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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  June 29, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the community. police say after he left the sasoon senior center, this morning an employee called 911. four officers confronted him across the street in the post office parking lot. >> the officers believed that their lives, he posed an immediate threat to themselves, and the community. and shots were fired. subject was shot and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. >> reporter: police say five cones on the ground mark five shell casings fired by officers. but it is not clear if one or more officers fired, that the man at the senior center, that was not unusual according to people who visit there. >> oh, yes, we see him here all the time. >> reporter: what does he do here? >> hangs around, sit in the lobby have coffee and cookies and cake sometimes, that is it. >> reporter: one woman said the man had been coming to the senior center for years. >> we don't even know his name, we don't talk to him. we just know him from coming inside all the time.
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>> reporter: the visitor said he never seemed a threat. some people who often saw the man on the bike thought he may be homeless or mentally unstable. >> our officers were familiar with him. we have had contact with him before, but have not dug into the past at this point to determine that. >> reporter: the man's name has not been released. police say they gave him several warnings to drop his weapon. the investigation will be handled or led by an outside agency, which is standard. ken pritchett, channel 2 action news. and we just learned the identity of a parolee wanted because of a shootout with police. it happened early this morning across the street from sacred heart cathedral prep school. two officers say they spotted the man in a parking garage. >> we believe he fived at least one time -- fired at least one time upon the officers, the officers returned fire,
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striking the suspect. >> police say a gun was found in the honda the man was driving. he was wanted on a $75,000 warrant for felonies, including resisting arrest. and a store owner who died after being attacked by a group of robbers was a part of this family . >> he was a good person, i go to the store every day. every morning. he always looked out the door, he was like hi, how are you doing? good morning, how are you doing? so i am going to miss him. >> this morning, the friends prayed outside the travis store on travis boulevard. police say three robbers pepper sprayed then attacked the 70- year-old man last night. tonight, the solano county coroner says he died of an irregular heart beat triggered by the assault. the family says he only had about $40 in the cash register.
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and accused of animal abuse, a group released photos at a press conference in san francisco. the group says among the abuses, iowa select farms keeping pregnant pigs in crates so small they can't even turn around. the practice is -- banned in several states, including california. >> they are the leader in animal welfare issues, and they will not agree with the practice. >> today, safeway says they stopped buying from the supplier, swift, which gets its pork from iowa select. in the statement, the grocery store chain says that safeway doesn't tolerate animal abuse of any kind, and finds the video and photos in violation of our animal welfare policies. you could find out more about the mercy for animals campaign and find a link to the video on
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our website at just look under the right now section on our home page. and bargain hunting going high tech. a new social trend among millionings is breathing new life into the practice. ktvu is live. >> reporter: high tech made for much demand for consumers. in the shopping district here, one woman says she shops only after a smart phone internet check. >> when i compare with other places, i look at who gives the better deal. >> reporter: researchers say many follow at least one brand on socially media, such as facebook or twitter, almost half just to get coupons or promotions. >> and i go to the mack store, i follow it on twitter and facebook, just to get an outlook on the better products
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coming out. victoria secret, they tell you the new items so you can go look early. >> reporter: the golden gate psychologist says this. >> part of the reason for the importance of socially media is that consumers trust each other now more than they trust businesses. >> reporter: last year along, on line searches for coupons increased by 67% over the year before. by 2015, consumers will spend almost four billion on deals of the bay promotions. families that shop for promotions save more money each year, and billions combined. forget about paying full price. >> full price is now over priced in the minds of consumers. >> reporter: no more shop until you drop. now it is don't shop until the prices drop. >> until the price is right. i only spend that type of money if it is exactly the right thing at the right time. >> i think the recession provided the motivation, and now the internet has provided the means. >> reporter: and the big danger
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now, unnecessary spending only to get the bargain that you may not need at all. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 action news. and home sales rising sharply, economists say that the home values could be getting more stable. the national association of realtors says the number of people in contract to buy a home rose 2% in may. the groups showed an increase, while the western region had the biggest jump at 12.9%. and wall street, stocks gaining for the third straight day, the investors concerns eased in greece, the dow jones was up 2 points, the nasdaq gained 11. and central project taking a big step forward. the board of directors unanimously approved a 32 million tunnel contract. the subway will take them south of market to china town, to union square. the federal government has shifted nearly 96 million.
