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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  June 2, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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courtney was treated and released. we have live team coverage tonight beginning with david steveson. he's at the scene to explain how the situation turned so dangerous so fast. david. >> julie, take a look behind me. you can see firefighters working to determine the cause of the fire that killed one of their own. >> it began as a routine call at this berkeley way home in san francisco's diamond heights district. a fire broke out just before 10:45 this morning. four engine crews and two truck companies responded. all four residents responded. >> there was a lot of firemen shouting, a will the of chaos. two firemen were at the garage door but they were unconscious. >> reporter: the crews were hit with a flash over. a sudden intense flair up of flames. >> it's kind of a mixture of heated gases and oxygen and you know the fuels. it all reaches a certain
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ignition point and it all ignites at one time. still pictures taken outside the house captured the chaos after two injured firefighters were pulled out. >> i saw them doing cpr and then like this really black cloud kind of blew up above the house. i didn't hear an explosion but we all saw this black crowd. >> reporter: the two were rushed to san francisco general hospital in critical condition. a third suffered superficial burns. police homicide investigators this afternoon examined the scene. >> whenever there's serious injury, they take it to the next level and they cover all the bases. >> reporter: crews this afternoon combed the home for clues of what caused the tragedy. >> our goal is to not ever have to experience it. sometimes things are beyond our control. >> reporter: the family that lives in the house didn't want to speak to media about what caused the fire. but investigators continue to look for answers tonight. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news.
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just a few blocks away, the men and women of fire station 26 are in shock right now. the last time the department lost someone in the line of duty was in 2003 when lindy oller fell to her death from a fire engine. john fowler is live in san francisco general now where firefighters have been gathering all day to visit and pray for their coworkers. >> reporter: a few minutes ago, firefighters held a solemn
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procession for perez as he was escorted away from the hospital. perez' two brothers, both police officers. perez was a former marine and sheriff deputy. >> his whole life, his whole adult life was in serving the community and in protecting the community. >> just reminds all of us how dangerous this job is. and how appreciative we are for people who put their lives on the line. i really also would like to have everybody no matter what faith you may represent or believe in to continue praying for the second firefighter who is still fighting for his life. >> reporter: doctors say 53- year-old anthony valerio remains in critical condition with burns and smoke
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inhalation. and you can share your thoughts and condolences for the three san francisco firefighters on just click on the bay area news tab. today was judgment day for the antioch couple that kidnapped jaycee dugard and held her captive for 18 years. ken pritchett is live right now outside the court and has the strong words the victim had for her captors. >> reporter: in court the judge told garrido he lacked a soul. dugard was not in the room but her mother terry,proben was present. dugard wrote, i chose not to be
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here today because i refuse to give up another day of my life in your presence. garrido used a taser to subdue jaycee dugard. she was kept in their antioch home where she gave birth to two children fathered by garrido. >> we're standing here 19 years to the day after she was kidnapped. >> it's unlikely but there's a slim hope that she may be released on parol. by that time though she will be in her 70s. >> reporter: the sharpest words in the courtroom came from jaycee dugard's mother and said to both defendants they don't deserve to live, to die, to
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even exist. she said, i hate you both. >> reporter: both nancy and phillip garrido made statements in court through their attorneys. nancy garrido said that what she knew that what she did was evil, phillip garrido said that he agreed with the statements made by the victims but that was not a statement of remorse. in placerville. even though she wasn't there, dugard had plenty to say to the garridos. her statement made it clear she hated every second of the 18 years she was held by her captors. dugard's statement said i am angry because you stole my life and that of my family. thankfully i am doing well now and no longer live a nightmare. dugard went on to say, both of you can save your apologies and empty words. for all the crimes you both committed, i hope you have as many sleepless nights as i did.
