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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 9, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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that. it doesn't make sense. >> i would just like the police to find who's doing all this shooting especially with the baby being shot. >> this violence has been in oakland for a long time. my cousin is note the first person and it won't be the last person. >> reporter: today there was an increase of police in the area. although there were no arrests, authorities say they are confident the shooting will be solved quickly. still the council members say that's not enough and requests help. >> we have september, we have october and you're only going to see the insanity on the streets of oakland get worse, not better. >> reporter: council member reid was very heated today when we spoke to him. hear what the city says needs to happen to combat the violence on the streets. in a few hours there will be more people out here paying their respects for a
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candlelight vigil.. paul chambers, ktvu. >> the vigil will be taking place later this afternoon. that vigil is being organized by the city of oakland. it stakes takes place at 7:00 where the shooting happened. we're getting a look at a 9- year-old boy who was hit by a car after attending a giants- phillies game. he is fully improving. and they say he began to speak in full sentences this morning. his parents thank the people of san francisco in a statement saying quote, we have been touched by the outpouring of support. thank you very much.
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mayor ed leavitted white and his family at this -- mayor ed lee visited white and his family this morning. >> his eyes were open. he could not speak but his gave the thumbs up when he saw me. vargas is out on bail. he is charged with felony count of drunk driving and hit and run. he's scheduled to be arraigned on thursday. we learned today what caused b.a.r.t. service to completely shutdown stranding thousands of riders. sal castaneda tells us where that problem started, sal. >> reporter: the problem started with faulty computer hardware. now fortunately you can see that the b.a.r.t. station here our train just arrived. people are coming down, it's running as normal. but some people were delayed for hours. what may be a 45 minute trip for some took nearly four hours. today b.a.r.t. officials explained what caused the nearly three hour shutdown. off the system that left thousands stranded. >> i was in the city, someone was able to give me a ride back
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to the east bay. but i feel for the people who weren't as lucky. >> reporter: officials traced the problem to a faulty router system. they say the router and the back up router both failed at the same time. this prevented master control from keeping track of the trains. and that's when the system was shutdown. although this happened around 7:30 after the bulk of the evening commute. thousands had used b.a.r.t. to get to at&t park. >> i was at the giants game and they posted it on the board. so a lot of people had to figure out alternative ways home. b.a.r.t. officials say although they found out what the problem was, it's still unknown why it happened. they say if the same problem happens again they know how to fix it. that news was not much consolation for some. >> i really didn't want to come because that -p happened but i needed to so i came any way -- because that happened, but i
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needed to so i came any way. >> reporter: today trains were running normal. certainly nothing like what we had last night. b.a.r.t. it told us they are trying to replicate the problem. if you know anything about computers you know how hard that could be. they may not know exactly what caused it for weeks. sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. the conductors on cable cars can now scan those clipper cards. ktvu photographer watched today as this conductor used a newly functional hand held reader. the devices previously could not communicate with a central computer. there were times people had to pay cash because the readers could not verify the cards had enough cash. the stock market rebounded some what after a key decision from the board. the federal reserve announced today it will keep short term
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interest rates close to zero at least close to 2013. the feds also gave al bleak outlook for the -- gave a bleak outlook for the economy. they released a statement, the committee now expects a some what slower pace. the news from the feds jolted an already volatile stock market. the dow jones rose and fell sharply throughout the trading day. in the last few minutes stocks roared back. the dow sored close to 400 points to close at 11,239. the nasdaq rose almost 124 points. tom vacar joins us now live with the opportunity and uncertainty lurking behind the ups and downs, tom. >> reporter: when you take a
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look at it the market swung wildly over 600 points today. but as you can see, it ended up clearly in the green. hopeful of all new economic action by uncle sam. the stock market spend the day up. but when the feds said only it would keep the interest rates low for two years the market tanked down as much as 200 points from where it started. >> political concerns and political uncertainty is a lot different game for the market to absorb and understand. >> reporter: but then bargain hunters moved in. >> i think some people sitting on the sidelines thought, wow there are good evaluation on strong company that is have great earnings. >> reporter: in the end of rally a rally that lasted to the very last bell. >> the market is really to use an analogy trying to find its footing in this stormy seas. >> to long time market watcher
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lynne jimenez who reports from the floor, that stormy sea remains a question mark. >> it's an indication nobody really know what is direction things are moving. >> reporter: uncertainly directly impacts folks we met on the street in different ways. >> we have to borrow money. >> 75% of my friends cannot find a job. they are all working restaurant jobs with a college degree. >> reporter: a gain of over $700 million coming up at 6:00 more about the mood on the floor and on the street and how some see a real silver lining now. i'm consumer editor, tom vacar ktvu news. all that turmoil on wall street has helped push the price of oil to its lowest level in more than a year and that is translating into lower prices at the gas pump. looking live at interstate 80 and berkeley, according to aaa the average price for gas is
