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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 4, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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i'll really pleased to tell you today all about the brand new iphone 4f. >> seems like the whole world was waiting to hear the new head man at apple deliver news about the iphone. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. apple makes its first big announcement with its new c.e.o. tim cook. he took the stage today and introduced the new iphone. we're live to let you know what all the excitement is about. >> reporter: this just wrapped up about 15 minutes ago. this is apple headquarters in cupertino. a large group of people were at this announcement are now filing out of the building. a lot of apple fans expected to hear about an iphone 5 today.
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the new product launched is the iphone 4f. it has a lot of the features that were rumored to be in the iphone 5, eight megapixle, high quality video, the exterior design is just like the current iphone 4. >> inside it's all new. how is it different? first, there's a new chip inside. the a5 chip we launched this year in the ipad 2 now making its way into the iphone video. >> reporter: along the -- along with the faster pros or, it will have eight hours of talk time, better antenna, better voice command system and will have that hd quality 1080 video. outside the apple store in walnut creek apple fans gave us their reaction. >> the iphone 5 was really important and i'm disappointed
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about today. hopefully next year the release will be better. i hope steve jobs is feeling well. >> i was expecting the iphone 5 which is what i'm really excited about. i definitely like to upgrade my stuff. i'll be upgrading. >> reporter: possibly reflecting that disappointment about the lack of an iphone 5, apple shares were down about 7%. apple did introduce some other new products and new programs. we'll have more at 5:00 and 6:00 on that. back to you. >> thank you. we have a lot mr. for you on the apple announcement. go to extended video clips will be posted there soon. you can call this the calm before the next storm. more rain is on its way to the bay area. this is a live look at the commute. this looks like the sky above highway 237 in san jose.
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the low is expected to continue until the early evening when the next storm hits. rosemary is tracking all the wet weather for us. we'll have more on what parts of the bay area will get the most rain and some wind advisories. there will be a community meeting tonight in san francisco's richmond district following an officer-involved shooting. police say a 44-year-old man came at them with two knives after they were called to a stabbing at home yesterday morning. an officer used a bean bag weapon against the man. when that did not work, another officer shot the man with his gun. the suspect died at the hospital. police say he stabbed his parents earlier that morning. his mother died at the hospital. his father is expected to survive. the motive is unknown. police will hold that community meeting at the richmond recreational center at 6:30
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tonight. oakland city councilman ignacio de la fuente pledged to push forward with his plan to curb crime. ignacio de la fuente and larry reed are pushing a package that includes a curfew for juveniles, anti-loitering ordinance and expansion of gang injunctions. all three have met with stiff opposition. >> i don't think we have the luxury of not to try everything, every possible tool we can implement. >> ignacio de la fuente and reed's proposals or the agenda for tonight's council meeting. hayward police are asking the public for help in what appears to be a fatal shooting. police responded to reports of gunfire at an apartment complex at 900 block of forselles way when they found the victim lying face down in the driveway. it happened at 8:30 last night. there are reports the victim was shot. at one point police told us they weren't sure the victim died of a gunshot wound.
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the coroner will determine the exact cause of death. >> we're still trying to round up witnesses. we have investigators at the scene now trying to round up witnesses and also trying to identify any evidence that may not have been as easily seen in the nighttime hours. >> police say it's too early in the investigation to know if the killing was gang related. it's been a tough day on wall street with stocks dropping from the opening bell. traders are worried that greece could be edging closer to default. that could bring down european banks and trigger another global recession. the dow is down 167. the nasdaq is down 20. s & p is down 13. the dow is down 18% from its peak. investors also paid close
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attention to ben bernanke who said he is prepared to take further steps to shore up the economy. he spoke to congress today saying the economy is growing more slowly than expected. >> reason revisions of government economic data show that the recession was even deeper and the recovery even weaker than previously estimated. >> ben bernanke said that consumer confidence was low because of poor job growth and that any spending cuts could impede a recovery. he expects growth to pick up in the second half of the year. a local scientist is now a nobel prize winner. the uc berkeley professor will share a $1.5 million prize in physics with two other scientists. we're live from the berkeley hills where the professor and his colleagues are celebrating. >> reporter: he found only one exploding star over the course of 2 1/2 years. he didn't give up and now the researcher from berkeley laboratory has something to
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show for it. >> please welcome our 13th berkeley lab saul perlmutter. >> he found out he received the nobel prize in physics only six hours prior. >> science sometimes inches forward. this was one of those moments when it leaped across galaxies. >> in the late 90s, contrary to what scientists thought, saul perlmutter found evidence in the stars that prove the yours was expanding. >> i don't know. it's just great. >> are you proud of him? >> of course i am. >> he is a research and uc berkeley professor. >> i know you feel blessed to be at institutions which have colleagues like sol who cannot be bought by rich, private universities. >> saul perlmutter was home asleep when he got the call. >> we got a phone call at 3:00 in the morning.
