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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  September 15, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. they are making people feel unsafe, craig? . >> you mentioned the dangerous dog attacks. he said larger dogs have been attacking for at least a year possibly more, can you see from that sign there are a lot of rules to follow, one of the rules is that they are to take care of them and there are plenty of places to sit and watch their dogs according to their neighbors in fact he took his complaint to the city council. he is thinking of splitting it so smaller dogs are on one side
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larger dogs are on the other and we will try to get ahold of him and see how far that idea has gone. >> managing partner bill will not return in that role and larry bear will move into that job. a newcomer has been battling with the executive committee and they have been fighting over the millions of dollars that comes with the world championship. >> he was spending money without consulting them. >> they believed this was his money to spend as he saw fit. both he and larry bear will meet with the media at 11:00 this morning.
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they were forced to corden off an area for two hours. volunteer cleanup crews found a pair of suspicious containers spanning the santa rosa creek. experts show it had traces of an explosive powder. the containers are being analyzed for fingerprints. overnight there was a large fire. the fire burned about 50 acres. no structures were threatened and nobody was hurt but the cause is still under investigation. police in oakland are looking for suspects in an overnight shooting. it happened in hawley in east oakland. investigators say the victims staggered into a home after being hit by gunfire. no word on his condition or what led up to that shooting. >> well take a look at that, a
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broken pipe created quite a mess. the pipe on east 19th burst around 12:30. it caused a wall of water, one woman didn't seem to mind. she jumped right in saying she found the gushing water refreshing. crews took two hours to fix that broken pipe. people in south napa are without water following a water- main break. a pipe broke in two spots. they fixed it in two spots and the other is still a work in progress. the city is providing water but homeowners say it has been a frustrating few days. >> we had to feed the goats, cows chickens, we had to put
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them in the house to rinse plates. >> they will vote on water rate hikes. testing pipelines is not as strict as some other agencies. the san francisco examiner is reporting they have tougher guidelines. fire marshall instructors are carrying products and they handled 5,000 miles of pipeline each compared to 1,000 each compare to the other inspector. michelle bachman is making a campaign stop. they will meet at a private home at 9:15 this morning. she will continue to campaign with two appearances in southern california. coming up at 4:47 we will have the latest results, it
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shows but they don't agree with the rest of the country when it comes to a front-runner. they are still scheduled to speak at san francisco despite a plane scare. she and other passengers safely arrived but escorted the justice from our cameras. the original airlines flight was about to take off when spoke was coming out from the other engines. the 185 people on board slid down the emergency shoots including a mother clutching her newborn baby. rebecca was also on that flight and she too was not injured. one single senator's objections could force another partial shut down for the federal aviation administration this weekend. they would loose $30,000 a day.
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they would consent every lawmaker's consent to shift from one bill to another but tom wants to add advice a disaster legislation first. there is an e-mail scam targeting pet owners flying out of ss o. they are offering to ship pets overseas and they are sending money for pet vaccinations before they can be shipped. pet care and pet vaccination department, those departments do not exist there but if you get an e-mail like this, delete it. controversy is brewing after one homeowner's remodeling plans. the chronicle reports once remodeled, the building plans to send it to the network which
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helps them transition back into society but neighbors say they already have fair share of occupancy hotels and another one is about to open. they could cause them to plumb mitt by more -- plummet by more than $12 billion next year. from 20008 to -- 2008 to 2012 more than 4,000 homes will go into foreclosure. first time default notice shot up 33%. san francisco police are asking for the public's help in a heartbreaking case of mortgage fraud and elder abuse. he held up a photo of a 26-year- old of carlos parade do. she and her father are accused of defrauding a 71-year-old
