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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 30, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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in lock down. the incident involving a fork lift. a possible new include in the disappearance of missing bay area nursing student michelle le. it's shifting the investigation out of state. also, palo alto are investigating repo rage. mornings on 2 starts right now. good morning to you. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. this morning dozens of police officers will have to turn in their badges. claudine wong just got information from the mayor. >> reporter: the mayor told me he agrees. the department does not have enough officers.
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instead of letting them go they need to hire more but they can't afford it. the city will say good-bye to almost 70 san jose police officers. this is the last of the fiscal year. the mayor said their jobs couldn't be saved. they couldn't sacrifice it for the sake of these jobs but did say they did everything they could. >> the council worked hard to avoid this but we don't have the money. we increased the budgets, but everybody else took 10% cuts. we took money to avoid as many layoffs as we could. >> reporter: this comes as san jose is dealing with the highest homicide rate in years, 28. the union president said in a letter published in the mercury news that that makes these layoffs quote the most dangerous thing san jose could have done. i asked the mayor about that very issue this morning and this is what he had to say.
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so far, i haven't found a criminologist that tells meet number of officers -- last time the rate fell. this year it's going up. we do know that gangs are much more active than this year than they were last year. >> reporter: so the mayor says what the cleave of police is going to do is reassign other officers to focus on gangs. the focus will also be on responding to emergency calls, getting more officers in the patrol units. we have seen officers put the focus on patrols. no arguments from the mayor, that this is a difficult day. no argument that more officers are needed. he just said the city can't afford to keep them. some jail convicts could get some good news today. a vote could make one out of
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every 20 federal press nerals eligible -- prisoners eligible for early release. the crime they are convicted of under scrutiny. right now almost 200 bay hear boy scouts are using their survival skills after being cut off by a rising river. these scouts are camped out. three quarters of the 240 boy scouts along with the adults who are supervising them, they're separated from the rest of the group. the rain that fell on tuesday made a river rise so much it can no longer use a foot bridge to cross it. the fire service has been in touch with the boy scouts. they're all fine. the river is now subsiding. they think they will be able to cross it later today. investigators say a hospital error cost the life of a developmentally disabled woman in the north bai. a coroner says that the staff placed the patient on a
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ventilator but failed to check if it was working. the death has been ruled an accident. marin general could face $100,000. there is renewed debate in san francisco over weather to contract out hospital security to a private firm. the chronicle reports this move would help cut costs. currently police officers and sheriff's deputies provide security. today a board vive -- of supervisors committee will -- the service union is against the proposal. police say a palo alto woman close to scratch up her car remember than stand there and watch it be repo seased. the daily news is reporting 32-year-old angelic williams and her 1991 toyota corolla was seized by the repo man. when the workers cased the car away she chased after them in
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another car. investigators say she rammed into her characters the corow larks pushing it into an intersection. authorities arrested miss williams on suspicion of assault. an inmate is captured. another one was killed trying to escape from a washington state prison. 25-year-old dominic mol din nad doe took a guard hostage. his assistant drove a car into the finance and a gunman shot him. that prison, by the way; still in lockdown. there is an intriguing new clue about the disappearance of missing nursing student michelle le. jade hernandez joins us. she's in hayward. >> reporter: it's been a month
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since michelle le disappeared. her detectives may be pushing -- cell phone may be pushing directs out of state. there were calls made from her cell phone after her disappearance. that led detectives out of state. one came from a reno, nevada phone and one from somewhere else. le's brother michael confirmed the phone call and passed along what was said to report. it said le's suv, which had a splatter of blood inside was found close to where le disappeared and spotted by witness four hours after she vanished. sources have confirmed those calls and information. le, a nursing student; a san diego nayty. i received an email. the family said they don't want to jeopardize the investigation.
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in the meantime they've been organizing search parties. they plan to head up another search for the 26-year-old next weekend. a reward is still being offered for many -- information. the police are still investigating. we're live at hayward police headquarters this morning. we're waiting for a response. as soon as we get more information, we'll pass it along to you. >> thank you. a second cat was killed in marin county by what's suspected to be some kind of wild an ma. the remains were discovered tuesday afternoon in the same hear where another cat was killed on saturday. the marin humane society tbleefs is a coyote.
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a sweeping child vaccination law takes effect in california tomorrow. the law affects about 3 million public and private students entering grades 7 through 12. students must have paperwork documenting they had vaccinations against whooping cough. governor schwarzenegger signed the bill. 9,000 got infected and 10 infants died last year. >> that's a big deal. the school also in the let them back in without it. >> if a been getting emails reminding parents. >> got to get it done. hi, sal. how are we doing on the roads? >> let's go outside and take a look. we're showing you the bay bridge. the traffic is going to be okay if you're driving on to the san francisco side and no major problems there. on interstate 880, traffic is
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moving along nicely passing the oakland coliseum. 580 slow coming in through the valley. we have slow traffic in hayward but that slowdown isn't that deep. we are seeing some lighter conditions. we had a little bit of slow traffic reported on interstate 280. let's go to steve. >> still some fog around, not a lot but there's some sun. mostly sunny already but some of that patchy fog hanging around. it gave us all that rain on tuesday. your forecast today after patchy fog, there will be sunshine. it will be in the 60s or very very low 70s. there seems to be more fog. sunshine. tomorrow some patchy fog probably would be shallow as the high prsh builds in. hot inland. the high builds in.
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it's a slow process. i'm not jumping on boompletd our system that gave us all that rain, some in the sierras, has left behind cool readings. a lot of mid-50s. still some low 50s hanging around which is cool, but a west southwest wind. west southwest at vacaville. the clock check airport had a puff of a little breeze. that system moving in the a significant northwest keeps that in check but it's on its day. tomorrow it will start to work its way. temperatures begin to bump up. then right into the holiday weekend. lots of sunshine after some of the patchy low fog and clouds. 60s, 70s, napa 80s.
