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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 30, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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tried to warn officials about his son's mental issue more than two years ago now he and many others are worried this long ordeal won't end peacefully. >> we're prepared to resolve this in any way he allows us to resolve this. he gets to choose how this is ending. >> reporter: we're looking at what is essentially the reinforcements here in this operation. none of those alameda county deputies were hurt during yesterday's shootings. authorities don't know if vasler was hit by any of that. still no sign of him here this evening. we're live in fort bragg, eric rasmussen. a man hunt that stretched across two state social states is over -- across two states is over tonight. ernesto gonzalez was arrested on the ucsf campus just a block from police headquarters. gonzalez shot and killed petigrew at a nevada casino
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last week. more on the suspect and how an observant campus officer made the arrest. oakland police are still trying to figure out what led to the killing of a member of the east bay dragons motorcycle club. 40-year-old hasan haid was shot in the club's garage on international boulevard. he died later at the hospital. we spoke tonight with paul butler another member of the dragons. he tells us there are no new leads, no suspects and he has no idea why anybody would want to kel seid. funeral services are still being planned. officials say they have eliminated another top member of al-qaida. it happened in yemen where a u.s. manned android shot and killed him.
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>> this has been a bad year for terrorists. >> reporter: alaki was a recruiter for al-qaida they say he had ties to the 9/11 hijackers and to the army psychiatrist accused of killing 14 in fort hood. he is also said to have recruited the man who tried to bring down a plane with a bomb in his under parents. >> we will be determined, we will be resolute in our commitment. cohn a computer expert was also killed in that attack. the u.s. navy is considering extending
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deployment longer than six months for fighter ships. the pentagon today issued guidelines to military chaplains about performing same- sex marriages. the notification comes 10 days after the end of the don't ask don't tell policy forbidding openly gay people from serving in the military. chaplains can perform the ceremonies in states where same- sex marriage is legal but chaplains can also refuse if it would conflict with their personal or religious beliefs. officials have banned a same-sex marriage plan. last year about 100 people were injured. anti grey prejudice is widespread in serbia. out of tragedy comes change in east palo alto. officials are taking action to address concerns about a crosswalk in that city. robert handa live to tell us
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about the changes being made, robert. >> reporter: we're about 300 yards away from bay street and gloria bay where the young girl was killed at another intersection that was also considered dangerous until the city put in these safety features. pedestrian activated lights that light up the sign as well as the light on the crosswalk itself. these are several long term changes being considered for ban gloria and about three hours ago we saw the next short term change. a school district crossing guard appeared just before 2:00 assisting pedestrians at the crosswalk where serieli zamora was hit and killed. her family and friends were surprised to see the crosswalk. >> it makes me feel better but it makes me sad that the girl had to die. >> reporter: the guard says guard will be present from two
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to 3:30 p.m. every day. he's also forming recommendations that will be presented to the city council friday night. >> we do not want this accident to diswade people in the community from walking to school, from getting their healthy exercise as a pedestrian. >> reporter: he says the city spent $3.5 million making improvements closer to the schools including pedestrian activated lights where traffic was heavy. >> what is better now since they put the crosswalk for the kids and stuff. >> reporter: until there are changes. >> i'm scared to walk because most of the cars drive like it's a freeway not a street. >> reporter: mayor romero says the public are invited to make comments where the school district, police and public works department will all present safety recommendations. robert handa, ktvu news. right now we have some breaking news from san leandro. i want to show you live pictures here from news chopper 2 over head of an accident that
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happened in bancroft avenue. this is the end result of the didn't. the -- of the accident. the car that jumped the curb. all of this happened at about 4:00 this afternoon. a woman driving down bancroft hit two teenagers believed to be from san leandro high, she hit them then somehow jumped the curb and hit that tree. the injurys to the teenagers are not believed to be serious. the driver is believed to be in serious condition. breaking news an accident on bancroft avenue in san leandro, two teenagers hit. nonlife threatening injuries but the driver of this car in serious condition. if we get more information we will bring it to you. the two men accused of beating bryan stow appeared in
