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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 27, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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weaker but still men nicing. irene's rat is being felt around the country. when stranded airline passengers just might get home. and it is game day but all eyes are on the stands.
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how the 49ers and police plan to keep fans safe. good evening everyone. i'm healthier holmes. ken is off tonight. hurricane irene is lashing the east coast right now a slow moving monster storm with double digit winds and relentless rain. irene made landfall after dawn and since then the storm pounded the coast going north to virginia and up the sea board. officials say at least five people have now died in this storm. three people were killed by falling trees, two of them in virginia. one victim an 11-year-old boy who died when a huge tree crashed into his apartment building. and in north carolina, a man was killed when he was struck by a flying tree limb. we have live team coverage.
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mark has been tracking this storm. we are live with stranded travelers but we begin with jennifer davis. >> reporter: hi, there, healthier. irene is finally moving on. much to the relief of folks here in north carolina although she left once it got dark so we have to wait until the sunrises to see the full extent of the damage. it's very dark here. more than a million people without power between virginia and north carolina tonight. >> jennifer, you mentioned the power outages. any update on the new number and when officials might get some power restored? >> reporter: we're easily at a million if not more and there is no telling when it will be restored. this isn't just a localized event where if it was big you could bring in help but there is a regional vent. i remember has just begun her trip off the east coast and electrical and power crews will be slammed from here to new
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england. so we were warned, everybody was told have enough supplies to last for several days. we lost power at 2:00 a.m. last night and there is no telling when it's coming back. >> jennifer, what type of damage are you seeing there? >> you know, we drove around earlier today. there was sort of two parts to the storm. it made landfall at 7:30. a lot of us went around and looked at the damage. there is flooding and tree limbs down and mild to moderate damage down. there is nothing e menace in this area but flooding does appear to be a big problem. we saw a submerged car and an hour inland there is up to 17 inches in north carolina. so i think flooding will be a real problem when people take a look around tomorrow. >> it certainly will be especially once it is daylight and people get an opportunity to take a look outside. thank you for your live report. the latest information on
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category one hurricane irene as it moves up the east coast, the 4:00 p.m. update our time winds come down to 80 miles an hour moving north to northeast around 16. so it accelerated a bit. location closing in on virginia on the virginia coastline as you can see the clouds moving in and the rain bands as well. forecast track as we do take this into tonight and tomorrow. here we are as we take this into sunday morning at 7:00 our time, closing in on new york new york city as a category one her dane -- hurricane and still capable of producing significant amounts of rainfall and extreme amounts. hurricane warnings shaded in red. storm surge today around 5 to 9 feet and north of that point 4 to 8 feet and rainfall expectations 4 to 1 inches.
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here san francisco rainfall, this is what we typically get on average for the year. so not only amazing but dangerous. >> thank you. president obama visited fema head quarters today and urged people in the path of the storm to evacuate if ordered to do so. the president greeted workers this morning at the washington dc command center. in the meantime the defense department put 6500 u.s. troops on stand by to help out with relief efforts. new york city under the first hurricane watch in a quarter century. officials warned people in low lying areas like long island to evacuate. many people are having to get out by cabs. the city subway system completely shut down. it did so at noon today. tunnels may flood when that storm hits tomorrow. all five of the new york area airports are also closed tonight in anticipation of the
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storm. thousands of flights have been scrapped today and tomorrow. most flights were also canceled at washington dc's two airports although they remained open. train and bus service on the east coast has also been scaled back. here major travel troubles tonight at san francisco airport. jade hernandez talked with travelers who have been told it may be days before they can get home. >> that's right. we spoke to a lot of people that want to get home and can't but for one family in particular their urgency to get home has more to do with medical issues than vacation. this family vacations hadn't heard about hurricane irene's path. >> we came out and everybody was facebooking saying how are you getting home? >> reporter: nine hours later melissa and her family don't know when they can get home. american airlines said the earliest flight to new york city is next saturday and they aren't the only ones. american canceled flights to
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new york and chicago and united, continental, virgin and u.s. airways did the same. >> somebody said we can -- there is a plane for us and then after a second, there is no plane and i don't know. i'm really confused. >> reporter: it's also tough news for the family that wants to get their daughter medical help. >> my daughter has a spinal specialest in new york waiting. >> reporter: she suffered a spine fracture while vacationing. after explaining their circumstances they were told they have to wait like everyone else. >> we have to wait in line and have electrical supplies. so we're happy and together so it could be worse. >> the family decided to take their chances through dallas to dc and going to try to make their way home. airport officials say at least 41 flights have been canceled so far today. reporting live, jade hernandez. we will have continuing coverage throughout our
