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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  June 22, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning, there is word that today governor jerry brown will be offering an alternate government proposal. in the meantime paychecks have stopped coming to lawmakers. just couldn't imagine. >> a shocking crime involving a new baby and a microwave. the person who is now in custody. and the late decision that will make parking in one part of the bay area more expensive.
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good morning,. thank you for joining us on this wednesday, june 22nd i'm pam cook. let's start with the weather. is it cooling off a bit? steve paulson has the forecast. >> that is my single windsor. yes. that is a nordstrom tie. pam, you don't need to make that a question. that is a statement, yes it will be true. if you're out on the coast it will be hot. closer to the coast we will see 50,60s and 70s. traffic is moving well if you are driving on commute here in oakland. you can see a little bit of road work still out there on northbound 880. also the morning commute looks good on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. topping our news we are hearing governor brown will unvail a revised state budget today as he vetoed the one from
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lawmakers last week. claudine wong joins us live from san francisco. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. that budget likely to have lots of cuts as we struggle toward a balanced budget proposal. in the meantime lawmakers not happy in sacramento because their budget got vetoed it means they will not get paid. their balanced budget wasn't balanced after all. saying there were too many things in it that didn't add up. it's basically a math problem. but certainly lawmakers are mad. another day means another $4,000 they will not be getting. that money here and gone if they don't get their paychecks coming in. certain reaction in sacramento is not happy from lawmakers. state controllers say their math did not add up. >> we looked to make sure they
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crossed their t's and dotted their i's and their math did not add up. >> reporter: so what happens now? well, every day they don't have a balanced budget is every day they do not get paid. about $400 or so. about $50,000 a day total in savings for california. the state controllers office is getting lots of feedback from that. right now everyone is looking to jerry brown. making some indication that today he would be issuing a revised budget that does that. he vetoed this saying look the democrats budget that he passed didn't actually have the right numbers in it. he doesn't want any gimmicks. he wants long-term solutions. long-term solutions with the situation there is. we will be looking out for that this morning. we are looking to talk to lawmakers and we will get reactions from people that live in san francisco.
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a young mother is in jail accused of a crime that have shocked veteran police officers. investigators say ka yang killed her six week old daughter by placing her in a microwave. investigators had spent the past three months trying to determine what caused the baby severe and unusual burns. >> it's the pattern of the burns that you see in a case of a microwave that are different than what you would see in a child being burned with boiling water by tipping a pot off the stove. >> homicide detectives arrested the 29-year-old woman at her sacramento home yesterday. she is now being hill without bail in the -- being held without bail in the sacramento jail. pg&e is without power.
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the outage knocked out power to more than 2500 customers. now homes in the dark include areas of monsanto and concord boulevard and portions of willow pass road. pg&e does not know what caused the outage. at this time 116 customers remain without power. later this morning doctors will release an update of injured giants fan bryan stow. he i are mains in -- he remains in a coma. stow was severely beaten outside of dodgers stadium back in march. giovanni ramirez is the prime suspect but has not been charged with the beating. the family of michelle le has hired aphorist detective. they have classified her
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mysterious disappearance as a homicide but family members continue to search. their supporters refuse to give up hope. pg&e admits their own crews started that pipeline. pg&e and not outside contractors performed the work in 1956. the documents at that the company suffered numerous welding problems to its gas transmission lines. that blast in san bruno killed eight people and leveled 38 homes. san jose firefighters were put to the test after two fires started within minutes of each other. a house fire was started around 6:45 last night. ten minutes later they were called to a grass fire near highway 101. now the department reportedly had to shuffle resources to make sure the city was covered while crews put out both of
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those fires. starting july 1st, it will cost more to park at city owned parking garages. the city will charge a $5 flat rate to park at three downtown garages on saturday. second and san carlos. third and santa clara. the evening rate will go up to $5 expect at the market garage where there will is a major event at hp pavilion. they also approved several budget cuts. they approved 10% cut in pay for police. it's also laying off 100 police officers and hundreds of other city workers. and hours will be cut at libraries and city communities as well. san jose has cut its budget by $300 million this year.
