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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 24, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the big change we will see this year to make sure everyone stays safe. also new clues found on the phone of osama bin laden's carrier. how this is impacting the war on terror. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us. it's friday, june 24th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here is steve. >> pam and steve -- pam and dave thank you very much. upper 40s in the north bay. temperatures very similar to yesterday. so after the fog burns off it will burn off sooner today. we will have 60s and 70s coast and bay. but there will definitely be a breeze throughout the afternoon. here is sal. steve, right now traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on the golden gate bridge it looks very nice
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heading south. this mornings commute looks good if you are driving on northbound 101 in san francisco approaching the 80 split. let's go back to the desk. they are camped out at san jose city hall right now and they are making demands on the mayor and the city council. kraig debro is live outside city hall to tell us what the demonstrators want. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. simply put the demand is that these young people want a secure future with jobs and fair pay and benefits behind me. you see a dozen of them. they camped out on the steps of city hall overnight. a big demonstration out here yesterday. not only by this group but another group of workers. they are here in preparation for a meeting today at 1:30 at san jose city council. take a look at this. this is not just a night of the living dead but they are dressed up as zombies. they say they are working dead. people who work for pay and benefits without the benefit or
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collective bargaining. they want to save that benefit. some proponents say they fear collective bargaining will be a casualty of the so-called fiscal. >> if they weaken collective bargaining we will be the working dead. there will be no future for young people here. >> nothing we are doing effects the right to bargain. nothing that we are doing effects the right to negotiate. what we are trying to do is solve a problem. >> reporter: in order to reduce the city's budget deficit, mayor chuck reid asked for a 10% wage cut from the city workers. the mayor declared a fiscal emergency before asking for those. now california attorney general harris is asking for an assembly committee to investigate that term. more on that later. you will hear coming up from some of the people that are
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staying out here overnight exactly what they hope to gain at today's city council meeting. this morning oakland police are investigating another homicide. police were called to 24th and adaline streets. officers found a man that had been shot several times on the sidewalk. reportedly someone was seen leaving the scene in a blue dodge magnum with silver rims. no arrests have been made. this is the 57th homicide of the year for the oakland. three men are said to be okay. that is after a small plane crashed near the palo alto airport. it ended up on its roof in a marsh shortly before 8:30 last night. the three men on board were able to climb out on their own. one complained of back pain and taken to a local hospital. it appears the plane lost power but the investigation is still
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under investigation. osama bin laden's carrier had the names own numbers of a spy agency. that cell was seized among many other items when they raided his compound in pakistan and killed him and his carrier. the cell phone raises questions whether the militant group helped hide bin laden. today the house will coat vote on the u.s. military role in libya. they will be taking up two measures. one measure would give president obama the authority to continue the mission in libya while the other measure would cut off funding for the mission. coming up at 5:15 we will bring you a live report on why some members of congress want to punish the president. two men that planned an attack on a military recruiting station in seattle hope to get attention from the media. they were arrested wednesday night when they got caught in an fbi sting going into a warehouse to pick up machine guns. the fbi was alerted by a plot
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the other man tried to recruit to take part in that attack. the two suspects even imagined the head lines that would be in the newspaper. a sacramento mother accused of putting her six week old baby in a microwave oven and killing her has officially been charged now. the murder charge includes a special circumstance. if convicted, that could make her eligible for the death penalty. we are looking at a different video now. the little girls body was found on march 17th. however the mother ka yang wasn't arrested until this week after investigators considered the cause of the unusual burns. the san francisco naacp will hold a news conference over what they call racial profiling by u.s. airways. last week college football
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player deshon marman was arrested after he refused the request to pull up his sagging pants. days earlier a 65-year-old man was allowed to fly on the airline wearing this. skimpy women clothing. the man told the san francisco chronicle that he regularly flies u.s. airways and wears womens clothing to make business travel more fun. more than a million people are expected to jam at the san francisco streets this weekend for the annual gay pride celebration. ktvu jade hernandez is live in the city to tell us how they are preparing for everything. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning, david. it's quiet this morning. i can show you right now that there is already signs actual signs showing that this area is preparing itself for a big parade on sunday. festivities will bring out throngs of gay pride
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supporters. yesterday we watched as businesses and residences geared up for the gay pride parade. the 8th annual transmarch. thousands are expected to attend which will culminate in a march to san francisco's civic center a few hours later. and then of course tomorrow the san francisco's pride celebration continues. on sat and sunday there will be several events planned for in front of city hall. on sunday at 10:30 in the morning they will lead the pride parade. some of the crowds have already arrived. businesses are bracing themselves and enjoying the extra revenue flow. anticipated crowds are a mixed blessing though. coming up we will explain why. we will have more on an expo in the city. how the businesses are exploring a newfound market. we will explain coming up.