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a courtroom today. marvin norwood and louis sanchez are accused of attacking stow. both pleaded not guilty last month and are being held now on half a million dollars bail. today's appearance involved court scheduling matters. their next court date is november 4 when a date for a preliminary hearing is expected to be set. napa county wine makers is most likely ashes and debris after going up in flames yesterday. news chopper 2 was overhead as the sprawling house was engulfed by fire. devastating as the blaze was the timing could not be worse. it comes as a family wedding was being planned there. the vineyard's daughter was scheduled to tie the knot at the house this weekend. ktvu's noel walker is at the scene where she talked to the homeowner. >> reporter: the firefighters have been packing up here over the last half hour. this is the last fire truck that's here at the home. take a look behind me here. if you can't tell from the outside, i certainly could tell when i was inside earlier today
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it is practically gutted. over here to the side where they are putting up the fence right now. that's where that wedding you were talking about was supposed to be tomorrow. fortunately the fire did not destroy those plans. this used to be the paul myers home sweet home. >> we called ourselves the smoked paul myers. >> reporter: they came to salvage what they could, a phone charger. the toiletries. >> it's the little things. >> reporter: paul myers daughter was supposed to marry here tomorrow. >> there's a greater lesson, it's just going to take us a while to figure out what that is. >> reporter: all anyone could do last night was watch the home burn. the modern sprawling house was under construction for a new addition. >> the nature of the fire
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rendered the house dangerous for us to be on top of the home. >> reporter: that charred area was the new addition that was being built. that's where the fire appears to have started very close to the home. there are construction crews and construction crews working here all week. they don't know what started the fire but that's under investigation right now. >> it's horrible. i don't understand what could have done it, i don't know. there's a few things going on the other day. and you know somebody dropped the ball some where. >> reporter: today isn't about the fire, it's about the future. and that still has wedding bells. >> they are doing rehearsal as we speak. i'm here trying to salvage more stuff. so you know, she'll pull through this. she will. she'll be great. she'll be fabulous. >> reporter: because home really is where the heart is not where the house is. >> now the owner of the home is the wine maker of paul myers vineyard.
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we were told there were offers from friends and business throughout the area to host that wedding tomorrow. we know the wedding will happen at another vineyard. reporting live in napa, noel walker. ktvu news. investigators are now looking at the possibility that a car battery left inside a junk car is what set off a fire yesterday. it's a story we first brought you on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 yesterday. coming up at 6:00, ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar will tell us what chemicals were released into the air. california is falling behind the rest of the country when it comes to exports our own goods and services. newsom took part in a business promotion event in san francisco with latin american and u.s. embassy officials. he said unlike other states, california has no offices in foreign countries. newsom wants the state to do more to market products from agriculture, high tech and
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other sectors. >> democrats are in control. we own this problem. we at our own peril, this is not politics. we do not deserve to be there unless we take this aggressively. >> reporter: the department of energy has approved three more loan guarantees like the one given to fremont's solyndra. the loans are $23 million. they are going to first solar, exellon and a third project that will install solar panels in different states. stocks fell broadly to end one of the worse performing quarters since the financial crisis at the end of the 2008.
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the dow finished the day down 240 points. the nasdaq closed off 35 points. another death has been linked to listeria in cantaloupes. the death toll now stands at 17 people akrotsdz the -- across the country. the cdc says they expect the death toll to rise because the symptoms of listeria can in some cases take several weeks to show up. the number of reports of sexual assaults here on the stanford county nearly doubled. coming up we'll tell you why stanford police believe that number jumped. your weekend is coming up. it's here right now and we have big changes slated as we go into saturday, sunday and monday. we're back here with the details.
