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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 16, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we have expanded coverage on the killing of this toddler. allie rasmus has more on the arrest of a second suspect in this case. but we begin with tara moriarty at the community mourns the loss of this little boy. >> reporter: at least 200 people are inside that church right now, mostly friends and family. we did see some police, firefighters and some city dignitaries here to show their support. you can see the hearse. that's what the family drove in in this morning, wiping tears from their faces. just a few minutes later, just before 11:00, a hush fell over the street as they loaded the white casket into the church.
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it was extremely emotional for the family. many were wearing t-shirts with carlos' pictures with the word "rest in peace" on them. we're here at st. bernard's church off 66th avenue. it's only three blocks from where carlos was killed in a gang-related, drive-by shooting august 8th. now barbara lee attended as well. >> especially killing this boy -- every homicide in the city, every homicide in the city is -- we're running out of excuses and explanations. the chief of police was correct the other day, we have to stop talking and do more. >> reporter: he says when they return from recess, they will take action and impose gang junctions. he says the whole city is mourning the loss of had little boy.
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and with the murder count at nearly 75. it's time for the community to give some help. now, at a weekend car wash, volunteers raised nearly $20,000 to help cover funeral expenses. according to some reports, the rest of the money, including donations to a wells fargo account, will be helped to -- will be used to help other victims' families. we're live in oakland, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >> as carlos is laid to rest, we're learning more about a second suspect arrested in the case. allie rasmus has more on that and the reason the suspect was not in a las vegas croom this morning as expected -- courtroom this morning, as expected. >> reporter: well, willie torrance was supposed to appear in las vegas at 7:30 for a fugitive warning hearing but he
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never showed up. according to a las vegas spokesperson at the time of the hearing, he was actually in the medical facility. she would not tell us why he was there. his next hearing is this thursday and spokes court persons in las vegas say it's not likely he will be extradited to the bay area before then. oak police believe he was the driver in the drive-by shooting that killed 3-year-old carlos nava last week. officers arrested him on friday night. torrance has been held in a las vegas detention facility. he's not been charged in connection with this drive-by shooting. a spokesperson said they are still reviewing all of the police reports in this case and they cannot extradite him back to california until the academy county d.a. files charges. the d.a. has charged lawrence denard in this case. he's accused of being the gunman. he's facing murder charges and is scheduled to enter a plea to those charges later this month.
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allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a fund has been set up to help the nava family with expenses. you can learn more about that by going to and looking in the web link sections near the bottom of the front page. breaking news from southern california. santa monica college is on lockdown at this hour. three people reported seeing a gunman walking on campus about an hour ago. although school is not in session, some professors and incoming freshmen are there for orientation. police have not verified the calls or determined determined if any shots were fired. but once again, breaking news, santa monica college in southern california is in lockdown. one of san francisco's largest gang trills -- trials is expected to go to the jury today. federal prosecutors accuse the seven defendants of belonging to the ms-13 gang and are charged with wang -- with waging a war against rival
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members. one was the murder of a -- a stabbing. the defendants face life sentences if convicted. the fcc is investigating b.a.r.t.'s decision to cut off cell phone service ahead of last week's planned protest. the fcc says it has received complaints and is gathering information from b.a.r.t. they are also looking into whether eliminating cell phone service jeopardized -- jeopardizeed safety. they are also investigating whether they have the right to shut down those cells. b.a.r.t. says it does have the right, citing public safety. >> no justice. ! no peace! >> last night demonstrators confronted police in riot gear at b.a.r.t. stations in downtown san francisco. they were angry about recent shootings involving b.a.r.t. police. they also came to protest b.a.r.t.'s decision to shut down cell phone service. there was a lot of tension.
