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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 26, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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in redwood city why police say a suicide is also a felony hit and run. television sets, lightbulbs blown out. a very unusual power outage effecting some bay area residence right now. we are tracking hurricane irene. we are live at the airport to see how air travel is already being effected this morning. also a police sketch released about last week's brutal beating of a sports fan at candle stick park. they plan to tighten security for another 49ers game. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us it's friday, august 26th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. rosemary is here for steve. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, to you. a nice warm summer. heat up expected for the
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weekend. temperatures will continue to warm a few degrees today. more so on saturday. partly sunny skies for our southern counties. this morning waking up with the fog and low clouds. good morning, sal. good morning. westbound highway 4 traffic looks pretty good coming up to the willow pass grade with no major problems here. as you can see it's a nice drive. also this mornings commute looks good on interstate 880 and the road work in downtown oakland is being picked up. let's go back to the desk. talking about hurricane irene the east coast bracing for power outages, flooding, and a lot more as hurricane irene gets closer and closer to north carolina. after devastating puerto rico and the bahamas hurricane irene is aiming at the u.s. inland. buildings are being boarded up,
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evacuations of coastal cities are under way, local governments are getting ready for the worse. >> our principal goal is not to lose a life. there is no reason anyone should lose their life as a result of this. we know it's coming. we are implementing safety measures. but it creates a sense of anxiety. >> the airlines are also warning passengers you expect canceled flights. 126 american airlines flight were canceled. mostly out of miami and the bahamas. claudine wong is heading to sfo right now. there is much more information about hurricane irene on our channel 2 website and make sure you stay here with ktvu throughout the morning. we will follow what irene is doing. we will also take you live to north carolina for the very
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latest from there. redwood city police are investigating a bizarre and tragic hit and run in redwood city. two cars hit and killed a man last night. kraig debro tells us the victim wanted to be hit. >> reporter: good morning, pam. police are look for the drivers of two vehicles in connection with this suicide. if that sounds a little strange wait until you hear why. the man ended upright out of the street here. he was killed when he was hit by two vehicles. the orange spray paint marks the spot. the body ended up on the 1800 block of elle camino drive. the drivers of a silver sedan and smaller sized suv are wanted in connection with this suicide. the drivers could be charged with felony hit and run. even though it appears this is an accident drivers are required by law to stay at the scene. police say the victim told people what he was doing to do.
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>> subsequent investigation reveals a number of witnesses had seen him in the area. he appeared to be intoxicated and approached a bystander that encouraged him to go home. said you had too much to drink and told him to go home. he didn't. he went and laid in the roadway. >> reporter: police says there appears to be skid marks where the body was marked. police have not identified the victim. they believe he's a hispanic man in his 30s. they have a video tape of not of the accident but one of the cars speeding away from the scene. time is 5:03. three u.s. marines are facing charges of hazing in the death of a santa clara man that later killed himself in afghanistan. april 3rd 21-year-old harry lou a fellow marine shot and killed himself while alone in a fox
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hole. charges were accused to three men for beating lew. sentencing begins in the chauncey bailey murder case. they will be formerly sentenced by a judge. yusuf bey iv and antoine mackey will get a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole. bey ordered the killing of bailey because he was writing a story of your black muslim bakery. starting today police chief greg sur is taking applications for san francisco. the period will close though after 2500 applications are received. san francisco police will
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have increased security at tomorrow evening's 49er game. police also hope a sketch will lead them to the man that beat up a fan inside the candle stick bathroom during last weekends 49er raider game. investigators describe him as a heavy set pacific islander. take a look at the sketch. the search for the attacker comes at the same time that police are getting ready for tomorrow nights game. >> we'll have additional officers on foot in both the parking lot and inside the stadium during the games. we'll also have officers on bicycle and motorcycles working the game. >> now the victim of the bathroom beating is a 26-year- old man from san rafael who is grabbed by the neck and slammed into a wall. he was knocked unconscious and is in the hospital. two other fans were shot and injured in the candle stick parking lot that same night. here's a heads up for drivers pap -- for drivers. a connector ramp will be
