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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  August 4, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's -- it's thursday, august 4th. welcome to "mornings on 2." let's check in with steve. we have a rip-roarin' sea breeze, 25, 30 miles an hour through the delta. temperatures really held check. a lot of 50s. let's go to sal. traffic is moving along very nicely as you head out to the macarthur maze. the mist has not been as much of a problem as we might have thought. we haven't seen too many fender- benders. we're also looking at
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interstate 880. there have been a few minor ones but for the most part, we're off to a good start. back to the desk. thank you. new this morning, there are indications that the two uc berkeley graduates detained in iran may be detained soon. the judge promised a verdict in their case sometime this week. just hours ago, return's ambassador told "the associated -- iran's ambassador told" the associated press "he expects them to be released. the three hikers were arrested accused of spying. sarah shourd was released on humanitarian grounds about a
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year ago. a fire started at a home on alturo place around 3:00 this morning. fire started in the garage which had been converted to a bedroom. when fire crews arrived, they saw flames shooting 30 feet in the air. the homeowner in the main house woke up and saw a bright, orange glow through the window. >> jumped up, 911, get the kids out of the house and my brother lives in that garage. >> the homeowner's brother who lived in the garage was not there when the fire started but did return a short time later. flames caused damage to the -- caused damage to the main house. it's a draining crime in vallejo. sewer workers say somebody is going around the city stealing drain covers. paul chambers is out there right now joining us live.
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now, this is a prank that can be dangerous. >> good morning. some people think they are stealing them for the metal. we've all seen them. we've dropped our keys in there. let me show you. i can still move it. but for some reason, they believe that metal thieves are out here taking this. it's believed someone has stole 20 of these in vallejo over the past few weeks. the three to 15-foot grades carries storm water through an underground system through the bay. this costs the city in several ways. first of all, it leaves the city open for lawsuits because removing the grades leaves a hole in the street and more cars can fall in them. and to replace them is around $300 a pop. the city is looking into
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welding them in. that will cost the financially- strapped city as well. the city is asking for your help. if you see someone stealing these, they want to plea -- they want to replace them as soon as possible. again, these are pretty heavy. you have to do a lot to move them. the city needs your help or you see someone taking it, call vallejo police. live in vallejo, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:05. a woman from oakland arrested for a road rage incident in calistoga also faces a warrant in alameda county. 29-year-old leona davis is accused of punching a woman in the face monday evening because the woman reportedly cut her off. this happened in the parking lot on lincoln avenue and calistoga. when ms. davis drove off, the police stopped her and the records show she tried to bite a police officer.
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that outstanding warrant includes attempted battery on a police officer as well as drunk driving. the sonoma county district attorney is calling the june homicide of jim mathieson a justice system failure. he was shot down on july 18th at the home of halleron's ex- girlfriend. the district attorney says that incident may not have happened if prosecutors had been tougher on him in a fake prescription arrest a month before. she said they didn't consider his history of restraining orders, drug abuse and violence before they allowed him to go free on probation. they were bumped from their dorm rooms but now the students finally have a place to live. it will not be in the traditional dorm. jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: good morning, tori. behind me is a traditional dorm. this is not where upper
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classmen will be staying. school begins in three weeks and now upper classmen san jose state finally know where they will be staying. they may have a pool, hot tub and weekly maid service. the clarion hotel here is low dated on north 4th street, about two miles from campus. some parents are furious, especially since meal programs are not offered through the program. the university ran out of space in its dorms when 4,000 freshmen enrolled in the fall. that's more than 1,000 students for the student to deal with. all freshmen are required to live on the campus. studies show new stunts do well -- student -- show new students do well when close to the
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school. we've already tried contacting management at the hotel. we're told the general manager won't be in for another 30 minutes. coming up, we'll find out what students had to say about those new living arrangements right here in san jose state. jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. president obama gets busy again on the campaign trail now that the debt ceiling deal is done. ♪ ♪happy birthday to you >> that's jennifer hudson. last night, the president, there you see him, attended two fund-raiseers in chicago. today, by the -- fund-raisers in chicago. today, by the way, he turns 50. coming up, we'll have a look at how thousands of people around the country are celebrating -- are helping the president celebrate his birthday.
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let's check in with sal. we're not quite 50 yet. >> no, we're not quite 50 yet. but 50 is relatively young for being the leader of the country. you can see traffic is moving nicely coming up to the bay bridge toll plaza. we're not gonna ask questions. we're gonna take it at face value that it's a light commute, for now. things can stang in an instant -- can change in an instant. the fog, the mist, the drizzle, it seems like that isn't really that much of an issue. just be careful if you are on the coast, you might see some reads and your windshield wipers need to be on if the headlights are on. that's the state law. you could be sited -- cited if your head lieds are not on and
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your windshield pipers are -- windshield wipers are. let's go to steve. .02 measurable drizzle in the city. so there are some areas getting some. it looks like it's lifting a little bit. plenty of clouds. almost all reporting stations say windy. we get a little bit of warm weather and fog, drizzle, cooler, breezy. low overcast will be back t will probably max itself -- will be back. it will probably max itself out. it does look pretty. next week is looking warmer but not hot, hot. a lot of drizzle -- a lot of drizzle. low clouds, sun, wind will probably scary us into the wind as well. below average mainly away from the coast. they are running a few degrees. thunderstorm activity, there it goes off to the east.
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the upper air just forces it out. it's not a favorable direction. west-southwest 25. west wind or west-southwest or a south wind for some. it will be breezy and cool even for many areas that get the sun. 50s and 60s. hayward, mountain view, san jose, but everyone is close due to the cloud cover coming in. that's the system. that's it. that system spinning there. as long as it's there and we stay we low average on the temperatures. a strong onshore wind means 5 to 10 degrees cooler away -- for those away from the coast. cooler, breezy, windy at time. low, overcast. 60s, 70s, 80s. a lot of 70s in areas that should be much warmer than this. fairfield should be closer. 50s and 60s. low 80s to mid os -- to mid-
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80s. 60s for berkeley, oakland, san leandro. hayward, mid 70s -- mid-70s. 60s and 50s on the coast and in the city. it's a cool day. it looks like not much change until the weekend and then it looks warmer. another close call at the beach. frantic efforts to save a teenager trapped under five feet of sand in southern california. which state has made it available for teachers to friend students on facebook? and guess who made the bess- dressed list for the first time and who has been named the best- dressed couple?