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it was a reporter saying, how do you feel? i said, how do i feel about what? they said, you won the nobel prize. my wife started looking up on the internet to see if it was real. >> it was no crank call. his discovery that something was propelling gallon axe ease further apart was groundbreaking. >> now we have this big mixry. is most of the yours made up of this dark energy? >> that is the next big project saul perlmutter is working off he takes half of the prize money and heads to sweden in december to accept the gold medal. back to you. >> thank you. can you go to to see more of saul perlmutter's interview including more of his reaction. we have learned a current and former san jose police
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officer are now on the other side of the law accused of embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from the latino piece offers association. this man, former officer manuel villabran on and another officer were arrested this morning after an eight-month investigation. firms say they em businessledded $120,000 from the san jose chapter of the latino peace officers association which is now closed due to a lack of finances. >> the funds were taken from a bank account and it was mostly cash withdrawals. although, one of the men wrote himself two checks for $10,000 which we traced to his personal bank account. >> we have learned one of the police officers was terminated from his position. san jose police will not say why he was let go calling it a personnel matter. they say it was not related to
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this investigation. police say they don't believe the two men committed the crimes together. it may cost you more to fly because of new fees. this time it's not the airlines pushing the increases. rosemary will be up soon with details on how much rain will be coming to your neighborhood tonight. together with mary pat and our children, i believe i have an obligation to the seriously -- toker isly consider what people are asking me to do. >> will he or won't he? the governor of new jersey's announcement about his political future.
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a amanda knox is on her way home from italy to seattle today by way of london. she boarded a plane in rome overnight. you can see her in this video walking through the airport. an italian court overturned her murder conviction yesterday for the death of her british roommate, meredith kercher. her ex-boyfriend was also freed. a prosecutor says he plans to file an appeal. ep the trial was carried out under unacceptable media pressure. san jose police are investigating the suspicious disappearance of a san jose
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woman. valerie calderon caselas was last seen getting into a blue suv in san jose around 3:00 a.m. sunday. she has not been seen since. this is a picture of her. she's 28 years old. if you have information about where she could be call police. three women who say they were dating dr. conrad murray at the time of michael jackson's death testified this morning at his involuntary manslaughter trial in los angeles. one of the women testified she was on the phone with murray at the moment he discovered michael jackson lying motionless. she could hear coughing in the background and then the phone went silent. prosecutors contend murray was not adequately monitoring michael jackson after administering a powerful anesthetic normally used only in hospitals. the defense contends jackson gave the anesthetic to himself. a nigerian man known as the
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underwear bomber is setting a defiant tone at the start of his trial in detroit. the 24-year-old man is acting as his own attorney. he is accused of trying to blow up a flight two years ago with a bomb in his underwear. u.s. officials say a radical islamic cleric directed that attack. that cleric was killed by a u.s. air strike last week. once again new jersey's republican governor said he is not running for president. that came at a news conference to hours ago. some republican insiders have been pressuring him to run. he says as a result, he reconsidered but came to the same conclusion last night. >> what i've always felt was the right decision remains the
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right decision today, now is not my time. i have a commitment to new jersey that i simply will not abandon. >> christie refused to endorse any particular republican candidate for president. president barack obama wants to tack on new fees for airlines and airline passengers. the president's proposal calls for the current $2.5 per passenger security fee to be pace raised to $5. it would go up 50 cents each year. he wants to impose a a $100 tax on airlines for nearly every take off. the airline industry has launched an aggressive campaign to stop it including a new website, stop air tax >> the industry has lost 160,000 jobs and $55 billion over the last ten years. proposing new taxes on this industry right now which is literally one of the least profitable according to fortune magazine, doesn't make sense right now. >> the president is under fire
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to find new ways to reduce the deficit a and pay for security improvements at airports. the effort to save menlo park's granny tree has paid off. the oak tree is 300 years old. it was in danger of being cut down because of water pipeline construction. yesterday the san francisco public utilities commission announced it would tunnel under the tree instead of removing it. san francisco is celebrating the reopening of a park that's been under renovation since last november. the sue beerman park is local where the embarcadero once connected to i-80 and the bay bridge. city officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony. the park was previously called ferry park. it was renamed after former supervisor beer plan after she was killed in a 2006 car crash. it reopens with new lighting,