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woman out of her home. the woman was going to use the money from her home to pay for her husband's funeral. >> you are dealing with people who develop a trusting relationship with someone and they go along blindly. >> now the woman's father is already in jail and carlos presented himself as a priest an offered to help sell the home at the home on lisbon street. it has dropped to a 15 year low. they credit neighborhood watch groups for the decline but one reason is because crime is under reported in the city. a new california of justice says crime is at its low since 1968. they are trying to come up
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with ways to keep a popular skate park open but they may have to close because of the $61,000 budget deficit. one says they want to either privatize it or take away the park all or provide supervision for it. there is a spot or a couple of spots now where there are some troubled spots one of them in particular is in alameda. you see several lanes of 80 westbound are shut down for construction and it looks like they are picking it up but that's a traffic troubled spot. westbound 80 all of a sudden will have to slow down at university avenue so just be
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careful there. the morning commute looks good but if you are driving from oakland to alameda, it looks good but there is an accident on the other side. they are trying to figure out how serious this crash it but you should think about using the park street bridges a an alternate. 441, let's go to -- 4:41 let's go to steve. today should be a decrease in the activity as the low moves out. a lot of moisture in the high country, we are looking at a lot of high clouds and fog, 50s on the temperatures, coast bay and inland not much of a difference and you combine it with 18 southwest, southwest
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out to vacaville and southwest 18 that is cool direction and a system is punching in with a westerly wind on shore. so low clouds and some will be reluctant to peel back but as this system comes in it will peel back. cooler for some but it will be breezy and blustery at times. a few 80s inland and this is a definite feel of fall today and also tomorrow. it will be cooler and breezy, 50s and 60s and 70s less you are inland and saturday will still be in that in between day but saturday and sunday is looking warmer. overnight japan was hit by a 6.2 magnitude which is the
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same area where 20,000 people died after that quake and tsunami in march. there was no tsunami this time and no reports of any damage. homeowners in a flood that was damaged are worried they will not get a buyout. some people in flood prone new jersey say their homes were damaged and they want the government to help. fema awarded jersey money partly for by outs -- buy outs but no guarantee they will get one. hundreds asked for a buyout after hurricane floyd but only a handful got them. firefighters are now homeless themselves. 20 volunteer firefighters lost their homes and that fire is the landest on record destroying 34,000 acres and more than 1500 homes. the fire is now 70% contained
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but gusty winds could still cause some flare-ups. it happened at the ponderosa complex on valley lane not far from interstate 680. the fire started 3:00 yesterday afternoon. one man went to the hospital with second degree burns on his legs, another person was treated for smoke inhalation. another man said he was asleep in an upstairs bedroom when that fire started. >> i was running out the back door and all i saw was just the flames and smoke. >> it was like -- it was like an explosion and i heard glass and i just ran back over here again. >> now the fire department estimates damages will be more than $1 million and the cause of that fire is still being investigated. governor brown is promising lawmakers to veto a bill that is still sitting on his desk.
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he does not say which ones he plans to reject but he will focus on commence sense laws that focus on the budget. gm broke off talks last night and however there is no threat of a strike. union workers agreed not to walk out as a condition as a government auto bailout. conditions resume on wednesday, hundreds of hotel employees marched through downtown san francisco last night and they are joining a labor action by fellow employees in on luan chicago. they are demanding better treatment and better wages. >> we have not gotten an
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increase in 25 years. they don't appreciate what we have done. >> it certainly will not be granted by them. >> they will not agree to a union proposal allowing workers to strike when they are treated unfairly but hotel guests say other than the noise room service was not affected. republicans are using the bane result i filing -- bankruptcy filing to blast the obama administration spending. they accused them of rushing through more than $500 million in loans despite the financial future. >> in this time of record debt i question whether government is qualified to act as a venture capitalist. >> they said they could not compete with foreign manufacturers of solar panels.
