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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 26, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> reporter: an antioch man was shot and killed in his home and police way it was not a random crime. will san carlos keep its firefighters. >> find out what the city council decide after hours of debate last night. a flag fight in san francisco. it's tied to the death of a screen legend. also -- the money news that could give coffee lovers a real
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jolt. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, april 26th. antioch police make an arrest overnight just hours after a deadly shooting. allie rasmus talked with neighbors who say they know why the gunman targeted the victim. neighbors say the victim helped out a roommate in the past, defending her from what neighbors describe as her violent ex-boyfriend. antioch police say it was that
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ex-boyfriend who came to the home around 9:30 last night, got in a confrontation and shot and killed the 26-year-old man. we only know the victim's first name, dave. antioch police not releasing his full identity yet. neighbors say he had recently turned his life around. he was working hard at a new career after surviving a serious car crash a few months ago. >> he's been working really hard, trying to get everything together. he was a good kid. he didn't deserve this. >> reporter: now, last night after the deadly shooting, the victim's stepfather and neighbors gathered in front of the home to pray and console each other. >> he came back like it was
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retaliation for dave. >> reporter: now, monday afternoon before sh fatal shoot, antioch police released new data about the crime rate in this city. according to the police data, crime is on the decline, they say. police say there were three homicides in 2010 compared to one homicide in the first three months of this year. the overall crime rate dropped 18%. but after what happened here this morning, neighbors say they -- say they have a hard time believing those numbers. back to you. >> thank you. four people are in the hospital after a house fire in san jose overnight. firefighters were caued to a home on great oaks drive about 1:30 this morning. four people were taken to the hospital treated for smoke inhalation. firefighters are estimating the damage about $30,000. the cause of the fire is still
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being investigate. >> tara moriarty is live to tell bus a vote that came last night regarding the firefighters and there was hot debate about this, right, tara? >> reporter: yes. after hour hours of very contentious debate, the city council came to a decision. right now we're here at the fire station, which is set to break up in the fall. more than 150 people showed up at the city council meeting. the big controversy that council was considering giving the job of fighting fires to a private company called wackenhunt. >> fire to a contractor, a low- bid contractor? what happens if they fail? will any of you guarantee that they can save my house in a fire? >> reporter: but others angry about what they called padded
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pensions of city firefighters said they would be willing to give the private company a shot. >> we can monitor any agreement we enter into and terminate their services if they don't perform satisfactorily. >> reporter: basically, what the new merger means is that redwood city and san carlos will share chiefs but the rank in file firefighters will belong to the city. it should save the city $1.5 million. negotiations should stake place in june. back to you. >> thank you, tara. classes resume today at a santa rosa preschool that was vandalized over the weekend. police say five boys broke into a portal unit at northwest prep
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at pioneer. two confessed to torturing a hampster. deputies tracked them down after a neighbor called police. and in palo alto, police say someone broke in and raided a food storage soon -- shop. they poured hot sauce on the equipment and ruined that. police don't know the motive or foul people were involved. 7:06. a father in walnut creek says flail -- officials at his son's high school ignored had his complaint that his son was being bullied. his father said his son was injured when other members of the football team pushed him backwards on top of someone crouching behind him. the father niled a -- filed a claim but it was denied.
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the young man transferred schools. a flag fight is developing in the castro district now. the focus is that huge rainbow flag at castro and market streets. last month, some residents wanted the flag to be flown as half-staff to mark the death of elizabeth taylor. the merchant group that maintains the flag said no. now some castro restaurants are demanding more community input into when the flag's lowered. the city of millbrae is facing a new lawsuit that morning, a k-9 handler with the city's police department says she's not being paid fairly for her work. the officer said she was -- she should be paid overtime for the time she spends taking care of the dog while off duty. the city has declined to comment on the new lawsuit.
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7:07. let's check in with sal, see how the commute is holding up. >> we're watching the accident on the peninsula at devil's slide. it was an overturned pickup truck. pacifica police is handling it. this is on highway 1 at devil's slide. they are making some progress. they have the tow truck there and the pacifica police are there. one-way traffic control has now been set up because they actually had the entire area closed but they are letting some cars through one lane at a time. i would still say use highway 92 instead, which a lot of people are doing sew you are gonna -- sore you are gonna see some slow traffic -- so you are gonna see some slow traffic. south of pacifica on devil's slide. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that traffic is gonna be okay. no major problems. it's about a 15-minute delay.
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and if you are driving in san jose, 280 northbound looks good getting up to highway 17. right now, the south bay freeways are pretty quiet when it comes to stalls or collisions. :08. let's go to -- 7:08. let's go to steve. the wind is not as strong as it was yesterday. still some gusts on the coast and some of the higher elevations, kicking up its heels a little bit. temperatures starting off, many on the cool side. we have a couple of upper 30s and lower 40s and we will start to see temperatures warming up a little bit. as we -- we'll see high pressure move in for about a day and a half and then back off. the weekend is looking better -- better. the storm track what's left of it was over us yesterday is now
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up to the northern part of the state but even that's starting to lift farther north. temperatures a few upper 30s. fairfield, 36 because they have a calm wind. santa rosa was 41 and then the wind picked up northwest. they went to 46. concord's 46. 49 san jose, under mostly cloudy skies. livermore down to 42. san rafael starting off at 43. we'll go sunshine 68 noon. a high today, 67 degrees. i'm standing right in front of it. the ridge of high pressure right there is lifting up as everything goes to the pacific northwest. that will be the cooldown for thursday but not for today and tomorrow except for a few low clouds. some patchy low clouds. but really nothing there. we're rebounding. 3 to 8 on the morning lows. a little cool out there. 55 to 65 at noon.
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sunshine we'll keep that theme going light through the afternoon, upper 50s to near 60s . 67 cooper cupertino. sunnyvale/fremont, 66. upper 50s low 60s on the coast. today, tomorrow, sunshine warmer weather. a little cooldown on thursday. we get it out of here on friday and then sunny and warmer by the weekend. tori, dave? >> sounds good, thank you, steve. just out a few minutes ago, the latest report on consumer confidence rose. economists say the numbered indicated that consumers are less concerned about jobs and income and they expect the trend to last through the
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spring. the confidence level had dropped considerably in march from '7 it -- from '72 in february. for the first time in more than 0 years, coffee -- 30 years coffee has topped $3 a monday. people we've talked to say they have noticed the prices on their favorite drinks going up. but they also say they need to their coffee. >> i really love star buck. they take extra care in hiring employees, the coffee is consistent as is the -- as is the rest of their products. >> in the past survive be months, coffee prices have more than doubled. tom vacar will join us live to explain what is driving up the morning of your pick me up. >> i need to know. >> it's like gas, some people have to have to. gas for the car, coffee to
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start the morning. making history, what the federal reserve chairman plans to do. olympic bid. when lake tahoe is hoping to bring the games lack to november. also in the case of poisoned animals down in san diego. how police have spotted a suspect. why more victims might come forward.
