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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  June 16, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> reporter: i'm tara moriarty live at children's hospital in oakland where a toddler is recovering after falling from a second story window. we'll have an update on his condition next. the massive effort underway to get help finding that nursing student who's been missing for almost three weeks. and overnight angry crowds take to the streets of vancouver. the dramatic scene and what police are saying this morning. it's all ahead here on the ktvu
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morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday june 16th. i'm pam cook. weather still nice but feels like it's cooling off this morning. steve paulson has the forecast. hi, steve. pamela, i have taught you right. that is correct. yesterday some 90sed to a lot of 80s. low, mid and few uppers. 60s and 70s with more of a pronounced sea breeze. here's sal. interstate 880 in oakland you can see the road work and flashing lights and all this. it's still light enough for you not to cause a huge delay. chp is doing a round robin. see the chp cruiser right there doing the round robin there trying to keep cars way from the closure as what i think what they're going to do is get the trucks out of the way. it's going to be a temporary delay. we'll watch it for you. this morning's commute on northbound 101 san francisco that looks good.
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4:31 back to pam. a 2-year-old antioch boy is in serious condition this morning after falling from a second story window of his home. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us now from outside children's hospital in oakland where the toddler is being treated. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. that toddler did suffer a serious head injury and was in surgery here at children's hospital in oakland yesterday. firefighters from the scene told us his injuries were major. now firefighters and paramedics rush to his home on plum bridge way in antioch just before 2:00 yesterday. a 2-year-old boy was unconscious after falling 15 feet out of a second floor window on to the driveway. police say the boy was watching tv upstairs and was leaning against a screen in the window when he fell out. >> we all know the importance of keeping an eye on our kids. that's not to say that this is the case for this child. there is a lot of people there that clearly cared for him deeply. but you know it's just one of those things you have to keep a good eye on them.
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>> reporter: neighbors say the boy's parents were not home when the accident happened. this is the second time a child has fallen out of a window in antioch in less than two weeks. officials say these accidents become more common as the weather heats up. police say no charges will be filed against the parents. they do believe it was an accident. and coming up we will tell you precautions that parents can take in order to try to prevent accidents like this. we're live in oakland, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. well, this morning oakland police are investigating a late night shooting. it happened at about 11:30 last night. police say they found a man at the scene who had been shot and killed. so far a suspect description has not been released. but anyone with information is being asked to call police. a former high school teammate of david henderson is behind bars after a dispute at sfo. 20-year-old desean returned to san francisco for henderson's funeral. henderson was a star running
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back at lincoln high school. he died earlier this month eleven days after getting shot in the bay view. u.s. airways says broke the airlines dress code by refusing to pull up his pants. his mother says he was targeted because of the way he looks. he does face charges including battery and resisting arrest. family and friends of michelle le are not giving up hope of finding her alive. tomorrow they plan to begin a three day search for the missing nursing student. the 26-year-old was last seen on may 27th in hayward. since then hayward police have classified the case as a homicide. now the search will take place tomorrow through sunday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 in the evening. volunteers who want to help should meet at the command center on cypress avenue in hayward. new clues this morning in the search for a suspected killer in oakland. this is newly released surveillance video we're showing you now. police are looking for the man
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on the right seen lighting a cigarette in connection with a homicide back on june 4th. officers say he killed 50-year- old dunson as the older man worked on his car on high street. investigators say the suspect is about 5'9", 170 pounds and has long dread locks with red tips. the suspected rapist who was videotaped by his alleged victim is due in court today. this is cell phone video of 47- year-old mcdaniel last week just before police say he sexually assaulted a woman in oakland. mcdaniel was arrested on tuesday night. police say they found him hiding out in a dog house in oakland. he has eleven previous felony convictions for burglary, theft and other crimes. governor brown is scheduled a news conference for 12:15 today to talk about the new state budget now awaiting his signature. democrats pushed through a package of budget bills yesterday without a single
