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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 11, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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it started in new york nearly a month now. now the occupied demonstrations have come to oakland. the message the group camped out here wants to send out and how long they plan to be here. we're live in cupertino where workers are returning to the quarry one week after the deadly shooting. we'll tell you why some won't return this week. a fatal overnight accident involving bay area mass transit. we'll tell you if it is affecting your morning commute. a mom's outbreak on a bay area college campus. a bald situation that is now getting worse. mornings on 2 starts now.
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good morning everyone, welcome to mornings on 2. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm claudine wong. it is tuesday, october 11. tori and dave have the day off. we start at 7:00 a.m. with the occupied movement that spread to another bay area. occupied oakland is now in its second day and activists are not leaving until police forces them out. we are live with how they are responding. >> reporter: police and city leaders would not kick these protesters out of oakland city plaza last night and they didn't. when we got here this morning at 5:00 a.m., there were a number of people, 75 to 100 tents spread out here at frank ogawa plaza. this group calls its occupy oakland. they are here even though camping is technically a violation of the city code, camping in city hall is. the group said it was important for them to be out here to get their message across. since we have been here this
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morning, people in the group represent a variety of causes from teachers who say they are tired to cuts in public education to what, retirees, to people who recently lost their home to foreclosure. they say that they are upset about the economy. now, all this was formed and inspired by the occupied wall street protest that started in new york nearly a month ago. >> it has been going on since new york, you know, kind of carried it like a little toll all over the united states and now we are glad to welcome it. >> and it all boils down to the same thing, social justice, the proper distribution of wealth. >> reporter: occupy oakland demonstrations started at 4:00 yesterday and that's when a group of 500 to 600 people gathered for a rally in front of oakland city hall. now, i talked with an oakland police lieutenant early this morning, saying there were extra police out here during that demonstration yesterday, but there were no arrests and no problems. so the extra contingent of the officers left before 11:00, but he says that later this morning
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that there may be another, well, group of officers that you come out here to assess the situation in and to see all the tents out here, to make sure that everything is kept peaceful and legal. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, thank you. time now is 7:02 and president obama heads to pittsburgh, pennsylvania today to press his package of the $447 billion jobs plan. coming up at 7:15, we're going to have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom with the advice that the president is getting from corporate executives today on how to simulate job growth. an accused serial killer is set to appear in the county courtroom this morning. he was acting as his own attorney. a judge will get an update on the preparations for his preliminary hearing which is now set for january 10. he was charged with killing four northern california women between 1977 and 1994. he has pleaded not guilty. the santa cruz county sheriff investigators are investigating the death of a
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woman found under the train trestle. they spotted the body yesterday afternoon while cleaning a creek bed. deputies say items found near her body lead them to believe that she was homeless. they say the unidentified woman in her 40s may have fallen from the bridge. it has been nearly a week since shareef allman opened fire. three dead, seven injured. we've got a live look now at the quarry with more on how employees are coping with this tragedy. tara? >> reporter: well slowly this quarry is getting back up to speed, but for many of these wounds, they are still so fresh. we were here last week when the quarry shootings happened. we had a chance to talk to workers that morning. they were shaking their heads in disbelief saying this is a great place to work, they get paid very well. they really enjoy each others companies, they are very tight. many of them did not see this coming. now they really need to rely on each other to get through this. the widow of one victim is actually worried about her future. she's receiving treatment for a
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brain tumor and worried that her insurance will be cut off and that without her husband's income, she could lose her house. now, we have seen quarry trucks coming in and out all morning. this has got to be a tough time for lehigh workers. yesterday the plant did reopen, but this is the first day back for many. they did meet briefly last week with the company executives for many of the first times they have seen each other since the deadly shooting. by now, many receive grief counseling. and the details of that day are haunting. mike was one of those shot who played dead tornado to survive, recounting the day that the 49- year-old co-worker shareef allman opened fire in a trailer killing three and injuring six men. he said that allman was upset over scrutiny on his performance record and believed the criticism was racially motivated. now most of the workers will not be here this week because they will be attending the funerals for the three that lost their life. the company expects to be fully
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operational by the end of the week. we'll tell you what workers say about working for lehigh, a company that makes cement and they are very proud of what the cement has built. >> all right, thank you, tara. time now is 7:05, they are considering outsourcing their police department to the san mateo county sheriff's office. the city council is expected to vote on the plan tonight. officials say that they would save about $400,000 a year throughout sourcing, but that it would result in fewer street patrols. and if the city does not outsource their police department, they would need to hire more officers and a full- time police chief. that would add about a $410,000 to the budget. well, the elementary school parents in oakland are invited to a community meeting tonight to discuss the school's possible closure. four other elementary schools had been recommended for closures. and they are lakeview, marshall, maxwell park and santa fe. tonight, the meeting starts at 6:00 on the campus. they are all expected to make a final decision about the school closures at the end of the
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month. and the giant diamond company has just opened a venture capital office in silicone valley. and the south african company that was the world's largest supplier of diamond is expanding their interest. they hope to find and fund start ups that could develop new apply cases for the company's manmade diamonds. manmade industrial diamonds are used in health care and clean tech. this morning, light rail trains are back up and running in the south bay after a deadly late night collision that happened just before midnight in the area of north first street and east trimble road. the train stuck and killed a man not identified yet. he was crossing the train tracks when he was hit. no other injuries have been reported. >> we did have 10 passengers on the train at the time of the accident and there's no report of any injury on their end. we were able to get them off the train and transport them to their destination safely. >> the accident is still under
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investigation. train service had been shut down overnight for about five hours while police collected evidence. all right, it's 7:07 and of course, watching traffic for you, starting across the country right now. >> good morning right now. traffic is busier. this is the heart of the commute and we're going to start on highway 4 westbound. if you are driving on highway 4, you have stop-and-go traffic all the way to pittsburgh and then more slow traffic as you make your way to bay point. we've got some slowing there as you drive over here. and 680 itself to pleasant hill is slowing down there. if you are on 80 westbound, eastbound and westbound, slow in richmond. now, mostly westbound, but we have a little bit of the back up here, which is unclear why. and we will look at the road sensors or the accident lists to have a lot going on when it comes to accidents in that area. and now, let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza that you could see that traffic is moderately heavy here. and like a normal day, getting into san francisco. and the morning commute on san
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jose, northbound 280 is the busiest. it is stop and go right through downtown, all the way up through this expressway. 85 northbound before the express way here. a two-car accident is blocking the second lane from the left. the ambulance on the way. we will be finding out more about that. 7:08, let's go to steve. >> thank you kindly, sal. and now we do have some really humid air over us. and well, take a look at that shot. that's an award winner. thank you very much. very nice. we do have low cloud decks, some drizzle out there that will be burning off today. the higher cloud deck that presented it yesterday has moved off. allowing the sun to burn off the cloud deck and it will also be a muggy day, even though that we have mostly sunny weather later, we start off with a lot of low clouds, fog, drizzle, a lot of that drizzle is not showing up. some of the rain totals were very impressive especially out here where one to two inches fell. now, lake county, the .1
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inches. around here, .87. .60 around here. and oakland downtown, mill valley, .20. that was about .10 of .20. san francisco is at .16. and about .07 towards concord and livermore. a lot of 70s and warmer weather is on the way. we'll carry it more into tomorrow. we'll have patchy fog if that. temperatures today are coming up just a little bit. i mean, we're sitting in the 60s already. so it would not take much. now tomorrow, even warmer. we'll be going 75 tomorrow in san francisco and today's 68 and low 80s for san jose, concord and also for santa rosa as you could see why. 63 with the cloud cover. i mean, you know, the humidity factor will continue to be oh so high. now, we will need a little northerly breeze to wipe it out. maybe later coming in. i don't see it yet. there had are some gusts about 25 in the higher elevations. 25 to 30 miles per hour. but so far not at the surface, but the high pressure is on the way, allowing everything to