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down 5-cents from a week ago. the national average is now $3.90 for a gallon of regular. in the area it is a little more. in san francisco $3.88. in san francisco $2.89. the price of oil is continues to drop. at the close today in new york, light sweet crude was down $6 at $79.29. that is the lowest it has been since last september. we have continuing coverage on the wild ride on wall street on our website at you can find complete coverage of all the ups and downs as well as a time line of the dow's worse drop since 1899. just click on the wall street tab. it is just after 1:00 in the morning in london where the streets have been quieter following three days of rioting. earlier it was a day of
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cleaning up. >> there are more people out here today willing to clean than there were rioters last night. >> a twitt was sent out for people to come out and help out. luters burned cars and buildings. tonight 1,600 officers are keeping the peace on the streets of london. >> these are sickening scenes. scenes of people looting, vandalizing, robbing, scenes of people attacking police officers. >> almost 700 people have been arrested since saturday. the riots began after police allegedly shot and killed a man. and we're just learning that a british far right wing group is taking to the streets to try to quiet the riots. the leader of the english
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defense says that close to 600 people plan to sweep the streets to quiet the rioters. you're looking at jeffs as he left the courtroom after he was sentenced. he will not be eligible for parol for 35 years. jeffs represented himself in the trial and said he was being persecuted for his religious beliefs. a plan to repair potholes caused a slow down in traffic. news chopper two was over the scene as it was happening as workers hopped out of trucks and quickly filled holes with a hot asphalt mix. caltrans says this is routine maintenance. the operation backed up westbound traffic into east oakland. campaign documents show big bucks for san francisco's
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mayoral candidates. how ed lee entering the race may free up more cash for this. we had a nice little warm up today across most of the bay area. coming up i'll show you where the fog will be first thing tomorrow morning and the areas that will warm to the 90-degree mark.
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san francisco nummi is using $600 of federal money to install surveillance cameras in more than 350 buses. the homeland security administration is paying for the project which will let nummi monitor passengers in realtime. some advocates say that's going too far. nummi's current surveillance system only records what's going on on buses so it can be watched later. a candidate is being helped
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out by a loophole. david stevenson has the story. >> reporter: this race could break fundraisers. >> i changed my mind and i am running for the mayor of san francisco. >> reporter: along with changing his mind, san francisco mayor ed lee has also changeed the rules for financing this season mayoral campaign. >> i had to cut a lot of funds out of the city budget and out of the general fund and that's part of my decision that if i don't have to use public funds i prefer not to. >> reporter: the decision not to take public funds frees lee from a $1.5 million spending limit. the other candidates who did take public funds get a break too. >> the spending cap does not apply. this again will now take the race from one that was pretty expensive to one that will be probably enormously expensive. >> reporter: campaign records show that board of supervisors president chu and san francisco city attorney dennis herr era
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lead the race with campaign cash. herr era has raised close to $1.1 million. chiu's campaign has raised 39 # thoeu dollars with an addition $92,000 in public financing. lee's campaign only yesterday launched a website to take in contributions. he is still considered the one to beat. >> immediately the race now becomes should he be re reelected or not. i think the other candidates will have more difficult. >> my biggest concern is we're going to have this public money going to attacking each other which is really defeating the purpose of public financing. >> reporter: lee face add number of verbal attacked at yesterday's mayoral forum. another mayoral forum is set for thursday night. david stevenson, ktvu news. two men are suing
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california great american theme park over a homophobic slur on a photograph. the men were photographed three years ago holding hands on a roller coaster. the photo was later displayed after someone added a bubble caption adding the slur. great america says it has dealt appropriately with the employees involved. late at night or early in the morning, police say the latest crimes were early sunday morning when a jaguar and an audi were stolen. police advise residents to call 911 if they see any suspicious activity. there have been 88 auto thefts in petaluma including four this month. the u.s. geological survey has spotted about 125
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california common murals on a small island in the channel islands. about half the birds appear to be nesting. the birds had a colony there in the past but were driven away by human disturbances and egg harvesting. no chicks have been spotted there since 1912. state scientists today recorded a powerful solar flair from the sun. we want to show you a sped up video of the flair taken over a four hour period. a mass blasted out from the sun toward the plant earth. sinetists pre -- scientists predict the cloud will impact earth a few months from now. all right we want to turn now to mark for a look at how the weather is turning out. he is in for mark tonight. >> with an earlier clearing time we warmed up a bit especially as you would expect out toward the interior. but we do have fog from half- moon bay to pacifica.
