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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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south. not a bad system, but again it will split a little bit. one is very bullish, the other one will weaken and split, monterey north, break after tuesday next system dropping in annex system has a lot more energy and will hang around into thursday and there is a lot more coming down the only pipeline. bigelow down in portland any seattle. cloudy and cooler in the morning and afternoon rain comes in, heaviest comes in from san francisco north. there are a few low 70s, here is sal. let's go out and take a look at highway 4 you can see traffic is moving along nicely
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coming to the pass grade. also if you are driving on the san mateo bridge traffic is nice heading out to the high- rise. and this morning's commute will be fine but it is light on the sunole grade. back to the desk. jailed american exchange student amanda knox gave a tearful plea for freedom and she fought back tears this morning as she asked the italian court to set her free. she spoke before 2:00 a.m. pacific time. amanda knox called her 2009 murder conviction unfair. [ speaking french ] >> i wasn't there, i wasn't present on that crime...
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>> the co-defendant also asked for his freedom, both he and amanda knox were convicted for the murder of meredith kercher. a decision is expected today. bart is back to normal and it had to run later than usual when a man jumped from the platform. the apparent suicide forced bart to halt service. more than half of the trains were behind schedule. san leandro police are looking for the two gunman who opened up fire killing three people outside a warehouse. as kraig debro tells us, this should not have happened in the first place. >> reporter: we are at the police department hoping to get more details about just what happened. it happened at a party at warehouse early sunday morning
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and this warehouse is located in the industrial area of town but police say the organizers of the party did not have a permit but they may not have needed one. they called it a tattoo party and 150 people were leaving when gunfire erupted. suvs were shot at. when it was over the parties and the doors had been shock -- party doors had been locked. >> as they were leaving the parking lot that is when the victims were approached by two gunman on foot. they shot multiple rounds at the victims and they fled in an unknown direction. >> he had -- >> reporter: he had recently been admitted to san francisco state. 19-year-old girl was also killed. three others were wounded by
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the gunfire and their conditions are not known at this hour. we will talk to san leandro police about what happened and they told us yesterday because it was a private party, it may have been a zoning issue. reporting live in san leandro kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. a deadly shooting inside away point home stepped from a domestic incident. they were called to the house saturday afternoon and found 23- year-old lance dead. a woman told deputies she shot and killed him because he was an intruder who threatened her and her pregnant daughter. they would not give the nature of their relationship. they killed a 21-year-old man. the medical examiner area office said they were shot
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several times saturday night. he later died at the hospital. officers responded to the scene after an alert from the shot father gunfire detection system. this week palo alto police are focusing on the safety of students walking to and from school. they will strictly enforce school zones during peak hours. also in palo alto city council will discuss safety measures at an intersection where a six-year-old girl was hit and killed. she was walking wednesday morning when a car hit her. the driver a teacher at another elementary school was interviewed by police and released. they put up crossing signals
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and acrossing guard will be there each afternoon. well the occupied wall street protest is growing. the arrest of the brooklyn bridge has had protesters camped out for three weeks now. their causes include global warming to corporate greed. organizers said they took their inspiration from the arab spring didn't steaks stations -- demonstrations in the middle east. >> they are changing things and hopefully they will look here for a nonviolent change. >> it has now spread to other cities. hundreds protested in los angeles over the weekend and the movement said they represent the other 99% of americans who are struggling to
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make ends meet. this morning parents are staging a protest to demand change. they claimed the administration is creating a negative learning environment. parents say they have been ignored so they plan to gather outside at 6:45 this morning. they are trying to prove they received a whooping calf vaccine. students -- whooping cough vaccine. a new stayed law requires all students to get a whooping cough shot. parents who do not want their students to receive them must fill out the paperwork in order to be compliant. the new realignment programs will be required to
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sentence nonviolent criminals to serve their time. state money will be given to help with the extra burden but some people doubt it will be enough to cover the costs. >> assembly bill 768 was written in response to the tempt to put a circumstance session band on the november ballot. they now prevent any new ban from banning circumstance session. -- circumcision. 4 5,000 people will turn out for or call 2011, the hardware company will have 400 demonstrations. the annual conference sells out every hotel in the downtown area as well as many hotels
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along the peninsular. >> that or call has not seemed to lose a step and what they offer is a real value to their customers. >> organizers say the technology extravaganza pumps more than $100 into the city's environment. today's highlights includes a former ceo and a current or call president, mark herd. they are excited about tomorrow's big announcement from company's headquarters. last week it ended with the words, let's talk iphone. apple will unveil the iphone five. well california's largest skate park faces an uncertain
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future. the regional state park features the largest vertical wall andros 40,000 riders a year. the park cost $6 million when it opened three years ago and now it only has enough money to stay open until february. >> they were shocked and sad. it is something my son loves to do. >> we are asking the private sector to get involved and we have had a lot of offers. >> the city council needs to cover a $60,000 deficit. pacific police are contracting dispatchers forcing the elimination of six jobs. also the police department building is open limited hours.