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5 brentwood. 68 berkeley. san leandro pleasant. coop teen know, even santa cruise. all 74 to 76. still that westerly breeze or patchy low clouds. then warmer weather receipt into the 4th. happening right now, a senate finance committee hearing on capitol hill. senators are looking into the various issues that impact the budget deficit and how those issues will affect the deficit reduction debate going forward. these are live pictures from -- all right, from the hearing. that, however, right in the center of your screen appears to be stephen colbert. not quite sure what he's doing
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there but that is a budget deficit hearing going on on capitol hill. >> he's testified before. it's interesting to see him back there again. getting veterans back to work with about 27% of young veterans without a job. how the government can play a key role. a judge has decided whether the arizona shooting suspect can be forced to take medication. a security scare for the president of france. what happened as he was shaking hands in the city receipt outside paris.
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sunshine for many. it will be warmer today.
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70s and 80s. temperatures will continue it go up as we head into the holiday weekend. defense secretary robert gates retires today after nearly five years on the job. al son burns -- alison burns has the sendoff. >> reporter: let's get to a live look. the formal retirement ceremony is underway for the man analysts in washington, d.c. are calling the best defense secretary in u.s. history. president obama is speaking. let's listen. >> a secretary of defense who had their back, who fought for them and did everything in his power to bring them home safely. let me also thank becky for her extraordinary support of our extraordinary military families. she's been there day in and day
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out. in many ways i know both bob and becky consider our troops to be like their own sons and daughters. burkes -- bob, your sense of responsibility to them is profound. it's a responsibility we've shared has leaders who have served every day in a time of war. we're the ones who send them into harm's way. we visit them in the field knowing that we are the reason they're there. we've stood in solemn respect at dover when our fallen heroes have maid their final journey home. they gave so our loved ones can be secure. we note heavy wages of war and we know america shares an obligation to all who serve. so today we not only pay tribute
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-- >> secretary gates will be speak next. help sent an open letter telling them it's been the honor of his life to serve with them and to lead them. we'll stay on top of this and bring you more on what retiring secretary robert gates has to say. ally son burns --ally son burns. >> a scare for french president nicholas sarkozy. an unidentified man yanked him by the shoulder and nearly knocked him down. mr. sarkozy looked flustered. a federal judge ruled that jared loughner can be forcefully
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medicated. loughner has been jailed since may since he was deemed unfit to stand trial. doctors have diagnosed him with schizophrenia. prosecutors say he threw chairs at staff members and lunged at his own lawyer. he is accused of killing six people, and wounding 13 others, including gabrielle giffords. a vote could make one out of every 0 prisoners eligible for release. the congress passed it, rk mending lowering sentences for those convicted of crack cocaine. the idea was to correct a disparity between crack cocaine and powder cocaine. however, the change didn't apply to people already in pries son. today the u.s. sentencing commission will decide whether those sentences should be
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reduced. governors around the country are being asked to help out veterans. about 27% of young military veterans are unemployed. he told the association to encourage business leaders in their states to hire more veterans. the religious police in saudi arabia arrested five women for driving a car, defying the ban on women behind the wheel. they said the arrest will only encourage more to drive in this quote ridiculous' because of our most basis rights. women had a receipt to drive campaign. they said it was inspired by the up risings in egypt and tunisia. we're hearing from a friend of the mtv star who died in that
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drunk driving crash. he said ryan dunn crashed his car in the same spot in 1996. he described him as a mane ni ac driver. he texted him that he was going for a beer. reports he is that -- showed that his alcohol level was above the legal limits. pan oakland-based dance company, known for breaking barriers will be performing on a national stage tonight. dancers from the action sips dance company will be featured on "so you think you can dance." two will represent the company tonight on the show. so you think you can dance airs on channel 2.
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>> yes, they can dance. a chinese delicacy in the middle of a con trough ser sigh -- controversy. did you hear about the turtle the crossing a tarmac? yeah. they have a stwit -- twitter account. traffic looks good driving up to the tunnel. i'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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air traffic is back to normal at new york's busy jfk airport after a delay because of turtles. more than 150 turtles crossed the runway to reach an ideal spot for laying eggs. this caused a delay up to two hours. it's not surprising to see turtles. it's surrounded by a bay and
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wetlands. people began tweeting about it. this morning turtles have their own twitter account. one explanation is don't delay blame --ly what delays on us. well, shark fin soup will be a thing of the past in hawaii. shark fins were banned. restaurants that serve shark fin soup after that deadline face a $5,000 fine. >> all right. we want to check in again with sal castaneda. >> it went up very much in the last few hours. good morning, everyone. all of us are on twitter or most of us are on twitter.
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you can go to and follow us. westbound 237, some stop and go traffic which is typical. there's no major problems. remember, the carpool lanes for those people with yellow stirks or gold stickers on the hybrid change tomorrow. traffic is moving along nicely. if you're driving to the bay bridge, it's crowded on the incline, but not a big delay at the toll plaza. it's about eight to 10 minutes. let's go to steve. we have patchy fog, kind of lit and miss, mostly sunny conditions. some of that nothing mean has slow process. a lot of 60s there. that system that gave us the record rain on tuesday has moveed into utah. 50s, a few trying to work their way up. west southwest at vacaville.
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a little hint of east northeast at the oakland airport. a system moving into the pacific northwest keeps things in check. high pressure in the four corners will build in. lots of sunshine. sun warmer larks breeze at times, but 60s, 70s and low to mid-80s, temperatures are rebounding. then by tomorrow we'll start to see warmer weather. that will take us right into the 4th of july. how a 98-year-old woman died in a house fire. what the neighbors are saying about how that fire may have started. if you have a hybrid car and by yourself crossing the bridge, tomorrow you got to bring money. whoa!! the really big chicken sandwich combo is back!
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new rules start tomorrow that will affect drivers. kraig debro joins us to tell us about toll increases and carpool lane changes. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: hybrid cars starting tomorrow -- i just got this list. i went to the toll booth office. it goes from two to seven axles.