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4:37s is time. let's check in with sal. >> traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. we are off to a nice start. there are no major issues here on 80 westbound heading out to the mccarthur maze. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's light with no problems on the bridge itself. in the south bay 280 northbound is doing very nicely here through downtown. at 4:38 let's go to steve. sal, thank you very much. yesterday, my goodness. that is one of those days where i mean if you are by the coast it was nice for awhile and then the fog came in late. i tell you the sty when that west wind comes in it kicks it off. inland it was a cook up. we talked about it yesterday. the fog is there but it's very shallow. 100s yesterday. there will be some well, well inland.
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the trend is to bring things way down. a very stock system. a double barrel one will dig into the pacific northwest. concord has dropped significantly. livermore is very warm. fairfield 64. look at the 50s now. we have a bunch. west, southwest 16 at fairfield. yesterday at this time they were west, southwest at 5. southerly direction coming right up santa cruz coast. you can see the system the signature of it coming out of the gulf of alaska. that all equals cooler. for everyone inland it will take a day or so. the cooling trend begins for the coast and bay today. inland it will be warm. fog, sun, cool to hot. and near the coast it will drop
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a good ten degrees. temperatures still in the 90s for some but 50s, 60s, and 70s closer to the bay. rather toasty still out toward antioch and brentwood. president obama will announce his plans for withdrawing u.s. troops from afghanistan. defense officials say the president's plan calls for 5,000 troops to leave afghanistan this summer. another 5,000 by the end of the year. there are currently 100,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. the president will outline his plan during a live address at 5:00 tonight. we will bring you that speech live during the ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. we will stream that live on our website another shocking twist in the casey anthony murder trial. why prosecutors say she stole her story of what happened to her daughter. and why the federal
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government is refusing help to clean up santa cruz after a million dollar storm. good morning, westbound highway 4 traffic looks pretty good coming up to the willow pass grade. another update straight ahead.
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good morning, fog coast and bay. 50s, 60s, 70s there.
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inland it will still be hot. well, this morning hundreds of airline travelers are waking up at chicago's oh hear airport. they spent the night on cots and couches after bad weather caused hundreds of flights cancellations. the few flights that managed to take off from chicago were delayed by at least two hours. airport officials say they will do everything they can to get back on schedule but they warn that could take all day today. santa cruz county will not get financial help from the federal government to pay for storm related damage. severe weather in march caused $17 million in damage. federal emergency management agencies shot down the states request to cover 75% of the cost saying the storms were not severe enough. governor jerry brown has 30 days to appeal.
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the brentwood man accused of poisoning his neighbors pets denies he has anything to do with their deaths. ktvu news spoke to dave outside his home yesterday. his neighbors believe he's responsible for the deaths of at least six dogs and two cats. investigators have seized what appears to be pet food from his front yard. >> why would he have pet food in his yard if he doesn't have any pets? >> i didn't put them there. >> animal control investigators are waiting for lab results to determine if any criminal charges will be filed. some neighbors say he has now left town. the pressure is mounting for ed lee to enter the race to become san francisco's next mayor this fall. the group that is behind the ed run website now plans to open a campaign office for lee this
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saturday. now lee has been interim mayor since gavin newsome left. he has recently moved to marin county. that prompted some speculation he may be eyeing congresswoman lynn wolsee seat who is expected to announce his retirement on monday. houston's office says he has no intention to running for congress. . former massachusetts governor mitt romney made a stop in the bay area to pick up cash for his presidential campaign. he appeared at a fundraising barbecue. mcknee lee tweeted that 200 supporters attended the event.
