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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  June 15, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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here in antioch today. well into the 90s. neighbors certainly think the window could have been opened, but don't know if the two-year- old boy was able to possibly remove the screen himself. firefighters didn't have an update on his condition when i checked back with them moments ago. they only said his injuries are major. we'll follow this the rest of the evening, and have updates for you. live, eric rasmussen, ktvu. and the family of zaragosa is being charged with the shooting death of garcia. he will be arraigned today and instead enter a plea next month, allowing his attorney more time to prepare. isaac's parents were also injured when the fire was turned on the family as they left a baby shower. the family was in court today. >> there is no words for how i'm feeling.
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but i just want to thank everybody for everything they have done. >> authorities say zaragoza targeted the family after mistaking them for gang members who he thought had assaulted him. and a man videotaped by his victim, you probably remember this victim. the police say the man taped the woman after he broke into her home. shortly after he took the pictures, he allegedly sexually assaulted her. police arrested mcdaniel and were able to catch the oakland man with help from the public who saw the video. and a san jose teacher accused of molesting one of her students made her first court appearance today. 28-year-old colette phelps is charged with multiple counts regarding a 14-year-old boy. she did not enter a plea. the alleged victim was her student at the private stratford school. after leaving court, the suspect's attorney hinted at
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recent problems in her lives. >> ms. phelps has had significant medical and personal challenges in her life. and i will tell the district attorney's office about the information. >> phelps has worked at the school for five years. she is due back in court to enter a plea on july 8. and right now in hayward, police are searching for two people who robbed a young man then shot him in front of his young wife. more from hayward, we learned it is one of two robberies near the hayward bart station. >> reporter: it is a scary scenario, two sets of robberies taking place within a moment of each other on the street behind me. now police say two teens were targeted as they walked down the road here. the second set of victims, a young couple who happened to walk down these stairs at the wrong time. back alleys, side streets, you name it. >> it is a long way to go. >> reporter: police searched these people carefully, looking
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for the armed robbery suspects who targeted these victims last night. two of them walking home. police say the teens were not harmed but the robber shot a young man three times at close range, even though he and his wife gave them everything he wanted. he is expected to survive. >> i was not really surprised in this neighborhood. backup but it is scary. >> reporter: residents say they are no strangers to the crime here. but police say it is not the most dangerous, possibly because it is traveled by pedestrians and bart commuters all hours. >> it is worse further down than it is here. but it is really sad, a sad situation. >> reporter: do we have gang issues? we do. >> but do we have up standing citizens there to raise their families and live their lives. >> reporter: this couple was trying to get home from the airport, victims of bad timing.
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late this afternoon, hayward police told me their resources are stretched because most of their investigators are working on the michelle le missing person's case. and right now they do have two officers working in the neighborhood, taking statements, looking for leads in this developing case of armed robbery. reporting live, hayward, channel 2 action news. and we are getting new video in the news room of a high speed chase that happened in marin county at about 2:00 this afternoon. minutes after these pictures were taken, that ford van lost control, crashed through a fence. then you see there rolled over in a field just north of the east washington street exit in petaluma. the officers say the two men inside were wanted on spins of robbery. they were taken to the hospital. and a crash happening about 1:15 involving a van and another car. one person was taken to
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stanford hospital. the road was closed for more than an hour. new at 6:00. senior citizens calling for san francisco to add safety improvements to an intersection before somebody gets hurt. they say there is not enough time to safely cross third street near yosemite avenue in the bay view district. a senior center is just on the corner there. when they got that timing -- they didn't haves in mind. they say we should be home in the rocking chair. >> they say it is especially dangerous because people can get stuck in the street car railings. we hear the intersection is built to federal guidelines, they will look into the problem. and just in the nick of time, budget passed just hours before the midnight deadline and the threat of no pay. you don't have to look far to find information on what has been decided. ktvu's ken pritchett has more on the budget. >> reporter: well, frank, first
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of all the voters said two lawmakers passed a budget on time. today, the deadline or you will lose your pay. and it may have what some call tricks that kick the can down the road. but the lawmakers did pass the budget on time. without a budget in place by midnight, lawmakers would not be paid. >> i know there has been a lot of media attention to that. that is not what is pushing me or my colleagues today. >> reporter: the senator says that voters gave lawmakers the responsibility to pass the budget on time, with a simple majority vote, which meant republican votes were not needed as long as taxes were not raised. but were they? >> most people in california look at this, said how did my taxes get raised. by majority votes. >> reporter: to close the remaining 10 million gap, the democrats in part delay 3 million in payments for k-12 education, getting an additional 3 million from