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reporting live in san francisco jade hernandez. time is 5:07. plans to extend part in fremont are moving along now. barts board of directors unanimously approved a $300 million contract. the warm springs extension projects would probably create thousands of jobs. at least it's expected to. it will help ease the gridlock on interstate 680 and 880. nascar will make a pit stop in the bay area this weekend with the annual toyota save mart 350. now about 100,000 people are expected to pack into the stands for the race which starts at noon on sunday. all those race fans could slow down traffic if you are not heading to the race course you should probably avoid highway 37 and 1 on 1 -- and 121.
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>> we are not discouraging you from visiting our friends in sonoma for a wine tasting. i would say just don't leave at 5:00. if you're going to get up there get up there early. but don't be on the road at 5:00 when the race gets out. unless you are fond of being stuck with 100,000 other people at that intersection. let's take a look at 80 westbound. also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. there are no major problems on the bridge right now. now i'm curious about this weekends weather. let's bring in mr. steve paulson. sal castaneda, thank you. it will be all right. sunny. 60s, 70s, and 80s. it won't be like tuesday when it was 90s and 100s.
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we are back to a normal pattern here. we had a good drop in the temps. th cooling trend continues. now the cooler air aloft is there. it's mainly santa crew is a. i think something similar will happen today. it's really cool though. i was just looking at temperatures. there is upper 40s on the peninsula. but i've seen some 46s up toward sonoma, kenwood. san rafael is 49. livermore down to 52. if it wasn't for the breeze it would be cooler in concord as well. that is buchanon so you know it's not farther away. we will go for a high today of 77 degrees in san jose. southwest six so the delta breeze and sea breeze is still there. it will crank up later on
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today. it's not howling or anything. there is pretty good gusts later on. the system moved into the north. it will settle in on saturday. morning fog and breezy. breezy coast highs near 60s around the bay. upper 60s to low 70s. it's warm inland but nothing too warm. low 80s for some. mid 80s far enough away. i don't think we will see much change as we head into saturday. although sunday looks warmer. monday are you ready? have you had your coffee yesterday yet? increasing clouds tuesday. possibility of rain tuesday night into wednesday. >> get it out of here by fourth of july, steve. [ laughter ] a suspected mob boss behind bars. what police found in his california apartment at the time of his arrest. one local city goes against his own promise when it comes to pg&e smart meters. good morning, if you are driving on 237 any time soon, it should be a nice drive for
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you to get into mil peetous and san jose. we'll tell you about the morning commute coming up.