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the building will be open from 8:30 until 5:00 and on wednesday it will close at 7:30. they begin the second phase of their project to begin energy efficient boulevard. they will needs to install a lighting controller between collins and mark kit street. they have -- market street. the lights are designed to last longer and save the city more money on their electric bill. san francisco sister, drivers found -- san francisco avenue, drivers found the sinkhole which was caused by the collapse of a 100-year-old
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sewer main that was scheduled to be replaced this month. let's check in with sal for an early look at your morning traffic. here we are, trying to get it done and right now on the roads, here is a look at 80 west pound with no major commute. no major problems, traffic continue to look now and that's always also a nice drive getting on to highway 17. let's go back to steve. we have had some light rain already, but it was about a week and a half ago. it is a lining itself with a wave form and that will help to
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enhance it and it slows it down. so morning clouds unless there is some kind of drizzle and you are watching us up towards fort brag but this is mainly an afternoon event. temperatures in the off 0s, we are not going to warm up too much which says after that we'll see these temperatures drop. fort brag, almost to ukiah so if you are getting rain you can always tweet me. the information is much appreciated, believe me. here comes the system of what will be two and a half and i say that because the stronger one will come in tuesday and linger into thursday. there will be one inch amounts far lessor 10th of an inch to hand -- less or 10th of an inch to san jose south.
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there are two cool systems one into tuesday night into wednesday and this one opens the door starting in the north bay. relatively south. over an inch is certainly possible the further north you go. higher clouds, cloudy cool in the morning the system is a slow mover. the one behind that will come in pretty quickly, rain in the afternoon, 60s or 70s, we had some mid-70s in morgan hill, clouds and rain come in, it will kick out and rain moves in, showers on thursday, looking out ahead, it does look warmer but it should be sunny to mostly partly cloudy, pam? we want to take you to san diego this morning where
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firefighters are working to put out a wildfire that is burning near some homes. it is in the northeast part of san diego county and is about 2 5% contained at this point, at least 2000 acres have burned and several firefighters are trying to put it ought in this point -- put it out at this point. the cause is still under investigation. they have freed an american woman but they are still holding her son and a relative shed been held for two and a half months and she was dropped off and walked to a nearby town. she was handed over to fbi agents. she called demanding a huge ransom and it is not clear if any ransom was paid. a nine-year-old philadelphia boy was seriously
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hurt in a crash after taking his parent's car without them knowing yesterday morning. the boy who was mentally challenged lost control of the car, the car spun out of control, hit a tree and flipped over. >> the windshield, the whole front car is basically ripped apart. >> the boy is in critical but stable condition and police did not know how he got access to the car. the bang robber known as the geyser robber may have struck again. he point a revolver at a teller and ran off with cash. he phillips the description and is -- if it's the description and is responsible for 14 -- fits the description and is responsible for 14 robberies.