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stay to the north. after today, clearing, much sooner. we'll have a little northerly breeze, which should take care most of the fog he says and it will be warmer with the 70s and the 80s. today, clouds in the morning, fog, lots of drizzle. mild, then sunshine later on this afternoon. so 60s and 70s. 75 out here. and to napa, 75. walnut creek at 76. not much of a difference here. you know, even oakland at 72, hayward at 72. we'll go 76 san jose. now, upper 70s, going a little warmer towards morgan hill and gilroy. a lot of mid-60s down towards santa cruz. mostly sunny and warm on wednesday, thursday, friday, with your weekend always in view, it'll be a little cooler though. >> all right, looks good, thank you, steve. a warning for people near stanford, why pg&e say they should not be alarmed if they smell natural gas in the area. and the republican presidential candidate, rick perry goes on the attack, why some are calling him the candidate with the most at stake in this next debate. and you have to take a look at this video, a man on a bike
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you don't just engineer breakthroughs in simulation technology, you engineer amazing. ♪ so there you go, it will be here, but we have a lot of clouds in the morning, maybe a little drizzle, but later on in the afternoon, mostly sunny and it will be warm. very humid though. 60s and the mid-70s. well, take a look at the rain here, they had a lot of rain down in mexico. it is now a category 3 after hitting puerta vallerta yesterday. as the wind gets up to 115 miles an hour, it's moving north northeast at about 6. and the storm has closed down some
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anticipation of very large winds. the time now is 7:14. the united mission of afghanistan has uncovered a widespread pattern of torture of suspected enemy fighters in afghan jails. the torture was carried out at the initiatives of the individual jailers and not based on afghan government policies. and the report represents a setback to the u.s. leading efforts to bring afghanistan's criminal justice system up to international standards. military forces in somalia say that they have been able to retake areas of the capital city that had been under control of the islamic extremists connected to al qaeda. last week, the terror group claimed responsibility for the suicide truck bombing in that capital that left dozens dead. a group of corporate leaders advising president obama is releasing its plan to create more jobs in the united states today. the executives from bay area companies facebook and intel are a part of this group. ktvu allison burns is live this morning in our washington, d.c. newsroom with what the panel is
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now recommending. allison? >> reporter: the group will be meeting with president obama today in pittsburgh as they release their 52-page report on how to create more jobs in the united states. now, these recommendations include boosting foreign investments in u.s. companies, more spending on infrastructure improvements, streamlining the federal regulations, and speeding visas and immigration opportunities for highly skilled workers. now, president obama just left joint base andrews for pittsburgh in the last few minutes. he's also using the trip to increase pressure on congress to pass his $450 billion jobs bill that includes a new tax on millionaires. and the u.s. senate votes today and one of the president's top aide is making the rounds on morning tv saying there is no reason not to pass it. and the president's plan ising something that would help the economy. right now, help the middle class. and so you know, we are going to put as much pressure as we could today on the senators to both vote for this.
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>> yes, the republicans, they are unanimously opposed to this. and right now, president obama's job bill appears doomed. reporting live, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. and the republican presidential candidates are gathering here in new hampshire for a debate tonight. and that debate is suppose to focus on the economic issues, but the candidates, they are targeting front runner mitt romney on what is the massachusetts' former governor's home turf. and that is after he was criticized as performing poorly in the last two debates. now, reportedly perry has been rehearsing for tonight. he has been using a stand-in for mitt romney. now, heading into tonight's debate, the latest gallup poll shows herman cain with 18% support rising into second race behind mitt romney with 20%.
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and perry has seen his poll numbers just trickle down within the past few weeks. pg&e testing is scheduled to resume near stanford university. that work is a part of high pressure water testing online -- testing on a line 132 to san francisco. state regulators ordered them to test the line after the explosion in san bruno last year that killed eight people. it's determined hardly anyone exercises there and that men's health magazine recently named lexington, kentucky the laziest city in the country. they found a perfect way to respond. they held a lady parade. many people held a parade route in a motorized couch. others wore masks. and they have been recently making light of lexington's embarrassing title. well, a mountain biker and a runaway antelope are the
7:19 am
newest youtube sensation. that's the mountain biker getting hit by a large antelope here in south africa. and there is another look at the slow motion. their teammate was riding right behind him, capturing the entire incident with a camera melted on the camera. he ended up in the hospital and said to be okay. and now, there is video that has already received 1.7 million youtube hits. >> and they sewed his helmet afterwards, it's just a mess. good thing he was aware of it. >> yeah, a great tackle by the analyst. and i'm glad he's okay. time now is 7:19. could the raiders be moving back to l.a.? and the talks for al davis that he participated in six months before his death. and getting students a free ride on munii. we'll tell you what's happening tonight to try to make that happen. good morning if you are driving on the south bay, we have slow traffic in many areas. we'll tell you what's going on now and where you can get around it.
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we're going to go live to the courthouse in los angeles with more on why this part of the tape is expected to show jurors the personal side of dr. murray. three amish men will be in court in ohio today on charges of breaking into the home of a fellow amish man and cutting his hair and beard. the leader where the suspects lived said that this matter is a religious dispute and says that police should not be involved. he did not order the attack, but he did not stop two of his sons and another man from carrying it out. the attack is just one of the several over the amish community in the last few weeks. >> i'm sure the attacks will come to a stop. it has already come to this screech and halt, i believe. >> reporter: amish men who are
7:23 am
married let their beards grow anding having it cut off is considered degrading. there is more speculation that the city of los angeles may try to lure the raiders back south. and just days after the passing of the owner, al davis, the international business times reports that it is possible in a separate report, yahoo sports site, at least three unnamed teams owners in the nfl would be receptive to the idea of moving the raiders down to los angeles. and the yahoo report also says that davis met with the developer of l.a.'s downtown stadium just six months ago, but talks went nowhere. the student council meeting plans to make a request at the school -- student could sill plans to make a request at the city hall meeting. up from $10, the passes have increased from just over two years ago. on top of that, the unified school district has reduced bus service. time now is 7:23 and some
7:24 am
people had the day off yesterday for the columbus day holiday, but it's back to normal today, right sal? >> reporter: yeah, we have a lot going on. now, let's start off with the maps. i want to show you if you look at the maps on the peninsula, there's a lot of slower traffic here. 380 at 280, there's an accident westbound and the fire department is there. so if you are on 380 and you are wondering what's begin on, that's -- what's going on, that's it. if you are driving here on 880, it backs up near eighth street. heavy traffic all the way down to fremont. i just want to move it here. now, 85 here at the express way. there's a crash, but after that getting into cupertino, very slow and so is 280. now, let's go further and take a look at 237. you can see from the live picture that this traffic is very slow and it is wet and
7:25 am
dizzily there. and of course, we'll show you the bay bridge toll plaza. >> some local drizzle, it is drizzly, but some areas will be dealing with that. in fact, very heavy for a while for some. and they are getting a few breaks in the clouds. we'll have morning clouds and plenty to go around. the difference though compared to yesterday, which we had higher clouds above. that did not allow the lower clouds to burn off at all. well, those higher clouds have moved off for some really heavy totals up towards the county here. anywhere from one inch to two inches of rain. now around here, about a tenth of an inch to about 2/3. 60s on these temperatures. there's a lot of moisture in the air. humidity is very high, but we will be getting mostly sunny skies later on today. for the morning hours, some fog, low clouds, and after that, it looks like we are good to go for at least a couple of days of warmer weather. and there is just so much energy out here in the pack that makes me nervous as we go forward. but today after the clouds, we'll have sunshine.
7:26 am
and less fog influences as we go in and your weekend is always in view. it will be a little cooler. a hotel that should be abandoned is actually a full house this morning. the takeover is now underway and the group behind it. an outbreak on the campus of uc berkeley. what the cdc says about that and the parents who declined to have their kids vaccinated from the mumps. the fire department is taking a good hard look at their water rescue program. they already purchased two boats. what happened tonight to get that program back in -- what will happen tonight to get that program back in action.