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her quick thinking helped bring jaycee dugard's captivity to an end. today officer jacobs says justice has been done. >> unfortunately she had to suffer for so long for this to happen. >> reporter: she discovered he was a sex offender then tipped off investigators who rescued dugard and her children from the garrido compound just outside of antioch. jaycee's 18 years in the hands of the garrido's is still a shock to people living near by. >> i live just right there, that's horrible to know that something so horrible could happen so close. just two hours ago, the county court released the grand jury transcripts from the
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dugard case. rita williams is live now in the newsroom where she's been going through more than 100 pages of testimony including some from jaycee dugard herself, rita. >> reporter: until today, dugard's testimony has been secret. but in this just released transcript we hear from her for the first time about what her 18 year ordeal was like. she says the couple she now knows is nancy and phillip garrido zapped her with a stun gun and forced her into a car when she was on her way home. dugard said as the car drove off quote i heard voices in the front and the man said, i can't believe we got away with it. and he started laughing. when she was finally rescued,
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the officer asked her name and dugard said, i can't tell you because i haven't said my name in 18 years. apparently, dugard details the rapes and other sexual abuse she endured that resulted in her giving birth to two daughters fathered by garrido. >> to release those publicly would further exploit that then 11-year-old girl and her two juvenile children. >> now until now with the release of the transcript, jaycee dugard has said little about her ordeal. she has written a book and it's scheduled for release next month. reporting live from the newsroom, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. just a little over an hour ago, hayward police identified a person of interest in the disappearance of nursing student michelle le. investigators have been questioning jizelle esteban. they said she had a falling out
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with le. facebook founder mark zuckerberg went to court today demanding that a man from new york hand over documents that he claims gives him half of facebook. he wants the court to have forensic investigators look at the documents he says are fraudulent. and weaker than expected retail sales didn't help, the dow was down 42 points. the nasdaq gained four points. governor brown reached out to the business community trying to gain support to his
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budget plan. the governor's budget plan calls for tax extensions. governor brown tells ktvu it is still crunching numbers to see how many phones were turned in. brown issued that executive order back in january requiring the return of 100,000 government paid cell phones. the move is expected to save the state $20 million a year. the images are detailed and fascinating. only on 2, what new video is unveiling about mountain lions in the bay area and just how many pumas are living among us. the bay area's unusual weather is making it tough on farmers attempting to grow various popular crops. it's not affecting crops that are ready to pick, but those trying to come out of the ground. i'm going to tell you which
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cities and when the rain will get here. how much rain we will see and what days we will see it in.
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a san francisco man who directs a nonprofit that helps children create public art was charged today with possessing child pornography. 46-year-old joseph norris is the founder of kid serve which offers art instruction to children in the bay area. fbi agents say they found child pornography files on norris' home security after issuing a search warrant last month. he is currently out on $200,000 bail. we are getting our first look tonight of new images of mountain lions in the area. maureen naylor is live with how researchers are tracking the big cats and what they hope to learn. >> reporter: we first told you about the puma project in 2009,
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and now new images released show mountain lions right here in the santa cruz mountains. >> she walks up and sort of smells the deer, looks around. >> reporter: this video taken last week shows an 82-pound female mountain lion approaches a dead deer in an open reserve. >> we see how delicately she's walking. >> reporter: this is the 24th big cat fitted with a tracking device since the puma prompt began in 2007. >> we didn't expect so much crossing of roadways. some are successful, others aren't and we are seeing more mortalities. >> reporter: this video was also taken last week. >> this cat sees the flash. and sort of reacting to it. then walks away. >> reporter: and in this clip from last fall, you see a young male mountain lion running to
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his sibling. while the mother wearing a collar is seen closest to the camera. there may be 15 mountain lions and 15 more stretching into san francisco. >> it appears to be a lot of lion, but they do such a great job of staying out of our way. >> reporter: they expect more instances such as what happened earlier this year in redwood city. when a mountain lion wandered into a backyard. that mountain lion was ultimately shot. the puma project just got another grant and they expect to raise another $30,000 tonight. maureen naylor, ktvu news. republicans in the state assembly walked out after democrats passed a bill to regulate health insurance rates. the measure passed 42-1 by democrats still in the chamber. under the proposed law, state insurance commissioner would have the power to regulate