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the u.s. house will vote today on legislation to strip funding for u.s. operations in libya. ktvu alison burns joins us now from our washington, d.c. newsroom with the last ditch appeal by the obama administration to keep congress out of it. allison. >> reporter: that is right,
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pam. the u.s. house comes into session in about 45 minutes. they will take two big votes today. one on whether to authorize the war in libya, the other on whether to strip funding for it. president obama dispatched secretary of state hillary clinton for an emergency meeting with house democrats last night after she testified at a her hearing on the hill. she tried to persuade them to restrict the mission in libya. many are not bying it and teaming up with republicans. >> the president has not made his case to the members of congress. he has not made his case to the american people. >> reporter: a closer look at the cost of u.s. involvement in libya during my next update in an hour. for now we are live in washington, d.c. alison burns. time now 5:15. new details about the surprising arrest of suspected boston mob boss james whitey bulger. the fbi says 30 guns, $800,000
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in cash, and several fake ids were found in that santa monica apartment when he was arrested wednesday night. bulger was number one on the fbi's most wanted list. he's on the run for 16 years. he's believed to be responsible for 19 murders and many other very serious crimes. he was an inspiration for the martin movie the departed. in idaho a former candidate for governor was arrested right as he was about to give a news conference. rex had announce he may be giving a news conference to address charges against him for trying to influence a jury but there was a warrant for his arrest. so when he showed up deputies were waiting for him. originally he was on trial for illegally killing an elk. now he's in trouble for passing out fliers to potential jurors. a group of computer hackers
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is targeting arizona police officers. the group lozaz as posted hundreds of intelligence bulletins, training manuals, e- mails, and computer pass words. the hacker group says they did the in response to arizona's controversial immigration law that was passed last year. that group has previously attacked the websites of the cia and sony. vallejo police are looking far man that shot and killed another man outside an apartment building. that happened on porter street yesterday afternoon shortly after 4:00. police say the victim a 22-year- old vallejo resident was shot near a carport at the sonoma apartment complex. the suspect was seen get into a silver or brown honda driven by a woman. time is 5:17. a santa cruz county city says
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it will not try to stop the installation of pg&e smart meters even though it passed a moratorium on them earlier this year. the city council voted against enforcing its own moratorium. council members say they are okay with the you were coming installations because pg&e they say is allowing customers to opt out. they sited pg&e's development of a nontransmitting smart meter as another reason for not enforcing that moratorium. time now is 5:18. let's go back to sal to check in on traffic this morning. sal. just checking in with chp. we don't have a lot going on which is perfect. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. traffic at the toll plaza looks pretty good. this is the east shore freeway. it's nice and clear for you. on 280 in san jose it's the same thing. i don't think it will stay this way but let's enjoy ourselves
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right now. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. i'm just trying to put this graphic together. i didn't have time. i have to tell you. 40s a lots. 44 up in wood acre. i've seen 48 in mill valley. 48 a couple of them yantville is in there. so it's cool under clear skies by mean for this time of year that is a little chill in the morning air. there is patchy fog. not much. 49 san rafael. livermore airport says 52. there is a bunch of 48 and 49s not far away. san jose a little warmer but that is the heat. we will wait from there. 77. lots of sunshine. a little puff of a north wind at sfo but that doesn't mean
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much. the sea breeze is still there. it will puck later on. today and tomorrow we have leveled off on the temps. breezy after some of that morning low clouds burn off. 70s around the bay but warm instant. now it's low 80s morning. a little cooler today and tomorrow. slightly warmer sunday and monday. increasing clouds on tuesday. this morning oil prices are regaining some of their losses from yesterday's trading. this morning crude is selling for more than $92 a barrel. it fell more than $4 yesterday. it settled to $91 a barrel. that is in reaction to the national energy agency saying it will make 60 million barrels available in the next month. here's where we start the day. a little bit of a mixed picture
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with the dow jones dropping 57 points. recovering quite a bit from earlier on. starts today at 12,050. s & p down and again the dow jones down about 57 points yesterday. after the closing bell oracle announced better than expected profits. they talk about $3 billion in new fail to business software. software revenue rose 17%. time now 5:21. i'm going to help you wake up this morning. there is a rare odor and a rare site. today may be your best chance to see and smell a very unusual flower here in california. and plans to widen the two- lane highway in the east bay have hit a roadblock. the legal action forcing cal train to stop construction. good morning, traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on highway 4. so
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far it looks good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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a wild fire in north carolina burned 20,000 acres. firefighters are using controlled burns in an effort to contain it. voluntary evacuations are in place for now. a highway widening project in the east bay is now facing
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delays after a judge handed environmentalists a courtroom victory. they order the cal train to -- cal tran to stop construction. construction would not resume until a lawsuit over the widening project is resolved. the group alameda creek allowance claims cal trans failed to put together an adequate environmental impact report. time now 5:24. marine biologists say they have found ocean highways used by big predators along the california coast. they tagged and tracked some of the biggest fish in the pacific to find out where they are going. what they found lead stanford biologists say they are the yellow stones of the ocean. there are so many predators that call it home. >> some of them went away. they always came back. so we were surprised at was this honing ability of white sharks and blue fin tuna.