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it's a lovely day. it will be sunny. highs only in the 70s and low 80s. breaking news. we're getting reports that there is a lockdown in place on the campus of virginia tech university. reports say it's possible someone with a weapon is on campus. so everyone's being told stay inside. again, this is virginia tech. the school is now in regular session but there is a summer session taking place. i'm sure you remember campus police were criticized for not alerting everyone about a shooting in the past. again, breaking news. virginia tech on lockdown. reportedly somebody may be on campus with a weapon. we'll have more details as information comes in. 7:15. today is president obama's 50th
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birthday. as alison burns reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, the president raked in a lot of money last night at a fund- raiser. >> reporter: that's right. it was the president's first campaign trip out of washington in about a month. it started with a serenade from jennifer hudson. ♪ happy birthday to you [ cheers ] >> reporter: back in his home city of chicago, the president tried to refocus on his campaign and he took a stab at congress after -- congress after the weeks of the negotiations. >> we don't have time to play these partisan games. [ cheers ] >> we've got too much work to do. >> reporter: about 2400 donors paid $50 each to get into this birthday bash. it was also watched at house parties, including in the bay area. table a look at this party in -- take a look at this party in
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san mateo. this is the type of grassroots support he's hoping to build in the coming months. president obama has no scheduled events today. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, allison. thank you. our time is 7:16. well, comedian jerry lewis will not hold this year's multiple sclerosis's tell -- muscular dystrophy telethon. he planned to make his final appearance on the september 4th, telethon, however, the mda announced jerry lewis has finished his run. he will not appear. over the years, the telethon has raised more than a billion dollars. well, the state of missouri has made it illegal for public schoolteachers to have private public session networkings with
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their students. teachers can still correspond with teachers. facebook is testing a feature on a small number of users right now for the news feed and what can be done. the "like" function may be a way for third-party developers to share information about products or services. 7:1. a day at the -- 7:18. a day at the beach almost proved fatal for a teenager. matt dug about six feet below the surface when the surrounding sand caved in on him. lifeguards rushed to the aid and started to dig him out with the help of beachgoers. >> next thing you know i'm under the ground. you never realize how deep that is. >> he's obviously okay. he remained there for about a
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half-hour until rescuers got him out. a backhoe was brought in to fill in the hole. this is similar to ryan buchanan work was building a tunnel when the sand fell in on him. today the family will discuss moving him to a neurologist, to a rehab facility. a bus flipped over into a ditch yesterday evening. some of the people were treated there at the scene. others were rushed to hospitals. there are about 30 people on board, most of them, tourists from poland. the cause of this accident is still under investigation. a court hearing is set for this morning for a new york man. he's accused of kidnapping, killing and dismembering an 8- year-old boy. the prosecutors say levi aaron
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an doubled leavey on july 11th -- yab ducted leave -- abducted leavely on july 11th. he's now undergoing psychiatric examinations to determine if he is mentally fit to stand trial. vanity's best dressers has been revealed. kate middleton is on the list. her fashion sense earned her a nod in 2008 before she married prince william. collin firth and justin timberlake made the list for the first time ever and president obama and first lady, michelle, obama made their first appearance together on the magazine's best-dressed couple list. another list is out for the
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world's-worst dressed in san francisco. facebook founder, he lives here. bill gates, up in washington state. dennis crowley and howard string stringer. >> all right. 7:20. we're back on the whale watch out in the klamath river. there's some good news and maybe some bad news about the whale and her calf. and we're watching the damp weather during this first week of august. good morning. 280 northbound looking pretty good approaching the downtown san jose area. we'll tell you more -- coming up.
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stocks are down about 2%, on average, and a redumbtion -- resumption of the downturn after the data pointed to another indication the economy has stalled. right now, the dow is down 190 at 11,750. the nasdaq is down over 2%, down 61. s&p down 24, almost 2%. this is the story we'll be continuing to follow throughout this -- throughout "mornings on 2." 7:24. marine biologists say the gail whale that's been swimming in the klamath river for -- the grey whale that's been swilling in the klamath river for weeks now appears to be doing okay. but it does appear she's note getting enough to eat. the whale and her calf were spotted late in june. the calf swam back out to sea
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more an a week ago. haitians arener visly waiting r -- are nervously waiting for tropical storm emily. we'll bring you a live report coming up. it's 7:24. we want to check in with sal who is keeping an eye on the slow spots. >> at first we started off looter than usual. we also had problems with mist and drizzle. you will see the commute here -- there aren't any major delays here as you are driving up to the toll plaza. once you get onto the bridge, we've had reports of gusty winds there on the bridge. san mateo bridge traffic looking pretty good here if you are driving across the -- across the bay. we're gonna keep an eye on sfo
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delays because we may have delays at sfo this morning because of the cloud cover. out to the peninsula, we go. this is a look at highway 101 and 92 and 280 on the peninsula. the traffic moving along very nicely. some of the road sensors are picking up slowing on 87 into downtown and on 280 through cupertino. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a lot of low clouds an fog, even out to the sacramento valley, where the temperatures will plunge, 10, 15 degrees. another low has dropped in. gray skies an local drizzle by the coast. we don't have to worry about thunderstorm activity. concord has gusts to 28, travis has gusts to 30. it's all out of the sea breeze direction. some of these aren't going to travel very far from low to
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high temp. low clouds, fog, there will be some sun inland. but temperatures are come do you. very windy at times. gusts of 25 to 30. so 50s, 60s and 70s for many today. there will be 80s. but they are well below average. probably more of the same and a little warmer weather sunday/monday. 7:26. a northern california mother facing murder charges in a very bizarre case. this one involves breast milk. coworkers off a -- of a man killed react to today about his -- to his untimely death. se.
