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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 28, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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killed in afghanistan. a retired bay area training pilots is among five shot to death. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. ten people died including the gunman. ktvu's debra villalon is live where she's been speaking to those who knew the pay area victim. >> reporter: some people retire from the military and move on.
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but not 55-year-old james mclaugland. he was teaching pilots to teach helicopters, a job he loved a lot. >> reporter: he's handed his camera to an iraqi child to snap his picture. after leaving iraq, in active duty a year ago he went to afghanistan as a civilian contractor. >> he thought that he could make a difference by encouraging these people to do something by themselves, to grow by themselves. >> reporter: which made it all the more shocking that a veteran afghan pilot would turn his american issue handgun on mclaughland and four service members. the shooter was killed. his family says he had no taliban connection but was under financial stress. >> the most dangerous person in the world is someone who has nothing to lose, right. well that's how most everyone
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over there is. >> i was just devastated. >> reporter: radio operators also knew mclaughland. he was the first to get a license and talk to lives out there. >> he actually wanted to teach amateur radio to some of the afghannies to get them into amateur radio also. >> reporter: mclaughland was a natural teacher his family says. he is survived by his wife and children. who never thought they would get the dreaded knock on the door. >> the main thing was to pay the note off on this place so he could retire without a note payment. >> reporter: he spoke of returning for good when his contract was up and perhaps teaching at the university
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level. debra villalon, ktvu news? highway patrol cancelled an amber alert this evening. within an hour the man they were looking for contacted authorities. officers tell us they also located the girl and that she is unharmed. we went by the home in oakland where the alleged abduction took place. a neighbor told us she saw the 15-year-old girl run from that home earlier today. police tell us the 57-year-old suspect is being questioned and that they are also looking into the validity of the original report. in el dorado county phillip and nancy garrido pled guilty today. the husband and wife will likely spend the rest of their life in prison. phillip garrido pled guilty to 15 counts of sexual assault. it carries a sentence of 425 years. nancy garrido pled to 37 years
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to life. her attorney says garrido wanted to spare jaycee dugard and her two daughters from having to testify in trial. >> that will mean that that will not happen. and i think it's fair to say that she's also very relieved in that regard. >> reporter: the timing was unexpected, the judge only called the emergency hearing this morning. after court today, jaycee dugard released a statement she said i'm relieved that phillip and nancy garrido finally acknowledge their guilty and confess to their crimes against me and my family. the house near antioch where the garrido's live is now boarded up. today we got a look at the backyard where jaycee dugard was kept for 18 years. there are only weeds now where jaycee and her two daughters lived. neighbors tell us they are glad the garrido's pled guilty.
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one man says he would have liked the garrido's to talk and tell their story. a fire broke out on the third floor of a apartment building in new accord. no one was injured but the residents say they can't stay there because the power is out and fire alarms are disabled. the fire chief told us the crowded complex doesn't have any sprinklers. he says in the past he's had to stage a firefighter on-site to monitor the fire risk. the royal wedding is nearing. prince william is expected to exchange vows with kate middleton in what some people are calling the wedding of the century. thousands of people have been camping out and having their own parties in central london
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and are all caught in the magic of moment. >> it's like an actual fairy tale. >> it's a real fairy tale, in real life she's going to become a princess after marrying prince william. >> prince charming, prince charming. >> 5,000 official street parties are planned. this is a live picture from outside buckingham palace where it is overnight. there have been some rain showers. we will bring you a live report from london coming up at 10:30. business are cashing in with royal wedding parties themes. >> reporter: once the bbc coverage begins these televisions are going to switch over. i want you to check this out. we had a store that had william and kate tea bags. this is one of the ways that this royal wedding is bringing
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business to local bay area shops. the owners christopher and amy dean are busy with their own royal wedding preparations. >> we've been decorating all day today. we still have more to do. >> flags with william and kate photos are spread on the table all for the royal wedding party through the weekend. >> all sorts of wedding season souvenirs. we also have the cut out so you can get your photo taken next to the happy couple. >> reporter: eddy dean just got back from london to buy the souvenirs. >> totally excited. i haven't been this excited since princess diana got married 30 years ago. >> reporter: the royal wedding has been a boost to local businesses. >> this for all intents and purposes are a great love story so it feels people feel good. and it's a fun event. >> reporter: others came for