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you, alameda has received a report. the report says firefighters and police officers were not at fault for choosing to stand by and watch and not rescue the man because they did not have the necessary certification. the report does fault the city for a break down in police and fire demand and miscommunication about resources and for a lack of training. a warning tonight to women at stanford. a new report shows a sharp increase in the number of reported sexual assaults on campus. ktvu's christien kafton live now where police offered a possible reason for this increase. >> reporter: we're here at the women's community center on the stanford campus. the recent statistics about sexual assault are traveling in the 2009 school year. a total number of 12 rapes or sexual assaults were reported by 2010 that number had jumped to 21. kathy says the threat of sexual assault is very real. she says she ended up in a
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situation with a male acquaintance that was getting dangerous. she says she was luckty to have a friend near by to help out -- lucky to have a friend near by to help. >> it was caught really early. a friend showed up really early. i don't think it was enough to report, but i think it was a case where i felt it was going south. >> reporter: the number of sexual assaults increased in 2009. but stanford police chief says traditionally sexual assaults have been under reported. >> i think it reflects an increase in the number of people coming forward to report incidents as opposed to some sort of dramatic increase in the number of sexual assaults. >> reporter: around campus, students say they agree. >> if anything the cases have been about the same it's just that people now are feeling more open to tell. >> reporter: i think it's definitely present at every campus. more people are coming forward about it. >> reporter: the report is based on initial complaints
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about sexual assaults not on how many cases are investigated and prosecuted by law enforcement and the report does not include complaints of sexual assault against students that occur off campus. we're live at the stanford campus, christien kafton. on the day michael jackson died the singer's doctor did not reveal that he had given his patient a powerful anesthetic. the paramedic said murray said he did not administer any medication. after repeated questioning, murray said jackson suffered from exhaustion and dehydration. but the paramedic says dr. murray never admitted that he
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had given jackson a surgical anesthetic. the trial of michael jackson's doctor is becoming a big attraction in los angeles. prosecutors chanting justice to michael competed with the sound of helicopters. the people came to see the celebrities arrive. a lot of people also lined up early this morning to take part in a lottery to get a seat inside the courtroom. more than 1,000 people in san francisco had to drop what they were doing today. that sound sent about 1,500 visitors, employees and elected officials streaming out of city hall this morning and into designated evacuation zones. that drill was a surprise for everyone. including a bride and groom just second away from getting married. >> just getting started when he said we have to get out. >> so were you on we are gathered here? >> yeah, we didn't know no one knew. >> reporter: organizers watched it all from a mobile demand
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unit. they said they didn't want people of the drill because they wanted to simulate a real energy where people won't get a real notice. the weekend is almost here and we have a sold out raiders game on sunday and huge crowds expected for that bluegrass festival. >> hundreds of thousands of people. and players are counting on sunday. right now the bay area weather is going to cooperate. we have clouds, you saw those this morning, current temperatures are down a good 20 degrees from where they were, two days ago. everyone yesterday they were down 10 in some places. out toward concord out on the water we have gusts to 25 miles per hour. let me move this over a little bit. gusting to 24 out of the west. that's a strong on shore wind in response to this weather system. it's not going to bring rain to us. could bring a little bit of drizzle as it slides to the north tonight. late tonight early tomorrow morning. a little bit of drizzle. it's not shutting you down.
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the weekend looks fine. if you're out on the park on you're going to the raiders game you're good. but you will need jackets. temperatures are not going to be in the 90s they're going to be in the 60s for most of us. around the coast you're looking for upper 60s and low 60s. i talked about it a few days ago i'm tracking that weather system. it'll be here in earnest next week. and it's going to rain next week. daytime or overnight lows are going to be in the 50s. mid-50s. a little bit of drizzle possible in the morning. i think most of us will have some cloud cover when we wake up. you will not have poor visibility along the coast. the computer model does this, saturday morning that's just high clouds. a little bit of fogging, low clearing at the coast. 8:00a.m. tomorrow morning. you get the picture, partly cloudy, mostly cloudy kind of a day. as you get into the afternoon. mostly sunny. and sunday looks mostly sunny as well. the clouds and fog are going to
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start to merge together and get a little higher and build up in advance of this weather system coming this week. that's going to make it seem a lot like winter around here. in the meantime your saturday looks great. when i come back here at 5:45. your five day forecast with the weekend. i will show you when the rain will get here and we'll look specifically at your forecast for tomorrow and sunday. see you back here. >> thank you, bill. he speaks out for the first time. >> no way would i be standing here today. a football player who ended up in a coma after being hurt during a game in san francisco talks about what he wants most right now. also the threat that this postoffice may be closed. it's raising some concern tonight. the people it will affect the most and the meeting going on right now. new at 6:00, new developments in the killing of a german tourist. why witnesses were afraid to
5:22 pm
testify. and why prosecutors won't seek the death penalty. and thick black smoke erupts from a fire. but it's what you don't see that could be the bigger problem. plus, parents scrambling to raise money. students breaking into their piggy banks, the desperate effort to save a bay area school from closing. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. complete bay area coverage.
