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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 4, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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scattered showers as well. and one of the big stories here to me is a winter storm warning has been issued in the bay area. starts at 11:00 tonight. that's a big deal for us early in the afternoon. we're going to go to ken pritchett. he has rain coming downright now. he has snow on the ground. >> well, that's right but the snow is way up at the top and it's left over from last year. they had snow up at the top of squall valley. if you look at the base here you can see there's no snow there. it's brown and green but come tomorrow morning it's very likely that we will see at least some of this space or all of it covered with snow. the base of the mountain is barren now but that soon will change as optimism for another ski season runs high. >> we think it's a good sign, the snow is coming early and we're hoping for an opening day
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in late november. >> reporter: the resort says 811-inches fell last year. >> we broke every record in the books. we were skying on the fourth of july and a lot of us are itching to get out there, we're hoping for another one of those. >> reporter: caltrans is gearing up. >> we're going to 24 hour shifts tonight and we've got more people coming on the way up and we're getting our equipment ready, getting our plows out and getting our equipment to be ready to go. >> reporter: the main concern is not just the weather but heavy road construction on interstate 80. >> the worse thing we have going right now is miles and miles and miles of construction. we're restricted to one lane in some places. it's going to be slippery, wet in some places. you can see by those flags we got a pretty good wind going right now. it is cold up here. the rain has tapered off for now. it was raining for much of the afternoon. a real quick on that road
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construction. we drove through that through interstate 80. it slowed us down, it's one lane for miles and miles as you heard caltrain say. yet again it is still early october. >> you will find live radar showing the rain where you live and the very latest on the winter storm coming to the sierra. just click on the storm watch tab. within the last hour amanda knox returned to the united states after four years in an italian prison. she spoke briefly to supporters right after her plane touched down in her hometown of seattle. >> i'm really overwhelmed right now. i was looking down from the airplane and it seemed like everything wasn't real. what's important for me to say is just thank you to everyone who believed in me, who defended me and who supported
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my family. >> yesterday italian authorities overturned knox's murder conviction after doubting were raised about dna evidence. a former police officer accused of stealing money intended for student scholarships. an audit shows money started disappearing when former officer miguel varagana took over as president in 2005. he is accused of embezzling more than $100,000. >> we thought it would be a few thousand dollars here or there. but we encountered a significant amount of theft going on. >> reporter: ibarra stole about 40 tow $40,000. we learned ibarra was released from jail on his own recognizance. tonight wind rush school in
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el cerrito tells ktvu it has raised $150,000. and the private k-8 school now says its optimistic they're going to raise their goal by this friday in order to stay open until june of next year. it is hot not the new iphone 5 but the iphone 4s. people are saying apple hasn't lost its edge even without steve jobs, tom vacar has the story. >> reporter: a lot going on with apple. this store has been closed for eight days days apple has been redoing some of their apple stores. >> this is my first product launch as ceo. i'm sure you didn't know that. >> reporter: instead of a program dominated by the iconic steve jobs apple ceo and his three top executives jointly
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introduced new products. >> i am so incredibly proud of this company and all of the teams that work so hard. >> reporter: the new iphone 4s has a faster microprocessor, longer battery life and new camera. amazingly you can talk back and forth to it in simple english. you can hear and answer texts plus a multitude of other tasks. >> find me a great greek restaurant in palo alto. >> i found 14 greek restaurants, five of them are in palo alto. i sorted them by rating. >> reporter: apple is moving on with or without steve jobs. >> the real important thing is not to look at steve jobs as the creator of technology but as the creator of an organization. >> his values and culture is
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completely integrated into the culture here but they have a very strong team. i think that showed today. >> they communicated not only the vision, new products but the direction that they will continue to carry the company. >> reporter: the new iphone will be available in just 10 days. reporting live tom vacar, ktvu news. another bit of news from apple today the new iphone is coming to sprint stores. sprint has lost ground to at&t and verizon both of those carriers already cell iphones. but the iphone 4s will be the first one to be available through sprint. investors today had a tough response to the iphone. apple stock fell 5%. at the closing bell it came back. protesters are bringing their anti wall street message