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wedding ho momentos that quickly sold out. even hat shops have seen customers looking for hats. >> three people were going to be there for the wedding. one that had been invited and the other two were just going to be there for the whole thing. >> reporter: the pig and whittle pub here in the city are going to be showing kate coverage of the wedding all through the weekend. a reminder that our special coverage of the royal wedding begins at 2:00 a.m. here on channel 2. once again we will have that live report from london coming up a bit later on this newscast at 10:30. federal investigators have blamed a -- surveillance cameras caught the train hitting another train as it pulled into the west portal
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station. the crash injured 48 people. the national transportation safety board said the operator henry gray put the train into manual mode seconds before the crash. that's against the rules and bypass the automatic breaking system. grey said he blacked out aparticipantly due to a heart problem. richmond police are asking for help to find a man who attempted to kidnap a 12-year- old girl. he has spiked brown hair and a bald spot. the victim said he pointed a gun at her but that she was able to run away. police released this photo of the man's vehicle. a small light blue pickup truck. the right rear panel is primer gray. there was a dent above the right wheel. ktvu's amber lee is live now in marin where lawmakers
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have been fighting to block a $350 million project. amber. >> reporter: blind me is the aging san quentin prison which houses some of the state's most violent criminals. 700 are now on state row. the state will have to figure out where to house them. san quentin's housing for death row inmates was built in 1927. eight years ago then governor gray davis wanted to build housing. >> it's filthy. there are rodents. it's extremely noisy. >> reporter: the facility is also not safe for prison guards because of its many blind spots. but today governor brown said in a written statement the state of california cannot
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justify a massive expenditure of public dollars for the most violent members of the state. he said building a new facility would have required the state to borrow money. >> or cutting schools, cutting social services, cutting everything else but we're expanding death row. it's just lunacy. >> reporter: the nation says the state should look at transferring inmates to more modern facilities such as fulsome. >> if you incarcerate people then you have to meet the constitutional standards. this is not a luxury hotel we're talking about here. this is just making certain that people are living in a safe and clean environment. >> reporter: we spoke with a neighbor who told us there is support for improving the prison since there's been lay offs of prison guards they want changes that will increase safety for the community. amber lee, ktvu channel two news. a san mateo prosecutor said
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she will retry the sanity phase of alexander yusof. he is accused of killing his teacher. the defense argues that yusof suffers of schizophrenia. devastation that stretches for miles. powerful tornadoes decimate towns and kill hundreds. and temperatures are on the increase. we'll tell you which ones are the warmest. and people are being
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scammed for helping bryan stow.
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this video shows the path of the tornado. the tornadoes hit yesterday. all together 300 people across the southeast are confirmed dead. most of them in alabama. thousands more are homeless. tonight people are surveying the damage and looking for survivors. deaths are being reported in alabama, mississippi, georgia, tennessee, kentucky and virginia. this video that storm chasers shot near philadelphia
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mississippi shows one twister roll right through a field. but they cut away just before it hits a home. in georgia, twisters left behind mangled trees. one woman says her family was barely able to escape the tornado. >> it was like you could see through the window. it was all bright and all of a sudden it went dark. he opened up the back door and he said run. because it was coming. we hit the floor. >> reporter: president obama has declared eight alabama counties federal disaster areas. tomorrow he plans to visit the state to see the damage firsthand and also work to try and comfort the survivors. a long time doctor at uc berkeley was charged today with sexually assaulting patients. dr.travi six s pled not guilty.
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travis treated students for 26 years. his supporters say that he has received a ton of support from patients. >> and we'll be making motions to dismiss the charges of the complaint. authorities say the alleged crimes happened between 2006 and 2011. he resigned from his job two weeks ago. we have an update tonight on the atlanta braves coach who used gay slurs at giants fans. attorney gloria alred told ktvu news that another fan contacted her office about a similar complaint. and stow family members
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tell us scammers are setting up fake websites and taking well wishers money. but first the latest on stow 's condition. >> reporter: for a third night, doctors are attempting to bring stow out of a coma. previous attempts to wake him have led to seizures. >> currently he's had no seizures. >> reporter: the process of waking anyone from a coma is complicated. >> we have certainly had patients here where we've done this for days or weeks. and once we eventually are able to wean the medications back, then they are able to have the seizures well controlled.
