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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 21, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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suspects. we have seen officers with dogs walking the street. we will continue to monitor what's happening in this area and we'll bring you more information on this newscast if we get it and on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. morgan hill police says the common to have a few mountain lion sightings every year but not what they've encountered recently. three sheep have been killed in the past three weeks including one yesterday. maureen naylor is live now in morgan hill with the precautions under way tonight, maureen -- >> reporter: we're standing in the busy intersection, and it happened just a few blocks from here. the sign over the barn says sheep happens, but the owner was never ready for this. >> of course i'm concerned. >> reporter: police say the
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bite marks point to a puma. >> an animal control responded along with fish and game. they found a sheep caucus. they both determined that the cause of death was a mountain lion. >> reporter: police say the first dead sheep was found february 7th. followed by others on april 8th and april 20th. >> it's uncommon for it to happen at this rate in this time. >> we'll try to secure the rest of them because this wild animal is coming back. i left the radio on outside to make noise. i left all the lights i could leave on. >> right around where that brown spot is. >> reporter: virginia morgan
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lives right across the street, she says that it's not uncommon to have wildcats in this area. >> if you live where mountain lions used to live, they're going to come back. i'm not surprised. >> reporter: reporting live in morgan hill, maureen naylor. we have developing news from the north bay where a decision is expecting tonight on building controversial new target store. just minutes ago the san rafael city council started its meeting on the issue. as you can see supporters and opponents of the big box retailer is letting their feelings be known outside of city hall. those in favor of the stores say it will provide more than 100 jobs and generate more than $100 million in sales tax. we want to show you where target wants to build this store. this field, those opposed say they will have a negative effect on the downtown area and bring traffic problems. we'll be following the story throughout the evening and
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we'll bring you any news of of the debates. chairman, ceo and president peter darby says he will retire at the end of the month. lee cox will take over the job on an interim basis. all of this comes as pg & e is under scrutiny after the pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno. now the company is sending out letters warning if you have potentially dangerous pipeline near or under your home. if you get one of those letters, what do you do? tom vacar is joining us now with some answers, tom. >> reporter: 2.5 million of us are expected to get those letters. these pipelines carry natural gas. but if you get one this size or larger made of this material then you get a letter that
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raises more questions than it does make answers. >> i'm thinking is it welded, is it safe. how old is it, is it going to break down. >> do i move away, move in, ask them to get it out i don't think any of that is going to happen. so it's just information. >> reporter: according to golden gate information psychologist cate yardo, that's what it is. >> i think it'll reflect very negative on pg & e. >> reporter: and says pg & e you should take advantage of the numbers and e-mails on the letter. >> a lot of folks will be receiving these letters and we want to address any concerns. >> it's information, they are transmitting information that's probably useful. i can use it in some way. >> i think the letter is just
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maybe covering the bases. >> you tend to feel negatively toward the messenger. but people turn it into field noise and tend not to pay attention to it at all. >> reporter: and if you see crews laying yellow pipeline -- >> those are just for dangerous at all. the legislature is once again considering a tax on oil drilled in the state and in the waters off southern california. if passed, california would join other states such as texas in taxing oil extraction. money raised by the 12.5% oil severance tax would go to education funding. >> this proposed severance charge would bring two or $3
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million in the first year of operation. >> reporter: opponents say the cost would be passed on to consumers. lawmakers say the bill would prevent oil companies from doing that. the bill would require a 2/3 vote by the legislature. president obama is in los angeles tonight one stop in the whirlwind tour of the state. he started the day at a fundraiser. it's not clear if the president saw or heard any of the demonstrators who had gathered to protest potential cuts to service. the president spoke to workers at electro term incorporated. that's a so called green company that turns waste into