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to san francisco today. tents lined the outside of city hall today. >> no matter how far we are, we're standing for the same cause, uniting as one to end corporate greed. >> reporter: participates say they want the government to bring criminal charges. one man says he plans to camp out until justice is served. the fbi says it is investigating a threat made by the hacker collective anonymous to bring down the new york stock exchange's website. this two minute 50 second video encourages hackers to target on monday. over some segments of the group say the threat is a hoax. stanford hospital says it will defends itself against a $20 million class action lawsuit filed over a breech of patient privacy. the names and medical records of 20,000 patients treated at stanford between march and august of 2009 were posted on a commercial website for nearly a
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year. that class action lawsuit seeks $1,000 per patient. officials say a contractor mishandled that data. the plan isn't popular but councilman de la fuente says there is no other option to avoid violence. >> we have to try every possible tool we can implement. and give chief bats and the police to do their job. >> hundreds of residents are expected to protest the plan. a strange case of vandalism, someone released 40,000 young salmon into the bay before they were ready. new at 6:00 tonight, ktvu's eric rasmussen explains. >> reporter: they've been raising the salmon all year as
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part of an educational program. but this morning they discovered someone had cut these zip tieing holding up the nets and now all of the salmon in these pens are gone. >> you see the size of the fish. >> reporter: these young salmon are now part of a smaller group of fish at the tiburon salmon -- someone cut the nets on two of three pens holding salmon. >> somebody took a knife and cut the nets, the fish swam out. >> reporter: half of them were being raised by students. greg gills had hoped to be part of ceremony at the end of october like this one in 2008 when students and volunteers released the salmon into the bay. but now that won't happen. >> the kids need to be given that pat in the back and credit for raising the fish. somebody has taken that all
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away from them. >> the marin county sheriff along with fish and game are investigating but officials say they don't know why they could be responsible and why they do it. the salmon that escape are mature enough to survive. >> we're out there helping, trying to help and people are just trying to stop us. all you can do is keep pushing forward. >> they call this area behind me the salmon highway but by not properly releasing these salmon as a school of fish. experts say it might be tougher for them to make their way out to the golden gate bridge like they're supposed to. the salmon institute and the san francisco tai foundation are trying to raise money for security cameras out here. we're live in tiburon, eric rasmussen. governor brown vetoed a bill to allow health care workers in california to unionize. giving them power to negotiate with the state over reimbursements, benefits. in his veto message the governor wrote that the huge challenge by the state because of them he was reluctant to
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a man who was with the president of the san jose hell's angels motorcycle club when he was killed in nevada is now free on bail. he was released on $150,000 bail today. police say he was with petigrew
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when he was killed at a casino. laguana was filmed firing into the crowd. an autopsy was conducted today on the body of aaron vasler. the mendocino sheriff's department announced sheriff's deputies shot and killed vasler. deputies believed he killed mendocino county land manager and former fort bragg city council member. the ramp at the lafayette station bypasses 26 stairs but the curve does not allow use of the parking lot. we are learning of millions
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of the dollars in overrun to renovate the fox theater. >> reporter: here at the fox theater in downtown oakland people are already lining up for tonight's concert featuring the smashing pumpkins. the city auditor found that oakland spend $39 million more than originated. >> the city's portion of the cost jumped from 13 -- >> that it would increase small
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and local business participation. what the audit found is it encouraged participation. >> they could have provided us with more detail. i think that that is maybe what we learned out of this. >> reporter: the fox theater was built in 1938. but the theater closed in 1966 and deteriorated. the renovation took five years and the fox reopened two years ago. abraham worked under harris and brown. >> it has been unused 30 years, had significant watt water damage. so the so called over costs were adjustments because the structure needed to be reenforced beyond the original estimate. >> reporter: the project
