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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 6, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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others. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. after a massive manhunt that lasted over 24 hours, it appears the suspected gunman at a cupertino quarry has been killed. the deadly encounter happened about 7:30 this morning on lauren way in sunnyvale near the border with cupertino. we have team coverage, tara moriarity is sun rio veil and she and a photographer were first on the scene when a suspect was killed. but we go now back to robert handa, who was there as the sheriff gave her press conference minutes ago. robert. >> reporter: we are here at the santa clara county sheriff's department and again, as we were talking during the live presentation of the press conference, the sheriff's department had planned to have a news conference, but the events this morning made it so that they could only go into some limited information and that leaves some questions answered and some issues unresolved at least for now. now again, the timetable for this was that shortly after
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7:30, about 7:41, they got the first reports that something was happening out there, that shots were fired. about five or six minutes later the police swarmed that area on lauren way, only a block way from homestead avenue, where most of the action in the search initially took place. now, because of the actions that took place, there will be an investigation involved with the officer-involved shooting aspect of this. but in terms of what happened, the sheriff talked about the fact that there was three deputies in two different units on routine patrol in the area, but aware that shareef allman was on the loose and they were the ones that spotted him, and even though the sheriff could not go into a lot of details, this is what she said she could talk about for now. >> the suspect was armed with a handgun. all three of our deputies that were present at the scene fired shots and the subject was pronounced dead at the scene.
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>> again, the officer-involved shooting of this is being investigated by the department of public safety and that means the sheriff's department has not been able to talk about certain aspects, including whether the suspect fired at the deputies and some of the -- and how he was able to escape the manhunt. tara marietta is in the area right now and she joins us with some reaction there. tara. >> reporter: thank you, robert. that's right, we're waiting for the coroner to arrive here p an investigation is underway obviously that will take quite some time to process this scene out here. look behind me, you can notice everything that's going on in the distance. this is the street where three sheriff's deputies shot and killed shareef allman. we were one street over on homestead where the suspected gunman was last seen when we heard gunfire around 7:30 this morning. [gunfire] >> holy [bleep]! >> we were three houses way when we heard about 8 shots fired and scrambled to see where it was coming from.
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dozen of law enforcement officers rushed to the scene just one block from the hp parking lot where he allegedly shot a woman as he tried to steal her car yesterday. this was the moment authorities had been waiting for. >> this is like three shots in a row. i wasn't even sure if it was gunshots, but it was three pop, pop, pop -- seven pops in a row. >> 27 hours after allman escaped, three sheriff's deputies shot him. newschopper 2 captured the images of his body lying under a tarp on the driveway off lauren way. >> they saw his arm up and the five quick shots, at that point i came outside and tried to -- police showed up very, very rapidly. >> earlier this morning we witnessed a man asking deputies to do a sweep to of his home nearby. he was evacuated yesterday in a rush and didn't feel safe going back. what just 15 minutes later, gunfire erupted, and this is the female deputy we saw him leave work shaking and wiping tears from her face as she left
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the shooting. the sheriff's office was not the one if she was the one for pulled the trigger. >> you know, this is probably the safest house in sunnyvale because the s.w.a.t. team written side, the police were outside. we were fully surrounded all the time. >> now, as you can imagine, folks here are relieved the gunman is no longer a threat. they're just hoping that things return to normal soon. tara moriarity, ktvu channel 2 news. this morning, ktvu news spoke with a longtime friend of shareef allman who was upset saying he must have snapped because he thought he was losing his job. and they said he even said something to her 20-year-old son brandon a few weeks ago. >> brandon is the one who told me that he said that they were racist at the place and were going to try to end his livelihood and that it wasn't going to go down that way, and that if they were going to end
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his livelihood, then he was going to end theirs. and we didn't know -- >> she said her son thought allman was just talking and never expected him to hurt anyone. she's been friend with allman for 25 years, and he was always a very lovable, likable person who did not drink or smoke and had many friends. a ployee wounded in the shooting talked to the san jose mercury news about what happened. he said allman thought everybody was after him because he's african-american. as a union representative, he says coworkers were worried about his safety record and took it to management. he says he told allman days ago that he would no longer represent him because "no one has ever had so many accidents in the company like you have." and during a meeting on monday, management asked workers to document safety issues related to allman. he says someone must have told allman about that meeting.
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we will continue our coverage on our website and post more video from last hour's news conference by the santa clara county sheriff. also there's more video from the photographer first on the scene of today's events. again, all this and more on our website, we're still on stormwatch across the bay area today. this morning a strong system swooped down from the northwest, bringing with it waves of rain. this is what it looked like in san francisco this morning. many parts of the bay area received a drenching. but there are also breaks with sunshine and blue skies. this is the east bay along highway 24 and 13, and also in downtown oakland. some people reported earlier hail and thunderstorms. a majority of the storm has moved out. here's a live picture of the golden gate bridge that may still be lingering showers and the afternoon will remain on the cool side. coming up, mark tamayo will
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tell us what to expect later today and heading into the weekend. news of the death of apple co-founder steve jobs continues to verb rate today for a man who changed not just silicon valley but in many ways created his own technological revolution. fans of jobs and his creations are still displaying their grief. call lien wong is in san francisco where a public display is growing. >> reporter: good afternoon. the outpouring for steve jobs continues and we've weave through the crowd here at the apple store in san francisco because you can see the post its and flowers growing outside this apple store. just one of the many places people have come to remember. this morning tony and his 10- year-old daughter and nine-year- old son brought flowers to add to the growing tribute outside apple headquarters to mark this day in history. >> what do i want them to remember? just this experience. this is huge.
