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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  June 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. we're live along interstate 880 in oak lands where all lanes remain shut down. we'll tell you what happened, the search for the suspect and why this clean up is taking so long. in vallejo why a 2 2 and a half year old girl came to this apartment complex. the reason investigators are now looking at bryan stow's suspect's possible ties to an attempted murder in another state. well, for june 1st it will probably be unbelievablely cool
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and it will never get better. possible thunderstorms for us. time now for the morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's wednesday june 1st. i'm pam cook. will the rainy weather continue? it sounds like it. let's ask meteorologist steve paulson. good morning, steve. yes, it will. in fact it will continue all the way probably into the weekend. but today will be prime time as a very unseasonably cold low drops in and i would not be surprise first-degree we have record low high temperatures if that makes sense. some of the coolest highs and thunderstorms, showers and just about anything goes weather- wise today so highs today, yep, 86. june 1st in antioch 62 san rafael hayward and 65 san jose with santa rosa and napa at 62. what in tar nation is going on? we'll tell you in about five minutes. here's sal. steve, right now the golden gate bridge traffic looks good heading to the toll plaza.
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no major problems as you drive down the doyle drive. also if you're coming in from the bay bridge the traffic is moving along very nicely. however, we do have a big problem in oakland. we have a major freeway that is shut down in one direction because of a pretty serious accident overnight. let's go live to ktvu reporter claudine wong who is at the scene with more details. claudine. >> reporter: well, sal, we're on northbound 880 right before west 7th. you can see the cal tran sweeper truck coming through here trying to clean this up. they would really like to get one lane back open to traffic and they've been working very hard in the last few minutes to do that. let's show you the problem. you take a look on the freeway down here you can see the sand along the freeway. that's where a fuel spill that actually stretches from here all the way down to the 7th street onramp. it is a big mess and they've had big problems cleaning it up. in fact, the sweeper truck that came out here the first one actually broke down. and the delay was caused because they had to wait for another one to get here.
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this all started just after midnight. that's when this crash happened. the chp says a reckless driver was coming down northbound 880, rear ended another car with four people inside that car, ricocheted off that car and then hit a big rig. that big rig actually careened across the entire freeway and then ruptured its fuel tank spilling fuel on to the freeway. while all that was happening the suspect apparently jumped out of his vehicle, got in another car and took off. >> the errant driver, the person responsible, fled the scene in a vehicle that came by and picked him up. we're in the process of trying to find him now. >> reporter: here's what we learned about that driver. the car he was driving was registered to a hayward address. chp has been out to that address and the person living there says the driver was apparently only using that address as kind of a stopping point but doesn't stay there on a regular basis.
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the search for that driver continues. as far as the people involved in the other car in the accident there were four people in the car that was hit. they were from novato. three had what they're calling complaints of pain, one person with a moderate injury to his foot. the big rig driver is okay. so this point the problem is well you're taking a live look at the clean up. they have brought another sweeper truck out here and it's moved its way down the number one lane. they want to open that up as soon as possible. but you can see crews trying to sweep up the fuel that came across the freeway. i can still smell it out here. it's a very strong smell. this process of cleaning up isn't easy. it's very dusty as they try to lay this down and get it cleared up. more than four hours now they talked about it maybe being 7:00 until all this is open. right now traffic being diverted to 980. we're keeping an eye out for traffic because they said any minute they're going to want to open this back up at least one lane to try to get things moving through here before the morning commute gets underway. we'll keep an eye out on things up here and keep you updated.