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closed. they will close the northbound 880 to the eastbound 80 in oakland. they will cleaning drains and making electric trannic repairs. that ramp closure continues through 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. there will be a detour route available for you. >> we'll keep talking about that. sal, it's not fun to be surprised by those things. >> no, it's not. and then you have to go on a detour and maybe you don't know the streets of oakland that much. good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. traffic on 80 westbound moving along pretty well as you drive past golden gate field. they picked up that road work that was there. now traffic is better. all four lanes are open heading west. let's take a look at the bay bridge. traffic is is okay coming into san francisco. you can see the electronic signs warning you about the s curve. if you are driving in san jose
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northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to cupertino the whole way. let's go to rosemary. good morning, to you. we will be boosting our numbers in time for the weekend. hopefully that lets you get up and at them this morning. you can see pretty wide spread along the coastline and the bay. inland we are look at partly cloudy skies. mostly clear livermore. san jose reporting partly cloudy skies. oakland, fremont, and san mateo all looking at gray skies through the morning hours. your temperatures anywhere a degree or two from where we started yesterday. you know what to expect when we go outside. 59 degrees concord. 59 livermore. 60 degrees redwood city. 62 mountain view. upper 50s santa rosa and napa. fairfield the only area dealing with the breeze this morning. the rest of us fairly calm. so fog and clouds for the bay this morning. by the afternoon plenty of sunshine. even along the coast.
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partly cloudy skies expected. wide spread 60s for the coastline today and some 70s in the warmest areas. along the bay 70s and 80s. inland areas upper 80s to low 90s. 82 expected for petaluma this afternoon. mid 80s st. helena. 81 san rafael. head east to upper 80s. 90 degrees pittsburgh. we are looking at livermore checking in at 90,000,082 a popular number sunnyvale. 67 degrees san francisco. extended forecast warmer tomorrow. wide spread low 90s for the weekend. partly sunny skies we may see moisture pull in in the afternoon. high clouds a possibility. monday into tuesday warm up. a developing story we are
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following an overnight power surge is causing big problems in east palo alto. blowout effected dozens of homes near glenway. tara moriarty joins us now. >> reporter: television sets were blown out. lightbulbs popped and then it went completely dark. that is according to neighbors that live within a ten block radius from where we are standing. pg&e crews are here. they are up on their cherry picker. as we pan off to the right it looks like a tree. you can see where it snapped right there. we don't know if that is is the cause for this outage right now. pg&e crews trying to fix a burned out wire from a high power line. they have been out here since a little after 9:00 last night when the outage happened. the blowout caused 50 apartments and homes on east okeef street to lose power. another 20 homes on glenway and green streets. the surge of burned out smart
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meters. they are warning residence not to turn on the electricity until inspectors can inspect the homes. they heard loud bangs and saw smoke and sparks. about 400-volts of electricity went through the homes instead of the normal 110. now crews are expected to be out here through daylight. we will let you know when power is restored. i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:10. hurricane irene is closing in on the east coast and among other things the hurricane is effecting sunday's planned dedication of the martin luther king junior memorial. good morning, westbound 237 looks great so far any way as you drive across the 880 interchange. we'll tell you more coming up. 3çóóó/çç<
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welcome back. our time now 5:13. we are following hurricane irene. look at this picture. this is atlantic beach, north carolina. it's a pretty picture right now. but hurricane irene is is approaching. the very latest and rosemary will tell you much more about all of this. it's now a category two storm. the hurricane warnings are stretching from north carolina here all the way to sandy hook, new jersey. that is right near new york city. it may hit land at some point
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tomorrow. we wanted to give you a look as the waves and the beach are all getting ready now. evacuations are of course under way as hurricane irene approaches the coast of the united states. time now 5:14. right now at washington d.c. the federal government is getting ready for hurricane irene. ktvu scott mcfar land is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom to explain what happened. >> reporter: organizers have postponed sunday's opening of the martin luther king memorial. they postponed it indefinitely. all out in the open near the storms path. it was too dangerous. states of emergency are in effect in maryland, delaware, virginia, also here in d.c. the federal emergency management agency scrambling to move supplies and manpower into position throughout the eastern sea board. they have two million liters of