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and whales and what we are learning is that this is their neighborhood. >> inclined to say that is valuable information. the health of the biggest predators is a key indicator for the health of the whole eco democrat senator mccain president next step is to have other nations recognize the deep ocean life and help protect them. the corpse flower is definitely living up to its name today. the flower named ted the titan is in full bloom. you can take a look or smell for yourself at the botanical garden today. it's native to end noetian -- indonesia and rarely blooms. it earned its nickname from its smell. a popular bay area beach is set to reopen after a big scare. we are live here at infineon this morning. coming up we will tell you what you can expect this weekend and how members of the u.s. military can see the race for free.
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the largest wild fire in arizona history continues to burn. now there is a warning about a new threat homeowners will have to prepare for. good morning, 237 traffic looks good and so does traffic on 280 at the 880 interchange. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead. dad, i was wondering if you've --
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what's up? oh, what's wrong with your hair? oh. i was cruising the world-wide-web. found this do. what are you wearing? dope, right? it's got a hood. want one? boom. done. [ ding! ] [ boy ] lookin' good mr. g. thanks, bro-seph. are you video chatting? with my boyfriend?
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yeah! hey, tessa! mom! [ mocking tone ] mom. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. high speed internet is more affordable than ever with no home phone required. only in the network of possibilities. at&t. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's friday, june 24th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook.
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let's check in with steve paul son for the friday forecast. >> thank you pam and dave. we have mostly clear skies. a lot of upper 40s if you have the clear skies and fog. after that burns off sunny and breezy. highs 60s and 70s low to mid 80s. weekend forecast in five minutes. here is sal. steve, right now traffic looks good if you are driving any time or anywhere near the oakland coliseum on interstate 880 you shouldn't have any problems. also on interstate 80 from the carquinez bridge always way down to the mccarthur maze that looks good. let's go back to the desk. we are just now hours away from the official start of the pride celebration in san francisco. ktvu jade hernandez is in the castro this morning where more than a million people are expected this weekend. jade. >> reporter: that is right. later today thousands alone are expected to attend a transgender march the
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transmarch. it's the eighth annual march. right here in the castro this morning there are already signs. signs up to make sure that crowds will be controlled then they will be able to handle all of the congestion in the area. take a look at this. the kick off to the san francisco pride celebration began here at this expo on thursday. ktvu was there where 72 businesses enjoyed selling their goods to a group of buyers often ignored. despite on how some businesses continue to cater to the gay community but was recognized this year is the growing number of mainstream and national companies at the expo. >> businesses have realized that there is a profitable market to be gotten through the gay community. >> reporter: and there is a good reason we watch businesses brace themselves for the next couple of days. yesterday in the castro as i mentioned more than a million people are expected to participate on the overall weekend which will culminate on sunday at 10:30 in the morning.
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the theme this year in pride we trust. organizers expect 1.2 million people in attendance. that is a number greater than the total number population right here in san francisco. we are live in the castro jade hernandez. >> for a complete list of the pride events taking place this weekend you can go to our website and look for the right now section right on our front page. time is 5:31. lawmakers in new york say they could finally vote today on a bill that would legalize same sex marriage. now supporters of the bill showed their support here at the state capitol last night. they were singing songs. critics were also there as well. lawmakers were scheduled to vote on the marriage bill last night. democrats are blaming republicans for the delay. as new york lawmakers get ready to vote on same sex marriage, president obama is offering them some praise. >> i want to say that under the
5:33 am
leadership governor quomo with the support of democrats and republicans, new york is doing exactly what democracies are supposed to do. >> now the president made those comments last night in new york city. it was at his first fundraiser for gay and lesbian donors. he went on to say the states have traditionally decided on marriage. he didn't come out in full support of same sex marriage but he did say same sex couples deserve the same legal rights as other couples. hate crime charges will be refiled against the two men that are accused of robbing and beating a san francisco woman. district attorney george gascsn made the arrest yesterday. it came after the judge ordered the men to stand trial on robbery and assault charges. he downgraded the hate crime
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charge. 5:33. barry bonds' is due back in court in two months. his legal battles are far from over. >> what do you think happened in court today? >> it will be in the news. >> barry bonds will have to wait until august to find out if he will be retried on perjury charges. prosecutors told the judge they need that time to make critical question decisions. >> this is a very opportune moment for discussions and a possible deal. whether that is going to happen or not, who knows. >> while the defense played hardball in the courtroom yesterday, it wanted the judge to order a new trial right away or finally end this long and very complex case. the judge rejected that request. ktvu news has learned that an east bay news corruption case
