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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  KTVU  June 20, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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a big warm up tomorrow. fog and low clouds lingering off shore, the strong winds are clearing out the fog and the fog is the reason we cool off. the fog isn't coming back for 24 hours. that means another hot one tomorrow. to janine de la vega, she is in san jose, temperatures today in the mid-90s. >> reporter: yeah, bill, i am sweating right now. we are here at raging waters. they let a few families stay so they could be on tv and enjoy the water and stay cool. they had their highest tentance today and they credit it all to the weather. >> reporter: families flocked to raging waters to get wet and try a new thrill ride. this is bombs away. riders climb up and step into a capsule and riders free fall. >> it was real good. excellent. perfect ride. >> reporter: attendance was
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slow during may because of the cooler weather but now business is starting to boom. it h80 where we were -- >> 80 where we are. she asked me, she said is it hot enough to go to the water park. i said definitely. >> reporter: in downtown san jose, 95 degrees. that could be hard to take at a construction site. workers sweated it out while directing traffic. another tough gig, being a sign holder. workers were near the water but couldn't get relief. cars were lined up and they had to work fast. >> this concrete is normally 90 degrees. you will be sweating more. >> reporter: back out here live at raging waters, you could see people are still enjoying the cool waters out here. tomorrow is expected to be just
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as hot and they expect big crowds. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. stinson beach, a shark warning in place. >> reporter: life guards posted signs like this one around stinson beach warning visitors there is another visitor in the waters off the shore. >> reporter: a lifeguard shot this video of a great white shark yesterday. the same shark spotted earlier in the day at stinson beach. life guards cleared the watt, yesterday. and are warning visitors to stay out of water deeper than their knees till friday. >> in 1997 someone was bit here. and that's why the signs represent those facts. 2002, 2 miles north, a man was
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bit up there. >> reporter: stinson beach was packed today. visitors say word that a shark was spotted wasn't enough to keep them away. >> i won't go out there. i will be right here. >> reporter: shark sitings aren't unusual along the coast. white sharks migrate from buha to canada to hawaii. director of animal care says it's more likely sharks will be eaten by people rather than the other way around. >> i think, you know, you have to be smart. better safe than sorry. the probably of you being killed or attacks is very low. >> reporter: over the years a total of 12 people have been attacked off the coast here. that fact has not done much to
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deter the beach goers today. ktvu channel 2 news. the main suspect in the beating of bryan stow will remain behind bars. giovanni ramirez was sentenced to 10 months behind bars for having access to a weapon. police are investigating whether he beat stow in march outside dodger stadium. giovanni ramirez's attorney says he plans to appeal the decision. police are investigating a mid-day killing that happened today in east oakland. investigators fell us the victim was shot while driving into a gas station. passers buy took him to the police station, he died while being transported to the hospital. san jose police released the name of the latest homicide victim. john win of san jose was killed tuesday -- last tuesday. police say the killing is gang
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related and part of a growing problem. ktvu's maureen naylor is live at police headquarters with the steps police are faking to stop -- taking a stop the violence. >> reporter: 27 killed and counting. now they are focusing 100% of their time on gang prevention. a 15-year-old student was shot three times in front of his house. that tops the list of hop side. 25 people killed so far this year, 14 gang related. >> what is causing it, right now it's difficult to put our finger on. >> reporter: homicides doubled from 6 last year to 14 this year. in the last month there have been 6 homicides, all gang related.