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two axles it says varies. i'll look into it. you can pay up to $24 just to cross one of the bridges. carpool lanes still a great deal. if you have one of the hybrids with a yellow sticker, tomorrow it will cost you at least $2.50. did emission vehicles will get to cross for free. those include all electric cars, the leaf and those that run on compression natural gals or hydrogen. the big rigs will take the hit. it will cost them $18. $22 on the golden gate bridge. people who use trailer also have
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to pay $10.50. cable cars will be $6 tomorrow. money fast passes -- muni fast passes will go up. $2 more for a fast pass for everybody else. the roan north increases, they're supposed to be paying for seismic retrofits. they're constructing a new office there. i'm not sure if that's part of the retrofit. appears it will be paying for that as well. kraig debro reporting. well, a growing new mexico wildfire is getting closer to the los alamos nuclear lab. however, the government is taking action to make sure the radiation levels stay safe. we'll bring you will live update
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from los alamos. the city of alameda will bring in a retired officer to investigate the drowning of a man at crown bee. the website offers public safety consulting services. he will issue a report on that much criticized response by hall plead da rescuers in the case of a suicidal man. the alameda fire chief said his crew did not go into the water to save the man because they were not properly trained and that was due to budget cutbacks. the investigation continues into a deadly house fire in the east bay. a 98-year-old woman from el salvador was killed. the fire started yesterday evening on king drive in the hills above el cerrito. there's no word on the cause but
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veers are -- investigators are looking into whether candles may have tepped -- tipped over by a shrine. >> she used to light candles in her room and pray. >> the son suffered burns trying to save his mother. his child got out of the home safely. a contra costa school dealing with the aftermath of the storm. the school is being renovated. we're hearing it suffered major water damage in the rain we had a day or so ago. plastic covers are put around the building. you can see on the side it's a k-12 grade school for special ed students. the city will try to pass a new city busmght tonight's
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meeting is a follow-up to tuesday's meeting when council members debated three different budget plans. the deadline to mass a budget is midnight tonight. it is 7:33. governor brown still has not signed the state budget bill passed by the legislature tuesday night. the governor is expected to sign it today. the new fiscal year begins tomorrow. governor brown vetoed it last book. then he worked with democrats to come up with a revised version. >> we're learning that lieutenant governor gavin newsom gave up his salary to balance the budget. the lieutenant governor probably didn't suffer too much financially. according to the san francisco chronicle, newsom is the wealthiest elected official in california. an east bay teenager who was
7:35 am
buried alive at a santa cruz beach remains in critical condition. doctors have weaned him off the drugs that kept him sedated and he is functioning on his own. last saturday the teenager got trapped under seven feet of sand after a cave he was building with a friend collapsed. a united airlines flight that took off from san francisco made an emergency landing it. was united flight 88. the crew reported a possible fuel like. the pilot landed safely in omaha, nebraska. one of the passengers said the takeoff was delayed for three hours for mechanical problems. >> i think people reacted decently. they sack sented that we were going -- accepted that we were
7:36 am
going to be really late. >> now 181 passengers were put on a new plane. it took them on to mass mass. the plane reported with the fuel like is being inspctd. santa rosa police arrested a man accused of killing an officer. it happened tuesday. 36-year-old jack romero was killed. police arrested ryan mitchell diaz and his girlfriend, who they believe was an accessory. they said the motive remains unclear but the two knew each other and had disagreements in the past. prisoners at pelican state prison are planning to stage a hunger strike tomorrow protesting what they call inhumane conditions at the prison in crescent city. there will be a news conference
7:37 am
in downtown oakland later this morning. it houses some of california's most dangerous inmates. you may see smoke over lake tahoe today because of two prescribed burns. they're set to begin in different parts of national forest and in lake tahoe. one is on the east side of the lake. the other is above the rubicon bay. they hopefully can reduce the chance of a wildfire. >> we want to check in with sal, keeping a close eye on the commute. >> reporter: good morning to you. traffic does move along well around the bay area but there are spots. the bay bridge. we have a typical delay. i was thinking maybe some people would be taking a vacation surrounding the holiday. you'll be waiting for about 15 minutes before you get on. now there is a new injury
7:38 am
accident on 101 in both directions between sharepoint and oift per point. if you're going to san francisco, be aware of that. we'll try to get that coming up. this one just came. 237. the traffic is moving along relatively well. let's go to the south bay. traffic is doing okay. a little bit of slow traffic on 280 near the choke points at 880. moving to livermore valley, slow traffic and hayward is slow. again, we have that crash in shout san francisco on 101. we'll update you on that coming up. steve? >> mostly sunny. the high will burn off the fog. we have temperatures that will be in the 60s and 70s around the coast. if you're heading up to the mountains, we're getting 30s and 40s. the afternoon highs will get
7:39 am
into the 80s for the weekend. for us fog around, 40s, 50s. by afternoon 58 to 75. temperatures will be rebounding due to the fact we have a lot or sunshine. it will be warmer for many. the system that gave us the rain on tuesday has moved into utah. patchy low clouds. water temps continue to be fog. with the high building in, it's going to limit how much this can move inland. it will be a coast and bay event. 50s. upper 40s, 50s. still sea breeze for many. west northwest sfo over south pablo bay, but an easterly component and also san jose, but not much. that system is one moving into the pacific northwest. that continues to hold the high in check. this will start to build. it's not that fast. temperatures will begin to warm
7:40 am
up. today a warmup. then we'll take that into sunday, monday. still 60s and 70s closer to the beaches. lots of sunshine today. the breeze does kick in later. 64, clear lake and ukia 84. novato 79. sandville, low 80s. oakland 70. hayward 72. low to mid-80s santa clara valley. redwood city and mountain view. millbrae low 70s. warmer along the embarcadero. fog, sun, warmer and inland as we go into the holiday weekend. happening right now, a legal
7:41 am
victory this morning for a popular pumpkin farm operating in half moon day. the san mateo planning commission voted yesterday that the erata pumpkin farm can continue running some of the attractions. it has a train ride, bounce house and hay ride. some say it unfairly uses it to boost profits. new numbers of jobless claims out this morning, plus, what some states are using to fill the skills gap between training and jobs. could she have done better. meg whitman gives her relax to the state budget and how she thinks governor brown is doing so far.