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water to distribute to the carolina coast and also after the storm goes through. they have power supplies too. >> generators. a limited number of generators. these are large generators that will go to life saving institutions such as hospitals. >> reporter: we will get the latest from fema secretary. live inform washington, scott mcfarland. americans don't think much of congress. that is according to a new poll from the associated press. 87% of those asked say they disapprove of the job congress is doing. 53% say they want their own house of representatives tossed out. 57% say they believe taxes will rise and government services will be cut to balance the federal budget. time now 5:16. the fight in libya for control in tripoli is leading to major
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concerns for international terrorism. libya's international government met this morning and the collapse of moammar gadhafi's government is prompting fears that terrorists will get their hands on missiles from libya's weapon depot. the obama administration is usualing them to secure those missile depots. all right it's 5:16. we want to go back over to sal to check in on the roads this morning. sal. >> pam and dave traffic is doing pretty well we've had some of that road work that we told you about. it's being picked up now. some of it lasts as late as 6. but most is gone by five. 880 road work traffic looks or the road work has been picked up and traffic is moving along nicely. getting right into the middle of downtown oakland. alsos morning commute looks good on the bay bridge incline moving away from the toll plaza area into san francisco. and if you are driving on
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highway 4 boy that looks great. it's probably not going to stay this way. between antioch, pittsburgh, bay point that is a nice drive. concord to to walnut creek that looks good. let's go to rosemary. good morning, to you. i want to start with a picture of irene. it's incredibly wide. about 750 miles. that is the top of the state all the way down into southern california perhaps like l.a.. that is how wide spread this is. right now a category two expected to strengthen to a category three by later today into tomorrow morning with winds reaching 115 miles an hour. and it's a slow moving storm. that will also cause trouble. let's come back home and talk about our great weather. temperatures are expected to climb today. we are dealing with fog and clouds out there this morning. spotty drizzle along the coastline. not out of the question through the morning hours. highs today wide spread. low 60s along the coastline. warmer than that to 80s and low
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90s for the inland areas. upper 50s oakland. livermore, san jose you are checking in at 61 to figure on these numbers here we are similar to where we started yesterday. anywhere from a degree or two. getting outdoors light winds not bad at all. 82 in napa. 81 expected san rafael. upper 60s for the coast. san francisco checking in at 67 in the afternoon. 76 oakland. 80 degrees expected hayward. low 90s for concord and livermore. 90 degrees pleasanton. 83 san jose. 92 morgan hill. 80 degrees san mateo as well as redwood city. extended forecast here are you look forward to the weekend? there you have it. saturday looks to be the warmer days along the coastline scale back a little bit on sunday but our inland valley locations wide spread low even mid 90s for the weekend. and a cooling trend early next
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week. back to you. all the major european markets are down this morning following the lead of most of the asian markets overnight. only japan, south korea, and taiwan finished with gains. those were less than 1%. all the other benchmarks finished the gain on the downside. investigator -- investors are waiting to make moves until they hear what ben bernanke says today. many are hoping for clues that the fed will take additional steps to help the u.s. economy to avoid another recession. analysts say that is not likely since two weeks ago the fed announced it would hold interest rates at record lows for two years. ben bernanke speaks 7:00 a.m. our time. we are waiting for 5:30 revised quarter. the gdp could also effect the
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market. time now 5:20. construction work starts today in livermore on an upscale outlet mall. ground breaking ceremony is scheduled where the stores will be built. they will be easily accessible off of interstate 580. just a few of the stores already signed lease there is. the outlet stores are due to open by november of next year. 5:20 is the time right now. we have new information about the dozens of people arrested during the latest protest against bart. the connection one of them has to a past incident. a popular skate park in the east bay is gone. why cal trans crews destroyed it. if you are driving on interstate 280 driving up through san jose it looks pretty good so far.
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good morning, to you. we are looking at a beautiful weekend mostly sunny skies, warmer weather on the way. well thank you rosemary. time is 5:24. take a look at this. new video of a rare dust storm in las vegas. you can barely see the area. big cloud of dust covered most of the city.