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the school is scrambling to -- to stop the outbreak. we have a live look where the vaccination clinic starts in just a few hours. kraig debro is live for us. >> reporter: yes, that's right, in about four hours here on the campus of berkeley, they told me this morning that some of the vaccines at uc are berkeley that they are providing today was provided by the cdc, the atlanta-based government agency says that they shipped extra mmr or measle and mump vaccines to uc berkeley. the free vaccines are being made available to student,
7:30 am
faculty, and staff starting at noon today. and now, the disease was thought to be controlled, but right now across country, there is a movement acing among some parents to avoid vaccines at a fear they mite cause other diseases. >> it is hard to make that determination. yes, i mean, certainly, if people, if they are vaccinated, they are much less risk of picking up one of these diseases. >> reporter: and there are 44 confirmed cases of the uc berkeley campus. the school has traced the outbreak to a student who took a trip to europe. the similar fathers or mothers -- the symptoms include fever, headache, and the swelling of glands. people with mumps can cover up when sneezing or coughing, staying home, or washing their hands frequently. the students who live here in high-density housing with common eating areas, they will be given priority. >> it's way too early in this outbreak to figure out how long it will be lasting. but we'll pay attention to it
7:31 am
for the next few weeks. >> reporter: it's not just today that they will be having the vaccine clinics. you should be seeing it on october 14 on that graphic. if you're not seeing it, there is one on october 14 as well as two weeks from friday. and then you'll see the other dates, november and december. we are going to try to talk to some students here this morning for an extra report to see it if we have any takers among those students or staff or faculty members. reporting live, i'm kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and they have taken over an abandoned san francisco hotel. they are camping out at the oldcathedral hotel where they are a part of the homes, not the jails group. it's a part of the organization with a history of taking over the abandoned buildings for the homeless. so far, police have not made any -- so far police have not made any arrests. >> how else would folks have an opportunity to come inside and sit on a bed that's going to waste? come inside to see, you know, apartments that are belter than a lot of people and -- better
7:32 am
than what a lot of people are living in. >> how long that may depend on how much the buildings' owner will be pushing police. homes, not jails, says san francisco, they have 10,000 homeless people and 30,000 on occupied homes. occupied protesters it in southern california turned deadly after the man jumped to his death. now, it happened yesterday during a rally near san diego civic center plaza. police say that the 42-year-old jumped from a parking structure and that paramedics pronounced the man dead at the scene. and this morning, the san diego union tribune, they report a man likely did not belong to the occupied movement. and the activists still held a candlelight vigil last night in the man's honor. overnight, police arrested more than 100 people taking part in the occupied boston protest. officers in riot gears made the arrest after the protesters refused to leave the rose kennedy green way. police say that the park underwent a $150,000 renovation and that they were worried that
7:33 am
the protesters would cause damage. 7:32, san jose police are working to solve the shooting death of two former san jose state students. police identified the victims as the 21-year-old eric otokawa and his girlfriend, the 20-year- old kristina pandula. no other details are being released. san jose police are working on a number of homicide cases. >> it is very, very time consuming and very taxing emotionally, mentally, and motionally for them to have a heavy case load. >> april, a roommate describes eric otokawa as a great guy and a member -- great guy and his girlfriend was a member of the delta gamma sorority. they were found shot to death in sacramento of september 2007. police never made any arrests in that case until yesterday
7:34 am
morning. investigators say that new information lead them to take 27-year-old donald lucero into custody. two other suspects are still on the loose. for the last three years, alameda's fire department did not have any rescue boats, but now they have two. the city acted after firefighters had to watch from the shoreline while a man purposely drowned himself on memorial day. on monday, the city announced that they bought a second boat to add to the one if purchased back in june. and tonight, the city council is scheduled to act on recommendations from the state'former fire marshal on how to best reimplement their water rescue program. now, the city will continue to ban the medical marijuana dispensary. they voted last night to permanently ban the businesses here. they had a temporary moratorium for two years, but said to expire in december. and that the city officials say if the dispensaries were allowed, enforcement would be costly, regulations would be challenging, and crime, they could escalate. and well, banning the solo
7:35 am
hybrid car drivers from car pool lanes is apparently causing more gridlock on bay area freeways. and uc berkeley researchers studied data from the local car pool lanes. now, they say that it is not just more cars and regular lanes slowing down traffic. but on interstate 880, average speeds also dropped in car pool lanes by about 10%. and apparently, car pool drivers,s they are uncomfortable driving fast next to slow moving traffic here in regular lanes. well, i'm sure that right now, people are taking advantage of the lanes. maybe others are not. as you have checked in on the roadways for us? >> reporter: you know what, the story that's getting the most play on twitter. and we read it this morning. the peanut butter prices are going up. >> i like peanut butter. >> yeah. >> for some reason that has hit a nerve. if you didn't hear the story, we'll have it on again, but mid gooness -- but my goodness. let's take a look at the commute. if you go to, you can find me, you can find steve, you can find us on facebook. and you can also find us on
7:36 am
twitter. ktvu has ways to do that. just go to and this is highway 4. you can see traffic is moving along slowly here. by the way, not to get myself out of a job, but at, they also have 24/7 traffic rob there as you can see, the bay bridge -- traffic reports there as you can see, the bay bridge, they have a back up. it looks like the traffic on the bridge has slowed down and that's why the traffic on the upper deck will be slowing down. now, whenever something happens on the deck, even if it is just a stall, they need to slow down the metering lights. that's why all of a sudden we have slow traffic. if it gets slow up there, it gets slower here at the toll plaza. makes sense, right? this is a look at san jose. slower traffic is passing 17. now, northbound 280, they are also very slow. so now the south bay, well, they are back in full force after yesterday's holidays. even the santa cruz mountains are getting a little bit of the wear and tear on northbound 17. and it is 7:36, here is steve. >> all right, sal, thank you very much. mostly cloudy, some interesting
7:37 am
cloud formations here. some people love the drizzle, huh? and i know willie on a tweet says he loves them, but erica says i don't like this at all. if you want sunshine, it will be here later. there are a few breaks in the clouds, but everyone says cloudy and a few drizzles will be around. higher clouds from yesterday which produce some copious amounts of rain. that's from our director, copious. now, we have one to two inches of rain that fell out there and also near ft. braggs. .87 out here. oakland about the same, san francisco at .61 and san hoe hay had .09 inch -- and san jose had .09 inches. a lot of moisture is going with this front. the main dynamics to the north. morning drizzle is still there. cloudy, humid, clearing out there.
7:38 am
warmer in the 70s with a warming trend that will start today and then really goes into tomorrow. i don't see the north wind yet, but there should be a light northerly breeze. the high pressure will come it in and squash this and burns off for the next couple of days. but look how mild it is. we are already 63 degrees. temperatures won't have any problems. you'll get that sun and it will not take long for us to warm up. again, if you do anything outside, you'll notice that the humidity continues to be very high. it's tough, you know, i mean, you know, it's just so mild. but the drizzle, i know that just ruins the hair for some of you. i just know it. >> yes, now, it just ruins the hair. but today will be better after the drizzle. tomorrow, we don't need to worry about it. high pressure will be warming us up. after today, clearing. we'll have a little bit of the northerly breeze. but then after that, warmer with 70s and 80s that are popping up. some 80s, what? the 80s are calling. lots of drizzle, warmer, muggy, then 60s and 70s. they are all closed. the same out here as well.
