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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 16, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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07 on the afternoon joe would have graduate would his medical school classmates. police released video of the man investigators say beat him to death. an asian man with a tattoo on his right arm. police home the video and the photos will help identify him. she could be seen with the suspect. she was arrested last thursday in san jose for attacking the bystander who stepped in to defend him. >> new information will be coming out. the family says they want justterous their brother and son. >> he is the baby. >> reporter: today joe's mother says the loss felt like a blow as she watched his friends and classmates celebrate a day he worked for for so long. >> lot of sadness.
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i am happy for them. but it's so hurting my son isn't here. >> reporter: i asked police why they waited to release the video and they wanted to make sure they didn't jeopardize the vidium. they were determined the suspect lives in the south bay. ktvu channel 2 news. storm watch tonight as may showers move through the bay area. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the storm. >> on the afternoon commute it is slowing things down on 880. all highways in the bay area. heaviest rain in to the east bay hills. clearing towards san francisco. heaviest showers are in the east bay hills. modren rainfall, some heavy at times. napa over a quarter of an inch of rain. vallejo, it's raining.
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moderate to light rain in concord. fremont, san jose, fremont right there, livermore as well, rainfall as well. this is the hardest time to get rain, on the afternoon commute. there is more showers in the forecast. there is more rain coming. when i come back the complete forecast. >> thank you. the rain is impacting traffic around the bay area. here is a live view showing what it looks like at the approach to the bay bridge. it is slow going there. the storm is also bringing late spring snow to the sierra. a winter storm warning is in effect tonight. these pictures are from blue canyon. the flow is having a hard time
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sticking. caltrans hasn't issued any warnings. fans greeted the riders in san francisco. this was supposed to run through the sierra but they ran from nevada city to the state capital. the rain is also forced changes in long scheduled plans in the bay area. calfire launched its fire season staffing today. the bad weather sent classes indoors and the vector control postponed an aerial search for pools of standing water. those could be breeding ground for mosquitoes. brian stow is back in the bay area, he arrived this afternoon after a planned trip. ktvu's maureen naylor is live where family mens were waiting. first david stevenson is at san francisco general hospital where doctors talked about what
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lies ahead for ben swift -- brian stow. >> reporter: right now he is in critical condition. this was the scene at san francisco general hospital at 1:45 today as brian stow a giants fan and a paramedic arrived here. the icu room he is in includes special monitors to help niseizes. he new physician is the hospital's head of neurosurgery. he told us it is too early to ases his chances to fully recover. >> there is images for us to review. a large pile of medical records. again, he is just now arrived here. what i know about him is what i learned frommia and now i am learning from him about him. >> reporter: he was accompanied by his ex-wife and a cousin.
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even strangers moved showed up to offer support. >> he is a great father. great attitude. and he is a great giants fan. he is in our prayers. >> reporter: now for now he is only seen by his family members. we learned the giants plan to drop by as well. a spokeswoman says they plan to visit him later this week once he is settled into the hospital. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. extra care was taken to bring him to san francisco. ktvu's maureen naylor is live at sfo. >> reporter: paramedics come here to pick up medical patients but today it was one of their own. >> reporter: he went down to los angeles a paramedic and returned a patient. he was lowered head first by
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his friends and co-workers. >> i pick patients up before and transported them so i have done this before. just not with somebody i know. >> it was her boyfriend she was securing and put in in an ambulance. >> i am going to be there and let him know i am here. >> the father was taken to san francisco general in this ambulance. right behind the rig he worked on followed. >> look at all the support, it's great. >> there is one family milestone yet to happen. his ex-wife plans to bring their kids to see their father for the first time since he was attacked. >> i always staid positive and been honest with the kids. but they -- they are excited. you know? they want to see dad.
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>> especially his children will see him soon. and i hope that being able to smell them and hear them that it will stimulate something. it would be awesome if he opened his eyes. the family don't know when that reunion will happen but they are preparing the children for what they will see. we learned his family will not have to pay for any of the medical flight, his company amr plans to cover what insurance doesn't. reporting live, maureen n, ktvu channel 2 news. the los angeles police department will have a news conference tomorrow morning. they have been following leads across the state and the mayor of los angeles said police are doing everything they can to find the men who beat brian stow. here are sketches of the men police are looking for.
