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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 1, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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arrested for allegedly molester teenage girls in his gilroy home. ktvu's janine de la vega joins joins us now. she's at gilroy, she is live when she knocked on the door and saw who answered. >> reporter: now when we knocked on his door today, we really didn't expect anyone to answer. that's why we were taken off guard when we saw who answered his door. >> reporter: when we knocked on the door to the home of patrick derigo the former police officer did not answer. instead a young man who looked like a teenager was there. neighbors thought that was strange because they say he is single and lives alone. >> he's a very private guy. he just kept to himself. seemed you know, very average guy. but he was a cop. and seemed like he worked a lot so he wasn't home a lot. so we didn't worry. >> reporter: police sources say someone had tipped them off in
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2009 saying derigo had partied at his home, provided alcohol to minors and had sexual contact with them. dirigo was a campus police officer at a high school. the chief says they are investigating derigo's activity around the school. >> people expected them to act to act above reproach. >> you think that if you have a cop for a neighbor they're going to be there. you know to -- to help you. you don't think that you're going to have to keep your kids away from him. >> reporter: the district attorney's office says details about this case are being kept underwraps until derigo makes his first court appearance.
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reporting live from gilroy, janine de la vega. a youth pastor at a solano county church is accused of lewd acts with a child under the age of 14. prosecutors say john edward gamboa had inappropriate sexual conduct with a young girl. the girl's parents found inappropriate text messages between the two on their daughter's home. gamboa is being held now in solano county jail. police are increasing police presence after two gang shootings. police think the gunman mistook a restaurant worker for a gang member. police say they'll patrol the area over the holiday weekend. the bernal heights neighborhood also saw an increased patrol
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presence today. officers canvassed the area asking for information in the shooting of hall. he was shot when he stopped at a red light. the gunman fled in a two door acura or honda, possibly silver with tinted windows and a california license plate beginning with the number five. a duck rescue operation had to be called off today in santa clara but it wasn't a total loss. robert handa is there now with what wildlife experts learned today about a duck shot through the head with a dart. >> reporter: well the marina apartments is the focal point of several rescues. this is the young male duck rescuers went after today. it will die without removal and
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treat. at around noon, the group wild rescue came to try to catch the duck as well as another duck believed to have a dart on its wing. >> because he has been scared off by people going after him, that is all we can do. >> reporter: wild rescue plans to return monday but said today's closer look provided new information. they said the duck is too young to fly very far and because of its familiarity with other ducks here, the attack probably took place at the complex. >> my hunch is that it did happen here in this water way or the connecting water way and there's a stream behind it. so i think it happened within -- in my opinion i think it happened within half a mile or right in here. >> reporter: santa clara police says that helps. >> our investigators have been out to the scene. we are working through the area trying to cultivate any evidence. >> reporter: and nobody including some residents rule out the possibility the attacker lives here. >> somebody is probably tired of it being mess on the
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sidewalk. somebody is probably sick of it. that was my first thought. but like i said, my neighbors i couldn't imagine them doing anything at all like that. >> reporter: the apartment owners declined to comment. wild rescue is offering a $5,000 reward and say at least three ducks have been shot here. the people responsible could face animal abuse charges. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. two men entered not guilty pleas in san mateo. bryan hogan and sage wallawer are being charged. their trial is now set for the end of november. they found a prototype of an i phone and told it. governor jerry brown administered the oath of office at the state capital today.