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numbers are higher. there was business activity. the midwest is surging. the dow is up 122. nasdaq is up 25. s&p 500 is up 11, but the big reason the stocks are up this morning, 45 minutes ago the greek parliament passed a second us aster right -- you aster ri ti measure. there have been violent clashes between police and protesters. more than 300 injured. yesterday the parliament authorized steep spending cuts
7:45 am
and tax increases. also this morning the labor department had mixed news on the job market here in the u.s. first time claims were down but only by 1,000 at 428,000. economists had expected the number to drop more than that continuing claims were also done 12,000,. 3.7million people are receiving jobless benefits. a rhode island congressman is pushing for a federal program to bridge the skills ga. many businesses say they have jobs. they just can't find workers with the special skills needed to do the work. some states are offering free tuition to attend community college for in-demand industries. others are setting up partnerships to make sure students are learning the skills that companies want. the second largest website devoted to daily coupons is preparing for a public offering. living social is reported to be
7:46 am
in talks with investment banks to handle the deal. experts say the company could be valued at between $10 and $15 b living social hopes to raise $1 billion when the stock goes public. the rival groupon filed for a $550 million ipo. the fire burning near the los alamos nuclear weapons lab is getting bigger. a plane is flying over the lab, monitoring radiation levels. this fire has grown to 125 square miles. this is big, dan. good morning. >> reporter: this sure is, dave. one fire official is calling this a make or break day. it's all coming down to the weather. conditions have been favorable the last couple of days. winds are light. that's all expected to change later this morning when they're
7:47 am
expected wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour. they were haibl to create back fires creating a buffer. the fire chief here says it's only about a 10% chance of that fire crossing the line and getting into the sensitive areas. it depends on the winds. 90,000 acres have burned so far. out of 1,000 people -- 12,000 have been des placed -- displaced. there's a lot of concern about those waste drums, 55-gallon drums that contain a lot of low level radioactive waste. officials acting on concerns of the public around here through planes yesterday that went through the smoke to try to
7:48 am
detect radiation within the smoke and they detected nothing. they're saying the lab is save. the drums can withstand fire even if the fire gets to them. the drums are underground but some of the public isn't sure that to make of it. so right now winds are light, bush, again, expect it to peck up later today. 800 firefighters here and 20 aircraft, including ones that can drop fear retarp dent in -- retar dent in five seconds. >> thank you for that update. back here at home, former gubernatorial candidate meg whitman giving her take on the state budget that was passed by
7:49 am
lawmakers in sacramento. she calls it a plan filled with gimmicks that lacks real profoamplet whrit man, who lost to jerry brown is now working as an adviser to mitt romney and his presidential campaign. talking about losing to jerry brown, she said one problem is people didn't get to know her. the only jurisdiction to file an appeal against the 2010 u.s. census is the bay area. the san mateo town is disputing this saying workers may have counted too many people. the more people, the more money. the mayor wants to make sure the funding gets into the right ands. co-- coma has filed an apeople and is the only one saying their count is too high. up for sale.
7:50 am
a controversial idea to make money post beaches in one california city. plus, a plane crashes into a house. the homeowner's incredible survival story.
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7:52 am
for the second year in a row redwood city will not have a fireworks display. it costs $65,000 to put on the show and the city said it doesn't have the money. one family said they pile into the car to see fireworks last year but won't be doing that this year. >> we tried to go to foster city, and the traffic was terrible. >> but there will be an independence parade and festival. street closure signs went up. the star of the show will be the redwood city fire department as
7:53 am
it celebrates 150 years of service. hey, be careful if you're heading to a beach this holiday weekend. a new environmental report lists some of the worst tbheeches america. they're in ohio, louisiana and indiana. california, by the way, ranked 22nd out of 30 states. the most polluted beach in california, according to the list, avalon beach in los angeles county. the worst bay area beach, according to the list, san francisco's candlestick point, wind surfer circle. 52% of samples exceeded state standards. san diego is hoping to make money off its famous beaches. the city council has been thinking about allowing advertisements on the bee. environmental evidents say it will spoil the natural setting. the clock is ticking towards
7:54 am
tonight's midnight deadline and the labor distribute threatening the pro basketball season. they're meeting in the final hours before their collective bargaining agreement expires. the two remain far apart. the owners could lock out the players for the first time since the nba season was reduced to 50 games 13 years ago. the city of sacramento is expected to unveil its plans to build a downtown arena for the nba franchise. the sacramento kings were close to moving to anaheim before deciding lamps month to stay at least one more season in sacramento. but the nba has told sacramento this must have a new arena plan in place by next march or the kings will likely move out of town. two people died as a small plane crashed flight a louse in michigan. the pilot was trying to land his plane at a nearby airport when
7:55 am
he crashed into that house. now no one on the ground or in the house was hurt, but the homeowner was in his bedroom looking out the window as that plane was coming right at his window. >> he hit the wall between the master bedroom and the guest bedroom and the whole house shook and caved in the window. i jumped up, grabbed the fire extinguisher, called 911. >> the faa and ntsb both are investigating that crash. >> we want to check in with sal and see how things are moving, especially the bay bridge toll plaza. going to see slow traffic for sure. the traffic will be backed up. there's a crash when you get to the other site on highway 101. there's a four-car crash. this is south of candlestick park. we'll have more on that coming up in just a moment. let's move along and take a look
7:56 am
at the commute here. if you are driving on 808 northbound -- 880 northbound, you'll see traffic is busy, but it's not stop and go just yet. if you're driving in the south bay, the traffic is okay. 101 is to be avoided in san francisco and northbound as you can see here. let me see if i can circle it for you. this hear here, right here between let's say the airport and san francisco, you should avoid that area if at all possible because of that crash. use 280. get yourself into the city that way. we'll tell you more about this crash coming up. let's go to steve. >> we have patchy fog around but temperatures coming up today, leaning more toward as little bit. even though more sunshine, they won't skyrocket. still some fog around. it's all over the place but there's more sunshine. if you're heading up to the
7:57 am
mountains, the one thing you have to watch out forks the high river watches. they're running very cold, very fast. low 30s and 40s. it will be hot. we have that system that left us on tuesday now into utah. 50s and 60s and low 50s. so the nights continue to be cool. one more system has to move. after that high pressure shows every sign of coming in in a beg way. lots of sunshine. 60s, 70s and low 80s. fog will be a factor but everything shows sunshine. tragedy in the east bay. a 98-year-old woman dies in a house fire. why the investigation focuses on what happened in a closet.