7:39 am
70s for everybody here. low to mid, same for upper though for morgan hill and gilroy. on the coast, 60s. the warmer weather will be taking us into wednesday, thursday, friday, it does look a little cooler for your weekend. >> all right. time now is 7:38. the trial of dr. conned rad murray will resume -- dr. conrad murray will resume in los angeles. they are outside the courtroom this morning and claudia, what could jurors expect to hear from prosecutors today? >> okay, we'll get to her in just a moment. >> reporter: can you hear me claudine? today here at the michael jackson/conrad murray trial, jurors will hear more of this audio tape that conrad murray gave to police just several days after michael jackson died. it began on friday, expected to finish up today. so the jury will hear more of
7:40 am
this very detailed, emotional, and often counting of events given by conrad murray, essentially testifying here in the courtroom without exposing himself to cross-examination. on this audio tape again, it was conducted in a police interview just several days after michael jackson died. conrad murray told police that he gave the singer four separate injections of sedatives to try to help him get some sleep. michael jackson was exhausted from rehearsing all day and he had acute insomnia. when the drugs didn't work, murray says that he finally relented to the singer's imploring request for his old standby, which he called the milk, which is his nickname for the very powerful anesthetic propofol. when he did finally fall asleep, he left the room for a couple of minutes, when he returned that michael jackson had actually stopped breathing. murray told police that despite all his efforts to revive jackson, the singer never
7:41 am
regained consciousness. and now, prosecutors said that he was grossly negligent in his handling of michael jackson's health care and that he should be convicted of involuntary manslaughter. the defense will try to prove that michael jackson had all kinds of knowledge about these powerful anesthetics and sedatives. they will try to prove to the jury that he actually gave himself a lethal dose of this propofol and died of an accidental overdose. however, claudine, prosecutors say so far the only fingerprints they have found on the viles of these drugs belong to connedded a murray -- conrad murray, back to you for now. >> all right, thank you. reporting live to us live from los angeles. thank you so much. time now is 7:41. the first commercial of thesalmon fishing season is over. it ended on friday. more than 69,000 salmon were caught since the season started in may, according to the mercury news. in some region, recreational
7:42 am
fishermen could continue catching salmon until october 31. take a look at this mess left behind by a giant pine tree that fell on to a tarzana home. the tree came crashing down into the living and dining rooms yesterday morning. now, fortunately the one person inside escaped unhurt that it felt like a 10.0 earthquake. and there is no word on what caused that tree to fall. well, 7:41, the men accused of selling that lost iphone prototype could learn their fate today. and with two weeks of the nba season officially canceled, when will the two sides head back to the bargaining table? we'll have the latest on this basketball battle. big! big.
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now there are warnings that they might not have approved of a plan to strengthen the european financial rescue fund and that it is affecting the markets here for us. well, the international monetary fund and other european officials are announcing this morning that grief is likely to receive their next watch of the bailout loans here in november. and they said that they need that money, otherwise that they won't have enough cash to pay salaries and pensions. now, and the officials also announced today that they will need to continue the measures through 2014. the keynote systems of san mateo says that the new york stock exchange website experienced about two outages yesterday. the first happened around 12:30 yesterday afternoon and it lasted for, well, one minute. the second happened at about 2:30 p.m. and lasted nearly half an hour. the traffic on the website was slowed down so much that they consider the incident outannals.
7:46 am
but now an exchange spokesman says that the investigation shows that there was no disruption to their website. and the san francisco residents have one of the best average credit ratings here in the country. the credit bureau says that the average credit rating is about 781 out of 850, which puts it in tie for 4th overall in a survey of nearly 150 large u.s. cities. only walked out with -- only lockout for them ranked higher. san francisco is tied with cedar rapids, iowa, oakland, and san jose were not ranked. arlington, texas had the lowest average at 687. apple employees will be holding a memorial service to celebrate the life of steve jobs. however, the company will not be holding any public services. his death certificate was released yesterday and the cause of the death is out here in pancreatic cancer that spread to other organs. they are buried on friday. today, they are accused of
7:47 am
selling the iphone prototype, expected to see the plea deals. the two men found the phone here at a redwood city bar and they sold it for about $5,000. both men have pleaded not guilty to theft charges. and details of a possible sediment have not been released. but the district attorney said that the case could be resolved. two armed robbers got a big surprise after pulling down his own gun on them. the security cameras were rolling when the two masked men ran into the store over the weekend. one of them started firing, sending two workers scrambling for cover. police say one is in had custody and the search continues for the others. no plans to negotiate today after the start of the was officially delayed. pam cook is live with reactions from the bay area fans this
7:48 am
morning. >> they are not happy after hearing that the first two weeks of the season have been canceled and the arguing is far from over. now, after more than seven hours of negotiations, yesterday, owners and players, they seem even farther apart on salary capped issues and revenue sharing. there is a gap between players and owners that could not be bridged at this time. now as we have been mentioning, no new talks are scheduled at this point. it seems to be getting more heated. so we want to hear from the nba commissioner at this point. >> it just seems like we are further apart. can you believe that? if we continue to negotiate. you can't get the deal done? with the struggling economy and high unlimit rates, fans are
7:49 am
struggling with such a better argument between the people that make a lot of money. >> i think it's a little more greed than anything, you know, i mean, these guys, they want more. i understand that they will be playing short careers. >> to me, the owners want to keep everything. and you know, it is the incorporate world as well. but the players, the fate fate of them, you are hurting their fans more than anything. >> 100 games have been canceled so far. and more are in jeopardy. right now, no formal talks are scheduled and even if the agreement is reached soon, the season won't start before november 14. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm pam cook, let's go back over to claudine wong. >> thank you, pam. the texas rangers have a nice lead over the detroit tigers in the alcs after a dramatic end in game 2.
7:50 am
>> that is nelson cruz with a walk-off grand slam in the 11th inning last night. they won the first two games. game three is in detroit font and you can see it right here on ktvu channel 2 at 5:00. meanwhile, they rebounded from a disappointing game one with a blowout win over the milwaukie brewers. and the home runs, three doubles, five rbis in the 12-3 victory. they are now tied at a game a piece. game three is tomorrow in st. louis. the renovation work is set to hit a milestone, just a few hours. a huge crane is expected to lower the final exceptions of the new stadium into place. that would keep the stadium on track here to open in time for the start of next fall's football season. however, the wet weather could also cause a delay. the ohm of the cal bears are getting the biggest facelifts since they opened in 1973. all right, would you play
7:51 am
poker if you couldn't put any money down? the online sites that are popping up and what the people behind the sites are trying to prove. and brad pitt's latest movie set is raided by a hungarian swat swat team. how they got into a production warehouse. [ agent ] so your policy looks good, is there anything else?
7:52 am
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7:53 am
the cargo ship is now safe after being taken by hostage. and they took the so mall lee pirates into custody after boarding that ship. the group of 11 pirates seized the ship 620 miles off the coast of somalia yesterday. the ship was transporting scrap iron from england to vietnam. the world's largest retailer is trying to recreate the feeling of a local store for its 9 million facebook
7:54 am
fans. they will have specific facebook pages for each of their 335 stores. they will let the customers find out what is going on at their local wal-mart as well as find out new products and discount offers. this is the first time that any store has made this type of move here on facebook. now, they sold their apps that show the facebook pages that the new app could be downloaded for free. a self-proclaimed seattle crime fighter has found himself on the wrong side of the law. on sunday, phoenix jones that wears a yellow and black costume was arrested after pepper spraying a group of people. and jones, he says that he saw them fighting trying to break it up, but the four people including two women, they ended up being pepper sprayed. now people in seattle have mixed feelings about the hometown hero.
7:55 am
>> it is very noble. i will never stand in their way. >> yeah, as long z a they do their job. >> jones has been arrested on four counts of assault on the black and yellow costume you see there. that was confiscated by police as evidence. authorities confiscated live areas here for an upcoming brad pi it tt movie. they found machine guns, rifles, pistols during the raid of the film production warehouse. and the weapons were suppose to be deactivated, but the authorities say that they were functional. and the mishap is currently under investigation. support herbs -- supporters of online gambling are now upping the anti. launching websites where players could play poker without betting any money on the game. this move is deis sined to show that internet poker is popular in california. a bill that would have to
7:56 am
legalize gambling stalled this year. a new proposal is expected in january. all right, if you are getting ready to head out the door, wait a second, because they are watching those roads for you. hey there. >> hello. the well, it's still pretty heavy out there. traffic wise. now 880 down here at high street and the morning commute looks pretty good if you are driving here on 580 until you get the high street. then it will be slowing down. westbound 80 is backed up for a 25 to 30 minute delay at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have slow traffic out here. pretty solid down here. let's go to steve. >> yes.
7:57 am
there are a few breaks out here over to san bruno, a few breaks in the clouds. a little bit of blue. there you go. it will be clearing out later on. oh my goodness, we just photoshopped that. and i noticed this yesterday and so did a colleague of mine, the green grass is already starting to grow in the hills, which is way ahead of schedule. i mean, you know, i noticed it yesterday. and that is very very soon for that to happen. very mild conditions out there. we will have more sunshine this afternoon. the higher clouds are gone. yesterday they were over us. that did not allow them to burn off. they just kept that going.