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firefighters were called in to help with the problem of low visibility. san francisco police have released information about the dozens of people arrested during this week. 35 people we now were arrested. 16 of them are from san francisco. nine are from the east bay and four are from out of state. now one of the protestors arrested is under the age of 18. you can see the list of names of those arrested by going to the bay area news tab of our website now among those arrested was a man with a past run in police officials. he was arrested for throwing paint on dugger. he was protesting the fatal shooting of oscar grant. 5:25. a popular skate park in the east bay has been destroyed and soon a second one will also be gone. cal trans crews demolished the waste land skate park. they did this yesterday.
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the state also plans to bulldoze a nearby border town skate park in the coming weeks. the skate borders were trespassing on state property and those skate parks are a liability. >> the sad thing is now it's gone. and it was not based off of any place to do drugs just have fun skate boarding. >> we tried the best we could to work out some kind of atreatment growth and when we -- some kind of an agreement and when we couldn't we had no choice. >> they tried to shut down the border town skate park but the city of oakland stepped in they leased the park from the state to keep it open. the city of oakland decided not to renew that lease. a california sea lion is safe after being rescued from a creek in east palo alto. the sea lion was spotted about 6:00 yesterday evening. volunteers lifted the sea lion out of the shallow creek.
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the sea lion was sick but not hurt. a deadly crash on the streets of san francisco one week ago. how it could now lead to an important change for muni. the investigation is under way in a bizarre hit and run in redwood city. right now a 15-mile stretch of highway is closed near yosemite national park as firefighters battle a raging wild fire. 680 southbound looks good heading to it south bay. we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. 0w
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning nows. did you know it's friday? it's friday. it's august 26th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now is almost 5:30 and rosemary is here in for steve on this friday morning. >> yes, indeed. knocking on weekend's door. we will be heating it up in time for the weekend if you have outdoor plans just be ready for it. temperatures are going to warm anywhere from 2-4 degrees especially for our inland areas this afternoon. but across the bay even along the coastline temperatures are expected to climb. we'll take a look at what you can expect outside your door this morning and your weekend coming up. hi sal. hello rosemary. traffic on westbound 92 looks good if you are driving out to the high-rise. there are no major problems if
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you are driving over to the peninsula. also this morning we are looking at interstate 880 the road work has been picked up and the lanes are wide open for you. for people that like to get up early and get on the road it's a rewarding time to be out there. it's 5:30. let's go back to dave and pam. >> thank you. hurricane irene has been downgraded to a category two storm but the warning of really severe weather extends all the way up the east coast to new jersey. the new hurricane warning extends from north carolina's coast to sandy hook, new jersey. that is just south of n stay. the hurricane warning means hurricane light conditions are expected to hit the area within 36 hours. hurricane warning has been in effect in north carolina since yesterday. high waves started hitting coastal cities early this morning. hurricane irene is starting to have an impact on flights here in the bay area. claudine wong is at sfo this morning with the details on the
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flight delays. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. we are at terminal two at sfo. we haven't seen any problems yet this morning. we know they are really coming. this is one of those situations where industry experts say hey, it's going to happen. it's just a matter of when. we do expect it will start hitting maybe this afternoon and into the weekend. if you look at the screens. pan down to the green below. those are the departures. there are several new york flights leaving this morning. first one leaving at 7:00 this morning. we talked to folks on the 7:20 flight you can see heading to jfk this morning. it's on time. they are happy about that. they were not supposed to leave today. they are cutting their trip short because of the fears about hurricane irene. they were supposed to leave in three days but they are going home three days early. >> a part of me feels like we should stay here but all of our kids are freaking out so we feel like they should be there. >> reporter: and in new york