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we have clear skies. just a few patches of fog. it will be in the mid-60s around the coast and upper 60s and 70s. much better than yesterday morning. the beat goes on. if it's not rain and flooding,
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it's severe weather. yesterday it moved from missouri to arkansas. now it's into louisiana, mississippi, alabama and then into tennessee and then kentucky. this weather keeps on marching along. and today they will look for more tornadoes and severe weather. the flooding continues in st. louis and ohio. steve just mentioned parts of the country are enduring bad weather and arkansas is under a state of emergency. seven people have died due to the severe weather in that state. governor issued the declaration of emergency after tornadoes ripped through several counties. trees were knocked down. and right now, flash flood watches remain in effect and they will last until at least through tomorrow morning. southern california police have a new lead this morning in the case of poisoned dogs. ten dogs were found poisoned near san diego? recent weeks at the el ray
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trailer plaza. now some new surveillance video reportedly shows a woman who lives in the trailer park taking a neighbor's dog into hers minutes before it died. police have not yet released the video. the one man says the poisonings may go back to another than a year. >> people are coming out telling us that their dogs tab dash dogs have died in a year. a number of them. at least five. this morning, the state department is selling -- is telling americans in syria, get out. this follows attacks on the people over there. >> reporter: the state department is saying the situation is there so so volatile and unpredictable, it wants americans to leave the country while commercial flights are still available.
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the syrian government stepped down its crackdown and opening fire killing two dozen. since protests began five weeks ago, nearly 400 people have died. now president obama is demanding syria's president to back down and the administration is considering slapping syria with sanctions. >> we're certainly looking at different ways to make clear to the syrian government how appalling we find this behavior to be be. don't expect to see the u.n. or u.s. send in the military. security analysts say unlike libya, there's no organized rebel military group in syria that could take on government forces even with outside help. carol han, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:18. libyan leader, moammar gadhafi,
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appeared on libyan state tv hours after nato air strikes flattened several buildings in his compound. colonel gadhafi, entertaining some of his guests. libyan leading supporters called this an assassination attempt. the united states and nato are denying that. they say his compound is a military command center and therefore, it's a legitimate target. former president, jimmy carter is in north korea. he's on a mission with three other former leaders. i want to show you new video. we just got this in of mr. carter with the group of elders arriving in north korea today. they are on a six-day trip to try to restart peace talks between north korea and south korea. they are not told ahead of the trip who they will meet with but they hope to see north korean leader, kim jong-il. after north korea, they will travel to south korea. happening now, today is the start of a two-day meeting by
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the federal reserve that will have an usual ending. fed chairman, ben bernanke, will hold a news conference tomorrow after the meeting wraps up and that's the first time any fed chair has agreed to talk with reporters at the conclusion of the federal reserve meeting. bernanke is not saying why he is deciding to do that now. economists predict the fed will choose not to change interest rights right now. the family of a woman killed by a city vehicle in san francisco is expected to receive a $1 million settlement. the 63-year-old woman was hit in a crosswalk -- crosswalk by a public utilities commission on february 9th to 10. the $1.5 million settlement. is being proposed. the committee will vote on it next week. another air traffic controller has been fired for sleeping on the job. the faa says the controller in seattle's boeing field was caught sleeping sleeping in
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january and then again earlier this month. the government recently announced those new rules after a series of similar sleeping incidents. air traffic controllers now have to have a minimum of nine hours off between their shifts. today, tahoe officials will announce plans to bring the 2022 winter olympics to their region. the california winter games committee says bringing the games to tahoe would be a great jobs provider and economic boost. but a massive effort is needed to turn the ire ya into an olympic stage. the host city, the committee says, will not be announced until 2013. lake tahoe hosted the olympics in 1960. so maybe it's their turn again.
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the battle to save the kings becomes a crucial game of money ball. what's happening in sacramento today. right now in the south bay, we're getting some slowing here on some of the key routes into the valley. we'll tell you where the slowdowns are and update an accident on the peninsula. farmhouse.
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bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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authorities in new mexico are -- are investigating the death of a woman mauled by four pit bulls. the woman was attacked on friday afternoon when the dawgs escaped from a town called truth or consequences. help got there but she was so badly injured she died a few hours late ir. the police shot one of the dogs. the owners were not home at the time of the attack. an important meeting today
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could determine whether the kings remain in sacramento. mayor kevin johnson will meet with sacramento's top business leaders this morning. the goal is to raise more than $10 million in corporate sponsorships. it's part of the city's last- ditch efforts to from moving to anaheim. the team is expected to announce their decision within the next week. sal, what's your decision on the toll plaza? how's it looking? >> i would say it's okay. there is a backup there of about 15 minute. before you get onto the bridge, it's getting slower but we don't have any major slowdowns coming up to the area. we do have traffic on the bridge also gonna be a little bit slow getting into san francisco. taking a look at 80 northbound, it looks good on the right. there's word of a new accident 880 at highway 92. they've just called for
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paramedics there and one of the lanes is block. northbound 882 at 92 -- 880 at 92 a brand-new accident reported. highway 1 is still slow because of an earlier accident. they are clearing it, highway 1 at devil's slide. on the south bay commute, we have slow traffic on 101 and 85. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we do have sunshine, far from it yesterday when there was the fog and the yuck. not today. kind of cool this morning. fairfield, 36, believe it or not. the jet stream, what's left of it, really, is to the north and it's heading north. if you are up that way you will get a few clouds but overall in the bay, we'll have mostly sunny weather. a lot of upper 40s. a little breeze has picked up as well. napa target forecast today, starting off, they did, at 40. we'll go 62 at noon and then 70 for a high as temperatures
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start to warm up -- a little bit -- warm up a little bit. the system out to the left of your screen will cool us down on husband. sunny, breezy, it will be warm he. 50s, 60s, close to the coast -- coast. upper 60s to 70 inland. cooldown on thursday, friday we cool it down. everything looks better for a warmer weekend. >> all right. we're just three days away from the royal wedding in london. british tabloids are speculating how much the elaborate event will cost. we'll have details at noon -- on more of the events. you can see it right here live. back here at home, 7:27, we
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have more information on that deadly shooting in jack london square, exclusivive new weeks that led up to the attack. >> reporter: san francisco is a test city. we'll explain how it's tied to getting dealses. as easy as getting online. also, tackers brought down the playstation network -- they may also have some very private information.
