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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  June 20, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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in an overnight fire in sunnyvale. dozens of people displace the unique trouble firefighters had putting out the fire. firefighters say it could be an important sign. and the man suspected of beating giants fan bryan stow is expected in a los angeles courtroom moments from now. why he could be set free. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news.
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good morning, thank you for waking up with us it's monday, june 20th. i'm pam cook. i'm not complaining about the weather for the first time. but some may think it's too hot over the weekend. >> that's a good thing. well, if you don't like warm weather you might want to head over to the coast today. even though it will be sunny it won't be too hot there. upper 90s for some. could see our first 100s. here is sal. steve, right now traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on 880 northbound. it's a nice drive in oakland. alsos morning commute looks good. westbound bay bridge approaching the toll plaza. let's go back to pam. we begin with developing news in santa clara county. right now firefighters are battling a big apartment house fire. ktvu kraig debro joins us now from the scene. kraig any word of injuries?
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>> reporter: there are a couple injuries. i want to show you in the parking lot near the complex, there was just a briefing a second ago. people are still being talked to by members of the sunnyvale department of public safety. just a language barrier here as well. that could be the issue. i expect to see a lot of people that will need help with the red cross. if you take a look at the operation, you will see media trucks, and fire engines. this is a three alarm fire. mountain view contributing a truck company. here's the apartment complex over here. it looks as though they have gotten the fire out i would say. it took a very long time. it was smoking when it got here and kept having to deal with flair ups. fire department got the call around 1:50 this morning. the units on the far end were
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on fire. fire department had a couple problems getting to where the fire was because of such close quarters. >> because of the roof attic area those are causing us problems. and we had power lines on both sides of the apartment complex. that is hindering our ability to get to certain areas of the complex. >> reporter: we will have to get back to you within the next half hour to give you an update if this fire is out. we mentioned the one injury. he said that it was a burn injury. we actually witnessed another man having a wrap around his forearm. we can say we have seen one injury and then dave is saying that there is another injury. so two all together. we will have to check to see what these people will do. there will be a lot of red cross help here. a lot of people here don't have realtives that they stay with. a lot of people that live here
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extended family. this could be quite an operation for the red cross as well. we are also following developing news in contra costa county. this is a live picture in pittsburgh where two missing jet skiers have been found safe at browns island. they were reported missing at midnight. they are now back to shore. allie rasmus there at that scene. fire investigators will be out in venetia -- veiny somewhat benicia to try to find out what caused a house fire. some people had to evacuate. >> this is the second time we had a fire back there. it came right up to our van. >> investigators are not calling the fire suspicious but
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they do say this type of fire with dry brush as fuel is a sign for an active fire season. hundreds of firefighters in federal california are tackling that fire that has burned more than 4500-acres in two counties. the antelope fire began yesterday morning in an oil field. it has moved into san elizabeth county. it's burning in grasslands. no structure are in danger right now. wild fires continue to burn across the southwest. coming up in 11 minutes the help firefighters could get after a set back yesterday. new this morning, a hearing is scheduled today that could ultimately lead to the release of geovany ramirez the man accused of beating bryan stow. if the judge finds that ramirez is not guilty of that violation, he will be set free because he has knot been
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formally charged in the bryan stow case. ramirez's tores say he was with his dodger on the day of the attack. bryan stow remains in a coma at san francisco general hospital. families tell us yesterday that his children visited their dad on father's day. children spoke for the first time friday saying it has been tough not being with their dad at home. this morning two men accused of attacking a transgender woman are due in a san francisco courtroom at 9:00 a.m.. they face hate crime charges for the beating outside the bart plaza on april 1st. the victim is identified only as mia. she told police that suspects lionel jackson and maurice attacked her because of her sexual orientation. several witnesses back up her story. police in roanoke park are warning joggers to be
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especially careful this morning. that is following an attack on friday afternoon. investigators say a man grabbed a young woman while she was running and tried to slash her face with a box cutter. >> reached out and was going to slash her. she was able to throw up her hands. >> now the 23-year-old woman was badly cut on her forearm defending herself. her injury required a dozen stitches. she describes her attacker as a tall lean white man in his 30s with a goatee and bald head. he has a circular tattoo on his forearm and wearing a white tank top with tobacco stains on it. a three-day search for michelle le did not end in a happy home coming her family is praying for but le's family say they are not giving up hope. volunteers once again joined the family yesterday to search trails, neighborhoods, and industrial neighborhoods.