7:58 am
and we will be carrying it into friday as well and they are confident out here over the weekend. they will be tackling that later. >> thank you, steve. time to cast your ballots. early voting will be getting underway in san francisco. we'll tell you which ones are planned to head out here to the polls. we are live in cupertino with an update on what's happening here this week at the quarry several days after the deadly shooting. we'll let you know who is not here and why. it started out in new york nearly a month ago, now the occupy movement has come to oakland. we'll tell you how long these protesters plan to be here.
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back. i'm claudine wong. >> i'm mike mibach. it is october 11, tori and dave have the day off. they are spreading protests all over the country, arriving in the east bay. now, they are joining us live this morning with the activist that is taking part in occupy oakland. >> reporter: mike, the people participating in this
8:01 am
demonstration say that they plan to be here about 24 hours a day, 27 days a week. this is their campground and the occupied oakland demonstration. and now this morning, we just confirmed that in one of these tents overnight, staying here overnight with the protesters, the oakland county woman, that the vice mayor of the city. and many of the protesters are still sleeping, a rainy, very muddy night out here, but some people are starting to wake up, get out of their tents. the people here, they will be representing a broad group. a variety of interests here and causes. and the unifying theme here is overall frustrations with the economy, and the financial system. >> now, watch it out here. they will be ripping us off here during the day. and getting bailed here in wall street, watching them get bailed out. well, we need to take a look out here. i think that it is important that, you know, we take it on an individual basis to, you know, take on your responsibility. and to end it up here.
8:02 am
>> reporter: the gentleman we have talked to, he said he that he recently lost his job with a mental non-profit here in oakland. the demonstration began yesterday at 4:00 and it is 500 to 600 people that gathered for a rally in front of oakland city hall. they set up tents to stay here overall. now, camping here is technically a violation of the city code, but the representatives for the mayor, he said that they would not kick the protesters out here last night and that they did not. and we put in calls to the mayor and police officials to try to find out, you know, how long that they will be letting this group stay out here. and it is so good to hear from them. >> all right, thank you for the update. and the time now is 8:02. right now, president obama is on his way to pittsburgh, pennsylvania. and to press for the passage of his $447 billion jobs plan. coming up at 8:15, we'll have a live report from the washington, d.c. newsroom with the advice that the president is getting from corporate
8:03 am
executives today. just a couple minutes ago, early voting began in san francisco for the november 8 election. now, early voted started at 8:00 this morning at city hall. today is also the day when the mail ballots will be going out. all this means for the 16 candidates out here are running out of time to campaign. >> a lot of folks on election days, they have the ballots in on election day. it's pretty significant on what will be happening now. >> okay. >> at least two of the candidates, the board of supervisors here and the mayor, they say that they do plan to cast their ballots this morning here at city hall. and one candidate is calling for an investigation to determine if the current mayor violated the campaign laws. the city attorney, dennis herrera, wants law enforcement to look into $8,000 contributions made into le's campaign by employees of the shuttle company. they told the bay citizen newspaper that a manager asked them to make donations, telling them that they would be
8:04 am
reimbursed. one of the campaign staff noticed one of the workers did not confirm that the money was from his personal fund. a penalties of the new state law -- opponents of a new state law requiring schools to teach gays, bisexuals, transgender histories are running out of time, trying to appeal the measure. the group stopped sb-48, needing more than half a million sits by tomorrow if they want to -- signatures by tomorrow if they want that referendum. the group says they are confident that they will be getting the signatures needed and supporters of sb-48 say that they are more worried of a possibility of a second ballot initiative that could overturn the law. they are stepping down after a few months on the job. and a week after the group said that they would not lead a campaign next year to overturn the state's ban on the same-sex marriages. and the equality of california will announce a transition plan
8:05 am
later this week. business is slowly returning at the cupertino quarry nearly a week after opening fire. three people were dead and several injured. as more on the company's plan for this week, tara? >> reporter: he told us that there are four ships that are operating today. two in the morning, two in the afternoon. but no graveyard ships. those are the folks that were actually here when the shooting happened. you see the truck is going by. this has been happening all morning. they are waving, giving us nods and giving us the peace sign. now when you think that there are three people who died here last wednesday. slowly the quarry is getting back up to speed. the company executives say that they are still on hand throughout the week and that they will be here as long as needed. we did ask to see the shooting where it happened. they have no plans to let that happen. on friday, they met in cupertino, for many it was the first time they had seen each
8:06 am
other since the 49-year-old, shareef allman went on a shooting rampage, killing three co-workers, injuring six others. he shot and killed three others on a man hunt. he was shot and pleaded dead in order to survive. now, he and others have recounted the chilling details for that day. they believe that allman's safety violations may have triggered his rampage. the widow of one victim who will be buried tomorrow is receiving treatment for the brain tumor. worried that her insurance will be cut off and that without her husband's income, she could lose her house. we put in a call for them and they are aware of the situation, saying that they are doing whatever they could to help the family. many workers will not be here this week because they will, of course, be attending the three funerals. the company says that they do expect to be fully operational by the end of the week and the sheriff told us that he does expect to a hold a press conference this week that they will be laying it all down. and we are live here in cupertino, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, thank you.
8:07 am
and time now is 8:06. starting today, it will be easier to get around san francisco on two wheels. they opened up today at five locations. two are in golden gate park, one at the music concourse and the other at the intersection of the drive here. and bikes are all available here at union square. regular bikes will be renting for $ an hour and they will be running for $30 an hour. the san francisco mayor will be on hand to roll out the first bike at the music concourse here at 10:00 this morning. all right, a little bit after 8:00, we'll check in with sal castaneda on the traffic on the roadways here throughout the bay area. hey there, sal. >> hey mike and claudine. we are looking pretty slow in some areas. the weather is improving. earlier in case you were not with us in the very beginning of our show, it was rainy and drizzlely, now it seems to be getting better. highway 24 doesn't look too wet there. but a slow amount of traffic here, going away from walnut creek towards lafayette and
8:08 am
over to oakland. now, we had earlier minor fender benders on the way, but those have been taken care of. and also the morning commute is slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. you have quite a backup here. no major problems for you on the bridge, but you are going to be seeing slow traffic. 80 westbound, cutting the accidents here on the right shoulder on the way over there. and highway 4, westbound before summersville road, an accident out here with three vehicles involved. we need to take a look at the peninsula here on the rant. the farm hill boulevard. there's a crash there, the car spun out here. as we look at 580, it is very slow. and some slow traffic is out here, as from an earlier crash. and then 580 westbound, slowing down from at least high street, all the way out here to 980 and 880 is backed up from 238. the east bay is not doing all that well. right now, let's go to steve. >> all right, sal, thank you. mostly cloudy skies with a few breaks in the clouds. the drizzle has ended on a
8:09 am
tweet. you can see a few breaks here on the clouds. they sent us a picture, showing you a little mix of the blue skies and the clouds. so there is some hope for the sun here later on today. we had a lot of low clouds this morning and temperatures will continue to be on the mild side. a lot of 60s, so much moisture in the air, the drizzle has been clicking along the old rain gauge here. and also, well, you know, they picked up .95 inches. almost an inch of rain for some. they had .60, which is more than what you have seen out here. they had .33. caster valley was in this as well. san francisco, .61 inches. santa cruz mountains, about a quarter of an inch. about .10 inches or .05 for some, but there were some areas that got painted with rain, especially up here in the county, which had one to two. some morning drizzle, mostly cloudy skies, but all signs are pointing to the warmer weather starting to move in. not finding that breeze yet out of the north, finding a little bit of the breeze out here,
8:10 am
also stockton, a little westerly breeze here. these clouds will be clearing and the winds will pick up just a little bit. nothing tooing strong, plus, everybody is going to breakfast here. and napa, well, they are not reporting. everyone is in the 60s though. temperatures are really just mild. the higher clouds are gone, lower clouds are still in place. here is the only thing that bugs me. there's a lot of moisture in the pacific. just a lot. high pressure will be kicking in, but look at the stream coming in from the hawaiian islands. i mean, there's just a lot going on here. and you know, a little short- term warm up here after today. we'll see the clearing and with the low clouds, then we will start to see a little bit more of an offshore breeze, but it will be warmer with the 70s and the 80s. lots of drizzle is giving way, mostly sunny later on. you'll notice 60s and 70s on your tents. is can and they will be going 76. alameda and berkeley at 70
8:11 am
degrees. fremont, newark, the union city, hayward, a low 70s, mid- 70s for san jose. 76 out here to gilroy and 74 out here. that is foster city, san mateo, 68 in the city and 60s on the coast. now after this clears out today, mostly sunny, mostly sunny, warmer, wednesday, thursday, friday, and the weekend is always in view. it will be cooler, there is no consensus though. i need to tackle that as we get closer to it. happening right now, squanders are still occupying in an abandoned apartment building in san francisco. and we want to give you a live look now, the building located out here. and the squanders, they are entering the building yesterday evening, a part of the group called homes, not jail. and the organization with a history of taking over abandoned buildings for homeless people. and homes, not jails has 10,000 homeless people and 30,000 unoccupied homes. squanders opened up the old
8:12 am
cathedral hotel yesterday as well. all right, we want to take you to a live picture of president obama. we are hearing word that air force one is landing in pittsburgh, pennsylvania this morning. the president is still on board that plane as you can see preparations, they are getting underway out there for him to, you know, get off air force one. and he is there to push passage of his jobs bill. president obama is also going to be meeting with the jobs council here that is a group of corporate executives who are going to be releasing their recommendations here on what they believe that the president should do to put more people back to work. and the cameras, they are going on in now as the farewell will be going up to the side of air force one. now, we do expect the president to be getting off, obviously, any minute there. so it is a big push for this job's bill and a big test vote is going on here in d.c. today. so certainly, you know, that has gone his mind as he tries to gain the support there in pennsylvania. and also, a lot more questions from the republican leaders as, you know, the vote in the senate is expected today as well. >> yeah, we have that and we
8:13 am
also have more questions for you about solyndra this morning. as they talk about, well, you know, the money given to the fremont base for solyndra and they are asking more questions today. and he is still recovering from cancer treatment, but that did not stop the president from showing his dance moves on local television. [ agent ] so your policy looks good, is there anything else?