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service is set to start in 2018. an update now on a story we first showed you in a special report. ktvu's claudia long climbed into a bunker, a well kept bay area secret. now, we learned he is one of the last people to be allowed in the bunker that is being put away forever. mike? >> reporter: tucked away, welded shut, to be exact. i'll give you a look here, you can obviously see the golden gate bridge, we come back here this way to a big turn. this is where they call hock hill, that is the tunnel leading to a piece of u.s. history that just about an hour and a half ago saw a final look at life. a strange silence followed us around through halls and doors, then on this journey, we were lit only by man made light. >> this is a long way from nowhere. >> reporter: this is named this
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because it was never finished. over head rails, hanging from rooms once filled with 2400- pound explosive shells, designed to hit an enemy ship as far away as the islands. bars, thick concrete, this was -- built to fight. it is dark, not a lot of air, hard to breathe. a virtual amaze underneath the head winds. and for the last time today people are actually going to be allowed inside before the doors are shut. >> reporter: the battery was never open to the public, but signs that the public camped out inside are everywhere. >> you can see them run, a lot of these are out of the plays. there is a lot of water, a definite hazard. >> reporter: the area was a secret entrance for many people who entered illegally. dark and narrow on the inside, on the outside, the entrance is small and hidden. the national park service says they will be boarded up, one, because of safety, and two, nearby trees will be chopped
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down. >> that will make things much more visible and much more open. so we have to be sure that this can't be broken into. >> reporter: and several decades later, it is time to say good-bye to battery 129. >> you see this one neglected, the story not told. it is kind of sad. >> reporter: and if you're interested in visiting a restored gun battery there is actually one open to the public, located not far from where we're standing, down the hill. ktvu. salvage experts tonight are trying to decide the best way to help a crab boat that sank near the cliff house. the authorities got the call about midnight last night in a water's off lands end. the three men on board were wearing survival gear to protect them from the 55-degree water, masking it into a life boat. the coast guard then brought them back to shore. one crewman said the crab pots
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on board shifted the boat over. there were no reports of serious injuries. and housekeeper, workers, saying it with flowers. members of the domestic workers coalition say they delivered the flowers to remind the two of a bill about to come up for a hearing in the senate labor committee. this bill is called the domestic bill of rights. supporters say the current laws are not clear, and the new legislation would fix it. >> it just brings the industry that has not been regulated for many years, to the same standards that other workers have. >> members of the coalition say they're counting on the senators to help to move the bill out of committee. and a ban regarding firearms now heading to the state senate for a vote. currently people in california don't need a license to carry a weapon in public, as long as it is unloaded. under the proposed law it would be a misdemeanor for an earn
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licensed individual to openly carry an unloaded gun. the assembly passed the bill last month. and toyota motor company recalling more than 80,000 hybrid sport utility vehicles in the united states. it recalls the highlanders and suvs, with possible faulty wiring. they say the vehicles could slow down, coast to a stop. the automaker will notify owners of possibly faulty vehicles by mid-july. and in palo alto, police going door-to-door. what they were looking for, and who in a minute. and 4th of july less than a week away. which cities in the bay area where you can still buy fireworks. and what a difference a day makes, rain yesterday, record making yesterday, and now for the weekend, we'll show you how hot it will get
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. a football player from ireland in a coma tonight after an injury during a weekend game on treasure island. 22-year-old mark mcgovern is in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. the injury happened saturday during a football match like this one. gaelic football is a cross between rugby and soccer, some say they believed the injury was deliberate, and san francisco police are now investigating. >> a fight, or what happened. but we know that the victim was down on the ground. there was a person seen standing next to him. and that is the person that is a person of interest that we would like to talk to. >> mcgovern had only been in the united states for five days, his family came from ireland to be with him. and east palo alto police looking for suspected gang members, following the high profile killing of a three
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month-old baby. we were there showing you the information as it happened. and more from palo alto, they spoke to one of the accused gang members. christian? >> reporter: three month-old isaac garcia was killed here. we were here today as the east palo alto police planned a series of raids at their sub station, then fanned out around town. the ktvu cameras were there before dawn as the palo alto police and probation officers were going door-to-door, looking for probation violaters. they say the sweeps come on the heels of the june fifth murder of garcia. >> we're sending a clear message to the gang members, a variety of them that the behavior wouldn't be tolerated. >> reporter: investigators only found a handful of the known and accused gang members.