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the california parks and recreation commission is scheduled to vote in three weeks on a controversial proposal that could affect the clarity of the water at lake tahoe. it would involve moving half of lake tahoe golf course from lake valley state recreation area to the washo state park next door. that would allow the restoration of the truckee river. doctors are calling it an
5:25 pm
incredible recovery. a soccer play after being in a coma is now talking. >> push me over, push, push. >> reporter: doctors warned him he may never walk, talk or see again. >> push, push, push. pick up the left. >> reporter: but mike mcgovern is proving everyone wrong. >> working hard. i know that i want to get home. >> reporter: now count to ten in irish, come on let me hear you. >> he's a fighter, he wants to get better. he has made an amazing recovery and the most amazing recovery i've seen in my career. >> no way could i have gotten here. all the prayers back home. >> reporter: the 23-year-old is now in rehab therapy. in june he was left brain damaged. a san francisco team had recruited him to play for the summer. >> one of the doctors told us
5:26 pm
that mark was 95% pretty much gone. >> reporter: mark's entire family moved here from ireland temporarily to be at his bedside round the clock. >> i know for a fact mark is a miracle. they keep calling him miracle mark. >> reporter: mark is trying to come to terms with the fact that he will never be able to play futbol again. although the d.a. has not filed any charges, san francisco police say they will continue with their investigation. >> i just can't get wait to get home. i want to get home. >> reporter: although he will never play again, mark has time to coach football to children. tara moyarti. the control room in this san francisco county jail is empty for now. so are all the dorms coming up
5:27 pm
we'll explain why san francisco sheriff's department is planning on reopening this jail and how many inmates they're expecting to come here in the coming months.
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san francisco could be getting hundreds of new inmates starting next monday. that's when certain prisoner will start serving their time in county jail instead of crowded prisons. >> reporter: this san francisco county jail has been empty for nearly a year and a half. now it's opening up for business again. this is county jail number six it has 360 beds and if the county of san francisco gets an influx of inmates this is where
5:30 pm
the extra inmates will come. under that program starts monday, anyone sentenced to nonviolent nonsex offense crimes will spend their time in county prison. spoblts responsibility will also shift in the state to county jails. the state is giving the county funds, but that is based on predictions on how many inmates the city will get. they will get 26 new inmates in the first month. >> their numbers are grossly underestimated. >> in the next three months i expect to get approximately 450 new prisoners. that would have gone to state prison in the past. >> i don't know where san francisco got those projections but we have provided our projections to the county and that's what we've been going off of. >> reporter: part of the
5:31 pm
discrepancy is that they have nothing to go on. the state says there's no way to know for sure how many new prisoners will end up in county jails and that's something the state and the sheriff can agree on. >> we just have to suck it up and do the best we can. >> reporter: allie rasmuss. the fbi is looking for a man believed to have committed nine bank robberies in california including two right here in the bay area. investigators have dubbed him the mr. mcgoo robber because of his looks. this comes from a robbery of u.s. bank in nevado. police believe the same man robbed a chase bank in south san francisco. this picture here is from tuesday. the fbi believes the mr. magoo robber also hit two other banks in san diego in the last month. before the meeting began,
5:32 pm
union workers and community members gathered outside the community center postoffice. it is on the proposed list of those to be closed. opponents say people in that neighborhood depend on that particular postoffice for po. >> this right here is the civic center postoffice where a lot of people who are homeless, former veterans come to get their mail because they have no fixed address. so it's basically saying that do the poor have the right to receive mail? >> reporter: a postal service spokesman says if the postoffice were to close the agency would find another location with po boxes but he says it'll be months before a final decision will be made. oracle's annual conference is getting ready to go this weekend. the event kicks off sunday and takes place until next tuesday. oracle expects people from 117 countries to attend.