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this morning, family members and friends are mourning the death of a man who died in a boat collision on the san francisco bay. kraig debro is in south san francisco where the victim worked with his wife. >> reporter: good morning. dave, i've spoken to a number of people here at low's. this is where he -- lowe's. this is where he would be working right now, accord to
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the manager. shocked and surprised are two of the words i've heard most, if not for the chilly accident -- for the chilly accident in the water. >> i don't know what i'm gonna do without him. he's not here! >> reporter: that is mary, the man's wife. it was about 12:30 in the afternoon, about three quarters of a mile out to the bay when ming trong's 19-foot boat, he was in it with his father, a 46- foot boat was also in the water. the bigger boat hit the smaller. ming and his father were thrown from the boat. his father was able to get
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away. ming was underneath the boat. it was cap sized. he was -- capsized. he was unable to get out. i spoke to the coast guard. they said it was a language barier and he was trying to stay -- barier and he was trying to say there were more people there. people who were out there say the visibility was clear. the coast guard is looking into that as will as the speeds of the power boat in the water. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. humboldt county prosecutors have upped the charge for murder for a woman because of drugs in her breast milk. the baby stopped breathing and was pronounced dead at the
7:33 am
hospital. investigators say the mother had breast-fed the child with methamphetamines in them. she was initially charged with manslaughter. but prosecutors say new evidence led them to upgrade the charges. overnight a swat team responded to reports of a hostage situation in san francisco's sunnyvale neighborhood. no hostages were found. police say they received a call shortly after 9:00 last night. the caller told them an unknown person contacted him and said his relatives were being held hostage in his home. police were unable to reach the family and brought in negotiators. the police got ahold of the family and the family said there was no hostage situation. police searched the home and found no suspects. the incident is under investigation. mounting pressure on congress to put aside their summer vacations and restore the funding to the faa. in fact, in just a couple of
7:34 am
hours from now, senator boxer will hold a press conference call to demonstrate how california is being hurt by the partial shut down of the faa. more than 200 faa employees have been furloughed almost -- and almost 4,000 of them have been furloughed nationwide. on top of that, 70,000 workers on airport construction jobs are not getting paychecks. that includes 60 construction workers building a new air traffic control tower in oakland. the government is losing about 30 million ofry day in uncollected airline tickets because of the partial faa shut down -- shutdown. it's a huge cash windfall for the united states. some airlines raised their fares to keep the ticket prices the same without including those with suspended taxes. and now they are just putting the difference in their pocket. san francisco international
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airport will soon have longer runways. this is to meet federal safety standards. all now of sfo's runways will be extended and reportedly construction will start next year, be completed by 2015. flights are not expected to be affected. 7:34. tropical storm emily is about to make landfill on haiti's southern peninsula. our reporter steve harrigan is live in port-au-prince. so steve, what are you seeing? how are they preparing for this? >> reporter: well, they are doing what they can, which, in haiti right now, is very little. you have people living in tents. so they are taking ropes and tying them to ropes. just back in june, a rain storm bass enough here to kill 28
7:36 am
people. so you have to figure a tropical storm with winds of 50 miles an hour and torrential rain of anywhere from 12 to 20 inches could kill a lot more people there -- could kill a lot more people here. really, there's very little that people can do. they don't have relatives to move to. the government has been infective. no real plans for evacuation here. they are gonna wait and ride it out and hope to survive. there's major derns about -- concerns about flash floods and mudslide. most of the trees have been cut down. back to you. >> steve, thank you. 7:36. well, we want to check in with sal. we have a little drizzle this morning. but obviously not quite as what they are bracing for in haiti. we've had some loads -- some
7:37 am
wet roads. -- we had drizzle overnight. third avenue, one car was completely in flames. it looks like some of these cars were basically totaled in this injury wreck. the freeway was closed for a while before they got out everything out of the way. 101 is reopened. in is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic there is looking pretty good here at the toll plaza. let's go to the south bay where i want to check out 101. seeing some slow traffic getting into the valley. northbound on 101 approaching 880. this morning's commute is going to be slow on 237. so we have slow traffic getting into the valley this morning. 7:37. let's go to steve. looking at the web camera, it looks like a little bit of
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blue trying to form there. but there is a lot of low clouds an there is a rather strong sea breeze in place. morning drizzle. had a couple of measurable amounts to the coast. cloudy skies -- cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies. once the cloud burns off. sunny and windy. cooler, though, for all. the biggest drop will r fon inland temperatures. don't have to worry about any thunderstorm activity. it's moved out. as it does, the low cloud deck has been able to move a little bit. the delta breeze, southwest southwest, 22. at fairfield, gusts to 30. vac cau still gifting to 20. even sfo out to concord, 15, 25- mile-per-hour winds. if -- even if you get the sun it will be windy. 50s, 60s on the temperatures, i don't think it will change much by the coast including santa cruz.
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there's always a few microclimates that will get us through. 8 clearlake, 74 novato -- 88 clear lake, 74 novato. fairfield, 79. went with a couple of low to mid-50s -- 80s. there will be a breeze as well. 74 san jose, 74, santa clara. morgan hill to gilroy, upper 70s. on the san mateo coast and of the coast, 70s and on the peninsula. low to mid at best. a little warmer sunday/monday. 7:39.
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flooding back in march sutt -- is putting the city of capitola in a deep hole. the city spent $1.3 million against the floods. the insurance claim, rejected. the insurance says the flooding was caused not by anything other than flooding. programs that could lose money range from youth services to domestic violence victims. the classic kara soul has now -- carousel has been in commission for 70 years. the teen rode it, 100 times.
7:41 am
he's a big fan, so he doesn't -- didn't have any worries. we're continuing to follow breaking news out of virginia right now, where virginia tech is on lockdown over fears of a gunman on scam pus. and a the -- on campus. and the intense pressure timothy geithner is facing.