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health insurance rate hikes in the same way he can now limit car insurance premiums. the measure now heads to the state senate. the rain may dampen your weekend plans, but this extended winter weather is causes causing a lot of change to farmer's plan. >> reporter: farmers usually don't say bad weather because every type of weather is good for some crop. but this year's weather is bad, either by attacking its fruit or stunting it's growth. cold, cloudy and wet weather is not what farmer stensel wants in june. he admits this year it was hard to find perfect cherries. he estimates rain has damaged 20 to 50% of the cherry and apricot crop in the bay area. >> it could be more than that. it just depends now that the
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weather is talking about having more rain for this week end. and that could really spell devastation. if there's some greener fruit, it has a possibility of escaping damage. if there's some that's pink and ready to turn color, it could blow them up. the weather presents a different problem for farmers waiting for crops to sprout such as beans and squash. the manager says he's already lost two-7-acre fields because the rain makes the crops susceptible to disease. >> they're just not coming out of the ground because of the weather. >> reporter: it's that unusual, the cold weather this year? >> yeah, it's cold. the fun tkus fungus has a lot of time to do this damage. it's very tender, when that
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plant is germinating, it's very tender. >> reporter: the time to weed out the bad fruit will require higher prices. go to ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin to see if there's any hope. >> reporter: those dark clouds bringing in more rain as we move into tpreuld, -- into friday, saturday and sunday. i would expect mid-70s in the santa clara area. the computer model is calls for unpredictable weather. you have graduation, ball games, lots going on. and there's a lot going on and they're not going to cancel it.
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umbrellas and the jackets. tomorrow we start off nice, clouds increase and a chance of sprinkles by about three 3:00. so most of the day looking good. increasing clouds. this is the system i'm dropping. this is the rain bands for mid- afternoon friday. this is your weekend right here. this guy jumps down here. detaches and brings us rain saturday. sunday it backs up a little, and then it bumps into the coast again. every time it bumps, it's going to bring us rain again. this type of system the models don't do a good job with. here is what you need to know. the weekend is unsettled. keep an umbrella in the car. because they're not canceling things this weekend, they're just leaving them in. the forecast for rain, noon tomorrow showers show up. it's about 3:00 we see the heaviest stuff. 3:00, 4:00, then about 5:00 and
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6:00 more scattered showers. the forecast highs tonight not bad. the highs will get into the upper 60s. maybe a low 70s in the santa clara valley. and here we go. earlier i was talking to my dad, he is 85, he is a third generation californian. he said you know what, i've never seen anything like this. and you see it everywhere you go, i've never seen a year like this. there's no understatement to say these california school children are excited. what one classmate did that led to all this happiness.
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some oakland firefighters paid a visit to students in secoia elementary. the department's random act received this enthusiastic welcome this afternoon when they arrived on campus. they were there because of the efforts of 7-year-old pilar ortega. she organized a fundraiser at her school raising almost $1,200 for the survivors of japan's earthquake and tsunami. >> what's amazing about her is
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that she notices these things then she makes the plan and she has follow through. i think that's what's really amazing. >> and to thank pilar and all of her friends, the fire crew bought 1,000 balls and gave them out. they could not get them soon enough. sandoval continues to heal nicely from the broken bone in his hand and he will begin a rehab assignment in the minors. so it could be another week or so. meanwhile crocodile dundee to watch in sacramento. as jonathan sanchez continues to have problems with consistency as alan craig gets to him with a shot down the line in left to score a run in
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the 1st inning. it would get worse. cody rasmuss with a shot. and rasmuss winds up with a triple, we're in the 4th inning. the giants don't have a hit yet and they trail 3-0. memorial week always a memory for those who follow golf and the memorial golf tournament. beautiful weather back in ohio. and here's your shout of the day. dustin johnson his third shot back. out of the bunker and into the hole. the not shot, phil mickelson on his second hole. and just a little off the mark as it winds up in the drink. he shot an even par 72. rori mcilroy is tied at the lead. that's all the time for sports, back to you. >> mark, thank you. we have a quick correction
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to make. the san francisco firefighter who died today is named vincent perez not victor as we said earlier. we will continue to follow this story. on tv 36, we're at the fire house where firefighters are keeping close watch. and condolences are pouring in from well wishers. go to you can also post a comment under our main story on facebook.
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