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newscast. coming up in just about seven minutes, we'll go to the resort town of ocean city maryland to see if residents are following e vassuation orders there. now to other news tonight and another big blow for al-qaeda. the group's number two leader is dead. a u.s. official conif i if -- confirmed this man was killed this week in pakistan. he had been running day to day operations for al-qaeda since osama bin laden was killed in may. they belief more high profile deaths could lead to the end of the group. we're an hour into tonight's 49ers preseason game where security has been beefed up after last weekend's violence. we'll see the measures currently in place. >> live at scandal stick point directly across the street from the stadium parking lot where you can see there are no people, no tailgaters, only cars. that's normally unheard of on game day but one of the new
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security measures that involves sweeping this lot at kickoff and requiring ticketholders to go inside the stadium or go home. in the candle stick parking lot tailgaters interact wed friends while police officers patrolled the lot for illegal activity and enforcers upheld the nfl's code of conduct for fans. >> they did say they wanted us to remove the champagne and it couldn't be within eyesight and no hard liquor allowed here today. >> they told us to turn our music down when it's not loud. it's a complete over reaction. >> reporter: but miller head of security says keeping order in the parking lot is key. >> because if you lose the battle in the tailgate area, then you have the opposite of that, more fans overwhelm the gate and more fans in the first quoter that are already visibly untax catessed. >> reporter: miller met with the 49ers and san francisco's police chief before the game to discuss the changes, which
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included opening candle stick's parking lot at 1:00 and not 11:30 and asking the state p across the street to do the same. >> we'll have a regular preseason crowd. this will be less than last week. all the preseason games are. so this is a great place to dry run what the new rules are. >> reporter: chief greg says police presence tonight is up 40%. they are here to enforce and also to explain the rules. >> this is not just for today or tomorrow, but it will be every day until people actually feel and believe they are safe. >> reporter: the increased presence will be paid for by the 49ers and the city and will be reevaluated. bay area nursing student is missing. they wrote good wishes on balloons and releasing them in the sky over hayward.
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she vanished on may 27th after walking out of the hospital where she was working. police are treating this case as a homicide, however her family is offering a 100,000-dollar reward for her safe return. hurricane irene continues to take ape. we are live in maryland as the storm roars up the east coast. and the tea party takes over wine country. what the movement kicked off today.
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tonight hurricane irene is sweeping up to virginia. in ocean silty maryland today the waves were up. chris welch is in ocean city
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along the eastern shore of maryland. >> reporter: heather, the rain is picking up. the wind is picking up. we're just hours away from the blunt of irene. we're just waiting to see what kind of damage this storm will do here. from north carolina to virginia and onto maryland, hurricane irene is charging on ward with her sights set on the northeast. with sustained winds of 85 miles an hour, the damage reports are stacking up and thoses are spending the weekend in the dark. despite irene's destructive run the federal government says it's ready. >> what we heard the biggest concern i'm having right now has to do with flooding and power. it will be enormous on a lot of states. >> reporter: the government officials continue to urge residents to take pre-cause cause precautions
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and above all, take irene seriously. >> if you receive a warning to evacuate, please do so. even if you haven't received a warning during the storm, please stay inside quote hunker down until the storm passes. stay off the roads so the roads can be clear for emergency vehicles for first responders. >> reporter: many in the northeast followed evacuation orders with new york city shutting down the transit system. >> we expect a strong category one storm to hit us tonight with winds between 55 and 75 miles an hour. >> reporter: with irene on track to roar into the mid atlantic through the evening and overnight hours, residents there are taking cover. they have seen what this storm can do. and it's not the wind that has officials worried but the rain and flooding that can come from this. this area already seen a lot of precipitation this season, speaking of rain and flooding, just as i was introducing this
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story, we started feeling some run off from the waves and from the ocean, which is just -- oh, gosh, maybe 100 yards behind me. so i just started getting wet on my feet. that's the first time that happened tonight. flooding is what officials are worried about, flooding, power outages, those thing they want people to be worried about, even after the storm passed. healthier? dr -- heather? as hurricane irene continues to pound parts of the east coast some rescue workers are getting ready to help out. nearly 100 national guard troops packed up this afternoon in mountain view. they are heading east to west virginia tomorrow morning to help communitities affected. the group is taking two reels cue helicopters and refueling aircrafts to assist with their mission there. for the latest on hurricane irene including details at local airports as well as all the information where this storm is go to our website and click on the hurricane irene tab.