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one man has a stalky bim, mustash and goatee. the other one, 6'1" with short hair. our coverage continues on look under the brian stow tap for video and information about the donations being collected to help the family. two visitrs to alkatranstoday ended up in a hospital after a accident involving the tram. happened this afternoon as it was taking tourists to the start of the tour. a witness who was related to the injured people say the tram drifted towards a wall. >> caught on a pipe that stuck out of the wall. the support for the roof. it collapsed the front of the roof. >> both of the tourists were taken to san francisco general hospital with nonlift threatening injuries. an 18-year-old driver faces
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manslaughter charges tonight in connection with the death of a two-year-old girl. she was killed in the accident last december. prosecutors say she was texting while driving when she hit the mother and daughter while the two were talking in a cross walk. ktvu's rob roth will have their reaction on the 10:00 news. police are asking asking for help solving the killing of the church man. luis enrique tavara was found dead last thursday. they handed out flyers and brought a lighted sign to the location hoping that someone will come forward with information. a $5,000 reward for information is being offered. a possible lead tonight in the killing of a san francisco man. police say this man is a person of interest in connection to the killing of williams.
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he tried to access his bank account at various atms in the bay area. he is 52 years old. 5'7". 125 pounds with black hair and blue eyes. family members found his body on thursday inside his home. the cause of his death is unknown. police arrested a woman in the largest i.d. left it ring they have seen. investigators showed off the evidence against mishel caviness-williams. she is facing seven counts each of passing forged checks and identity theft; five counts of forging california driver's licenses; and one count of grand theft. mishel caviness-williams -- seven counts each of passing forged checks and identity theft; five counts of forging california driver's licenses; and one count of grand theft. the estate of a man killed in last september's pipeline explosion is suing pg&e. he suffered severe burns and died at a hospital.
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the suit alleges poor pipeline maintenance led to the explosion. a pg&e spokesman says the company respects the victim's right to sue. mda said today bay area sales fell shy of 6800 houses and condos. stocks and det dragged down wall street today. investors were scared off by rescue loans from portugal. the dow sled 47 points, the nasdaq lost 46 points. users will be able to watch the english patient and shakes mere in love on dvd.
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the library will be available on netflix next month. a woman is pushing a tax plan she says could bring the state billions of dollars each year. she addressed her legislation this morning outside the state office building. she wants to increase the tax on 110,000 of the state's richest residents. >> so it's a very modest increase, 1%, on a very small number of our households and yet it would bring into california $2.3 billion. >> to help make her point she showed off letters she says are from constituent who support her tax hike i.d. when it come -- tax hike idea. the governor outlines his plan to close the budget gap,
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the two things republicans already want him to change.
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>> governor ron brown unveiled a budget plan that seeks fewer tax extensions. >> i have given you the blue print and now the others will screw it up. >> unexpected tax revenue reduced the deficit from $15 billion to 10 billgen dollars. he gave credit to lawmakers for making 13 billion dollars in cuts. the economy has provided some help. he is still asking for sales tax extensions. he wants a susspent a bunk to
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the income tax. the budget also calls for eliminating redevelopment agencies. they estimate they would save $2 billion. >> you find things you have agreed on and then you have to accept things you won't agree on. >> republicans responded to the budget while acknowledging a need for compromise. he added there are two big problems with the budget. the proposal of 5 year years of taxes and the realignment of local government. tom vacar is live in the city with details on a proposed new fair rate. >> reporter: in a town where it's tougher to catch a cab, this proposed large increase will do nothing to make that any easier. >> motion passes 8-4.
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>> reporter: they rejected numerous proposed surcharges. given they haven't had a raise in three years, it will make san francisco's fairs largest in the nation. first getting into the cab it would go from $3.10 to $3.50. second you pay kenitants exercise for a -- the committee has great sway with the transportation agency. >> we listened to their input and any decision we make we like to bring to them. >> reporter: if approved a three mill twin would increase from $10.75 to $12.85.