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we come in tighter here already a few patches coming into san francisco and right around the bay. a look outside right now we can show you this, there's evidence of that fog making out in the distance. this is from our emeryville camera. current temperature is 63 degrees. some more current numbers through the region, we have warmed up nicely toward fairfield, concord and livermore all recording 89 degrees. san jose in the upper 70s. santa rosa at 83. hayward at last check 71 degrees mostly recording clearing skyings. regrouping coast side, coastal fog increase, we could have low visibility and drizzle for the overnight hours right near the immediate coastline. forecast lows for your thursday morning. most of the bay area starting out tomorrow morning actually wednesday morning. you can see temperatures mainly in the 50s. santa rosa right around 50. livermore 54 and san jose mid- 50s at the 55 degrees. the plan for tomorrow with your
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bay area forecast for the coast. some fog and drizzle in the morning. skies becoming partly cloudy. by 3:00 mostly sunny skies and nice temperature range right around the bay. 70 to 80 degrees. through the inland spots here we're talking about 90 degrees heat. by 3:00 warmest location inland approaching upper 80s to 90 degrees. warmest locations will be approaching the lower 90s. so pretty much the same deal for tomorrow. as far as the next cooling trend we'll have the timing on that and we'll let you know which way the temperatures will be trending. another american tourist has disappeared in aruba. robin gardener of maryland was last seen a week ago. gardener was visiting the island with a man named gary giordano. giordano told police that gardener never made it back to
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shore after going snorkeling. gardener's boyfriend says he does not believe the story. and that he is getting very frustrated. >> the family were instructed by the aruba police that you can't say anything because of the investigation that's ongoing. >> gardener went missing from the same resort town as natalie holway who disappeared back in 2005. she still has not been found. the military is making a move in the wake of the helicopter crash in afghanistan. what it just lunched. >> he was just a kind person. he was easy to like. how family members here in the bay area tonight are remembering one of the navy seals killed. plus his body was discovered at lake tahoe after 20 years and tonight we're learning why his body was so well preserved even after all that time under water. a story you will see only on two. we're learning about a rash of unusual thefts on the
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peninsula. why firefighters say there could bety saástous -- disastrous consequences. >> and why high speed trail is going to cost much more than ever expected. how officials say you will end up
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the military has launched an investigation into the helicopter crash that killed 30 u.s. troops in afghanistan. eight afghan citizens were also killed in saturday's incident. military investigators will look at a number of issues including the decision to send the helicopter with navy and air force personnel into a fire fight. a the troops were heading into the area when the helicopter was shot down with a grenade. president obama today flew to dover air force base to
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salute the troops. the president joined the troops family in a private military observance called a dignitary transfer service. family members were unable to grant interviews with the media because their loved ones have not been identified. he was like close to having him like a son. i loved him. and he was just a kind person, he was easy to like and love. he would get on the fourth step and jump off. give you a heart attack. >> reporter: katherine remembers her nephew kevin houston as a bit of a
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daredevil. while other boys played cowboy and cars, kevin always wanted to play navy. >> he shook his hand and said, i'm kevin and i'm going to be a navy seal. he was in the fifth grade. >> reporter: houston was 36 years old, he leaves behind a wife and three children. katherine learned that kevin had made the ultimate sacrifice on saturday when her sister who was kevin's mother phoned her. she says that she and her sister have quote had their melt down and now they're ready to honor kevin's memory. tomorrow katherine will fly east to be close to kevin's mother. they are planning a memorial here in the bay area. jesse pitman was a former firefighter from mendecino county. friends from the close nit town remember him as smart and hard working. he worked as a seasonal firefighter for calfire before
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become ago navy seal. ktvu's rob roth is in will to the best t s --willits and will take a closer look at this navy seal. captain owen honors was released from the navy. honors submitted documents today for a navy board increase. the board will review the documents and more than 60 videos during the next six weeks. it will represent whether honors should be released for. a missing dive's body is found after 17 years in lake tahoe and his was not the only body missing at this spot. bay area muslim groups are celebrating ramadan and reaching out to other communities, but a controversy today reminded them it's not