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this is something that many years from now they can think back on the day when an amazing man named steve jobs passed away and they were actually here to be part of this. >> and even on this cold, wet day the people continued to come. many were local, and were simply drawn by the loss of a man who the president said changed the way each of us sees the world. >> i feel like when john lennon died. you get this emptiness in your gut. and i'm just sorry he died so young. can't believe it. >> the memorials are popping up are everywhere from his palo alto home to this palo alto store. but they are also worldwide. at apple in shanghai and tokyo. the remembrances are coming online, apple designating an e- mail address for those who want to send condolences. in many ways this is has become a day for ordinary people to remember this extraordinary man. so many innovations and yet his
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most powerful gift may be in how already some can't imagine life before steve jobs changed t. >> no, i can't. not really. >> back here in san francisco, the crowd still gathers, still remembering and still wondering what is next. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. here's a look at jobs' notable innovations throughout his lifetime. he founded apple in 1976, with steve wozniak. in 1984 the macintosh was released. by 2001 he returned to running apple and the first ipod went on say. in 2007, apple released the iphone and then last year apple unveiled its tablet computer, the ipad. steve jobs also leaves behind a legacy at another major bay area company, pixar. he bought the company from filmmaker george lucas 25 years ago. the company struggled at first
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financially, but then turned around in 1995 with the release of toy story. in 2006, walt disney bought pixar for $7.5 billion. jobs remained the company's largest shareholder. you'll find more coverage on the life and legacy of steve jobs on our website. just go to microsoft is apparently making another run at yahoo. reuters reports the search engine is preparing to open up its financial books for potential buyers. microsoft last tried to buy yahoo with a $47.5 billion offer in 2008. microsoft executives believe adding yahoo would decimate rival aol. but some analysts think the merger is a bad fitted and question whether microsoft can manage such a high-tech deal. president obama is making another pitch to republicans to get behind his jobs bill. he spoke from the white house today challenging republicans who don't support the bill to
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explain why not. and saying if congress failings to act, taxpayers may just run them out of town. he also endorsed a democratic proposal to pay for the program with a tax on millionaires. >> some see this as class warfare. i see it as a simple choice, we can either keep taxes exactly as they are for millionaires and billionaires with loopholes that leave them to have lower tax rates in some cases than plumbers and teachers, or we can put teacher and construction workers and veterans back on the job. >> the president says his $450 billion package of tax cuts and infrastructure spending will have guards against another downturn. republicans say it's an extension of his $825 billion stimulus program, only this time the plan relies on raising taxes, which they oppose. a controversy related to president obama means hank williams, jr. will no longer sing the famous words, are you readies for some football? on monday nights.
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>> are you ready for some football? ♪ >> espn and the country music star are partying ways. the network pulled the in tremendous for the game after williams went on fox news and used a hitler knoll gee in discussing president obama. he said i've made my decision, me, my song and all my rowdy friends are outs of here! ktvu cameras were there as police dave and a rude wake-up call to protestors in san francisco. ahead the reason future this scene. and meteorologist mark tamayo joins us to tell us if any more rain will be falling in your neighborhood this afternoon. and we sat down with a local district attorney this morning who hopes to ease fears about changes coming to local jails.
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a high speed car accident in san francisco sent two people to the hospital, one with life-threatening injuries. it happened just after midnight, while at woman was at a red light on the corner of fulton and stanyon streets. another car came speeding down the hill, lost control and slammed into the woman's car. the impact flipped the woman's suv and crumpled the man's car.
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both were treated at sf general. police say a fatal shooting led to a gas leak in oakland. a man was shot near 70th avenue, just after 10 p.m. officers say the victim drove his car a few blocks away where it crashed into a minivan parked in a driveway. the impact pushed the van into the building, causing structural damage and sparking a gas leak. the fire department says the leak was stopped and people in the area had no need to worry. the wounded man died from his injuries in the hospital. voters in oakland may get to decide if they want to set term limits on city councilmembers. the proposal would limit councilmembers to three terms of four years each. that would limit each councilmember to a maximum term of 12 years. supporters of the measure say it assures fresh perspective for the city. opponents say voters can use the ballot box to force councilmembers out of office.
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supporters need 40,000 signatures to get the proposal on the november 12th -- november 2012 ballot. police moved in last night and this morning on the occupy sf below tests in san francisco. this morning officers tore down wood pallets that would used for shelter and department of public works employees carted them off. last night officers ordered people to take down tents or they would be cited. most people complied. they gathered up their things and packed them into the trunks of their cars. laila shot this video, and says it shows people shoving one of the protestors. >> basically it just shows the cops using unnecessary force on one of our protestors out here. she clearly wasn't expecting it. clearly was on the side where they were telling us to move to. >> police did not comment on the video or the overnight operation. they did say they made one arrest for battery on a police officer. new york city police are being accused of using excessive force.