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republican vote. a new law enabled them to pass a budget with a simple majority vote as long as taxes were not raised. but some republicans say the fee hikes in the new budget are really taxes in disguise. >> most californians will look at this and say how did my taxes get raised? by majority vote. that's what's going to happen, members. >> now the new budget calls for increasing car registration fees, extending a quarter cent sales tax and charging people in rural areas an annual fee for fire protection. governor brown has 12 days to sign that budget. he will likely use that time to continue trying to pressure republicans to support extending expiring tax increases. now if the budget plan stays as is, california schools will receive $3 billion less than what the governor proposed in his revised budget plan in may. the new budget also includes cuts of $150 million each to
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the university of california and california state university systems. that's in addition to cuts of $500 million for each of the systems that the governor imposed in january. well, this morning police are still patrolling the streets of vancouver after fan frustration turned into violence. angry drunken fans ran wild through the streets of vancouver most of the night. fires, smashed windows and danced on overturned cars. several minor injuries. police made dozens of arrests. the riots started moments after the canucks' stanley cup loss on home ice. meantime the boston bruins ended nearly 40 years of frustration by winning the stanley cup last night. boston shut out vancouver 4-0 in the seventh and deciding game. it was boston's first nhl title since 1972 during the bruins glory days of the bobby ore
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era. police report only a handful of arrests during the street celebrations in boston after the bruins big victory. today commuters are being urged to dump the pump. transit agencies are asking people to leave their cars at home and travel on public transportation. some agencies are offering some incentives. anyone spotted with a dump the pump sticker at select bart stations can win a $20 ticket. this is the sixth year in a row that transit agencies have participated in this dump the pump event. all right. we'll see if it effects traffic early this morning. early on, sal, how is the commute? doing well, pam. as a matter of fact we had a little bit of road work we were watching in oakland as i told you last time. go outside and show you what we have on interstate 80 westbound getting to the macarthur maze traffic continues to look pretty good. go to the bay bridge toll plaza that traffic is light coming into san francisco. we did check in with the road work. we still have at least one lane blocked northbound 880 near the
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coliseum. that's status quo we'll check it out for you soon. 280 in san jose looks very nice getting up to highway 17. at 4:38 let's do to steve. thank you, sal. cooler today even though inland upper 80s maybe far enough away since the forecast from the oregon border down to brawlly. we have patchy fog san mateo, santa cruz coastline and higher clouds mainly up towards mendocino county. yesterday we had the warm to hot pattern. not blazing hot but it was the warmest we've had for a long, long time. well, it's getting replaced now by a low moving into the north. what's new? it's very, very late in the season yet -- for us to have low pressure systems digging down, but one moving into the pacific northwest that changes everything to a westerly wind. knocks the high out of here. a cooling trend will start today and kick in for friday and saturday. still on the mild side. tend to run mild and warm when they get a south wind 62. go a couple steps away and cooler than that. indicated by fairfield and livermore their in the 50s.
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56 san jose. south wind at concord. west-southwest at fairfield sea breeze and west 13 at sfo. yesterday at this time sfo was calm. so a sign of things are changing even napa airport south-southwest at 8. that system will drag across some higher clouds and usher in a bit of a cooling trend. sunny today, few high clouds. it will be sunny. patchy fog. some hasn't really formed yet. i expect it to pick up later. westerly wind and that means temperatures coming down. 60s to upper 80s for some. of course if you're far enough away a low 90 or two. but for most locations you will come down a few degrees here and we'll continue that as we head into the friday, saturday, sunday we start to turn things around. monday does look warmer, pam. okay, thank you, steve. the number of bay area homes repossessed by banks is down. realty track reports 876 homes were taken back by lenders in may. that's down 26% from april and 39% from a year ago. but there are several reasons for the drop including lenders
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working to modify loans or accepting short sales. addressing san jose's soring crime rate. the specific group police blame and the message officers have for the criminals. and a surprise witness in the casey anthony murder trial. the reason a convicted kidnapper could take the stand today. good morning. highway 4 westbound looks pretty good coming up to the willow pass grade. tell you more straight ahead.