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>> we have a 38 number team, they will be focusing on gang suppression. they are conducting 100% gang suppression 100% of the time. >> reporter: reverting to similar measures in the 1990s, being more visible. this year set to mark the highest homicide rate. >> bounced between 20-30 during the years i have been in office. it will be higher than 30 this year. the chief will focus his resources and aloicate them in the best pay possible. >> reporter: other numbers are down. between 80 and 120 officers are still on the chopping block. reporting live, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. caltrancrews have been told to stand down. ktvu's john sasaki live with more on the fatal accident that
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prompted the work stoppage. john? >> reporter: look behind me, south bound 880 is moving well during this rush hour. but drivers on the highway may have noticed no maintenance workers were out there. telling drivers to be careful of the workers. a worker was killed this morning in san diego. he died just before 9 a.m. after being hit by a vehicle while he was cleaning up trash in san diego. he was the third worker killed in the past month and a half. >> called for all our maintenance staff to participate in a safety stand down today for the rest of the day, to revisit practices and procedures and emphasize the
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important of safety. >> reporter: back here live, the stand out ends tomorrow, except in san diego, it does not apply to any construction, including the bay bridge or this 880 project. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. dozens of workers rallied to raise awareness of a problem that hurts all americans. protesters gathered to express their outrage over -- by immigration authorities. it spreads fear and does nothing to target employers who target the workers. >> this works because of the hard work they are doing. they are doing their share in the community and we want to see them coming out of the shadows. >> the work site foster an underground economy which impacts everyone's wages.
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>> reporter: californias are about -- july 8, they will issue debt cards instead. they should look for a insert explaining how it work. state disability benefits already made the switch. the biggest change in the internet. the governing body that assigns domain names voted to expand the web address suffixes. it could end -- dot apple, dot microsoft. >> the s&p 500 index rose 6.86 points to close at 1,278.36. good time to buy. that sparked trading today. the dow jones industrial average added 76.02 points to 12,080.38. the nasdaq composite gained 13.18 to 2,629.66. dianne feinstein's support
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may be slipping as she approaching reelection. 43% say they are inclined to relect her next year. that's the lowest level in her history serving in the u.s. senate. she was elected in 1992. a man was tasered today afterstruggles with officers at the capital. the man decame combative. one officer was cut. the man faces charges of resisting arrest and battery on an officer. the man frequently tries to contact governor brown. a fire here, took cruise 2
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hours to control the flames. it went one man to the hospital with minor burns. 40 people were also displaced. there is no word on what caused the fire. . >> does your neighborhood look like this? trash everywhere. where a majority of it is coming from, i will have that in 4 minutes. a live look that golden gate bridge, why your commute may be easier in the coming days.
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. marin is the most unforfeitable county in the nation for renters. according to a new report by the low income housing coalition. 60% can't afford the rent for
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aanch 2 bedroom apartment. a renter would have to burn more than $73,000 a year. the average household income of a renter is $58,000. the battle over the budget continued today but it didn't get far. lawmakers met to discuss the issue. republicans say they can't do much sense they don't have majority power. democrats say it's up to the governor to decide what is next. >> the ball is in their court because they know what the demands are of the republicans. it's up to them. >> the next step is the governor. if he thinks the cuts should be deeper there is a way to get there. >> also at issue are lawmaker pay checks. john is expected to decide whether last thursday's budget plan is enough to ensure
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lawmakers pay. she is disappointed the u.s. supreme court through out the case today but she will continue her case. she was among more than a million female walmart employees denied equal pay and job prupotions in 2001. the court disgreered saying there were too many jobs and too many jobs to wrap up into one lawsuit. today the u.s. supreme court blocked a lawsuit aimed at forcing companies to cut greenhouse gas emissions. it targets the 5 largest emittered of carbon dioxide in the u.s. own lee the environmental protection agency has the authority to reduce emissions. tracking the trash. a new study found out where all
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that litter is coming from. ktvu's paul chambers is live tonight. >> reporter: that study was over four local cities. 70% is from beverage cups. most of the times it has a logo on it. >> reporter: it's common place, but when you are done, left over waste doesn't go where it belongs. trash found in oakland, san francisco, richmond and san jose were all part of the study. the group says big name stores and restaurants make up 19% of the litter. >> i think we are just going crazy with protecting our products. do we really need all of this stuff to have coffee? >> reporter: you can help out by bringing in your own containers. as for the restaurants?