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police clashed with hundreds of demonstrators last night. 28 people were taken into custody, part of the group occupy wall street. protestors have been demonstrating against corporate greed and bank bailouts since september 17th. demonstrators say officers did not need to use pepper spray or nightsticks but the crowd grew and became unruly. republican presidential candidate herman cain says he has no sympathy for the protestors. he is telling them, don't blame wall street or big banks. he says if you don't have a job or you're not rich, blame yourself. cain is a self-made million hire was ceo of godfathers's pizza. there's a new program to shift the incarceration of low level offenders from prisons to jails. san francisco expects to take on an additional 600 in mace as a result of the program called
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realignment. they will be non-violents and non-sex offenders. the district attorney says they help to be innovative with how we deal with the criminals. >> we will be a lot more thoughtful about the way we determine who their released. and who should stay incarcerated. we're prepared to do a better risk assessment, to determine the people that can go back into the community, if they're going back into the community under what circumstances and the people that need to be continuing to be incarcerated until we work with them. >> governor brown came up with the shift as a way to help balance the state budget. the state will give some money to counties to deal with the additional inmates. the famous blue angels start practicing over the bay area today. weather permitting. they roared into town yesterday for a fleet week. practice starts at 1:00 and should continue until 5. again, if the clouds clear the air shows are scheduled for saturday and sunday. hundreds of thousands of fans
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are expected but critics say it's really just too noisy and wastes taxpayer money. the blue angels will be coming ting a few clouds out there and even possibly few raindrops. some clouds and also a few breaks in the clouds and once again we're calling it a mixed bag today. with a little bit of everything, from sunshine, clouds and also heavier downpours. right now in the maps latest on live storm-tracker 2, over the past hour i've noticed the coverage increasing as you can see it the latest pattern closer to the rainshowers developing around pacifica, also pushing back into the bay as we zoom in and some yellow cells just around san leandro and hayward, closing down that section and also just outside of oakland. there's that just to the west of lafayette. in terms of rainshowers, basically it's over the next few hours and then as we head into late this afternoon and into the evening hours, we'll scale back on the coverage and also the probability. current numbers out there, concord 62 degrees. santa rosa at 61.
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san jose 56, and fairfield around 64 degrees. forecast, headlines for today, decreasing showers, probably late this afternoon. but between now and then, the showers will be bumping up in coverage. tomorrow a chilly morning, it will be dry for friday. and the weekend mostly sunny skies, temperatures will be nice. of course woe have thunderstorms moving across the bay area this morning, probably woke you up. that activity is now shifting to the south and east though we still have this area of low pressure and with that clouds and sun, showers and temperatures the not a big change from yesterday but then here's the change beginning tomorrow, but especially by the weekend high pressure returns, and that will set up an offshore flow with it everybody warms up. we'll have patchy fog for the morning hours, but temperatures this weekend back up. quite a few neighborhoods back up into the 70s. here's our forecast model at 3:00. it is showing shower activity concentrated in the southern half of the bay area. but then by 6:00 this evening, not a lot that show you and this will set the stage in the beginning of our dry weather pattern as we take this into friday and also the warming
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trend as well. as far as temperatures and other day of cooler numbers out there. santa rosa 65. brentwood 68 degrees. san jose tops out in the upper 60s and half moon bay, 62. here's a look ahead. your weekend always in view, you'll notice temperatures begin to warm up by friday. more sunshine by the weekend and by sunday, monday warmest locations inland will be approaching the 80-degree mark. so this is a time of year we count on the sunshine, the warm temperatures. been sort of strange this week but more of a typical pattern into both saturday and sunday. >> all right. looks forward to that. thank you. sacramento international airport opened a brand-new terminal this morning. it's three times larger than the one it's replacing. this is new video of the ribbon- cutting ceremony that features the tram, more than a dozen new restaurants, and six million dollars worth of public art. the terminal costs $1 billion. it's being paid for by parking and airline ticket surcharges
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and airline fees and federal grants. just ahead, details on why stocks rupp today. and how low can they go? people who watch home interest rates say they have never seen anything like this.
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stocks are up an the central bank moved to support that regis lenders and target, macy's and other retailers reported sales that beat wall
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street's expectations. analysts say the higher sales suggest the u.s. economy it not falling into another recession. the dow is now up 103, nasdaq up 28, s&p is up 11. mortgages this week have fallen to their lowest rate on record. freddie mac says the average for a 30-year fixed dropped to 3.94%. that's down from 4.01 last week. rates have been below 5% for most of the past year, but that has done little to spur the sluggish house be marketed because many people can't qualify for eye loan. tonight at 5 the internet is flooded with tributes to steve jobs as we mourn the loss. we investigate the impact jobs is making even in death. and of course we'll continue to follow the situation with the likely suspect, gunman being shot and killed in cupertino, sunnyvale area. our next newscast is ktvu channel 2 news at 5. but our
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