8:14 am
8:15 am
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8:16 am
also in the 70s. we had a little drizzle here today, but they had heavy duty rain down in florida. i was watching the satellite yesterday, it just exploded. the washed out roads in lake whales leaving 150 people stranded yet. that's because it is the only road in and out of that resort. the road cannot be repaired until seven inches of water recedes. >> all right. the time now is 8:16. we just showed you president obama landing in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. companies like facebook and intel will all there be, alone with the corporate leaders -- along with the corporate leaders all meeting there. they will be serving on the
8:17 am
jobs council. >> reporter: yes, there are corporate executives and a berkeley economist on the president's job council. they have been meeting for months and presenting their ideas creating more jobs. boosting infrastructure improvements, streamlining the federal regulations and speeding visas and immigration opportunities here for highly skilled workers. here is a live look at president obama arriving here in pittsburgh. he is here to meet with his jobs council here and it is to help his own jobs proposal. now, a senate vote on his $450 billion man is tonight. and this morning, a senior white house advisory is making the rounds here on morning tv, promoting the bills tax on millionaires. it is not fair that, you know, millionaires and billionaires will be paying less in taxes than the middle class does. that's something that needs to change. the republicans, they are
8:18 am
dead set against this millionaire's tax and even some democrats here, they areskeptical about raising taxes right now. the debate begins in the u.s. senate this afternoon. reporting live from washington, d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. we had some video to show you of venezuela president that seems to indicate he's recovering from the cancer treatments. he lost his hair from the treatment, but not as enthusiasm. the video is from the huffington post. he shows off his dance move along with a venezuela rapper. he has gone to cuba several times for cancer treatment over the past years, not disclosing exactly what type of cancer he has, but he intends to run for president yet again in the elections next october. well, the funeral took an unlikely turn for three southern california senior citizens. while attending the service, the three unknowingly eight
8:19 am
brownies laced with medical marijuana. they were ailed mitted to the emergency room -- they were admitted to the emergency room. no one were informed that the brownies contained marijuana. they were released in memory of the friend who often enjoyed the medical marijuana treat. parents are smoking mad about a new marijuana-shaped candied sold in new york that includes pot head ring pops and lollipops are shaped like marijuana leaves. outraged parents brought the candy to attention of city leaders. saying stores who sell the candy will be dealt with by any means necessary. dr. pepper's new product is a diet soda for men. the company decided to roll out dr. pepper ten, even though researchers show that men don't think that diet drinks are manly enough. so they came out with an ad campaign that goes out of this way to be macho. the facebook page is limited to men. and it is gun metal gray.
8:20 am
and it contains sugar, which most drinks aimed at women do not have. the santa rosa's man complied to get the u.s. government access to the e- mails of the sonoma county man. the ceo said that he fought unsuccessfully in court against the order to turn over every e- mail address that jacob appelbaum had corresponded within the past two years. the 28-year-old appelbaum is the only american-known member of wikileaks, an expert on internet privacy and his facebook page describes him as a computer researcher and hacker. a california congressman is raising new questions about the federal program that awarded a loan to solyndra. they have concerns about other companies that received loan guarantees from the department of energy. and he says that it is interesting that in the $4.75
8:21 am
billion awarded on september 30. the last day of the federal loan program. >> one of the questions we have for the secretary, you know, tell us why that last day somehow you had everything that you needed and you didn't have it over a period of time before e-mails were released. >> they said that the department of energy considered another loan for solyndra, just days before the company filed for bankruptcy. and they laid off their 1,100 employees. time now is 8:21, trying to bring the tourists back. the free tickets that they are offering in an effort to bring travelers to that country. plus, predicting a big one. what the company is doing now in the hopes of bringing up the earthquake warning days it in advance. good morning, southbound 101, we have some slower traffic here as you approach a problem for them. and we'll tell you what that is, having a look the at your morning commute.
8:22 am
i am a nose coach. i am a throat untickler. i am a human cough suppressant. and i am the sniffles worst nightmare. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about cold and flu remedies.
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8:24 am
well, they are working at ways to predict and warn about the next great earthquake. researchers at stanford university are hoping that it will be saturating the region with these small sensors that will be detecting shaking by having many sensors in home and the business networks together and across the region, which they expect to be able to send out a warning within seconds.
8:25 am
the company placed these sensors here to measure the i electromagnetic pulses. they tell them that they are hoping to protect the quakes up todays in advance. are you prepared? how to protect your home and much more. that's tonight at 9:00 followed by the 10:00 news. the japanese government wants to make it easier to take tours in japan. they will be giving away 10,000 round trip tickets to the online contests. they need to writing reviews on their experiences that will be posted online. you must pay for your own hotels and meals. tourism in japan has fallen off sharply since the earthquake tsunami and the nuclear
8:26 am
meltdown last march. we will now go to the ground and traffic's own sal castaneda, checking in on 101 san francisco, sal? >> yes, that's right. we have a problem there with the three-car crash on southbound 101, just after the 80 split. it was in the lanes that it appears to be that they have moved that to the shoulder. we have a picture of it here, southbound 101, do you remember last time we showed it to you. there was a slow down when they came along and moved it to the right shoulder there, which really cleared up the problems. if you are still on the other side, you'll see slow traffic there, coming across the bay. we have a look at the toll plaza from one of the cameras, right? it is backed up for the 25- minute delay. traffic is busy from pleasanton hill. and we are looking at the slow northbound commute now in the south bay, the busiest freeway
8:27 am
is 101. and that is just ridiculous. backed up all the way near blossom hill road. not back to blossom hill, but near it all the way up into sunnyvale. we have slow traffic here on 280. you have my sympathy. >> all right, thank you, sir. well, you have mostly cloudy skies. a lot of drizzle this morning. a lot of low clouds, they are up and above. you'll see a couple of the twitter pictures showing up. yeah, just a little bit and the fog will be burning off. it will be very mild and warm and you can see up above, it's clear. yesterday that was not the case. i don't know why they are all coming in. and we do have that system for you that is moving out today. the high pressure is building on in. i think that it will be protecting us through about saturday with a lot of moisture out there, a lot of moisture. the next couple of days are sunny and warmer, mostly sunny.