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>> we don't have to have a condiment container. >> it doesn't have to do with the restaurants. >> reporter: take this trash can, wind could blow the trash away and bring litter to your area. some people think if people step up -- >> they need to invest their profits into intelligent packaging. >> reporter: according to the study, the number one most littered item is cigarette buts. every day 32 million beverage containers are used in the united states. if you use a reusable cup we could reduce that nationwide by 13%. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. part of san francisco's great highway is closed tonight. the south bound lanes will
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remain off limits till friday afternoon. crews are removing sand from ocean beach. drivers can use sunset instead. warm temperatures and light winds, the air quality is expected to be unhealthy tomorrow. they are asking for anything you can do to help keep the smog in check. chief meteorologist bill martin has been tracking the heat. >> hottest day of the season. tomorrow we ellipse today's highs. hot. here is what is going on. since we started, i have been showing you this image. you can see how the wind notched out the fog. fog has really road in further. we are seeing, as we sit here live, this fog being pulled away from the coast.
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we got nowhere to go but warm. when you take the warm away our climate isn't different from the sacramento valley. it gets hot. today, 95 in san rufell. 98 antioch. 98 fairfield. one of those nights, if you are outside dining, beautiful. anywhere you go. in san francisco, north beach, anywhere you go. temperatures in the 60s, 70s, inland 80s. overnight lows 60s. warm when you wake up. warm when you start out your tuesday. hotter still tuesday afternoon. the weekend was nice. moderate. high pressure is built in. hottest day tomorrow. started today, well, yesterday. heated up today. tomorrow, we are looking for high temperatures. looking at numbers into the
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triple digits. forecast, using temperatures. you can go boom. there are your hundreds. loss of 90s. upper 80s. these are specifics. 98 clear lake. 98 santa rosa. 100 fairfield. the hottest day of the year by far in, like i said earlier, 2- 3 weeks ago we had rain. what you will get with the heat, elevated fire danger. fire danger comes up. the big key with the fire danger, the heat and the low humidity. the air is sinking, the air dries up. so fire danger comes up. no red flag warning. first real brush with heat in the bay area in a while. >> yeah. hit spring and went straight to summer. thank you. work began on a monument honoring some of the biggest
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humanitarians. the remember them champions humanity statue. it pays tribute to 25 men and women. >> iconic as the golden gate bridge. you can see the high points for the monument, it will blow people away. >> ktvu is a prod sponsor of the monument. you can find out more about the art and say the humanitarians on, click the remember them tab. a journey of hope. the 12-mile trip they took to honor the special olympians in the bay area.
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. special olympics made its way around san francisco this morning. police chief holding the torches. officers passed it to one together. the special olympics northern california summer games start friday in davis. we have been talking about
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the weather today. speaking of hot, the a's suddenly hot. >> role reversal over the weekend. giants played like a last place team, a's in last, played like a first place team, sweeping the giants. san francisco couldn't get anything together. 0-19 with runners in scoring position. a's won 5 in a row roe. oakland is 6-4 under the new manager. the players enjoying the fresh attitude. >> brings a lot of energy. everybody kind of feeds off that. we are not a team that will hit the kind of home runs -- we got to do the right things, play with a lot of energy. that's what we are doing. >> in the middle of a losing streak when i got that, that adds to the uncertainty and down feelings that go on.
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you try to distance yourself from the losing streaks and how you do that is winning games and keeping your eye on today and not worrying about the past. >> great story, out with the new, in with the old. the marlins hired 80-year-old jack mccain to take over as manager of the team. rodriguez resigned yesterday. in 2003 he managed florida to a world series victory. the second oldest manager in major league history. connie mack managed till he was 87 years old. mean time, the best player in the major leagues but albert pujols will be sidelined for 4- 6 weeks has he has broken his arm yesterday. knocked his glove off and he left the field immediately. the cardinals had as many injuries as the giants have. he will be out 4-6 weeks.
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that's the sporting life. giants and a's back in action tomorrow. >> thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7 on tv 36, could the death penality be on the way out in california? how that study led to action today that state capital. that on bay area news at 7 in 30 minutes. our coverage continues online, follow us on twitter, visit ktvu on twitter.
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