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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 6, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> we need their support. >> reporter: seen in this video from last year, the event was an angial event -- an annual event. she was surprised the captain might have ignored warnings about rough weather. >> not one of them would have taken that risk to go out there. the u.s. coast guard dispatched another aircraft to help the navy search another 472 square miles of water and coast line. so far only one is confirmed dead but these families aren't gibbing up hope. >> we are going to get them back. >> reporter: several times today i called the hotel in mexico where several of the men are staying, saf says they have
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been helping with the search. ktvu channel 2 news. the marine says all six crew members were hospitalized after a helicopter crashed today. the crash happened around noon in the training area of the north end of the base. the helicopter involved was a u1y, a yankee. police called off their search for a missing bicyclist after the man was spotted near sacramento. anthony martin was seen yesterday in roseville. police say he didn't appear to be in distress. his girlfriend reported him missing on saturday. new clues in the search for a person who walked into a gallery and walked out with a picasso. ktvu's david stevenson is here now with the surveillance
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video. >> reporter: the picasso thief. today we got a look at it the suspect captured by this surveillance video. >> reporter: a man that police say resembles the suspect in yesterday's theft of a picasso from this art gallery. >> it is similar, close, he is seen wearing a dark jacket, loafers with no socks and he has a painting. >> reporter: the 1965 picasso was for sale at $200,000. the thief took it from the wall, walked outside and escaped in a taxi. investigators are studying that video as well. a employee can be seen looking for the suspect. >> this is a a crime of opportunity. >> reporter: the theft happened before afternoon on san francisco's bizzest cor--
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busiest corridor. >> it would have to be monitored centrally and we would hope that the police can have the ability to also monitor. >> the video was installed two years ago after someone stole. >> you watch for purse thieves but this guy stole a picasso. >> reporter: managers at the weinstein declined to speak. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> if you want to watch the video go to and click on the bay area news tab. group is fighting to save the life of a san francisco hospital. st. luke's hospital. employees are protesting. why the proposal has people up
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in arms. tonight at 6:00. judge postponed sentencing for two men accused of birderring chauncey bailey. the sentencing had been scheduled for friday but now the judge says he wants to hear from the attorney for key prosecution witness. the district attorney's office confirmed the development with us. joseph naso told a judge he needs legal help today. he is requesting a legal adviser. joseph naso insisted on representing himself said he is having trouble digesting the case law. the judge is set to rule on the request friday. doing more with less, that's the goal of a reshuffling of the police department. mike mibach is here to explain the changes residents will be seeing. >> the chief has been
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frustrated, lost 160 officers in less than two years, today he put it all out there. a new plan to atact crime and it involves getting more bang for his buck. the police department is reorganizing. >> we don't have capacity to deal with the command. >> reporter: to get more officers doing more on the streets a new plan will be running on saturday. the chief highlighted portions of the plan, starting with the elimination of the motor unit and reassigning them to regular patrol. >> we have less officers and we don't have the ability to man that. >> reporter: the chief will split the city into two field operation officers instead of three. the two areas will be manded by deputy chiefs. >> i want them connecting with the community. i want them to be seen. touch bases. i want them to get involved.
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>> homicide, robbery and assault will be consolidated. >> instead of having 8 investigators to deal with homicide, we will have close to 22 people. the chief said three investigate 16,000 property crimes every year, they are also about to get help. >> as well as trained our officers, so when they go back into the field they know the trends and the patterns taking place. >> reporter: coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, residents chime in on what is about to take place starting saturday. live, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco court ordered the pentagon to lift its ban on gays serving opening in the military. it says it is unconstitutional
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to treat gay differently than other americans. officials said today they will comply with the court order and they are taking immediate steps to inform commanders. committee passed a measure that would give greater labor rights to domestic workers, nannies, healthcare home workers. right now they are exemp from some california wage and hour laws. the bill now goes to the preparations committee. stokes added gains today as reports of slow growth in the service sector. although growth was slow it was the 19th straight month of growth in the industry. the dow finished 56 points
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higher, nasdaq added 8. mark zuckerberg unveiled services that will allow friends to stay in closer contact. one feature is video chat, uses technology from skype. mark zuckerberg says it works quickly because there is a pipeline open between the two facebook users and it takes seconds to download the necessary plug in. >> with traditional skype most people have to download before hand. we are using the best technology for doing video chat with the best social infrastructure out there to create cool new scenarios. >> another new service allows facebook users to create incident group chats. people in one neighborhood are demanding answers, they live next to a major gas pipeline and have big concerns.