7:58 am
police are calling this a dark day in san jose's history as they get ready to say good-bye to 70 of their officers. hayward police in the last 20 minutes dispute a report about phone calls made from michelle le's cell phone after her disappearance. a live report coming up.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's thursday, june 30th. dozens of san jose police officers are just about to turn in their badges. they're being laid off because of the city's budget crisis. claudine wong is joining us. you just talked to police officers. >> reporter: dave, this is it. this is the last day of work for 70 san jose police officers because today is the last day of the fiscal year and tomorrow their jobs simply don't exist. they will be turning in their badges, wrapping up final paperwork. >> it was a dark day in the hex of san jose pd.
8:01 am
this has never happened before. the department has a long hex of being professional, being a standard in the country. for us to be laying off 70 of our finest, most productive officers is tragic. >> reporter: what will happen today in terms of turning in badges and equipment. >> we have been outprocessing these officers for four days, counseling on how to obtain jobs elsewhere, advice on what their options are here with the city and turning in their gear. that has been done in stages. i don't know how much of the gear has been turned in, but i believe please of this has. basically, all of the gear that is issued by the city of san jose, as far as their weapons, their belts, so on, so forth, that will be turned into today. >> reporter: the sergeant said that will happen between 11:00
8:02 am
and 1:00. he said about 20 to 30 officers have found jobs other places. some have signed up to be on the reserve here. they're losing officers with two to six years of experience. he said it's tough on morale. sadness as they let go of the officers, but they said their focus is on doing the job at hand even though that pleons slower response time, fewer services for the city of san jose. again, a tough day. the mayor telling me he agrees. he knows if's tough but the city can't afford to keep these officers on the job. >> a major story. thank you. there will soon be more police officerses patrolling the
8:03 am
streets of oakland's highest crime area. they will exstand in east oakland. oakland is also dealing with a big budget crisis. however, police officials said they can still increase patrols with a more efficient use of the officers they already have. tonight the oakland city council will try to pass a new city budget, hours before the new fiscal year starts. tonight's meeting is a follow-up to tuesday's meeting. they couldn't agre on which one to pass. president deadline to pass a budget is midnight tonight. we are getting some new information about some phone calls reportedly made from missing nursing student michelle le's cell phone after she disappeared. ktvu reporter jade hernandez just talked to police. jade, what are they saying about the phone calls? >> reporter: within the past 20
8:04 am
minutes a lute confirmed they investigated phone calls made out of reno, nevada and arizona. he said they decide not come from michelle le's cell phone after her disappearance. >> we haven't been talked to other than this moment relative to the news releases. we are the closest source. i don't know where the information is come from. it does muddy the waters. it throws out ideas that may or may not be true. >> reporter: we've been told -- knish ll athe report was that the calls came from her cell phone after she vanished. hayward's lieutenant roger keener told me they haven't spoken to any witnesses who saw the car. i received an email from the family spokeswoman disputing the
8:05 am
completes the family contends they don't want to jeopardize this investigation. in the meantime they've been organizing search parties and they will continue to do so. they plan to head up another search next weekend. a $65,000 reward is being offered. as for police they're still investigating as a homicide. we're live at police headquarters in hayward. we also checked in with the family this morning. we're waiting for the spokeswoman for the family to get back with us. but a lot of new developments in this case this morning. reporting live from hayward, jade hernandez. >> thank you. this morning the investigation continues into a deadly house fire in the east bay a98-year-old -- bay. a 98-year-old woman from el safe va dore was killed. the victim's son suffered minor
8:06 am
burns trying to save his moargts. his child got out safely. witnesses described a frightening scene. >> this was scary. it was a lot of smoke. smoke was way in the air. you could see things burning and stalling to the ground. we were afraid the trees would catch fire. there's no official word on the cause. investigators say this may have started from candles tipping over in a religious shrine. a plan that took off from san francisco made an emergency landing in nebraska. this was headed to boston. the pilot landed safely in omaha, nebraska. one of the passengers said it was a three-our delay before the plane took whoever from san francisco. >> i think the people reacted decently. they already accepted that we
8:07 am
would be really late. 181 passengers were put on a replacement plane. the plane with the fuel like is being inspected. inmates at pelican bay prison are preparing hunger strike tomorrow. the inmates are protesting what they call inhumane conditions. the supporters will tell pus more at a news conference in downtown oakland later this morning. pelican bay houses some of california's most dangerous inmates. >> an east bay teenager who was buried alive at a santa cruz beach remains in critical condition. but ryan buchanan's family has hopeful news. his doctors have weaned him off the drugs that kept him sedated. he is functioning on his own. they are hoping he will be able
8:08 am
to open his eyes soon. they got trapped under seven feet of sand after a tunnel he was digging with a friend collapsed. well, fewer californians are planning to travel over the 4th of july holiday weekend. according to aaa, about 3.6 million californians will drive 50 miles. that's 2% less than last year. air travel is expected to slightly go up. aaa said high gasoline prices and the economy are some of the reasons some people will stay closer to home. >> some of those staycations as they like to crawl them. >> staycations. >> let's go to sal. trying to get a picture of highway 101 in san francisco. traffic is backed knew san francisco if because of this multivehicle crash. it's been there going on an
8:09 am
hour. 101, we do not advice you -- advise you doing 101. use 280 and go around. 101 leading down to the airport you're going to be late if you get into that sea of traffic. it's slow past the airport. let's go to the sol plays -- toll plaza. let's go to 101. you can see 101 is slow heading heading to the ups building. you can see southbound 101 is pretty slow. even in the city i wouldn't advise using 101. get on the 280 extension instead. let less go to steve. sunshine for many. fog continues to swirl and dance down the coast. most of did is gone inland.