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the virginia tech campus is on lockdown. this is a wide picture. there's a possibility someone has a gun on the campus. a possibility. so everyone is being told to stay inside. the school is not in regular session. but there is a summer session. thirty-two people were killed in 2007. we'll bling you the -- bring you the latest from virginia tech as soon as we get the information in. another tough morning on wall street after a slight increase yesterday. the dow is plunging right now down over 200 points, down almost 2%, down 213, at 11,682. nasdaq is down 62 and s&p is down 25. one of the reasons this
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morning, the labor department announced new information on the unemployment front. this is the lowest number since mid-april, but continuing claims were up. treasury secretary timothy geithner is expected to remain on the job through the rest of president obama's first term. sources inside the white house says that he wear -- say there was intense pressure for him to stay on the team. last month, he said he would decide if he was staying or leaving after the debt limit standoff was over. geithner's wife and done moved back to new york last june. tens of thousands of outsourced jobs could soon return to the u.s. the government has just announced a
7:46 am
plan to create 100,000 new jobs. it will -- they will mainly be jobs at call centers. some were outsourced to india and the phillippines but will come back due to broadband advancements. the federal trade commission hopes the jobs will be created over the next two years. 7:45. in southern california, outrage is growing in fullerton over six police officers beating a homeless man to death. the incident was caught on tape. the man the police allegedly beat died. the six officers involved are on paid leave. 7:46. walmart taking extra precautions after the recall of 36 million pounds of cargill ground turkey. some bay area supermarkets have advisories like that one right
7:47 am
there, posted about the recall. we just got an e-mail from walmart saying it's pulled the recalled meat from its shelf. it's registering a lockdown to prevent the product from being sold. >> it is really scary. to hear that, it's like what do i eat? now, government health officials say that even contaminated ground turkey is safe to eat if it's cooked to 165 degrees and you handle it properly before cooking. you can get much more information about the brands affected by the recall on our channel 2 website, just go to it, look under the recalled tab on the front page. 7:47. a man in sweden is being investigated after apparently trying to put together a
7:48 am
nuclear reactor in his apartment. the man contacted the swedish radiation safety authority last month to ask whether he was allowed to build a nuclear reactor. well, that contact led the authorities to search his home. they found small amounts of radioactive material and removed it. the man told the newspaper that in the future he would keep his nuclear interest on the theoretical level. dolly parton has apologized to a lesbian couple of for something that happened a the theme park in tennessee. one of the women was wearing a. it shirt that said "marriage is so gay." she was told to turn the shirt inside out if she wanted to come in the park. dolly parton approved the t- shirt. she said all families are welcome to the park.
7:49 am
noriega is being asked to return to serve time and he has a month to appeal the extradition he's being asked to return for. this weekend is the first san jose renaissance fair. one of the highlights expected to be the knights facing off in contests of skills like lancing rings and slicing cabbages while riding a -- while riding
7:50 am
at full speed. the renaissance fair will be held in guadalupe river park, right near the hp pavilion. >> sounds like a good time. >> yes. a sacramento man is fuming after a run-in with a fulsom car dealership. the mistake that nearly land the car -- landed the car buyer rehind bars. the real story of until death do us part. the achievement this couple was honored for and how their love story came to an end.
7:51 am
no, but there's a charming farmhouse. right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. get your annual ikea catalog today.
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curtis tussison purchased an suv from triple crown auto sales. by it broke down a day after he drove it off the lot. the dealership loaned him a
7:53 am
honda. but after driving that car for about a week, they calmed him back wanting to know where he -- called him back wanting to know where he parked the loner -- loaner. then he got a call from the police saying the car he was driving was stolen. >> that if i was in the vehicle, even sitting in the vehicle i would be pulled out at gunpoint. >> somebody misplaced the paperwork and when they didn't see the car in the lot, they reported it stolen. the car dealership has since apoll viced and put in -- apologized and put in procedures to prevent this from ever happening again. lawsuits are piling up against news corp. money has been set aside to pay out to hacking victims.
7:54 am
in these times of lean city budgets, it really helps to have a mayor who is a billionaire. new york city mayor, michael bloomberg, is donating $30 million of his personal fortune to a city program to help improve the lives of young african-american and latino men. his contribution will be matched by another billionaire. the other half will come from public fund. this is to reduce the high number of african-american and latino men who end up in the city's criminal justice system. a man beaved -- believed to be part of the longest-running marriage has died. he and his wife, mary, have been married 82 years. they were recently honor bide the board of supervisors for
7:55 am
their long life together. he passed away last week and is survived by his wife and daughter. let's check in with sal again. sal? >> we have a new crash northbound 880 in san leandro. just looking at the latest detail. it's really causing slow traffic on the nimitz freeway, 880 northbound, at davis street. slow traffic coming up past hayward and getting up past the coliseum. you want to use 580 to get around this problem, after davis street, becoming kind of a big deal. let's take a look at san mateo bridge westbound looks okay getting out to the high rise. and then this morning's commute has been better after that crash. we just told you about it. after that, it's light because people aren't getting through. let's go to steve.
7:56 am
>> thank you, sir. mostly cloudy. any sun today won't be warm. temperatures are running 5, 10 degrees below average. too much fog and drizzle. i think we have a whiteout here. it looks like fog to me. there's plenty to go around. a howling sea breeze. when stockton gets a west wind that tells you it's going to be cool. well, that low right there off eureka and crescent city is really what's cranked up the fog machine. it will be cooler for everybody today. 50, 60s, 70s for money. even morgan hill in there, fairfield, 79. did go for an 84 in antioch. fog, sun, breezy, all the way to saturday. and then a little bit of a rebound, sunday, monday. the jaycee dugard tragedy
7:57 am
may lead to big changes in the california parole system. they are looking at how the system failed in this case, specifically they want to know how convicted kidnapper, phillip garrido, was able to hold the young girl active -- captive 18 years right under the noses of parole officers. victims' rights groups are demanding better training and communication. investigators say phillip garrido has admitted to at least three other kidnappings, spanning from the bay area to the nevada border. we don't have specific details yet. however, garrido denies kidnapping mikalea garrett, despite his close restem billions to the sketch -- resemblance to the police sketch. she's still reported as
7:58 am
missing. more on the breaking news. >> right now, virginia tech is on lockdown because a gunman may be on the loose. one local city may be facing lawsuits because people are recovering these. i will explain why -- coming up.
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good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's thursday, august 4th. we're getting reports still there is a lockdown on place -- lockdown in place at the virginia tech university because of reports of a gunman. everybody is being warned to just stay inside. regular school is not in session but there is a summer school session going on there. these are live pictures. you may recall back in 2007, campus officials were criticized because they didn't alert people about reports that a gunman may be on campus and
8:01 am
then 32 people were killed in a mass shooting. again, we're following breaking news from virginia tech university under lockdown right now because of reports that someone may be on campus with a gun. we'll have more details when they come in. back now locally, this morning, police in antioch searching for suspects this morning after an early-morning shooting. this happened about 4:30 this morning on i-street. investigators say a young woman was wounded outside of a home, she started banging on the doors of her neighbors begging for help. you can see her there. she was rushed to the hospital. at this point, we have no word on her condition. it's a draining crime. sewer workers in vallejo say someone is going around the city stealing drain covers. paul chambers is live in vallejo to show us how a possible prank could be so dangerous. paul? >> good morning, tori.