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the latest field pole shows rick perry is not the presidential front runners in california. the pole shows mitt romney. nationally perry is in the lead and sarah palin comes in third even though she has not officially entered the race. the other candidates had more than 7 percent. president barack obama has double digit leads in california. the president has 58% to mitt romney's 3el% -- 38% and holds a larger lead to rick perry 33%. secretary of state eric secretary of state hillary rodham clinton -- secretary of state hillary rodham clinton arrived and her goal is to help women access capital in
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leadership positions. the discussion included encouraging women to pursue science and math degrees. >> it comes on a grander scale and you get to share experiences and listen to what other people have gone through. >> some 3,000 delegates are attending that summit and it begins tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. a major closure at the busiest crossing, it could cause some problems for drivers this morning. and in california skies, take a look, we will find out what some people believe that is.
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. welcome back to the morning
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news, time now 4:51. the commute could be an unusually long one following this a collapse at the mexican border. the wooden can't nopy fell -- canopy fell, most were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the other 11 areas are expected to remain closed and the crossing is the busiest in the nation with 50,000 vehicles entering and leaving the u.s. every day. back here let's check in with sal still an early look. >> that's right. we have a traffic troubled spot this would be in alameda on the exit to alameda this badly damaged vehicle is involved in a crash. the tube is completely closed from oakland to alameda and they have asked to close it so
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alameda police can close it on the alameda side. we will have more on what caused this crash and how long they are expected to be here but right now we recommend using the park street bridge to get over to alameda. let's look at the golden gate bridge, you can see the lane workers are out there so be careful, red lights are flashing at you and they are reconfiguring lanes. picking up, you can see the flashing lights and watch out for an abrupt slow down. the traffic does even out after all the lanes are open heading west at the mcarthur maze. let's go to steve. >> i knew something about that. >> well they are trying. >> on saturday, it is bad, all right here we go, we have thunderstorms firing up in the sierra and they are inching more towards the east. but still, well it is an
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interesting pattern. things should start wiping down for us and there -- winding down for us, there is a lot of low clouds, 50s on the temperatures, there is a southwest at napa airport, southwest at oakland west southwest at fairfield even vacaville out to sacramento the breeze is cranked up and on shore and being helped by this system on shore. a weak cold front is lifting that fog. it will chew it up. today and tomorrow it looks to be sunny for sum, after that fog cool and breezy and some of that fog looks like it is going to dissipate on the sonoma coast. 50s and 60s, 60s and 70s and it is clear out to vacaville.
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getting warmer and today and tomorrow looks to be cool and breezy, transition day sun and monday do -- sunday and monday do look warm especially inland. a mysterious light was most likely a fireball or media. a light with a fragment entered the atmosphere and many people saw it move quickly through the sky at 7:45. scientists believe the fireball disintegrated before it hit the ground. a warning to denounce drug violence along the mexican border. the bodies of a man and woman were found hanging and a sign found said quote, this will happen to all those people posting funny things on the
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internet. people in haiti staging violence are demanding united nations peacekeepers withdraw from their country they are worried about a sexual assault from a man from uruguay. also they were link to the cholera outbreak that killed more than 6,000 people. the father of natalee hollaway is asking a court to declare his daughter dead. she disappeared and trip with her school and her body has never been found. they require a waiting period of 5 years to issue a death certificate. his father is only seeking closure for his family. there are reports that scarlett johan send is the latest celebrity to have her cell phone hacked. they are looking into a series
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of instructions targeting people. it will not very veal the victims for the information stolen but nude photos were taken from her phone and posted on the internet. a teenage boy faces charges after crashing into a deli. it happened yesterday afternoon. they tried to pull the 17-year- old driver over when he crashed into a famous market at lincoln and deli. he now faces dwi and stolen vehicle charges. aaa says the price of gas is now starting to level off. after climbing steadily towards that $4 mark for weeks now current price is $3.99 per gallon and $3 99 in oakland and $3 99 in san jose. they will switch to a winter blend of gas and that typically
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brings down prices. breaking news out of alameda, a tube is blocked after a hit-and-run accident and we will have the very latest in a live report. michele bachmann is coming to the area, we'll see if the republican candidate will be making a stop.
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