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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 1, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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as drivers fill up ahead of the holiday weekend there's a growing debate about a new plan to pump up gas prices. good evening i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. >> and i'm julie haener. some call it a tax, others a
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fee. tonight the controversial bill in sacramento that could add even more to what you pay for gas. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live now in oakland with who's blind it and how it would work, eric. >> like you said this is a bill in sacramento that would give local government a chance to fix roads like this one right here. but some tax groups tell us this is nothing more than another tax they can't afford. fixing bay area roads is not cheap, but some drivers drivers were steamed. >> it's a little steep. >> reporter: when we told them about a plan to raise gas prices to get the funds. it could be a tough sale with prices still hovering at $4. >> the fact that we pay the
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highest gas prices in the country already means there should be sufficient money to do road maintenance projects. >> if we do nothing, well you get that. what you get is a big pothole. transportation leaders say too many bay area roads are already near the failing point and the money simply isn't there at the state level to cover the cost to fix them. yet however some groups like the california tax association says an extra fee would amount to an uncapped tax that will amount to millions that a taxpayer already pays. >> what do you say to a commuter that says she's already taxed too much. >> well we live in an free --
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she will be able to vote on it. more details now, we checked the numbers and found the people driving this weekend will pay more at the pump than last year. the average price for a gallon of regular gas in oakland and san jose is $3.88. that's 77-cents more than a year ago. in san francisco the price is $3.92 that's up 72-cents. we're learning more about the san francisco police officer accused of sexually molestic two teenagers. san jose police chief chris moore said investigators are looking into derigo's time at the school. police sources tell ktvu news that derigo served alcohol to minors at parties he hosted at his gilroy home where the
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alleged crimes occurred. neighbors we spoke to said he's very private. >> you would think that if you have a cop for a neighbor they're going to be there. you know to -- to help you. you don't think that you're going to have to keep your kids away from him. >> reporter: derigo has been a san jose police officer since 1994. the department tried to fire him in 2008 after he was accused of covering up a fellow officers dui crash. but an arbitrator ruled he should keep his job. too many inmates too little room. the jail is already overcrowded and it's about to get much worse, lloyd. >> reporter: ken, this is the mcguire correctional center in redwood city. the main jail at redwood county. people coming to visit inmates are greeted by this sign, there are no visits on mondays and wednesdays. >> it's horrible. i mean i barely get more than
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one day to see him. and i mean, having more days eliminated. >> reporter: people were lined up tonight to see loved ones in jail. inmates are allowed two visits a week. one woman ask we not identify her, she says her brother needs to see her more often not less. >> he wants to talk, he wants to see because you know it's very depressing. >> reporter: mondays were already off limits. budget cuts added the wednesday closures. >> we've had to make several adjustments to our staff because of our budget reductions that we have done and we also want to focus managing our inmate population. >> reporter: it's an inmate population that's already way over capacity. this facility is raided for 688 inmates tonight it has more than 850. >> he says that there's like nine bunks in one room and everybody has a bunk and you know what can you do? >> reporter: and it's going to get even more crowded. by the end of this month state prison will begin redirecting
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33,000 prisoners to county jails to alleviate overcrowding. but causing overfilling in the counties. it could mean an additional four to 500 prisoners in san mateo county who are nonviolent, nonserious, nonsexual categories, still. >> we will probably see a rise in gang element. because that is active in the prison population. in the past, an inmate could spend no more than a year in county jail before being shipped off to a state prison. now inmates could be here for as long as five years. live in redwood city, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu news. police say it was a miracle nobody was injured today after a car crashed in a parking garage. a parking garage employee was helping a customer with a dead battery and was in the drive's
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seat as the car rolled down the ramp. >> he could not find the hand break, he jumped out of the vehicle and when the vehicle crashed the wheels were over the edge. >> the employee who jumped out of car complained of pain in his knee but there were no other reports of injuries. here is new video now. alameda county sheriff's deputies had to give a drug suspect a drink of water after a chase this evening. at 7:00 tonight the 21-year-old oakland man ran from deputies who wanted to question him about a robbery on an ac transit bus. during that foot chase, deputies says the man tossed drugs out of his pocket before jumping on to a bike. he then road up a ramp on i80 where he was eventually caught. berkeley police tell us
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there were more punctured tires than first thought. police say they have not made any arrests but they are pursuing some good leads. a san mateo county superior courts judge put off a decision on how to move forward with a lawsuit filed by victimmed of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the suit involves 92 cases and 323 plaintiffs. the attorneys for the plaintiffs argue today in favor of using a so called bellwether approach. select cases to represent the claims of entire groups. the attorney argued for consolidating all the cases into one liability trial followed by a mediation phase involving each separate claim. the judge said he would make a decision later and set the next court date for september 22nd. a new federal judge has been assigned to review the legal collage to california's death penalty procedure. for five years now a challenge
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to the three drug lethal injection procedure has put an executions on hold. the next meeting is not expected until early next year. alleged members of the hacking group anonymous appeared in a federal courtroom today and entered not guilty pleas. hackers targeted the company after it cut off accounts connected to the wikileaks website. two of the 14 defendants and venezuela are from the bay area. with warm weather forecast for the holiday weekend, officials are warning beachgoers to take precautions. the biggest waves will be found at south facing beaches such as santa cruz, pillar point and stinson beach in marin.