8:02 am
we moved from our location earlier today. some of these grades can weigh up to 100 pounds. this one, not so much. i can lift it with one hand pretty high. i'm joined here with jennifer. she's here with the sanitation district to tell us what's going on. why do you think people are taking these? >> well, we don't like to speculate but we're guessing its metal thieves. >> and what's the replacement? a pretty penny. >> it is. but our primary concern is public safety. we don't want anybody to be jogging at dusk or dark and run into one of these. if anybody sees somebody stealing these, we want them to call 911. >> and you have hundreds acould the city. >> yes. >> how many have you -- how many have been taken so far.
8:03 am
>> 11 in the last week or so. two on friday. >> okay. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> if you see any of these grades missing or you happen to -- happen to see taking them, as you heard jennifer said, it is dangerous for the public. back to you. >> thank you. police increased security around oakland's 100-year-old city hall building following a bold crime. one man tried to steal the huge brass railings from outside of the south entrance. there's clear evidenced brass band, it bass nearly successful. city workers found one huge railing lying on the ground. security tape caught the crime in progress. he was pulling on him back and forth like this. on this one, i'm not sure -- i'm not sure if that's what got him out of the ground or he
8:04 am
used some type of tool. >> oakland police plan to keep a close eye on brass railings in other building. a 34-year-old man was swimming with two boys late tuesday afternoon when they were swept away by currents. the coast guard was able to arrest one of the boys and a rio vista firefighter rescued the other. the dive team recovered the body of that other man later that night. two suspects, 18 years old, from east palo atoll are expected to breaking into gunn high school two weeks ago and stealing two mac books. both of those laptops have been recovered. three other schools were brotherrized in palo alto in recent -- burglarized in palo alto in recent weeks -- weeks.
8:05 am
those are being investigated. ka she na haridore worked at investigate's extreme team program -- katrina harid:re worked at the extreme team -- worked as the extreme dream coordinator. >> she did give us a statement as to what it occurred. >> and was it -- add meeting the incidents ecures. >> yes -- incidents occurring? >> yes. well, they were bumped out of their dorm rooms but now some san jose state students finally know where they will be living for the fall semester. jade hernandez joins us live to show us where any will be staying when the classes start. >> reporter: that's right. we've approached a couple of people 24 morning. one person told us they understand the university is in
8:06 am
a difficult situation. we are live in front of the storms of san jose state. school begins right here for the small semester. the clarions hotel is located on north 4th street, about two miles from campus and the students staying here had to commit without knowing which hotel in the city would house the upper classmen here at the university. and some parents are furious especially since meal programs are not offered through the hotel and feel there should be enough place to -- space to accommodate all kids on dam pus -- kids on campus. all freshmen are required to live on campus. that's more than 1,000 more students that the university
8:07 am
has had to deal with. we tried contacting management. we left a message with the manager. he's not returning our calls. we're told the situation could change, that those students could move out -- might be able to move out of the program and a special meal program is being worked out. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. breaking news. there's been a lockdown at virginia tech campus because of reports that someone with a gun is on campus. we want to join a press conference where the university is speaking. the. >> scouring the campus. so that's really our situation at this point. i don't know if there's anything else you would like to
8:08 am
add. we will take questions. >> if the public sees anything suspiciousor has concerns, they should call 911 immediately. >> was it a man -- [ inaudible ] >> it was a white male. they were wearing a blue and white striped shirt. stripes were vertical. stripes were vertical. [ inaudible ] >> you just heard that the lackdown has been lifted right now at virginia tech. there were reports three children attending a summer damp say they saw a man -- camp say they saw a man holding a gun. you may remember back in 2007, there there was a massacre there that left 33 people dead.
8:09 am
the suspect is described as a white male and they are still looking for him but right now the lockout has been lifted. we'll continue to follow this story and have more details as they become available. designs for a new cell phone -- for new cell phone towers are expected to get a lot of unhappy unhappiness about these. a danville neighborhood is furious over this high school project that is meant to be good for the environment. had is the live pictures of san ramon valley school in danville. construction crews -- crews removed about a dozen trees.
8:10 am
now, the panels will provide 75% of the energy needs. but residents say the project is doing more harm than good. and they say the district promised them that no trees will be cut down. >> that sounds line it can be the coosh refresh -- that sounds like it could be quite controversy. >> yes. uh-huh. let's check in with sal. what's happening out there? >> we have a crash at northbound 880 at davis. they've been moving it out of the lane. but traffic is very she coming up from at least 238 and even castro valley traffic is being affected by this. this morning if you are driving to the bay bridge, it's rather light. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a lot of -- it looks like the drizzle is letting out.
8:11 am
still, some measurable amounts coast and -- coast and bay. a little bit of sun, san jose, some blue skies. a lot of 50s and 60s. it will be a cool day. when i came in this morning it was very drizzly. clearlake, 88. 74 sonoma. 79 fairfield. that might be too high. concord, 77.
