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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 16, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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from the coliseum. the san mateo bridge is off to a good start heading over to the peninsular, let's go back to the desk. we begin with breaking news where a dive team responded to a car in a la began to. here is more on what the dive team found, jade? >> reporter: that's right a woman staying at the hotel behind me told me she saw two cars racing down the road here, this is island parkway here in beaumont. she saw one of those speeding cars drive right into this pond and it appears one of those drivers managed to get out. so far there are few details. you are looking at the car which is a jetta volkswagon and they say the car was not stolen
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but by the time officers did arrive nobody was around and the driver of the car was gone. according to an eyewitness i did speak to, the other car involved in the race drove down the street and drove off. she can not comment without our cameras rolling and of course police are still investigating this. felix hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. back after a chaotic evening commute in downtown san francisco. demonstrators confronted police in riot gear. they also came out to protest bart's decision to cut off cell phone service during a similar
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situation last week but bart did not block cell phone service. >> as long as we get the compliance, we will play as well as we can that includes leaving cell phone service on. >> now there were no problems but they captured one angry bart rider who shoved somebody trying to keep the cart doors from closing. the federal agency will look into whether bart has the right to selectively turn off cell phone service and many others are also concerned. >> that is a concern and when you have these things happening, the first person they will come to is train operators and if we don't have
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the right information we look foolish. >> it was clearly an issue of public safety. you can find more by going to our channel 2 website. just click on the home page they responded to a carjacking -- k it they responded to a carjacking and while responding that patrol karened up -- patrol car ended up crashing. there were lights on right before the crash but the siren was not on. the victim from the original carjacking managed to flag down another police captain. that captain took them into custody but not before he says
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they tried to run away armed with guns. >> i was concerned with citizens on the streets and my concern was they would open up fire on citizens and me but fortunately that did not happen. >> he says he and other officers did not shoot at the men because the nearby park was crowded. he has broken his silence. the father tells the sacramento police that they died of carbon monoxide poisoning in his suv after issuing an amber alert. autopsies are planned for today. closing arguments are expected in a san francisco
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gang for four deadly shootings. the gang is centered around the city's mission district. all seven many fist life -- face life in prison. they have been sentenced for what they did to jc due guard. the 23-year-old case that phillip better right tow is now -- that the accused is being questioned about. a figure in politics, casper was the vice-president and an active member of the gop. sunday night he went out for an evening jog and the driver of a white pickup truck ran over
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him, briefly slowed down and sped off. >> for such a fine man to be left at the side of the road under those circumstances made it more horrible. >> a highway camera took a picture of this crash. it is a newer model with a gold stripe. they are asking for the public's help to find that driver. a send arrest, he was shot in the middle of the day and the suspect is identified as willie tore runs. he was arrested on friday in las vegas. last week they arrested the suspected gunman. they are interested in the safety of their pipelines. the company shows they did not
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provide key documents on the pipeline that exploded last september. the missing documents include log books inspection records an x-ray reports. pg&e used data to prove it was safe. they are expected to vote on a proposal and the city would have to pay the state for the redevelopment agency and state lawmakers recently voted to dissolve them and it would cost them $11 million this year and close to to 3 million every year after that. 347, let's get a look at traffic with sal, hey, sal. i want to show you a look
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at interstate 880 right near the coliseum and that traffic is moving a long nicely and if you are driving to the airport this morning's commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is no road work and if there is it has been picked up and traffic is moving along well on that upper deck as well. in antioch bay point 4 looks good, 680 looks nice and if you are driving on the west day to the bay bridge toll plaza it looks nice there as well. low clouds have come roaring back so let's go to the warm side, so the fog returns
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and some of that is working its way around. cooler hot. a little warmup and cool down and temperatures are getting above 90s and yesterday even though the coast was clear there will be a lot of 50s and 60s. san jose clear 59 concord and livermore oakland and san francisco at 55 degrees. it is a little thing in the atmosphere and it is too shallow to have an effect on the atmosphere but big difference on the coast hot conditions inland, not much of a sea breeze hardly anything.