8:28 am
and unless that northeast breeze will be kicking in. it has to deal with a little bit of the fog. that's for sure. now. they will be giving way to mostly sunny skies by this afternoon. a lot of low fog here. 60s and 70s. wednesday, thursday, friday, mostly sunny and warmer and then at the weekend, they are always in view. i think we have clouded it up on sunday, mike. >> all right, thank you, dave. it could be the last chance for the bay area parents. the meeting tonight determining the faith for hundreds of the school district. and at uc berkeley, why this school is going to be giving away vaccines for a certain disease today. and a deadly overnight accident involving bay area mass transit. how it affected the morning commute.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
uc berkeley is holding a free mumps vaccination today. we have a live look where there are more mump cases now than in the last 20 years combined, kraig? >> reporter: yeah, mike, it's considered an outbreak that we talked to the cdc this morning and they said that there were two places in the whole country where there's an outbreak, here and at quincy college. it starts at noon today. faculty students and staff have a chance to receive a free vaccination in order to stop an outbreak of the disease that many thought had long been controlled. there are now 44 concerned cases of the mumps here at uc berkeley. most of the cases are students, faculty and staff. they know that they are not immuned. >> i want the vaccine to be my own personal doctor. i have had the measles. it's good to get that.
8:32 am
>> i try to keep healthy. i hope it will help with my immune system. i'm okay. >> are you against getting any kind of vaccine? >> i don't like shots. [ laughter ] >> reporter: uc berkeley is prioritizing who gets the shots. students that live in the high density quarters with the common eating areas will be getting the highest priorities. they have traced the outbreak to a student who took a trip to europe. the symptoms include fever, headache, muscle aches, and the swelling of the glands. people with mumps could prevent spreading it from coughing up, staying at home, washing their hands. they have shipped extra doses of the mmr vaccine to schools for today's clinics. and now, a spokesperson told me this morning that they have a lot of people that mite have the mumps already, but they don't know it yet. >> it could take up to 25 days from the infection to the time that, you know, symptoms will start to appear. so it is real difficult for you to go back and track how this
8:33 am
got in there. >> reporter: now, uc berkeley will have other vaccine clinics. you can see it on the 14th this friday, going all the way into december. and they are free for the faculty students and staff. they will start at noon. reporting live at uc berkeley, kraig debro, channel 2 news. well, the accused serial killer is set to appear in a maroon county courtroom this morning. acting as his own attorney. they will get an update on the preparations for the preliminary hearing now set for january 10. he's charged with killing four northern california women, between 1977 and 1994. he has pleaded not guilty. and santa cruz county sheriff detectives are investigating the death of the woman found here. members of the california conservation course, they spotted the body yesterday afternoon, while cleaning a creek bed. and the deputies say that items found near her body, they leave them to believe that she was homeless. they say that the unidentified
8:34 am
woman in her 40s, that they may have fallen from a train track. and a southern california assemblyman is working on a referendum to overturn the jet's sign dream about, allowing qualified undocumented immigrants in college to receive state funded financial aid. he told the sacramento bee that people are so bottled up over this one issue. this is really the straw that breaks the camel's back. well, voting begins next week in a special mail-in election in oakland. and the most debated of the three ballot items. it's the measure one parcel tax. and the voters are being asked to approve a new $80 parcel tax to help fund the city services in lite of the recent budget -- in lite of the recent budget cuts. and another to decide whether or not the city attorney will be chosen. and a meeting tonight to discuss the proposed school closure in oakland is expected to be quite emotional.
8:35 am
lakeview, marshall, and maxwell park and santa fe elementary schools are on a list recommended for closures. parents here say that they plan to protest at tonight's meeting, which begins at 6:00. and they say that if the district does not support their school, that they will try to turn it into a charter. and oakland's school board is expected to decide on the closures on october 26. they are considering outsourcing their police department to the san mateo county sheriff's department. they are expected to vote on that plan tonight and officials, they say that the city, they would save about well, $400,000 a year throughout outsourcing, but they will result in fewer street patrols. if they do not outsource them, they would need to add about $410,000 to the budget. an occupied protester in southern california turned deadly after the man jumped to his death. and it happened yesterday, during the rally near san diego civic center plaza. the 42-year-old jumped from a
8:36 am
parking infrastructure. it the paramedics pronounced the man dead at the scene. this morning, the san diego tribune reports that the man likely did not belong to the occupied movements. the activists still held a candlelight vigil in the man's honor last night. overnight, police arrested over 100 people taking part in occupied boston. they refused to leave this out here. and that is the $150,000 renovation that they were worried that the protesters would be causing some damage. an oakland man is in jail this morning, accused of seeing the father and son more than 24 years ago. and the 8-month-old son were found shot to death in sacramento back in september of 2007. and police, they never made any arrests in the case. and that is until yesterday morning. the investigators say that new information lead them to take the 27-year-old into custody.
8:37 am
two other suspects are still on the loose. over the last three years, alameda's fire department, they did not have any rescue boats, but now they have two. they acted after needing to watch out here and purposely drowning themselves on memorial day. on monday, they announced that they bought a second boat to add to the one they purchased back in june. tonight, the city council is scheduled to act on the recommendations from the state's former fire marshal on how to bet reimplement their water rescue program. and south bay's light rail trains are back up and running after the deadly late night collision. and it all happened just before midnight in the area of north first street and east humble road. if you take a look at the video on your screen, you can see that they struck and killed a man who has not been identified. no other injuries have been reported. we do have ten passengers on the train at the time of the
8:38 am
accident. there's no report of any injuries on their end. we were able to transport them to their destinations safely. train service had been shut down overnight for about hours while police collected evidence. the student advisory council wants free passes for all the district students. they plan to make a request at tonight's school board meeting. the price of the pass is about $21 up from $20 just to years ago. the san francisco unified school district has reduced the bus service. we want to go out here, following a big problem for us in the east bay. there is a crash hire in this area. the traffic, you can see it all the way out here, meaning that
8:39 am
they are going at less than 25 miles an hour, crawling along on the freeway. the south bay, i think it's the award for being really really slow this morning. and now, i think that's it for the maps. let's go to live pictures now. i want to show you 880 north of the southbound is pretty slow. underneath the fog and drizzle. of course, this morning we're watching the bay bridge. that's a 25 to 30-minute wait before you get to the stand. i also want to mention that 101 and 280 on the peninsula are just slow. >> sal, thank you, sir. mostly cloudy skies, a few breaks in the clouds with a lot of drizzle this morning. and now, especially north out here of the russian river north. although it was hit and miss and some areas had a tenth of
8:40 am
an inch. for most of the bay area, about a tenth of an inch to half an inch of rain. that's not bad considering most of them is just the steady drizzle. the higher clouds are gone. they are clearing later with a few sun breaks already. they will be warmer. temperatures will start to warm up. i'm not concerned about wednesday and thursday and as we go into the extended by the weekend. there's a lot of moisture out there. we'll show you on the satellite picture. they will be moving out, the lower clouds are still in place. we need a little bit of the northerly breeze to take care of that, which might develop later on this afternoon. if anything, it's out to the delta, seeing more of the westerly breeze. look at that train of moisture coming up from the hawaiianidentify -- islands. that looks like it will be hanging out here. but yes, we will be warming up. it kind of keeps a lid on things from becoming too warm. if you hike or run anywhere near the hills, what do you think? they are starting to get the grass growing. it is really early on in the
8:41 am
season. mostly sunny lathe on here, but a lot of 70s are on the high side today. 60s, 70s. concordat 76. brownwood at 77. hayward, union city, at 75. and also san jose, willow glen and morgan hills, upper 70s. tomorrow though looks better with patchy fog and mostly sunny weather. 80s to the interior. we'll take it to thursday and friday and it should be all right on saturday, increasing clouds on sunday. >> are all right, thank you. well, it will be getting a lot more expensive to make that pb&j sandwich. the peanut shortage happening right now and how companies are responding, which will with im- - which will be impacting you. we'll show you the winners of the half moon bacon test. how big the pumpkins were and the secrets to growing the gourd. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
8:42 am
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all right, well the dow has not done a lot of movement tonight. down in negative territory by two points right now. everyone watching slovakia because they are looking to rescue the fund today. that is affecting optimism on the markets today. time now is 8:44. if you love peanut butter, you