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another hot day but some changes. i will show you where the fog will be tomorrow morning and the change you can expect from temperatures.
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11 families returned home after a gas leak forced them to evacuate today. pg&e crews managed to weld the pipe shut and stop the flow of gas. the problem started this morning. the contract crew was working on lancaster when it accidentally hit a gas line. >> i smelt a great deal of gas in the neighborhood. found a construction crew doing work for pg&e. >> 7 families remain without gas. pg&e expects to finish repairs in about an hour. some neighbors are on edge about a major pg&e gas pipeline
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that runs behind their homes. they want to know if it is safe but so far they can't get the answer. ktvu's ken pritchett is on the scene to show us why they are concerned. >> reporter: underneath this sidewalk are two pg&e gas pipelines. behind that fence that is where the neighborhood is located. the neighbors say it should meet the strictest standards. pg&e say they do, the neighbors want proof. >> reporter: it's what they can't see that concerns them. two gas pipelines. >> i am a resident here. >> reporter: he got a federal grant to research the pipeline, marked with signs. one of the pipelines is similar to the one that exploded in san bruno. >> we haven't got a safety
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study on the pipelines. >> pg&e says it inspected one of the two pipelines and the second will be inspected next year. >> it occurred in april of 2011, it is being assessed and the results take several months. the neighbors want that data but have been met with denial monopolies pg&e says some data is not public information. >> this information is information that we safe with first responders. >> reporter: without data his group can't be sure the lines or the neighborhood is safe. >> hopefully we can say there isn't a problem. >> reporter: since san bruno pg&e says it has released millions of documents as for the neighbors they have a
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concern, a major development is planned, they are concerned about heavy traffic in the neighborhood and what impact they may have on the pipelines. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. tomorrow a committee will propose major cuts in the money washington spends repairing and rebuilding local roads. sources say they will consider chopping hundreds of billions of dollar in federal construction problems over the next 6 years. they say it would prevent congress from having to hike the gasoline tax. >> i think what people are looking for in our most congested areas, sound transportation that doesn't burden the taxpayer. >> you can't have a nation that has its bridges falling down, if you do that the nation
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becomes second class nation. >> a formal announcement of the cuts is expected tomorrow morning thatuse capital. april 1 a six foot hole ripped into a southwest airliner. new video shows a conversation as the crew brought it down. >> can you approve that? doing it anyway? >> yes. >> controllers had to be sure no other jets were in the path. the pilot made a safe landing in arizona. if the second time a judge granted a delay for a student to enter a plea to charges she was ting and drives when she
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killed a toddler. she is charged with misdemeanor manslaughter. she face as year in jail if convicted. the city counsel approved a plan to give identification cards to any city residents. the counsel approved the plan last night. a second vote is required for it to take effect. the program will combine access to pools, libraries and other services. it will be available to anyone who lings in the city -- who lives in the city. dui arrests jumped 32% over the fourth of july weekend, compared to last year. between friday and monday officers arrested 251 drivers on suspicion of drunk driving in the 9 bay area counties.
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statewide arrests were up 8% compared to last year. if you had it with the heat you are in luck. let's go to mark tamayo with changes in the forecast. >> right now in the maps we have this, fog banking up against the coast line, also clouds in the sierra in the form of thunderstorms, back here in the bay area we have this with the low clouds and fog, pushing up, near the bay a few patches push in overnight. as far as temperatures it is hot inland. 90s fairfield, concord, livermore. livermore is 97 degrees. away from the inland spots a different story. oakland 69 and san francisco 63. here is our type lapse showing
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you the fog. warm air. what will happen over the next few days the fog expands and leads to our cooling trend for the weekend. right around the bay, inland we could have a few patches, overnight lows in the 50s for thursday morning. antioch 60 degrees. readings in the upper 50s and lower 60s. dense fog tomorrow morning as we take our tour across the bay. temperatures warming up. oakland 60s to 70s. inland, we are not talking extreme heat, temperatures in the 80s by antioch, lower 90s instead of upper 90s. temperatures coming down 4-8 degrees from today's highs. coming up, here is concord,
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warm numbers. 3:00 the temperatures back up into the upper 80s under mostly sunny skies. we will look at our forecast, showing you the fog and the progression for tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon. san francisco's mayor has a new set of wheels. ed lee is traveling in a chevy volt. he wanted to show his support for a future free of imported oil and he hopes to switch more vehicles from gas to electricity. susan adams says she is running for congress. the democrat has been a super visor since 2002. it's not clear what the boundaries are for the district. the current congresswoman will retire next year. a new top cop following the
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resignation of matthew odetto. he worked in law enforcement for 30 years. the city hasn't yet selected his replacement. >> historic presidential moment online. president obama is the first commander in chief to hold a twitter town hall. how it was received. the white house reverses a long standing policy regarding service member whose commit suicide.