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lou reflected how his parents took a similar oath to defend the constitution just a few blocks away 30 years ago when they became american citizens. >> the commitment to our constitution is what blinds all of us as americans from one generation to the next. >> reporter: last year liu had been nominated to the appeals court. the military is about to lift its ban on gays serving openly. but the legal battle over don't ask don't tell still rages on. -- the gay rights group log cabin republicans says because the ban could be reinstated the court should go on the record. the justice department argued the court should not make a ruling based on speculation. a special place that offers the comforts of home and helps keep military families together in difficult times is expanding. rita williams is joining us now with a look at the lives being
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touched and why the need is so great, rita. >> reporter: julie, this story is bittersweet. the sweet the va has just approved a second house here for families to stay in while their loved ones are being treated in the v.a. hospital. the bitter, there are so many casualties in iraq and afghanistan, there is a great need for more. >> on a foot patrol, we were moving up the hill. and i just stepped on it. >> stepped on? >> an iud. >> reporter: that was in southern afghanistan january 5th. the explosion blew off part of his right leg. >> it was hard at the beginning. it was really hard. i had to come to terms with it. >> reporter: in part because he says his older brother daniel has been at his side since that day the marine woke up in the hospital with no legs. >> it's just showing him that
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he's in a safe place. and-- reassuring him he's in a safe place and he's going to be okay. >> reporter: to be close to his brother, daniel has stayed in a special place for families called the fisher house. built in part by the generosity of ktvu viewers. >> it allows me to focus on his care. >> reporter: but the rooms are always full, the wait list is long. >> it's extremely hard because i never want to tell someone no. >> we are still a nation at war and every day people are paying the price for that. >> reporter: now the new fisher house with its 20 rooms will be built right here next to the old one. reporting live in palo alto,
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rita williams, ktvu u channel 2 news. the mount diablo unified school district fell short of federal targets in math and language arts. that means they'll be under a five year time line to make improvements under federal supervision. the queen of talk is attending a facebook forum next week. the company tells ktvu oprah winfrey will maintain a private event on thursday. oprah will take questions from employees and the whole thing will be streamed live on facebook of course. online retailer has a new proposal to keep it from charging taxes in california. in return it would get a two year moratorium on the tax. the head of the california retail association calls the proposal unfair to brick and
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mortar stores. amazon is already backing about measure to overturn the tax. state democrats say they have a plan to bring more jobs to california. they unveiled two major reforms today to do just that. one would create an agency that specifically welcome companies that want to do business in california. another would require that any new regulation would have to go under review to see how it test its impact. protesters marched to a san francisco bank this afternoon to support a woman who says she is being fairly evicted. >> i want to save my house and i want to make an agreement with the bank. >> reporter: delmi alfaro says she didn't qualify for a modification. then was defrauded by two so
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called loan rescue services. >> what they are making me a new payment and i want a new loan. and i want to fix everything, if they can't. >> reporter: the bank said it's worked with alfaro for almost a year to try to find an option to allow her to stay at home and that no eviction is scheduled. the rise in gas prices means means california's have been using less gas. that month the average price of a gallon of gas was $4.23. that was a hike of more than $1 from may of 2010. the statewide average now is $3.85 a gallon. over the labor day weekend, frank ogala plaza will be filled with hemp supporters.
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the international cannabis and hemp supporters are joining. jean quan expects the event to draw big crowds because of oakland's cannabis businesses. >> their contingency on sunday depends on what happens on saturday. he's brutal but expects to draw big crowds. what we learned today about the great white shark. and we'll let you know if the fog will return to your neighborhood tomorrow morning.
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at least one of the workers
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injuried in an accident is recovering tonight. the men were hit with tons of liquid concrete and fell as far as 30 feet. one man was upgraded to fair condition today at san francisco medical hospital. the other two remain in critical condition. a car crashed through a wall this afternoon. firefighters cleaned up broken glass. officers say a garage employee was trying to jump start the car while rolling it down a ramp when he apparently lost control. county vector control officials said today dead birds carrying the west nile virus were found in antioch, pittsburgh, pleasanthill and walnut creek. and two were found in concord. vector control says dead bird cases are important because they mean the virus is active in those areas. a lot of people in the bay area are being treated with a rare sight today.