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director says the audit included many under estimates. two california men have become the state's first victims of the west nile virus this year. the california health department says a 37-year-old and an 86-year-old man have died in current county their names are not being released. people over the age of 50 are susceptible to the virus. last year there were 111 human cases of west nile virus and six people ended up dying. could a fungus unlock the potential of new energy? researchers in walnut creek say this fungus just might. scientists say when the fungus is put into extremely high temperature environments it helps decompose bio masses. and that process could
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potentially lead to the new bio mass fate fuel. welcome back, tracking the rain in the bay area right now. so far light to moderate showers in the north bay. these yellows representing really what appears to be heavier rainfall that is really occurring. the radar sometimes does that i mentioned that earlier. i did see moderate rain and low rain. this yellow typically representing heavy rain but that is not the case. it's actually getting better reflectivity from the national weather service. when it gets here you will know it. some where around midnight the winds are going to kick up. especially the higher elevations you could see gusts up to 45, 50 miles per hour. here comes the system. it's going to move quick. the jet stream's upper level jet is flying. so this thing is riding on the jet. it blows through here. you could see two inches of rain in the heaviest rainfall location of the north bay and
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santa cruz mountains. so far we're not expecting any flooding. what you will see is flooding. it'll be clear in most locations. this is a computer model. this is 10:00. right now we have ken wayne he's going to be up there in santa rosa, he'll be where the rain is going to come down. here we are 1:00 a.m., santa rosa is getting a bit of a break. the rain comes down fast and furious. starts to impact the central and southern bay. get into 3:00 a.m., now we're into santa clara valley. 2:00a.m., your commute in the morning is dry. there might be some branches down, that's what i'm concerned with mostly. maybe some power outages, because the winds will be strong in the upper elevations. a chance of thunderstorms about 4:00 in the afternoon. we have a winter storm in the
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tahoe area.we have . we have a little bit of a residual coming down. you will hear the wind, you will hear the rain. it'll come down fast and furious then it'll be gone. forecast highs tomorrow i think it'll be partly to mostly cloudy. we'll have your forecast with your weekend in view. come back at 10:00, we have kenney wayne sitting right in the center of this. we should have pretty good rain and wind. >> it's coming fast and in and out. >> that will avoid any hydroproblems. not only baseball coming to san rafael. the city council agreed to use albert park as the home for the new north american team playing a 45 game schedule starting next spring. supporters say probaseball will provide a boost to san rafael's economy. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 the latest on the
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mysterious disappearance of a south bay mother of three. relatives tell us why her absence is so unusual and what they're doing to find her. the hospital treating giant fan bryan stow gets a huge honor. why other hospitals are going to try to follow the trail that hospital is blazing. he is an ultimate fighting champion with bay area roots what he says he sees here in san jose that he can't find any where else.
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an ultimate fighting champion was honored today. javier mendez on the left and ufc heavyweight champion cain vasquez there in the middle. >> we represent the san jose well and we're going to keep doing that so thank you.
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>>velasquez is undefeated. three teams could be eliminated today. one definitely was earlier this afternoon. tampa they made quite a run down the stretch but they're gone. just like everything beltre hit today. no doubt about her early. rangers lead 2-0 and what a game for beltre. a three run homer, a three run lead here. and off mat moren relief and beltre his third homer of the game. rangers win it 4-3. beltre becoming just the seventh player to hit a home run in the postseason game. second year in a row, i bet tampa is sick of seeing texas. two years in a row they've beaten there. a little squirrely in st. louis. this is the biggest hit of the
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game. ben francisco off jaime garcia with a three run shot into the bullpen. phillies up 3-0. cardinals score a couple to make it a game 3-2. ryan perio grounding out to end it with a man on philly take it 3-2 with it a 2- 1 series lead game four tomorrow. it is looking bleak to say the least for an nba season in the near future, if at all. as the two sides just can't get it together. david stern said the league will cancel the remainder of the preseason and will cancel the next three weeks of the season unless an agreement is reached. that's the sporting life at this hour. >> that's a bummer. >> with no meetings scheduled. >> could be a month before they everyone meet again.
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