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50s 60s and 70s and it will be fog sun and nice. inland and maybe into thursday as well. but with your weekend in view, a rebound on sunday. well some good news about the injured fan bryan stow. doctors sat san francisco general hospital says bryan stow has made significant progress. he followed some commands and his ability to improve with his family has improved. he is recovering from severe brain damage. the teenager where he was found after a worldwide manhunt. what is being blamed after
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sending 20 people to the hospital. if you are on the grade, we will tell you where traffic is getting busier. @
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. firefighters say the man was found dead and the man's name was not released, nobody else has been injured in that fire. only one of the two pit bulls was involved in the attack that killed a pregnant woman. he came home from work last thursday and found their two- year-old male pit bull standing over his wife's badly injured body. the second dog, a female was taken to the pound. it shows she died from shock and blood loss. the bite marks came only from the male dog. they are trying to determine whether they are linked to an unsolved
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kidnapping case. they learned exclusively they interviewed them about the mckayla kidnapping. he surfaced as a lead and police say there are striking similarities in the cases. police interviewed them for more than two hours each. >> the interview thus far does not give us information about anybody in this case. >> the photograph taken about the time of the kidnapping resembles the sketch of the man who kidnapped her outside a grocery store. they are going over the taped interviews and plan to reinterview the two suspects. five people were killed on
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saturday after that stage collapsed during a storm. now at first a fair spokesperson said the fire marshall was responsible for inspections but he is not sure whose job it was. there are questions about whether fair organizers reacted in a timely manner to weather warnings. news this morning attached to a fake bomb, they arrested paul doug peters in allow whichville -- a louisville neighborhood. there is a world wife manhunt, a what masked man broke into her home and chained her to a device that looked like a bomb. she was chained for three hours and her parents reacted to the arrest. >> we are hopeful this development marks the beginning
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of the end of this traumatic ordeal for our family. >> the suspect left behind a note with demands but police did not reveal a motive. authorities are seeking to extradite him to his native australia. on saturday a team of at least eight men kidnapped the man who work in pakistan as a development expert, now police in the country could release a suspect sketch today. the u.s. embassy and fbi agents are now working to find weinstein. raging waters in sacramento remain closed after a chlorine leak sent 20 people to the hospital. it caused a high concentration of chlorine to be released into the wave pool.
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9 of the 20 people were children and people were complaining of respiratory problem and burning eyes and throats. >> i felt like i had to get out. >> there was bubbling and it started smelling everywhere and head to evacuate the pools. >> they are investigating and all the people are expected to recover. park officials have not decided to reopen the park but the wave pool will remain closed until that investigation is complete. in politics, president barack obama begins the second day of his bus tour in iowa. he held town hall meetings and encouraged people to help jump start the economy. today the president will meet with farmers and small business owners and president obama
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wraps up his bus tour tomorrow. 10 candidates in san francisco will take part in a debate. the debate is at the university at the mission day conference center and ed lee and nine other candidates have confirmed their participation but what is not clear is whether another person will also a ten. he made a surprise entrance into the mayor's race just before filing papers on monday. california prisons will speak out against the death penalty in sacramento. they will be joined by family members of the murder victims who are also against the death penalty. the former inmates say california is at risk of executing an innocent person. they will renew their call with life in prison without the
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possibility of parole. time now is 449. a 23-year-old from stockton remains missing and now a person of interest has been arrested. and steve dobbs is said to be released and he is not holding anything back.
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. carlson was last seen at 1:00 a.m. as she left a stockton lounge. she has -- he has been a person of interest since the start of the investigation. he was arrested for false
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imprisonment and the girl is still missing. a district spokesperson says an investigation is underway into reports that he used the "n" word. the remarks were made during a recent golf tournament and the school is calling it a private matter and they are not releasing many details but many people have come to his defense. any construction out there sal? we have a couple of road work areas, not causing big delays but we'll see some slow traffic out there. let's look at the golden gate bridge where traffic is moving along well. if you are driving on the golden gate bridge and it is foggy just lower your speeds because the fog tends to get better and there are no major problems on the city streets of
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san francisco. this morning we have a look at oakland westbound 880 traffic and 880 will be closed until 5:30 a.m. about a half hour from here. and powell there is some construction so just a few more minutes before they get that don't. east 80 looks good as well. let's go to steve. well we have our fog and it is filled in well along the coast. inland i don't think it will matter because temperatures should warmup to 80s and 90s. upper 40s yesterday morning and that should probably not happen today some of that cloudiness work being towards the north and if you have that fog it
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will be cool 50s, 60s and 70s. but the low cloud deck, only 50s, 60s and 70s and some of that could be fog as well. temperatures maybe some between the coolest and warmest locations a couple of low 60s but inland by the coast and around the bay low clouds. not much of a sea breeze, travis that is nothing for them calm san jose. we have a system to the north yet the coast will feel the impact of the fog. they have a warming pattern inland and not so much on the coast but high pressure will build into thursday and another warmup late in the weekend. >> all right, thank you steve.
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a homeless san diegoian man is being credited with helping a man who ended up in a river bed. the car was going 100 miles per hour when her car flew off the end bankment. he lives by the river and heard the whole thing. >> i heard the crash and i went down there and i said oh, no, and she started moving and moaning so i kept going. >> mcdonald cut the woman out of the seat belt. the woman is hospitalized in serious condition. police hope to talk to her later this week and they are still looking for the other driver. apple is opening up to his fans. he is telling the story of his life thanksgiving week.
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there are reports he has encouraged everybody he worked with and barns and noble said he cooperated with the writing of the book but did not ask to read it before it was published. it is called a biography and will sell for about $32. a car overnight pulled from a beaumont lake, what led up to this bizarre discovery. and the reason the fcc is now taking a closer look at a tactic that caused disruptive protests. !
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bloop key candidates who are just miles away from each other, it is all ahead


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