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alternative energy. as you see about an hour later he is scheduled for two fundraisers and is said to leave southern california tomorrow morning. members of congress have now joined a chorus of voices calling into the investigation that apple iphones and i pads collect data about their users. two researchers said they had discovered a secret tracking feature in the devices and there's no way to remove the data from the iphones and i pads. researchers say they asked apple for an explanation but so far have not received a response. a black eye today for many of the websites that it runs went down today for as long as 11 hours. was and still is up and running. but popular websites like quara, four square and reddit were completely knocked out. apparently there was a problem with the data center that serves the website. so far amazon has not said why they had an outage but they do
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say they are making progress in mixing it. it's not easy to find a parking spot in san francisco but now there's an app for that. ktvu's sal castaneda is live now in the city to show us how it works and how it's already raising some concerns. sal-- >> reporter: julie, that's because all this technology including these smart meters and computerized parking data might encourage people to whip out their smart phones while behind the wheel. san francisco police say they are aggressively cracking down on distracted driving. >> there's been cases where there's accidents where a driver has been distracted by a mobile device. >> reporter: transportation officials say the new app that helps you look for parking on your iphone may help ease congestion. they say cutting down on the distraction of looking for parking will lead to safer driving. >> getting you to a parking spot faster, cut down on
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emissions, cut down on circling around. we also have an able to speed up our transit system. >> reporter: the device gives you the ability to set prices based on demand. many say having all this might make it hard not to sneak a peak while behind the wheel. >> i would say that it would probably encourage you to look at your phone. i don't know, i would have to say discipline when in the car. >> reporter: again parking officials say the best way to use the system is before you even get into the car and by the way, there is a feature on this system that disables or actually flashes a warning on the phone if it detects that your car is moving. live in san francisco, sal castaneda ktvu channel 2 news. a plan to place a speed limit on bicyclists on the golden gate bridge is on hold tonight. golden gate bridge officials discussed that plan today. the can idea is to -- the idea is to slow down bicyclers on the bridge by limiting them to 10 miles per hour on the
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sidewalk and five-miles-per- hour around bridges tower. but in a meeting, bicyclists said they were upset because they were not advised about the meeting -- had not been consulted about the bill earlier. and firefighters take on a historic hotel to take on a simulated fire. we'll take you on the drill coming up. and the message this billboard is sending it's the end of the world. and we'll have some clouds out there. but not many, a nice day. rain is going to be back in the forecast, i'll explain if there's rain in your holiday weekend.
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community workers in the south bay were recognized as heros today for helping victims of violent crimes.
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they were honored at a special luncheon. the unsung heros award for 2011 was put on by the santa clara victim's support unit, and other agenciesfuls more than a dozen people received awards including molina garcia who helps run the coalition of human trafficking. >> sometimes they are broken, you see that they are having a really difficult time and i think it's just such a reward to see the before and after. >> these are real people. real things have happened to them and we have to honor them. and we have to honor those that take their time and their patience to work with victims. >> today's unsung heros was held in conjunction with national victim's week. hundreds of firefighters are learning the dangerous of battling a high rise fire. in a story you will see only on 2. david stevenson goes inside
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a historic san francisco hotel that's serving as an important training ground for firefighters. david. >> reporter: this hotel is closed down and guarded, but we got an exclusive look inside this afternoon on the intention training session that's going on inside. the call came in just after 1:30 this afternoon. a fire in the seventh floor inside san francisco's closed down cathedral hill hotel. but the flames on the upper floor are fake. it's part of a 3 -week-old program using a real hotel to help firefighters to help navigate a real fire. >> we closed all the door, we have a flair that we're using to simulate a real fire. >> reporter: the cathedral hotel opened in 1960.
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the look >>my father was out and he spoke to me about the fire in length. >> reporter: the medical center later bought and closed the hotel in 2009 in hopes of eventually building a new medical complex here. for now san francisco firefighters train here free of charge. smash through hotel walls in real life rescue scenarios. >> what was it like going through that wall there? >> fun. >> you just can't put a dollar value on it. we have training facilities in san francisco, but our firefighters have been through many times. while we make it as realistic as potential. there's nothing like a real live building to do these things in. firefighters are also using the hotel for their debriefing session. the plan is to have all 150,000 firefighters trained here before the hotel is torn down.