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good morning. fog is coming up from the santa cruz coastline. very shallow but it's there. more of a westerly breeze will kick in. temperatures coming down. warm inland to hot upper 80s for some. mid-80s closer to the coast 60s and 70s. we want to take you to greer, south carolina. take a look at this. severe storms raged through that area. strong winds you can see overturned some rvs, toppled trees and power lines and right now thousands of people are still without electricity. damage is also being reported in parts of north carolina and georgia, but so far no one has been injured. explosions rattled the heart of tripoli this morning. nato bombarded areas belonging to libyan leader moammar gadafi. smoke rose from his compound. no word yet on any casualties or damage. nato war planes have targeted the area for months. the u.s., england and france
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want a regime change. gadafi's government says it will agree to a cease fire if he keeps his position. there's growing divide between congress and the president over the conflict in libya. a bipartisan group of lawmakers is now suing president obama. but in a 38 page report to capitol hill, the white house says congressional approval is not needed because american forces are supporting a nato mission and there are no troops on the ground. democratic lawmakers will meet today to consider what to do about congressman anthony weiner's sex ting scandal. yesterday a former x rated star came forward saying that she had an online relationship with the new york congressman. weiner has acknowledged sending sexually explicit messages and suggestive photos of himself to various women and then lying about it. but he is resisting calls to resign. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is waking up at home this morning. she was released from a houston hospital yesterday just five months after she was seriously
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wounded in the tucson shootings. giffords still struggles to speak and walk. she will continue daily therapy. her doctors and her husband, mark kelly, calls her homecoming a huge milestone in her recovery. san jose police are declaring open season on gangs as the city deals with a soaring homicide rate. the wave of violence prompted a community meeting at city hall last night. san jose's deputy chief says that half of the city's 25 homicides this year are gang- related. the mayor's gang task force says there are about 6500 gang members and 102 known gangs in the south bay. >> we want to send a message to those who would do crime in our city that you know despite the fact that we have less staff, we are going to do our very best to really put a damper on their activities. >> police are calling on people to take back their neighborhoods. community members are urged to call police when crime happens and to work with children to
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keep them out of gangs. the santa clara county civil grand jury is calling for a wholesale changes when it comes to responding to emergencies. it argues that sending firefighters to mostly medical calls is both outdated and wasteful. the report says skyrocketing costs are creating huge budget problems both in santa clara county and across the country. it concludes that private ambulances could respond to most calls quicker at a tremendous savings to taxpayers. there's a bit of positive news for firefighters in san jose. the department is going to hire back 49 firefighters who were laid off last summer due to budget cuts. the move comes after city council voted to move a $1500 grant. the san jose firefighters are set to be retrained and back on the job next month. a new study by a group of students in san francisco finds that many liquor stores in the city break the law when it
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comes to advertising to youths. now it's against the law for businesses to cover more than 60% of their store fronts in alcohol advertising, but the survey finds that almost one- third of liquor stores break that rule. the students focused this survey on the mission, bay view and other lower income areas of the city. today the defense will begin calling witnesses in the casey anthony murder trial. but not before asking the judge to acquit anthony of all charges. yesterday the prosecution rested after presenting their case for 19 days. then casey's defense lawyers asked the judge to acquit her saying that the prosecution did not come close to proving their case. the judge disagrees. >> the defense's motion for judgment of acquittal as counts one through seven are hereby denied. >> today the defense is hoping to question convicted felon
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who served time for kidnapping. they say he was in contact with casey's father during the time 2-year-old caylee was missing. the judge has not yet ruled on whether he can testify. there is also speculation that casey could take the stand in her own defense. santa barbara authorities have brought in search dogs from santa clara county to locate the remains of a girl who disappeared a half a century ago. in 1961, 7-year-old a mona price vanished while her family moved to a new home. investigators think she was a victim of serial killer edwards. the dogs have narrowed search to an area highway 101 just west of santa barbara. the unusual new fault line discovered here in california. the popular tourist destination it could threaten in the event of an earthquake. and potential new clue in the mysterious murder of rap super star who was gunned down more than 15 years ago.