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>> the national weather service called these waves powerful southerly swells and they are striking south facing beaches including stinson. that can mean strong rip sides, swimmers should be careful. >> if they're body surfing, they can go over the wave, hit the bottom. get injuries that way. get stuck outside and afraid to come back in. many things can happen. >> reporter: park rangers expect huge crowds here at stinson this weekend and advise parents to keep a close watch on their children. the waves are breaking harder than usual for this time of year. this father won't let his little ones go in very far. >> i'm cautious all the time around water and kids. i'm worryed in a kiddy pool in the backyard. >> reporter: the bill swells are coming from a tahiti. surfers are excited. >> we've been waiting for swells like this for a long
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time. people who on the look at where to go. >> never turn your back on the swells, if you don't keep a watchful eye, they might take you back. >> reporter: at stinson beach, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, we want to show you the waves along the san mateo county coast. they were pretty good. these pictures were taken at half-moon bay late this afternoon. you can see the waves crashes at pillar point. we're told the jetty you're looking at, the jetty is eight feel high. in southern california new port beach was the spot to see some big waves today. authorities warned surfers and swimmers about the swells and strong rip currents. that didn't deter the big crowds that turned out. we're told the wavings were like this from san diego all the way up to coast to san luis obispo. and the surf is big in
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santa cruz as well. a south swell means that it's coming from the south and hitting south facing beaches. that's why santa cruz got some pretty large swells today. right now we're seeing the biggest waves. the highest interval waves, looks like the swells peaking now will probably be big until tomorrow morning and then they start to taper down. we're gone do see good sized waves right -- we're going to see good sized waves right into saturday evening. the biggest thing about this are the biggest rip currents in places you don't expect rip currents. and the larger swells in places where you don't expect large swells. so abloney fishermen don't go this weekend. those large swells continue in earnest friday and saturday. we're going to look at your tomorrow forecast, we'll see
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you here. a chase and crash late today involving two oakland police cars. what officers say they found when they caught up with the suspect. this place and soon another are helping families help those still paying the price of war. a professor uses a new tool to teach history. a comic book. we'll tell you what's next, the news continues in 90 seconds.