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live in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, claudine. also this morning police in vallejo are investigating a frightening kidnapping case. as ktvu's kraig debro reports it involves a carjacker, a father and his 2-year-old daughter. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: and good morning, pam. it all ended up here at camilla apartments on spring road here in vallejo. according to police the 2 and a half year old girl came here knocking on doors. i spoke with police this morning they say thieves may have been motivated to steal this car because of the massive 26-inch chrome rims. 2 and a half year old girl stolen with her father's car. police are looking for the carjackers. it all started with a carjacking in el do rad doe and alabama streets in vallejo. police have not identified the victim but say the man was riding in his mid-90s buick around 9:45 last night when he noticed three men in a car in a white sedan following his car. when both cars got to the intersection of alabama the
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victim today police the suspect blocked his buick with their car. two men in the suspect's car get out, draw guns, order the victim out of the car at gunpoint. those two men get in the car and drive off. it's not known right now if the carjacking suspects knew there was a 2 and a half year old girl in the backseat. 40 minutes later a tenant at an apartment complex here in the 200 block of spring road calls police tells them there's a child there with the victim's car. police say the child got herself out of the child safety seat and started knocking on apartment doors. police called the father retrieved his child but not the car it was impounded as evidence. carjackers didn't get the rims. coming up we're trying to speak with some of these people at the apartment complex and hear their story about a little 2 and a half year old girl knocking on the door looking for her parents. reporting live in vallejo, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. well, this morning the investigation continues into a similar case involving a child and a stolen car. this one started in santa clara county. a 1-month-old baby is back with her family this morning after a
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terrifying kidnapping ordeal. late yesterday police found the baby in an abandoned car nasa lianas hours after her mother left the child alone in a parked car in morgan hill. last night's joyous reunion followed a frantic three hour search. the baby's mother told police that she left the keys in the ignition of her car while she stepped inside a church in morgan hill. 1-month-old baby was in the backseat. the horrified mother returned five minutes later to find her car and her baby were gone. a phone call from salinas ended the alert. >> there was a citizen who contacted chp and had seen the car abandoned and there was a child in it. >> it happened now we think -- we find it. thank you very much. >> this morning police are still looking for the car thief
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and unwhitting kidnapper. this case is a reminder parents should never leave a child alone in a car. we have new information this morning about michelle le, the missing nursing student from hayward. police now say they have identified some persons of interest. and they have searched at least four search warrants. but so far no one has been arrested. police are still calling this a highly irregular missing persons case. >> every indicater that we have from family, from friends, from classmates is that michelle was very well liked, she's very outgoing. she's a very kind person. >> michelle was last seen on friday. she told co-workers she was going to her car for something but surveillance video shows her car leaving the garage at about 7:00 p.m. she was supposed to pick up a friend later that night and head to reno for the weekend but never showed up. police say they are exploring a few more theories but would not
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go into any detail. the man accused of beating giants fan bryan stow may be tied to an attempted murder in nevada. los angeles television station reports that ramirez is possibly linked to a shooting near las vegas two months before the attack at dodgers stadium. police file show a man believed to be ramirez wearing a blue dodger cap, shot and injured a man inside a home in henderson, nevada. that shooting was in reportedly retaliation for the 2005 death of ramirez's daughter. nevada police are not commenting on the report, but ramirez is scheduled to take a lie detector test today in the bryan stow case. also today suspected serial killer josef naso could get an important answer from the judge. last friday he pled not guilty to killing four women in northern california. now acting as his own lawyer, he told the judge he should be released from jail due to lack of evidence.
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the judge ordered him to write a written request. the deputy district attorney says she will respond to that request today. well, overnight the space shuttle endeavour made its final landing at kennedy space center. commander mark kelly and his crew guided endeavour home after 16 days in space. they touched down just after 11:30 last night our time for its final landing. >> your landing ends a vibrant legacy for this amazing vehicle that will long be remembered. welcome home, endeavour. >> endeavour will be retired and sent to the california science center in los angeles. preparations for the final shuttle mission are already underway. atlantis is scheduled to launch july 8th. time 4:40. go back to sal for a look at traffic this morning. one big problem of course where claudine is this morning. that's right. it's northbound 880. and i do have a map of it just you guys in the control room want to put it up.