5:33 pm
it is all centered around invasion hardware and software. with 450 partner companies exhibiting their products. oracle's ceo elison will give the keynote address on sunday. presidential candidate rick perry accused the obama administration of creating a nanny state. perry argued that the obama administration creates too many regulations. >> what he should do is freeze all proposed federal regulations for six months starting today. if he's really serious about giving the competence to this country. >> perry did praise president obama and the u.s. military for the drone air strike today in
5:34 pm
yemen that killed an al-qaida operative anwaraiawtaki. newt gingrich agreed that drone attack was warranted. >> the american who the president authorized killing in yemen was an enemy combatant. >> but another republican rival ron paul said the killing was wrong. >> if the american people accept this blindly and casually we now have an accepted practice of the president assassinated people who he thinks are bad guys. >> reporter: paul also noted that alaki was an american citizen who had never been tried or convicted of any crimes. one block from a police headquarters, that's where police arrested the man wanted for killing the leader of the
5:35 pm
hell's angels. that officer followed his instincts. >> reporter: that led officer gutierrez and to a rental car. inside that car hernandez. that man is now waiting for extradition from nevada. that shooting happened at nevada's nugget casino. today the sparks nevada police held a conference. a man had immediately began for 53-year-old san jose man ernesto gonzalez. a member of a rival club the vagos. >> . gonzalez made his way back to the bay area to this area
5:36 pm
where he had a rental car and inside he was acting suspicious so ucsf sergeant john gutierrez ran a background check and discovered that gonzalez was a wanted man. >> homicide investigators were already here and they responded to the scene within an hour, and hour and a half, they were getting close but we were closer. >> this is an excellent experienced officer and this is the way we like to do business. >> reporter: another hell's angel the áf member with petigrew when he was shot. he was arrested for carrying a gun inside a casino. as for jeff petigrew he will be buried next month. jade hernandez, ktv you can channel 2 news -- ktvu channel 2 news. dozens of students missed school today and it was not
5:37 pm
because they were sick. the law that forced them to remain at home. and what's going on across the bay area right now that will bring more money into the hands of consumers. @
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5:39 pm
a popular cannabis collective in berkeley is cause some controversy. the berkeley side news blog says the 40-acre medical marijuana growers collective on san pablo avenue is violating a number of city laws including
5:40 pm
not paying taxes. and stating open longer than allowed. they can't confirm the claims until they can conduct their own investigations. administrators in one bay area district says about 30 students missed class because of a new whooping cough regulation. officials said they started telling parents about the state mandated vaccination require last month. this afternoon an administrator said 23 opportunities did not show up to school because they still hasn't been vaccinated and another 12 were turned away from campus. >> some students said they didn't know. so we've doubled our efforts in spanish and english to ensure that they know with phone calls in native languages to explain
5:41 pm
it. i believe primary reason was they thought they had more time. >> reporter: san mateo county authorities are holding free vaccination clinics for students this weekend. american consumers spent a little more next month. but the over all rate is slowing down. purchases were up .2% in august compared to a .7% increase in july. analysts say a hiring slump, stagnant wages and falling stocks may have kept consumers away from the stores. working two day shifts and two night shifts may not be as bad for your health as once thought. canadian researchers looked at nurses working that chain and found there was no risk to their melatonin levels. nonverbal communications plays a part in decisions made
5:42 pm
by doctors and patients. researchers found some doctors made decisions about patients in the tone of voice and nonverbal communication of their patient. wine makers are worried about their grapes. we'll tell you what's happening to their crop. back here with your weekend weather forecast. we're also going to look into that chance of rain coming up next week. see you then. new developments in the killing of a german tourist. why witnesses were afraid to testify and why prosecutors won't seek the death penalty. and thick black smoke erupts from a fire. but it's what you don't see that could be the bigger problem. plus, parents scrambling to raise money. students breaking into their piggy banks, the desperate
5:43 pm
efforts to save a bay area school from closing. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, complete bay area news coverage.