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failed -- people we spoke to after the fundraiser say they believe romney can defeat president obama. >> the governor arrived right on time. his lovely wife and he chatted it up with a lot of good friends and good supporters. and he looks like he's the next president of the united states. >> when romney ran for president in 2008, he raised more money in california than any other state. $8million. later this morning, the federal reserve will wrap up its latest conference committee meeting but no major changes are expected. economists say the fed is likely to keep interest rates where they are and not expand the current buy back bond. what they mostly want to hear is what the fed chair says about future of economic recovery. bernanke will hold a news conference this afternoon to update the economic forecast. a young immigrant woman and
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her mother will get to stay in the united states at least for now. the uc davis student and her mother were scheduled to be deported to india at 1:00 a.m.. but they were granted a last minute stay by the department of homeland security. about 2,000 people sent letters asking for the women to stay. the lawyers say the women must fight to live in the u.s.. it will be a short day of testimony today in the trial of a florida mother who is accused of killing her toddler daughter. the judge presiding over the casey anthony murder trial has to join a judges meeting. she gave conflicting testimony about how long caylee anthony's body may have been in the woods before her body was discovered. >> are you presenting an opinion that that growth in the
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bone could have grown for two weeks in december? >> i would suspect so. >> it's also possible it was there for a great deal longer than two weeks? >> yes. >> prosecutors are looking into information regarding an inmate who was incarcerated with anthony. prosecutors us suspect if casey anthony stole her defense from that inmate who's daughter drowned in a swimming pool. if you are looking for a job, you may be in luck. the industry that is expected to see a huge hiring boom in the next few years. the debate over a proposed circumcision day heats up.
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news. part of monterey county will be set on fire for a controlled burn. the burn is designed to clear brush around the range. it will serve as a training exercise for fighters from various agencies. a uc -- a uc berkeley exercise claim state reported chemicals in the fire -- the chemicals can cause lower iq's and hinder development in children. the american chemistry council says the retar dents have passed government standards. muslims have teamed up banning circumcisions. they will file a lawsuit today asking the california superior court to remove the measure. they claim circumcisions are
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common medical procedures regulated by state law not city voters. the ban protects the human rights of young boys. demand for airline pilots is set to sore. usa today reports aircraft maker boeing is predicting a hiring boom. they expect 466,000 pilot jobs will be expected. 97,000 will be in north america. the city of napa is turning off the electronic eye on one of its red light cameras. the camera is located at highway 29 at highway 121. the camera has been sending out thousands of tickets for running the red light. that includes the drivers that are turning right on the red light. now the camera won't be focused on the right turns that cause
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very few accidents but most of the tickets at the intersection. >> i don't know if you call it a trap but it probably is excessive. >> i think that is fabulous. because that is the worst camera out there. >> now the city doesn't know how it will make up the money that the camera used to generate. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. any problems? we are doing pretty well. so far so good as we get out to the roads. let's take a look at some of the freeways. westbound 92 looks good. also this morning we looking good if you are driving on 880 northbound. the construction work there near 66 is still in the left lane. it's not causing a big backup so far. and at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound there is a
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small delay. it's 5:54 let's -- it's 4:54 let's go to steve. the fog is back. it means much cooler for others. by tomorrow everyone will get into this. the fog is around 500,000 feet. it's making parts of the bay a little bit of a push. i don't think any of it will make it over the higher elevations. as the high gets bumped out a very strong system. there is an agreement that the system will dig down. there is not an agreement of how strong it will be. one of them puts it over northern california by early next week. which will put us back in the 60s and 70s. the cooling trend would be really pronounced. it will be cooler. that much we do know. how much still though remains in doubt. it's leaning on cool. 52 santa rosa. 61 concord. livermore is still mild. 67 san rafael. there is a west, southwest at
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fairfield. vacaville is calm. anybody i think parts of the north bay, coast, and bay peninsula will definite cool off. once this system swings through that is when inland areas will cool down. the fog came right up as advertised for montero ray -- monterey goes up the coast. the stronger part of the cooling will take place tomorrow. it's still warm to hot inland. not as hot as yesterday. 50s to upper 90s. maybe near 100 if you're out in the valley. 80s for some now. closer to the coast there will be a big drop in the temps. much more cooling begins on thursday. you can definitely soak up the sun today at a historic bay area fair. it kicks off this morning to
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celebrate admission is just 99 cents. on july 2nd the fair hopes to create the world's biggest hamburger totaling 625 pounds. that would be 1.3 million- calories. new hope for a fire ravaged fraternity. the way the community is helping those young men this morning. and michelle le's family is turning to someone besides the police to find their missing daughter.
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the family of missing nursing student michelle le is turning for someone outside the police department for help. we are telling -- we will tell you the step that families are taking. no budget no paychecks for lawmakers. what the president plans to do today about the budget. new documents unvail a startling fact about the san bruno explosion. who installed the pipeline that killed eight people? new hope for a fraternity house that was destroyed by fire.


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