress won't be having dinner tonight or breakfast tomorrow.
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as the budget battle races on, dozens of members of congress including two from the bay area are taking a symbolic stand against budget cuts.
5:56 pm
they are taking a hunger bout to bring attention to the congress. congresswoman lee says it's not as difficult as it sounds to. she and a dozen other congress members are holding a hunger fast. >> i always think about those that i'm thinking now, about those who don't have anything to eat who will go to bed hungry. i'm thinking about those who are on food stamps and if the republicans have their way would be denied food stamps. >> the congressional fast will involve thousands of people across the country. congressman honda and caramel have also joined in the past. there is much more news straight ahead, ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. >> reporter: oakland police and fire department radio systems break down. what is the city planning on doing about it.
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the emotional embrace for this juror from the woman who accused two baseball players of rape. the vindication those young men are claiming tonight. a numi driver is in serious trouble after ktvu aired this video of her texting behind the wheel. the serious penalty she is now facing. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. we have been tracking severe weather that dumped rain and hail in areas. this shows the hail that fell just in the last hour in solano county. a


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