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there is some good news tonight for job hunters, at least for the short term. several top retailers have begun their holiday hiring. according to the research site snag a job. more than half of employers plan to hire seasonal workers this year that includes macy's and toys r' us. rain expected next week may not seem like a good deal. but for grape growers it could have very severe consequences. janine de la vega is live and tells us why the timing is very important. >> reporter: the farmers are trying to make sure next week's rain does not ruin the whole
5:46 pm
crop. clusters of grapes are being picked. >> we have a nicely formed berries and there's a little bit of dehydration going on here. >> reporter: carefully examined at burrell winery. >> we're scrambling right now to get everything in that's ready. >> reporter: wine makers dave multon says that's because they hit a snag. next week's storms could cause damage to grapes still ripening on the vine. >> we would have left them on a couple of days more at least. and so in lieu of this cold and wet rainy weather that's going to be coming, we're just choosing the safe rout. >> reporter: molten hired on extra crews to start picking crews today. he says it's been a challenging year for california wine makers because of the cool summer. warmer temperatures would have helped molten yield, it's off by 40% this year. >> it's heartening i guess because we work so hard to grow our own fruit then it comes in
5:47 pm
and it's not quite as the quality is up but the quantity is down. >> reporter: molten is making the most of what he's grown. he spept the afternoon destemming these grapes. while the quantity is down, molten says the quality won't suffer -- he spent the afternoon destemming these grapes. so what does this mean for the consumer? it depends on the winery. less quantity could mean an increase in prices. but this wine won't hit the market until 2014 so it's unlikely we will see any change in price now. janine de la vega, ktvu news. air pollution regulations may have done more than clean the air. a panel of expert says state rules passed in 2009 may have inadvertently helped save whales from being killed by cargo ships. the law allows the ship to
5:48 pm
reduce fuel. thousands of ships shifted their routes to avoid it. julie haener is live in the newsroom now with some of the stories we're working on for ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, julie. >> more than 50 witnesses were called to testify. new at 6:00, the six people accused of that killing faced the judge. the complex case that is now coming together. plus was the smoke worse than the flames what air regulators said about potential hazards following a house fire. these stories and more coming in 10 minutes. parts of richardson bay will close to the public starting tomorrow. boats and other water activities will be prohibited for the winter to protect migrating ducks, geese and other shore birds. the closure includes 900 acres of water. it'll be enforced by the richardson bay society. the bay is scheduled to reopen on march 31st. visitors to a san diego beach are getting a rare light
5:49 pm
show. it's a little bit difficult to see here in this visit owe but the water off san diego county is turning neon blue at night. beachgoers describe it as vivid and dazzling. scientists say ago algea build up is responsible for color -- say algea build up is responsible for the coloring. it could last from two weeks to six months. people are having to trudge through flooded water filled with debris. boats and docks are also being slammed by the big waves. 20,000 people have been evacuated to higher ground now the concern is landslides. a lot of people watching the forecast very closely. as a lot of people have big plans especially in san francisco. let's check in now with our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> that big festival in the park this week. it's going on right now. for folks out there it's not a
5:50 pm
bad evening. this weekend outside it's going to be cooler than it was the last week. but we still will see temperatures in the 60s. i'm tracking winds out in the delta right now. a live buoy reading shows winds gusting to 35 miles per hour. this is one of the main mechanisms in our cooling are these strong westerly winds coming off the water. it's dropped temperatures 20 degrees from what we saw a week ago. temperatures in the mid-90s, everyone upper 90s in some places. they were cooling than yesterday. highs tomorrow slightly cool ethan these as we go into your bay area weekend. it's going to be nice, but it's not going to be hot. you're going to have lots of 60s for most of us. mid- and upper. then of course we're going to get rain in the bay area next week. we'll see how that goes. as you move through the bay area microclimates you're looking at 60s out in san