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>> hope flip when they -- hopefully when they bring him out of the coma, he'll come to and everything will be okay. >> here's another site popping up that nobody knows. >> reporter: but the family has noticed an alarming trend. phony websites raising money. the latest one not even in the u.s. >> it's located in australia. that's all that we -- we don't have any contact information. we don't know who these people are. they've never contacted me or anyone in our family. >> reporter: the stow family says there's only one website for donations and we have a link on it for our website christien kafton. stanford university make a controversial move late this afternoon. it decided to bring back the rotc program ending a 40-year- old ban. students who are against the reserve officers protested outside campus today. -- or on campus today rather. the university banned the program from campus during the
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vietnam war. now the president must sign off on the plan to bring it back. speaking at a carl's jr. restaurant that i they said the bill would follow a texas model to make more business welcome in this state. >> we can't treat them like atm machines. we have to tote them like our best friends because they're the ones that create the jobs -- we have to treat them like our best friends because they're the ones that create the jobs. monterey democrat wrote the bill after two sisters died in 2004. they were driving a defective rental car. rental car companies say the bill unfairly targets them and a national standard is needed. the proposal now heads to the
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senate. in just about 14 hours the space shuttle endeavor is expected to lift off on it last mission. endeavor is the next to the last shuttle to fly. some 700,000 people are expected in florida to watch it. among them will be wounded congresswoman giffords. her husband mark kelly is the commander of endeavor. president obama and his family are also expected. the launch is scheduled for 12:47 tomorrow afternoon pacific time. you can watch that launch live tomorrow afternoon during an expanded edition of ktvu channel 2 news at noon. our coverage begins at noon. a surf instructor is being remembered today after drowning. authorities say loon was found
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floating in the water yesterday and pronounced dead. officials say loon was surfing alone. >> good idea to go out with somebody close by. buddy system works good for ocean beach. >> reporter: loons's business partner tells ktvu loon recently got engaged and was fearless when it came to big waves. you saw the kite boarders off the coast. it was windy today. windy out there today. live report from the east side of the san rafael bridge. breezy conditions tomorrow. we're in the head lands looking back toward san francisco. there's the golden gate bridge. we come in close we're talking about winds in the bay. the sailors like it. the wind surfers like it. it's going to be breezy. 20 to 30 miles per hour. temperatures tomorrow are coming up. overnight lows are going to be cool. this is the isotherm forecast
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for tomorrow. we're using colors, purples represent your 30s. blues represent your 40s. that's cool in the morning and greens are 60s, yellows for 70s. the long range forecast we're going to look specifically at your bay area weekend and what you can expect. it is a record setting year for the california state university system. 621,000 applications have poured into the 23 campuses including the five here in the bay area. that is the most ever and a jump from last year's 617,000. a little more than half of them about 319,000 will be admitted. that is more than last year because of state budget cuts. it is a chance to witness something that hasn't happened in decades. we will take you to london where crowds are gathering as the big wedding approaches. coming up in less than 10 minutes. the 49ers pick a first round draft choice for a football season that they never
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kick off.
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there may not be a football season this year. yet hundreds of 49er fans attended a draft party. the labor dispute festers even though the lock out is over. >> reporter: even though there is still no collective bargain agreement, a federal judge has ended the 45 day lock out and tonight 49er fans displayed their loyalty in a big way. the line was as long as a football field. the 49er faithful wearing team colors filed into the convention center to watch the nfl draft. >> it's just the niners. we might not be able to see them this season. we have to come out to support.