8:12 am
>> a lot of low clouds and fog keep us cool through saturday. it does look a little warmer inland sunday monday. all right. thank you, steve. we have a news crew heading to the sheeting of -- to the scene of a shooting in san francisco. there are at least two victims. a horrible incident caught on tape. the young california man, he was fighting for his life. ♪
8:13 am
♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm-mm-mmm ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm-mm-mmm ♪ ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm-mm-mmm ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm-mm-mmm ♪ [ female announcer ] kraft cheese has more full length shreds in every bag. you'll see the difference. ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm
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a little bit of blue sky. we'll have some 70s inland but very breezy to blustery conditions today. 8:14. well, no public events today for president obama. he's celebrating his 50th birthday at the white house. as alison burns reports, bay area people and people all over the country helped celebrate his birthday in chicago. >> reporter: that's right. the president was at a fund- raiser and birthday bash in chicago last night, that his campaign says was watched at more than 1100 thousands parties across the country. supporters made a cake for the president and presented him with a cutout of him on the
8:16 am
cake. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ [ cheers and applause ] jennifer -- >> jennifer hudson sang at the chicago event and the president seemed to be happy to be here after the debt ceiling talks. >> which means by the time i wake up i will have an e-mail from aarp, asking me to call president obama and tell him to protect medicare. [ laughter ] >> while thousands of enthusiastic donors turned out to be the -- toned out to -- turned out to see the president, his poll numbers are down in key straights -- states. manare saying he gave away -- many are saying he gave away too much in negotiations with republicans. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. san mateo police have now released a sketch of a man they say flashed a woman pushing her
8:17 am
young niece in a baby stroller. investigators say this man exposed himself to the woman in a parking lot near pet smart and the pedestrian bridge on south el camino real. they say he got out of a late 1990s four-door sedan that was either blue or green in color. the woman quickly left the area and reported the incident. anyone with information on this man is encouraged to call police. this morning -- this morning, sacramento police are blaming people for a young man who is fighting for his wife -- his wife. he was being chased and he ran out in the street and was hit. >> he just didn't make it. >> this was something that could have been avoided, if they had not chased him with
8:18 am
the bat. >> the victim is -- the victim is listed in critical condition. nine election workers, kidnapped in western mexico were released unarmed. now, they were kidnapped on tuesday and while no one has claimed responsibility, drug violence is plague -- has plagued that region. well, mlb is investigating a-rod. the league is looking into allegations that he was a regular player in underground illegal poker games. these high-stakes games reportedly involved violent criminals that would often threaten other poker players. rodriquez face as possible suspension if found guilty. earlier, as you know, ah rod was the focus of a steroids -- a-rod was the focus of a
8:19 am
steroids investigation. and this morning, tiger woods is getting ready to tee off at the bridge stone invitational. he's taken three month off to heel from a leg injury. he's ranked 142nd on the pga tour's money list. he's dead last in other statistics, though. his new caddy is a high school buddy, byron bell works has almost no professional experience as a caddy. it's:19. eating right may be a privilege only to the well-to-do, according to a new study. university of washington researchers say the healthy diet recommended by the u.s. government can be so expensive, any americans cannot afford to follow the guidelines. the revised 2010 food pyramid relative humidities eating more
8:20 am
potassium and fiber. they say adding potassium to the current die et could cost $38 a year -- 380 a year 8:20. a new report card out on the nation's most-respected colleges but did any of those get an a-plus? also -- not even spike strips could do the job. why a driver refused to stop. brash we may just have to -- you may just have to stop it you -- if you are driving to the bay bridge. there are slowdowns in other areas where you will see some big delays. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
8:21 am
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[ sirens ] now, look at this, police following that driver right there, that truck, indianapolis at the end of a long chase. look at tires. it ripped up the tires but it kept going for about an hour and 15 minute until police cornered him. when asked why he never stop, he said, well, i was having a -- stopped, he said, well, i was having a bad day.
8:24 am
stanford university gets an a-plus when it comes to performances when it comes to "forbe's." it's listed because of qual tiff teaching -- quality teachers and santa clara university met that list and sal, your alma mater came in -- >> thank you, tori. go, bears! excuse me. this morning's commute -- sometimes things get in your throat. it's kind of tricky. this commute has been tricky. there was a crash at davis street. the second one here is more minor but the annoying factor is still there. if you are driving from hayward up to the oakland coliseum. you need to give yourself extra
8:25 am
time. 5 0 might be a better bet -- 580 might be a better bet for you. i wouldn't bother with 588 if i were you. this morning's drive at the toll plaza has been up and down. right now it's about a five- minute wait. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. low louds -- clouds, cooler. much cooler. 5, 10 below average. some blue skies. some sun is trying to break through there. san jose, santa clara valley. it will be cool. maybe even santa clara valley not even hitting the 80s. 50s and 60s. low cloud deck gave a lot of drizzle. the big valley has a west wind at 20 miles an hour. that tells you it will be cooler in the sacramento and san joaquin valley. a low-pressure system, another one dropping in on the north
8:26 am
will help enhance the fog and give us the drizzle. and crank up the old wind machine. it's already there for some. 16s, 20s -- 60s, 70s, 80s. san jose at 74. 74 santa clara. cooper tino, 75 -- cupertino, 75. fog will be with us. it will be decreaseed dave? >> okay. thank you. we're still following breaking news live from virginia tech university. reports that someone out there spotted a gunman on the campus. it's on lockdown right now. this is the same place where people were shot down and killed four years ago. we'll bring you the latest. and in san francisco, police are looking for a gun that was used as an assault earlier in the morning. we'll show you the pictures of the suspect they already have in custody. and another frightening
8:27 am
incident involving a california teenager and a sand cave.
8:28 am
8:29 am
breaking news in san francisco. police have rushed to a shooting scene in the potrero hill neighborhood. kraig debro just got there. what do you know? >> reporter: good morning. this is the 1000 block of connecticut, near 25th and connecticut. police are investigating. apparently the suspect ran in there. according to police, there was a shooting somewhere in this neighborhood.
8:30 am
they are not sure where exactly. a bomb in her 40s was shot once in the ankle. she's been taken to the hospital for treatment. what you are looking at now is the man who is the suspect. police confirmed that for me. i don't know if you saw the paper bags on his hands but bliss say they put that on -- put them on there to preserve evidence. it could be gun residue or blood. but that's why they -- that's why they are on there. police are still looking for the weapon. the sergeant on the scene told me they are gonna take the suspect downtown question him. if he tells them where the gun is, they will come back here and get it. if not, they have to go through the neighborhood piece by piece. the good thing -- you sigh some of the officers leaving the apartment -- you see some of the officers leaving the apartment. there were no children in the apartment. police say he sometimes stays there. that's what they told me. apparently there were no children at the scene of the shooting. although in this housing complex here, just east of
8:31 am
potrero hill, obviously a lot of children are here. one person hurt, one person in custody in this early-morning shooting in san francisco. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, kraig. we're still following breaking news. police are still out there looking for a man reportedly spotted on the campus of virginia tech carrying a gun. we're watching it live. this is a wide shot of the campus there. campus police just held a news conference. they said an alert is still in effect for virginia tech. they are telling everybody stay inside. this is all -- began after three children who were at a summer camp at university said they saw a man carrying what looked like a gun. now, police say they've searched the area, they haven't found anyone yet. i know you remember the virginia tech was the scene of a mass shooting in 2007. at that time 32 people were shot dead.