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missing divers intombed in the chilly waters of lake tahoe and the tricky battle to find them. we told you about a body discovered in the bay. ken pritchett has how many more bodies are yet to be recovered. >> reporter: we'll show you where he went missing about 200
5:30 pm
yards offshore of rubayon point. that happened in 1984. reportedly three other divers in this very same spot suffered the same fate and they remain missing. the waters placid like any other place. but under water there's a steep wall descending more than 100 feet, a lure for divers. >> having a wall is actually a lot of fun because you're totally weightless and you feel like you're flying like a bird. >> reporter: chuck weber shared with us photos of a dive about two months ago. on the surface the water is clear, visibility is low down below. >> it's dangerous for divers to go down there unless they are prepared to do the dive with the which equipment ready to go. >> reporter: special tanks are needed to go over 100 feet. that's why the coast guard used
5:31 pm
this equipment. >> very good shape. he was very well preserved. the riv recorded a temperature of 33 degrees at 265 feet. >> reporter: an experienced diver spotted the victim in late july and notified the sheriff's department. windecker was seen sinking without an oxygen tank in his mouth. windecker's body had been seen before several years after he died but an attempt to retrieve the body that time failed. ken pritchett, ktvu news. in petaluma police are looking for a suspicious man who approached some young girl opbs the street. two ten-year-old -- young girls on the street. two ten-year-old girls say they were riding their bikes when a man approached them. when he was talking to the the
5:32 pm
girls, one girl noticed that his pants were unzipped. it was a heartwarming of sorts by the muslim community to change what they call growing mistrust. ktvu's robert handa is live in fremont tonight where a mosque is opening its doors amist the controversy that erupted today about ramadan. >> reporter: american muslim groups are reaching out. they are opening their doors to homes and mosques such as this one inviting people to walk in and know what is to many a mysterious society. the fremont mosque is a place of worship for many muslims but to see them exercise their faith is a strange sight for many. so they are staging open house events throughout august. >> because that's the intimate space. when you share that with your fellow americans i think something magical happens. the trust starts building immediately. >> reporter: and numerous bay area faith groups said in a
5:33 pm
news conference today that trust is needed, they say anti muslim sentiment is on the rise. in another event, a grocery store considered dropping the ramadan event. >> we're hearing that whole foods is continuing the ramadan campaign. so we're supporting the company for celebrating the diversity in this country. >> reporter: for bay area muslim groups that also means opening the doors to their home. those stories such as the whole foods controversy makes them a little apprehensive. >> when there's people with other issues that may find it a target, but you know, we can't
5:34 pm
let fear hijack us. again ramadan events will be held throughout august. they will open their doors this saturday. robert handa, ktvu news. it appears many students who were at virginia tech during that mass shooting back in 2007 felt stressful effects from the rampage for many months afterwards. 33 people were killed during that rampage. according to a virginia tech study about 15% of the students at the university reported experiencing high levels of post-traumatic stress syndrome for several months. researchers surveyed 4,600 students in the months following that mass shooting. all eyes are on iowa this week where the first dropped poll in the presidential race takes place. republican presidential candidate timm pawlenty took to
5:35 pm
the public today. >> iowa straw poll will be held saturday if the republican party's unofficial vote that kicks off the g.o.p. primary race. another gop candidate michelle bachmann campaigned in iowa today and criticized president obama's handling of the credit crisis. >> this president went in hiding for three day, no one saw him when the credit rating went down because he did not know what to do. >> reporter: the minnesota congresswoman made those remarks in arnold's mark iowa. she also appeared in sue city where she told the crowd if she is elected president she would fire treasury secretary timothy
5:36 pm
geithner. and there's reports that texas governor perry will announce his plans to run for president. iowa and new hampshire hold the first contest in the 2012 presidential race. b.a.r.t. wants to know what you think. apple marking a milestone. what the bay area company did for a short time today that made history. and it came out of nowhere, why the unidentified flying object that created a big stir on a plane will likely continue to be a mystery.