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late this afternoon police tell us that a man on probation rammed his car into two police cars in the parking lot of the extended stay america hotel on mandela park way. the police gang unit was involved in the chase. two people were taken into custody, police say a large quantity of narcotics was recovered. plans are under way on the peninsula to build a second facility to house the families of disabled war veterans. as rita williams reports the housing demands reflect the dangers troops continue to face in two wars. with so many casualties in iraq and afghanistan, the va hospital in palo alto is busy. >> on a foot patrol, and we're moving up the hill. and i just stepped on it. >> reporter: stepped on? >> an iud. >> reporter: that was january 5th. the explosion mangled part of his right arm and blew up his leg. >> it was hard in the
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beginning. it was really hard. and i had to come to terms with it. >> reporter: in part he says because his older brother daniel has been at his side since that day the marine woke up in the hospital with no legs. >> it's just showing him that he's in a safe place. and that he's going to be okay. >> reporter: to be close to his brother, daniel has stayed on the grounds of the v.a. hospital in a special place for families called the fisher house. built here five years ago in part by the generosity of ktvu's viewers it's a home away from home where families can stay long term for free. >> it enables me to slowly think about his care and taking care of him. >> reporter: but there's such a need the 21 rooms here are always full. the wait list is long. >> it is extremely hard because i never want to tell someone no. >> reporter: the v.a. has approved a second fisher house. ground breaking won't be for
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another year. >> we're still a nation at war and every day people are paying the price for that. >> reporter: in palo alto, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. two new studies are raising questions tonight about the link between dust in the world trade center and cancer. people exposed to the dust have a lower death rate to people not exposed to it. cancer rate for firefighters who spent time at ground zero is only slightly higher than would be expected. the studies are scheduled to be published tomorrow in the british medical journal the lancet. the federal appeals court was asked to throw out a lawsuit on the don't ask don't tell law. that repeal takes place on september 20th. the obama administration says there's no reason for the case to go forward. the republican gay rights group that brought the original lawsuit says it's important to
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accomplish a legal precedent -- establish a legal precedent. a bay area professor has found a creative way to get students involved in learning. amber lee is in san francisco with the novel new approach. >> reporter: ken the professor told us he wrote this graphic novel a blending of pictures and texts as a way to appeal to the college students but those in high school as well. 37-year-old professor trevor gets teaches african history and wanted a novel approach in approaching students. >> what will students read, they're not going to read a big book. so gets wrote a novel. gets brings to life the true story of a teenage girl enslaveed in slaveed in ghana and how she was enslaved in
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africa. >> i think it would be better than a regular textbook. i think it'll add something different to the format of the class. >> reporter: gets students told us they've already had a chance to skim the novel. >> it brings a lot of the emotion by looking at the facial descriptions and what they're saying and how they're saying it. >> the images definitely get you more involved in the story. >> reporter: the professor says a lot of african history relies on oral accounts. >> we have an education crisis in this country and part of the education crisis is how do we help this generation of students think critically on relatively small budgets? >> reporter: abon and the important men is available at bookstores. amber lee, ktvu.
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an upscale bridal gown chain is the latest victim of penny pinching brides. pricilla is shutting down so its owner can focus on david's bridals. the birds were found in central and eastern contra costa county, vector control officials say 17 birds there have tested positive for west nile so far this year but there have been no confirmed reports of any people being infected. a spare the air alert is posted for tomorrow. bay area officials are urging people to car pool or take public transportation. high temperatures and light winds are expected to lead to poor air quality. anyone who is especially
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sensitive to poor air is urged to stay indoors. it's the fourth spare the air day of the summer. we're already seeing the winds start to turn around. the winds are starting to pull out of the east. it's clear at the coast, fog not a big player tomorrow morning. these were the highs for tomorrow. tomorrow, warmer. 70 in oakland, 63 at the san francisco airport. right now so you know it's going to be a warm day. it's going to be hot inland. most of us are going to be very warm. lots of 80s at the coast. maybe a couple of upper 70s. as you move through the bay area microclimates. mid-70s low 80s. a spare the air day as well and we have large surf along the coast so be careful as you head out to stinson beach. back here we're going to look
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precisely at the forecast high for your neighborhood for the bay area holiday weekend. patience is being tested for the survivors of hurricane irene on the east coast. while work crews are repairing roads and bridges and restoring electricity their job is far from done. as of today about 900,000 customers still don't have electricity. that's down from almost 10 million. politicians have been flooded with complaints that it's taking too long to get the power back. one rhode island state senator is calling for an investigation. this park sure is fun for dogs and their humans but more and more these days dogs are being taken to the animal shelter so much that it's now overcrowded. overcrowded.