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vice-president joseph biden is recovering from an anthrax scare. frank biden received an envelope at his home and when he opened it, the mysterious white powder covered his hands and arms. he and his girlfriend were immediately rushed to the hospital. >> i opened the envelope and this white powder disbursed and it got on me and it was alarming. >> frank by end talked with vice-president joseph biden to make sure nothing was sent to washington. preliminary tests were sent to washington and it had a return address to india. more than two flights, they suffered injuries after two planes they were on encountered severe turbulence. when they landed nine people
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were given medical attention but nobody was hurt. passengers say it was a very scary experience. he i have experienced long turban beau lense, but this is all out of the blue but a huge drop. >> another flight headed from charlotte north carolina, with 11 reported injuries can you to turbulence. there is one american on this year's winners, bruce boiler who works out of the scripts institute and the other two are from california. they managed to cross away area freeway, the 150-pound animal was found in a ditch saturday morning after drivers
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saw it cross the north and southbound lanes of 101. workers at the marin -- marine mammal center will see if it is suffering from something. they say it was headed towards the broadway exit of highway 101. a traditional wedding vow is until death due us part. plus, good news for san francisco drivers who can get premium parking for free. it looks premium to me as you head up highway 17, we will tell you more about the commute and the bay weather.
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. good morning cloudy skies rain is on the way and by this afternoon a system giving us light to moderate rain, 60s and 70s. well injured veterans from across the country are riding their bikes for a good cause. the 7 day ride to recovery, veterans current members of the military and supporters are riding 450 miles to the santa monica pier. for better locations they are paying for food and hotel travel expenses. starting this morning, there is a reason why they may want to use car share.
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they are in congested neighborhoods and that should make it easier to get into the car show program. right now they are on private program which makes it harder to get to the cars. all of the spaces are unmetered. let's check in with sal, good morning. as we look at interstate 880 here in oakland traffic is moving nicely. there is road work in some of these places but we don't see a lot of slowing here and some of the road work has been picked up. also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza coming into san francisco and if you are driving in san francisco, northbound 101 traffic is moving well getting to the 880 split and you may have some rain according to
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steve for your afternoon commute, let's did to steve. you are absolutely right, it is a lining north to south and it knocks some of the energy of it, it will probably delay it considerably for the south bay and east bay, but this eventually will arrive this afternoon. 50 in the city, 52 in livermore, hayward coming in, very light it has a ways to go at least to the early afternoon hours, plenty going on, first system coming through eventually will give us higher clouds, south wind out ahead of it, after that, there will not be most, however the system
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that is upstream, there are a lot of typhoons and it is coming out of the gulf of alaska and it is much more impressive, so two fronts, one today, this one not that strong and it will set the staining for the next system, but most locations we should get some, 60s and 70s with a south wind maybe not too bad, but it will be a cool down san rafael, all looking for a lot of 60s. cool rain comes in the system stalls out anmoves east by tonight, it should be all right, here comes a stronger system on wednesday, it could give us two inches of rain.
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sunny and the weekend looks okay and should be mostly sunny, pam. this morning testimony will resume in the trial of michael jackson's former doctor. they are expected to begin with more testimony from the emergency room doctor who pronounced jackson dead two years ago. on friday cooper testified he never mentioned he had given jackson propofol, the drug blamed for the singer's death. >> were you ever told at any time other than about the sedatives. >> he said he gave jackson a lethal dose in the singer's home. he himself gave him propofol when murray left the room.
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he faces years behind bars and a loss of his license if convicted. those are not quite sure about tying the knot and mexican lawmakers, will announce technical marriages. they could apply free temporary licenses and those who want to split up can do so without going through a costly messy divorced. a warehouse shooting in san leandro, why police say the party should not have happened in the first place, plus wet weather headed to the bay area, the reason the wet weather could wash away millions of dollars.
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. we are live telling you what to do about it and what is at stake. they need the public's help following a triple homicide yesterday morning. now we have to wait and see in the amanda knox trial when we are expected to hear her


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