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i apologize for late notice. northbound 880 at 7th. you saw claudine standing there a while ago. lanes are still closed. southbound is open. we'll have more from the scene. one of our reporters, claudine wong, is there. she's going to give us the latest word on when they open lanes we'll know. you'll know as well. let's go out and take a look at 80 westbound as you head out to the macarthur maze. that traffic is moving along nicely all the way out to the macarthur maze and to the bay bridge toll plaza which at the toll plaza it is light. no problems on the way into the bridge. and of course in the south bay we're off to a nice start. that's northbound 280. that traffic is looking good. at 4:41 let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. and june 1st and probably record low maximum temperatures. just unbelievablely strong low is pin wheeling in. we had first part of it yesterday. the second part is offshore. you can see how the rain is lining up right there. and that has to swing in. the days are long. the angle of the sun what
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little we get is very high. if ever there was an opportunity or window for severe weather for us, this would be the day. i mean this is about as good as it gets for us for this time of year. now the rain will pick up later on. we could have -- it will be one of these mixed bag days. some sun, some clouds, rain, maybe hail, funnel clouds would not surprise me. severe weather in the valley would not surprise me wanier oh that. some busy bees out there in sacramento national weather service office because they've had a busy last month and i think it will carry right over into now. 44 napa. really cool lows for this time of year. fairfield 46. 50s if you have some cloud cover 50s if not it's in the 40s. there's our low right there. it has to swing in. it's getting bumped along by this unseasonably strong system which is coming in. now there's always a fly in the ointment and the only horsefly in the ointment might be this thing -- this low, might come in. this will be on friday, saturday. take a little more westerly track then come in. so the timing's off but the
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potential for heavy rain is there as we head towards the weekend. today look for the low to come in and give a wide variety of off and on showers, some sun, thundershowers extremely cool for june. highs today 50s and 60s. i think i said 86 in antioch. because that's what it should be. it will be 66. morgan hill 67. fairfield 65. it's a cool, cool pattern. clouds, showers, possible thundershowers, thursday still partly cloudy, increasing clouds friday, rain might start friday night but looks like one to two inches of rain is possible on saturday with more showers on sunday, pamela. good grief, steven. >> good grief, pamela. all right. thank you, outrage this morning about a man who was left to drown by emergency crews in the east bay. the reason responders say there was nothing they could do. and the controversial immigration policy starting in san francisco today that goes against a federal program.
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680 traffic looks good, but we do have a big problem in oakland. we'll update you on that and the rest of the morning commute.
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good morning. yes, you are looking at june 1st forecasted highs today which are in the 60s and upper 50s there will be some sun and a lot of clouds, mostly cloudy skies, off and on showers and
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possible thundershowers today. well, thousands of people in south dakota are packing up what they can and leaving their homes. the army corps of engineers plans to release water from two dams along the missouri river which means these families may not be able to return home for months. engineers are also building up the levees so there's no unexpected flooding after more than a month of heavy rain. a new report this morning says japan underestimated the threat of tsunami to its nuclear power plant. an international nuclear watchdog group is now calling for greater oversight of nuclear plants. the group does praise emergency workers' response to the disaster. on the third day of her bus tour, sarah palin met up with donald trump. while in new york yesterday palin and her family grabbed a slice of pizza with trump. he says they didn't talk about anything political and she did not ask him for an endorsement. palin still hasn't confirmed
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whether she will enter the 2012 election. this morning she will tour the statue of liberty and ellis island. this morning president obama will meet with house republican leaders at the white house to discuss what it would take for the gop to support raising the nation's debt limit. now that's after a vote in the house yesterday against an increase. republicans say they will only vote for a bill to increase government borrowing if it also includes spending cuts. alameda's mayor promises what she calls a full public and transparent investigation after a man drowned at robert crown state beach on memorial day. now witnesses say the man now identified as 52-year-old raymond zack of alameda stood on the beach before walking into the water fully clothed. police and firefighters responded to emergency calls but no one went in after him and he died. that led to a public hearing last night where residents expressed their anger.
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>> unbelievablely callous that nobody there with any sort of training could strip off their gear and go and help this person. [ indiscernible ] >> what were they thinking? [ indiscernible ] >> now city leaders say the emergency workers did not have the proper training to go into the water to try to save the man, but they say they would have gone in if it had been a child. this morning san francisco mayor ed lee is scheduled to outline his first city budget. the mayor is scheduled to present his proposed budget for the fiscal year that begins july 1st at 11:00 this morning at city hall. mayor lee says better than expected tax revenues may help the city avoid mass layoffs. san francisco currently has a projected $306 million deficit. the san jose city council voted to impose a 10% pay cut
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on 2800 city workers to help balance their budget. the workers are represented by four unions that include everyone from park rangers to city planners. firefighters and five other employee unions have already reached agreements with the city accepting similar cuts. the city is still in negotiations with its police department. also starting today san francisco renews its sand as a sanctuary city and will not hand over illegal immigrants arrested for petty crimes. the sheriff says he will now only turn in felony suspects to immigration authorities. he says he's trying to find a way to abide by both san francisco's sanctuary city law and the federal government secure communities program. immigration officials call the sheriff's decision unfortunate. cell phone use and health risk. the disturbing new report that links the devices to a serious illness. and the reason all three of
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san francisco''s cable car lines are out of service this week for the first time in almost 30 years.