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however, no arrests were made. getting caught while driving and being distracted could soon get more expensive in california. a lot of people are being caught by police. our ktvu camera went for a ride- along with the chp in san jose. in less than one hour, the officer stopped four drivers holding cell phones to their ears. governor jerry brown is now considering a bill that would increase the fines for driving while distracted. >> it's quite simple. prevent an accident. prevent someone from getting killed. it's not rocket science to do what you need to do right. >> under the proposal a first offense fine would go up from $20 to $50 along with court fees. a second offense would cost $100 plus fees and that second offense would also add 1 point to a driver's record. more than 800 people who work for the state's patrol
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division could find themselves out of a job in the next two years. the "sacramento bee" reports the department of corrections plans on making the job cuts by september 2013. 533 parole agents are included in the cuts. the budget signed by governor brown in june shift the some parole duties to local governments. the u.s. will keep its triple-a status with one credit rating agency. fitch's reaffirmed its highest grade. the eax warned it would lower the -- it warned it could lower the status if congress fails to fix the budget deficit. despite the news, stocks are down about the eurozone debt
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crisis. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 101, down to 11,381. more trouble for pg&e over the safety of its pipelines. a federal report released yesterday shows the company did not provide key documents on the san bruno pipeline that exploded last september. the national transportation safety board says the missing documents include logbooks inspection records and m rey reports. investigators also say pg&e used bad or nonexistent data to try to show the pipeline was safe. ahead -- a sad development involving a whale we've been covering in the klamath river. mose marry is up next to -- rosemary is up next to tell us if the warming trend will continue. police want to spend $300,000 for six of these.
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scientists will perform a necropsy on a grey whale after beaching herself on a sandbar. the wind chill and her calf entered the area in -- the whale and her calf entered the
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area and the calf was seen swimming back out to see last month. >> the mother has drawn big crowds. researchers say her fat layer books good so -- layer looks good so she probably didn't starve to death. republicans have fanned out across the country to talk about jobs. [ cheers and applause ] >> michellebackman kicked it off through the carolinas in spartanburg, south carolina. rick perry visited a roofing company in cedar rapids, iowa while unveiling a proposal for a six-month moratorium on government regulations. he told the crowd he will get america working again. >> i want to cut the payroll tax again to help families make ends meet. that's meant an extra thousand dollars in the pockets of american families. >> president obama reached out
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to world families still trying to recover from the recession. he hosted an economic forum in iowa, just about 12 miles away from perry's event. >> the president announced initiatives to attract more capital investment to farmlands, speed development and other renewable energies. his three state bus tour rolls into illinois tomorrow. a man automobiled of attaching a fake bomb to an australian teenager will remains a u.s. jail. that ruling came today from a federal judge in louisville kentucky where authorities rested paul doug peters yesterday. authorities believe pete sers behind and extortion plot in australia two weeks ago. investigators say a masked man with a bat broke into 18-year- old madeline pulver's home and chain her to decide -- device
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that looked like a bomb. they tracked peters using an e- mail account attacked to -- attached to the fake bomb. a controversy over a santa rosa festival where young children were allowed to handle guns. foe tows taken -- photos have been circulating among earned -- concerned citizens. the picture the show police officers talking to a young kid with as the young boy holds a rifle. some question whether that was appropriate at an event promoting safe communities. police and organizers claim it was successful community outreach. the city of gilroy is doing something and the public rereaction. >> reporter: this reflex from the -- this reflection shows sue's cafe. one of the many downtown places
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carrie covington has worked the last 30 years. yet, she's not sure the cam yous are on the answer. >> i've never felt unsafe. >> reporter: this is the first of the mounted cameras. police say an organized group of downtown businesses came up with the idea. the reason, a perception that downtown gilroy can be dangerous. there's not a lot of activity so people are feeling that it's just negative activity. >> reporter: the manges from the cameras will be -- the images from the cameras will be transferred. this man hopes they can stop the vandalism. it's cost him big. >> when have you to replace a window, $600. >> reporter: another owner says the loss of privacy rights is a much higher price to pay. the problem is, it seems like the greater good we're given up
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more liberties. the camera at fifth and monty vary a test. if it passes, other cameras will be set up in this part of downtown. the police decided to put the camera here because they found a high percentage of crimes happened here in this section. the test is also a way to make sure the joint partnership didn't spend $300,000 on six cameras only to find out they didn't work. in gilroy, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. all lanes of highway 101 and san mateo are open again. a big rig crash shut down three lanes in the southbound direction for much of the morning commute. the chp blames the truck driver for speeding when he came off the highway 92 connector camp -- connector ramp. it happened around 5:30. newschopper two captured the extent of the damage. >> the second tractor-trailer -- solo tractor-trailer collision that's occurred at