5:33 am
they are going -- >> our son-in-law works in a hospital and he's evacwaiting the -- evacuating the patients. >> reporter: back live out here at sfo you are looking at the departure board this morning. a lot of things saying on time right now. the early flights get out and as the problems begin that is when you start seeing the delays and cancellations and really at this point they are saying expect problems this afternoon into the weekend and then you have that ripple effect. then you have other cities and airports effected just because as airlines try to move those airplanes around it does cause problems. we know american airlines and american eagle caps led 126 flights yesterday. those were mostly in the caribbean and further down where irene was heading earlier. we will watch this for you this morning. we will have talked to several people that as you just heard from that couple are changing
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flights. trying to leave long-term by five here claudine wong. guess what hurricane irene is already boosting the price of gasoline as the storm gets closer to the east coast. analysts say oil refineries in new jersey and pennsylvania are probably going to close before the bad weather get there is. workers are already starting to turn off equipment and tie things down. coming up in 15 minutes we will go live to north carolina. that is where the high waves the big waves are starting to come ashore. the investigation is under way in a bizarre hit and run in redwood city. police say two cars hit and killed a man last night. ktvu kraig debro is in redwood city with why this case is so unusual. >> reporter: good morning, pam. police say the man was probably drunk and actually told one person what he was planning to do. the man's body ended upright
5:35 am
out there where the orange markings are. the middle of the street on the 1800 block of elle camino royal. it happened around 9:00 last night. a number of people told them the man was drunk. the victim approached one of those people and told them he was planning to kill himself. he intended to lay in the street and get hit by a car. that is exactly what happened as people watched. >> we had a pretty big crowd out there. there was quite a number of people that were upset about it. >> reporter: police say even though the impact appears to be an accident the drivers are required to stop at the scene by law. since neither did both can be charge the with felony hit and run. police are looking for a smaller sedan and smaller size suv. required police to close the southbound direction of ole camino royal. they got it in a local
5:36 am
business. reporting live in redwood city kraig debro. time now 5:35 muni now requiring all drivers to get a specific route from central control before they are allowed to set out and pick up bus passengers. the change is tied to a tragedy on the streets of san francisco a week ago. a muni operator driving his empty bus to a new unscheduled assignment fatally hit a woman on a crosswalk where buses normally don't run. baseball all awl-time home run king is making a pitch to clear his name. barry bonds is back in the federal court in san francisco yesterday. his defense team was there also to urge a federal judge to overturn his felony conviction for obstruction of justice. the judge says she will issue a written ruling in the near future. >> i think the surprise would be if she threw it out. on the other hand the defense
5:37 am
has some good arguments. i think that is one of the reasons the judge wants to think about it and write it up. >> last april a jury found barry bonds guilty of obstruction of justice. the same jury deadlocked on three perjury charges. prosecutors haven't said yet if they will seek a retrial on the three counts. a third suspect has been arrested in an attempted robbery of an armored truck in pinole. police arrested william fuller yesterday and police say he is the suspected get away driver. brothers pierre and freddy daniel tried to hold up an armored truck. a pinole police officer and a loomis security guard were also shot during that attempted robbery. they are expected to recover. the recent string of violence in oakland has community members coming together to call for peace. about 150 methamphetamine showed up for a turf summit last night to talk about ways
5:38 am
to stop the violence in the city. former east oakland drug dealer darrell reed was a speaker at the event. ridicule called from his jill sale serve his sentence. a family friend read from an open letter. >> who will be there to provide for and protect our families if we keep killing each other and going to prist. yes he shops events like this one will help keep young poem out of trouble. a part of a highway near yosemite park is close this morning. an evacuation -- now it started when a propane tank blew up igniting a motor home and nearby brush.