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. president obama held his first ever twitter town hall meeting. >> i am going to make history as the first president to life tweet. >> jack dorsey and president obama fielded tweets from all over the united states. one came from john boehner, he accused him on embarking on a record spending spree. other americans also were concerned about the economy. >> what mistakes have you made in handling the recession. >> one would have been to explain to the american people that it was going tatake -- going to take a while to get out of this. >> in april he held a similar meeting aat facebook.
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twitter is going after another round of funding. the company hopes to raises millions in new finances. twitter is valued at $7 billion. passengers flying from other countries may have to go through extra security. terrorists may have explosive implanted inside their bodies. they are urging airlines and security to ramp up security. the information that led to the warning has the signature of alguida. but doing this is not a new concept. >> it's difficult to detect something that has been put in the body. the best we can do is there might be residue on their hands or body that would allow a dog to detect it. >> the white house says the intelligence does not relate to
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a specific threat. a psychiatrist charged in the fort hood rampage will be tried. army major nidal hasan is charged with murder in the november 2009 shooting spree. two army colonels recommended he be court-martialed. >> president obama will send condole finance letters to family member -- the president says it's an emotional and painful issue. those troops serve the country bravely but didn't get the help they needed. it has been under review since 2009. >> to have their sacrifice recognized by a letter from the white house with condolences
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from the president means the world. . >> last year 156 soldiers and 301 reserve and national guard troops committed suicide. bill by a law maker to abolish the death penality gets its first hearing tomorrow. more inmates died of natural causes. the billed with convert death sentences to life in prison without patrol. taxpayers spent $4 billion over legal fights on on the death penality. >> a bill that would contract down on smuggling cell phones into california prisons. they are on pace to confiscate 13,000 cell phones this year.
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compare that to 300 cell phones 5 years ago. the billed with impose six months in jail and a $5,000 fine for smuggling a phone and strip inmates of good behavior credits. >> neighbors are planning to form a human chain, what they are trying to stop and if it will make a difference. before retiring their side the feds have one more star player and a lesson about picking trainers.
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complete bay area news coverage continues, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. if i call it david versus
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goliath. a group is taking on the city and plans to develop a hill. the city says it has no choice but to proceed. ktvu's maureen naylor says opponents are against that and taking a step to get their message across. >> reporter: we are on rollings hills drive and we start neighbors start to gather. about 25. they plan to form a human chain around this hillside to change a plan the city says is a done deal. >> reporter: when she walks out of her home she has a view. >> beautiful area. >> while most hillsides are dotted with development, this is the only one untouched. a plan to put 71 homes here will scare off the wildlife. >> the potential is devastating and if this goes forward it
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will break the heart of the community. >> i particularly asked the developers that i bought the house from if that was going to be developed and they said no. >> reporter: they formed a group and gathered 375 signatures but the fight is an uphill batter. >> i understand the flip side of the coin, additional taxes. >> is there a chance this could be stopped? >> no. >> reporter: the city says because a plan was approved after public hearings in 2006. the counsel is obligated to approve the development. >> this particular development preserves the view and a part of the component is a trail so these residents will have access to the park up the hill. >> reporter: back here live, residents say more people are
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on their way, they will be here for the next hour and a half but at 7:00 the city will hear the residents concerns. live, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. right now we have breaking news. news copper 2 is where a house, you can see it, there was burned this afternoon. the firefighters controlled this fire. this was burning on lose robles drive -- los robles drive. the fire did substantial damage to the roof. what we are hearing the fire may have been started by fire works. we are working to get more information. again, live pictures from news copper 2 of a fire, a large house in burlingame that may have been started by fire