8:10 am
it's solid towards the monterey bay but sunshine for many. temperatures will come up a little bit. we have a sea breeze, nothing -- we'll rebound from the cool temps. tomorrow coast fog. it will be shallow. this will burn off sooner. it will be warmer away from the coast. temperatures will be a huge degree difference and the weekend looks warmer with hot conditions inland. that low cloudiness, water temperatures still cold. without a north, northeast wind it will be there. 60s for some. 60 hayward. 57 san rafael. point rain and san mateo cost and then the santa cruz. calm conditions but not very strong. the system is moving in from the
8:11 am
north. moisture continues to wrap around the high. some of it may creep into the sierra nevada. temperatures will bottom out. we'll take that warming trend. then we'll level it off. seer pray -- sierra nevada. the slow melt has been really slow. when you get temperatures that warm up fast, running very high, very cold. highs will be in the 70s. it will be hot in marino. lots of sunshine. 60s, 70s and 80s. temperatures coming up. 70s, 80s. tomorrow we'll see a definite separation between the coast and inland areas. brentwood 85.
8:12 am
4 in gilroy. strrs centerville 75. warm weather is on the way for just about everybody, especially last we head into sunday and monday. political analysts are not laughing over stephen colbert's appearance. we saw his star before the federal election commission about an hour ago. we were wondering why he was there. now we know. he is starting a super political action committee or pac and is seeking an exemption allowing him to use staff land resources for the pac. coal brt is trying to poke fun at campaign finance laws, but many worry that people can use resources from their networks to help their action committees. >> very interesting. >> now we know. terrorizing the terrorists. we'll tell you about a hacker
8:13 am
attack that's targeting exait. a death shut down public swimming pools. also, a young woman throwing a penalty flag at a controversial former 49er.
8:14 am
8:15 am
good morning. temperatures in the 50s. we'll end up with 80s for highs. by the coast still some fog
8:16 am
around, highs 60s and 70s around the bay. major change is happening today for our nation's military. the last hour we were watching as defense secretary robert gates' retirement ceremony took place. as alison burns reports, you got a surprise from president obama. >> reporter: that's right, president obama bestowed robert gates with the presidential medal of freedom. it honors his more than 40 years of public service including nearly five years of defense secretary during two wars. here's how president obama described him. >> a humble, american patriot, a man of common sense and decency. quite simply one of our nation's finest public servants. >> reporter: for his part
8:17 am
secretary gates thanked him and former george w. bush. >> for that i will always be grateful. >> reporter: gates' successor leon panetta will be sworn in later on. lieutenant general david petraeus will replace leon panetta. the president said losing them boghts for the summer is a big let for the pentagon. >> thank you, alison. a popular al qaeda online forum last been taken down by hackers. the website was attacked on both the primary web doe plain and the data server. the site has been lay one of the most trusted places for distributing propaganda.
8:18 am
a new study suggests it was u.n. peacekeepers who brought in cholera to haiti last fall. it kelled many has the nation was recovering. it said that u.n. peacekeepers brought it. the troops came from an area of nepal that was experiencing a cholera outbreak at the time. seven people are recovering from injuries after the latest earthquake in japan. the 5.4 quake hit north of tokyo and also caused cracks. there have been a number of smaller earthquakes since the massive deadly quake and sunomi back in march. a woman drowned in a pool but her body want found for
8:19 am
several days. some young swimmers jumped over the fence. investigators want to know if she had been in the people sense sunday. >> my kid goes to that pool. my kids are four. if they weren't paying attention to a 36-year-old, what makes you think they will pay attention to a kid. >> she was watching a 9-year-old boy who slipped on a wart slide and within the under wart. the boy said he told lifeguards but no action was taken. the police are investigating. a new study suggests more teenagers are abusing drugs. the national center for addiction said adolescent drug abuse is the nation's number one health problems. they include alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and prescription drugs. there's a new census bureau
8:20 am
report out. the figures show the number of african-american children living in major cities have dropped dramatically in the past two years. new orleans saw the biggest drop. they're blaming that on the impact of hurricane katrina. the city of oakland had 42.3. chicago saw a drop of 31%. new york 21%. researchers say the lower numbers are mostly due to young african-american parents relocating to the suburbs. former 49er receiver terrell owens is accused of dropping the ball so to speak when it comes to being a dad. a woman said that owens refuses to pay the monthly child support that she is owed -- $5,000. the woman satisfied despite a court order owens decided to pay
8:21 am
less. he's recovering from knee surgery and cannot sign with a theme until the nfl lockout is resolved. prince william and catherine arrive in canada on their first official trip overseas. details have been set up. the duke and duchess of cambridge will spend nine days in canada and then off to los angeles. >> that's okay with you. >> it's going to be very exciting to happen here in california. did you hear what happened today to the president of france. look at this, the way his security reacted after that man grabbed the president, tried to yank him to the ground. >> things are expected to heat have you. steve will be back.
8:22 am
>> good morning, 101. we'll explain. free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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8:24 am
you've got to see this, a scare for french president nicolas sarkozy. he's shaking hands. somebody reaches out and grabs the president of france from a crowd. this is in southern france. we don't know who the man was,
8:25 am
yanked him by the shoulder, almost knocked him down. you can see him right there. now he looked -- mr. sarkozy looked flustered but he wasn't hurt. >> a judge ruled that jared loughner can be forcefully medicated. loughner has been jailed since may since he was deemed unfit to stand trial. doctors have diagnosed him with schizophrenia. the prisoner prescribed the medication because they said he is a threat to others. loughner is accused of killing six people and wounding 13 others, including arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords back in january. a vote in washington, d.c. could make one out of every 20 prisoners eligible for early release.
8:26 am
congress pass lad law lowering rec lended sentences for people convicted of crack cocaine crimes. the idea was to bring a disparity between crack cocaine and pouredder cocaine with you the -- but the change did not apply to those already in prison. hey, sal, did you straighten out that problem on the peninsula on 101. there was a big crash. i want to show you. this is backed up through the city trying to get through there. this gets worse after 280. if you're saying i need to get down to the peninsula peninsula, use 280, daily city and 380. even though all the lanes are clear, it will take a while for this to unwind.