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david stevenson. barry bonds conviction of charges of obstructing justice will not affect his major league records. bonds holds the career and season home run records. some fans felt the conviction tainted the achievements. commissioner selig called his decision pragmatic. bonds attorneys are asking for the charges to be dismissed. if you drive on the bay bridge you might see a billboard mocking predictions of the end of the world. they are making fun of a prediction by the national christian radio network based in oakland. the group says the end of the world is coming on may 21st. the american atheists say they've heard that story before and they are announcing a conference on the weekend of may 21st. the snow pack is going to
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provide a lot more water. the water district says it won't be able to give out 100% because it does not have enough storage. >> definitely yes both in terms of surface storage which is lakes and reservoirs and in terms of ground water. this season's rainfall stands at 116th% of normal. snowfall is 167% of normal. people who live in tiburon were supposed to have heard it. a warning siren. this was just a test of a new tsunami alert. but the tiburon fire department hopes people will respond to this sound in a real emergency. the siren has just been installed on top of its main fire station. firefighters hope to train
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people to tune into radio 840 when they hear that siren. that's where they'll get more on the emergency and what to do. members of wild rescue searched the lake by the palace of fine arts in san francisco looking for a distressed sea gull. the group says its received reports the past few days of a sea gull with a beer can around its neck. late last year wild rescue found two sea gulls with beer cans around their neck. >> this was not purposely. >> reporter: wild rescue is offering a reward for information that will lead authorities to the person responsible. a lot of people are wondering what's going to happen this weekend. it's easter and people are going to want to be outside, right bill. >> that's right. this is one of those weekends
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that part-time -- that people expect the weather to be good. nothing that's going to be a real deal breaker for your weekend. your temperatures will be the only thing impacted. and just like today's system which blew through last night and did drop .25-inch of rain. but then it cleared off rapidly and we saw lots of sunshine out there. the computer model for tomorrow then will get into tomorrow morning's commute drive. cloudy, partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, variable clouds. hazy, sunshine. we're going to see a little bit of everything. but temperatures are going to come up. afternoon for your get away, you do see showers out here in the valley. maybe something out here south of livermore. but none of it looked significant. most likely i don't think that's going to happen to tell you the truth. saturday looks a little more
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aggressive. puts a little more scattered shower activity in our area. but it's really going to look like it's not going to be a big impact. temperature and cloud cover. today was nice as this system moves through. we got some wet in the ground. we got a little bit of rain in the buckets. we got some tree pollen out of the atmosphere. the weekend this system comes in very weak. main event will be saturday. i have a chance of showers in there, there's a good chance i will take it out at 10:00 or 11:00. the forecast as we go through time. this is a long range model. 68 in vallejo, a nice day as we go through your tomorrow. with hazy sunshine. mostly cloudy, mostly sunny. five day forecast looks like this, you see plenty of clouds. the main word is this, partly cloudy. your weekend, i think it's going to be fine. maybe a sprinkle on saturday
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but don't change your plans. could have been a humdrum school day turned into a nice surprise for students in livermore this morning. kids were wondering what the heck is going on here. volunteers from videlity investment marched into the junction school and handed out 29 new musical instruments. there were clarinets, violin and violas. it was a nice surprise for the students who say they usually play on old banged up instruments. >> i was so happy. i was thinking oh my god i finally get a new instrument. i was so excited because i love to play the flute and just having something new like this is really special. >> reporter: fidelity and the mr. holland foundation donated the new instruments to the school to help expand its music
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program. if you're note a yankee fan, you're going to like this new story. the bronx bombers are being sued and it is all over this.
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you see that new york
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yankees logo on the center of your scream. it's not just a picture, it's the center of a lawsuit. a yankee spokeswoman would only say it's a wonderful country where anyone can sue even when that claim is more than 70 years old. >> it's a great logo though. >> it is. it's been around for a long time. >> there's a lot going on in football. >> yeah, we have the sharks later tonight. the a's later tonight. but one week from today nfl draft day for a season that may or may not happen. but the raiders going on as business as usual. their coach hugh jackson a little press conference today. of course they don't have a first choice. they're first pick won't come until the 48th over all pick in the second run. but jackson confident he can add to his already talented and
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aggressive roster even back there. >> there's a particular way i want to play on offense. i want to continue to create the bully you all have heard me talk about. i want to get a little more physical, a little tougher, meaning, whatever all those good words are on offense. so we are looking for some quality offensive line men but we are looking for quality all across the board. we have a very talented team. i feel very comfortable about the team that we will have when we get back here. but if we can put a couple more pieces to that nucleous that we have coming back. >> as long as meaner means getting better. if you can remember that parade last year, if someone had dropped that trophy. check out madrid. they're celebrating over their
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win over barcelona. sergio dropped the trophy and the bus ran over it. there it is. sergio ramos used to playing soccer with his feet. but his hands couldn't -- you see the trophy is okay though. so that's the good thing. a little scrape, a little damage. >> just a little -- a little character. a new round of college graduates about to hit the job market. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. we'll have more on that. that's our report, good night. >> good night.
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