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could expand now. four men who once worked in contra costa county law enforcement were in court yesterday. they pleaded not guilty to 38 felony counts. those charges include the sale and possession of illegal weapons. selling and stealing drugs from police evidence. dui set ups. and con police city. a magnitude 7.2 earthquake didn't cause any injuries or serious damage. the quake was centered z 120 miles east of the aleutian islands. a tsunami watch triggered evacuations for several low lying towns. most people say they are used to tsunami watch there is so it was only a minor inconvenience. officials in north dakota say there is not much they can do but wait for the water to president. they are being forced to pack up their belongings and leave
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their homes behind. flood waters have already reached some building there is. coming up at 5:45 we will have a live report from minot in how that town is preparing for the big flood. the largest wild fire in arizona history 67% contained this morning. 832 square miles have burned already since the fire began last month. there are also two other major fires that have burned 392 square miles in arizona. forest rangers are telling methamphetamine that live in mountain regions get flood insurance because summer storms will probably create severe run off. stinson beach is expected to reopen today for swimmers and surfers. it has been partially closed since sunday. life guards were only allowing people into shallow waters this week. those restrictions could be enforced again if there is another shark sighting in the
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area. time is 5:36. nascar is back. 100,000 racing fans are expected to make it to the infineon raceway in sonoma this weekend. claudine wong is there live and has a preview of the toyota save mart 350. you are ready; right? >> reporter: i'm ready. it's early. but we can give you a unique look at the track because it's so early. this is infineon. this will be day one of the really three-day event. obviously the big race is on sunday, but the crowds are expected today. diana is with infineon. tell me what people can expect. but there are good days to come early. >> reporter: absolutely. friday is a great day to come out. we do the nascar sprint cup series drivers. they will qualify this afternoon. we will also have a great action in the canyon west series that will race tomorrow. so there is a lot of action. the nascar cup guys practiced
5:38 am
on saturday. >> reporter: you have a lot of die hard fans. i know in the past when we came here the economy how is it effecting? but you've had a surge of fans and sponsorship. >> we have great new partners on board this weekend. we've seen our tickets pick up. we still have plenty of seats available. >> this race getting under way. the track actually goes hot at 8:00 this morning. so we will see lots of activity out here during mornings on 2. i want to come out here. we will talk to brian who is on the board of the uso. if you are wanting to come here you could come see this for free? >> absolutely. we still have a number of tickets available. just send an e-mail to nascarus we will be selecting people to come out here today. you can be active, retired, or military reserve.
5:39 am
>> reporter: do you do this every year? >> this is the second year in a row that we have done it. we have a few more tickets to give away. it's something that we are proud to be part of. >> reporter: thanks so much. again lots of activity out here. we will be out here all morning. a lot more coming up. we will take you into the winner circle next and talk about the money coming through here and how the economy has turned around here at infineon. no shortage of things to do this weekend. sal, i think people will tweet you over the weekend even though you are off the clock here on channel 2 about the crowds. >> that is right. to get up to save mart you could take transit but i think it's easier to drive. the transit isn't as developed as it would be if you are going to pride obviously pride in the castro you can take all kinds of transit there. look at your options. make sure you are not driving into a traffic storm. let's take a look at westbound
5:40 am
92. getting out to the high-rise. one last thing i will say in years past we had the bay bridge series on the same weekend. at least we are not -- that's not happening. we are looking at the bay bridge. the giants are in town this weekend. they are playing the cleveland indians. it doesn't have quite the same draw as the bay bridge series would. let's move along and take a look at 237. westbound 237 traffic is light so far driving past 880. at 5:40 let's go to steve. indians have been playing well. >> they have. there are a lot of indian fans in the bay area. >> that is correct. monday and tuesday it was warm. it was hot. yeah. not anymore. temperatures have come right back down. we had the high pressure over us. the little bit of a north wind. even san francisco was 88 degrees. i know you're back in the low to mid 60s. water temperatures very cold. a lot of low 50s outside the
5:41 am
golden gate. upper 40s. cooling trend will take us into sunday and a little rebound on sunday and monday. an event on what could be rain on monday and tuesday. first though the low clouds and fog on san mateo coastline. yesterday i mean they were a lot thicker. it's burned off. i expect the same today. i think the bigger news this morning are some of the cool lows. kenwood is down to -- 46 mill valley. i saw four reading there is at 48. yountville is 49. a couple other 40s in san ramon and san bruno. santa rosa is 48 and san rafael 49. livermore at 52. that is at the airport. 48-49-degree readings asaw those too. 54 fairfield but they have a sea breeze. sunny san jose after patchy low clouds. 70 at noon and a high of 77 degrees. lots of sunshine.