8:27 am
let's take a look at the crash on the maps, just to update this, you can see that 280 is also going to be slow. so make no mistake, you will go through daley city. i still think it's bet are than 101. if you're super knowledgeable, insider, then you can use the side roads. if not, you'll get lost in traffic anyway. traffic is backed up for a 15-minute delay. let's go to steve. fog continues to flirt with the coast. inland sunshine. temperature also warm up. there you go. didn't see it for a couple days. end of the day we had clearing but low level cloudiness, kept temperatures cool. that system is now into utah. 60s for sum. everyone's close. another system clipping the extreme part of the northwest. that will keep things in check,
8:28 am
but tomorrow looks like that high is building in. so warmer weather is on the way. it will start to fire in. we'll take that into sunday. heading up into the mountains. watch out for the high river waters, the snow melt. the rivers are cold and running fassments lows are still in the 30s and 40s. it will be hot in reno. fog, sun, warmer for us. still patchy fog more towards the santa cruz coastline there. will thin out. 60s, 70s and low to few mid-80s but temperatures are on their way up. by the 4th inland to near 100 degrees, so temperatures will be warming up. it's a moving violation in saudi arabia. five women arrested, put in jail for doing something you'll probably do today. you know those yellow stickers on the side of the
8:29 am
hybrid that get you across the bridge for free? tomorrow it will just be a yellow sticker. why a southern california apartment could be one of the hottest pieces of real estate on the market.
8:30 am
8:31 am
welcome back. new rules start tomorrow that will affect a lot of drivers. kraig debro is joining us to tell us about toll increases and changes in the carpool lane. it's a lot, kraig. >> reporter: got to take extra money in the wallet. years ago when people started
8:32 am
buying hybrid cars, you started saving on gas. look at it this way. tomorrow you will still save on gassments starting tomorrow the bridge will no longer accept the sticker. starting tomorrow you will have to pay at least $6 unless you have two other people in the car during rush hours. after that only zero emission vehicles can cross. those include electric cars as well as those that run on compression natural gas. on friday big rigs $18. $22 on the golden gate. chances are you buy something on that truck. i spoke to someone who own as truck company. they said the cost will be passed on to us the consumer. next year big rigs will have to pay more. not only the big rig cost is
8:33 am
going up but people use a trailer to pull a ski don't -- doo or trailer. they want to create a finance retrofit program to offset the cost of debt financing from financial collapse and counter money losses from toll revenue, which has been dropping the past eight years. remember, july 1st that yellow sticker on your hybrid no longer any good. the only thing that will work will be the white sticker. kraig debro reporting for ktvu news. right now almost 200 bay area boy scouts are using their survival skills after being cut off by the rest of the group by a rising river. they're camped out at big tree state park. three quarters of the scouts
8:34 am
along with the adults are separated from the rest of the group. the rain felon tuesday -- fell on tuesday. the troop could no longer use a foot bridge. they are all fine. the river is subsiding. they think they will be able to cross over it today. investigators say a hospital error cost the life of a developmentally disabled woman. staff at marin general placed the patient on a ventilator but failed to see if it was working. there is renewed debate in san francisco over whether to contract out hospital security to a private firm. the chronicle reports this would help cut costs. currently police officers and sheriff's deputies provide security at sf general and
8:35 am
lagoon na. a committee will discuss whether to forward it to the full bred for consideration. the service employees international union is against the proposal. a wild story about a palo alto woman who was furious when her car was being possessed. 3-year-old angelic williams saw that her toyota williams was being repossessed. she chased after him into another car and ran into her corolla, pushing it into an intersection. authorities arrested miss williams. an inmate is captured. another one was killed trying to escape from a washington stayed prison. 25-year-old dominic mol din nad doe took a guard hostage. his accomplice kevin newland drove a forklift into a fence
8:36 am
but he was gunned down. the prison, however, remains in lockdown. an oakland animal shelter is trying to find homes for 21 rabbits that were found in an oakland apartment. the malnourished rabbits were discovered at an apartment. the rabbits were stacked on top of each other in two small wire cages. the owner was raising them for tonight. the rabbits are now at the oakland animal shelter. contra costa prosecutors are asking a judge to charge a concord man with murder after his pit bus fatally murdered a family member. so far. steven hayashi has been charged with two felonies when his step grandson wandered into the yard and was attacked by the dog.
8:37 am
not too fancy apartment may become a hot property in the rental area of california. this is the home of james whitey bulger. he hid from the fbi for 10 years. a line of would-be renters are jostling to get a look at it. real estate agents said those folks are ready to pay top dollar to get the apartment. bulger is 81 years old. he's due back in court to face 19 counts of murder and other charges. a judge last ordered a san jose city councilman to pay fines and complete community service in connection with a drunk driving case. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor dui swharg-- charge.
8:38 am
wall nult creek police say they have never seen a scam quite like thrips one. a 30-year-old man is facing felony charges for allegedly forging bogus receipts from coin counting machines. coin counting machines like coin star and coin master have become common. prosecutors said matt harris was getting hundreds of dollars out without putting in a dime. >> it's pretty unusual. a lot of times the machines may get broken into. it's savvy for someone to create a good enough receipt to get past the cashier. >> harris successfully made off with more than $1400. they said he could have kept going except for some keen eye employees. the parliament plans to shut
8:39 am
down all nuclear power plants in germany by 2020. the federal government is expected to announce federal backing for three new solar energy projects. the energy department will guarantee $4 billion in loans. the projects are in san louis us bis bow. >> let's check in with sal. >> a lot of words i could use for 101 south city, but we'll stick with slow. i'm sure drivers have their others. we had a couple of crashes. traffic is really slow. it's also slow on 280, which is the alternative route driving out to south city and daly city.
8:40 am
both of them are slow. at this point i can't figure out which one is best. for a while 280 was better. now the lanes are open on 101. you might want to start taking your chances there. let's take a look at 101 san francisco, from about the ups building still sticky. that crash was there for more than an hour. that's why it's taken so long for the traffic to unwind even though, the lanes are open in both directions now. let's move along and take a look at the south bay. it's more routine slowing at 17. now let's go to steve. mostly sunny, patchy fog on the coast. had a nice tweet from susan. show said not a cloud in the sky. some areas get fog. it's sunny for almost everybody. temperatures rebounding. sunshine and tomorrow mainly
8:41 am
coast fog. it will be warmer. we'll carry that into the weekend and then very, very warm to above average. not much in the way of cloud cover. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. still a hint of a west southwest wind. so the wind is not much of a factor. this will ping later on -- pick up later. probably come in pg. system to the north keeping things in check. we're in the transition time but the high is building. afternoon highs will go up, up, up, especially on friday and monday the 4th. watch out for the rivers.