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the 49er faithful began booing as roger gudel appeared in the big screen. they know there may be no football season this year. >> that's why i came. for one reason. so that i could have my voice heard to the 49er executives that are around here. because this is all about money. >> i have season tickets, i want them to play. but i think they'll resolve it. there's too much money to give it up. >> the san francisco 49er select alden smith. >> reporter: when the 49ers picked their first round draft choice, defensive end alden smith, the crowd was stunned. >> i don't know his name. >> 49er fans are so hungry to win that they can't wait to get the season started. this is kind of their starting point. >> reporter: the 49ers new coach jim harbaugh took the stage and called the pick a
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good guy. >> we can't get ready to get started. >> reporter: the draft continues tomorrow and fans are waiting to see if the 49er will pick a quarterback. live in santa clara, lloyd lacuesta. ktvu channel 2 news. sports director mark ibanez has also been following all of the picks. mark will join us later in sports with that and the top five picks. also a california appeals court has rejected a lawsuit that aimed to block the 49ers from building a stadium in santa clara. the team wants to build the stadium in a parking lot outside of great america's amusement park. that agreement is the basis for the current stadium plan. record oil profits and rises prices at the pump, but how related are they?
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what experts told us coming up. later, violence, sexual assault assault even homicide. in tonight's special report. we talk to patients about what goes on inside napa state hospital.
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the royal wedding in london is now less than five hours away and the crowds are really starting to gather. jennifer davis is live and joins us now with the situation, jennifer. >> reporter: good morning it is an enormous party atmosphere. it's 6:30 london time. people who have camped out on the street were out bright and early as early as 4:30. you can see they are gathered here and waiting even though we have several hours to go. but still there is great excitement about what many are
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saying will be the wedding of a century. prince william makes his final appearance as a single man. britain's next princess was all smiles as well greeting the crowd before checking in to her hotel before for the night. even the queen herself was seen out and about arriving at an upscale london hotel to host a prewedding reception. meanwhile every detail leading up to the glamorous ceremony has been planned with precision. both in the air and on land all doing their part to ensure it all goes off without a hitch. >> this is an event that we've believe policed many times. we know what's involved with it. in this occasion it's a much larger scale. so we have a plan to deal with that. >> reporter: some royal enthusiasts have been waiting a
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long time for this moment. >> i was at the cathedral when lady di and prince charles got married 30 years ago. so i kept this 30 years waiting for this day. >> reporter: and others are doing their part to include themselves in the fanfare. dressing up in a one of a kind suit for the big occasion. >> i stuck all over it stickers. they are stickers that are meant to be put on a royal collection album. >> what i consider to be the brightest royal wedding suit. >> reporter: 4.5 hours to go until the wedding but keep in mind all of the people that have gathered here aren't actually going to see the wedding. they will see the royal couple they hope about one hour and 15 minutes after the wedding as the procession makes its way here. i'm jennifer davis, fox news. well even the most
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elaborately planned wedding can have a few wrinkles. buckingham palace has told syria's embassador not to come. the embassador said taking back his invitation was regretful but he wished the couple well. president obama made his new national security team official today. cia director leon pineta is headed to the pentagon to become defense secretary. defense secretary gates will step down this summer. marine corp. john allen will succeed petraeus as the top commander in afghanistan. the company's online services were -- the sony company's online services were hacked. it may have resulted in the theft of personal information
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of millions of the users. however today sony said there's no evidence at least so far that any incrypted credit card data was stolen. sony is advising all users to monitor their accounts for any signs of fraud. yahoo today used twitter to announce it was working on a problem. yahoo has an estimated 284 million users around the world. looks like an effort to support a permanent route is now headed to voters. bart's plan calls for the route to go through downtown livermore. opponents would like to see it hug interstate 580. tonight opponents told ktvu news they plan to submit a petition containing 7,800 signatures on tuesday. the initiative asked the
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council to support the 580 route. and chevron reports tomorrow. there's no oil shortage looming so why are prices rising? our consumer editor tom vacar solicited some expert thought and customer opinion. >> reporter: here at the chevron, customers said gas fares are unfair when people are trying to save money. >> there's been a lot of cut backs. >> you see other companies, they are barely getting by. by the oil companies are really making a lot of money. >> reporter: exxon reported today that the near $11 billion it made is 65% higher than a year ago. shell profits up 30%. ocidenal up 46. >> they've been driving prices up like that. we have to pay. we have to get to work. >> they know they invested to
10:36 pm
invest for oil. but we would like to explore in the alternatives to that. >> reporter: dean of the golden gate business says there's no shortage in oil. a weak u.s. dollar means it takes more dollars to buy oil and finally demand from emerging nations is on the rise. >> i agree there's something going on behind closed doors there that we're not totally aware of. our world seems to run on green instead of compassion. >> reporter: with the summer season not even started yet, many experts believe these prices will go higher and higher. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu news. and multi year highs today -- the dow jones gained 72 72 points and the nasdaq was up 17
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points. that's the weakest growth since last spring. a french company plans to buy a majority steak in sun power. silican valley's biggest green power company. it's valued at $2.3 billion. guests kicked out, employees sent home. the sudden closure of a hotel that's created a lot of questions. i'll show you which cities could reach 80 degrees as we roll through the bay area weekend. but up first, take a look at this, a rapid response when a truck is spotted in the water.