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higher education and eliminating a local tax cut that will now increase local sales taxes by a quarter%. the effect on taxpayers softened by a 1% drop in the sales tax in july. and lawmakers passed an increase in the vehicle registration fee by $12. democrats contend the increases don't need a two thirds vote or republican support. senate president dale steinberg says if the budget is kicking the can down the road, the can or budget problem is much smaller. >> it will be significantly less than where we started. that is progress. >> reporter: some republicans argue that this budget is not in fact balanced. and therefore pay should still be with held. that decision would be up to the state controller, the governor has until the end of the month to sign or reject this budget package. in sacramento, ken pritchett ktvu. and after months of anticipation, oakland based
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pandora finally had their big day on wall street. shares of the internet music provider opened at 16. that is about a 9% gain, pandora raised 235 million with the initial public offering and had a market value of 2 and a half billion. still, some financial analysts are worried. >> is pandora going to be able to stay at the front of the revolution of how music is accessed. and can they capitalize on it? >> the investors purchased about 7 million shares. the company has yet to turn a profit. in fact they lost 92 million since 2000. and while pandora hit a high note today, there were concerns in greece and the market dropping 178 points, the biggest one-day drop this month. the nasdaq was off 47. and the bay area housing market takes a hit as home
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prices dip, dropping 9% compared to last may. that is the sharpest year to year drop in two years. the median home price in may was 372,000. home sales also dropped by 15% last month, compared to may of last year, foreclosures accounted for about 27% of last month's home sales. san francisco mayor ed lee this afternoon signed off on a massive plan to transform treasure island. the board of supervisors gave final approval yesterday for the one and a half billion project. including up to 8000 new homes, along with new commercial and office space. the project also includes a new ferry terminal. they hope to break ground sometime next year. and baseball fans going to the bay bridge series of the oakland coliseum will see parking changes. a staff will direct the parking lot traffic during the games. they will lead vehicles into specific rows in the parking lot. and once the rows are filled,
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they can start to tailgate. the goal is to remove the on- site parking. they face off friday, saturday and sunday. and owners say a plan to ban the sale of tropical fish such as these is all wet, that is ahead. and if you're trying to hail a taxi in san francisco next week? why you could get stuck without a ride. and very warm today. temperatures in the mid-90s in the hot spots. not as warm tomorrow. i'll show you which cities cool down the most
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. sailors on board the uss carlson are responsible for the
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incident with usama bin laden. they returned home today. a crowd of family members lined the shore there, waving welcome home signs. the carl vincent was there last month when the navy seal team boarded, carrying the body of the master mind of the september 11 attacks. and school board voted to extend the practice of allowing students in a junior rotc program to earn physical education credits through independent study. the military program has offered seven high schools in san francisco. and taxing in san francisco could be harder than usual next week. the group of taxi drivers is threatening to go on strike next tuesday, upset over low wages and the new regulation that allows the cab companies to charge the drivers 5% of every credit card transaction. one taxi driver we spoke to today says he doesn't want to inconvenience passengers. but a strike is a step they
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must take. >> we're not going to work for free. this is a long-term job, bad for our health. >> it is unclear how many drivers will participate, many drivers we spoke to today were not even aware of it. and gold fish lovers and pet shop owners turning red over the latest proposal in san francisco. ktvu has more on telling us of talk of banning the inexpensive pets. >> reporter: and heather, san francisco people love their pets. so a proposal to ban the sale of gold fish is getting a lot of attention and high marks. >> it is too bad. you know we're keeping them in a good environment. the fish don't get the diseases. >> reporter: the store owners and shop owners reacted with disbelief to ban the sales of the fish in stores like this one. the commission says it is not about store conditions. the fish proposal is part of a larger plan aimed at fighting
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so-called puppy mills that supply some stores. >> it is like where do we stop? we kept on looking. first, dogs and cats, then small animals. dogs and birds, what is left. tropical fish? >> reporter: the political leaders say the plan likely wouldn't be approved by city leaders. >> i think we have an awful lot of good ideas out of san francisco, health care, being on the cutting edge of environment. but i don't think the idea of banning pets right now will be one that gets a lot of traction. >> it depends, a lot of tropical fish are in danger. >> reporter: they say the proposal raises questions about the environmental cost of catching the colorful fish. >> it is really, really easy to disrupt the natural habitat that they're in. >> reporter: and the animal control says they could grandfather in the existing pet
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stores if the plan is an ordinance. but for now the proposal is seeking a sponsor on the board of supervisors. david stevenson, ktvu. and a nine-year-old arrest ed for the killing of 11 chickens who were found dead sunday morning inside a coop operated by the alameda point group. alameda police say two people have been released back into the custody of their parents. now that fire season is upon us, governor brown issued an exec executive order to prevent the wildfires here in california. under the governor's order, cal fire, california emergency management agency and the california national guard will prepare the equipment and staff to respond to major fires. and it is official. the wildfire burning in arizona now is the largest in that