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works. jury awarded a professional 3 -- 3/4 of a million dollars. he inherited the documents from his father. a jury ordered her to pay damages. he admitted to accidentally starting the fire. a murder and kidnapping trial of james mitchell. he was arrested in july of 2009 after his girlfriend was found beaten to death with a baseball bat at her home. he had their daughter with him when they surrended. prosecutors say he killed her and mitchell said two men attacked him when he came to her home. jury selection started in the trial of the latest
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baseball legend accused of lying. rita williams carried barry bonds, now she is here with roger clemens case. >> reporter: today was deja vu all over again but with a few differences. >> reporter: roger clemens was an all-star pitcher. barry bonds was a super star hitter. and now roger clemens joins barry bonds as the latest baseball great tried on charges that he lied about using drugs. >> roger clemens has an ego that makes barry bonds look humble. >> behind closed doors roger clemens raised his pitching arm on live tv and swore to tell the truth before congress. >> let me beclear --
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>> reporter: unlike barry bonds, whose trainer went to jail, rainer brian mcnamee is the witness, even providing things. >> during the time i worked with roger clemens i injected him. >> reporter: peter says roger clemens' prosecutors have the friend and teammate andy petit. he says roger clemens told him about using drugs. >> i believe abdomeny misheard. >> the problem that roger clemens has is mett. because petit is someone who is seen as a eagle scout. >> reporter: unlike barry bonds roger clemens in washington does not have home field advantage and are betting he strikes out with the jurors. reporting live, rita williams,
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ktvu channel 2 news. three san francisco giants fan are recovering from injuries suffered from a flying bat. they were behind the dugout, watch this, when sandoval's bat slipped out of his hands. the bat bounced off the bug utoutand -- dugout and hit three fans. one suffered from a head injury, one person was hit around the eye and a second in the shin. the suspence is over, the olympic committee announced the host for the 2018 winter games. >> pyeongchang. >> you could hear the crowd. the announcement was made in south africa. it was considered a favorite. more than 90 committee winners picked the winner in one round. an alternate juror in the
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casey anthony murder trial says he thinks the 12 made the right decision. jurors found casey anthony not guilty of murder, manslaughter and child abuse in the death of caylee anthony. he says the prosecution did not meet its burden of proof. >> a lot of resinable doubt there. didn't show us the evidence that, you know, good enough for a conviction. >> he said he was surprised by the amount of media attention. as for casey anthony she is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow. the four counts of lying to police carry a sentence of one year in jail. she could be set free tomorrow. look at this big snake. the unusual spot the snake was found and why it is causing
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environmental concerns. >> and video that seems unreal. frightening moments in arizona. what this massive cloud is made of.
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snig has been found in hawaii. this 9-foot long boa was discovered near a prison on
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monday. snakes are illegal in hawaii because they are danger to the state's environment. authorities are urging anyone who brings snakes to hawaii to turn them in. a new website in great britain. it has lined up bloggers, including tony blair. it follows the unveiling of the cand aday back in may. researchers found that many breast cancer treatments haven't been properly recorded. the study looked at radiation treatments in detroit and los angeles. that data is supposed to be recorded in a registry. but 10% of the treatments in detroit and more than 30% in los angeles were not recorded
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properly. the information helps assure resources are used contradictly. -- correctly. california is closer to a formal definition to a hot dog. a paragraph in a healthcare bill defines a hot dog as a whole, cured, cooked sausage that is skinless or stuffed in a casing, may be served on a bun or roll. the director of the heth committee says a definition was requested. the definition moves to the state assembly. >> marriage license applications made available today still have the terms bride and groom ons there. new forms will be online on tuesday. less than three creeks after the governor signed the law. activists are claiming a boat set sail carrying aid to
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the pal stillian territory. the boats are docked in greece. you might call it drunk puppy buying. why the problem is so bad it's now banning the practice. the advertised cooling trend on track. the one part of the region that could have fog tomorrow morning and the coolest day of the upcoming weekend.