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a submerged pick up truck was taken out of the water today. at first authorities feared there might be someone in the truck. a tow truck halled it out of the water -- hauled it out of the water. the truck had been reported stolen on tuesday. a deputy shot and killed a man after being attacked in the morning. the deputy was patrolling the area near a car dealership near stone ridge mall when she was slammed to the ground. a family member told ktvu news that podmorney lived by the mall and he had just found out about his mother's death before the attack. alex nakiama got angry at a slow computer program and took it out on his roommate.
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that i . they say nakiama strangled his roommate then told the care giver, i think i killed jeff. nakiama suffers of autism and needs to be under lock down. in japan, buddhist priests led prayers today for the victims of last month's √°et earthquake and tsunami. the japanese coast has released new video of the tsunami washing away homes. it's estimated some 26,000 people died. and in vatican city, preparations are now in full
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swing for the ceremony of the late pope john paul ii. the adification is a step toward saint. a cyclone fence went up today on around burnett. lead hospitality is the owner of the concord hotel. officials are trying to find other accommodations for guests who had reservations there. either i'm going to get physically assaulted or sexually assaulted or worse. threatening words from a patient at a mental bay area hospital. and find out why she's not alone. bill martin is working on
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his five day forecast, wait until you see what his forecast for this weekend is.
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it's a place for the mentally ill to get treatment and care, but in many cases both patients and those who work there are getting hurt. violence, sexual assault, even murder it's all happening at a bay area mental hospital. and in tonight's special report, ktvu's john sasaki investigates if enough is being done to protect patients and workers from predators. the proported mission of the mental hospital is to protect and heal. but just about everyone there says it's failing miserably. >> i was assaulted many times. >> it's like psychological rape on a daily basis. >> reporter: last year on average three staff members and
10:46 pm
seven patients were attacked every day. many by predatory criminals. >> he was sexual assaulted by a predator. >> reporter: sean and janet web told us about their 38-year-old son garth. >> he's in prison. they call it a hospital but it is not. it is a penal colony or a prison or a jail. >> reporter: garth web landed in jail last may after making threats. he's been diagnosed schizophrenic. >> how is he being prepared for life in the general population? >> reporter: the couple comes to the hospital every week. they talk to garth every day.