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san jose police are busy searching for a bold bank robber. police say the robber walked into the bank yesterday, pulled out a gun and demanded cash. it happened at the chase avenue on camden avenue. no customers or bank employees were hurt. but the robber got away with a bag of cash. he's described between 20 and 30 years ed. he ed -- years old. police say the same bank wag robbed in december of last year. we have exclusive new information about the deadly night shooting at jack london's square. two people were killed, four others were injured at sweet jimmie's at third and broadway.
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ktvu news has learned people were trying to steal cash and jewelry from others and the deadly gunfire erunted when one resited -- resisted. this all has this man ready to leave town. >> you have people screaming and yelling. no. i don't want to stay here any more. i'm going to san francisco. >> reporter: oakland police say the shooter drove away in a dodge avenger like this one. there's a $40,000 reward in the case. linda derkow said a pit bull charged at her and her two dogs on thursday on holly oak drive. she said the pit bull grabbed one of the dogs and was shaking it when a man ran out of the house and yanked the pit bull away. police went into the house but didn't find the man.
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they believe he may have been a visitor. one of the dogs was so injured, had it to be euthanized. the oakland city attorney's office is now going after a gang in east oakland. oakland already has a gang injunction in north oakland. now they are pursuing another gang in the fruitvale neighborhood. that injunction would limit 40 suspected gang members from associationing with each other. and it will was impose a curfew. facebook is launching a new service today. jade hernandez is live in san francisco with what you can expect from the social media giant. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning, it appears facebook will launch for the first time tonight. it launches in five test cities, including right here in san francisco. >> when someone checks into a place offering a deal, stories are generated about it and their friends will see these
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stories on facebook. >> reporter: this will occur in automaticken, dallas -- austin, dallas and atlanta. facebook partners with open table which works with restaurants and guild city which specializes in high-end items. for those of you who want to grab the latest deals on mannys, pedis and dinners out. a deal of the day is sent out and facebook is hoping it will become as familiar in use as group on. the news is increasing for someone who wonder what it is about. >> i have seen it. i just haven't taken time to sign 0 on.
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we need good deals. >> reporter: bloggers are saying facebook deals could be a groupon killer because on facebook deals you can use facebook credit. you can't buy goods but you can use it on discounts for certain services. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> okay. thank you. 7:34. well, the days may be numbered through a program that allows san francisco police officers to get a pension and salary. that's known as double dipping. the "examiner" reports the program is costing taxpayers $52 million more than it would to hire new officers. one reason according to the report. police officers are getting payouts even if they don't stay in the program. however, the police union president said the department would be left short staffed if the program expires in june. welling -- well, pg&e has created a a delay -- a delay list for those worried about the smart meters.
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the delay will last until a deal with the public utilities commission has been worked out. this deal would allow an option for customers tern -- for customers to turn off the smart meters. a pg&e spokesperson says about 150,000 customers are expected to join the list. three days from now, the future king of england marries his republican sense. we're live in england with more details -- marries his princess. we're live in england with more details about the cake. >> reporter: good afternoon. we another know more details about the cake. we don't know about the dress but we know about the cake. we're going with a traditional multi-tiered fraught cake and also prince william has a bit of a sweet tooth for a chocolate biscuit cake which he's been a big fan of for
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years. and a manufacturer irhere is making that for them. once kate has managed to slim down in her dress, there will be a cal row blowout among us. >> i wanted to ask you about the security. what kind of security is lined up for the prince and his bride? >> reporter: well, as you would expect an event of this magnitude, an event that will be watched by more than $2 -- will be watched by more than 2 billion people, a huge security operation, which has been in place for weeks to be honest and events. around 5,000 security personnel are in one way or another going to be working at this event, making sure that the precessional route is safe. we'll have spotters in the crowd. there will be plain clothes police officers. we'll also have mounted secure security. the queen's own security will
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have the cavalry surrounding the castle and the carriage. they can't reasonly be too careful. we've had some pretty ugly riots that took place in london at the end of the year fueledly those with an ax to grind with the president. >> all right. thank you. you can watch the royal wedding here live. our coverage starts at 2:00 a.m. this friday morning. i think a lot of people will be up watching. >> you will be up. >> i will. i will be watching. sal is over -- is all over a crash that just happened in hayward. what happened? >> we're looking at it because it's still blocking one of the lanes, northbound 8 0 at 92. this crash in the second from
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the left-hand lane. , it's also affecting southbound traffic as people are slowing down to look at the emergency vehicles. it is going to affect traffic in both directions. expect delays northbound and southbound. we're looking at 880, the traffic is moving along okay mere. today's weather with steven. >> thank you, sir. sunshine all over. just a few patches of clouds but i'm hard-pressed to find too much. rather cool this morning, especially in the north bay and parts of the east bay. a couple of upper 30s. today, it will be sunny, machine. there could be a few high clouds coming -- coming down from the northwest. thursday we'll have another
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system going by. it looks warmer with more sunshine, except up near crescent city and the oregon border. you can see heading close to cape mendocino, some of these low clouds might fitting -- might filter -- filter in. >> the highs here, you can see how it's deflecting everything from the north. that will be -- that will be our system. not for today. except for some patchy fog. it will be a drier week. we see the storm track lifting north and that's allowing temperatures to warm you. so 30s to 40s. 59 to 70 by 4:00 this afternoon. clearlake, 66. napa, 70. same for antioch, oakley and
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bryantwood. oakland, 65. walnut creek 67 along with la fayette. same for san jose, and cupertino. tomorrow, slightly warm he. . cooldown on thursday. friday we kick it out. saturday and sunday, looking sunny and warmer. it's 20 minutes before 8:00. gamers are still disconnected this morning from sony's playstation network. now there are fears the hackers that cause the outage might have stolen credit card numbers. the playstation network has been out for close to a week preventing friends from streaming and shopping online. a new project aimed at increasing internet access kicks off. it's called "get connected
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oakland." computers and internet access will be provided at senior centers, schools and even -- even in people's homes. the state says 30% of all californians won't have high- speed access. in sacramento, a rotting home has become a health hazard. find out why at this point no one is able to take care of the problem. and this is an important anniversary for the world's worst nuclear accident. what's happening locally to mark the event.