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this connector in the last month. >> the speed limit is 25 miles an hour. the driver was headed to redwood city he was not hurt in the crash. >> this morning a car flew off the car and landed in a pond on the peninsula. police think street racing may be responsible. >> the dive team rushed to the pond off island parkway around balemont. drivers -- some who saw it say the driver lost control during a street race. good afternoon. another dry, warm day on tap. you can see here the coastline still socked in with fog and that low cloud deck. it's burning away. we do expect it to lead us to mostly sunny skies. that flow you see at sfo at 16
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miles an hour is actually helping to push it in the direction. you notice the north bay coast clearing a little better in san francisco if i point south in santa cruz, again, that northwesterly -- as we move through the afternoon and san francisco likely to see partly cloudy skies. it will be back later. a warm one, 74 already. san jose, low 80s in livermore. meanwhile, san francisco oakland, you -- you can see a cool one. this reading not actually correct. i checked on that. 66 in oakland as well dash at the moment as well. santa rosa, checking in at 74 degrees with mostly sunny skies. we continue to be lodged right in between the trough over -- over the east pacific and high pressure to the east. we will watch this nudge over the next few days. we are expecting to warm up a little bit. we will have the coastal fog. mild to warm around the coast and bay. our inland area is mostly
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sunny, near 90 and warming to the low and mid-90s by wednesday and thursday. your forecast here, notice by about 2:00 or so, it does back away into the evening hours. sunset we'll watch the low clouds return to the bay area. forecasted highs for today. santa rosa, sonoma as well as napa. upper 60s, low 70s for the east bay. upper 8 oh, low 90s. pittsburg, santa clara valley, warm, nice. 82 in san jose. 82 for share and the peninsula -- for santa clara, and the pill looking good. and the peninsula looking good. your extended forecast here notice the -- notice the warming trend especially for the inland areas. 90s expected wednesday -- wednesday, thursday and your weekend, if that's too hot hold on a few days because the cool air will be back in time for the weekend, back into the mid- to upper 80s for the inland area and the cool conditions
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for the coast. >> thank you. >> you got it. a 9-year-old philadelphia philly fans who was seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident is well enough to go home. a spokesman says ryan white was flown back yesterday. his condition is still improving but he remains in serious condition and will be treated at a hospital in his home state. he was gin r -- injured after leaving a baseball game with the family this month. the hit-and-run suspect is being held on $465,000 bail. he pleaded not guilty to charges of drunk driving and hit-and-run. a stolen recommend brandt drawing worth $250,000 has -- rembrandt drawing worth $250,000 has shown up in an unusual place. someone left it in a church. >> in about five minutes, give or take, after midnight today, they said yes, that's the
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drawing. >> the lithograph titled "judgment is part of an commit sponsored by the lenaris institute. mit are still looking for the argument thief. no arrests have been made -- police are still looking for the thief. no arrests have been made. as pitchers, including gonzalez will sign autographs. the children will contain backpacks. each backpack has binders, crayons and even a bottle -- water bottle. there's also information about the crime prevention and the ordinance. ahead a look at wall street, and what's pushing stocks down today. we'll tell you why a vote expected to be -- could be critical to the future of the 49er stadium in santa clara.
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taking a look at the big board on wall street, markets are in the red thanks to the easing -- thanks to the failure to ease worries about the debt crisis in europe. an update on the breaking story. authorities have locked down santa monica college after at least three people reported seeing a gunman on the campus. the calls came in around 11:00
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this morning and police immediately ordered staff and students to stay indoors. school is not in session but teachers and some freshmen are there for orientation. police were trying to determine if the reports were genuine or if any shots were fired. today, the smucker company announced it's cutting the price of many of its coffee products. they say the falling frieses of green coffee futures makes the cheaper prices possible. their products include folgers and dunn din doughnuts. americans are doing a better job of pay of their -- paying off their credits. tonight, santa clara's city council could agree to give the state millions of dollars. the move with would -- would allow the city to continue to
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use redevelopment money for the proposed 49er stadium. the state lawmakers recently voted to resolve unless the city agreed to give sacramento some of the money t would cost santa clara close to $3 million every year after the initial year. one of the best-known case companies wants to blow up one of its properties even -- even before construction is finished. mgm is asking for clark county approach to demolish the harmon. they say it's not worth the time, money or effort to salvage the building. tonight at 5:00, we'll tell you what is cheaper now, buying or renting, in the housing market. and "planet of the apes" is not only attracting bay areagoers -- is attracting bay areagoers.
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that and more at 5:00.
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