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state's history. the fire consumed more than 478,000 acres in arizona as well as new mexico. the fire tonight, only 20% contained. and sky watchers got a visual treat today throughout much of the world. this total lunar eclipse lasted five hours, the longest in 11 years. it happens when the earth is patchy positioned between the sun and the moon, putting the earth in the shadow. we will get a chance to see the same event coming up this december. and sure felt like summer throughout the bay area, which meant a lot of fun for some, work for others. san jose workers got down to business, hosing down half an acre grass fire between highways 87 and 101. san jose's five of six community pools were open and busy today in downtown los gatos, people played in the
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fountains to stay cool. >> we would have been out here earlier and we were not at all. >> the pool in san jose will remain closed until monday for repairs. and those looking to escape the heat today found relief at water world in concord. the young and old hit the water to cool off from the high temperatures. our officials say that the attendance was more than double what they expect on a weekday. they say busy weekdays such as today are good indicaters that the park will be packed on the weekend. that looks like fun. >> the people waited for the w5r78 -- for the warm weather. and temperatures today in the low 90s, mid-90s, cooler tomorrow with fog trying to return. we go outside, i want to show you the live storm tracker, the heat in the valley. you see the bite of cooler air, a little bit of a sea breeze working right now. you see the cooler greens and yellows, representing the north-
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northwest wind. the airport right now, 63 degrees, fog is going to try to return tonight. these are current temperatures. hot out in fairfield, santa rosa and napa, as we go through tonight look for patchy fog out through montero, and pidgeon point. and fog, tomorrow morning, late tonight, possible patchy fog. that begins the cooling as the weak weather system bumps up close. and as it does, it takes the cooler weather and pushes it inland. overnight temperatures cooler than last night. last night we had low 60s, tonight, low 50s, warm, hot today, tomorrow cooler as the weather system comes in. and that begins the cooling trend for the weekend. the weekend will be great. it wait wouldn't be like today. temperatures in the mid-70s and low 80s as we go into the
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inland valleys. the forecast daytime highs, look for the yellow, 70s, upper 70s, low 80s. not a lot of 90s, right? the low 90s in the bay area proper, you find them out in the valley. you see the cool air coming through the coast. the patchy fog shows up tomorrow afternoon. forecast highs at 82, 83 in fairfield, these numbers for cities where you live, near where you live are a good five to 10 degrees cooler than they were today. but still quite nice. 80 in los gatos, 69 in santa cruz, in pacifica, we'll see low 60s there. and further cooling as we go down there. of course the five-day forecast will show that with the cooling trend. and really it is a function as the low gets here, pushing fog, feeding fog in the bay, in the valleys. the temperatures tweak down as you go through saturday and sunday. for firefighters, good news, worried about the fast snow melt. you want it to cool down
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because the rivers are running high in yosemite and the valley. >> good looking foreclose thank you. and it is called the america's cup. coming up the teams that will travel to san francisco to compete for that well liked cup
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. the group of international competitors for the 34th america's cup shown today. teams from all over the world will compete against the u.s. oracle team. the organizers are promising a race like nothing seen before. >> the america's cup is reinventing itself from our fast and dangerous new boats to our break through sporting technology on the television. >> at the end of today's new conference, the san francisco mayor ed lee put on the cup hat and said let's get it on. the races will be on the san francisco bay in 2012. all right, mark is here with sports. and the tigerless u.s. open about to begin. >> we're almost at the point where he is not a news issue. but when it comes to the open, we must mention since the first
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time he graduated from high school he won't be at the u.s. open. usually battling phil mickelson. in fact those two have fought against each other since '94. phil mickelson, a five-time runner up, despite the fact he has lost out a few times to tiger, he says he will miss the competition. >> you know tiger has helped to pling bring out some of the best golf, and even though my record may not be the best against him, i had the best record had he not been pushing me. unlike the past open, this one tests your entire game, it tests the short game and the ability to hit recovery shots as well as the ability to get the ball, keep the ball in play. >> starts back in maryland tomorrow. meanwhile, a's and giants, the team causing the most stir locally, the cal bears, headed to the world series back in
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omaha. in fact the first game is sunday, versus virginia, me that i have to go without one of their best pitchers, lefty justin james is having an arm issue or two. it is not certain as to whether or not he will be able to pitch or not. >> he joked if we make it this far, i don't know if the other schools know that. but we'll see. >> after we won that game, i had a dream that we didn't make it. i woke up and i was sweating. and it really scared me. and i woke up and realized, wait, we're going to omaha. this is real. and i haven't lost my smile since. >> justin jones, and he obviously has a lot of enthusiasm. it is touch and go as to whether he will be able to pitch. as a matter of fact, stanley cup, 7th game tonight, it is vancouver, zero, boston, one in the 2nd period. >> got to love that cal baseball story. and coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv area 36, have a look at this
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surveillance video coming into the news room that police say could help to track down a killer. the police say it could be link to do a shooting that left a 50- year-old man dead. coming up on tv 36. >> and you can get more on, right now you will find a move by barry bonds' legal team, and more on the crash. go to for more information. thank you for joining us so much everybody ♪ let's go out to the dmv ♪ it's ok that we're number four hundred and three ♪ ♪ we'll find ourselves a comfy seat ♪ ♪ and watch some shows and stuff ♪ ♪ ♪ let's follow that lady with the laptop ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your laptop with u-verse online and on your smartphone with u-verse mobile,
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