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taking a live look at the big bart -- big board. right now, the dow is currently up 78 at 12,558. nasdaq, up 19. s&p is up 8. gold, by the way, is at 1503. ford reported third-quart irearning that beat wall street predictions. -- third quarter earning that beat wall street's predictions. u.s. home prices continue to fall. that is the word from a new survey released this morning.
7:46 am
case-shiller report for february shows home prices fell in 19 of the 20 largest u.s. cities. only detroit saw a slight increase. 12 at the markets are at the lowest level since the peak of the housing boom, about five years ago -- five years ago. a new report shows the dramatic effect the recession had here in the bay area. nearly 2200 jobs disappeared from san mateo county in the last four years. that's according to a bay area nonprofit. most of the jobs were in the manufacturing fieldings. the unemployment in the valley is .3%. the lockout has ended but the leagual game continues. the -- but the legal game continues. the judge said by not ending the lockout it would cause the
7:47 am
players irrepairable harms. the judge is being asked to put that on hold. the more is drags on, the more likely it will affect a lot of us in the bay area. a lot of money is spend on oakland in and around oakland and san francisco, particularly at restaurants at hotels of dollars. it's probably on the record of $30, $40 million just by the -- just the spending alone. >> without that, san francisco would lose up to $3 million. that's what it makes for concessions at the parks. across the bay, things are different, the city of oakland would save several million dollars because there wasn't be a need from able to football transitioning. for now, players are being asked to head to work and head
7:48 am
for their training facilities. but the judge said she will take another day to consider whether she should put her order to end the lockout on hold. early this morning, a candlelight vigil in the ukraine marked 25 years since the chernobyl nuclear disaster. [ sirens ] >> sirens went off at the exact most un-- one of the sirens went out. special tribute was made to the cleanup workers who went in right after this explosion. they died after that from exposure to the chemicals. a bizarre story, thousands of bees completely taking over
7:49 am
a house in sacramento. hear that sound? boy, at least four colonies of bees have swarmed into the front rock wall of this house. now, the elderly homeowner actually had to move to a nursing home. the family says they can't afford the house of paying to get rid of these bees. one neighbor says she feels like a prisoner in her own house. >> my kids love toed outdoors. we love to do sprinkler fun. we can't do any of that with the bees here. >> she call the county several times about the bees. a caseworker told her, there's nothing the county can do. >> the homeowner in is -- is -- is in a nursing home and they can't afford to fix the problem. and since it is still privately owned -- >> you have to think about the weather. >> that's true. well, they are a singing
7:50 am
phenomenon. why there is such a fuss over two recent members who are also different. and a pan shar -- stunning find, a partial copy of a century's old book. why it's not worth as much as you think.
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welcome back. an elderly brittish woman who was accidentally dropped into the ocean during a rescue from a cruise ship has died. norwegian officials were carrying her when her stretcher slipped into the frigid waters. she was actually in the water for several minutes. that happened back on march 9th. authorities say she died last thursday. well, the monterey county coroner's office has ended its investigation into the death of two teenaged scuba divers. the coroner says it may never be known how they died. the two men died in the waters
7:53 am
earlier --erier this month. tests show there was no problem with interest scuba gear. ♪ the choreus has more than -- chorus has hundreds of members. they welcomed him and another straight man joined the group and he says they've made them feel like family, despite their differences. hotel chains are recycling soap used a couple of times with guests. starwood hotels signed an agreement with the company and
7:54 am
connection to collect 1.5 tons of soaps every year and "clean the world" is estimating 1 million bars of soap are just thrown out guy hoe es -- by hotels every day. a 500-year-book shows up in sandy, utah to the surprise of a rare book dealer. ken sanders said he brought the book in for an appraisal and when he started to unwrap it, he said he was surprised to see a copy of the nearen burg -- near ren burg novel. it's missing a few pages. it's worth about $50,000, he says. other books sold in similar conditions have told for $1 million. >> wow. hey, sal, we've got problems out there. i know you are watching the toll plaza, too. >> we are watching the toll plaza. we're watching a lot of areas.
7:55 am
toll plaza is looking pretty bad here. it's pretty slow. you can see that the cars have move -- are not moving well, coming into san francisco. we'll continue to follow that. no major problems reported on the bridge. so far nothing going on the bridge. it's pretty slow. northbound 101 looks good coming into san francisco. 101 up to the 80 split to the extension, looking fine. what's not fine is the nimitz freeway the accident is clear. but the accident is still on the shoulder. look at all of that slow traffic on 80 northbound. if you are driving through hayward, san leandro, it's not a good drive. southbound is slow because of the looky-loos. you know those looky-loos, ih, steve? >> yes, know them well. >> we do have clear skies.