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it appears we will never know what exactly caused this commotion friday on board a delta flight from wisconsin to alaska. a passenger slammed the door after it flew into a lavatory, when the plane landed the object flew out too quickly to be identified. it was as happy as the passengers to be off the plane. the apple company reached a big financial milestone today but only briefly. just after 8:00 a.m., apple surpassed exxonmobil as the most powerful company in the united states. apple stock rose 3.4% with a market capitalization of 300 p- l dollars. but by the close of the trading
5:40 pm
day, exxon moved ahead with a market cap of 348 billion. analysts believe apple may soon retake the lead with strong sales of its i pad tablet and iphone. federal officials are estimates a transmission problem with tens of thousands of their bmw models. the cars could allow the cars to roll away while parked. the problem could lead to a recall, no accidents though have been reported. bmw says it's cooperating with the investigation. b.a.r.t. is asking for public feed back on three new designs for b.a.r.t. cars. concept a is similar to the current configuration but with plastic seats that are easier to clean. concept b has a lounge area, concept c makes the grip s
5:41 pm
shaped polls. the concepts will be on display at some bart stations starting this weekend. health officials in oregon say they may know the source now of an e.coli outbreak. the outbreak has been linked to a strawberry farm outside of portland. tests are under way to see if deer droppings are the source of the bacteria. the farm's strawberries were sold at roadside stands and farmers markets. those strawberries have been recalled but the oregon safety department are concerned that new cases may pop up if people have frozen the strawberries or turned them into jam. university of miami researchers studied more than 200 menopausal women. all had healthy bone density sáefls at the start of the study. people were randomly assigned to take a soy supplement or placebo. by the end of the study the people taking the placebo had fewer menopausal system had
5:42 pm
fewer symptoms than the women taking the soy supplement. researchers studied nearly 1,400 patients, more than 250 had the condition. researchers then looked at their activity levels and found pad was nearly twice as common among inactive people compared to the active ones p.a.d. was more common in people. a man trapped inside a burning home ends up dying. why firefighters say it was a tragedy that department have to happen. low clouds are headed into the bay right now. coming up our updated fog forecast model. and the one direction temperatures will be heading as we do approach theweekend. new at 6:00, a story you will see only on two. we're learning about a rash of unusual thefts in the peninsula. why firefighters say there could be disastrous consequences. >> we didn't connect to it.
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there's new proof high speed rail will cost billions more than expected. why some
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a local dui campaign is getting staid wide honor -- state honors tonight. san francisco police chief greg suhr accepted the award today. the campaign included eight agencies in the city and involved sobriety checkpoints, saturation points and public warnings about the dangers of drunk driving. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a house fire early this morning. it happened not far from arelo avenue. tara moyarti tells us why firefighters think it could have been prevented. >> reporter: when crews arrived they were told a man was
5:46 pm
trapped inside. >> this is a shame. >> reporter: barbara smith says she has known 63-year-old tom pachio for 16 years he did not make it out of the house alive. >> my heart fell to the floor. >> reporter: neighbors say they woke up to the sounds of sirens. when they looked out the window they saw flames that reached 16 feet above the home. if fire broke out in the front living room. investigators are looking at whether candles could have started the fire. >> this home was not installed with smoke detectors or fire alarms. >> reporter: that could have saved tio's life. >> we believe there was a delay in detecting the fire. so the fire had a chance to grow before we got here. one of the back doors was screwed shut so we had to knock the door down in order to get in. >> reporter: patio's son were too shocked to speak to reporters. they had been trying to get the father to move out of the home which was going to be sold soon. meanwhile investigators are spent much of the day sifting
5:47 pm
through the charred remains to determine the official cause to this fire. tara moyarti. arnold schwarzenegger oldest daughter is speaking out about her family. katherine schwarzenegger said she left for london after her parents announced they were separating calling it a very difficult time for her family. she also said she tries not to care about what others think and says he is consoled by all the encouraging messages she has received on twitter. julie haener is live in the newsroom now with the stories we're working on for ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, julie. >> a brazen new trend of metal thefts are putting residents at danger. and the reason you will pay the price for high speed rail
5:48 pm
even if you never ride the trains. and the campaign road is being paveed by ed lee as he starts shaking hands. the cabins at curry village have been -- park managers issued an environmental report that is open to public comment until september 9th. the los angeles river is now open to kayakers. officials opened part of the river today. a stretch of the river will now be accessible for supervised tours from this weekend through october. a french engineer says he has a creative idea to solve