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the san francisco animal shelter says it has run out of room and for the time being cannot accommodate any more dogs. ktvu's john sasaki tells us the reason for the overcrowding and what's being done to reduce it. >> reporter: there are few places where dogs seem happier than at the dog park. running free and having fun outside. a far cry from the confines of the san francisco animal shelter which is now overcrowded. >> we have 95 kennels, dog kennels here. and we had 110 dogs. >> reporter: this year the she shelter has been receiving 125 more dogs than the usual 200. >> the heartbreaking part is that people sometimes feel very embarrassed about having to give up their animals so they'll either turn them out or they'll bring them here as strays. >> reporter: they want anyone who needs to surrender their
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dog to wait a week or so, like wise for anyone who finds a stray. the shelter also needs more people looking to adopt. we watched at this mother and daughter decided to take the leap into puppy ownership with an adorable chihuahua mix. >> we love dogs. they warm our hearts just like babies do. so that's what really made us want to come here. >> reporter: this woman decided today to adopt a dog for a number of reasons, one of which stands out. >> you can't find a better man. than a man's best friend. >> reporter: the shelter has cut its prices in half until september 12th. in san francisco, i'm john sasaki. and for more information on how you can help or if you want to make a donation go to ktv and control to the right now section. there's word tonight for
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several buyers for the andronick. three buyers have turned up. leading the pack is the ronoho group which owns 25% of andronico's death. the market chain known for high end meats, produce and other products will need an infusion of cash by october to keep its doors open. on wall street today, a four day rally came to an end as investors sold stocks ahead of tomorrow's unemployment report. the nasdaq was off three, the dow lost 120 points. first thing tomorrow the labor department issued it's august jobless report. netflix fans be prepared the new pricing structure is here, it started today. if you get both videos by mail and online you will pay more. netflix is making its online service a priority and adding more titles. internet streaming only remains $8. a federal court judge in washington, d.c. signed off
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today on comcast purchase of nbc universal. but the judge added a two year -- who want to distribute nbc content online. a popular bay area beach essentially closed to the public. who's behind the decision and what beachgoers are doing to fight it. new details about the sudden shutdown of the solindra plant. did the plant commit a violation when it closed its doors. closed captioning for the 10:00 news brought to you by --
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a legal battle has started over a popular bay area beach that has been essentially closed to the public. the land leading up to martin's
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beach is privately owned. and as alex savage tells us, activists are blaming the closure on a well known silican valley man. >> reporter: there is no easy way to get to martin's beach. these signs make it perfectly clear the public is not allowed past this gate. >> i guess that's it. >> reporter: the only way we could get video of the beach itself was from the air. >> it's just one of those kind of other worldly places. >> reporter: mike wallace with the surf rider foundation has been taking his kids to martin's beach. but in 2008 this piece of private land leading up to the beach changed hands and the new owners closed public access. >> you're basically destroying people's memory in a legal seizure. to wallis sent this letter to the person he believes owned the land. we couldn't reach him for comment today but we know the silican valley businessman is a
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big supporter of green technology. it's a private road that leads down to a public beach and that's why the state is now stepping in. the california coastal commission is trying to figure out a way to get this gate back open. >> we're looking at whether or not there's been a violation of the california coastal act. >> reporter: the commission has now opened an enforcement case. >> if we let this beach go, then sure enough it's going to be acceptable. and other beaches will be threatened. >> reporter: wallis says no one owns these beaches no matter how much money they might have. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 muse. california has a new supreme court justice tonight. goodwin liu. governor jerry brown administered the oath of office today. hearings are set for next week
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on prop eight, the same-sex marriage ban. when he was a law professor, liu supported the right of same- sex couples to marry. the con contra costa times reports -- east bay assembly come hayashi says the silindra plant violated laws when it suddenly shut down its plant. solyndra workers found out when they reported to work yesterday they were out of a job. companies like solyndra that
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are subsidized need more oversight says hayashi. amtrak started running the rail line 18 years ago when southern pacific gave up passenger service on the peninsula. the new five year contract calls for transit america to provide staff, maintain tracks and trains and other facilities. caltrain says the jobs of current employees are protected and they won't be replaced. >> for the first time today, people got a chance to see a new great white shark on display at the monterey bay aquarium. as ktvu's maureen naylor reports, there's no word on how long the little guy will stay. this is the new star of the open sea exhibit. a 4-foot long great white shark weighing 43 pounds and is less than a year old. >> he's little. >> reporter: grinning ear to ear, this college student is
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skipping school to come here. >> i'm in school to be a marine biologist, so i jump jumped on the opportunity. >> having it in captivity and this close is a treat. >> reporter: and a lucky treat for this family from germany. >> you have mentioned this movie from steven spielburg with the big white. >> reporter: this is the sixth great white shark and the smallest. and he's said to be acclamating well. >> she's not bumping into the wall, he's making good turns. >> reporter: he will be kept until his health is well and until he outgrows the exhibit. the last stayed just over two
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weeks. in pacific grove, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. we have an update now on a story we brought you last night involving cases of animal abuse in the south bay. wildlife experts are trying to rescue two ducks injured by blow darts. the ducks are living in a lagoon at a santa clara apartment complex. this duck with a dart in its head can probably survive for weeks but will eventually die without removal and treatment. >> it's frustrating because we know how to do it and we had our plans and it didn't work because the duck was so skittish. really skittish. >> reporter: santa clara police are investigating and the group wild rescue is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading for arrests and
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convictions of those responsible. in paris clinton along with world leaders to look at a future for libya. clinton said the rebels were doing the right thing in searching for gadhafi and fighting extremism. >> today's meeting gathered the confidence that everybody around the table has placed on the tlc. as long as gadhafi is at large the war is not over, say the rebels. in tripoli people cheered and celebrated the fall of gadhafi. it has a special meaning today because it's the anniversary of
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the coo that brought him to power. his audio message was broadcast on syrian tv. he said nato is trying to occupy libya and steal its oil. near masrata rebels were -- there's no indication that the regime loyalists are planning to give up without a fight. one witness said the progadhafi forces have taken opposition in buildings and are recruiting fighters and handing out weapons. new information tonight about that earthquake that rattled the east coast last week. and just how much damage it caused to a nuclear reactor. back here in 10 minute, i'll show you where the fog has gone and when it will return. and the stars are out in san francisco. we'll tell you who's benefiting from a fund raising concert tonight.