7:56 am
some clouds are moving in towards mendocino county. so mostly cloudy up there. it's mostly sunny up here. temperatures a little cool this morning but coming out of the northwest, we could get a few high clouds, but they are starting to lift from the north. 36 in fairfield. no wind is why. other areas, santa rosa, napa, have a little bit of a breeze. so they are in the 40s. high pressure is bidding m for a day or two and that's gonna give us warmer weather. sunny, breezy. some of the higher elevations, the wind still shows itself. a lot of 50s, os close to the water -- 60s close to the water. as temperatures continue to inch upwards the next few days, were. we'll see a few more
7:57 am
temperatures going up. congressman ron paul is expected to move one step closer to a presidential campaign today. the texas republican is set to announce he's forming a presidential exploratory committee. that announcement should come at a des moines, iowa hotel. he enjoys strong support from the tea party movement. this would be his third campaign for the presidency. meanwhile, haley bar ber said they had he -- basher will not be a -- barber will not be a consistent gent. bauer barber recently visited several dates. the governor says he will continue his current job and work hard to get a republican in the house in 2012. 7:57. a new ballpark battle in the bay area. it's a minor league raising
7:58 am
huge concerns. >> reporter: an antioch man was shot and killed in his home. why police say it was not a random crime and why neighbors say he was targeted. find out if the firefighter in palo alto could become the first to outsours its crews.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. antioch police are busy. they made an arrest overnight just hours after a deadly shooting. allie rasmus talked to some of the neighbors there who say they know why the gunman targeted the victim. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say this was not a random act of crime. he was targeted. and some of the neighbors say they think they know why. the victim rented out two of the rooms in the home to roommates. and witnesses say the victim helped out one of them in the past defending her against an ex-boyfriend who was violent. and they say it was that ex- boyfriend who came last night
8:01 am
and shot and killed victim. we only know the victim's first name as dave. the victim had recently turned his life around after being in a car accident a few months ago. >> just a really big-hearted guy. i came home from work and he said, you know, dana, i'm really happy to be around here. >> reporter: last last night's deadly shooting. the victim's stepfather and neighbors here gathered around the home to pray and console each other. three hours after that shooting, another man was arrested. he's 30 years old. >> he defended her. not in the past. he defended her a couple of days ago. so he came back and retaliate and shot him -- retaliated and
8:02 am
shot him. >> reporter: now, police have released data about the crime rate. crime rate is down, police say. but some neighbors say in light of what happened here last night, they are having a hard time believing -- believing those numbs. back to you. four people are recovering after being rescued from a house fire on gray oaks -- great oaks drive around 1:30 this morning. four people were taken to the hospital and take -- were pulled out and taken to the hospital. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. the vote came late last night, city leaders in san carlos have made their decision about an unprecedented fire protection plant. tara moriarty has the vote and reaction from some key players, a lot of people paying very close attention to this. >> reporter: that's right. we're here at the san a -- at
8:03 am
the san carlos fire station, which is set to break up had fall. after a very hot debate, the council decided to merge its department with redwood city. but there is still a chance that a private contractor could get the job if negotiations with redwood city city fail. i just got off the phone with someone who said that's most likely unlikely. more than 150 people showed up for the meeting. many did not want the city to give the fighting fires' jobs to a private call. >> what's our next step? >> reporter: others angry about what they call higher pensions say they are actually willing to give the private company a shot. >> we can monitor any agreement. we can fermy nate their services if they -- terminate their services if they do not
8:04 am
perform sat satisfactorily. >> reporter: but it would still cause san carlos money to do that. most believe this happened because of a long-standing feud, bad blood between san carlos and the other city. back to you. >> thank you. classes resume today at a santa rosa preschool targeted by vandals last week. dupes say five pie -- deputies say five boys broke into a portal unit at the school. two confessed to torturing a hampster who starts -- who authorities say later died. vandals damaged furniture and spray painted graffiti. there is a big mess at jordan middle school in palo alto. police say someone broke in,
8:05 am
poured hot sauce and other material on five computers, ruining them. a printer and fax machine were as you dis-- were also destroy destroyed. a father says officials at his son's high schools ignored his complaints that his son was being bullied. the father says his son was injured when other members of the football 'em -- football team pushed him backwards on top of someone crouching behind him. the father filed a claim against the school district but it was denied. the son ended up changing schools. he says he left because his teammates verbally attacked hill. a flag fight is developing in san francisco's castro district. the focus is the huge flag at market and rainbow. last month, residents wanted
8:06 am
the flag flown half-staff for elizabeth taylor. but the merchant group that maintains the flag says no -- said no. that's only happened five times in the past few years. a proposal to turn a -- to turn a san rafael park into a baseball team hayes angered some people. center field partnership is hoping to make it the home of a new north american league team. some of the neighbors say the parking, the know iz -- the noise, the traffic, the drinking at the park are already big problems. the department of parks and recing will -- and recs will review this proposal. and they will decide whether to recommend it. a 9 - -- a k-9 handler and the handler, they are suing the department.
8:07 am
the handler says she's not being payed for the time she spends -- spends with the dog off duty. her attorney says his client is owed $80,000. we want to check in with sal. >> there's slow traffic, a lot of people consider that a problem. i want to show you that traffic -- show that you traffic in marin county has closed. -- has slowed. also this morning we're looking at the bay bridge. that'sbacked up for about a 10 to 15-minute delay. hopefully, we'll get better. the weather is better than it was yesterday. this morning's commute is going to be okay in san francisco. this commute is up and down. a few minutes ago it was slow bau -- but now it's better. let's go to steve. we have nine. >> we do, indeed.
8:08 am
well, mostly sunny. there's clouds up around lake county and min doe seen know county. but around here, it's sunny. some of the low clouds and by- product of yesterday's system still around but today looks sunny and warmer, maybe some farther to the north. it will cool us back down with some clouds and then we kick it off for the weekend. it looks like a lot of spents, maybe spents to near -- 70s, maybe 70s to near 80. had some 30s this morning. fairfield was 36, i believe. now they are 48. 49 san rafael. 49 santa rosa. santa rosa made it down to 41. i know ukiah was 39. there were some 30s in lake
8:09 am
county. it was still chi this morning. low 50s and upper 0s. napa started off at 40 degrees. we'll have 6 -- 62 at noon. a high of 70. more sunshine. the sun did make an appearance, everything is going up right there. high pressure is nosing in. and the system to the far left your -- it looks like the rain might be over for a while. all signs point to the jet stream moving north. 38 to 48 for some of the lows. we'll rebound 55 to 65 by noon. sunshine, a little breezy at times. 59 to 70 later on. a lot of high clouds up inlake county. a little cooler up there. 60s and low 60s, 70s.
8:10 am
70 to martinez, 66. berkeley, 64. hayward at 65. along with castro valley. some low 70s, san jose along with 67 more of the same -- with 34. more of the same storm. sunshine and good weather on the way for the weekend. 8:10, the latest report on consumer confidence shows a there -- a better-than-expected increase. it roes to 65.4. up from march. the numbers indicate the consumers are less concerned about jobs and income and expect the trend to last throughout spring. the confidence -- they are calling this one
8:11 am
of the strangest petition drives ever. today it will move a little closer to the san francisco ballet. a new poll in egypt asks if they believe that the laws in the country should follow the teaching of the kola -- koran. how the majority of people responded. more weather warning for those people still cleaning up from the damage.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
good morning. not a cloud in the sky unless you are up near mendocino county and wake county. that's not the case through the midwest. severe weather hitting the middle of the country has left seven people dead in arkansas. dozens are missing. >> the state's governor has issued a state of emergency after more tornadoes ripped through counties. the usual suspects -- trees knocked down, a lot of homes damaged and strong winds. right now a flash flood warning remains in effect and they will go all the way from ohio -- the st. louis has crested. i did read that -- the ohio river has crested. i did read that. this goes down to mississippi, alabama and new orleans. all right, steve. the state department this morning is telling americans in syria, get out of there. the warning follows a brutal crackdown on protesters.