5:39 am
it's burn about 1,000 acres. it started around 1:00. it's 5:38. i want to check in with sal. how is traffic? >> so far on the major freeways with redoing -- we are doing pretty well. i think you will like what you see. this is highway 4 traffic continues to move along very nicely coming into the bay point area with no major problems here. now if you are driving on 80 westbound it's a nice looking drive. some of that road work or all of the road work has been picked up with no major problems. this mornings drive on hayward to union city fremont say you are drive together south bay, should be a nice drive all the way to san jose. if you are driving on the peninsula trying to get to the south bay, 101 and 280 are doing fine. it's a quiet start to the morning. we have a little fog out there there this morning. low clouds back once again. if you are stepping outside
5:40 am
early this morning be aware of that. your satellite and radar trough pushing back again. that will bring us warmer weather. it will also bring us a possibility of this monsoon moisture you can see behind me. we are looking at partly cloudy skies. slight possibility of buildup over our mountains. we are talking santa cruz mountains. we are looking at great weather. giving you lack at what is going on with the fog this morning not too bad. it is out there. it will be until about the late mopings. by 9:00 or so our inulin yes, sirs are looking at clear skies. san jose mostly sun nebraska and then along the coastline
5:41 am
our morning lows your afternoon highs today ever for tea 80s and 90s inland. 83 nevada. 92 in antioch. a gorgeous day along the east bay. 80 degrees for hayward. 83 san jose. 82 for milpitas this afternoon. 81 degrees redwood city. 67 in the city of san francisco. the extended forecast continuing to heat it up for the weekend. wide spread low 90s in the forecast there. and a bit of a cooling trend monday and tuesday. back to the desk. a new indication auto makers are not having a good year. how general motors is reacting hoping to jump start sales. right now a new bill is sitting on the governors desk. the reason it could be expensive for bicycle riders. good morning, westbound 80 traffic moving along very nicely coming up to the mccarthur maze. another update on the morning commute straight ahead. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
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good morning, to you and happy friday. seasonal temperatures in the forecast for this afternoon. 60s and low 70s for the coast. 80s and low 90s inland. all right welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we following for you right now at 5:43. residence in dozens of east palo alto homes are being warned do not turn on your electricity this morning. it's all because of a power surge last night. pg&e crews right there are working to try to fix that problem. san francisco police hope this sketch will lead them to the man who beat up a sports fan inside a candle stick park
5:45 am
bathroom during last weekends 49ers-raiders game. they describe this man as a heavy set pacific islanders. at 9:00 this morning the two men convicted in the killing of oakland journalist chauncey bailey will be formerly sentenced by a judge. yusuf bey iv and antoine mackey will get the possibility of a life sentence without the possibility of parole. signs of the storm are already rolling in. rafael you are out in a very exposed area. describe where you are and what it's like there. >> reporter: that is right. pam, this is the outer banks of north carolina and as you can see behind me, this is the beach and this is mainly open seas so this area here is very
5:46 am
vulnerable to hurricane especially one of this magnitude. tourists have already been evacuated and mandatory evacuations for residence are already under way. what happened in the bahamas is a glimpse of what is expected along the east coast this weekend. watches, warnings, consolations -- cancellations and evacuations are in place. while it brought the surfers out, most are taking heed of the warning ready for irene. in north carolina people are boarding up and heading out. irene is expected to bare down on or near the outer banks on saturday bringing winds of more than 100 miles an hour. >> i heap heed the warnings. >> reporter: ahead of the storms expected intensity seven states from north carolina to
5:47 am
connecticut have declared states of emergency. in maryland people want everyone out by 5:00 p.m. today. >> we would like our visitors to return to their place of residence. we will also ask that all citizens of ocean city seek shelter elsewhere. >> reporter: and many people aren't taking any chances. >> our chances we have seen what we can do. and it's in the a pretty sight. >> reporter: irene's second landfall threatens major cities like boston and new york. >> what we have to do is assume the worst. prepare for that and hope for the best. irene's exact course strength and time of arrival remain on course. >> reporter: north carolina has already declared the state of emergency in 39 counties mainly on the eastern part of this state. major concern for officials here in north carolina is a storm surge of several feet which could cause many problems
5:48 am
in the coastal areas. reporting live on the banks of north carolina i'm rafael roma back to you. back here at home bike riders who talk or text on a cell phone could be banned here in california under a bill that is now on the governors desk. this will extend the hands free law to bike ride riders but with lesser penalty than drivers are facing. fines would go up for drivers on a cell phone without a hands free device. the fine for first time offenders would rise from 20- $50. court fees would go up from $180 to $300. 5:48 is the time right now. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> all right pam and dave. traffic is moving along very nicely if you are trying to ease into a friday. it should be nice on the roads as we look at highway 4 certainly more people are out