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking.
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honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] welcome back to the morning news. investigators now say driver fatigue was a factor in a tour bus crash that killed four people and injured 50 others yesterday. the bus was heading from north carolina to new york when it hit an embankment and overturned in virginia. the driver is charged with reckless driving. the deadly accident is renewing calls for a stronger federal bus safety bill that has been introduced but put on hold for the last three years. the world health organization is raising a red flag about cell phones. a group of scientists reviewed dozens of studies and now say cell phone use does increase the risk of developing cancer.
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now we talk today one local activist about the findings and she says she's been waiting for these results of this study since her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor three years ago. >> we're thrilled because this validates what we have been saying and now hopefully more people will listen. >> a previous study by the f.c.c. finds no proof that cell phones cause cancer. we tried to contact people from the wireless industry about the most recent findings, but they did not return our phone calls. now some experts suggest the best way to reduce your risks of radiation exposure is by using a speakerphone or a hands free device and sending more text messages. well, a bill that would force online retailers to collect sales tax now heads to state senate. the measure would apply to companies such as the state assembly approved it yesterday. supporters say the bill could bring in to the state as much as $1 billion a year. but opponents argue that it
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will drive some business out of the state. san francisco muni is shutting down two cable car lines today for a maintenance project. the powell in mason and powell and hyde lines will be out of service until sunday. during the construction bus shuttles will be in place. this is the first time that all three of the city's cable car lines are out of service in 27 years. the california line has been down since january for ongoing repairs expected to last through the summer. all right. it's coming up on 5:00. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. sal. i was out doing a story yesterday near union square. a lot of people riding the cable cars. >> they're going to be unhappy. >> yes. hopefully they'll be back soon. good morning everybody. go out and take a look at what we have now. traffic is moving along pretty well except in one area and that would be 880 northbound in oakland. you can see these are live pictures of a street sweeper sweeping up some of the absorbent material from a tease sell spill as a result of a
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high speed accident involving a big rig happened just after midnight. they're still cleaning it up northbound 880 traffic near 7th which is near that big post office there. there's where the accident is. so we will let you know. ktvu's claudine wong will have another live report from the scene coming up in just moments. go out and take a look at westbound bay bridge coming up to the toll plaza looks good. san francisco northbound 101 traffic also at the speed limit approaching the lower deck of the bay bridge. let's go to steve. all right, sal. little bit of a break right now. partly cloudy skies. some rain is starting to get its act together. it's offshore. it will swing in here. 40s and 50s. a really cool morning for june 1st temperatures very cool. that's very strong unseasonably strong cold low has to move on shore. now as it does that will trigger just about anything today. sun, clouds, showers, possible thundershowers and even severe weather. for june temperatures well below average. highs today will be in the 60s for many that should be in the
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low 80s. but, again, we could get some brief heavy rain and also get some severe weather later on today especially i think early afternoon. and it doesn't look like much of a change. slight break on thursday into early friday looks like more rain comes in on the weekend. all right. thank you, steve. a massive pile up on a bay area freeway is creating a commute nightmare. we're taking you out live to the scene this morning to find out when the roads are expected to clear. plus a frightening kidnapping case involving a carjacker and a 2-year-old girl. the amazing story of how that little girl saved herself coming up next.
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we are following developing news out of oakland. we are live on interstate 880 in oakland where all of the lanes remain shut down. i just talked to cal tran. we'll tell you where your morning commute is headed coming up. >> reporter: in vallejo the surprise two carjackers got when they looked in the backseat of a car they stole. june 1st and it will not be sunny and warm. in fact if anything we could have some severe weather today. we'll talk about that and some very cool high temperatures. and the bay area rec center named for a famous gay rights activist is vandalized. the reason police are now calling this a hate crime. it's all ahead here on


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