8:32 am
we'll continue to monitor what's happening at virginia tech and bring you details. new this morning, new indication that the two uc berkeley graduates still being held in iran could be released soon. the trial of josh fattal and shane bauer was held last weekend with the judge promising a verdict sometime this week. iran's ambassador told "the associated press" that he expects the americans too be released very soon -- to be released. very soon. he doesn't know when. ramadan began this week. the two men and sarah shourd were arrested two years ago on allegations of spying. shourd was released on humanitarian guns one year ago. a lot of questions about a boating collision on the san francisco bay that killed one man it happened off the stores of -- shores of hunter's point
8:33 am
near $$park -- near candlelight point. their boat collided with a 46- foot yacht. the coast guard says the father was payable to cling to the capsized boat, but his son, ming trong, was stuck underneath. we spoke with trong's wife outside of the hospital after she learned he did not survive. >> he's such a nice person. how can this happen? how can this happen? he's so young. trong is survived by two children ages 4 and 6. family members tell us at ktvu that trong and his family were shouting at the yacht but it never changed course. investigators say thissary pea -- this appears to be an accident and plan to interview the father today. a family in the oakland hills broke up to flames and saw a part of their house on fire. it started out at a home on truro and rifle lane about 3:00
8:34 am
a.m. the fire had been con find to the garage, which had been converted to a bedroom. flames were burning 30 feet in the air and burning a couple of trees. the homeowner woke up and saw a bright orange glow in the window. >> woke up, emergency, 911, get the kids out of the house. my brother lives in that garage. >> now, he was not there at the time when that fire started but he came back a short time later. the flames also caused some minor damage to the main house. it took firefighters about 30 minutes to put out the fire. a day at the beach was almost fatal for a orange county teenager. matt minna dug about six feet under the sand there and the surrounding sand an saved in on it. you can see the lifeguards trying to dig him out.
8:35 am
>> you think you can just pull yourself out but you can't it's so heavy. nobody realizes how heavy six feet of sand is. >> he was buried, believe it or not, almost a half-hour before he was rescued. he was rushed to the hospital. he's okay. you heard him talking there. a backhoe was brought in to fill in the remaining session of that hole -- remaining session of that hole. sounds similar to what happened to ryan buchanan. he was digging a tunnel at sunset state beach when a debris came down on him. at noontime, his family will be meeting with neurologists and they will talk about moving him to a rehab facility. it's 8:35. a mugging victim in the bay area lost mere than just cash, he also lost some of its hair. the 34-year-old victim from the dallas area was visiting south system he was walking on gateway boulevard around 10:00 monday night when a group of
8:36 am
four to six men knocked into the ground and stole his many. one of the assailants then took out a silver pocketknife that chopped off a clump of the victim's hair. an attempted murder charge has been dropped against a san francisco store worker. 44-year-old sam kaz:was accused of shooting a customer -- kazo was accused of shooting a customer in the back last thursday. the two got into a fight after the man caked -- kirked the dog. the chihuahua who was -- kicked the dog. the chihuahua died shortly after.
8:37 am
it will take a few more days for firefighters to contain a large firefighter in kovola. so far it's burned 800 acres of land. firefighters say that fire was growing -- that the fire was growing quickly. no homes were threatened and the cause is still under investigation. 8:37. let's check the commute. sal, what are you seeing out there? >> we're seeing slow traffic this morning in many areas. it will be stop and go in many spots. let's take a look at 8 0. it's recovering -- 8 0. it's recovering -- 880. it's recovering. the bay bridge toll plaza has been up and down this morning. it's backed up for about a ten-
8:38 am
minute wait. if i are driving on 880 northbound, i would say use 580 instead of 880. even though the crash has been cleared, it's slow on 238 and it's slow in castro valley, and normally it's not slow there. 8:36. let's go to steve. >> all right. a lot of low clouds, drizzle. just had a nice tweet from diana in the santa cruz mountains. local drizzle. when is summer going to arrive? i've had that question asked to me a lot lately. i couldn't tell you. i look seven, ten days out and that -- you are getting a big fog bank and a really cool pattern for this time of year. things have a way of working themselves out until we get average but there's no sign of any warmup for us. at least not now. things could change. we're already into august.
8:39 am
fog, cool, breezy, windy. >> the thunderstorm activity is pushed well off to the east so we don't have to worry about that anymore. >> 50s and 60s. if you add the low cloud deck, it could be a slow process to get out. the -- the wind through the delta has really been tick kicking up the heels. gusts of 30 even out to -- 20 out of stockton. that tells you everything you need to know that that sea breeze and wind has played it all the way out to the valley. another low just drops in. they don't have to be that strong this time of year because the fog has been in place. any heat in the valley, helps
8:40 am
to draw it in. you get 50s, 60s for many. it should be warmer than that. napa, 74. fairfield, 79. that's really cool for them. 77 in concord, same for pleasanton. 64 in berkeley. 67, san leandro. 74, san jose. santa cruz, only 67 degrees. i mean, usually they break through that fog and you get some sun and mid-70s. it's been a tough chore lately. 50s, 60s on much of the coast and in the city. south san francisco and much of the peninsula. it's just not very warm. these are well below average on the temperatures. don't see much of a change, maybe sunday/monday, tori? >> thank you, steve. a james bond plot comes to
8:41 am
live. a masked man tells a terrified couple that he strapped a bomb to their teenage daughter.
8:42 am
8:43 am
take a look at the dow. a live picture here from wall street. another plunge right now.
8:44 am
the reason stocks are dropping sharply, more concern about economic weakness. not just in the u.s. but europe. now, there was a report out this morning that 400,000 people applied for unemployment. that number is down but it's still above the 375,000 level that commits say indicates -- that commits say indicates a healthy job market. oil is at the lowest level at $89 a barrel. gold is rising to a record on haven demand. right now gold is at 1672 an ounce. it's up about half a%. so taking a look, the -- it's up about .050. diamondback is down 3% -- nasdaq is down 3%. the s&p is down a correction of about 10%. that's considered a market correction for the year. also july retail sales reports paint a mixed picture so far this morning.
