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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 10, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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but we're entering extra inning. and ron washington hoz to answer questions about not pimple running for adrian beltre after starting the ninth after the double. one ball, one strike. >> terry: now you are getting into a situation where the winner and the loser of the game important but you have closers throwing two innings. >> joe: here is a 1-1. high for ball two. now this goes back to what we talked about at the beginning of the game, four days straight of games weather permitting. now you are extending neftali feliz. >> terry: and vavlerde. >> joe: 2-2. the reason the pinch runner comes up is because of the fly ball hit to left.
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you saw what i saw, raburn didn't get behind the ball. >> terry: and he throws very well, but he did not get behind the ball. not in the dugout, you don't know. i have to believe craig gentry had a chance to score on that ball. 2-2 pitch. >> joe: to raburn. who has homered. inside a full count. for ryan, those are the only rbis of the day. for detroit. that was against the starter holland, made it 3-2, which it was until the bottom of the seventh. each side missed chances here lately. the 3-2 pitch. ball four. lead-off walk. that pitch was close. >> terry: that is 99
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switches off the plate. >> joe: raburn was at the mercy of the home plate umpire and got ball four. >> terry: he wasn't going to hit it anyway. good move. >> joe: now peralta. got avila on deck and then dirks. gene lamont, the third base coach went down to talk to peralta. we'll see what they do. do they bunt the runner up? no. >> terry: jhonny peralta is such a good fastball hitter. you have a guy on deck that hasn't been getting a ton of hits and a guy that hasn't even been playing so they'll let jhonny swing. >> joe: the go-ahead run at first with nobody out.
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>> joe: 99 running away from peralta. strike one. >> terry: feliz does such a good job holding runners. the only way to put them in motion is a hit-and-run. they can't put a straight steal. >> joe: that becomes so iffy with the swings and misses against feliz. >> terry: that is part of the package. >> joe: game number 169 of the season and gene lamont has to come down and talk to peralta with the sign. >> terry: i think that's because they don't hit-and-run very much in the situation. they have to try to move this runner. >> joe: now he shows bunt. takes a ball. >> terry: they've never asked him to bunt. that is why. this is not an easy guy to
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turn around and show him your chest. this could easily go from a bunt to hit-and-run. >> joe: now count in the favor of peralta 2-1. the bunt checks up. and it's perfect. out at first. down to second. the go ahead run. good work by peralta. feliz will deal with avila and dirks. >> terry: boy, they don't ask him to bunt very often and then he lays down a blue print. >> joe: so now it's alex avila who came in 1-20. this post season, end of the game, he has been a battleer behind home plate all year. he has a hit today. two out of 24 of the post
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season. 0 .83 average and one rbi -- rbi -- .083 average and one rbi. strike one. >> joe: after what these two teams have done with runners in scoring position. fly ball to left centerfield. murphy over to catch it. wandering too far is the runner and just back in time is raburn. he thought the ball was in the gap and murphy almost doubled him off the bag. >> terry: he did a great job to close ground like that.
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>> joe: he went as far as he could and just got back. and now dirks, who is 0-1 this post season, that came in the ninth when he flied out. going to have to crank it up another notch. 101. >> terry: are you sure that's not kilometers? >> joe: i mean that ball is exploding. >> terry: it's unbelievable. >> joe: the opposite way and they make the play to end the inning. still tied in the bottom of the tenth. 3-3 in arlington.
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the world's most advanced driving simulator. you engineer amazing. ♪ >> joe: coming up next on fox, except on the west coast "terra nova" and "house. " with the top of the order coming up, vavlerde is back to the mound. ian kinsler who hit 32 home runs in the regular season. one this post season. faces vavlerde. over the outside corner at 92. strike one. we talked about deception with the delivery and vavlerde has that.
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he has a unique approach. >> terry: that's a way of saying it. >> joe: one ball, one strike. >> joe: ball two. >> terry: on the road, extra innings, you are always one away from going home. that is pretty profound. >> joe: award winning. see you at the emmys. >> terry: stay with me while i give you some knowledge. >> joe: two balls and a strike.