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landscaping and irrigation. bay area skies are expected to clear in time for the fleet week air show featuring the navy's precision flying teams. the blue angels are scheduled to arrive thursday a afternoon and practice for a couple hours. there is a 30% chance that thursday practice could be rained out. there is a second practice set for friday. good afternoon to you. fairly decent day out there, partly sunny, mostly gray. the next storm is already approaching the coastline. if you have any errands to run, now is the time to do it. southwesterly breezes generally light around sfo. we have a northerly breeze over santa rosa and san jose. concord is gusty at this hour. mostly gray skies across most
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of the bay. 63 in oakland. inland 60s. 66 in napa. some light rain falling over northern california down to about fort bragg. this system will bring us light rain for the evening hours, heaviest rain coming in overnight. satellite and radar, it's being driven in by upper level wins. it's racing toward the coast at this point. you can see from this system, we've already got more clouds on the way. we have this moving through. this will bring us anywhere from an inch to two inches of rain. the first system was pretty much quarter toinch half inch over the north bay and quarter inch to less than that for parts of the south bay. mostly cloudy today. this evening the north bay, light sprinkles. by 10:00 down to san jose
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heaviest rain falling in the overnight hours. tomorrow morning we wake up and we're not finished. wednesday afternoon scattered showers still in the forecast. partial clearing expected today, slightly warmer in some cases, right now we're about the same. overnight we could have a wind advisory for the delta and the carquinez strait. heaviest rain coming in the overnight hours for the early part of wednesday. highs for today upper 60s, low 70s around the bay. 74 in gilroy. we'll be cool and a little soggy today. the rain is not really picking back up until tonight. tomorrow afternoon scattered showers, maybe a lingering shower thursday. nice, warm, dry weather for the
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weekend. >> thank you. advocates for the disabled are not happy with a new $2 million access ramp at the lafayette bart station. the ramp zigzags up a hill, to the bart station's south entrance. it does not have curb access for wheel chairs to go from the parking lot to the sidewalk where the ramp begins. there are 117 stalls for vehicles, but none specifically for the disables. the lack of a curb ramp appears to be the result of issues between bart and east bay mud which owns the land. stanford hospital says it will vigorously defend itself against a $20 million class action lawsuit filed after a security breach of patient's medical records. the breach involved the medical records of 20,000 patients treated at stanford's emergency room between march and august of 2009. the medical records were posted on a commercial website for
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nearly a year. the lawsuit seeks $1,000 per patient. stanford blames a subcontractor. san francisco general hospital has become the first in the nation certifieded for the treatment of traumatic brain injury. the certification comes from a national independent organization called the joint commission. the certification is based on the hospital's medical skills, neuromonitoring capabilities and imaging technologies and research history. they've had a number of highly publicized brain injury cases in recent months. a flu report is out on the cost of living in the bay area. we'll tell you why this could be a make or break day on the talks to save the upcoming nba season.
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taking a lie look at the big board on wall street, one of the stocks it to watch today is obviously apple after the big announcement of the new phone phon 4f. we heard from some consumers who were disappointed it wasn't an iphone 5. apple stock is down over 5% right now. the dow is down 143. more concern about greece, nasdaq down 13. a new report shows the cost of living in the bay area has skyrocketed sin the recession started three years ago.
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a study being released today says the costs for basics including rent, food, health care, child care, transportation, and taxes are up 18% since 2008. local wages have increased only 2%. unemployment rates have skyrocketed by 72%. both citeds say today is a crucial day in the labor dispute between the nba and its players. the full negotiating committees for both sides are meeting in new york. sources say that if the two sides do not make significant progress, not only the opening on november 1 but the entire season could be in jeopardy. the players were locked out in july. it's coming. snow to the sierra. we're on storm watch and tracking the snow that should roll in late tonight. how people are getting ready. we'll take you to one place in the sierra where there's been snow all year. that's at 5:00. thank you for watching.
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have a great day.
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