5:42 am
should be a beautiful day. now morgan hill and gilroy would be warmer but not too bad. west, southwest fairfield there is still a sea breeze in place there. the air mass cooled off enough there is not a lot to support it. so fog gives way to sun. breezy conditions. 60s near the coast. 70s around the bay. low to mid 80s inland. it's look like they will stay in here. and then into sunday slightly warmer. maybe monday but increasing clouds on tuesday into wednesday and significantly cooler. all right, thank you, steve. a surprise involving police in the state of high-tech communication. one department is now playing catch up. also a deadline involving fourth of july selections is -- celebrations is a couple hours away. golden gate bridge traffic looks good heading north and
5:43 am
south. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning, some patchy low clouds will give acto sun -- give way to sunny breezy conditions. we will have 60s and 70s coast and bay. low 80s inland. a third of the people living in minot, north dakota have left their home because of a historic flood. jim, we understand there is significant concern about the levies there this morning. >> reporter: yeah in fact it's a done deal that the levies in town will fail but they are focusing on to save key
5:46 am
infrastructures here. when you survey the damage from the air or the ground the flooding in minot, north dakota is utter devastation. residence are preparing for 10 more feet of water in the coming days. >> if you don't get completely taken over by water, you will very likely have some water. we would urge you to use caution. >> reporter: heavy rainwater from canada was too much. unable to protect the entire city they are focusing on key infrastructure like city hall and it's an all hands on deck effort. >> all state employees are free to leave their state employment to assist in the flood fight in minot. >> reporter: 12,000 residence are under evacuation orders. some tried to shore up their homes with sandbags.
5:47 am
neighbors helping neighbors to save whatever they can. >> many of the people in may not -- minot have been at this for quite some time. >> reporter: but despite the tremendous effort on behalf o a community determined to put up a fight what is headed their way may be too powerful for any city to handle. pam, the authorities say they have plenty of resources. all the bulldozers and dirt and manpower they need. but they are simply running out of time. >> thank you. time now 5:47. here's a quick look at the other top stories we following for you right now. the san francisco naacp will be holding a newens conference today accusing airways of racial profiling. an african american college football player was arrested on a flight for allegedly refusing to pull up his sagging pants.
5:48 am
however this 65-year-old white man was allowed to fly on u.s. airways wearing skimpy women's clothing. the city of oakland recorded its 57th homicide of the year. a man was shot and killed near 24th and ad da line streets. so far no arrests have been made. and this morning young people they are camped out on the steps of san jose city hall. they are protesting mayor reid's item -- mayor reids attempts for a fiscal responsibility. san francisco police officers are finally getting something even many kids already have. an e-mail address. chief greg sir says every person in the department has an account. up until now only a select few officers had them. the department says the e-mail will be a useful tool for officers to communicate with the communities they serve.