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oakland police have now identified the victim of the city's latest homicide, 20-year- old ricky sorelo was found shot to death around 7:00 last night on 77th avenue. the oakland resident had been shot several times. no arrests have been made. the east oakland neighborhood where he was killed is one of eight that mayor jean quan points to as having an an overwhelming majority of crime. sergeant steve angel helped reduce traffic injuries and deaths in san jose by 22%. and he did that by stopping drunk drivers and working with the community. the sergeant said he is honored to be singled out. >> we go out night after night
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and we make the dui arrests. every person we arrest we're having an impact on that person and preventing an injury. >> reporter: a total of 10 special achievement awards were handed out tonight around the state. prosecutors have formally charged van der sloot with second degree murder. he's the prime suspect in the unresolved disappearance of american teenager natalie holloway five years earlier in aruba. and in syria, bockwar says that leaders have killed thousands of people. his is the first high ranking defection of the syrian regime. and in japan, precautions were taken today as students
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returned to class in the fukushima prefecture they were given masks to wear. there is word tonight that last night's earthquake slightly damaged a nuclear plant in virginia. 25 of 27 fuel containers shifted between one and 4- inches in that 5.8 quake. virginia power says no radiation was released. the nuclear regulatory commission says this is the first time in u.s. history that such containers had been moved by a quake. some serious star power is on hand in san francisco tonight. the cause they came out to support is no laughing matter. chief meteorologist bill martin is polishing your bay area weather forecast. the outlook in less than five minutes. [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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come on out, guys. the jury has reached its decision. now, you guys found the other airline guilty of charging a 150-dollar change fee. you bet! southwest would never do that. and that was after she changed her flight and paid the difference in airfare. that other airline treated her wrong. she was understandably upset. well, who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? he was surprised with the verdict. you got that right. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees.
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nurses served up a hearty plate of politics outside the san francisco federal building today. national nurses united offered free lunches as part of their campaign to alanis morisett is launching a concert today. we're joined by jana katsuyama who is going to tell us how
10:47 pm
much they've raised. >> reporter: we understand it was a full house today 2,700 people who came out to support ucsf tonight. comedian jay leno opened the fund raising concert and he had the crowd in stitches. leno led a line up of stars for the benefit. the evening started with a cocktail party as donors and staff celebrated with champane. >> we were limited with space. this will allow us to serve the children. >> thank you. >> who do you want to say thank you to? >> to my doctor. >> reporter: the new 183 bed children's hospital is now under construction in san francisco's mission day neighborhood.