8:15 am
carol han is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom on the reaction from the white house. carol? >> reporter: dave, what the state department is saying is the situation there is so volatile and inpredictable, it wants americans to leave the country while commercial flights are still available. >> the syrian government stepped up the crackdown on protests, storming a southern city and opening fire, killing two dozen. since the protests began five weeks ago, firely 400 people have died. now, president obama is demanding serious dave dash syria's president to backdown and they are considering sanctions. >> we're certainly look at ways to make clear to the syrian government how appalling we find this behavior is. >> reporter: today syria could be warned about restraining. don't expect to see the u.s. or u.n. send in the military.
8:16 am
unlike libya, there's no organized rebel group in syria that could take on government forces even with outside help. live in washington, d.c., carol han, kut ut -- ktvu channel 2 news. according to nato, a man, a saudi citizen was an important al qaeda operative who photographed regularly between afghanistan and pakistan. an afghan -- afghan forces say they've recaptured at least 65 of the 480 prisoners who escaped from a prison yesterday. the prisoners escaped through a tunnel reportedly dug by the taliban all of five months. nearlial of -- nearly all them were afghanistan fighters. investigators are looking into why the guards aided in the plan. and a new poll in egypt found 245 a majority -- that a
8:17 am
majority should follow the book. i gyp shins are open to the inclusion of other parties. another air traffic controller has been fired for sleeping on the jog. the faa says the controller at seattle's boeing field was caught sleeping back in january and then again earlier this month. the government recently announced some new rules for air traffic controllers after a series of violations. air traffic controllers now have to have a minimum of nine hours off between their shafts -- shifts. happening right now, the federal reserve is opening a two-day meeting about the economic recovery but there's gonna be an unusual ending to the meeting. ben bernanke will hold a news conference after the meeting
8:18 am
wraps up tomorrow. this is the first time that any fed chair has agreed to talk with reporters after one of these meetings, bernanke is expected to confirm at 245 time that the u.s. central bank will go through with the $600 million bond-buying program to maintain rocket-bottom interest rates for an extended period of time. 8:17. today, a petition to ban circumcision in san francisco gets one step closer to the ballot. this would ban circumcision -- for those boys under the age of 18. at last count, the number of significants are 12,000. now the department of elections will review the proposal and -- and determine whether it qualifies for the election. plans to bring the 2021 olympics to lake ta toe will be
8:19 am
announced. they say it would be a great hike boost -- a big boost to lake tahoe. the first deadlines in the process will likely start last year. 8:19. there's some sad news in the music world this morning. it involves a popular singer/songwriter in the '70s. she gave up her career to care for her severely ill daughter. and a gator and one very startled homeowner. good morning. westbound 237, stop-and-go traffic. the south bay commute is getting busy. we'll also take a look at bay area bridges -- straight ahead.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
a palmetta, florida woman made a shocking discovery after walking into her bathroom saturday night. she found a six-foot long gator on the floor. it entered through the doggie door. animal control came. no one was hurt. the woman believes the gator was hundredtry and may have followed the -- hungry and may
8:23 am
have followed in cats through the doggie door. >> can you imagine if it was dark. >> oh! >> okay. was that a little gator humor -- >> sorry. i'm back now. >> we have to talk about that. let's take a look at the bay bridge bridges. if you are taking the bay bridge you probably won't like it so much as kind of a big backup. we've gotten a lot of tweets about what they are billing -- building there. they are building a toll plaza to go with the new span. that guy looks like a firemen. i degrees. let's take a look at the weather now. >> thank you, sal. >> you are welcome, steve. we do have sunshine, high clouds, low clouds, mainly to the north. the breeze is still there and also on the coast but it's nothing compared to yesterday. there is a lot of sunshine out
8:24 am
there. we'll have warmer weather. jet stream moving north and you can see where the cloud cover is just off the coast from -- near the oregon border. >> 40s, 50s. they are gone now. we warmed up pretty fast. sunny, breezy, mostly sunny, there will be a few clouds but compared to yesterday. it will be a sunny day. a little warmer, temperatures, 50s, 60s by the coast and mid- 60s around the bay. as you get inland, upper 60s and 70s. sunshine and warmer weather for the weekend. sad news from the music world this morning. just came in in the past hour. singer/songwriter phoebe snow has died. complications from a brain hemorrhage ♪ you're the poetry man ♪ ♪ you make things all right
8:25 am
♪ >> remember that song "poetry man"? she was so good she was 5. the song "poetry a man what --" poetry man "was one of the biggest hits in the '70s. she dropped out of the music business to tend to her ill daughter. well, it was a tragic surprise that turned into the death of a little dog. >> reporter: and if you like group on -- groupon, you will find competition. the launch is tonight. it comes from a palo alto-based company. we are have more 0 information on the shooting near jack london square sunday night. exclusive, new information with what led to the killing.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
we have exclusive new information about the deadly nightclub shooting sunday night at oakland's jack london square. two people were killed. four others were injured. at sweet jimmie's at third and broadway. well, ktvu news has learned several men were trying to steal cash and jewelry from the men standing outside the nightclub and the deadly gunfire erupted when one of the victims resisted. that shooting has taken up a lot of workers in the area. i think we have to go -- >> i think we have to do something about the crime in the city. >> police say the men got away
8:29 am
with a vehicle like this. there's a $40,000 reward being offered. police are following up on leads. two pit bulls a -- a pit bull grabbed one of her dogs and was shaking it. a man ran from a a house -- from a house and broke the pit bull off. the little dog was so hurt it had to be october niced. police are now going after a gang in east oakland. the police are pursuing this one in the fruitvale neighborhood. san jose police searching for a bold bank robber. police say a man walked into a
8:30 am
bank yesterday morning, pulled out a gun. it happened ott at chase branch on camden avenue. no customers or bank employees were hurt. but the robber escaped with a bag of cash. he's described between 20, 30, about 6 feet tall, weighing about 130 pounds. police say the same bank was robbed last year. facebook is launching a deal-based stuffs that will compete with companies like groupon. jade hernandez has more. jade? >> reporter: good morning. if you like getting deals that you can grab online or grab the apps, there's he competition. that may mean better deals for you. facebook will launch tonight. there are five of these tests
8:31 am
going on in san francisco. facebook deel -- deals open up the service by using the social networking platform and by partnering with open stable and guild city. for those of you unfamiliar with the way to grab the latest deals ons ises like facials, pedicures, is works like this, groupon sends out deals through the day and counts on those -- and counts on those ad the word the news is intriguing to some who wonder what it means for the consumer. >> i think that being able to access facebook and see deals, i think people use it more. i use groupon personally because they have the best details and -- best details -- best deals. i got a gym membership that is