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>> joe: good pitch. 2-2. the difference between the two sides and i know we keep going back to this, but avenue this as battle between feliz and vavlerde, the rangers still have bullets down there with adams and uehara. still 2-2. >> terry: it seems like there is a little hesitation to use uehara because of some of the solo homers he gave up in september. i think there are some questions about how many games adams can pitch back-to-back-to-back. so there are some things that ron washington has to think about right now. >> joe: a lot of facilitated by the move to take ogando out after the two-out hit in the
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ninth. two balls, two strikes. >> joe: in to center. right at jackson. one out. the best play of tonight's game brought to you by the audi a-8.
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true greatness should never go unrecognized. here is the inability to score on the fly ball to the left. that was followed by moreland hitting in to a 3-2-3 on the tag double play. that kept it tied. after the rangers in the ninth had the bases loaded nobody out and vavlerde got out of it. >> terry: you could see cabrera when he caught the ball, thought about stepping on first. ended up being a great decision. >> joe: showing bunt, taking a strike. elvis andrus who is 1-2 with a pair of walks. remember he made the catch on that flair with bases loaded. ball hit by victor martinez in the ninth to end the threat.
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strike two. >> terry: i know your fox tracker doesn't like that pitch. but it's still a well-thrown ball in a good location. >> joe: nothing-2, the count. >> joe: cabrera to ris right. now to the bag. two out. top of the first inning in milwaukee with the cardinals down one game to nothing. albert pujols has hit a two-run home run. with st. louis on top.
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the series goes to bush stadiun in the week. >> terry: he commits this thing with albert pujols pretty soon. >> joe: absolutely. free agent to be. now josh hamilton two out, nobody on. more than capable of ending game two with one swing. instead he grounds to santiag santiago. we go in to inning number 11. good work by vavlerde. we're still tied. 3-3 in texas. ♪ walking my own w ♪ it's just how i want to do it ♪ ♪ changing of my mind ♪ it's just how we're gonna do it ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] turn your world upside down with gillette fusion proglide
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>> joe: game two is turning in to -- well, you don't want to say "a classic." maybe that is overstating it. but this has been a heck of a game. we've seen great relief work. now mike adams one of the big weapons that daniels picked up from the trading deadline from san diego takes over. he has closer type stuff. he has great stuff. >> terry: we talked about this before the first game. we both said the pitching on both sides may overwhelm some of the good hitters. that is what we're seeing. >> joe: austin jackson is first up. top of the order for detroit. that means jackson, santiago, kelly. strike one. anybody gets on, miguel cabrera. >> terry: the one weakness in adams' game he doesn't hold runners very well. >> joe: ryan perry who worked in game one is getting loose.
5:19 pm
both closer vavlerde and feliz are going to be finished, being replaced by adams and perry getting ready to take over for vavlerde who made it interesting but did a terrific job to keep it tied. 1-1. >> joe: jackson hitless on the day. he takes down and away. fastball missed. 2-1. >> joe: we have seen such great pitching out of the game
5:20 pm
out of the bullpen, how would you like to be the guy to come in and not carry it on. feldman set that tone for texas. on the inside corner. 2-2. >> terry: everything he throws has tremendous movement. whether it's in or out. nothing is straight. >> joe: he went. one away. >> joe: he went two far, that number one. now the switch-hitting second
5:21 pm
baseman santiago steps in. so you know in the bottom of the 11th it will be the four, five, six hitters for texas. strike one. this long game will have a ripple effect the rest of the week. with the bullpens with games coming up tomorrow night. and wednesday and thursday afternoons. >> joe: foul. strike two. >> terry: maybe that is the way it should be. when you get through a seven-game series, you use everybody on your pitching staff and use the bench players. you can really find out who does have a better team. sometimes you go through a series and you get good solid
5:22 pm
pitching and you skip some of the guys in the middle of your bullpen. >> joe: ball one. rangers added a reliever. yoshinori tateyama, for this round. >> terry: again, he is more of a situationm right-hander, to throw from down under. it is hard to run him out there for any length. >> joe: uehara and darren oliver left for the rangers in their pen. just outside. 2-2.
5:23 pm
>> joe: two out. >> terry: look at the movement on this pitch. he has thrown from the first base side of the rubber. to such an extreme, that ball probably looks like he's a foot off the plate. >> joe: just flailing at it is santiago for out number two. now don kelly who homered in game five the division series in his double set up a great chance in the ninth. hit it against gonzalez, a lefty. this guy has had a bounce-around career but he is valuable for jim leyland who can literally play him everywhere.