10:48 pm
along with a new women's hospital and cancer center. >> we still have about $220 million to raise. it's a lot of money. on the other hand this is incredibly generous community and people are willing to invest in the future of the children and really in the future of this city. a city that's getting star power tonight to help raise the needed funds. >> i like hearing the people laugh and they say, we raised all this money. so it works out okay. after leno grammy award winning singer alanis morisett took the stage. today's event raised $5 million for the hospital. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. and we have some fog free coast right now. there's a little bit of fog showing up toward stinson beach. it's not showing up here but i will point it out for you in point benita. the wind, i will put it in red
10:49 pm
the wind are starting to come offshore a little bit. we're seeing something more like that. that's the mechanism for further warming tomorrow. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. and there will not be a lot of fog tomorrow. if you're going to the ocean beaches any where. san mateo, marin county. if you're going to the beaches, it's pretty serious so be careful if you go out to the beach tomorrow. ocean beach will be in the 60s tomorrow. very dangerous rip tides this time of year because of the sand bards that have built up over the last few months. we just had irene go by. looks like it's going to run toward lafayette and louisiana on sunday. is this a big wind event? no. but they're going to see a lot of rain from this. just sort of an interested note. it formed rapidly in the coast and now it's getting ready to move on shore. won't be a hurricane. mainly just a tropical storm. warmer than today because of
10:50 pm
high pressure. the mechanism is the offshore wind. we really haven't had any offshore wind events. we are looking at a spare the air day and obviously increased fire danger. and also it hasn't rained in a while. until you've had the first rains, we are in the -- we are really into the fire season of course you knew that. the fog then tomorrow tries to move in but it just isn't going to have much of a push. there'll be patches of it. i think by bodega bay you'll have bits and pieces. so the heat is moving our way as the winds come from the east so does the heat comes out of the valley toward the coast. tomorrow will be our warmest day. saturday really nice. a little bit cooler and then sunday a little bit cooler as well. tomorrow is the warmest day of the week. 93 in sonoma, 89 in napa. 95 in fairfield. 94 out in antioch and 96 in
10:51 pm
brentwood. friday get away, a big holiday weekend coming up. the whole holiday weekend looks good, looks nice but friday and saturday will be the nicest days. a lot of folks heading out of town. look at these beach temperatures. be careful with the swell along the coast. and just remember it's high interval swells. all of a sudden a decent sized wave can come through and give you some problems. you can see the temperatures trend down. it's a really nice run of weather we're going to get into here. the only downside is the spare the air day and the increased fire danger. >> thank you, bill. two men pleaded not guilty today to charges related to the sale of an iphone prototype. san mateo county prosecutors are accusing hogan -- tech blog
10:52 pm
gizmoto purchased the phone and then posted a look at its new features.
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the giant's baby giraff met him name sake today, the giraff was born on saturday and already it's almost as tall as the 6'5" first baseman. the park has named the giraff, guess what, brandon. >> and that's no stretch. the real season gets under way but this was the last exhibition game for the niners. >> not bad either. i don't know how much you can take from this because mostly the basic idea of most fundamental exhibition games is to get in, get out, nobody gets hurt. the niners wanted to do something extra tonight in san diego. gain more confidence before the regular season starts. smith completed just 12 passes in the first three exhibition games combined. tonight smith connects on eight of 10 attempts. and he showed he has legs and
10:56 pm
led the 49ers on 14-yard play. smith led to two touchdowns both of them by that guy anthony dixon. phillip rivers didn't play. that's bowman sacking and recovering his fumble. 49ers second touchdown drive was set up by bowman. only making one mistake here. ryan matthews untouched. ryan matthews is a big time player but that's just too easy. niners led at halftime. niners won the turnover battle. but kabernick was intercepted twice. cabernick completes three of seven passes. niners win, and finish the preseason 2-2. a's finally came home from their 4-6 road trip.
10:57 pm
they overcame an earthquake and hurricane. the a's have now held cleveland scoreless. a's win 7-0. they get some help. weeks flies to left. head break down go ahead and give it to me. a's host seattle tomorrow. san francisco was off today. but they will host first place arizona these next three days. giants capped off the month of august by beating the cubs yesterday to give them an 11-18 record for the month. not good. but they stand six full games back of the d backs. giants are 8-4 so far this season and these next three days could make or break the september race. >> they're hot as a pistol right now. so i mean we definitely have our work cut out for us. but again we've been in this position before. >> they deserve to be where they're at. and we slipped no doubt about it. but it isn't over. and the raiders visit
10:58 pm
seattle tomorrow night, that game right here 7:30 p.m. that first friday night football game of the week, super match up. game of the week it might be the game of the year. >> it could be. i love those high school game of the weeks. they're so much fun. the news begins at 4:30. we'll be following all the overnight developments and traffic for your holiday get away. >> and you can follow ktvu on and with ktvu's mobile app. thanks for joining us.
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