8:45 am
target sales jumped 4.1% and kos co reports a -- and costco reports a 10% increase. both results are getter than expected. time now 8:44 let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories we're follow for you right now. we're watching virginia tech university. it's on lockdown. police are checking reports of a gunman on campus. now, an alert has been issued and everybody is being told to stay inside. in 2007, a gunman on that same campus killed dozens of people. back here at home a deadly accident on the san francisco bay is being investigated. a fishing -- fishing boat and a yacht collided yesterday afternoon throwing a father and son into the bay. 40-year-old ming trung did not survive. and new reports about the uc berkeley hikers still
8:46 am
detained in iran. the iranian ambassador says he expects the two men to be released very soon. although he didn't give a date, the ambassador says they will likely be pardoned because of the holy month of ramadan. we're following breaking news in san francisco where police rushed to the scene of a shooting on potrero hill. kraig debro has been talking to police and joins us live. is there a possible motive, kraig? >> reporter: yeah, i just talked to police and they tell me the motive in this case is robbery. this happened south of what you think of as the potrero hill neighborhood. this is included in the neighborhood. that door right there is where the suspect ran after the crime that was committed this morning around 7:37 in the morning. now, we've got some videotape. suspect in this case. take a look at this. you can see some brown paper bags over his hands. officers told me the reason they do that, they want to preserve evidence. it could be gun residue, blood. that was the reason for that.
8:47 am
they are gonna take him down down-- downtown. according to the officer i spoke with a little while ago says the woman involved in the robbery who was shot told him that the guy asked for money or -- or he indicated that he was seeking money. don't know the circumstances around why the gun went off. but she went to sf general hospital. after the shooting the man ran into the apartment where he sometimes stays. it's not his official residence. they have him downtown to ask him what happened. they also don't have a weapon. he threw the weapon away. if he tells them where the weapon it is, they will come get it. if not, they will have to scour the neighborhood to try to find it. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. :47. new reports this morning -- 78:47 this morning -- 8:47. new reports of this morning of 45 people people killed despite
8:48 am
international condemnation, the syrian government has continued to crack down on this violence. 8:47. overnight in australia, a hollywood thriller played out in real life. a masked man broke into a wealthy family's home and strapped a bomb to an 18-year- old girl. he attached a note of demand to the device and len they -- and then left. authorities evacuated the neighborhood and called in bomb technicians. they spent ten hours removing the device which was ticketerred to the -- tethered to the girl's neck with a chain. this was a fake. >> she is a little tired but she's ready to get on with her life, as we are. >> they are treating this case as an extortion attempt. the girl's classmates received counseling this morning at the
8:49 am
school. well, redwood city has a shaky situation when it comes to school safety. nine schools, it was found out, could probably sufficient major damage in a big earthquake. the school finished a retrofit project but that work didn't meet the standards and it's not likely they will be doing any work soon because of the budget crisis. school officials announced they are buying the historic folgers coffee building on howard street. the details about which programs will be in the new space, that's still being worked out. officials say the downfound campus will provide easier access to businesses and organizations the school works with and they are hoping it will lead to new partnerships. well, the month-long heat wave in texas is creating record demand for everybody. power grid operators are now buying energy from mexico and
8:50 am
neighboringerring states. now -- neighboring states. residents are being asked to cut hours but a lot of people a still running their air air conditioning while trying to cool off from triple-digit temperatures. dallas is sphearianing the 33rd day in a -- experiencing 33 days in a row of triple-digit temperatures. if you you are -- the wall street journal ranked the newark new jersey airport the worst because of delayed flights. the airport blames the problem on congested airspace in the new york/new jersey regency. tonight, the mayor of east palo alto will hold a town meeting to discuss the latest surge of deadly violin in the city. there have been six killings here compared to four in all of
8:51 am
years. in one shooting, stray gunfire killed a 3-month-old baby. police blame violent street gangs for this. tonight's town hall begins at 6:00 p.m. at city hall. construction has resumed on a new site for the good earth national food store in fairfax. after the discovery of native american artifacts, it -- halted work for nearly a month. they are working with native- american representatives to find a way to honor the artifacts. construction was shopped -- stopped by an -- while pan architectural consulling firm conducted an inspection the of the site. the city of oakley is trying to stimulate the construction of new homes while giving builders a break on the fees. the city has rolled back the fees they are charging
8:52 am
developers. hopefully, it will encourage developers to start building houses again. the city has seen a big drop of new homes going in in the past new year's. and residents ofdy couldry bay will soon may -- of discovery bay will soon pay more for water and sewer services. an 18% hike the district says will go -- the 18% hike the district says will go no for development. residents say they don't need it because they say the town is not growing. a shakeup at facebook. who is leaving the world's most famous network to start their own company? p.pñççe".
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
want to give you another quick look at wall street, the dow plunging down 336 erasing its gains for the year, at 11,563. mainly, investors are growing more concerned about economic weakness in the u.s. and also europe. the state of missouri has made it illegal for public schoolteachers to have private social networking connections with their students. the law was created to prevent illicit teachers -- illicit relationships between teachers and students. facebook is considering an
8:56 am
other haul that would dramatically increase the amount of content users see in their news feeds. they are testing this feature on a small number of users right now. "the like" function may be ex-- the request like "function may be a way for -- the" like "function may be -- the -- may be a way to increase third- party vendors' advertising. in a resignation letter -- zuckerberg wrote -- it is 8:56. we want to economic in with sal, who had a very busy morning. >> i'm working on breaking news.
8:57 am
i'm trying to get the map together. let's just take the map away. this is how i build maps. want to see how i build maps? i'm gonna use the curser in the -- curser in the area of third and barry, there there is a window washer or a painter or maintenance person stuck on scaffolding right here on berry street in the area near at&t park. right there. it's a high-angle rescue. ktvu is on the scene. we'll have pictures at noon. let's go out to the toll plaza. bay bridge is moving along relatively well. no major problems. and if you are driving on interstate 80 westbound, we have some crowded conditions at berkeley heading out to the macarthur maze. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. hot and humid. that's for you folks in texas. but for here, foggy, cold, drizzly, some fun. it's a really cool pattern for
8:58 am
us. maybe warmer sunday/monday. >> you made me nervous for a second, steve. >> with the satellite, you never know anymore. >> yeah, exactly. >> that will do it for us. more news at noon with the -- with what's happening on wall street. much more coming up at noon. thanks for watching. >> bye now.
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