8:32 am
usually $100. i got it for like $45. >> reporter: you can use facebook credit. you can't buy actual goods but you can use them for different discounts for several different offices. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 8:31. coffee prices are up more than $3 a pound for the first time in 34 years. but despite the increase, coffee drinkers we spoke with this morning, say they will pay the higher price for their morning fix. coming up at 8:45, tom vacar will have more on factors driving up the price of coffee beans. >> the days may be numbered for a program that will allow -- will that will allow san francisco police officers to collect a pension and a salary. police officers are getting payouts even if they don't stay
8:33 am
in the program. but the police union president says the department will be left short staffed if the program expires in june -- in june. pg&e customers concerned about smartmeters have the option to join a delay list. putting your name on this list will postpone installation of smart meters. the delay will last until a deal with the public utilities commission has been worked out. this would allow an option for customers -- for customers to turn off the meters. pg&e expects 150,000 customers to join the delay list. pg&e customers will not have to pay for the outgoing ceo's retirement package. peter darby will get a $35 million retirement pack an. reportedly -- package. reportedly taxpayers were gonna have to pay that but governor
8:34 am
brown didn't like that idea and now the shareholders will be paying it. babies as young as nine months old can now get a vaccine to prevent meningitis, the fda approved the the drug menactra for vaccines for babies. meningitis affects the blood and the lining around the brain and spinal cord. it can lead to death, brain damage or loss of hearing. 8:34. it could soon get more expensive to be a distracted driver here in california. the state senate voted yesterday for stiffer fines for texting or using a hand-held phone while behind the wheel. a first offense would cost someone about $328. right now, the current fine is $208. repeat offenders would have to pay $528. the bill now heads to the
8:35 am
assembly. for the next two days, police in belmont will be on special lookout for distracted drivers. the crackdown starts today. officers will be looking for people behind the wheel texting or talking on cell phones without a hands-free device. 8:34. we're paying close attention, sal, about what you are saying about this morning's commute. >> i spoke to an officer the other day and he says he thinks the accidents are caused by distractions. the bay bridge is getting better westbound as you come up to the toll plaza. you can see some slowing there. but there's more movement than there was. and the moving commute is okay on 8le 0 -- 880 northbound as you pass the coliseum, you will see stop-and-go traffic driving
8:36 am
downtown. 880 safety j -- is just a sea of red. that means the road sensors are picking up traffic going slower than 15 miles an hour. this this is a bad drive for you, worse than usual driving downsouth. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. mostly sunny, a few clouds to the north. it will be better today than yesterday, that's for sure. kind of a cool morning for some. had some upper 30s and lower 40s. most of the cloud cover is lifting north. it will continue to head to the orally again border -- oregon border. a few clouds will pass on by. upper 40s, low 50s. the breeze kind of picked -- kind of kicked off a little bit. san rafael started the morning off at 43. we'll go 60 at noon and 67 for a high at 4:00 today. you get a good look at what's coming in. that's high pressure. it's not large and in charge
8:37 am
but it's right there. the system that will cool us down is this thursday. today and tomorrow, mostly sunny, a little warmer. this might be -- i say might be -- one of the last rain chances -- rain systems because there's nothing in the pipeline on the five to ten-day outlooks. we're getting close to may and that's when the rain ends. it's been a good rain year. 60s and 70s. sunny and breezy. the wind still picking up a few. patchy fog, feignly to the north. but 60s for some. low 60s, mid-60s to 70. st. helena, napa.
8:38 am
still a northwest west breeze, daly city, pacifica, san francisco, 63. but 67 redwood city and menlo park. it looks good tomorrow. about the same on the lows. slightly warmer on the highs. we cool it down on thursday. we get it out of here and your weekend is looking sunny and warmer and may be close to 80 for some inland locations. >> all right. thank you, steve. three days from now the king of england marries his princess. we're live where the excitement is building and the pal ace is right behind -- pal yeas is palace is right behind you. >> reporter: this is the view you get of me and buckingham palace. i'm gonna tell i what i see. if my cameraman can pan to this side, you can see all of the world's media have arrived.
8:39 am
they descended -- they descended on us in england. you are live to us. say good morning. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this is just and indication of what's going on behind the scenes. all these other crews getting ready. it will be a little clause tro folkic on friday. we'll be be -- we'll be all be crammed in here. >> i think -- in here. i think we'll be all good friends by the weekend. the media is getting ready for the big day on friday and so is the royal family. the dressing game surrounding the kate's dress, what will she be wearing on friday when she's transformed into a princess. >> quite simple but elegant. >> reporter: it will be the dress commission of a lifetime but it's precise details will be kept under raps until the last minute. it's even reportedly being made
8:40 am
at buckham palace. the buzz seems to be the garment is create -- being created there to keep it far ai way -- far away from prying is. having slimmed down for the dress, there will be an abundance of calories. guests' choices include a chocolate biscuit, william's favorite or something different -- >> it's got a lot brandy in it. it's quite delicate. it has more -- with a vintage element. >> reporter: the cake, the dress, the -- the king the flewers. the one thick that nobody has any control over, tori, is the weather. i'm afraid to say the latest forecast is that there could be rain in london on friday,
8:41 am
possibly even thunder. while that could mean that everybody gets soaked, the positive among us are saying at least that should mean good luck for the happy couple. >> the weather's been beautiful there the last few weeks. thank you, don. you can watch the royal wedding here live. our coverage starts at 2:00 a.m. this friday. 8:40. sony's playstation network is still disconnectioned this friday. now there are fears that the computer hackers that caused the huge may have stolen credit card numbers. the playstation network has been out for almost a week preventing gamers from playing against their friends online. it's disrupted streaming movies or shopping online. a new project kicks off this week. it's called quit get connected oakland." the project is sponsored by the
8:42 am
city and by other community groups. computers and internet access will be provided at the schools and senior places and even people's houses. 19 minutes before 9:00. a sword fight in new york city. what led up to the strange incident? also -- baby boomers are finding older can be better at work. we'll tell you the results of a new poll. >> reporter: we're all familiar with pain at the pump. but oh, no! the perfect storm is creating pain at the cup. that story when "mornings on 2" continues.