5:49 am
the system should be fully up and running within a month. time is 5:48. residents of vallejo have until noon today to raise enough money far fire works show for the fourth of july. they have been collecting money in their stores but they are still $7,000 short of the $18,000 they need to put on the show. if they can't meet that deadline. they will keep what they have raised so far and use it for next year. all right 5:49 is the time. let's check in with sal. sal, if people want to avoid the city, there is something going on the oakland zoo saturday night. they are having a big fundraiser. i will stop by there. >> you are? >> i am. >> they can meet you at the oakland zoo this weekend? >> they can. >> i would go for that. [ laughter ] pam brings up a good point. there is a lot going on this weekend. don't panic. just make sure you plan ahead and realize the traffic implications and staying home
5:50 am
on a beautiful weekend is good too. let's go out to the golden gate bring. southbound 101 traffic looks good. this is the middle of tourist season and we have people coming into san francisco. westbound bay bridge traffic looks good so far. this week has not been good at the bay bridge. we've had lock delays -- we've had long delays. this is 237. it's still light getting across 880 and heading across 101. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. on this friday morning. patchy low clouds. a little cool out there under mostly clear skies. it will be good to go for sunshine. breezy conditions. some of the lows kenwood 46. i did see a 44 at wood acre. mill valley 48. attar ton 48. yountville 48. san ramon 49 degrees. black hawk is 49. and san bruno at 49-degrees. there is a chill in the morning
5:51 am
air. san rafael and santa rosa in at at the upper 40s. the airport is 52. redwood city at 53. oakland 53. still a sea breeze in place. not a rip roaring one they had yesterday. so the delta breeze and temperatures look like we have settled in quite nicely after the fog burns off. sunny on the coast. took a little while yesterday but it made it. i think the same will happen today. sunny and breezy to windy at times. out of the west, northwest. 70s around the bay. sunshine for all though once we get the morning low clouds out of here. the wind does crank up later on. 60s upper 60s low 70s for some. and it looks like it will be a slight cooling trend into saturday. rebound on the temps sunday and monday. in advance of a system that will bring increasing clouds and rain tuesday into wednesday. nearly 900,000 bottles of a pain medication for children
5:52 am
are being recalled. rugby brand are sold at grocery stores and drugstores. take a look at the packaging. it includes seed men fin. that means children could get too much of the medicine. you can contact the manufacture for a new dropper. nike is getting criticism for its latest models on its t- shirts. the shirts have a motto including get high and dope on them. they feature phrases that are commonly used and accepted by extreme sports athletes. the jacket michael jackson in the thriller musical is for sale. it was part of an auction that will feature runs of
5:53 am
collectible. it's expected to fetch as much as $400,000. one of the best video music -- music videos of all time. there may be life after that devastating from the house fire in san jose. what is happening now to help the displaced from the house members to get their lives back on track. they are young and now they are warriors.
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welcome back to the morning news. a santa clara grand jury says the san jose unified school district should install automatic fire alarms and sprinklers into all of their offices. they have been lo looking into the devastating fire from last july. they did not have automatic alarms or sprinklers. the building was destroyed at a loss of $15 million. the victims of tuesday's fraternity house fire in san jose are getting help from old navy. the fire caused extensive damage to the house. all 28 men living there escaped without injury but they lost most of their possessions. today the old navy will allow them to buy new clothing at a discounted price. the purchases will be made from a donation sunday.
5:57 am
in the nba draft the warriors drafted clay thompson. they acquired the draft rights for jeremy tyler in exchange for cash consideration. with the number one pick in the whole draft, the cleveland cavaliers chose kyrie irving. arizona derrick williams went number two. he went to the minnesota timberwolves. sacramento kings got national player of the year after a free team trade. a lot going on. >> pretty exciting. it's coming up on 6:00. sal, you were watching a little bit of that. >> how did you know? >> i saw you tweeting it. >> yes, i did. let's take a look at the commute on 280 northbound getting up to 880 the traffic is moving well. also we are off to a nice start
5:58 am
on the sunol grade. dave and pam back to you. some of them dressed like zombies and gathering outside san jose city hall. the reason why this protest is focused on the mayor and future of city employees. what a cell phone reveals about who may have been helping to protect osama bin laden. good morning, patchy low clouds but sunny today. a little warmer and cooler. we'll have that in your week forecast. ♪ home cooked meal: $28. [ beep ] ♪ first date finest: $33. [ beep ] ♪ having time on your side: priceless. mastercard pay pass. bringing you the most convenient ways to pay. learn more at
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