5:24 pm
he's played all nine position in the big league. >> terry: every manager wants to have that luxury. >> joe: 25-man roster. he counts for about two. strike one. >> terry: with the movement of his fastball and where he is positioned on the rubber, it just makes it so difficult for the left-hand hitter to reach that ball away. >> joe: the inspiration to get don kelly, we showed you in the on-deck circle. miguel cabrera. with a count 1-1.
5:25 pm
ball two. >> joe: we are over four hours in to this game two. >> joe: 2-2.
5:26 pm
>> joe: well, he's had some good swings. certainly did on the double against the lefty. and he did against ivan nova thursday night in the bronx. >> terry: anytime you prolong at-bats, even if you make an out, maybe you cut in his next inning of work. >> joe: ball three. >> terry: there is just so
5:27 pm
much deception with that pitch because of where he is located on the rubber. that ball is a good seven, eight inches off the plate. >> joe: back up the middle. and kelly has got another hit. that keeps the 11th inning alive for miguel cabrera. in a terrific seven-pitch at-bat from don kelly. >> terry: living away, away, then he gets one over the middle. to hit it back up the middle. >> joe: so close to a strike-out on the previous pitch. >> terry: this is going be so interesting rite now. right now. they'll go talk about this.
5:28 pm
kelly can run if he wants to. adams doesn't hold runners but look who is hitting. you don't want to take the ballot out of his hands. >> joe: you say that because if he steals second, you have first pitch open and there is no reason to pitch to cabrera. >> terry: exactly. >> joe: they already walked cabrera once. got away with it by getting victor martinez to pop up with the bases loaded in the ninth. but that is not even on the table right now with the runner at first. digging in, is the league's top hitter. >> joe: strike one on the inside corner.
5:29 pm
how about those numbers for cabrera against the mike on the mound, adams? >> i think he has those numbers against quite a few guys. >> joe: don't think adams doesn't know the numbers are there. 4 for 4. now adams steps off. >> terry: if they stay ahead in the count to cabrera, there is more likely they will let kelly steal. >> joe: one ball, one strike.
5:30 pm
>> joe: strike two. >> terry: the glove. wouldn't be surprised at all if now they let him go. they got to the point they won't walk him, so take advantage of adams being so close to the plate. >> joe: don kelly take take -- see if kelly takes off. >> joe: 2-2. there are some managers who
5:31 pm
don't like to put movement on behind a pitcher when a guy like miguel cabrera is hitting. >> terry: and jim leyland may very well be that. he knows his hitter better than anybody. >> joe: leave him alone -- >> terry: let him hit it as far as he can. >> joe: there he goes. a flyball in to right cente centerfield. that is hamilton. they'll hold it. >> terry: may not have held that in a day game. >> joe: but now we're in to night. over four hours in, game number two, the bats coming up. tied at three.
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>> joe: it's gone from scherzer to coke, to benoit, to vavlerde. now ryan perry. and coming up next on fox except on the west coast, we will take you right to "terra nova" and then "house." we're cutting in the primetime line-up, just after 8:30 in the east. here is ryan perry. >> terry: and you used to complain about the yankees-red sox. >> joe: yep. hey, we never complained. it was such good baseball. typically in this game, terry, this is anything -- forget a baseball fan. any casual sports fan would love. michael young. strike one. >> terry: you know, there is exciting baseball and it's well-played it doesn't matter what the length is. >> joe: vavlerde went two. one hit, one walk, it was
5:35 pm
intentional. hit a batter and get out of bases loaded, nobody out situation in the ninth. the 0-1. >> terry: it doesn't hurt to have exciting announcers to listen to. >> joe: don't hurt yourself patting yourself on the back. don't pull a shoulder. >> terry: this is my eighth release after this game of my career. >> joe: michael young is trying to avoid his fourth consecutive hitless game. what was described as a professional hitter because he was so good with a bat in his hand. went up to spoil it 0- 2. >> terry: look how hard he is trying to hit that ball to right field. he is trying desperately to keep the weight back and shove that ball to right field. >> joe: how about that? just one career walkoff home run.
5:36 pm
good pitch from perry as young was able to lay off. about 15 home games, the texas rangers have never had. a walkoff win in the post season. base hit. near the line. young has his first hit of the alcs. >> terry: jim leyland is playing for no doubles. a lot of managers do that. if he is straight up, that ground ball 5-3. >> joe: now beltre who has a pair of doubles in this game. he led off that ninth inning with a double off the wall in left center. a big holt on the right-side.