5:51 pm
francisco. low 60s over in berkeley, mid- 60s at best. low and mid-70s out toward the livermore valley out toward morgan hill. i'm taking you across this microclimate section but you have coast, bay and inland and you have further south in livermore valley they're going to be in the mid-70s as well. it's not a bad weekend. it's not a wash out but it is going to be cooler. this system gets in here monday night. looks like we're going to start to see rain on monday. that will be the beginning of a wet weather period for us. here we are monday morning. chance of drizzle. no big deal though. then it's gone. there's saturday night looks good. then we get into sunday morning. looks good. sunday night looks good. look what's coming, here we go into monday. monday afternoon, monday evening you got rain in the forecast. your five day forecast with your weekend in view. boy i will tell you what, summer is over and it's going to -- you're going to notice it. certainly this weekend but by next weekend with umbrellas
5:52 pm
here. >> i feel bad for those grape growers they're going to get pounded. >> they're hustling, yeah. >> thanks, bill. an incredible story of survival tonight. a man drove his car off of this cliff. he was stuck at the bottom of a ravine for six days how the man's son finally found him. s in america. it's all about jobs. it's all about respect. security. the american dream. [ jamaul ] good jobs in tough times. a chance to move up and do better. [ delaunta ] excellent healthcare. [ caletha ] beautiful benefits. what they used to call the american way. it still works here. [ jennifer ] not a single layoff of a u.s. manufacturing worker. [ glen ] not one. not one. doing things the right way. quality. [ jimmeka ] building cars that americans want. [ jamaul ] right here in america. hyundai is an all-american success story. ♪
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a family in southern california is celebrating a minor miracle. a family member missing for six days he was found in his car at the bottom of the cliff alive. >> we stopped at every ravine and looked over every hill. my brother got out of the car, we kept screaming. the next thing we heard dad say, help, help. >> reporter: dad is 67-year-old david labeu. he disappeared from his home north of los angeles. his family became worried and contacted police. they also did some detective work of their own. checking his cell phone records, credit cards and even his facebook account. then they launched a search and rescue mission. scouring the roads and canyons in the angeles forest, finally they heard theupl calling from hundreds of feet -- they heard
5:56 pm
him calling from hundreds of feet below. >> we kept saying, dad we're going to get there. we're going to be there. and he just kept crying and crying and i just slid down. >> reporter: he says he survived by drinking river water and eating leaves and bugs. the highway patrol is investigating reports that another car may have also gone over that cliff. labeu is recovering, and his family says he is in good spirits. coming up in 90 seconds. six people were called before a san francisco judge today in connection with a german tourist near union square. the complex case of why prosecutors had a hard time getting some of the witnesses to testify. and this school has a week to save itself. the rush to raise more than a million dollars before classes are dismissed for good.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
a military style man hunt under way right now in the woods near fort bragg. what's needed to support the team of officers searching for a suspected killer. more than 50 people witnessed her murder. why prosecutors had a hard time getting those people to talk about a shoot out that killed a
5:59 pm
german tourist. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. san francisco prosecutors revealed details today of a complex case they're building against six people accused of killing a german tourist near union square. new at 6:00, david stevenson is live now in san francisco with why it was so hard to convince witnesses to come forward, david. >> reporter: that fatal shooting took place near this spot in the heart of san francisco's theater district. today we learned new details about the case being built to prosecute the alleged shooters. sheryl was visiting when she and her husband were caught in a shoot out between rival gangs in the city's union square district. >> it was a tourist basically looking to see what restaurants they wanted to attend with her husband and then this was this incredible violent act. >> reer


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