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an up close encounter with a great white shark. ktvu's maureen naylor is live in pacific row where the newest exhibition is a big crowd pleaser. >> reporter: the great white shark went on display last night. it was captured two weeks ago in southern california. we're told h he's acclamating well and today we got a look. >> he's little. he's a little baby. >> reporter: this college student skipped class to be here. >> i'm here because of the new white shark we just got. i'm a marine biology mayor, so i jump at every chance i get. >> he's amazing, he's right in your face. >> reporter: another woman came on her lunch break to see him gracefully glide through the water. >> the great white shark has it
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own mystique. it's a beautiful animal, he's rare to have it in captivity and to have it this close is a rare treat. >> reporter: and a treat for this germany family. >> he's very little. because you have to mention this movie from steven spielburg with the big white. >> reporter: the stigma from that movie is what staff is working to overcome. the great white was acclamating well say it is staff. >> from last night to the morning. the wag of the head has gotten much less and that's great news to see. he's not bumping into the walls. he's making good turns. >> reporter: and making sure he doesn't eat his tank mates by keeping hill well fed -- keeping him well fed. >> reporter: the last time they had a great white shark on display they broke an attendance record with 17,000
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people in one day. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, thank you maureen. our coverage continues on we have more video of that fascinating creature and a link to the aquariums live web cam. just look under right now. tomorrow may be get away friday but it is also a spare the air day. air quality managers say they expect smog. they are asking people to car pool, take public transit or work from home. it could be treacherous over the bay area weekend. beaches that face south including stinson beach in marin county are expected to see very big waves. the current could also create dangerous rip tides. chief meteorologist bill martin has been keeping up with the swells. >> we've been looking at the swells, looks like the swell might be peaking tonight into tomorrow morning. but the message is it's a south
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swell, south swells are dangerous. it comes from a direction most people are not expecting. they might be seeing overhead waves. certainly santa cruz, capitola. near point arena. so ab divers, fishermen, b eware. it's going on all weekend. so right that's the head lands. they don't get a lot of swell there. not that often. so a place like rodeo beach is getting hit pretty hard. rodeo beach has strong currents. no surf advisory around here. it's just a high interval swell which means it's very dangerous. if you're fishing, i wouldn't. i mean i would just save your
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ab tags for another weekend. this is not the weekend to be trying to get them. tomorrow we're looking for temperatures mid-90s. maybe upper 90s inland. you have sunshine at the coast right now and you will see sunshine tomorrow. so tomorrow should be the hottest or the highest temperature day of the week. as we get into the weekend, look who's back. our old friend. do not panic this is not a big deal. it's just going to slightly cool our temperatures. that line is extreme. but you're really 90, 95, it's not a major drop just cooler. by monday temperatures back into the 80s. friday and saturday will be the best days along the coast. temperatures are going to be in the 60s, even some 70s. fire danger will be highest tomorrow. holiday weekend. a lot of folks out and about. be careful with your campfires. be careful with off roading or
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whatever you're doing because it's going to be hot and warm to hot. forecast with your weekend in view. your five day forecast with your weekend in view. bottom tier numbers, low 70s. a really nice week weekend. watch out for rip currents. cal bears is about to play their home opener at a temporary home across the bay. but we're going to give you a look at their home. too many dogs, not enough room. the shelter is asking for your help to deal with extreme overcrowding. the tactic the she shelter is using to find these dogs a new home. coming up on tv 36.
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-- coming up in 30 minutes on tv 36.
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uc berkeley's memorial stadium is taking shape today. university says 2/3 of the stadium is being replaced and is expected to be complete by
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next football season. in the meantime, cal will play at oakland stadium. berkeley major tom bates will have to wear a cal jersey if they win. the losing major will send their winner their city's top culinary treat. >> the a's are back home finally fred. >> yeah with earthquakes and hurricanes back east. bug infestations and you name it. after losing a controversial 16th inning game last night in cleveland. a's sent gio gonzalez to make sure today's game was a no doubter. gio gonzalez threw seven shut out innings to extend his scoreless inning streak. oakland finishes this road trip 4-6. weeks to left. and another run scored the a's
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win this one 7-0 today. san francisco is off tonight. they host arizona for the next three days. giants cap off the month of august. that gave them an 11-18 record for the month. they're now sit six games behind the d backs. so these next three games could make or break the pennant race. >> we've been in this position before and that's what i like. a lot of the same guys and we'll fight and at the end of the day, i like our pitching staff better than anyone's in baseball. >> they deserve to be where they're at. we slipped, no doubt about it. but it isn't over. we're going to, we're going to fight. >> reporter: the votes are in this year's first ktvu friday
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night friday night lights game of the week is bellarmine bells versus de la salle. they meet tomorrow night. we'll provide live shots at 6:00 and 7:00. then show highlights at 10:00. tennessee's chris johnson ends his hold out with the titans and gets a four year extension worth 53 million. chris johnson led the entire nfl in rushing the past three years. that's sports. >> fred, thank you. has complete coverage of bay area sports. you can find all the latest news about the giants, a's, cal, everything just click on the bay area sports tab on
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