8:42 am
truck e e river. for us fog but it will be warmer. the breeze will pick up but it's decreasing. 60s, 70s and 80s. back to that decent spread. inland highs get back into the 90s. still 50s, 60s on the coast. we'll take that into the holiday weekend. >> all right, steve. sales tax goes online in california. how one big company, though, is already fighting back. a closely watched murder trial is winding down. the critical testimony expected today. today 70 san jose police
8:43 am
officers loser that jobs due to budget cuts. we'll tell you what's up next.
8:44 am
8:45 am
another good day for wall
8:46 am
street. greek lawmakers passing a second austerity bill. and investors liking the knew, the dow is up 144. the nasdaq is up 32. s&p up 12. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories. police in hayward disputing a san diego news report that two phone calls from missing nursing student michelle le's cell phone were made after she disappeared. officers said they did check with reno and arizona authorities about that report. >> the investigation continues into a deadly house fire in el ser rethough that killed a 98-year-old woman there. investigators said a burning candle may have started the
8:47 am
fire. dozens of san jose police officers are being laid off. >> reporter: san jose calling today a dark day in the police department history. they are saying what's next. let's talk about the officers first. there's an estimated 70 officers who will leave their job. they range in experience from two to six years of experience. about 25 have found other jobs. dozens of others have signed up for volunteer position. the department is trying to reorganize so they can focus on gangs and patrols. they're on track to beat a 30-year high. it's unclear what happens today will affect that. >> so far i haven't found a criminologist to say it has to
8:48 am
do with the rate of homicides. this year it's going up. >> obviously, the more cops, the better. i can't put that plainer. the more police officers you have in a community helps. >> reporter: the sergeant said they have heard people talking about the fewer officers. he said the reality is fewer officers may mean slower responses. however, he said they will do the most with what they have and even though officers are upset, they will do with they do every day, putter that oin own feel -- put their own feelings aside so they clan do their job. amazon is already striking back against california's new law requiring online retailers to collect sales tax. it cut the links between its sites and the 10,000 businesses
8:49 am
that had a click through from amazon. six other states have done it. amazon has dropped association with all of them except in new york. amazon stock is down sleetly about a half per sent this morning. police are searching for a 15-year-old boy from india who disappeared during a trip to slafnlgt le was last seen the morning of june 23rd near the radisson hotel in downtown l.a. he is visiting the city as part of an organized educational tour. police say he speaks limited english. the circumstances surrounding his disappearance are unclear. police say there is currently no evidence of foul play. word this morning, three american soldiers were killed in iraq there a rk kept attack on a u.s. military base. this happened near the iranian
8:50 am
border. u.s. intelligence blame a shiite militia group. they come at the and of the bloodiest month for the troops in iraq in two years. the body of a sacramento hear soldier is back at home. a plane that carried marine corporal gabrit sing landed. you can see his family and a marine honor guard was there. he was only 21 when he was killed last week. britain's foreign secretary said the uk is sending body arm mirks uniforms and communication equipment to the rebels police force in leb yay. britain is providing the force. international officials and nonprofit groups based in rebel controlled areas no a mansion once owned by the former dictator of panama will be
8:51 am
knocked down to make way for a park. the government has been trying to sell the home of manuel nor reaga but has not found buyers. government officials said it will help remind pan naman a -- panamaians of the damage he dead. three bikes worth between $750 and $3300 have been stolen in fairfax just since saturday. a fourth staff was prevented when a good samaritan confronted the man. the thieves may be using bolt cutters. the parents of a florida mother accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter went back on the witness stand today. both were asked with how they buried various family pets who
8:52 am
died. this is the casey anthony murder trial. the woman said she had an affair with casey anthony father. she said george anthony told her that caylee's death was an accident that snowballed out of control. this is casey anthony right there. she's accused of using duct tape to smother her daughter. the defense claims the little girl drowned in the pool. a man qekd of trying to break into paris hilton's home will spend the next two year unless state prison. paris hilton said she woke up to the sound of the man banging on her window with a knife last year. detectives said he planned to steal as much as he cro get away with. the defense attorney said he had been off his antidepressant medication. the judge recommended that he
8:53 am
have mental health counseling. >> a new controversy in roger clemens upcoming trial. >> plus a new law aimed at protecting children from a highly contagious disease.
8:54 am
8:55 am
bay area congressman jackie
8:56 am
spears introduced a bill to give rights to gay couples. it allows them to purchase health insurance through the employer's plan for up to 36 months afts losing a job. under the current law the benefits can only be shared with a legal spouse or dependent. lawmakers in rhode island passed a law to allow same sexyville unions. it would offer many of the same rights given to couplesle. the vax nation for whooping cough takes place tomorrow. it affects students going into grades 7 to 12. they have to have documented proof. former governor schwarzenegger signed the bill after a spike in
8:57 am
whooping cough cases last year. 10 infants died in california last year. baseball star roger clem mens wants to bring up an old rapally gaismghts he wants to introduce evidence that -- this is part of the defense team to discredit the trainer. we have to point out the train are was never charged in the case 10 years ago. all right. it is 8:57. we want to check in with sal one more time for a look at the commute. >> real quick. the bay bridge is getting better. the bay bridge toll plaza but 101 is still slow. >> mostly sunny, even on the coast some fog but not too much. it will be cool. we'll continue this -- i agree
8:58 am
with the warmer. it's been the trend the past eight weeks. i think it will be nice. this will be warmer. >> as we head into the holiday weekend i want to say a final farewell to our general manager who's leaving after seven years, heading back to hat to run the ship there. he has done a wonderful job for running the show here at ktvu. have a good weekend everybody.
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