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hurricane irene is putting a damper on some presidential fundraisers this weekend. gop candidate mitt romney was supported to hold three events but a spokesman for the former massachusetts governor says all of those fundraisers will be rescheduled. fellow republican candidate is also scheduled to hold a fundraiser in new york and says the event is on for now but will keep an eye on the storm. the tea party express rolled in today. many pushed for more jobs in wine country this morning. the kickoff this year's national reclaiming america tour. organizers say while the conservative movement might not be that strong in the bay area, they wanted to prove they are still present. the group will now head east through 29 cities including tampa florida where they will end in time for a presidential debate. in oakland a rally aimed at
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getting youngsters excited about heading back to school and giving them tools to succeed. about 900 oakland students attend the the festival. there were games, give aways and snacks and there is a serious side, too. they attended workshops to give encouragement and advice how to achieve academic success and at the end of the day they will receive a pack back full of school supplies. some bay area teachers stocked up on their supplies for their classrooms today thanks to generous donations. >> donations. the teachers filled s shopping basketballs -- baskets today at target m. parents can't afford supplies for their children and ten school districts can't, eat. >> i feel like christmas arrive earlier this year. it's hitting me a lot. >> the teachers were chosen
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threw online nominations. cse insurance and the san francisco deputy sheriffs foundation donated those gift cards. the us gs reports dozens of aftershocks following an earthquake this morning. a 4.6 quake struck at 12:18 a.m. in monterrey county, 65 miles south of san jose. two of those aftershocks registered above magnitude through. the area is known for size activity. a wildfire outside yosemite has now grown to 3000-acres and tonight, it is spreading fast. it is coming to a decision point whether to order e evacuations east of that fire. it been burning now since thursday when an rv caught fire near the entrance to the park. about 15 miles of highway 140 leaving to joe seemty is
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closed. part of the summertime forecast we have today and into sunday morning. right now on live storm tracker two, there is fog hugging a good portion of the coastline as we come in tighter here, pushing into the golden gate bridge and around san francisco bay. a look outside, a couple cameras we picked out for you. san francisco there is evidence of the fog in the lower 60s. around san jose enjoying sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 70s, around 77. forecast story for tonight is this, mostly clear skies, coastal fog will continue to re- -- actually regroup and tomorrow a little bit warmer, next week, though, we will bring in another cooling trend by tuesday and into wednesday. overnight lows tomorrow morning 50s, except santa rosa. san jose 57 and patchy fog out there and clear skies as you do work your way inland. a few high clouds today
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especially in the south as high clouds rotate around an area of high pressure building in and we'll see a few high clouds late tonight into tomorrow morning but sunday as that high builds in. we'll have clearing skies near the coast and temperatures coming up 2 to 5 degrees from today's high. that means the warmest location inland on the hot side around 95 to 96 degrees. tomorrow the hottest day of the weekend. we still have to deal with fog out there as you can pick out first thing tomorrow morning dense and once again, could have drizzle out there especially coast side right around the bay. we'll take this into the afternoon hours and near the coastline and partly cloudy for the beaches. more sunshine around the bay and plenty of heat as you work your way inland. here is a look at the numbers, santa rosa 89 and oakland tops out very nils in the 70s at 76. 92 and liver more the mid 90s.
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san francisco clearing into the afternoon downtown temperatures right around 70. here is a look ahead of your extended forecast. temperatures in the warm to hot side monday. but then we'll gradually cool things off for tuesday, wednesday and thursday and that means temperatures by that time frame mainly in the 60s, 70s and 80s. we'll keep an eye on irene and have an update at 10:00. >> thank you, mark. hundreds of women came together to show off their pride. these women marched for the tenth and final sisters stepping event. organizers decided tonight it but it's been a great opportunity to represent the lgbt commune day. councilwoman rebecca also took part today. well the a's and red sox try to avoid the wrath of irene as they meet in boston and it's
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she's not the only one. dozens were treated around lunchtime today when they were raising to find their new favorite food. today was the first of four sapped saturdays in a row feature thing food convoy at the track. food lovers can enjoy everything from tacos and burgers to international food. it is the biggest food truck event in northern california. time to talk sports and the a's being impacted by hurricane irene. >> they are in boston trying to get to cleveland and i don't think cleveland ever looked so good. they had to sit through the early effects of irene in boston today. they are supposed to play two games so tomorrow they can miss the heart of the storm. game one delayed twice by rain for a total of three hours. bottom line is boston takes the lead in the second inning on this two-run homer. red sox beat them 9-3. the weather is terrible but trying finish game two. boston leads 3-0 but coming off the rain delay.
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defending champion will power won the poll position for -- rather for sunday's grand prix but the buzz around the garage is news that danica patrick is jumping to nascar. now maybe danica was distracted from this week's blitz because today she finished 25th out of 28. thursday danica announced she'll race full time in nascar and been a part-time racer in the nationwide series since '09 but she never even sat in a sprint cup car yet. but she'll enter as many as 10 races with the big boys next year and danica says she didn't make the move because of the paycheck. >> if i wanted to go for money, i would have gone along time ago. i would have. i would have gone in 2006 when i could have made a lot more money. but if anything, nascar has gone down wide a bit over the years. so i can't say i caught it at the right time but it's what i want to do. >> golfers matt and dustin johnson knew that hurricane irene forced the new jersey based tournament to become a 50
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fall tournament. justin won back but check out this bunker shot on the fourth. that's an eagle for johnson. he was tied with dustin until he go bees the 12th and follows that with another bogey on 13th. so dustin has to tap in on the 18th to shoot a six under 65. johnson wins by two and leaves with more than just three play-off tournaments to go. 49 trail the texans just before half time. highlights and low lights and post game at 10:00. heather? >> looking forward to that. thank you, fred. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news we continue to track hurricane irene as she movings up the eastern sea bored and closes in on new york city. the storm, though, is also causing problems here in the bay area for travelers trying to get to the east coast. we'll have that story as well. that is our report for now and for healthier holmes and fred and all of us here, that is the
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