5:49 am
there every 15 minutes we would get almost i don't know if it's double but it is a lot more. people heading out to the roads. and this morning is no different. 680 will be slow in the area. 880 doesn't look good as you pass the coliseum. morning drive will be nice if you are driving to hayward or from hayward. 880 traffic moves well all the way to the south bay. at 5:48 let's go to rosemary. a fabulous weekend in store dealing with the low clouds and fog along the coastline and bay this morning. for the afternoon warming up 2- 4 degrees today. for saturday we will be warmer than that. temperatures very similar pattern for sunday. 56 degrees right now in santa rosa. upper 50s napa. livermore 61 degrees. winds generally light out there. we'll have the afternoon sea
5:50 am
breeze outside of that it's just going to be a nice warm one. check out the temperatures expected for today. 82 degrees in napa. 83 for nevada. checking in right about 81 degrees san rafael this afternoon. 67 san francisco. low 60s for pacifica with partly cloudy skies. east bay 70s even some low 80s out there. 76 oakland. 80 degrees hayward and warmer as you go farther inland. 90-degrees in concord. 92 antioch. slide into the south bay. mountain view warming up to 80 degrees. 80 degrees on dot redwood city and san mateo. 92 farther south at morgan hill. if you are out to see the giants this evening, 62 degrees. the winds a little breezy by end of game time. a good looking evening in and around the city. extended forecast there temperatures continuing to warm tomorrow low mid upper 60s for the coastline.
5:51 am
wide spread low 90s inland. a similar day on sunday. we could be cooler by the coast as we begin a gradual cooling trend will take us monday, tuesday back into the upper 80s to low 90s for the inland areas with partly cloudy skies. is recruiting add its bay area subsidiaries. the san francisco business times reports palo alto based company is looking for 39 workers to help it improve search and browse functions. and lab 126 in cupertino is looking for help design amazon products like the kindle. now it's cutting production of some of its pick ups next month. companies canceled five overtime shifts from its schedule during september and october. they can produce as many as 900 trucks per day. gm currently has 115 day supply of pick ups.
5:52 am
but gm is planting crease production of its electric cars. the auto maker just signed a deal with south korean battery maker lg to design and engineer electric vehicles. time now 5:51. this is the video that makes you say don't do that. wait until you see the australian teenager that plays dare with a speeding train. plus putting a political bulls eye on san francisco's mayor how his opponent hopes to move ed lee out of office. [ screaming ]
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all right take a look at this video. police in australia have released the i have owe -- video of a teenager playing chicken with a high speed train. he ran in front of the train and jumped on the station platform. the train clipped him. he suffered a broken ankle. he was asked to perform community service and write a letter to the trains driver. 53 people are said to be dead after an attack on a mexican casino. gunmen bursted into the casino yesterday afternoon spreading gasoline and igniting a fire that trapped the gamblers and
5:56 am
employees inside. this is the second time in three months the casino has been attacked. time now 5:55 east bay lawmaker has give up her attempt to bollish the death penalty. they were supposed to vote on a bill. it would replace the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole. while repealing the death penalty would save the state hundreds of millions of dollars her bill just didn't have enough support to pass. the crowded race to be the next mayor of san francisco has left some -- now some of the 15 other candidates have launched what they call the anyone but ed campaign. the idea is to utilize the city's rank choice voting system and try to block mayor lee from getting second and
5:57 am
third place votes. >> the problem in san francisco is that it's the whack a mole strategy. you are hitting the person ahead of you at all times. >> the frank candidates may have -- the san francisco candidates may have watched what happened in oakland last year. coming up on 6:00. of course about now sal a lot of people heading out the door. especially on the friday. they may want to take off early. >> get to work early, take off early. we are hoping right now is a good time for you to go. we like you to keep watching but i tell you it's a good time to drive too. let's take a look at what we have here. 280 northbound getting up to highway 17 it's a nice drive. also looking at the sunol grade the same thing goes. 580 looks good. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza there is a small delay but nothing really. the metering lights are not on. let's go back to the dave and
5:58 am
pam. 5:57. a bay area city hit by a bizarre power surge and it's still a problem right now. what happened, where it happened, and what residence saw when the power surge hit. the death of a u.s. marine in the bay area is leading to punishment for some of his fellow marines. high pressure will be bursting in through the weekend.
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