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welcome back to the morning news. new york police have launched an investigation into an online confession about rapper tupac shakur. the convicted felon named dexter ice sack claims he was paid $200 by a hip hop motion else to shoot tupac. he survived and moved to las vegas in what remains an unsolved case. he is confessing to bring closure. hackers are claiming responsibility for problems with the c.i.a.'s website. the c.i.a. says the problem appears to be limited to its public site which does not include any classified information or have any impact on operations. but the agency is looking into the claim. it says it can be difficult to
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tell if a website has been hacked or if the claim alone drove so many viewers to the site that it crashed. searching for smart phone apps is getting easier. yahoo has just launched a special search function for smart phone apps. consumers can also check reviews of apps and see which ones are the most popular. they will then be directed to apple or google to down load the app. californians could soon pay sales tax when they shop online. state lawmakers included an online sales tax in the state budget that they approved yesterday. sponsors say the tax will bring in an estimated $200 million a year. the law will not go into effect until the governor signs the budget, but online retailers say they'll just drop their california affiliates if it's approved. the head of muni is leaving after five and a half years on the job. ford will step down in two weeks. he's had a bitter battle with the transit workers union. muni's chairman told us here at ktvu that ford will leave with
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a severance package of $384,000. muni will start looking for new executive director immediately. all right. coming up on 5:00. go back over to sal. what are trouble spots, sal, we should be aware of? 880 northbound we were checking that construction work. that has been cleared up. show you that earlier we had some lanes closed right here but they've moved them out of the way. northbound traffic has completely recovered. it looks very nice driving up to downtown oakland. also this morning we're looking at the westbound bay bridge approach. and that traffic looks good coming into san francisco. if you're driving in san francisco along northbound 101 it's light northbound 101 looks good to the 80 split. at 4:54 here's steve. thank you, sal. few high clouds move into the north. not a lot. a few will move in. mainly north bay. fog moving up the santa cruz coastline. a cooling trend. weak system moving in right there. not a big deal but they're there. 50s for almost everybody. concord says 62 because they
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have a southerly breeze and that's rather warm for concord's buchanan field. west-southwest fairfield. west 13sfo. south-southwest napa airport. those are all in places the system digs in. as it does that's going to bring cooler weather. yesterday warm to hot. lots of 90s inland. still only 60s and 70s closer to the coast. just not getting that north- northeast wind. another system is digging into the north and that pushes in cooler weather. so more of a westerly breeze. fog forming moving up the coast. sunny and mostly sunny. higher clouds and fair. 60s, 70s and upper 80s. but we're shaving off those 90s for now unless maybe in lake county or southern monterey county if you're far enough away maybe, but for most of the bay it will be cooler. more fog friday and saturday level off sunday looks like warmer weather returns monday. thank you, steve. a newly discovered earthquake fault near lake tahoe is considered a significant risk to the area. the polar us fault crosses interstate 80 just 22 miles
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east of truck ee. a quake on that fault would probably be felt throughout truck ee and the lake tahoe- reno region. it was discovered while using lasers to map the area just five years ago. japanese fisheries are now saying traces of radiation have been found in two whales caught for food. the radiation is most likely from the fukushima nuclear power plant damaged in the earthquake and tsunami. these are the first to be found effected. only one 20th of the legal limit but they are now concerned more trace wills start turning up. well, people in the oakland hills get a frightening wake up call. the reason the fire department will be inspecting homes today. plus police continue to investigate how a toddler fell out of a window in antioch.
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>> reporter: i'm tara moriarty live in oakland at children's hospital where a toddler is recovering in serious condition after falling from a second story window. we'll tell you what officials say could have prevented this accident. >> reporter: recent hot weather has everyone thinking fire danger. we'll tell you about the inspections ongoing today. plus california passes its budget. what the governor is expected
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to say about the cuts this morning. plus the stanley cup is headed to boston. the hockey celebration in the streets of bean town. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday june 16th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here's steve. thank you, dave, pam, good morning. we have mostly clear skies but it will be cooler today. looks like we topped out on the high temperatures yesterday. a lot of mid to upper 80s well away from the coast in areas that were in the 90s yesterday. fog is moving up the coast and more of a westerly breeze. so temperatures 60s and 70s coast and bay. here's an update on traffic with sal. steve, right now westbound 92 looks good drives to the high-rise with no major problems. also this morning we're looking at traffic doing well on 280 northbound in san jose. 4:59. back to the desk. topping our news


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