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just turning 8:456789 let's bring you up to date on some of the tips we're following for you right now -- stories we are following for you right now. a 26-year-old antioch man was shot and killed on pine nut way. police arrested a 30-year-old antioch man about three hours after the shooting, about 12:30 this morning. police believe the victim was targeted. the federal reserve is beginning a two-day meeting right now. it's about the economic
8:46 am
recovery and interest rates it's expected to end with a rare news conference by fed chief ben ber canny tomorrow afternoon -- ben bernanke tomorrow afternoon. and the state department is telling americans in syria get out while you can. this follows a brutal kakdown by syrian forces against -- brutal crackdown by syrian forces against -- in the area. tom vacar is live to find out if people are really willing to pay more for that cup of joe. >> reporter: coffee, like oil, is a commodity. and because it's a mott kid it's subject to the agreeties of the market and that means -- it's a commodity. it's subject to the varygies of
8:47 am
the market. coffee inventories are now at their lowest level in the century. there's been a drop in supplies of arabic coffee beans. there is a huge demand for those coffee coming from china, rio de janeiro, all of whom want coffee. prices have more than doubled in the last few months. foalingers has raised -- foal injuries has raised prices -- folgers has is oz -- has been raising their prices and they will do it again. >> i still buy it because i -- i like that coffee in the morning. >> i really like starbucks. i think they've done a great
8:48 am
job. they have -- they take extra care when hiring their employees. their coffee is consistent, as is the rest of their products. >> reporter: the problem is, there's only so much coffee to go around and while it's stored in warehouses that raises another problem. that means the coffee in warehouses was purchased at a lower price but for wholesalers, they can sell it for higher prices and get away with it. so expect to pay more for your coffee. back to you. >> it's hard to give up that coffee. thank you, tom. 8:48. a new "associated press" poll shows many baby boomers feel their age is an asset at work. more than half say their age is not an issue and that many of their younger colleagues even ask for their advice. that's despite the fact that half of the respondents are colder -- are older than that
8:49 am
theirs theirs about -- their bosses. pg&e is getting ready to run high-powered tests on the lines similar to the one that blew up in san bruno the now, yellow spray paint marks one of the lines and runs under the shoreline golf ridges and into the rex manor and tireland estates neighborhood. >> i think it's something that should have been taken care of a long time ago. >> now, pg&e held an informational meeting last night. >> the high-pressured tests are scheduled for next month. pg&e says if the pipeline does not meet standards, it will be completely replaced. the santa clara county board of supervisors will vote today on a plan -- on a ban of
8:50 am
plastic bags. "mercury news" says they've been conferring this ban for a few years. it would not be enforced at restaurant, fat-food chains or non-profit groups. alameda and snow counties are considering their own bans. seven people in new york city face charges for a sword fight in a sikh temple. they were arraigned yesterday. the dispute is also being -- -- is being debated. in just an hour, the playoff sharks' tickets go on sale. >> they score! the sharks win the series in overtime! >> really exciting. they beat the kings 3-2. they
8:51 am
won three games in overtime. now, the sharks face detroit or chicago in the semifinals of the western conference. their opponent will be decided tonight. >> they were evening -- they were evenly matched. the kings were not a 7th seed. they were very good. well, recycling slightly used hotel soap. >> eeeew! >> it's for a good cause. >> all right. and the group that's finishing college and earning advanced degrees now more than ever.
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8:54 am
welcome back. here's one way that women lead men -- more women are getting advanced degrees for the first time. new census information just came out and found out that adults 25 and older 10.6 who earned -- who earned a master's. women surpassed -- surpassed men in earning bachelor degrees by earning 1.5 million. how far, women still lag in earning degrees in business, science and engineering. lawrence hall of science has chosen vallejo as the site for a two-year study on expanding the youth and science programs to other parts of the bay area. the satellite science center will be housed in south vallejo
8:55 am
'king community center at sonoma boulevard and magazine street. it's scheduled to open next week. fund-raising efforts to keep the satellite center up and running beyond the initial two years, that will begin immediately. well, the gay men's choreus of leaks is -- chorus of los angeles is welcoming a second man who is openly straight. ♪ >> the chorus has more than00 gay members but that didn't scare off the -- man. the chorus also welcomed another straight man a couple of years ago. they say the other members have made them fell like part of the families despite their differences. it sounds unsan tier tear ray -- unsanitary, starwood
8:56 am
hotels has signed a deal with a group called clean the world. they expect to -- they expect to collect 1.5 million pounds of soap and distribute it to this nation and other parts of the world. a veteran chp motorcycle officer criticically injured in a car in sonoma county over a year ago is back on the job. he rushed to work on monday he was badly hurt when thrown -- when thrown from his motorcycle. in may of last year, the chp officer thanked the doctors who helped him in his recovery. today's ticket 2s-day winners, will see the performance of blue -- blew --
8:57 am
blue man. to enter to go -- go to do it before midnight. scroll down to the right now tab and put in the secret word "azule." >> yeah. that's blue in another language. >> we had the bluemen group come into the studios a while back on "mornings on 2." they were creepy. they were amazing but a little creepy. >> yeah, well, i'm sure some like them or like the world "azule." you like my pronunciation? thank you. 80 -- 880 northbound, slowing down. traffic has not improved like we like to see it at this time. it's still backed up for a wait. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we have sunshine today.
8:58 am
a few clouds towards the north. over jaw, mostly sunny, breezy, warmer, about the same on wednesday. slight -- overall, mostly sunny, breezy, warmer, about the same on wednesday. the weekend is looking much warmer. >> some azule skys. >> indeed, sir. [ laughter ] >> that will be great. >> thanks for watching. >> bye now.
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