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jose loyas was on probation, shocked when half a dozen officers showed up at his home, searched and questioned him. >> i was embarrassed, surprised, shocked, why would i run? >> reporter: he says he is not a gang member and that he he is working hard to turn his life around. >> i am trying to keep it cool, not be like those kids, for what happened here. >> reporter: neighbors say the sweeps won't do anything to keep the streets safe. >> we all know who the gang members shall, we all know who does it. and we're all afraid. and we need cops to be serious instead of having the phony photo opportunities. >> investigators say this was the fourth in a series of sweeps, investigators will be meeting with other law enforcement on the peninsula and other authorities to try to stop the gang problem. live, east palo alto, channel 2 action news. and tonight there is still no word on when governor jerry brown plans to sign the new
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state budget. democrats used the new voter approved simple majority to approve the spending plan. lawmakers closed the deficit with deep cuts and new fees. and what some consider to be overly optimistic estimates that the state will see billions more in revenue increases. republicans stone walled the governor's plan to put tax hike extensions on the ballot, as a way to balance the budget. >> and president obama throwing down the hammer on taxes and americans. >> i think it is only fair to ask an oil company or corporate jet owner that has done so well to give up that tax break that no other business enjoys. i don't think that is real radical. >> reporter: republicans are firing back saying they won't consider rolling back bush era tax reductions for the rich. but president obama says he believes a bipartisan agreement is possible to reduce the nation's deficit and raise the government's debt limit by
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august. and in san jose, urging them to give young immigrants a better future. >> hold on, education. >> this afternoon, members of the group, siren, held a rally at the plaza, calling for a passage of the dream act, offering the citizenship for people who came to the u.s. as citizens. young immigrants can join if they join the military or plan to go to college. and source of the fuel spill at lake meredith still a mystery. the cleanup wrapped up tonight, all areas open for recreation today. crews worked on the spilled oil yesterday. and what a difference a day makes, temperatures increasing, still in the 70s, on their way
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to much warmer, and the fog here, out towards pacific a, and you see there it is foggy, cloudy, the fog will thicken up tonight. it will go right through the bay area, hanging right at the coastline. it won't have a big huge push inland. and burning back, i think we'll see sunshine right through the weekend and coastal locations, partly cloudy and sunny. you get the picture, a big warmup in storm. the rain is over. as we roll through the bay area weekend, not just mild temperatures like today, but hot temperatures, high temperatures. forecast overnight lows in the 50s, overnight lows giving way to temperatures tomorrow, easily getting into the upper 70s, low 80s. and in the weekend, the high pressure gets intense, a little bit of an offshore flow. but the big thing will be the hot air coming out of # desert southwest, we see the temperatures touching the upper 90s, and the temperatures showing you some 80s or orange,
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right, yellows or 70s. you get a temperature foot print there, and i like this map for a lot of reasons. you can just look at it. you get the feel for a coastal environment, we'll show you the map tomorrow, red showing up. and forecast tomorrow, 82 in fairfield, a very interesting year we have had. amention today rain yesterday, we talked about it. the up shot is, besides the yard looking very good, it definitely shortens the fire season by at least a month, this is great news, this time last year we had big fires already. in many areas we're looking at a much better set up for the next few weeks. as you go into the 4th of july it is nice to have high fuel moisture, that is what we have right now. high temperatures, there is the weekend always in view, the numbers, easily in the 90s. >> and the forecast -- >> with no fire danger.
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all right, thank you bill. the 4th of july weekend is here, with it an american tradition. fireworks, only 11 cities in the nine bay area counties and santa cruz county allow fireworks sales, in most of the places it started yesterday. but in gilroy, the fireworks sales happen friday. it is hoped the city will net more than 24,000 from fireworks sales. and another upset, the big name tennis star out of the tournament, more coming up with sports. first, one of the biggest exhibits of its kind. a preview of the transforming at the aquarium, days before it opens to the public m
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. after nearly a year of renovation, the monterey bay aquarium, signature exhibit about to open to the public. 10,000 fish and sea creatures were removed from the popular outer bay gallery. the huge tank was cleaned and refilled with new lighting and heating. and there are new residents as well. >> we added new components, including these behind us here.
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>> the puffinhabitat lets people get close to the birds that can dive and hold their breath for up to a minute. it has a new name, the sea gallery, set to open on saturday. and right now, giants in action, how are they tonight? >> giants hottest team in baseball right now's winners of seven in a row, two behind second place arizona, and san francisco again at wrigley field tonight. playing the kind of giant baseball we like. dempster, matching, huff looking in the fourth. tim lincecum in a jam. he responded, soriano, johnson and dempster to get out of the inning, end the threat. top of the 6th. the game still scoreless. and men's quarterfinals set at wimbledon, and six-time
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champion, federer looking from the outside in. the quarterfinals today against the 12-seeded tsonga, federer wins this point, in fact winning the first two sets of the match. federer known for his serve, but tsonga answers with a comeback. now it will be tsonga, match point, and tsonga comes back to win three straight, moving on against djokovic today. top seed nadal to meet murray in the other semifinals match. and while we wonder what the warriors team is going to do, they exercised the contract on curry, with the team for two seasons, he exercised the third option. the warriors control the future of both of the players through the spring of 2013. lots more sports tonight at 10:00. >> all right see you then, thank you joe.
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and you may have seen the machines that turn your spare change into nice cash. we will coming up tonight, one man who authorities say figured out how to cheat the system, defrauding the bay area supermarkets. what he did, and how he slipped up. coming tonight. and for more information on the irish player that was injured, you go to there you will find the full story and the video, have a great evening everybody i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here --
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