5:37 pm
tigers not looking for a bunt at all. the pitch is inside. ball one. we have not seen nelson cruz have to hit again since getting hit on the wrist. he could come up in this 11th. 2-0. napoli on deck. then cruz. >> terry: let me tell you, this could be a big swing. >> joe: perry behind on the count. as opposed to michael young, here is a guy who knows how to
5:38 pm
end the game in thrilling fashion. there is your big swing. strike one. >> terry: almost hit him. >> joe: in to center. played on a bounce. the first two are on for the rangers in the 11th. [ applause ] >> joe: third hit of this game for adrian beltre.
5:39 pm
>> joe: napoli coming up, two on, nobody out. alburquerque is the right-han right-hander. daniel schlereth is a lefty. if you are just joining us, here is a summary. there hasn't been a lot of scoring but there has been plenty of action. raburn, a three-run home run to give the tigers a lead in the third. nelson cruz tied it with a home run in the seventh there are the numbers in the bullpen. the game just rolls on. now another good scoring chance for the home team. >> terry: good pitching. alburquerque on the bullpen, he strikes everybody out but he can also walk people there is a fine line. >> joe: his killer slider has not been as good in this post season as it was during the regular season. so he is out there. ryan perry on the mound.
5:40 pm
napoli. ball one. >> terry: everybody in the ballpark knows what is going on here. napoli is not thinking about bunting. he wants to hit this as far as he can. >> joe: strike one. napoli hit two home runs. the last game of the season against the angels, which gave in essence the rangers homefield advantage in this series after the tigers focked off the new york yankees. it also took napoli to 30 home runs on the year. >> terry: the 1-0 pitch napoli wasn't happy about. it changes the whole sequence.
5:41 pm
that is ball three. 3-0. you can see why napoli is saying something. it changes the whole at-bat around. >> joe: instead it's 2-1. >> joe: a good pitch in off the hands of napoli. 2-2. >> terry: then he comes in on him with moven't. that is a great pitch. it ties him up. if you let napoli extend those arms so often the ball ends up where it's not supposed to. >> joe: now his walkoff history. the last time he did it, two on, nobody out. 2-2, the count. still 2-2.
5:42 pm
back-to-back hits by young and beltre. >> joe: just inside. for ball three. >> terry: everybody is looking for signs right now, but i don't think with nobody out they send him. >> joe: they stay put. napoli in right centerfield. that ball is down for a base hit. [ applause ] it will load the bases, as
5:43 pm
dirks could not come up with it. [ cheering ] >> terry: they might have glanced at each other for just a second. >> joe: it is ruled a hit but dirks missed it. >> terry: it hits jackson's leg or this game is over. >> joe: michael young goes second to third. and now it's nelson cruz. he has homered in this game. gets a big rip. and i guess the wrist is okay. >> terry: they're in the same exact situation they were a couple of innings ago. infield is in. outfield is in.
5:44 pm
>> joe: instead of vavlerde on the mound it's ryan perry. >> terry: that's a good point. >> joe: hammered down the line but called foul. >> joe: the count may be 0-2, but nelson cruz is getting more and more locked in. game one and tied game two off scherzer. then in the ninth, he got hit. to load the bases. caught the wrist and then the chest. >> terry: the last ball he hit, we could pick it up on the way home. it was crushed.
5:45 pm
>> joe: the count 0-2. >> joe: he wouldn't chase. rangers attempts to win their fourth straight. one run post season game. >> joe: in the air to left. down the line. this ball ends it!
5:46 pm
[ cheers & applause ]
5:47 pm
>> joe: this is how you avoid a one-run win. nelson cruz makes it 7-3. rangers win in game two. up two games to none. >> terry: making ron washington look prophetic. >> joe: he said nelson cruz had the ability to carry the team. he would carry them to detroit, up two games to nothing. he tied it in the seventh and won it in the 11th. >> terry: that is a new one. >> joe: john daniels the general manager, hugging and
5:48 pm
high-five, the team president nolan ryan. he enjoyed seeing that one sail out of here. >> joe: the first grabbed slam in post season history and it belongs to man next to ken rosenthal. nelson cruz. kentuck >> ken: you never looked better. tell me about your hand as well. >> player: my hand is good. i am excited, we were the whole game and bullpen did a really good job. my team never gives up.