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>> this is a modest one where it could improve our income without counseling the passenger. >> i have nothing against increasing revenue but this is too great an increase. >> reporter: the increase is highly likely to pass tomorrow. >> it makes sure your cab drivers who haven't had a raise get a raise. >> reporter: though there was much talk about better service, nothing was done to improve that. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. sf state made the honor roll for community service. sf state has one of the most diverse student bodies in the nation. they are also recognized for community service programs. the rain has been coming
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down in the bay area. to our chief meteorologist. >> not if you are in san jose, it's still moving through. but this is the heaviest rain we will see. it's moving through right now. heavier rain showers. tri-valley area, the commute is a slow one. red wood city, half moon bay, scattered showers and san francisco. new radar return coming in now. see the red beacon there now as it moves through the east bay. we have got more showers tonight. the heaviest stuff is right now and on the afternoon commute. slowing things down. if you are waiting for folks folks to get home, that's why it's slower. scattered showers tomorrow morning but mainly in the afternoon, evening hours. the next punch -- not really a punch. a slap. tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night.
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few more sprinkles. tonight, scattered showers. quarter of an inch in some places. half in in some places. next system slides through tomorrow night into wednesday morning. right now what we are looking for, we are looking for scattered showers to continue tonight. 8:00 tonight, north bay, more showers. 9:00, see the nation, scattered showers. 11:00. showers. overnight into the morning looks dry for the morning commute. maybe sprinkles. but it should be dry. lots of clouds and back here the next one tees up tomorrow night and that slides through. these aren't powerful storms but they are slowing you down. forecast highs tomorrow on the cool side because of the clouds and sprinkles. in the mountains, the winter storm warning stays in effect through wednesday morning. mess up there.
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a foot of snow above 6,000 feet. below that, fibthousand feet, 3- 5 inches. late in the season to get that kind of snow. not that unusual but it has been a very busy winter. this on top of it, everybody is over it. >> so over it. >> they are over it. >> thank you. as space shuttle endeavor lifted off today we are covering congresswoman gabrielle giffords who was there. the two words she uttered as the shuttle rocketed into the sky.
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. the space shuttle endeavor is heading towards the international space station. on the second to last shuttle mission. >> the final launch of space shuttle endeavor. >> the team is delivering a instrument used to seek out anti-matter and dark energy in space. the commander is mark kelly, the husband of congresswoman gabrielle giffords and she was at the space center this morning and watched the launch in private with other family members. as the shuttle took off she said good stuff. mark joins us now, sharks
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played a new team, came down to the wire. another tough loss for them. >> doesn't matter who they play, a one goal game. 3rd period is giving them problems. they give oplead late and fred in vancouver checking things out and has a full report on game one and sizing us up for game two. >> reporter: a dozen sharks took part in the skate around at ton today. the idea is to work on things. one of their tendency to collapse in the 3rd period. >> we have lost some leads in the third and lost them in different ways. i don't know that that much talking needs to be done. it's about doing it. you know, we just got to look -- we could to look back before we could look ahead. once we get here tomorrow we will be ready for game two. >> right from the start it
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wasn't even momentummize, we were sluggish. almost like we ran out of gas. i have no reason for it. tough to put a finger on it. >> reporter: the local newspaper says the knuckerize shark repellent. dan boyle says they are getting help by official whose are allowing them to create penalties that may not be there. comments that will get some attention from the nhl and legal officials. fred inglis, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. giants in colorado right now. thanks for this video. miguel tejada taking heat for his play but that is a beautiful play. helps keeps it scoreless. then he doubles. went to third on a bunt and scores and the giants in the third inning right now leading
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1-0. it's early. that's the sporting life at this hour. >> thank you. coming up on news at 7:00, continuing coverage at the mishap at alcatraz island. we have an update on the injured tourist. the story in 30 minutes. >> and ktvu channel 2 news is on 24 hours day online, follow us on twitter for breaking news updates. we have been following brian stow arrival in san francisco today. have a good evening everyone. good night. ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide.
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