5:49 pm
the drinking shortage in africa. the i think near says he's come up with a plan to tow i ceburgs to the continent. the iceburgs could also provide water for farmers. the engineer says he needs $10 million to make his plan a reality. bill martin is off, mark tamayo filling in. another nice day. >> temperatured warmed up nicely with a few 90s being reported in a few neighborhoods. you will notice the northern extend of the fog just right around stinson beach down toward mira beach. the clouds already increasing, pushing on to the half-moon beach. the other half still mostly clear skies. as far as temperatures from today you can see the 90s reported out toward fairfield and antioch. san jose topped out 82 degrees. napa at 80 and san francisco in
5:50 pm
the upper 60s right around 68. here's our forecast story for tonight. fog developing coast side and right around the bay. tomorrow morning cloud cover, mild to warm. and then the weekend, we'll stick with that theme. cool temperatures for the beaches and warm temperatures inland. high pressure starting to rebuild from southern california today. it's going to stick around for tomorrow. clearing skies, warm to hot numbers for tomorrow. but then this weather system we've been talking a lot about this weather system like this moves if in from the north. this will generate more fog and drop our temperatures for thursday, friday and also into the weekend. so the warmest days of this week basically today and also tomorrow. with a few 90s showing up on the forecast maps. here we go with our forecast model showing up. right around the bay you will notice maybe just clear skies or mostly cloudy conditions well inland. as we take this into the over night hours, cloudy conditions right near the immediate
5:51 pm
shoreline. that is all reflected in tomorrow's forecast beginning at 7:00: 53 to 58 degrees in the morning hours. by 12:00 coastal fog still 60 to 80. by 4:00 mostly sunny skies. temperatures ranging, a big temperature range from the low 60s to the beaches. right around the 90 degrees mark right around fairfield in the 90s. oakland tops out at 70. livermore right around 90 degrees. san jose lower 80s. milpedas 80 degrees. san francisco clearing into the afternoon hours. those readings in the upper 60ings. here -- 60s. temperatures cooling off a little bit. friday one of the cooler days and then a bump in the numbers for saturday and sunday. we haven't talked about 90s for quite some time. a person who walked out
5:52 pm
with a 9-year-old's wallet apparently had a change of heart. the 9-year-old said he left his wallet on a 7/11 counter with about $300 inside. a local newspaper says a woman returned the wallet. apparently after reading the letter he posted on the convenience store door.
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we're getting some breaking news and now to the ktvu newsroom. we want to bring you live pictures from news chopper 2 these are live pictures from highway 4 in the concord area. you can see crews working to pick up some issues. there has been a back up. something has been spilled on this roadway at this point we're hearing. here is the back up right in the middle of evening commute. again this is highway 4, a zig alert has been issued. we will bring you more information coming up at 6:00. some local pets took part in an emergency earthquake drill in contra costa county today. >> this is a temporary animal shelter holding facility for these dogs. these dogs have all been
5:56 pm
pwrougt here. the owners have been displaced -- brought here, the owners have been displaced by the disaster. and the animals will be staying with us until they can be reunited with their owners. this is would be all they have. maybe their home is all they have. this is their child. so they know their child is being taken care of. if they want a break over there this is a pet friendly shelter today. they can come over here, go through security, get someone to walk them in. they can take their dog for a walk and decompress. today's drill also included lessons on how to deal with people with special needs. several organizations took part of the event including the red cross, salvation army and county health services. coming up in just 90 seconds. -- >> reporter: this may look like a piece of metal but it's proving to be valuable for thieves. we'll tell you why the fire
5:57 pm
department is so concerned in the peninsula. he says he has a plan to save california schools. the commitment they need from you to make it happen. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. okay, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. ooh, fun, yeah. one, two, three. jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. she's so pretty. yeah. or we give it to kyle. it's really all he's got. [ male announcer ] switch to at&t u-verse and record four shows all at the same time.
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good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the family of a 3-year-old boy shot and killed are waiting for news on an arrest. david stevenson has the latest. >> reporter: we have a new report, police say they have several investigations going on in multiple cities in the bay area and they believe they're very, very close to an arrest. let me show you what's going on here at the scene. this is where he was shot down little 3-year-old carlos fernando nava. there are people here paying respects to a little boy gone too soon. >> i cannot even explain the pain my cousin and his wife are going through. he can't accept it yet. >> there are too many guns in the hands of idiots


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