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michelle's father told us the only present he wanted for father's day was his daughter's safe return. >> i'm emotional every day not just today. we have to keep going. because truly in our heart we believe michelle is still alive. needs to be rescued. that is why we are here. >> hayward police are investigating michelle's disappearance as a homicide but her family says they plan to organize more search efforts until she is found. a fire department at the center of a controversy helped out in a water rescue. that is after a father's day outing turned into trouble on the san francisco bay. the coast guard was called in to help a father and two children after their boat capsized near alameda yesterday. the alameda firefighters helped pull them to safety. the department came under fire after watching a suicidal man drown. >> our hands are not tied
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anymore. we can do the things a lot of us got in to do. >> the alameda firefighters said they failed to take action last month because they were not properly certified. save oakland's public libraries. that is the message from a group of activists who will stage a 14 hour read in outside city hall starting this morning. a similar protest on friday resulted in 16 arrests. oakland city council is considering several budget scenarios including one that would eliminate 14 of the 18 libraries. today, activists will read for 14 uninterrupted hours between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.. each hour represents a branch that could close. a shark sighting in marin county is limiting access to part of the water. the marin independent journal
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says a coast guard helicopter spotted a great white shark. but because of the possible risk, life guards will stop people from going deeper into the water until thursday. deeper waters will reopen on friday if the shark isn't seen again. 4:39 is the time. let's check back in with sal. hi sal. >> he low p.m.. traffic is doing pretty well. if you want to drive to work in a time when it's cool. est especially in the inland areas. right now it's really beautiful weather. if you like cool weather along the coast. westbound bay bridge looks good. this morning in san ho saw steve, i must say being in san francisco was perfect weather in my opinion. >> i was there saturday and it was great and then all of a
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sudden came in and drop seven deis the jet stream which is not close stays way to the north. we will ramp things up here. temperatures the warmest we have seen so far. it's not going to last very long. temperatures really mild. look at fairfield 67 degrees. san jose 65. 59 napa. everyone is really close. even 63 concord. mountain view says 65. north wind at 10 at vacaville. north at fairfield. there lies a rapid warmup. that was north wind at santa rosa. it's a mild morning and then it will start to warm up rapidly. there is no fog to be found at least now. sunny nice and hot. the coast is clear. there will be a north wind. still a come pent of a westerly breeze over by the water. so 60s and 70s there. you don't have to go far to see
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80s fire the bay. it looks like tomorrow we will tap it out. i went with 100. and the big cool down thursday and friday into the week. >> thank you. >> dozens of people are taken off an airplane and questioned by the fbi. and gay rights activists rally in new york. urging lawmakers to legalize same sex marriage. what is standing in its way?
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good morning, we have clear skies. no fog. it will be warm to hot. by the coast there is a little bit of a west wind. inland there is a northerly breeze. anywhere from the 70s to 80 degrees. hurricane and tropical storm warnings are in effect right now for parts of mexico pacific coast. tropical storm bee trace could reach hurricane strength later today. the center is expected to approach mexico's south central coast late today or early tomorrow. hundreds of people have been told to evacuate after a levy breach on the swollen missouri river. it's at 44.6 feet. that's the highest level on record. a flooding alert has been issued to a nuclear power plant near the river.
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right now there is no threat to the plant's employees or public. firefighters battling wild fires in arizona could get help today from lower winds and higher humidity. the monument fire picked up steam yesterday fanned by extremely winds. flames broke the containment lines, broke the highway, and forced a new round evacuations. firefighters say it was a very difficult day. >> the things we didn't want to happen. the train, the fuels, the winds everything aligned for a massive push. >> 27,000-acres have burned and at least 40 homes have been lost. the containment is now at 27%. the much larger wallow fire in north eastern arizona is causing problems for people in new mexico now. the small town of luna remains evacuated this morning as a precaution after strong winds sent flames over. firefighters have kept that fire of reaching the town.