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we return to gilroy where you can see a group of people gathering to form a human chain. this is a live picture of the group who is protesting a planned housing development. they are on rancho hills drive. ktvu's maureen naylor is live on the scene and say 60 people are involved right now. the city approved a plan to build homes and the city counsel will meet in an hour to hear their concerns. people should think before buying a puppy or any pet. one pet shop says intoxicated owners buying puppies have become such a big problem that drunk people are banned from buying dogs. >> if we feel the dog isn't
5:47 pm
safe and the people are not -- are really drunk, we say come back tomorrow. >> the fact that the pet shop is surrounded by bars probably just added to the problem. >> james whitey bulger pleaded not guilty today in the involvement of 19 murders. he was arrested last month after 16 years as a fugitive. he is 81 years old. powerful earthquake rocked new zealand today. the quake was centered in a romote island area. stuck around 7:00 a.m. local time. a tsunami warning was issued but there were no reports of injuries or damage. saving st. luke's hospital. reinvest in the community and why the hospital is saying the
5:48 pm
city is asking too much. this baby was caught in the cross fire of a gang rivalry. what law enforcement did today to bring an end to the feud that killed the baby. apple users be-air, a security hold discovered and napa's grapevines are warming up, the impact climate change could have, at 6:00. heard of wild horses have been giving a -- given a reprieve. a protection group is seeking an emergency injunction to stop the round up. officials say the overpopulated heard is damaging range land but the foundation says there is no evidence to back up that
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claim. a hiker has been killed by a bear. it appears the man surprised the bear this morning. no action was taken against the bear however all trails and camp sites have been closed till further notice. this is the first bear malling since 1986. montana's governor said the oil spill from an exxon mobil pipeline should never have grown as big as it did. >> we were told there were automatic shut off valves and it is not possible to run into the river. >> the oil poured into the river for a half hour. he declared a state of emergency today as 350 people are working to clean up the river. weather could delay nasa's final space shuttle launch.
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the astronauts arrived monday for the launch on friday. but controllers said there is a 70% chance that won't happen. the weekend forecast for the area is better so the launch could happen on saturday or sunday. this mission is the last in nasa's 30-year-old space shuttle program. changes in the bay area weather. let's go to mark. i think it will be getting cooler. >> right. temperatures by the weekend, we are talking about low to mid- 80s. right now, the radar showing you rain and thunderstorms, not in the bay area but towards the sierras. thunder here around truckee. back to the satellite and we will show you the fog. there you go. still a factor ocean beach and a few patches pushing back into the bay. that layer deepskins that will be the source of the cool down.
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headlines tonight, clear skies inland, fog to the coast and for the bay tomorrow, cooling trend, started today but begins tomorrow. the extended forecast, more fog and the cooling trend that will continue. we have been talking about high pressure for the past 5 days, warming up a good portion of the bay area. talking about triple digit heat. this will be on the move. tomorrow most areas coming down 4-8 degrees from today's highs. for the weekend, this system moves from the north, it works with the marine layer, with that temperatures cool things off to the upper 70s, low 80s. and we increase the marine layer. a noticeable cooling trend. here is our forecast model. you will see clouds pushing back into the bay. this could be dense tomorrow morning and pulling back near the shoreline into the
5:52 pm
afternoon with partly cloudy skies for san francisco. tomorrow 58-78 degrees. 4:00, warming up inland. warmest locations only in the upper 80s. still warm out towards antioch. oakland 70. san jose 83. and san francisco in the mid- 60s with dense fog tomorrow morning. here is a look ahead, your 5 day forecast, continues to cool things off. it kicks in for the weekend as we increase the fog. by sunday that will be the coolest day of the weekend, warmest locations in the lower 80s. we have relief in sight. >> the wives of oakland a's players are stepping up to the plate to help those in need. a massive dust storm takes aim at phoenix, turning day into night.
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. people are breathing easier tonight in phoenix after a dust storm rolled through last night. it reduced visibility so badly at that the all flights were danceled that airport. this is video you are seeing right now. it left a thick coat of dust on
5:56 pm
everything. people in phoenix cleaning up, pools were messy here as all the great grit fell to the bottoms. pool workers were trying to clean up around the pool. no word on how long it will be before things are back to normal. a's wives are helping needy mothers and their babies. they sorted baby clothes. they work with loved twice which collects clothing for low- income families. >> we should always give back and it struck a cord 'cause i am a mom. >> volunteers will distribute the clothes to moms at hospitals, shelters and clinics. coming up in 90 seconds.
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doctors and nurses are trying to save a neighborhood hospital. the fight for st. luke's coming up in 90 seconds. new information about the search for 7 missing fisherman thelication a local lawmaker -- the action a local lawmaker is now making.
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. push to keep the search alive for 7 fisherman. camera may have caught the man who stole a picasso. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. a senator and family members of the missing fisherman wrapped up a press with their call to keep searching for the missing men. >> reporter: this house has become a mobile command center. they have been paying close attention to the words of the state senator, held a news conference in the last hour, he


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