5:49 pm
after that it was like slow down and you will see the fly ball to the gap, you know? i guess when you try that, it goes out. >> ken: congratulations. back to you. >> joe: four hour, 25 minute game. the fans packe packed in to rans ballpark in arlington. in their 18 season of this being the rangers home will walk out of here having witnessed a game they won't forget. terry, we won't forget the job you did in game one and two. honor and a pleasure. >> terry: thank you. can i go with you? >> joe: sure. always welcome. great job. adams, the winner. the loser, perry. coming up next immediately fox except on the west coast "terra nova" followed by a new episode of "house." join us tomorrow night from the motor city for game three. they will be re-e revved up in detroit. coverage at 7:30 eastern, 4:30
5:50 pm
pacific on fox. promotionm consideration paid for by the following -- >> joe: for more information on tonight's game, the latest in major league baseball news, log on to powered by msn. the world's favorite sports site. for terry francona and the rest of our crew, joe buck. so long from arlington, texas. you've been watching fox sports. home to the alcs and the world series. until tomorrow night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc
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coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. you can add oakland to the list of cities and across the country joining the "occupy wall street" protests. that is our top story tonight. i am ken wayne. frank somerville is off. >> i am gasia mikaelian. following game 2 of the american league championship searies. a protest in oakland part of the "occupy wall street" effort in the bay area. ktvu's tom vacar is live with the one thing they need to keep the movement from fizzling out. >> reporter: if they need one thing, it's people and they got that. look around. there are at least 500 to 700 people here. more people are coming whether the time. this started at 4:00 and the crowd has gathered. it is part of a movement that is taking route in city after city after city. >> reporter: in san francisco they have been at it three
5:54 pm
weeks and now it's 24/7. i am willing to stay as long as it takes. >> reporter: one of the quickest things that will kill a protest is bad weather. that doesn't apply here. >> we are not lazy, stupid. we are trying to get jobs and we can't get jobs. >> reporter: what they want is a chance to hold on to their own versions of the american dream. >> i feel we need a new economic system. the current system is failing the majority of the people and that's why i am here. >> this has become a problem. it effected my generation. i am a layed off school teacher. >> reporter: dean of university of california, berkeley school of public policy. >> lot of people are angry. on the left it's leading to the "occupy wall street."
5:55 pm
>> reporter: the protesters want the rich to pay their fair share. >> i appreciate what is going on and i like to help get to the bottom of people's concerns. >> reporter: but the protesters need a political plan of action. or face a fizzle out. >> they got to get a program. have something more than a critique and a concern about the economy. >> reporter: what they are doing right now is organizing rules and regulation monopolies tents are being pitched. they are here for the long-term and the idea is, as this grows. at 6:00 we will talk about the plans people are talking about that could spell big trouble. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. many of the protesters vowed to keep the pressure up on congress. many demonstrators are angry about the high unemployment
5:56 pm
rate. it comes on the eve of a debate on the job creation package. rain falling out there right now. scattered showers throughout the bay area. berkeley today, the rain coming down, 13/100 of an inch in berkeley. uc berkeley campus. messy wet day. san francisco as well. the roads, the umbrellas are out and the afternoon commute is going okay. right now i have light scattered showers. things are moving through. scattered showers here now. they are in the forecast again for tomorrow. we will talk about that and we will look that five-day forecast with your weekend in view. >> thank you. in 90 seconds --
5:57 pm
>> sitting here drinking coffee with a gun at his side. the new california law that takes on. come try the cheese inspired dishes on our $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu. only at denny's.
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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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good evening. i am ken wayne. frank somerville is off. >> and i am julie haener. a dreary day. clouds and rain showers covered the bay area. this was the scene on california street in san francisco. people huddles under umbrellas. chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now with a look that conditions. >> live traffic camera. it does not look bad along 80. traffic on the bay bridge is slow. what you see on the roadway, the wet glaze. quarter of an inch in the heaviest locations but it put wet on the roads and that is slowing down the commute on the 17 as well, we come in close. we don't have much going on right now. back it out. see the live radar sweep. there is a lot of rain falling out underneath the radar. shows


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