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the wallow fire is now about 50 contained. a man hunt is under way for agnathan ma killed four people inside a new york pharmacy. someone in the parking lot haze gunshots just after 10:00 yesterday morning and called 911. police say a man armed with a handgun walked into the family owned store shortly after it opened and killed all four people inside. the man also stole prescription drugs before leaving on foot. it was a scary moment for passengers on a plane after a woman at an airline ticket counter said there was a bomb on the plane. when they landed yesterday afternoon it was derecollected to a remote runway. the 44 passengers were taken off the plane and interviewed by the fbi. a bomb squad member searched through the all the luggage and spread it out on the runway. >> they were very, very kind
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and helpful and you know it's something they had to do. i'm glad they did it. >> i'm glad it's over. it was stressful. everybody that helped us out was great. >> the fbi says no explosives were found on the plane. the woman who made the bomb threat was tarkenton custody. reportedly she has a history of mental illness. supporters and critics of georgia's controversial new immigration law will face off in federal court today. several organizations have filed a class action lawsuit against hb87 they want to find the law unconstitutional. the georgia immigration law has some similarities to laws enacted in arizona and utah. parts or all of which have already been blocked by federal judges. gay rights activists rallied in new york yesterday to urge lawmakers to pass a
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bill legalizing same sex marriage. today is the last day the legislative session before the summer recess. the state assembly approved the bill by a large margin last week. a vote in the state senate has stalled. 31 senators including two republicans are in favor of the bill. one more republican vote is needed for that bill to pass. republican presidential candidate mitt romney will be in the bay area this week. former massachusetts governor will appear at a fundraiser tomorrow. now it's part of a fundraising swing romney is making through california. he has events scheduled in sacramento, los angeles, and california. utilities started testing the integrities of its natural gas lines today. today crews will be checking
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pipelines near spare january boulevard in hayward. the worldwide web will soon be a little more crowded. new do main names on the way. it won't be so easy top get one-- to get one. facebook is more about connecting with friends. how she said the social network safed her -- saved her life.
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welcome back to the morning news. we,.net, and.organize. expect to see hundreds next year. they voted to add hundreds of suffixes. they could be categorized by subjects including geography, ethnicity, and industry. they will include arabic and
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chinese scripts. anyone wanting one will have to sell out a 36 for will have to fill out a 360 page form and pay $185,000. a florida woman is creating facebook with saving her life. she was home by herself when she fell and broke her thigh. she heard the bone break and knew she needed help. she also knew there was no way she could make it to the phone. >> i went out to the kitchen to the telephone i would have to go up a couple steps. i knew i wasn't going to be able to do that. >> she saw her husband's laptop and managed to drag herself over to it where she logged on to a facebook group. she typed in call 911 i need help. 10 hours later her daughter-in- law saw the message and paramedics showed up. she said her facebook will always be the road to her recovery. let's check in with sal. how is traffic? >> things are doing okay.
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right now we are doing very well in most of these areas starting off with san francisco northbound 101 that traffic looks good approaching the 80 split. also if you are driving any time near -- or driving toward the bay bridge traffic there is light. westbound it is a nice drive all the way into san francisco. if you are on the san mateo bridge any time soon, westbound 92 traffic looks very nice. all the way out to the high- rise. dumbarton bridge traffic is easy from the dumbarton bridge toll plaza. no problems on the bay bridge. now to steve. clear skies and no fog. expect for south of big sur. there is a decent north breeze that should keep it in check. that will spell warm, warmer and hot for some. today and tomorrow -- actually that is tomorrow and today. you know what i mean. warmest temperature inland will
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be showing up already 67 in fairfield. a lot of 60s and only a couple 60s. everyone else in the 60s. there is the north wind at 10. that is not winters it's vacaville. north at fairfield. west at sfo. still a little component of a westerly breeze. temperatures will be heading up. sunny. nice for some. warm for others. just depends on your proximity to the coast. the coast should be spectacular. no offshore wind there. at least not yet. 70s or 80s inland mid 90s to upper 90th. the coast will warm up a tiny bit. wednesday i think the fog creeps back. a cooler pattern thursday and friday. >> thank you, steve. this morning the second harvest food bank of santa clara will unwrap their largest
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contribution ever. cypress is giving the company one of its buildings. the building will be used to sort food. second harvest says that will make it possible to serve 18 million more meals a year. the building is worth an estimated $9 million. ground will billion broken today on the largest -- ground will be broken today on the largest monument in the west. remember them champions for humanity is a monument for peace and diversity. it was created by oakland artist mario. today's ground breaking ceremony will mark the construction phase of the monument. two people injured in an overnight apartment fire in sunny vail. the very latest on their conditions coming up. and the man suspected of beating giants fan bryan stow appears in an l.a.
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courtroom early this morning. good morning, westbound 80 traffic is getting busy. however l is no road work on the -- however there is no road work on the way so traffic should be light.
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two lost jet skiers found alive this morning. the tip that launched a massive search and rescue effort. overnight fire in sunnyvale is out. the suspect in the bryan stow beating case is due top appear in court today. the decision that could make him a free man. and nato admits to a deadly mistake in libya. the impact this will have on a brewing battle in congress. it's all ahead. good morning, thank you for joining us. it's monday, june 20th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thayo


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