10:47 pm
on this day they let me talk to him. >> i've been hit, i've been physically assaulted several times. >> reporter: the worse was when he says he was sexually assaulted by jess massey by the man who he says killed lose. >> i learned my lesson the hard way, not to let your guard down and not be trusting of the people around you. >> reporter: the dangers have exploded primarily because of the dramatic shift in the patient population. doctors say in 18989 only 29% of the patients ended up thereafter committing crimes. now it's 88%. 16% are accused killers. but it's still run like a hospital with no corrections officers. hospital police are on the grounds outside. >> inside that sally port, once you pass there there's a prison mentality there that we're going to have to get under control. >> reporter: that sally port leads to the secure part of the
10:48 pm
hospital. but workers and patients alike say secure means only that it keeps the patients from escaping into the community. >> i one day it's going to be my turn. either i'm going to get physically assaulted or sexually assaulted or both. >> reporter: another patient we spoke with by phone says this is his second state mental facility and his worse. >> i've been here since 2003. before that i was at atascadero for three years. that's a lot more structured and a lot more secure. >> some of these individuals that are committed you know they find the state hospital setting as a place where they can be a lot stronger and prey on weaker people than if they were in prison. >> reporter: state officials announced on friday plans for a special unit staffed with police officers. >> we are looking at increasing the resources where we can and figuring out how we can better accommodate the needs of staff wanting to have them on the units. >> reporter: much needed help
10:49 pm
that staff and patients say can't come soon enough. in napa, i'm john sasaki. so what causes a lot of the violence behind if walls of napa hospital? tomorrow how tobacco may be at the root of it all. tomorrow at 5:00. today was all about sunshine and a bit of wind. let's go outside. we can pick up the wind readings out here near martinez. out on the delta. 28-mile-per-hour gusts. fairfield you have winds gusting to 25 miles per hour. it's still breezy out there. the winds stick with us tomorrow. but there's less of it. less winds means temperatures will cool down more. we start off cool tonight. overnight lows are going to be in the mid- and upper 30s. that is chilly, that will get
10:50 pm
you frost in the east valley. 38 in santa rosa, 35 in napa when you wake up for your friday morning already. this is your wind model. reds representing wind gusts. you can see tomorrow morning not a lot of wind. then it ramps up around 2:00 tomorrow. winds gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour offshore. about 15 to 20 in the inland bay valleys. then the winds back up again. see the cool blues around the bay. those winds down around 9 miles per hour. those real strong winds are going to start to stay offshore. so the strongest winds we've already seen. they're going to start to back off tomorrow. not just tomorrow but as we roll into saturday and sunday as well. with high pressure establishing itself firmly for the first time in a while. temperatures, up a little today but significantly up tomorrow. and then again saturday through
10:51 pm
monday. with temperatures into the mid- 80s next week perhaps. maybe even some low 90s so we're into it now. so you'll notice those because of the weather we've had it's been very wet now this heat is really going to blow up the tree pollens. 70 in morgan hill for a daytime high. your five day forecast with no rain in sight, your weekend in view looks just like this. we're taking basically a heck of a few days and. >> doesn't get much better than that. >> no, it should be really nice. coming up next we're going to take you back 50 years to one of the first giant games seen right here on ktvu channel 2 news.
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it was 50 years ago this week a san francisco giants game was first televised in the bay area. ktvu broadcast that game. the giants were shown in black and white, a far cry from today's high def productions. >> i love seeing those old pictures like that. >> you were just a teenager
10:55 pm
back then. >> 11 years old, yeah. mark is here with sports, big day for the niners. their first pick not what most folks expected. >> raiders will go tomorrow. they didn't have a first round pick. but they have no reservations about drafting a guy named smith. didn't work out all that well as i recall last time around. but this time it's not a quarterback. this time the niners used their number one pick on a guy who's supposed to track down quarterbacks and bring them to their mercy. it's alden smith out of the university of missouri. 6'4", 263-pounder. now coach assessing his new first round pick. >> tremendous balance, tremendous hustle that he has. you know when he's pursuing the football. if he's coming from the backside or -- and not afraid to go into a pile of bodies. you know head first, make the tackle. you know a lot of things that
10:56 pm
show up that are character toughness. meantime with harbaugh's old pupil andrew luck going back to stanford. the top quarterback available. cam newton out of auburn, size, mobility, arm strength, but carolina's panthers will find out if he can take on the mental stress that comes with being the first round pick. linebacker miller out of a & m at two. and adios ocho-cinco. and with the 24th pick of the first round new orleans goes after defensive end cameron
10:57 pm
jordan out of cal. the giants aren't playing so well so what better time to go against the pirates. their motto, if you can't beat us, we'll do it for you. bay overplayed it and keeps the inning alive. opening the inning up for this base. and aaron rowan comes through again. a 2-run double. and ryan vogosal would get his first win as a giant. aaron rowan is credited with a steal at home there with the double steal. and the giants wind up with the 5-2 win. wouldn't say the lakers got pushed really by new orleans. maybe a little nudge. but kobe and company moving on.
10:58 pm
ize over everything, bymun balling it there. and new orleans is closed out 4- 2. that is a sporting life for a thursday night. >> raiders pick tomorrow. >> yeah. >> join the morning news. it all begins at 4:30, they'll be following the royal wedding. good night.
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