8:45 am
might want to stock up very soon. peanut butter prices are going to be going up by as much as 40% by the end of next month. that would be more than $1 for an 18-ounce jar. droughts in georgia and texas where most u.s. peanuts have grown have created a shortage of peanuts. let's get you updated on some of the top stories we're following right now. light rail train service has resumed after the fatal collision. they were on scene after the train hit and killed a man around midnight. right now, early voting is underway for san francisco. and the upcoming november 8th election. early voting will begin in about 45 minutes, and vote by mail ballots are also being sent out today. occupy oakland is entering their second day. about 100 people are camped downtown city hall. protesters are not saying until police force them out. well, the republican's presidential candidates are
8:46 am
gathering in new hampshire for a debate tonight. the debate is suppose to focus in on economic issues. but the candidates, they are all expected to target the front runner, mitt romney, in what is essentially the former massachusetts governor's home turf, new england. rick perry has the most at stake in tonight's debate, after being criticized for performing poorly in the last two debates. reportedly, perry has been rehearsing for the night using a stand-in for mitt romney. heading into tonight's debate, the latest gallup poll shows herman cain with 18% support rising behind mitt romney with 20%. rick perry comes in third with 15%. cain, the former ceo of godfather's pizza has seen his numbers triple in just the last three weeks. it's all about money as usual. what's different is that now the players have a direct connection to the fans through twitter and facebook, which are filled with angry words from players. we are talking about the nba season and we want to turn now to ktvu's pam cook live in the
8:47 am
newsroom with more on whether or not there will be one, pam? >> reporter: yeah, it's hard to say at this point. they are definitely filling up thatter and facebook -- they are definitely filling up facebook and twitter though, issuing a lot of angry words. the players are not the only ones angry. the fans are filling up the social networking sites as well. local fans say it's frustrating to hear all the arguments between a lot of people that will be making a lot of money. >> we, the fans, we are the game. you know, we see the hats and everything and all those areas. i think it's a little more greed than anything. i mean these guys, they want more. i understand that these guys are playing short careers. there's a lot of us out here that won't be making that in a lifetime. >> now, 100 games have been canceled so far, more in
8:48 am
jeopardy. the last time that the nba season was affected was a lockout in 1998. when the players and the owners, they lost millions of dollars. many people agree that the current economic conditions make for a tougher time for the league to recover that kind of loss. we cannot get over the system, you know, that is actually very important to our team. to be here at this point, you know, it is disappointing in some ways, but also as we said all along, this is what we anticipated. basically the players, they want more of the share of revenue. and the owners, they want more of a leveled playing field where a salary cap makes it so the smaller market teams could have an equal chance at getting good players. but right now, no new formal talks are scheduled. the earliest the season could start. now that the first couple of weeks have been canceled would be on november 14. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm pam cook, let's go back over to claudine. from basketball to
8:49 am
football, there's more speculation that the city of los angeles might be trying to lure the raiders back south. just days after the passing of the owner, al davis, the international business times reports that it is possible. and in a accept -- separate report, they cited at least three unnamed team owners, saying the nfl would be receptive to the idea of moving the raiders back to l.a. and the yahoo report also says that davis met with the developer of l.a.'s downtown stadium. those talks went nowhere. >> racy ads are now banned from appearing near the british schools. they said that some advertisements are too suggestive and they should not be seen by children. this includes images, such as passionate and suggestive facial expressions. and the partial exposure of the breast, hips, legs, they will all not be tolerated. these times of advertisements could not be displayed within 100 yards of schools and nurseries. well, the giant diamond
8:50 am
company has just opened up a venture capital office in silicone valley. the company that is the world's largest supplier of diamonds is expanding its interest. they said that they hope to find and fund the start-ups that could develop new applications for the company's manmade diamonds. the maunded industrial diamonds are used in many industries, including health care and clean tech. now, 8:49, three amish men will be in court today in ohio accused of breaking into a home of a fellow amish man cutting his hair and beard. the leaders of the watchish community say that this matter is a religious dispute and police should not be involved. he says that he did not order the attack, but he did not stop two of his sons and another man from carrying it out. the attack is just one of several on the amish community over the last few weeks. >> i'm sure the attacks will come to a stop. i believe it has come to a screeching halt. >> the amish men who are married
8:51 am
will let their beards grow. having it cut off is considered degrading. a napa grower set a record at the pumpkin weigh-off contest at half moon bay. we were there for yesterday's big competition. the pumpkin grower took on the top prize. he also set a california state record for growing the biggest pumpkin in the state and received more than $11,000 in prize money. >> i never thought it would be that heavy. i thought it would be slow, but you know, not 1,700. and he said okay, you know, i'll take that. >> and he goes on to say the secret is all in the seeds. you can see the top five prize- winning pumpkins in person that will be on display at the half moon bay art and pumpkin festival this weekend. our channel 2 news website has more information. you can just go to and look for that right now section there on the front page. all right, time now is
8:52 am
8:51. debate is growing over composting. how a park is at the center of that controversy. plus, what is causing some people to do a double take when they look at london's big day. over the last 10 years. [ male announcer ] hey, but who's counting? get your flu shot from a specialist you can trust. at the safeway pharmacy. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing?
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a widespread pattern of torture of suspected enemy fighters in afghan jails. and the u.n. mission says the torture was all carried out at the initiative of individual jailers and was not based on afghan government policies. the report represents a setback to the u.s.-lead efforts to bring afghanistan's criminal justice system up to international standards. well, the london clock tower that holds big ben is leaning. it's not quite the leaning tower of london, but experts say the top of the tower tilts about 18 inches further northwest than the base. that doesn't sound like much on a 300-foot tower, but some tourists are noticing. >> yeah, it is tilting. >> yeah, it is. i can't see it. but i wouldn't have noticed it. for >> and the british officials
8:56 am
known as the keeper of the clock says there is no need to worry that it would take about 4,000 years for the tower to lean as far as the tower already does. but now he says that he is going to continue monitoring it to make sure that the danger does not increase. tonight, opponents and supporters will debate whether or not they should have a dedicated composting site in a city park. right now, there's a law that sets aside 10 acres of the park for the composting center. supporters of measure e on the upcoming ballot wants the dedicated area returned. the opponents say that having a composting facility will are save the city about $18 million during the next 20 years. and a berkeley city council member is working to repeal the part of the nuclear free berkeley act. this measure blocks the city from dealing with anything related to nuclear power, but according to councilman gordon, this prevents the city from investing with organizations tied to nuclear energy including the federal government.
8:57 am
and he says that this prevents the city from getting involved with some of the safestassets available. well, it is ticket tuesday and today, that means two lucky viewers will be able to see them take on the the anaheim ducks. the tickets are good for the october 17 game which starts at 7:30 at the hp pavilion. for your chance to win, go to before mid night, scroll down to the right now tab, and put in the secret word which is bite. time now is 8:57, we'll head over to sal castaneda for one last check of the roadways. hey, sal. >> all right, mike and claudine, this morning, we have had slow traffic out there. they will be going out to the teleplays it is slow there. and also this morning we're looking at interstate 880 which is underneath the fog and drizzle. i just want to show that to you. if you are driving to the south bay this morning, it is very slow. one of our twitter followers liked the fact that i called
8:58 am
280 a joke, wishing it were, but it was very slow. thank you. >> all right, let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. lots of drizzle out there, and a few breaks in the clouds. still mostly cloudy morning and then a partly sunny to mostly sunny afternoon, a little warmer. things do improve on wednesday, thursday, and friday. so some 80s inland. very muggy though. >> you keep talking about that moisture out at the pacific. >> i'm concerned about that for late sunday into monday, but to the saturday though. >> okay, we'll enjoy the sunshine this afternoon, you promise? >> yes. yes, i promise for you. >> all right, that's going to do it for us. you see it's coming. you always keep your word. have a great tuesday everyone, we'll see you back at noon. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula.
8:59 am
i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.


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