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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 6, 2011 4:46am-4:59am PDT

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we have more audio of a slurring michael jackson. >> that was jackson saying he cares about sick children and planned to build a children's hospital. the recording was done by dr. murray six weeks before he died. it shows jackson was inn core her ran and was -- coherent and should not have taken propofol. in community, apple fans are showing up at the country's biggest apple store in hang high. iphones and "i" pads are usually present in china. some people showed up saying they are sad jobs did not live long enough to see the future
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operations. in 1984, the mac to be was -- mcend to be was re-- mac inn to be was released. -- in 2007 they unveiled the ipad. and now 25 years ago he bought pixar from joe luck cass. the -- likes cuss. the -- disney bought pixar making jobs the company's largest shareholder. well the retail industry is predicting a slow and steady retail holiday season. they have 2.8% to more than a half billion dollars and that's
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smaller than the 5.2% increase last year, however it is still better in 2008 and 2009 when it dropped. it would have been better says this year's analysts if it were not for a weak job market. it has been cut 30% and a check from an emergency management reportedly put a strain on resources. they have had to borrow money to continue operations and without more, the food pantry may not have been able to feed as many people into the holiday season. they are forcing the state holiday department to vaccinate everybody on campus. so far several students caught the virus, while pumps does not kill anybody, it is highly
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contagious. >> we expect it to spread and in fact we are seeing more possible cases every day. >> also a lot of people don't know what it is. it has not been around for so long. >> doctors are concerned since all the infected students received the recommended two inoculations. the health dent is now -- health department is recommending a third dose. the crash that is now -- crash that is now raising some important safety concerns. what inspectors are saying about the washington monument about a careful examination.
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i ride muni every day. i enjoy it the most when i'm with sidney. she doesn't notice that it's too crowded or that it can run a half hour late. i'm bevan dufty, and i'm running for mayor because it's not enough to just "get it done"-- we have to get it done better. sidney thinks muni is magic. we go underground and come out someplace new-- just us. i want all of us to see it that way.
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. police a a man in his late 90s was heading home when he hit the gas instead of the break. he drove through the home, police say the driver was not seriously injured but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. cal train is expected to vote, the $231 million contract will bring a new operator which will have back up central control facility and subsystem and that will help cal train prevent derailments. in washington today for her husband's retirement ceremony. mark kelly will be at the white house and kelly piloted 39
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combat missions in 1996 and his final mission was on space shuttle endeavor. the blue angels will begin practicing over the bay area today. the event draws hundreds of thousands and some complain the blue angels are too noisy. sal, i liked watching them. >> yes, i liked them anyway. let's take a look at the commute, traffic is moving well as you approach the 80 split, also this morning's commute if you are driving on interstate 880 in oakland, look at 280 in
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san jose, it looks nice and empty for you. 445 let's go to steve. another round of showers starting to come down, another one coming up in chico. had some slower elevations and they are just coming down towards monterey bay and it is also moving in mendocino and northern sonoma county, by 2:00, we will be on the drier side and everything is pointing towards a mostly sunny and warmer weekend. the only thing i am worried about will be the valley folk and you can see everything is rotating in from the northwest. look at that, pebble and pg. our shrimp give us thunder showers and low snow levels for
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this time of year and once it rotates 40s on these temperatures, low 50s except for the city, oakland 53, here comes our system dropping down, this could be a big producer for severe weather and after that our fair weather friends on the way, some sun, a lot of clouds, definitely showers, cool temperatures and small hail, 60s on the temperatures. everyone will be around 64 and 65 degrees. friday we clear it out after a cold morning and it will be mostly sunny and warmer but then a rebound on monday pam. a coastal planning commission is expected to make history for planning sea levels to rise as a result of climate change. voting on an amendment that
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will require them to cope with sea level rise in their proposal. it is the first time they have considered policies taking into accounts the implications buildings that may be flooded in the future. they have been searching for cracks and using mall let's to test. coming up, the gunman responsible for shooting at away area rampage, he is still on the loose where police are focusing their search efforts and what the gunman's friends
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are asking him to do. >> several people were taken away in handcuffs, stay tuned, we will be right back.
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. shooting this morning why several residents were forced to evacuate. remembering steve jobs, how people are remembering the innovator today. . good morning it is thursday


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